DEXTER_M temazo para empezar la mañana con energy!!!!!
Bright_Blue Merry Christmas to u 2 bro @DamnTheMan: "I'm off to bed. Y'all have a Merry Christmas and please, don't shoot his reindeer just (reblip)
marijaanadj In Flames – My Sweet Shadow
marijaanadj Atreyu – When Two Become One
DEXTER_M un tema de los héroes del silencio que me inspira especial nostalgia
marijaanadj Pearl Jam – State of Love n' Trust
DEXTER_M one of my favourite non-metal songs!!!

cousteau the last good day of the year

| play
marijaanadj A Perfect Circle- Passive (reblip)

A Perfect Circle- Passive

| play
DirtyUrine Alice in Chains – Sea of Sorrow (Original) !!!
DEXTER_M @juanmi: "the first song I ever heard from AIC!! No words to describe it!!" (reblip)
DEXTER_M @juanmi: "TESTAMENT ft Dave Lombardo on Drums!! Could you ask for more!!!!" (reblip)
DEXTER_M Chimaira - Pure Hatred; Nice song for a good circle pit!!!
DEXTER_M Trivium - Kirisute Gomen: Epic! Great!! Superlative song!!
DamnTheMan Oooooo, loving the violent veggies babe! rb@Angie74: "Falling Away From Me" (reblip)
DEXTER_M Molotov - Gimme tha power. Qué recuerdos!!!!
www_StroumDesign_com @Unaturalsoul: "@Uller: "we'll be waiting...hurry ;)@Unaturalsoul: " " Oh Yea just hrs away...."""" (reblip)
DEXTER_M radiohead - karma police
patientZeroBand @Unaturalsoul: "@DirtyUrine: "awesome tune! @Unaturalsoul: "@Turbolax: "One of these days... I'd like to here this live! @chriscornell!!!"""" (reblip)
DEXTER_M Puede inventarse el progressive-thrash?? Machine Head - A farewell to Arms (2007)

A Farewell To Arms-Machine Head

| play

Muse- Stockholm Syndrome

| play
DamnTheMan So if you love me let me go and run away before I know. My heart is just too dark to care. I can't destroy what isn't there


| play
DEXTER_M Canción épica y hermosa para encarar el nuevo año 2010!!!! Butterflies & Hurricanes by MUSE
DEXTER_M f***ing masters of alt.metal!! Tool - Vicarious


| play
DamnTheMan Nice! @ReflectionSymmetry: "@ducks2007: "happy new year rb @Louden: "EPIC! Same to you!!! @HaloNReverse: "I hope you all have an epically good 2010 :D (reblip)

Faith No More-Epic

| play
DamnTheMan We're doomed to use the slang, outbreak of drug roulette. A church burned to the ground, not even noticed yet
DamnTheMan *looks at Uller...*Thunderbird for the lady @str8jgirl: "OK - you win!! @Uller and #DamnTheMan - but then I DON'T want hair on MY chest! Cheers!" (reblip)
DEXTER_M Hold the wheel and drive... Drive - Incubus (acoustic)

Incubus-"Drive" Music Video (Acoustic Version)

| play
DEXTER_M "Magnificent" song by U2!!


| play
DamnTheMan You, you are so special, you have the talent to make me feel like dirt. And you, you use your talent to dig me under and cover me with dirt

Alice In ChainsDirt

| play
DEXTER_M time for headbanging!! Blackwater Park - Opeth (live)
DEXTER_M Trent Reznor dijo que desde que oyó a Johnny Cash cantar esta canción, dejó de considerarla suya. Johnny Cash - Hurt (NIN cover)

Johnny Cash'Hurt"

| play
DamnTheMan Love ya too girlie, Asshole is a GREAT drinking game btw...@str8jgirl: "@rock2monster @Uller @Louden ...playin' games.. #DamnTheMan ... WHEW! Love ya (reblip)


| play
DEXTER_M Días de Borrasca (Víspera de Resplandores) by Héroes del Silencio
DamnTheMan You can get them to lead stronger ones to ya though rb@Nirvana454: "I can't feed on the powerless." (reblip)
DamnTheMan Could be worse, they let me out due to overpopulation. They told me I was stable, they told my voices they were too so we should be fine @rock2monster

Metallica- Welcome home (Sanitarium) music video

| play
DEXTER_M One of the very few times Metallica have played this great song live- ...And Justice For All
DEXTER_M Hamlet - El hábil reino del desconcierto, en vivo para Radio3 España
DEXTER_M increible versión acústica de Cherry Waves (Deftones)

Deftones Cherry Waves (acoustic version)

| play
DEXTER_M another acostic cover by Deftones: Knife Party (at the beach)

Aaron Lewis from Staind singing Cyndi Lauper True Colors

| play

Ozzyfest: Metallica Cover black sabbath iron man

| play
DEXTER_M una de las mejores noticias de 2009: Check my Brain - Alice in Chains
DirtyUrine @Unaturalsoul: "@germanshortairs: "i see the red when..."" (reblip)

Chevelle - The Red

| play
DamnTheMan Damn, now you're gonna give him a big head @str8jgirl: "I promise to be "all about you" tomorrow...k? @Louden" (reblip)

Slipknot-Before I Forget

| play
DEXTER_M Psychosocial - Slipnot (live at JimmyKimmel2009live 30/10/2009)

Slipknot Psychosocial Jimmy Kimmel 2009 live

| play
DEXTER_M A Perfect Circle - 3 Libras
DEXTER_M Great cover!! This guy knows how to do it!!!
marijaanadj Killswitch Engage ~ This Fire Burns

Killswitch Engage ~ This Fire Burns

| play
DamnTheMan Any pumping is good pumping man! @HoChunkHammer08: "Nice, getting me pumped for boarding #DamnTheMan: "Chevelle - Vitamin R" (reblip)

ChevelleVitamin R

| play
marijaanadj Metallica – Die, die my darling (reblip)
DamnTheMan Slayer - Skeletons Of Society @blipparty

Slayer-Skeletons of Society

| play
DEXTER_M It's not the official video but it's a great song anyway!! Pantera - Floods (1996)

Pantera-Floods (Official Music Video)

| play
DEXTER_M Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity. Mega-hit!!!!!!!!


| play
FineNGood @NikkiPixel: "Great one! Love Cornell! @CooperHarris: " I'm seeking a friend for the end of the world"" me too :) (reblip)
DEXTER_M Faith No More is back on stage!!! Evidence (Live). Note: I guess assistants were not FNM' fans! LOL
DEXTER_M Incubus - Deep Inside (from 1997 album "Science")

11. Deep Inside

| play
DEXTER_M Great Song!! @DamnTheMan: "If you run over that mime on the corner it'd help. I hate those friggen guys rb@steppinheavy" (reblip)


| play
Bubbly3 we live in a btyful world~all that I know~theres nothing here 2 run from~everybody here's got somebody to lean on

ColdplayDon't Panic

| play
DEXTER_M From the undervalued "Untouchables" album: Alone I Break by Korn

KornAlone I Break

| play
DEXTER_M Cthulhu Dawn - Cradle of Filth (from Midian, 2000). El black metal no está tan mal...
DEXTER_M El Principe Gitano pays his tribute to the King, jejeje: In the Ghettooooooo...
DamnTheMan Yall are so into each other. I've never seen or heard you so happy. I'm psyched for yall. Hes got a great 1 in you, and he knows it :) @DescendingDown (reblip)
Unaturalsoul @70_r01_xZ: "Hello... Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me... Is there anyone at home?" (reblip)
DEXTER_M Megadeth - Train of Consequences

Megadeth Train of Consequences

| play
DirtyUrine now that wasn't so hard!! lmao! ~ @DamnTheMan: "So fitting, my very first blip! Sept 9, 2009" (reblip)

Pantera Cemetery Gates

| play
DEXTER_M People like u just fuel my hate... Arise Again - Soulfly

SoulflyArise Again

| play
DEXTER_M Beastie Boys - Intergalactic (live)
DEXTER_M 'cause I am free as a bird now - Lynyrd Skynyrd. Vaya temazo!!!

Lynyrd Skynyrd Freebird w/h Lyrics

| play
blauver TO @flinndc 1 of your all time FAVE songs!! ;) Happy New Year!! (reblip)

Tuesday's Gone Lynyrd Skynyrd

| play
blauver @Metal_Rocks Iron Maiden-Wasted Years.R-playing some of my 'Most Played' artists from 2009! Keeping my 2 most played until last = Metallica & Maiden! (reblip)

Deftones- Digital Bath (with lyrics)

| play
just1fix @DANIELLA1: "Ty Tc Rb @D_Doyle: "Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right (To Party)...many thanks @MSBloom @rynby @tapirekitten @azandiaMJBB @Muuuzak (reblip)

(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)

| play
DEXTER_M Hoy satanizmo pa'ti Brujerizmo... by Brujeria
DEXTER_M A dark and sinister song... Gently by Slipknot (live)

Slipknot. Gently Live

| play
Dysn0m1a Machine Head -Ten Ton Hammer

Machine Head-Ten Ton Hammer [Official Music Video]

| play
Dysn0m1a A fav. T.S. thx rb@naapstermaan Team Sleep - Ataraxia (reblip)

Team SleepAtaraxia

| play
DEXTER_M Rap VS Metal - Anthrax & Public Enemy
DEXTER_M I feel the dirty black seven!!!!!

Soil-Black 7

| play
DEXTER_M WOW!! nice clip!! Mi corazón se me paraaaaaaaaaaaa!! Rastamandita by Molotov


| play
DEXTER_M Like Suicide - Soundgarden (1994)...siete minutos de orgasmo musical

MEGADETH--99 Ways To Die

| play
DEXTER_M Gravity - A Perfect Circle
Gen22 Rage Against The Machine - Wake Up

Rage Against The Machine: Wake Up

| play
DjDiddlesSkittle lol It is amazing :) @mirabelle: "@DjDiddlesSkittle amazing song :D i just recently figured out the video is based off The Shining... lol" (reblip)
DEXTER_M Intensa... Politik by Coldplay (Live)

Coldplay Politik Live 2003 DVD

| play
FineNGood Your car passed my street today but no one was driving It must be a metaphor for losing my mind

Scott WeilandCrash

| play
Bubbly3 was just talking about this movie-yes...gr8 movie :) @A_36 (reblip)

MuseFeeling Good

| play
DEXTER_M Audioslave - Like a Stone (live)
DEXTER_M Iommi-Ward-Buttler-Osbourne... casi ná. National Acrobat - Black Sabbath
DEXTER_M The Cure - End of the World. Nice Song!!
DEXTER_M In Flames - The Quiet Place (2004)
DEXTER_M La Sirena Varada - Héroes del Silencio from "El Espíritu del Vino" album (1993)


| play
frankenstrat Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction
DEXTER_M a bullet in ya head by Rage Against the Machie

Rage Against The Machine-Bullet in your head

| play
DEXTER_M Led Zeppelin - Going To California (live)

Led Zeppelin-Going To California

| play
DEXTER_M Jimmy - Tool froma Ænima (1996)
DEXTER_M Faith No More - Ashes to Ashes (1997)

faith no more ashes to ashes

| play
IDREAMOFJEANIE2 rb @blues_b_us: "Awesome energy! Move that train.." A MUST RB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (reblip)

Train Kept A Rollin' ~ Jeff Beck Jimmy Page Ronnie Wood Metallica

| play
DEXTER_M Seek meeeee, Call meeeee, I'll be waiting... The End of Heartache - Killswitch Engage
DEXTER_M Sing along f**kers!!! Seek & Destroy (live)
DEXTER_M Incubus - Sick Sad Little World (2005)

Sick Sad Little World | Incubus

| play
DEXTER_M Outstanding song!! Stockholm Syndrome (live at Rock Am Ring 2004)

Stockholm Syndrome (live at Rock AM) 2004

| play
DEXTER_M Christina Scabbia... Slipknot's James Root is a lucky guy. Lacuna Coil - Swamped (acoustic live in studio)
DEXTER_M Los placeres de la pobreza han vencido a mi burlada revolución... Héroes del Silencio - Los Placeres de la Pobreza (live)

Heroes del silencio-Los Placeres de la pobreza-Acapulco 1994

| play
DEXTER_M Days Of The New - Shelf In The Room
DEXTER_M Opeth - Coil (live)

Opeth Coil TV4 w Nathalie Lorichs (HD version)

| play

Pearl Jam Evolution

| play
DEXTER_M Opeth - Hours of Wealth from Ghost Reveries (2005)

OpethHours of Wealth`

| play
DEXTER_M Amour - Rammstein from Reise,Reise (2004)

amour Rammstein

| play
DEXTER_M The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
DEXTER_M MACHINE HEAD – Descend The Shades Of Night (live Elegies)
DEXTER_M The Strokes - Reptilia

The Strokes REPTILIA (Koyaanisqatsi)

| play
DEXTER_M Nickelback - Sad but True (live at Rock Am Ring)

Nickelback-sad but true-metallica cover

| play
DEXTER_M Evanescence - Lacrymosa

lacrymosa evanescence

| play
DEXTER_M Rammstein – Mein Herz Brennt [Live] Nun liebe Kinder gebt fein acht ...
DEXTER_M KoRn – Trash (Live @ Pinkpop 2000-12-06) I don't know why I'm so fucking cold I don't know why its hurts me ...

One Armed Scissor (official video)

| play
DEXTER_M Black Label Society- Lost Heaven

Black Label Society- Lost Heaven

| play
DEXTER_M System Of A Down - Sugar
DEXTER_M The Outsider - A Prefect Circle... or A Perfect Asshole, as you prefer, LOL
DEXTER_M I'd do anything to have her for myself... Slipknot – Vermilion Part 2
DEXTER_M funny song!! LOL Fuck You - Lily Allen
DEXTER_M Nevertrust the emo kids!! LOL; Cavalera Conspiracy – Nevertrust
FullMetalRadio Sacred Reich – I Never Said Goodbye...
DEXTER_M It's time to Riseeeeeee... Pantera - Rise (1992)


| play
DEXTER_M Maynard J. Keenan's Puscifer - Vagina Mine

PusciferVagina Mine

| play
DEXTER_M hehehe... Baby One More Time (Britney Spears cover) - Travis.
DEXTER_M Killer track!! Slipknot – This Cold Black
DEXTER_M Muse- Apocalypse Please. This is the end... of the world....

Muse- Apocalypse Please

| play
DEXTER_M BEASTIE BOYS – SABOTAGE. Creo que me dejo el mostacho...
DEXTER_M Machine head – Blood for Blood (1994)
DEXTER_M Dream Theater – "In the Name of God" from Train Of Thought album (2003)
Tropicsz4 Yes plenty today in Florida :) rb @MSBloom: "CCR ~ Have You ever seen the rain~" (reblip)
DEXTER_M Fear Factory – Replica from Demanufacture album (1994)

Fear FactoryReplica

| play
DEXTER_M 36 Crazyfists – Turns To Ashes
DEXTER_M SOULFLY – Prophecy (2004)


| play
DEXTER_M Korn – "Good God" from Life Is Peachy album (1996)

KornGood God

| play
DEXTER_M Slayer – "War Ensemble" from Seasons in the Abyss album (1990)

SlayerWar Ensemble

| play
DEXTER_M Camaron de la Isla - La Leyenda del Tiempo. un poquito de flamenco...
DEXTER_M Within Temptation – See who I am (live).
DEXTER_M Sepultura – Beneath The Remains (live)
DEXTER_M My immortal (band version) - Evanescence

My immortal (band version) new !!!!! evanescence

| play
DEXTER_M System Of A Down – Toxicity [Official Music Video]
RedHeadBitch LOL - I'm avoiding work! @PinkyLove: "I think I need some today:) LOL Gotta go do the wife work:(@HeatherMaccart: " "" (reblip)


| play
DEXTER_M Korn – Dead Bodies Everywhere (1998)
DEXTER_M Great performance by Metallica @ Woodstock 1994: For Whom the Bell Tolls.
RedHeadBitch Mmmmmmuse!! @devlps: "Muse – The Resistance" (reblip)

MuseThe Resistance

| play
DEXTER_M Hatebreed – This Is Now

HatebreedThis Is Now

| play
DEXTER_M Deftones – KimDracula


| play

Slipknot-Pulse Of The Maggots (Vol 3:The Subliminal Verses)

| play
DEXTER_M Killswitch Engage – A Bid Farewell
DEXTER_M Sôber - Vacío (2001). Uno de los mejores grupos españoles de los últimos 15 años


| play
DEXTER_M Paradise Lost - Forever Failure

Paradise Lost Forever Failure Draconian Times Music Video

| play
DEXTER_M Alter Bridge – Metalingus
DEXTER_M Red Hot Chili Peppers- I could have lied (live)

Red Hot Chili Peppers- I could have lied

| play
Dysn0m1a And...stopped again... @zx10r07 Nine Inch Nails – Suck
DEXTER_M Nine Inch Nails – Head Like A Hole (live)
DEXTER_M Tool - The Grudge (2001)

Tool The Grudge

| play
DEXTER_M Soil - Pride

Soil Pride

| play
DEXTER_M "Mouth for War" – Pantera from "Vulgar Display Of Power" album (1992)

Mouth for WarPantera

| play
DEXTER_M Pearl Jam – Animal (live)

Pearl JamAnimal

| play
DEXTER_M Iron Maiden – Ghost of the Navigator
DEXTER_M The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again

The Who -- Won't Get Fooled Again with lyrics

| play
DEXTER_M Skunk D.F. – El encanto de la imperfección (2001)
DEXTER_M Audioslave - Last Light Remaining... And if you don't believe the sun will rise -Stand alone and greet the coming night - In the last remaining light

Audioslave -- Last Light Remaining [Lyrics-Full Song] [HD]

| play
DEXTER_M Metallica - Fade To Black (Justice Tour)

Fade To Black (Justice Tour)

| play
DEXTER_M Mastodon-The Wolf is Loose

Mastodon-The Wolf is Loose (Music Video)

| play
DEXTER_M "Show Me How to Live" – Audioslave
DEXTER_M SOULFLY – Frontlines. I don't Give a F**k!!!!!!!


| play
DEXTER_M Stone Sour – Through The Glass
DEXTER_M Trivium – Entrance Of The Conflagration
DEXTER_M Pearl Jam – Garden - HQ Audio
DEXTER_M Machine Head – Halo (radio edit version)

Machine HeadHalo

| play
DEXTER_M Led Zeppelin - No Quarter 1973

Led Zeppelin No Quarter 1973

| play

Fuck You [An Ode To No One] (Smashing Pumpkins)

| play
DEXTER_M Chevelle – Tug-O-War


| play
DEXTER_M Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun
DEXTER_M Rage Against The Machine - Take The Power Back

Rage Against The Machine: Take The Power Back

| play
DEXTER_M Depeche Mode – Walking In My Shoes
DEXTER_M A Perfect Circle - Pet

peta perfect circle

| play
DEXTER_M Heroes Del Silencio – "En Brazos De La Fiebre" from "Avalancha" album (1995)
DEXTER_M Guns N' Roses – November Rain (High Quality)
DEXTER_M Pantera – Hollow


| play
DEXTER_M P.O.D. - Youth Of The Nation (2002)

Youth Of The Nation

| play
DEXTER_M Bad Religion -Punk rock Song (LIVE)

Bad Religion -Punk rock Song

| play
DEXTER_M Metallica – Seek And Destroy- France, Nimes (PROSHOT) 2009-07-07... Black balloons battle on stage!!!!!!
backasswards might as well head to bed now while da pain has abated..later my peeps. blip atcha later.

MEGADETH A Tout Le Monde

| play
DEXTER_M Orestes – A Perfect Circle
DEXTER_M Fear Factory - Resurrection (1998)

Resurrection by Fear Factory

| play
DEXTER_M Korn feat. Robert Smith - Make Me Bad / In Between Days (unplugged)
DEXTER_M Norah Jones – Come Away With Me
DEXTER_M Pink Floyd - Echoes

Pink Floyd, Echoes(part 1)

| play
DEXTER_M Staind "It's Been A While"

Staind "It's Been A While"

| play
DEXTER_M Tool - The Patient (2001)

tool- the patient

| play
DEXTER_M Pantera – Underground In America (1996)
DEXTER_M Ministry - Bad Blood (1999)


| play
DEXTER_M Deftones – "Passenger" (ft. Maynard James Keenan) from "White Pony" album (1999)
DEXTER_M Norma Jean – Surrender Your Sons. This band sounds great!!!!!
DEXTER_M Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode cover)
DEXTER_M So flute - St. Germain


| play
DEXTER_M Incubus - Love Hurts

Incubus:Love Hurts

| play
lcgonzal THERE,THERE

radiohead-there, there

| play
DEXTER_M Coal Chamber – Loco

Coal ChamberLoco

| play
Radiata The Downward Spiral: Eraser.
DEXTER_M Sevendust - Bitch live @ Woddstock'99

Sevendust (bitch) Woodstock '99

| play
DEXTER_M Opeth – The Baying of The Hounds (2005)
DEXTER_M Unearth – The Great Dividers -Alive from the Apocalypse 2008
DEXTER_M Apocalyptica – Somewhere Around Nothing
ilklovn lovely song , forgot to blip it earlier

Korn-Faget (Live)

| play
DEXTER_M Trivium-Drowned And Torn Asunder

Trivium-Drowned And Torn Asunder

| play
DEXTER_M Funeral for a Friend – "Kicking and Screaming"
MetalMarty Creed -- My Sacrifice ♠♥PBR♦♣

Creed-My Sacrifice

| play
DEXTER_M Soundgarden – Superunknown
DEXTER_M Creed - Bullets


| play
DEXTER_M Jerry Cantrell – Psychotic Break
DEXTER_M Redneck- Lamb of God

Redneck- Lamb of God (lyrics)

| play
DEXTER_M Chimaira – The Venom Inside
DEXTER_M Mastodon – I am Ahab

MastodonI am Ahab

| play
DEXTER_M El Reno Renardo – Creci En Los Ochenta... Dedicado a los de mi generación... ¡Que tiempos aquellos!
DEXTER_M AC/DC – Hells Bells

AC/DCHells Bells

| play
DEXTER_M Killswitch Engage – My Curse
DEXTER_M Chimaira-Save Ourselves. Siempre me ha encantado esta canción!!!!

Chimaira-Save Ourselves

| play
DEXTER_M Alter Bridge – Broken Wings
DEXTER_M Avenged Sevenfold-And All Things Will End

Avenged Sevenfold-And All Things Will End

| play
DEXTER_M Queens Of The Stone Age – Go With The Flow
DEXTER_M IN FLAMES – Only For The Weak
DEXTER_M Commando – Metallica [Ramones Cover]
DEXTER_M MEGADETH – Head Crusher (Official Clip)
DEXTER_M Staind - Waste

Staind Waste

| play
DEXTER_M Pearl Jam – Last Kiss

Pearl JamLast Kiss

| play
DirtyUrine rb@Damiana: "rb loves <3 @DJ_DenverCO: "Mine too! @PortiaLeyendecker: "@DJ_DenverCO: "Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song ...Another old fav (reblip)
DEXTER_M Metallica – New Intro + My Apocalypse (Live)
DEXTER_M Sepultura – "Clenched Fist" from "Chaos A.D." album (1993)
DEXTER_M Sepultura – Slave New World [official music video]
DEXTER_M Soulfly ft Corey Taylor – Jumpdafuckup (Live @ Graspop 2006)
DEXTER_M Fear Factory – Powershifter NEW SONG (Mechanize 2010) HQ Bell - Cazares - Stroud - Hoglan!!!!!!!!!!!
DEXTER_M Nine Inch Nails – Head Down
SpeakOfTheDevs Faith No More – The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
DEXTER_M Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger (1996)

Don't Look Back In Anger

| play
DEXTER_M Weak and Powerless – A Perfect Circle
DEXTER_M Given to Fly – Pearl Jam. The love he receives is the love that is saved...

Given to FlyPearl Jam

| play
DEXTER_M Deftones - Deathblow

Deftones Deathblow

| play
DEXTER_M twenty one, only son, but he served us well... Metallica – Disposable Heroes (Live Mexico City 2009)
DEXTER_M Iron Maiden – The Trooper (Studio Version)
DEXTER_M Audioslave - Getaway Car (2002)

Audioslave Getaway Car

| play
DEXTER_M Give Yourself To Me - Black Label Society
DEXTER_M Nirvana – About A Girl (Unplugged in NY)

NirvanaAbout A Girl

| play
ChicagosFinest cool song r/b@DEXTER_M: "Theory Of A Deadman - All Or Nothing" (reblip)

Theory Of A Deadman "All Or Nothing"

| play
DEXTER_M Héroes del Silencio - Decadencia


| play
DEXTER_M Skid Row – I Remember You (1989)
DEXTER_M Bloodhound Gang – The Ballad Of Chasey Lain
DEXTER_M Everlong (acoustic) by Foo Fighters

Everlong Acoustic

| play
DEXTER_M Pain – Eleanor Rigby (Beatles cover)

PainEleanor Rigby

| play
DEXTER_M The Flaming Lips – See The Leaves
DamnTheMan Thanx bro! @DJLifesGood: "RB#DamnTheMan: "Sleep overs on asylum grounds? Is *that* what happened to you? hehehe @TPJK" (reblip)

Brain Damage- Pink Floyd

| play
DEXTER_M KoRn - Dirty (Unplugged)

KoRn Dirty Unplugged

| play
DEXTER_M In Flames – Like You Better Dead
DEXTER_M Self Esteem – The Offspring

The Offspring-Self Esteem

| play
DEXTER_M Rage Against The Machine – Know Your Enemy (live)
DEXTER_M Rammstein-Feuer und Wasser. Feuer und Wasser kommt nicht zusammen

Rammstein-Feuer und Wasser

| play
DEXTER_M Nine Inch Nails – The Wretched (live)
kiddo84 ИIИE IИCH ИAILS (reblip)

Nine Inch Nails -The Great Below

| play
DEXTER_M Cake - Short Skirt, Long Jacket. Amen, boy

Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake

| play
DEXTER_M Rolling Stones – Paint it Black
DEXTER_M Pantera Live @ Ozzfest- "Cowboys from Hell". Cowboys on Stage!!!!!

Pantera Live @ Ozzfest- "Cowboys from Hell"

| play
DEXTER_M Metallica - Nothing Else Matters (Elevator Version)

Metallica Nothing Else Matters Elevator Version

| play
DEXTER_M Hamlet - "Imaginé" from 2006 "Syberia" album


| play
DEXTER_M AC/DC – Hard As A Rock (1995)

AC/DCHard As A Rock

| play
DJ_DenverCO Pennywise - F*ck Authority ...

Pennywise- Fuck Authority

| play
DEXTER_M "D'you want something heavier?" Slipknot – Eeyore


| play
DEXTER_M Tha Karma - Mi última noche en Hawaii. Que cañeros!!!!!!!
DEXTER_M Fear Factory – Flashpoint (1995)
DEXTER_M Fear Factory – Timelessness (from 1998 album "Obsolete")

Timelessness by Fear Factory

| play
DEXTER_M IS THIS A JOKE?????? I'd give anything to see Burton C. Bell's expression when he see this cover. LOL jejejejejeje. Timelessness - Fear Factory cover.


| play
DEXTER_M Soundgarden – Blow Up the Outside World (live 1996)
DEXTER_M Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains The Same
DEXTER_M It's On – KoRn (1998)

It's OnKoRn

| play
DEXTER_M Shivaree, Goodnight Moon

Shivaree, Goodnight Moon, Vidéo clip, 2000

| play
DEXTER_M Guns N' Roses – You could be mine
DEXTER_M Thin Lizzy – Bad Reputation
DEXTER_M Incubus- Here in my room (2005)

Incubus- Here in my room

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IDREAMOFJEANIE2 a MUST rb @jarnokeim: "great GNR tunes!! inspired by @ilklovn awesome! one of my favorites @IDREAMOFJEANIE2: "inspired by @ilklovn..." (reblip)" ;} (reblip)
DEXTER_M Elastica – 2:1


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DEXTER_M Nine Inch Nails – "Wish" (live @ Woodstock' 94)
DEXTER_M Mastodon-Crystal Skull

Mastodon-Crystal Skull

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DEXTER_M Snow Patrol – Make This Go On Forever
DEXTER_M Limp Bizkit – Nobody Like you (featuring Jonathan Davis). Long, long time ago
DEXTER_M Metallica – Master of Puppets live @ Rock am Ring 2008
DEXTER_M Rage Against The Machine: Settle For Nothing (1992) #ratm

Rage Against The Machine: Settle For Nothing

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Chise Gipsy Kings – Volare

Gipsy KingsVolare

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DEXTER_M Eddie Vedder – Society - Into the Wild Soundtrack
DEXTER_M Elvis Costello - American Gangster Time #elviscostello

American Gangster Time

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DEXTER_M Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik (live @ Woodstock '94)
DEXTER_M Superjoint Ritual – 4 Songs
DEXTER_M Deftones - Hexagram (Official Video) #deftones

Deftones Hexagram (Official Video)

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DEXTER_M Disturbed – Façade


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DEXTER_M Killswitch Engage – Declaration #1 #kse
DEXTER_M Trivium - Declaration #2 #trivium


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DJLifesGood good man...just bangin!!@Louden: "Just got home from work. Chillin' with some tunes now. How are you? @DJLifesGood: could listen a f*n day long" (reblip)
DEXTER_M Machine Head – Negative Creep (Nirvana cover)
DEXTER_M I Will Follow – U2 - Live at the BBC 1981 #U2
Louden Break time. I will probably be back but no promises. Thanks for the fun y'all.
DEXTER_M Red hot chili peppers – Soul to Squeeze #rhcp
DEXTER_M The Doors – Hello, I Love You (1968)
DEXTER_M Michael Buble - Feeling Good

feeling good-Michael Buble

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DEXTER_M Miguel Chiclé @ Feria De Abril in Seville (2005). This is the spanish version of Michael Buble. hehehehe #feriadeabril

Miguel Chiclé en La Feria De Abril (Año 2005)

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DEXTER_M Soulfly – No Hope = No Fear
DEXTER_M Sting - Fields of Gold

sting-fields of gold

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DEXTER_M Politik – Coldplay


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DEXTER_M Skunk Anansie - Secretly (1999)

skunk anasiesecretly

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fishkopp_deluxe Machine head – Block @SkyeCebh: @MCzoso4: "taking it back to '94 for @SkyeCebh and all the Machiners out there"" (reblip)

Machine headBlock

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DEXTER_M Nine Inch Nails – The Frail (1999)
scotlandlover nice, ty rb @sir_edward_ross: "Sergei Rachmaninoff plays his Piano Concerto No. @Gidyean @matriax @D_Doyle@DeAnn @MrsASoprano @Time2Burn @theoffchance (reblip)

Sergei Rachmaninoff plays his Piano Concerto No. 2

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DEXTER_M Slipknot – Pulse of the Maggots (Live - Rock in Rio)
DEXTER_M Get Back- The Beatles

Get Back- The Beatles

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DEXTER_M Pearl Jam – Immortality (1994)

Pearl JamImmortality

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DEXTER_M SOiL – Understanding me

SOiLUnderstanding me

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DEXTER_M Skunk Anansie - Selling Jesus (live)

Skunk anansie: selling jesus

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DEXTER_M Opeth – "Death Whispered a Lullaby" (live)
nanolevy for all travellers..

Red Hot Chili Peppers Road Trippin

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DEXTER_M Lamb Of God – ''More Time To Kill''
DEXTER_M Foo Fighters – All My Life
DEXTER_M Megadeth - Addicted to Chaos

Megadeth Addicted to Chaos

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DEXTER_M Stayley - Morello - Perkins - Lenoble are Class of 99': Another Brick in the Wall (The Faculty OST)

Class of 99' ~ Another Brick In The Wall (Pink Floyd Cover)

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DEXTER_M Pantera – 10's


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DEXTER_M PanterA- The Great Southern Trendkill (1996)
DEXTER_M Pantera – Drag the Waters (official video 1996)
DEXTER_M Metallica – Ride The Lightning [Live Mexico City DVD 2009]
DEXTER_M Korn - A.D.I.D.A.S (1996)

Korn A D I D A S video

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DEXTER_M Arch Enemy – Burning Angel (2002)
DEXTER_M Jerry Cantrell – Cut You In
DEXTER_M The Four Horsemen – Metallica (Live Shit San Diego 1992) #metallica
DEXTER_M Dishwalla – Angels or Devils
DEXTER_M Hatebreed – Refuse / Resist [Sepultura cover] #hatebreed
DEXTER_M Machine Head – Struck A Nerve (1997)
DEXTER_M God is DEAD!!! AND NO ONE CARES!!!!!!! Nine Inch Nails - Heresy #nin

Nine Inch NailsHeresy

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naapstermaan lol yea i run out for you after the first three i see @clarasaurusrex out of props for you already. damn. @naapstermaan
DEXTER_M Korn & Chino Moreno - Wicked (1996)

Korn ft. ChinoWicked

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DEXTER_M Deep Purple – Strange Kind of Woman
DEXTER_M Metallica – The More I See (Discharge cover)
DEXTER_M Disciple-Slayer (2001)


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DEXTER_M InMe – Neptune (2003)


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DEXTER_M Beatiful song!! @Shena_Princess: "all this talk of getting old it's getting me down my love...." (reblip)

Nine Inch Nails -The Great Below

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KoRn-Camel Song

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DEXTER_M As I Lay Dying – I Never Wanted
DEXTER_M Prodigy – Spitfire (ft. Juliette Lewis)


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DEXTER_M Stone Sour – Tumult

Stone SourTumult

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DEXTER_M Chimaira – Resurrection (official video)


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DEXTER_M Héroes Del Silencio – Maldito Duende
DEXTER_M Phil Anselmo & Alice in Chains – Would? (live in Sidney)
DEXTER_M Enrique Bunbury – Frente a Frente (Vídeoclip Oficial)
DEXTER_M The Beatles, Come Together, Abbey Road (1969)

The Beatles, Come Together, Abbey Road (1969) Lyrics

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DEXTER_M George Harrison - My Sweet Lord (1971)
DEXTER_M Fear Factory – Demanufacture
DamnTheMan MAYNARD!!!! Great blippage girl \m/\m/ rb@Untamed: "damn good song" (reblip)

Tool Intolerance

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DEXTER_M Led Zeppelin – What Is And What Should Never Be
DEXTER_M U2 – Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (1993)
DEXTER_M Korn - Counting (1999)


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DEXTER_M Metallica – Damage Inc (Live In Paris 2004)
DEXTER_M For Metallica / Beatles' fans. Beatallica – Hey Dude!!

BeatallicaHey Dude

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flinndc I'm well. :-) I have to commute....but never any traffic and not a bad drive rb@JeanneBehr How r ya? I work from home, so I'm always in my room. ;) (reblip)
DEXTER_M Sepultura – Dead Embryonic Cells (1991)
DEXTER_M Eric Cartman sings Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" #Southpark