Souza_Insano But Who Am I Foolin', I'm The King Of The Ruins.
Souza_Insano Esse clipe é f*** demais!!! Mto bom!

Beastie Boys- Sabotage

| play
Souza_Insano E já que é pra blipar clipes fodas... Mais um da infância, @KGreco!!! @holyshadow @Elmetalismo @furlatq

Manowar-Blood of my enemies

| play
DJJackD Its mid-day METAL you freaks. Kick in your boss's door and rock out to Megadeth ROCK!

MegadethPeace Sells

| play
DJJackD Test the Toxicity of my blood after the weekend. enjoy the weekend ROCK!
DJJackD Where ever you are in the world we are all recruited in the METAL ARMY. Run into battle with the horns raised this weekend. ROCK!
holyshadow Iron Maiden – Wasted Years #metal | YEAH! \m/ Thank you, @MetalRocks! You know exactly which song to play! =) (reblip)
holyshadow Megadeth – Symphony Of Destruction #metal | Tudo certo, @Leandro_Azevedo! =) E vc? (reblip)
LadyStarlightD Brian Setzer "Jump Jive n Wail" Try to listen to it and NOT tap your toes. I dare you.
Deathlink The Doors-People Are Strange - #classic #rock - Great old #music .

The Doors-People Are Strange ( live rare )

| play
Deathlink @MetalRocks: "Slipknot - Wait And Bleed. Playing some Skullcrushing #Rock & #Metal tunes and giving praise to a great DJ @KoRny" (reblip)
DJJackD BAD morning METAL junkies. I got to work late and don't really care. Blast this song at your desk and tell your boss to go F*** her/himself. ROCK!
DJJackD This is mid-day METAL for all of the METAL Junkies out there. Run out into the streets with the horns raised and ROCK!
Metal_Rocks Soundgarden - Fell On Black Days. Blasting some Kickass #Metal & #Rock tunes and letting it be known that @taothis Rocks!
RonnieSoak @MetalRocks: "Anthrax - Among The Living. @DJJackD for #followfriday on!" Moster tunes from a monster Blip FM DJ... (reblip)
DJJackD @RonnieSoak thanks for the plug and here is a tune to rock out to across the pond! METAL DJ's of the world ROCK!
DJJackD I want to jump through the window in this building and run free with the horns raised yelling ROCK!
DJJackD Happy Monday METAL FREAKS. Here is a loud tune for all of you nursing a hangover. Scream loud while you punch yourself in the face. ROCK!

KissI Love It Loud

| play
DJJackD Tell all the people in your life that piss you off to burn in hell! ROCK!
DJJackD The best METAL guitarist ever. Yngwie who? Yngwie F****** Malmsteen thats who ROCK!
DJJackD follow me on twitter @URKiddinMee: "simmering" (reblip)

RemoteHard Stick

| play
Diordan never enough 248 - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Suzie Q @DesertLily como estas?
DJJackD Its been raining like crazy here in the northeast so here is a tune to match my mood. ROCK!
DJJackD I am not sure but whatever you decide it will ROCK! @URKiddinMee
DJJackD Good tunes from a kick a$$ band. Neil Peart is the best rock drummer ever in my opinion. A true Giant. ROCK!

R U S HSubdivisions

| play
FullMetalRadio +++ Savatage – Summer's Rain +++

SavatageSummer's Rain

| play
fearshop Yngwie Malmsteen – Black Star
Metal_Rocks Megadeth – Angry Again. @DJJackD Ain't been far! Had a few days off last week! Back slammin' the tunes now!!

MegadethAngry Again

| play
BrooklynTwiGirl In another strange music mood!!!! "What the hell are you waiting for?" Jay-Z & Linkin Park – Numb Encore
DJJackD Make your boss TAPOUT to a painful hold so you can go home early and for the rest of the summer. ROCK!
DJJackD A big shout out to everyone from BROOKLYN. We are here to ROCK!
DJJackD This is Mid-day METAL for the JUNKIES out there. Stop what you are doing raise the horns and ROCK!
DJJackD Morning METAL FREAKS out there. Have some coffee, punch yourself in the face and wake up to METAL. ROCK!

Alice In Chains-Rooster

| play
DJJackD If you are in the car or at home today turn up the volume and ROCK!

The CultFire Woman

| play
DJJackD Bust down the door to the office and jump in the car and blast this tune. Tell the cops to F*** OFF. ROCK!
DJJackD Tell that loser playing easy listening in his car to blast some METAL!

system of a down "inervision"

| play
DJJackD Welcome to the end of the week METAL JUNKIES. Kick off the weekend early and tell everyone to kiss your A$$. ROCK!
DJJackD Get pumped up and spread the word of METAL to the world. Knock em around if you have to in the name of ROCK!
DJJackD Rock out today and let the world know you are a METAL warrior. ROCK!

OverkillSecond Son

| play
DJJackD This is MID-DAY METAL for the METAL warriors out there. Get out there and be all the METAL you can be. ROCK!

EZO house of 1000 pleasures

| play
DJJackD @URKiddinMee here is one of my favorite AC/DC tunes. ROCK!

AC/DC Heatseeker

| play
DJJackD This is a great way to spend an evening. The METAL way. ROCK!
DJJackD This goes out to all the METAL DJ's out there in the world for blasting the best tunes around. Keep ROCKING!

Kix "Midnite Dynamite"

| play
DJJackD This is Mid-Day METAL for you METAL heads out there. Knock out your boss and tell him to play more METAL. ROCK!
RuiFelix @elland666: " "Megadeth- Killing is my Business..... And my Business is Good"""" (reblip)
DJJackD On the seventh day GOD said let there be METAL. ROCK!
DJJackD Calm down the day is almost over. You will be home drinking beer before you know it. ROCK!
DJJackD If there is a nuclear holocaust the only thing that would survive is cockroaches and METAL. ROCK!
DJJackD Tell everybody around you who is not a METAL fan to burn in HELL. ROCK!
DJJackD If a co-worker tells you to turn down the METAL punch him in the face and make it louder. ROCK!
DJJackD Go out into the world today and represnt METAL to the fullest extent. ROCK!
DJJackD This is Mid-day METAL for the masses of METAL heads out there. Enjoy the tunes and continue to ROCK!
DJJackD METAL is not for the weak or faint hearted. ROCK!
DJJackD Its time to take a stand, punch someone out in the name of METAL. ROCK!
DJJackD Another great shredder, Zakk Wylde is great on the AX. ROCK!
DJJackD Welcome to Thursday METAL HEADS. The week is almost over and it will be time to ROCK once again. ROCK!
DJJackD This is the summer of METAL. Blast it everywhere you go this summer to show we are in control. ROCK!
DJJackD If someone comes up to you to say they hate METAL, tell them to KISS your A$$. ROCK!

KissLick It Up

| play
DJJackD Time to really rock out. METAL will walk all over everyone else and conquer the world. ROCK!
DJJackD This is Mid-day METAL for the freaks out there. I'm starting my weekend now. Spread the METAL. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD Keep the METAL flowing all weekend long. ROCK!

EZO house of 1000 pleasures

| play
DJJackD This is Mid-Day METAL on this METAL Monday. This should help to get through the rest of the day. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD Welcome to mid-week METAL heads. Its almost time to start the party early. Keep the METAL coming and ROCK!


| play
DJJackD It's HUMP day and we need the METAL to get us through the rest of the week. Blast it loud and ROCK out!

Accept "Love Child"

| play
SpinningDiscs Stabbing Westward – What do I have to do?........... Shout Out & Thanks: @natasjadb, @krystalmystic
DJJackD If you just can't take it anymore feel free to turn up the volume as loud as it goes and ROCK!


| play
DJJackD Welcome to Thursday METAL Heads. This one will get you moving this morning like a kick to the junk. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD This is Mid-day METAL for the Freaks out there. Start the weekend early and chug some JACK. ROCK!
Metal_Rocks Cinderella – Gypsy Road. Out of props for so many great DJ's again! You know who you're the guys who 'Rocked My World'!
DJJackD When your done chugging JACK wash it down with some Crown Royal. Drinking the METAL way. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD This is Friday Night METAL for the true rockers out there so drink your JACK or CROWN and ROCK!
DJJackD Party like a Rock star on this Friday night and do it with some kick ass METAL. Drink up and ROCK!


| play
DJJackD Its time to blast some METAL where ever you are. Turn up the volume and scream for METAL. ROCK!
DJJackD Keep the party going all night with some loud and kick A$$ METAL.
DJJackD Tonight if some says they hate METAL, kick them in the junk and punch them in the face. ROCK!
DJJackD When you down the bottle of JACK jump on the bar and demand some CROWN ROYAL and chug that. That is METAL. ROCK!
DJJackD This is the weekend of METAL. No more rain nothing but blue skys, sun and METAL. ROCK!

CinderellaShake Me

| play
BrooklynTwiGirl More Disco! Meco – The Empire Strikes Back (Medley)


| play
DJJackD Some old school Armored Saint. Put this up to 11 and piss off the neighbors. ROCK!
DJJackD Its METAL MONDAY in July. Here is a tune to wake you up and keep you up all morning. ROCK!
Deathlink @elland666 - Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild - enjoy
DJJackD This is MID-DAY METAL and yes it's time to shake it up so stand up and flip your desk over and ROCK!
DJJackD Hang in there solders of the METAL army. The day is almost out. Here is one to help the time pass. ROCK!
DJJackD This is Mid-day METAL on this Hot as hell Tuesday. Tell your boss it's to hot to work you have to go out and ROCK!

MetallicaDamage, Inc.

| play
DJJackD Put your feet up on your desk and keep the booze flowing. Tell your boss to F*** off and flip him off. ROCK!
DJJackD It's Mid-week METAL on this Wed. morning and I am tired and need some JACK to wake me up. Get out there and ROCK!

Dokken "Into The Fire"

| play
DJJackD It's a hot one out there so keep the METAL cranking and the booze flowing. Crown on the rocks please. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD This is Mid-day METAL on Wednesday. It is about to rain here in NYC but the METAL will keep rolling. ROCK!
DJJackD If you feel the need to get out of work now, stand up and scream for METAL and walk out. ROCK!
SpinningDiscs Quiet Riot – Bang Your Head (Mental Health)... Shout Out & Thanks: @yarina, @rosecryst, @anebulosa, @anonymoose
DJJackD Welcome to Thursday METAL HEADS. Its another hot one out there so try to stay cool. DIO to start you off. ROCK!
DJJackD I want to give a shout out to all of my listeners it is a pleasure to provide some kick ass METAL to the masses. ROCK!

DioThe last in line

| play
DJJackD Its to hot out there to argue with people. Just punch them in the face and move on. ROCK!
DJJackD It's Mid-day METAL on this Hotter than HELL Thursday. Set up a cooler full of beers on your desk and ROCK!
DJJackD Call your boss from the beach and tell him your blasting METAL and drinking beers so F*** off. ROCK!
DJJackD Welcome to the weekend METAL FREAKS. Lets start it off the right way and if the boss has a problem, f*** it. ROCK!
DJJackD We are going to blast the heaviest kick a$$ metal today to piss everybody off. Join in now and ROCK!

Megadeth -- Hangar 18

| play
DJJackD This is Mid-Day METAL and the start to your weekend. Start it off with the best rock drummer ever Neil Peart. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD The only way to start off your weekend is to blast some METAL and tell everyone to else to F*** OFF. ROCK!
DJJackD At least they blast METAL in hell 24/7. How bad could it really be? ROCK!

Motley Crue-Louder Than Hell

| play
DJJackD No Matter what you are doing now put the volume up as loud as it goes and raise the horns and rock!
RuiFelix Lovely RB....@elland666: "Saxon - Ride like the wind" (reblip)
fearshop Sepultura - Propaganda


| play
DJJackD This is the summer of METAL so if you are at the beach or the park or sitting in the office blast some METAL. ROCK!
Metal_Rocks Testament – Nobody's Fault. I fuckin' love this cover of the Aerosmith tune!
DJJackD The rain has come and gone and once again the weather is perfect for METAL. Turn it up raise the horns and ROCK!
DJJackD All I have to say is LEMMY. Nuff said. ROCK!
DJJackD Tell your girl your dumping her and jumping in your car and running free to live the METAL life. ROCK!
DJJackD Morning METAL HEADS. Here is a kick A$$ tune for all of you recovering from the weekend. Drink some coffee and ROCK!
DJJackD Lets start off the morning the right way. This tune will help get you to noon. Sit back, relax and ROCK!

Rob ZombieDragula

| play
fearshop Motley Crue - Too Young to Fall in Love
DJJackD This is MID-DAY METAL for all of you METAL maniacs out there. I know Monday's suck but blast some METAL to get through it. ROCK!
DJJackD To get through this Monday jump on top of the boss's desk and call him a SMF. It will make you feel better. ROCK!

Twisted SisterS.M.F

| play
darcydarcy This one's not for you, this one's for ME! :D

Slayer- Raining Blood

| play
fearshop Sepultura - Dead Embryonic Cells
DJJackD Its going to be a hot one today METAL HEADS. Stay in close range of an air conditioner and throw back shots of Crown. ROCK!
DJJackD This is truly a great summer song. Post your favorite summer METAL/ROCK songs. 2009 the summer of METAL. ROCK!
FullMetalRadio \m/ +++ Damageplan – Pride +++


| play
DJJackD This is Mid-day METAL for the freaks out there. Enjoy this nice weather because it will not last. ROCK!
fearshop Iron Maiden - To Tame a Land
fearshop Overkill "I Hate" (reblip)

Overkill "I Hate"

| play
DJJackD The only way to get through the rest of the day is to ROCK. This one will help you get to 5PM faster. ROCK!

RattLay It Down

| play
fearshop @fearshop: "Dio – Rock n' r children/long live rock n roll live japan 85" (reblip)
DJJackD Keep the good tunes rolling. the day will be over before you know it. METAL the only way to get to 5PM. ROCK!

Y&TSummertime Girls

| play
DJJackD Welcome to Mid-week METAL for the METAL giants out there. The week is almost over so get ready to booze it up. ROCK!
DJJackD Welcome to Thursday METAL HEADS. The weekend is almost here and so is the party. Kick it off the right way with METAL. ROCK!
augustotmw "I will give you those things you thought unreal. The sun, the moon, the stars all bear my seal!" #blacksabbathday
DJJackD Grab a cup of coffee this morning and blast some METAL to piss off your co-workers. It's worth it. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD This one goes out to the METAL HEADS stuck at work today. Fight back against "the man" and blast this tune. ROCK!
DJJackD This is Mid-day METAL on this Thurday in August. Spread the word of METAL at work today. Be "That GUY" ROCK!

Def LeppardWomen

| play
DJJackD So what if your co-workers hate you. You will forever be known ad the "METAL GUY" of the office. ROCK!

lita ford-hungry

| play
DJJackD Great song keep up the good tunes ROCK! (reblip)
xwjtx Rush - A Passage to Bagkok
DJJackD METAL fans of the world unite in a massive headbang that reaches the far corners of the globe. ROCK!
DJJackD Welcome to the weekend METAL HEADS. Lets kick off this party the right way with some kick A$$ ROCK!
DJJackD If you haven't started your weekend yet you should right now. Pop open a few cold ones and ROCK!

Black Sabbath-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Full Version)

| play
DJJackD It's going to be a METAL weekend, I can feel it. The Jack and the Crown will be flowing in true METAL fashion. ROCK!
DJJackD This is Mid-day METAL on this Friday in Aug. Get out there and support bands. Get drunk and go to a concert. ROCK!
DJJackD The work week is officially over, tell your boss you are leaving and to take this work and shove it. ROCK!
DJJackD Here is a fun way to spend the rest of the day. Tell me the best concert you went to in the past year. ROCK!
DJJackD Who wants to join me for a cold one. I have a cooler full of beers and IPOD full of METAL. who is in. ROCK!

Bulletboys ~ Smooth Up In Ya

| play
DJJackD This is Mid-Day METAL on another hot and steamy Monday. The hangover should have ended by now.Dam it didn't. ROCK!
DJJackD I hate it when I am hungover at work and the boss won't leave me the F*** alone. SHUT UP! ROCK!
DJJackD Everytime my boss talks its like Hearing MR.HAND from Fast times at Ridgemont High. What are you people on DOPE! ROCK!
DJJackD Are you more excited for the new KISS album or the new Ace Frehley album. My vote is for ACE. Let me know. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD I can't wait to go home today. Drinking JACK all weekend really takes a lot out of you. JACK the METAL drink. ROCK!
DJJackD It's almost quitting time and it's almost time to go home and sleep off the rest of the hangover. ROCK!
DJJackD This is Mid-day METAL and it is hotter than HELL out there. Crank up the AC and blast some METAL. Keep cool and ROCK!

Skid Row18 And Life

| play
DJJackD Tell that A-hole of a boss you are leaving early to go to the beach. Work sucks but METAL rules. ROCK!
DJJackD No matter what kind of weather it is outside and mood you are in RUSH is always the answer. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD Welcome to MID-WEEK METAL HEADS. Another week almost in the books so strap in and lets go full speed towards the weekend. ROCK!

RushTom Sawyer

| play
DJJackD Welcome to MID-DAY METAL. Who is going to a concert? Blast some tunes of the group you are going to see. ROCK!
DJJackD I think AC/DC might be the tour of the summer. What do you think. These guy's are giants. ROCK!
DJJackD Sober is what I have not been for most of the summer. After all it has been the summer of METAL. ROCK!
DJJackD Welcome to Thursday METAL Heads. The weekend is creeping up so lets dig in and get through this day. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD METAL HEADS of the world I will help you get through this day and lead you to the promise land that is the weekend. ROCK!
DJJackD Here is one that will help get you over the hill and through the valley to the weekend. ROCK!
DJJackD Here is yet another tune to help you get over the hump and get to the weekend. Vito Bratta is a sick guitar player. ROCK!

white lionhungry

| play
DJJackD A little RUSH action always helps the week go faster. Help the time pass faster and play some RUSH. ROCK!

RushThe Analog Kid

| play
DJJackD Here is a killer tune that will kick your boss's a$$. Just blast this tune and we will leave you alone. ROCK!
Metal_Rocks Heathen - Set Me Free. I'd forgotten how much I loved this album until just yesterday!!
DJJackD This is MID-DAY METAL and I am here to get you through to the weekend. Kick in the boss's door and yell BLITZKRIEG. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD I wish there was a Blackout so I can go home. Oh well I will just have to blast this tune instead. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD We are almost at the end of the day just hang in there a little longer. Don't go postal just listen to METAL. ROCK!
DJJackD This is METAL FRIDAY for all of you METAL FREAKS out there. Lets start it off the right way with Armored SAINT. ROCK!
DJJackD This is the only way to start off the weekend blasting METAL. Pour yourself a drink and get the party started. ROCK!
Metal_Rocks Helmet - Unsung. Yeah, you guessed it...I love this tune! lol!!!


| play
DJJackD This is MID-DAY METAL and I am happy as F*** that the weekend is here. I am going to get my drink on right now. ROCK!
DJJackD Relax take the tie off and have a cold one. The weekend is upon us. Drink, party, F*** and blast METAL. ROCK!

Def LeppardWasted

| play
DJJackD The summer is running out on us so take advantage of everyday. Don't take any chances and party it up. ROCK!
DJJackD I just got tickets to see MOTORHEAD is sept. LEMMY IS GOD! Get out there and support METAL where ever you are. ROCK!
DJJackD Get out of that office and put your tie around your head and scream at your boss and say ROCK ON. ROCK!
DJJackD It's time to bust out of the office and into the weekend head on. Charge the front line with METAL blasting. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD We are going to take this field by force. It's win or go home we are going to win this battle. CHARGE. METAL. ROCK!

SlayerRaining Blood

| play
DJJackD This is the theme for the weekend. It is a kick A$$ sabbath tune and an anthem. BLAST this song from the car or pool. ROCK!

Black Sabbath I

| play
DJJackD Welcome to Monday METAL HEADS. I know its early but it is never to early for METAL so strap in and lets ROCK!
DJJackD It is going to be super hot today and I wish I was going to Rockaway Beach. Work sucks but I still have METAL. ROCK!
DJJackD The only way to keep cool today is tp drink ice water stay in the AC cooled room and blast METAL. ROCK!

Rob ZombieDragula

| play
DJJackD When it is hot outside we turn up the heat and make it even hotter by blasting METAL. ROCK!
DJJackD The heat is rising out there. Lets get out of the frying pan and into the fire by blasting more METAL. ROCK!
SpinningDiscs Def Leppard – Hysteria... Shout Outs & Thanks: @DJNabeshin55

Def LeppardHysteria

| play
DJJackD This is MID-DAY METAL on Monday. I hope your morning was quick and I am here to make your afternoon faster. ROCK!
DJJackD This is what you are thinking while you are sitting at your desk at work. I am here to save you with good tunes. ROCK!
DJJackD If somebody pisses me off I will be Locked and loaded. Stay clear of me today. ROCK!
DJJackD RUSH always makes the day go by faster. ROCK out to the best Canada has to offer. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD I make a promise and I keep my word I am delivering the best tunes to get you home fast today. ROCK!
DJJackD We go from Sabbath to solo OZZY. I will keep the tunes coming because I will do anything for my fellow brothers and sisters of METAL.
DJJackD We keep rolling on with the tunes. It will be 5PM by the time you finish saying Pyromania. ROCK!
DJJackD I wish I was sitting in a pool right now. It could even be a blow up pool as long as I am drinking a cold one. ROCK!

DokkenMirror Mirror

| play
DJJackD This is how I feel after a weekend of heavy drinking. Oh well I'll do it again next weekend. ROCK!
DJJackD Hang in there we are on a train rolling to the finish line so don't jump off yet. ROCK!
DJJackD Fight back against the "MAN" and tell him where to go. KICK HIS ASS AND WALK OUT WITH HEAD HELD HIGH. ROCK!
DJJackD The day is rolling on and so are we with the tunes. I can see the end in sight. ROCK!
DJJackD Tell that co-worker to F*** off because you are in the zone and in your zone only METAL is played. ROCK!
DJJackD We are on a nightrain hedding towards the end of the tunnel on our way home. Full steam ahead. ROCK!
flinndc This song always makes my happy :-)@desyslava: "[Megadeth – Angry Again]!!!" (reblip)

MegadethAngry Again

| play
fearshop Pantera - The Sleep

PanteraThe Sleep

| play
DJJackD It's summer time and its almost time to go home. I told you I would lead you to the promiseland. ROCK!

Y&TSummertime Girls

| play
DJJackD I love going for a drive in the summer with the windows down blasting this song. I don't drive a Ferarri though. ROCK!
AcidBlack Queensrÿche – Revolution Calling : This one came to mind after reading about former VP Cheney trying to avoid prison.
DJJackD Good morning METAL HEADS. Its going to be a hot one out there again. Stay inside and I will deliver good tunes. ROCK!
DJJackD Take the head phones off at work and blast some METAL. Who cares if it bothers others. METAL rules. ROCK!
fearshop Megadeth - 1,320 - New song from Endgame

Megadeth 1,320 BEST QUALITY

| play
DJJackD Everyone go out and get the new ACE Frehley album in Spet. Space ACE kicks A$$. ROCK!
DJJackD This album should be in every METAL fan's collection. ROCK!

Ozzy OsbourneS.A.T.O

| play
DJJackD Get out there and enjoy the heat. METAL fans enjoy heat. Blast some METAL while your at it. ROCK!

Iron Maiden-2 Minutes To Midnight

| play
DJJackD This is Mid-day METAL on a hotter than hell Tuesday. Turn up all the AC's in the house a lay around naked listening to METAL. ROCK!
DJJackD This song says it all. You can't get much better than a song called HEAVY METAL. BLAST THIS SONG NOW. ROCK!
DJJackD Here is a good tune to play while you are at home relaxing with some beers. Blast it so the neighbors can hear. ROCK!
DJJackD The first women of METAL. She deserves some props. ROCK!

Lita Ford - Close My Eyes Forever

| play
DJJackD More METAL from a true rocker Lita Ford. I love Female Rockers. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD Its getting late but the tunes never end. This one is a keeper so wake up your family,your wife or husband and your neighborhood with this one. ROCK!
DJJackD Good Morning METAL heads. It's Wednesday and the week is almost over lets start winding down and get ready to ROCK!
fearshop Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen the Rain
DJJackD Wake up METAL FREAKS it's time to start your day. Lets get through these next few days and make it to the weekend. ROCK!
DJJackD Here is one from the 90's NIN. How about a bunch of ROCK tunes from the 90's. Bust out that flannel shirt and ROCK!
DJJackD The band that killed hair METAL cold in its tracks. DAM NIRVANA, what am I going to do with all the aquanet? ROCK!
fearshop Fight - War Of Words (Bloody Tongue Mix)
DJJackD We keep rolling with the best ROCK of the 90's. AIC kicks A$$ order their new album and ROCK!
DJJackD The sounds of the 90's roll on with another monster band from the decade. This band should re-unite. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD Another heavy weight from the 90's. Were you cool enough to wear a flannel shirt even in the summer. ROCK!
DJJackD You gotta love those rock songs from the 90's. Everyone was pissed off and angry. Why did I wear Flannel in the summer? ROCK!

BushEverything Zen

| play
DJJackD This is one of my favorite songs from the 90's, it makes me want to put my head through a car window. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD What's a 90's party without these guys. The kings of anger and pissed off behavior. Another band that needs to re-unite. ROCK!
DJJackD On and on we go with more monster jams from the 90's. Don't lie you are going out and buying a flannel shirt today. I am. ROCK!


| play
DJJackD These guys are angry dudes from the 90's who are still around. Sully is a kick a$$ drummer as well. Rock the drums with a flannel. ROCK!

GodsmackKeep Away

| play
DJJackD Remember in the 90's when you would mosh and kick the shit out of your buddies and have bloody noses and though it was cool as shit?
DJJackD Moshing was cool even when your shoulder bone was sticking out and you couldn't move your arm. Am I the only one? ROCK!

The Offspring Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)+Lyrics

| play
DJJackD I moshed so hard in the 90's I had a hole in my head when I cracked it open diving head first into a pit. ROCK!
fearshop Heaven and Hell - Bible Black
DJJackD Great band from the 90's still alive today. Bring back Lallapalooza from the 90's. Great concerts. ROCK!
DJJackD The ultimate 90's group. One guy from each of the 90's greatest bands. A 90's Super group. Flannel shirts kick A$$. ROCK!
fearshop Joe Satriani & John Petrucci – Summer song - @DirtyUrine - Thanks for reminding me that I have been wanting to hear this one again.
SkyeCebh I Love the lyrics to this one! ♫♥♪ Disturbed - "Deify" ♥


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DJJackD Killer song from the 90's. This tune really made me angry. I used to walk around and punch car windows. Cool huh. ROCK!
DJJackD Yet another great band from the 90's. I wish we could stay in 90's forever. I am going to mosh and think its 1990 again. ROCK!
DJJackD Prodigy was a cool band from the 90's. I didn't start fires although I kept buying flannel shirts. ROCK!


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DJJackD Some more AIC for you on this Wed. It's 90's Wednesday and I am stuck in a time warp. ROCK!

Alice In Chains-Rooster

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flinndc The invitation is always open my dear ;-)
SpinningDiscs Pantera – Valhalla.......


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DJJackD This is Thursday and we are officially in neutral and gliding down the highway towards the weekend. ROCK!
DJJackD Lets jump out of the gate running this morning with the PRIEST. With good tunes lik this 5PM will be here soon. ROCK!

Judas PriestSinner

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DJJackD Let the good times roll with this awesome tune. It's time to start the countdown to the weekend. ROCK!


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RuiFelix still listening ;) @lisa_michele: "\nn/@RuiFelix: "one here....@lisa_michele: "hehehe! Let's see how many listeners stick around now! (reblip)
TaraKLucero Pantera *Hollow* #ripdimebag


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DJJackD Welcome to MID-DAY METAL. I am on a Judas Priest Kick today. This is a great band to kick off the weekend with. ROCK!
DJJackD This song rocks and is an awesome summer song. Drive down your street and blast this tune while raising the horns. ROCK!

Y&TMean Streak

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DJJackD You can never go wrong with RJD. A short guy but a true METAL giant. ROCK!
DJJackD How about LIVE MOTLEY CRUE. If you have not read the DIRT go buy it and read it. Amazing book about the CRUE. ROCK!
TaraKLucero Thanx for the props! back at ya and a rb! #ripdimebag @CharM666: "Dimebag Darrell of Pantera on Drums (1993) #ripdimebag" (reblip)

Dimebag Darrell of Pantera on Drums (1993)

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SpinningDiscs Sixx:A.M. – Life Is Beautiful......
DJJackD I will not have any more tears when I am on the beach next week with a cold drink in my hand. Vacation rules. ROCK!
DJJackD These guys are hardcore, with a name like Mushroomhead I guess you have to be. ROCK!


| play

AC/DC- Shake a leg

| play
flinndc RB!! @CMDoria: "(in the mood for something heavier) - Ace of Spades " (reblip)

Motorhead- Ace of Spades

| play
AcidBlack Testament - Practice What You Preach : #Real80sMetal

Testament - Practice What You Preach

| play
DJJackD KIX? isn't this a kids cereal? I like the band better than the cereal. It rocks harder. ROCK!

Kix "Blow My Fuse"

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TaraKLucero yes it is! props and a rb for ya! stay awesome! #ripdimebag @AllieEtheProducer: "its a metal kinda day." (reblip)


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DJJackD Good morning and welcome to the weekend METAL HEADS. I am going on vacation for a week and a half. Enjoy this last day of music from me. ROCK!
DJJackD I am going to be sitting on a beach drinking cold drinks,listening to METAL. Enjoy these tunes and welcome to the weekend. ROCK!
fearshop W.A.S.P. - Charisma - Thanks @edudada


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DJJackD The weekend is here so blast some METAL and pop open a cold one even if you are at work, who cares. I am going on vacation. ROCK!
Buzzz Hi @patita !!!!

Hold My Beer

| play
DJJackD If you really want to go home early today you will blast this song as loud as you can. ROCK!

W.A.S.P. Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) Watch In High Quality

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radsta @DreamWarriorz: "Do you like the blues?? \m/ :D @DJJackD @fearshop Entombed – Wolverine Blues +++"" Hell yeah! (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Hey! Present!! \m/ @fearshop: "KISS - Unholy - Shout out to @DreamWarriorz" (reblip)


| play

Megadeth 1,320 BEST QUALITY

| play
FullMetalRadio Knock em dead kid - US Festival +++ (reblip)

motley crue knock em dead kid

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DJJackD Wow its already noon in NYC and it is hotter than hell out. Drinking will start very soon I think. Join me for a cold one. ROCK!

QueensrycheNM 156

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DJJackD This is a bad A$$ song from a Bad A$$ band. To bad they just disbanded. Go pray at the METAL CHURCH. ROCK!
DJJackD This is an awesome song that Maiden never plays in concert. Check it out. ROCK!

IRON MAIDEN : Alexander the Great

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DJJackD Another great band from the METAL GOD ROB HALFORD. BLAST this tune over the weekend to prove you are hardcore. ROCK!
TaraKLucero here we go! Soundgarden *Fell On Black Days*
SpinningDiscs Collective Soul – Shine.... Shout Outs & Thanks: @tiffsplaylist, @vix_rock - Thanks - that was a good song!
DJJackD This is MID-DAY METAL and I am hours away from starting my vacation. You will be without my tunes for a week. BUT THE TUNES NEVER DIE.
DJJackD The Tunes will live on forever whoever is spinning the records. There are some kick A$$ blip DJ's here who will carry on the tradition of METAL. ROCK!
flinndc time

Pink Floyd-Time

| play
DJJackD Make me proud while I am on vacation and blast some of the best METAL tunes around both here and out there is the METAL world. ROCK!

Black Sabbath-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Full Version)

| play
DJJackD It's Friday METAL HEADS and your assignment for the weekend is to go out and convert one person to the METAL order, and DRINK. ROCK!
flinndc w/music vid

Duran Duran "Come Undone"

| play
DJJackD Roam where ever you want this weekend as long as you have a cold drink in one hand and you preach the word of METAL. ROCK!
RockinRobot "Oh Yeah" – Chickenfoot (Joe Satriani, Chad Smith, Michael Anthony, Sammy Hagar)
DJJackD We keep rolling on with the tunes and we keep rolling on to 5PM. Vacation here I come. ROCK!


| play
RockinRobot Fast Times At Ridgemont High Sammy Hagar 80s

Fast Times At Ridgemont High Sammy Hagar 80s

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SpinningDiscs CandleBox – Far Behind.... Shout Outs & Thanks: @ilklovn, @DJ_ChICkEn_WaNg

CandleBoxFar Behind

| play
DJJackD The countdown is officially on. 5PM is almost here and it is vacation time. I can taste the drinks. Get ready to ROCK!
DJJackD It's getting closer to miller time. Get up and run around the office and then get the F*** out. ROCK!

Pantera-This Love

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DJJackD We are starting the party early today so go out and get your favorite beverage and start the party. Everyone join in. Cheers! ROCK!
SpinningDiscs HIM – Wicked Game..... Shout Outs & Thanks: @DirtyUrine, @zx10r07

HIMWicked Game

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DJJackD This is my last blip of the day as I am going to start my vacation. Keep the METAL alive and I will be back in a week. You guys ROCK!


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manlyman Can't believe this was 33 years ago!! Who would have thought that a violin would ever be played in a rock band!!
DJJackD Hello my fellow METAL BLIPPERS. I AM BACK!! Had a great time in Mexico and here is what I brought back. METAL TEQUILA. ROCK!
flinndc Far Beyond The Sun- Yngwie with the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
Schoork Slaughter-Fly To The Angels - #BigHairThursday

Slaughter-Fly To The Angels

| play
DJJackD I felt like I was in hell the next morning when I drank to much Tequila. I love Mexico and I am going back. ROCK!

MegadethGo to Hell

| play
flinndc !RB@elinejv: "My fav. Cult song – She sells sanctuary (live tv 1985) inspired by @flinndc " (reblip)
DJJackD The Metal keeps flowing today like the booze was flowing all last week and this week. The weekend is here enjoy. ROCK!
Schoork Hallo Sonnenschein:-)

Metallica- Welcome home (Sanitarium) music video

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SpinningDiscs Tool – Lateralis.. "Over thinking,over analyzing separates the body from the mind... Withering my intuition leaving all these opportunities behind."


| play
DJJackD Get the cooler out and fill it with beers and JACK and ICE. Push the party to the limit this weekend. ROCK!
DJJackD A little OZZY before I get the hell out of here for the weekend. To all of those at work hang in there, it's almost MILLER TIME. ROCK!

Ozzy- Crazy Babies

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flinndc RB very very nice @KristyRNinAZ: "1...2... Billy Joel – A Matter Of Trust (rb @yourpennylane)" (reblip)
DJJackD I hope all you METAL heads are having a great labor day weekend. Keep the drinks flowing and ROCK HARD!
TaraKLucero MMMM! Glenn Danzig! rb @krystalmystic Danzig – Am I Demon (reblip)

DanzigAm I Demon

| play
DJJackD The Summer is over and its back to work and back to school. I know it sucks but the METAL keeps rolling on. ROCK!

Def Lepard-Me And My Wine

| play
DJJackD This is an awesome Slayer tune. Play it loud and piss off the whole office. Who cares they will get over it. ROCK!
DJJackD New Heaven and Hell - This songs is kick A$$. Good tunes from the Pioneers of METAL. ROCK!
SpinningDiscs Ministry – Stigmata .... "Just like a car crash.. Just like a knife.. My favourite weapon.. is the look in your eyes."


| play
DJJackD Great tune from a great band. Be sure to check out the new album on 9/29. AIC ROCK!
manlyman How about a 'Baby Grand' on "Tickle The Ivory Tuesday"?
fearshop Judas Priest - The Ripper
flinndc what have you been up to? working?!!!? lol @Schoork: "The Boy is Back In Town :-)" (reblip)
DJJackD This is MID-DAY METAL in BLIP land. Help get the LED out. ZEP rules as does this song. Keep the tunes flowing. ROCK!

KashmirLed Zeppelin

| play
DJrharrima Zakk Wylde – Going to California: @DJJackD - Zep Tribute (reblip)
DJJackD This is a cool cover of an awesome Aerosmith tune from BAZ. Definatley rocks. METAL gets me through the day. ROCK!
DJJackD Big guitars and big vocals only the best from the Scorps. It's rock out Tuesday. Blast the tunes. ROCK!


| play
Schoork It is@flinndc: "GR8 choice Sir!!!@shanti45: "Not a medical condition...John Bonham!!!(Up to 11 with the volume,blip buddies)@flinndc @rocket1206"" (reblip)

Led ZeppelinMoby Dick

| play
DJrharrima Sebastian Bach – Our Love Is A Lie: On a good tip from @DJJackD; #2forTuesday - good stuff!
DJJackD We go on and on with the ROCK. We are here on Earth to provide the best kick A$$ tunes around. Sit back and enjoy! ROCK!


| play
Metal_Rocks Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne - Let It Rock. Dunno why I like this tune, but I do!! It kinda Rocks!!!!
Bright_Blue yeah!! rb @1982 ~ The Hives – Hate to say I told you so (reblip)
Metal_Rocks Britny Fox - Louder. Great Hair Metal tune!!
SpinningDiscs Winger – Headed For Heartbreak.....
Schoork Skid Row – Slave to the grind
DJJackD Here is a little tune for you this afternoon to get some aggression out. We all need it from time to time. ROCK!


| play
Schoork W.A.S.P Blind in Texas

W.A.S.P Blind in Texas

| play
LauStar navigare necesse, vivere non est necesse" (reblip)
DJJackD Is it time to go home yet. I tried blasting loud METAL but they still have not fired me. Oh well, on we go. ROCK!
DJJackD Ok it's almost 5PM which means I am about to get the F*** out of here. It's time to go home and have a cold one. Enjoy. ROCK!

MegadethAngry Again

| play
fearshop Guns N' Roses – Civil War (Argentina, 1992) - Thanks @Buzzz
AC_DC_ASIC Judas Priest – Hell Bent For Leather
TaraKLucero Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls (music video)
DJJackD It's MID-WEEK METAL and I am here to provide the best METAL tunes on the planet. Let's get it started. Prepare to ROCK!
aneldecaveira Preparem-se para um "set" de Ministry!
fearshop David Bowie – Space Oddity (1990 Digital Remaster)
DJJackD It might be getting cooler out but lets raise the heat with good METAL tunes. Turn up the heat. ROCK!
DJJackD Play this one in your local house of worship. ROCK!
Metal_Rocks Van Halen – Poundcake. Great tune!
DJJackD I feel good when the clock hits 5PM and I run out the door and fall into a bar. ROCK!
DJJackD This one goes out to anybody who is going to see Motorhead soon. ROCK!
DJJackD Who didn't like Lost Boys in the 80's. Great movie. ROCK! (reblip)
DirtyUrine ~ Yngwie Malmsteen – Mr. Crowley (feat. Dio & Rob Halford) !!! (reblip)
FullMetalRadio Get up!! \m/ Van Halen – Women and Children First - And The Cradle Will Rock +++
DJJackD Well it's almost 5PM and it's almost time to go drink before seeing MOTORHEAD. I will report back tomorrow. ROCK!


| play
Schoork Sad But True, but i have to leave...see you all later
DJJackD Good morning METAL heads and welcome to the weekend. I hope this rain stops but it is perfect football weather. ROCK!
alfonvaina @djLop todo está controlado... Fue una falsa alarma.. JE! (reblip)

Foo FightersMy Hero

| play
DJJackD It's a gloomy day in NYC but that just means we have to pump ourselves up by blasting some good METAL. ROCK!
fearshop Iced Earth - My Own Savior - Shouts to the awesome @OmeRoon
fearshop KISS - Modern Day Delilah (New Song) - Shouts to the awesome @SpinningDiscs (reblip)
DJJackD Keep the METAL coming, it might be the only thing to get me through this day. ROCK!

Metallica-Fade To Black

| play
DJJackD One of my favorite songs being a BROOKLYNITE! ROCK! (reblip)
DJJackD This is MID-DAY METAL and I am here to provide great METAL. It's the weekend and NFL is here. I love Football. ROCK!
DJJackD EVH - one of the best guitar players ever. What is your opinion, let me know. ROCK!

5150 van halen

| play
DJJackD Great band with a great guitar player who would go onto play in some no name band that's never going to make it big. KISS

Five Finger Death Punch "Never Enough" Official Music Video

| play
DJJackD Sometimes I feel like everything is inside out. Then I start drinking and everything rights itself. ROCK!

xyz inside out

| play
DJJackD Calm down it's almost time to go home and start your weekend. Have fun and don't forget to blast METAL and ROCK!


| play
TrainWreckRadio @ID1611 9/21 show in downtown Minneapolis....small club, sold out show, 2 tickets in hand! yeah! (reblip)

Alice in ChainsWould

| play
DJJackD Welcome to the new week METAL FREAKS. Lets kick it off the right way with some hard hitting METAL. ROCK!

W.A.S.P Blind in Texas

| play
fearshop Ozzy Osbourne - S.A.T.O.

Ozzy OsbourneS.A.T.O

| play
DJJackD I hate Mondays so much that I have to blast loud music and make other people hate Mondays as well. ROCK!