eevee my sis @maicarodriguez might want to consider this for her first dance w/ @lelarr (giving away some fave songs, in case i don't get married hehe ;)
eevee love it that ben folds attempted this.
DJMadamFallsALot you just sort of melt into the music, at least in my opinion


| play
DJMadamFallsALot "Ma-a-a-a-ps, wait! They don't love you like i love you..."
DJMadamFallsALot "Maybe jasper does the astro astro. Maybe lilly does the astro,"
DJMadamFallsALot "and sooo, annie waits, annie waits, annie waaaits"
DJMadamFallsALot "What are you changing? Who do you think you're changing?"
DJMadamFallsALot "Just step away, for a second or two, and I close my eyes, and I think of you"
ARGMayte who gives a fuck about an oxford comma? what's that even?
DJMadamFallsALot i love this version! :D

The Strokes (ecology): mercy mercy me

| play

Ben Folds Five - Rockin The Suburbs

| play

Even If The moon Fell Down by Chase Coy (Lyrics)

| play
DJMadamFallsALot hohohohohoooo hahahaha i wish i could do that
DJMadamFallsALot angeleesss

Elliott Smith: "Angeles"

| play
tednh @girlgamy Should've been listening to Pavement's Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain today on the set #crookedlane
DJMadamFallsALot such awful things happening, but its so nice O_o
DJMadamFallsALot @deathparadox Have you learned this one yet...if u haven' u have to!!!! ;D
DJMadamFallsALot runts and mints keep falling out your mouth...hahaha i know those aren't the lyrics, but i like it better this way :)
DJMadamFallsALot hehe i have the right to say i was there ;)

amanda palmer crowdsurfs & sings creep @ coachella

| play
DJMadamFallsALot is it, is it really?

Eric Hutchinson Performs "OK, It's Alright with Me"

| play
ARGMayte this is pretty epic.

The Dead Weather Live Conan 061809

| play
ARGMayte took me a while to find this video. enjoy.
DJMadamFallsALot we all recgoniiiiiize that i'm the problem here
DJMadamFallsALot i'm not alone cuz the tvs on yeah, im not crazy cuz i take the right pills, everyday ;D

Jimmy Eat World-Bleed American

| play
DJMadamFallsALot happy song :D

Anecdote-ambulance LTD

| play
DJMadamFallsALot i could listen to this nonstop

The Airborne Toxic Event: Innocence

| play
deathparadox hey miranda how do i send a message like u did?
DJMadamFallsALot hhahaaha exactly my friend @deathparadox

Death Cab For Cutie "Soul Meets Body"

| play
DJMadamFallsALot hahaha no problemo ;D @deathparadox

Silversun Pickups -- Future Foe Scenarios

| play
tednh Listening to Superchunk - "Mower"
DJMadamFallsALot @deathparadox don't stay up that late! @ARGMayte hahah remember the first time you saw this video??
tednh Breeders - "Divine Hammer"

The Breeders "Divine Hammer"

| play

Against Me!, Cliche Guevara

| play
DJMadamFallsALot this video really makes no sense.....but its still a good song hahaha

MGMTThe Youth

| play
DJMadamFallsALot :O @deathparadox....learn this!! @ARGMayte can u play this one?

Weezer-Burndt Jamb-Live

| play

MGMT "the Handshake"

| play
DJMadamFallsALot i love this song :D

Blue Period Picasso

| play
DJMadamFallsALot hahahaha yeah why dont you?

Peter Bjorn and John "Lay It Down"

| play
DJMadamFallsALot such a nice song with powerful vocals
ARGMayte love busytoby a.k.a. the like young a.k.a. wolfie
DJMadamFallsALot im not sure whats worse, the waiting or the waiting room
DJMadamFallsALot the absence of god will bring you

Rilo Kiley- The Absence of God

| play
DJMadamFallsALot adelaide. on a plane. far from the uniited states.
DJMadamFallsALot but if u close the door, i'd never have to see the day again

Beirut "After the Curtain"

| play
DJMadamFallsALot r-i-i-i-i-ight he-ere, r-i-i-i-i-ight no-ow

the academy is ... after the midtown show

| play
Funkytarubuddha Nice RB@p0rge: "i love britney and hence i love this britney cover" (reblip)
DJMadamFallsALot we dont gamble, we dont do the stock exchange :D
DJMadamFallsALot hahahaha what a great video

Coin Operated Boy: A short film

| play
DJMadamFallsALot hahaha the video makes no sense but its enjoyable anyways
DJMadamFallsALot my friends obsession with this band has nearly got me obsessed hahaha
DJMadamFallsALot @Daffy6964: "#Weezer covering MGMT Kids cover Lady Gaga Poker Face. #musicvideo" :O i was there! they did such a great job!! XD (reblip)

Weezer covering MGMT Kids cover Lady Gaga Poker Face Cover KROQ Weenie Roast 2009 Irvine Meadows

| play
DJMadamFallsALot this is a pretty nice cover

The Kooks Young Folks

| play
DJMadamFallsALot hahahaha what a...strangelyyyaawesome video/song ahaha
DJMadamFallsALot @Sandman5: "Thanks for all the props @Carmageddon!" one of the first songs from them introduced to me! hahaha (reblip)
DJMadamFallsALot @qbar: "Ida Maria – Oh My God" i love her songs, many of them are very heartfelt at times ahaha (reblip)
DJMadamFallsALot @BigHankSalazaar: "The Strokes – Reptilia Cool song, dig the guitar. Never heard any other songs by the band, want to though." try Juicebox then ahaha (reblip)
DJMadamFallsALot @DRUNKINSTEREO: "Play this one loudly. (You should really play all of these loudly.)" :OO genius :) (reblip)
DJMadamFallsALot oh-hoooo

Jimmy Eat World "Work"

| play
DJMadamFallsALot "everybody got somebody to leeean on, put your body next to mine and dreeeeam oon"
DJMadamFallsALot awww so cute ;D

The Hush Sound- My Apologies

| play
DJMadamFallsALot "i got a man who makes me wanna kill" hahaha whoa really?
DJMadamFallsALot tickticktickticktickticktick...and so on hahahahaha shes such a great singer
davidpjmp Me despido con esta canción de una gran banda escuchen el sonido de la batería es magnifico hasta más al rato
qbar The Dresden Dolls – Backstabber
DJMadamFallsALot hahahahahahaha what with those girls lol

The Postal Service-There's Never Enough Time

| play
DJMadamFallsALot hahahahah funny video! and catchy, am i right?
DJMadamFallsALot :) i listen to this song...wait, this album like ten times in a row ;D

The Airborne Toxic Event- This Is Nowhere

| play
DJMadamFallsALot yawn now i wanna go back to sleep,b ut i lovve thise song so i'll stay up :)

The Postal Service- Sleeping In

| play
DJMadamFallsALot you cant help but love this song ♥

Psychedelic Furs "Pretty in Pink"

| play
DJMadamFallsALot one of the only ones i could find, but its still good :D
DJMadamFallsALot cold my heater, be my lover.
DJMadamFallsALot pushing in the pin, well i know, know
DJMadamFallsALot turn yourself around, you weren't invited
ICanHazBeer I still can't play this worth a shiz on the bass, but I have fun!! I need to piss off the neighbors this weekend!
DJMadamFallsALot "when everything is wrong, we'll come talk to you" ;D
qbar MGMT - Electric Feel

MGMT "electric feel" video

| play
DJMadamFallsALot makes you wanna grab an instrument and play along hahaha
DJMadamFallsALot hahahaha why is it that the guy on the citar and the guy(maybe) on the drums look like they have fake mustaches?? hahahaha

Craig Ferguson 5/5/9F Late Late Show Jenny Lewis

| play
DJMadamFallsALot hahaha surprised they have so much on these guys!


| play
DJMadamFallsALot @CastleGrok: ""The Reason" - Think about your body! - #diet #primal" the first time i heard this,i swear he said"the raisin is you"i felt insulted lol (reblip)
SylvioMicelli Thanks to @DJTrippy, @Sandman5, @TessaRose, @Snumpy for the props that you give me on BlipFM! The White Stripes – Fell In Love With A Girl
DJMadamFallsALot "you put your life on hold as we interest on another, two steps closer to the level i imagined" hahaha:D

Mates Of State- For The Actor

| play
DJMadamFallsALot i can't even hit notes like that, and i'm a girl hahahaha

Of Montreal- Gronlandic Edit Video

| play
DJMadamFallsALot hahahahaha is this really the music video?? hahaha
DJMadamFallsALot @LaurenKolligs: "Yeah Yeah Yeahs Skeletons (Acoustic) Great song" karen has such a great voice :D (reblip)

beck -- tropicalia

| play
DJMadamFallsALot @r_nicole: "AHHH! I also adore this song. : ) Damned my the existential moment... we were the cliche...@Dantonio: "Love this song so much. ^+^"genius (reblip)
politics for @ohmydearheart! haha i don't even know if you like the police but i love this song.
Evilpettingzoo for @saramathews43 Kings of Leon ~Notion ...:)

Blink 182-I miss you

| play
muzicmajic That be me!!! Good to "see" ya!--spy girl!@jennyleepenny: "I spy a majic west coast guy! @muzicmajic" (reblip)
DJMadamFallsALot i've begun to love this song :) ♥
DJMadamFallsALot the only one i could find of this song :O

Mates Of State: Girls Singing

| play
DJMadamFallsALot a big smile appeared as soon as i heard this :D
DJMadamFallsALot i heard someone play this song next door, and i felt like listening to muse :)
suedecrush "Come on baby play me something... like 'Here Comes The Sun'"
70srocker Where you going with that gun in your hand?
DJMadamFallsALot idk why, i just happen to love this song hahahaha but i like most of lily allen's work

The Who ~ Teenage Wasteland / Baba O Reily (Lyrics)

| play
DJMadamFallsALot foo fighters make me feel better sometimes hahaha
DJMadamFallsALot these guys actually cover this really well **thumbs up**!!

Fleet Foxes- Ragged Wood (A CAPPELLA!?)

| play

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Modern Things"

| play
DJMadamFallsALot i feel the pain of everyone, then i feel nothing :(
DJMadamFallsALot :OO so youuuung

Rilo Kiley "The Frug"

| play
DJMadamFallsALot ahhh i think i wanna go to sleep now hahahaha but its a good thing ;D
DJMadamFallsALot ugh i'm feeling sick again....but then again this is relaxing :]


| play
JessicaHamby Chillin' by the pool, listenin' to some tunes with new friends
DJMadamFallsALot @iReignMusic: "Here's a cool little tune with an attitude for @DJTrippy (my 100th listener)" YAY!!!i feel special! awesome song!double whammy!xD lol (reblip)
DJMadamFallsALot aggghhh this song has been stuck in my head for the last hour!! be gone with you haha! but come back soon!
DJMadamFallsALot hahaha i need to get some of those.......GOOD NIGHT! :]
tintrash tough

M. Ward : "Requiem"

| play
DJMadamFallsALot my love is my whole being, and i've shared what i could :o
DJMadamFallsALot this door is always open, this door is always open, no one has the guts to shut us out :]
DJMadamFallsALot one of my favorites...right after elephant gun :D
DJMadamFallsALot the very first song i heard from them a while back, hahahaha i love these peeples
DJMadamFallsALot i love the piano in this song :] and the vocals of course :D
marijaanadj deftones: pink cellphone

deftones: pink cellphone (montage)

| play
aquietend just stopped by for a little...
DJMadamFallsALot i've got acute schizoprenia, and paranoia too
DJMadamFallsALot please tell mom this is not her fault!
DJMadamFallsALot :O why so little???? they need more Cursive! >:l
DJMadamFallsALot do you admire me like i admire you???
DJMadamFallsALot and your vicious pain, your warning you will be fine
DJMadamFallsALot listen for the sound, feel the shaking underground ;D
anothercraze I like the brown singer best, @Snowships! Usually I go for blondes, but not this time. Past imperfect I guess...
JeffreyMarsh trying to decide if i want to check these guys out tonight...
DJMadamFallsALot hahaha i would dance to this song if i knew how
SNIZWHIZ @DJTrippy if you like le tigre...try these peeps out same band new name...
DJMadamFallsALot @SNIZWHIZ: "@DJTrippy if you like le tigre...try these peeps out same band new name..." :O its gREAT!! hahaha thanks! :D (reblip)
DJMadamFallsALot when the bitter end arrives,will we be at war or sadly, madly in love???
DJMadamFallsALot hahaha this song got stuck in my head...hmmm
BigHankSalazaar Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal Some more good FF.
BigHankSalazaar Rush – Tom Sawyer The mega synth, vocals, and drums of RUSH!!!

RushTom Sawyer

| play
DJMadamFallsALot i was here!!! it wasssss such a great experience, they are FANTASTIC!! hahaha

Fleet Foxes at Coachella 2009: White Winter Hymnal (in HD)

| play
chameleonpixie @MorningSong: You're right; cathartic is the best word to describe Girl Anachronism. (reblip)

The Smashing Pumkins "Zero"

| play
DJMadamFallsALot hahaha i was here too, i LOVE these guys, im not even joking hahaha, they're nice peeples too

Airborne Toxic Event at Coachella 2009 (Happiness is Overrated)

| play
DJMadamFallsALot hahahah cool outfit ;D

Gimme Sympathy [Official Music Video]

| play
rhen30 The Shins – New Slang. how could you not like the shins?
boughnaut If there's one thing that I could never confess, it's that I can't dance or sing or step.
DJMadamFallsALot :D red shorts

Coachella 09 / Liars pt 3 / HD

| play
DJMadamFallsALot certain to wake you up ;D DANCE!

Kings Of Leon Velvet Snow

| play
DJMadamFallsALot :O i just heard this, and i love it hahaha
DJMadamFallsALot ok, i kinda dig this song, but i do NOT GET IT! it makes no sense to me.....maybe ill listen to it again hahaha
DJMadamFallsALot this has been stuck in my head for the past week!!!!
DJMadamFallsALot :O not as great as weezer but still hahahaha

deftones say it aint so live

| play
SNIZWHIZ so REAL>>>>>>>>>by our old school new school band Neutral Milk Hotel....
DJMadamFallsALot so the trees got tired and laid on the ground hahahaha :D
Punched @DJTrippy: "so the trees got tired and laid on the ground hahahaha :D" (reblip)

Death To Los Campesinos!

| play
DJMadamFallsALot @RomanticCircles: "so gooooood" one of meh favs :) ♥ (reblip)

Death To Los Campesinos!

| play
DJMadamFallsALot so now your all alone,and you don't really like the way, he went away, and now your living in agony


| play
DJMadamFallsALot This way is-a-waterslide-away-from-me-to-chase-her-fuller-everyday! Hey! so be cool hahaha
geezerbird @geezerbird: "Franz Ferdinand- Womanizer Cover !! recorded live in radio studio- knocks shit out of the origional!!" (reblip)

the strokes repitilia

| play
DJMadamFallsALot i love this song ♥

This Is Not A Test-She & Him

| play
DJMadamFallsALot i just love zooey deschanel's voice

Change Is Hard-She & Him

| play
DJMadamFallsALot i couldn't help but fall in love again ;D

Thought I Saw Your Face Today-She & Him

| play

Avril Lavigne Kiss Me

| play
DJMadamFallsALot YAY!!! a hundred listeners!!! :DDDDDD ♥
DJMadamFallsALot hahahahah looked like she was gonna eat that cat
DJMadamFallsALot i think of this song when i think of feist
DJMadamFallsALot u can never blip this too many times, its just too awesome

Rilo Kiley "The Frug"

| play
DJMadamFallsALot hahahahah i love this song, sung so cheerfully, but dundundun
DJMadamFallsALot @RevDrLuv: "@DJTrippy: "i kinda like this song" = Cause it is good." hahaha, yes, i'll admit, its awesome :D (reblip)
DJMadamFallsALot :) this song makes me happy for some reason hahahaha
DJMadamFallsALot ahahahaha old

Weezer Getchoo Live in Boston 1995

| play
DJMadamFallsALot hahahahaha my grandpa can dance like that
DJMadamFallsALot @makenzie13: "i just heard this song and now I LOVE coldplay" thats strange, his voice sounds a lot different, but its still good ^^ (reblip)


| play
DJMadamFallsALot >:[ all my songs vanished from my ipod! i'll never get some of it back !!! :'(
DJMadamFallsALot **sigh**

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Modern Things"

| play
DJMadamFallsALot hahahaha this song always makes me laugh :)

Ben Folds Effington (album version)

| play
DJMadamFallsALot if you sing a song. sing a song for them.

At the Drive-In: 198d

| play
DJMadamFallsALot She said she's feeling lonely, and I say that's Ok, she won't be coming back 'round here, no way


| play
DJMadamFallsALot you can bet, i'll pay the tab ;)


| play
DJMadamFallsALot I saw her slam back tequila's like Oliver Reed on an Irish stag doo hahahahahaha
DJMadamFallsALot yawn, xD