DJPJH A gift from my sister way back then. Still have the 12"


| play
DJPJH Makes me think of my best friend Jenny
DJPJH Another Jenny memory trigger
DJPJH Thought I had a right to take photos from on stage & almost got myself and great buddy Roger kicked out for my, tho', eh Rog?
DJPJH From Secret Treaties, their best (next to On Your Feet Or On Your Knees, the live LP), IMHO.
DJPJH A Sounds Of Seduction (look 'em up) floor filler!
DJPJH Truth be told, I prefer this song over most of his extensive catalogue.
DJPJH Magnificent sonic grandeur...still!
DJPJH Track 1, Side 1, 1st album, still chilling.
DJPJH Not an aficianado, but doubt they ever wrote a better one.
DJPJH same as it ever was...
DJPJH This'd be my favourite version...from Famous Blue Raincoat, her 80's LP of Leonard Cohen covers.
DJPJH The song that turned me on to Aimee Mann (a bonus here is the word "fucking", sung, rather than shouted).
DJPJH As featured in one of the better episodes of Men Behaving Badly...I'll have a pint of Guinness!
DJPJH One that Rick Rubin overlooked when making that record with Johnny Cash...pity, it would've been ace!
DJPJH Have bass line, will travel to Kinks riff...and end up in the right place.
DJPJH Personally preferred to either the original Byrds or Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers version.
DJPJH Speaking of The (other) Heartbreakers...
DJPJH Odessey & LP best described essential!
DJPJH Seeing as it's Sunday morning for some....
DJPJH Something I'd play for the guitar alone
DJPJH hand claps

the chambers brothers - all strung out

| play
DJPJH an elegy of distinction
DJPJH That function on old "records" where, if you lifted the rest arm & turned it, the 45 would play on repeat? This song!
DJPJH Seems like the right kind of lullabye for this neophyte. Adieu.
DJPJH As was their version of this!
DJPJH Great version of a killer song!
DJPJH Still cutting it & recent ATP the living proof!

SaintsNo Time

| play
DJPJH New favourite band 3 yrs running now...
DJPJH still on all time bass lines...


| play
DJPJH but could listen to all night
DJPJH chords vocal


| play
DJPJH I'll have this and The Zoot version
DJPJH gotta love a band that includes a dancer
DJPJH The Moz, we can re-build
DJPJH Maybe they shouldn't be mixed...
DJPJH what happened after this?
DJPJH cat sound guitar pedal?
lilwldchld Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me....
DJPJH see the clip from the time & fall in love
DJPJH some waking, myself the opposite...goodnight
DJPJH Meanwhile, on Planet Loud!
DJPJH Still sounding mighty fine
DJPJH what's with all the double blips, is it just my machine?
DJPJH I believe this may have been sampled below...
DJPJH So please to find this one in the library...bonjour mes amies!
DJPJH Nothing to do with this, but saw TVOTR a few weeks ago & way up there on best live gigs list!
DJPJH speaking of motown & rich girls...
DJPJH wonderful band...see them live in a small club
DJPJH OK, now I'm really going to bed!

B-52's52 Girls

| play
DJPJH The Godfathers should have more love.

b5 - Sid Presley Experience - Hup Two Three Four

| play
DJPJH Mick was there too.

ClashStay Free

| play
DJPJH Or perhaps a possible TV theme?
DJPJH Lucinda apparently not available...a worthy 2nd.
DJPJH an improbable mix executed 9.6
DJPJH that voice!?


| play
DJPJH best ever recorded spit intro
DJPJH not so much under-rated as rarely rated at all...shame
DJPJH Not The Stooges. Just Iggy Pop. From The Idiot LP, and the Bowie version doesn't even com close.
DJPJH pure & simple every time

Lightning Seeds_Pure

| play
CaryAtid remember this? Hot Butter – Popcorn
DJPJH exquisite...da da da, da da da...
DJPJH Fred's a bit angry, but he's alright
DJPJH I'm of Welsh ancestry, what a beguiling John Cale!
DJPJH nastassja oh my!
DJPJH damo suzuki...goodnight


| play
DJPJH Peter Tork's not wishes to him

roy wood and wizard - see my baby jive - chorous

| play
DJPJH bass for magazine and the bad seeds, not a bad cv
DJPJH Hipped to this via Julian Cope's Japrocksampler, a cool and illuminating read.
DJPJH they were just warming up
DJPJH a comic, a poster, a tattoo, a movie, a song
DJPJH a friendly word from state treasury
DJPJH one of Grant McLennan's best
DJPJH for some reason I just flashed on an old movie
DJPJH Tried to blip some of Clint Mansell's film music for adbert but got the dreaded line through every track...his old band instead...tops!
DJPJH juuuuuuuust riiiiiiiiiiiiiight!
DJPJH greatest song by a drummer ever!

Ringo Starr - It don't come easy

| play
DJPJH getting ready for bed...gregorian style
DJPJH a knife a fork a bottle & a cork
DJPJH goodnight again, all...more fun
DJPJH sometimes


| play
DJPJH Fleagle


| play

Dan Auerbach - I Want Some More

| play
DJPJH count yourselves lucky that this is the instrumental version
DJPJH you go girl!


| play
DJPJH should be more of this band available here


| play
DJPJH paul kelly & the coloured girls

Paul Kelly - Dumb Things

| play
DJPJH while we're under the covers...
cdub @pavolo - one of many favorite bad plus works
DJPJH goodnight all


| play
DJPJH ba ba pa pa um

Greg Khin Band - The Break Up Song.MP3

| play
DJPJH The Chambers Brothers


| play
DJPJH dunno who tore my speakers but it sure sounds good
DJJazzyJacq @DJPJH - Brum - slang for Birmingham UK a Brummie comes from there!
DJPJH 4 little buddy

Desmond Decker - Fu Manchu

| play
DJPJH the Fogerty larynx doing what it always did best...and the rest!
DJPJH Chan...still my beating heart
DJPJH almost as many versions of this as Louie Louie...this is OK
DJPJH hellooooo @RogerRoger

Jobriath - World Without End

| play
DJPJH A serendipitous find. Get on the floor!
lilwldchld Shake it down, shake it down now....

Commodores - Brick House

| play
DJPJH Don't really rate 'em, but they got good taste in covers.
DJPJH This is the rockingest, swingingest track ever laid down!
DJPJH don't get too hung up

02 daf - der mussolini

| play
DJPJH The LP which contains this version is a very old personal fave
DJPJH The King Of Darkness ;-)
DJPJH there's too much going on here and I like it!
DJPJH off to bed...soon


| play
DJPJH it's the new way, that's what we say
DJPJH shooby dooby dooby wop wop
DJPJH because

Cornershop - Primful Of Asha

| play
DJPJH I'll have a pint of that!
DJPJH sorry, couldn't help myself
DJPJH ECSR have been my new favourite band for a few years now & if you've experienced them live then you understand.
DJPJH for all curmudgeons of a particular accent ;-)
DJPJH both south & west of the pennines ;-)
DJPJH One of the most recognizable voices ever, even like this...and not bad.
DJPJH I had the honour once of paying him, and watching him place his earnings in the string compartment of his guitar case. Vale Bo.
gobcarlqvist The Snowman, Jerry Reed.


| play
DJPJH Heli-heli-hello-copter!


| play
DJPJH as they say in the classics...whoohooohooohoo, hoooooo!
DJPJH The Amboy Dukes...of stratosphere
DJPJH Television, from the LP that's all it's hyped up to be
DJPJH The Dream Syndicate...from the 1st LP, 1982
DJPJH a nod to PS


| play
DJPJH this is what guitars were made for
DJPJH Pink Flag = Desert Island Disc...goodnight all


| play
DJPJH fuggit, one more @melodyofyourlife


| play
DJPJH I think it's gonna be alright
DJPJH just remembered this one & so glad I did
DJPJH dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun...they went very soft after this one
DJPJH an absolute gem...Mr Bachman
DJPJH I'm a sucker for the garage & these people do it well.
DJPJH From their Sound Of Lies LP....excellence from start to finish.
DJPJH from The Streets, a treasured Chiswick compilation
DJPJH more love required for The Blue Aeroplanes...@philkirby
DJPJH I could be wrong @philkirby, but I think Marty from The Church might've been in All About Eve for a bit...either way, the futon beckons...g'night all
DJPJH I had an earworm today...this to exorcise it
DJPJH Not the obvious one...a beauty, tho'
DJPJH check the vid...I'm still not convinced Lou doesn't have a double for the dancing shots
DJPJH three great ideas in one song
DJPJH Their best, a killer garage rock'n'roll cut
DJPJH there's a great version of this on an episode of Playboy After Dark
DJPJH Well, I was looking for The Action, but found this instead...couldn't resist
DJPJH @joeparrie I wanted to blip Grant Hart 2541...this'll do
DJPJH Fuck me! Someone's added Doll By Doll this!
DJPJH Jackie Leven is THE MAN! So happy to find this here. From the LP Gypsy Blood...24 carat! I'm off to bed with this one...bye all.
DJPJH Against stereotype, I love Kiwis! This is pop perfection.
DJPJH lust for for an old film with richard harris and some rugby league?
philkirby hey @DJPJH. heard this band yet? I think they're pretty good. Your last tune reminded me.
DJPJH getting close to zzzzland
DJPJH it's that time...g'night all...speshly @philkirby & @DJJazzyJacq
DJPJH an old earworm just returned
DJPJH Dion Jimmy Vaughn & Beaver...YEAH!!!
DJPJH and with this one it'll be counting the sheep for me...seeyez
DJPJH catchy as swine flu


| play