themia Okay, now trying out and together. If this works, I might have it's babies.
amberella Thanks for all the Baby Jedi Vid love! If you like, comment/reply/repost so I can convince my brother to do more!
DJSelchie Before I go to bed, one last classic to brighten up the day/night. My cousin had me sing this @ his wedding, n' I wish I could sing it like Etta. :)

Etta JamesAt Last

| play
VictorianQueen Oh my gosh, it's so cute, and a Recorder! Thanks @MusicalEccentric (reblip)
plsurkity a brilliant mix! this is christian bale at his finest- flipping out on the terminator set. what a tool. but, at least the music is genius.
plsurkity i gots me those kitten knitting blues, baby. ooh. deep. soul. :)
dbalieiro [♫][ Smoke City ][ Underwater Love ] [||] vem aqui pra cá pq eu quero te beija na sua boca! [||] [∞][a galera do smoke city é uma doidera!] @cri (reblip)
drubloomfield Guess it's really time to get to work! The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades
plsurkity who does not want a big bad wolf? good tunes, good times.
plsurkity yanno... mashups do strange things to me. i love them, and i hate them. it's one of those moments where you just don't know which way to go.

Mashup - Moby vs The Prodigy - PeeWee

| play
plsurkity heh. this is also for mark. he introduced me to dennis leary and i've not looked back. in fact, mark told me about the new book he found!

Dennis Leary - Asshole

| play
plsurkity number three is the epic struggle and loss of faith brought to light in "hallelujah". jason castro did a cover of this on american idol last season.
plsurkity this would make my top five of a few lists. "sexiest songs ever written" and "easiest way to bed me" come to mind. as it is, it's #5 on our cohen 5.
wapael @sunnysunnysunny hay sarap ng panahon ngayon ano? umiinit na. gusto ko na mag beach at makinig ng...

IvyWorry About You

| play
monalisa i'm known for running my mouth, i will not be accountable for what comes out...
CrazyYesterday Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here i am..
serendipitynz @MixlordB another great forgotten Fleetwood Mac track (reblip)

Fleetwood MacGypsy

| play
BirgitOL Sommer, Sonne, Sand und Meer - und etwas Hula
jlightbody I listened to your last blip @DJSelchie and thought you might like this...(??)...enjoy
GR8FL Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye . @patita : So Let's Get It On & enjoy it. Always like this one @suzan (reblip)
BirgitOL A R Rahman is the first Sufi Muslim to win 2 Oscars for his score and best original song in British-Indian movie Slumdog Millionaire! Ya Haqq! (reblip)
misterscience @DJSelchie Do u know Johannes Linstead? No great examples blippable unfortunately, but this is a taste (reblip)
DJSelchie Ongina, this one's for you, girl. Work it OUT, chica!! Way to be fierce, ballsy as hell, and -rock- your own style! ^_^
w1llem are we human or are we dancers @r0g1 (reblip)

The KillersHuman

| play
melodyofurlife @evablue talking to yourself? [song title] too???? :-P
plsurkity now lemmie hear ya say "aayooh!"

the outhere brothers boom boom boom

| play
melodyofurlife O-o-oh, O-o-oh, O-o-oh, O-o-oh, O-o-oh, O-o-oh, O-o-oh, O-o-oh, O-o-oh, O-o-oh, O-o-oh, O-o-oh, O-o-oh, O-o-oh, O-o-oh, O-o-oh, O-o-oh, O-o-oh

Heidi HappyO-o-oh

| play
GR8FL Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight ... Lead me out on the moonlit floor... Lift your open hand... Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
GR8FL we could be heroes... if just for one day

David Bowie"Heroes"

| play
GR8FL It's just a box of rain. I don't know who put it there. Believe it if you need it or leave it if you dare.
GR8FL adoro os créditos iniciais desse filme ^^ r/b @meumundinho with thanks (reblip)
LadyComm The first good song I listened to today...
angelachang this song is so sexy...ranks up there with Timbaland's "Fantasy," NKOTB's "Click Click Click" & Danity Kane's "Secret Place" for me! :) haha

J. HolidayBed

| play
JerryKidd For all my fave ladies on Twitter...and you know who you are!
brokertothestars Norah Jones sits in on this one...

Ryan AdamsDear John

| play
DJSelchie Thank you @GR8FL for reminding me how much I love Brazilian music. ^_^


| play
Lafayette *lip syncing in the kitchen with a ladle as a mic*
rightcommentary If there ever was a song for flying down the interstate with the top down... #TCOT
sookiebontemps Sometimes you have to do a little savin' to save yourself. (reblip)

Aimee MannSave Me

| play
mishakitty Ahhh Tarkan. Truly one of my fav's for good Turkish pop. This is early Tarkan, and one of my favorites! Always good at the restaurant!


| play
tirebouchon "peace song", a popular song from iraq sung by halla bassam (iraq) and sevara nazarkhan (uzbekistan)
tirebouchon azam ali, o felix, una canzone in latino del XII°secolo, la bravissima azam ali è di origine iraniana

Azam AliO Felix

| play
vampirebill *listening to the music in my hideyhole*
DJSelchie Wow, what a great song! Lovely taste, n' lovely name, @AbsinthEve. Very nice. :) Been pondering using Absynthe as a stage name... Where's yours from? (reblip)
PamVampTB This is the result of a search titled "blip hell"
GR8FL @DesertLily been noticing your recent blips...if you just lost someone, please know I am so sorry - this is always hard. If not, the song is nice too.
BobTheMediaGuy broken....wasted... joy children...fighting our way around indecision We Are...we are..we are...
mystwitch vi@Cabl [must RB this one!]"As I walk along I wonder what went wrong w/our love - a love that was so strong..." (reblip)

Del ShannonRunaway

| play
unityofeffect I've really been enjoying this band lately.
plsurkity it's all about the classics, baby. they never get old.
topsurf In the dark, I like to read his mind But I'm frightened of the things I might find
shaack "Und ich sag, au ja, wir machen das klar!" [Jan Delay]


| play
vampirebill @BillohBill

NIN - Closer

| play
GR8FL good night all my bliphead friends... may you have wonderful dreams tonight :)

Garry SchymanPraan

| play
mystwitch Dropkick Murphys-The State of Massachusetts [for my son!]
vampirebill Clearing my head. Must prepare for my interviews tonight.
RockItRadio Its never too late....never give up...someone loves you (reblip)
mystwitch @ArianaK Alegria – Cirque Du Soleil [saw this show-amazing!] (reblip)
plsurkity here's hopin that @DJSelchie's audition lands her a gig!
kencasey Can the Wilson sisters rock, or what?!


| play
worldonastring One of my favorite music videos of all time.
TaraRobs 'Somebody bring me some water/ Can't you see I'm burning alive..'
deepbluesealove PLEASE REPOST will donate $5 for every 12-second video posted today about fighting cancer -
BirgitOL Musiktipp - Sonnengruß Yoga - Sun Power Yoga
mizdi 'every breath i take..every move you make.. every single day...' I'll be missing you
Joleesa there's no sense in telling me, the wisdom of a fool can set you free...
Apple_chic Buy it, use it, break it, fix it, Trash it, change it, melt - upgrade it, Charge it, point it, zoom it, press it, @donkeyrapist
GR8FL I did not realize you lived in Arabia @Bluespanther
mastercelo Parklife (1994) - Nothing is wasted, only reproduced. Get nasty blisters 'du bist sehr schon' but we haven't been introduced

BlurGirls And Boys

| play
Shade37777 Poor Augustus Gloop He Just Didn't Know When To Say When!

Gene Wilder - Pure Imagination

| play
paisley Paul Oakenfold feat Perry Farrell - Time of Your Life


| play
vampirebill @Pam_atFangtasia Do I make you horny, baby?

austin powers - theme song

| play
Joleesa those cats were fast as lightning and it was a little big frightening...
Joleesa lazy day in bed music in my head...


| play
Joleesa going on up to the spirit in the sky thats where im gonna go when i die...
Joleesa how could i possibly know what i want when i was 21
mystwitch @SevenTenths ...Thanks for introducing me to this artist, really enjoy him! (reblip)
mystwitch I read a note my grandma wrote back in 1923!

Collin RayeLove, Me

| play
mishakitty i'll always have a spot in my <3 for bhangra! it always makes me smile - i mean, how can you be in a bad mood with such bouncey yet soulful sounds?
BirgitOL Paris bei schönstem Frühlingswetter - immer wieder herrlich - Edith Piaf - Je ne regrette rien
mishakitty nothing wakes me up like a good karsllama (or however you'd like to spell it!) - this one is a favorite for my restaurant gigs!
GR8FL in the still of the night, I notice that blip has refresh problems again and I should go back to sleep or I won't be refreshed later this morning
lexdeum Marcy Playground-Sex and Candy. One of the few one hit wonder songs I ever thought was any good.
topsurf and since you are now up and moving, I bring the slumdog millionaire double shot because one from that soundtrack just isn't enough!

A.R. RahmanJai Ho

| play
akarra "I'll come here on my own" - The Submarines, "Clouds"
gargoylegurl Very cool remake, I'm in love with this site, right now!
sigmundvoid Nicely done...I think. Lots of contrast.
temawi Can anyone tell me what this song is about? My Italian is a bit rusty...
GR8FL [Dedicated to GR8FL and her 30.000 props! Gratz!] thank you for all your props @abarbero - this is a bit nice and overwhelming at the same time. (reblip)
evablue @leighcedar oops! i forgot @klitoria in the dance mashup thingie. she's a little rated-r. my mind blocks naughtiness often.
GR8FL [Are you out there? Can you hear me?] I hear your blip @stellarmeadow (reblip)

Earth Wind and Fire - Lets Groove Tonight

| play
evablue @GR8FL as usual no more props. so just know if i don't prop back sometimes or not answer. i'm not ignoring you. i'm being absent minded. :)
evablue @oregonblip done. just propped ya 3. now don't give them back. spend it somewhere else. ;)
evablue @DJSelchie did ya just call me old? haha! say hi to your mom. :P ][ @maurilao that's a good thing. go home. ][ @GR8FL :)
mystwitch And I'll be a dancing with yee @SugarDoggy Gaelic Storm set – The Schooner Lake Set. Wee bit o' the reel for me cara, mystwitch. (reblip)
TrixieTreats So I guess I should be a "lady" and not give up the original source. ;) (reblip)
melodyofurlife Kevin Costner??? Really Dude! I sat through "The Postman" that was bad enough! @evablue you will like this Actor tune! :-P
mystwitch RB @MonicaOnline-just needed to hear this one more time, rather like it I do! (reblip)
estrogen @wowi guten morgen! how was your night? just crawled out of the sheets.... now off for a run...

A Hard Day's Night

| play
estrogen @aLxAa [:D hehe 2 optimistic?] no, darling!! keep it! (reblip)
ATG A bit of me, actually. And who DOESN'T love the 80's?
ATG I really do feel pretty. And I love the genderqueerrifficness of this song. Esp. as sung by Sandler.
Gaz50 @daveraleigh, Thanks... Ive done my allocated props for u too ...Commodores – Nightshift
doczok "What ya said, Mama?" She said: "Come On In My Kitchen!!!"
DJSelchie *squee!* My art has been featured as a logo for a very talented bellydance troupe out of MD!! ^_^ Check us both out at

ArashBombay Dreams

| play
DJSelchie @28apple_chic, thank you so much for blipping Ms. Flint! She has a loverly voice, and such a great spirit!

Kat FlintAnticlimax

| play
Gaz50 Eric Prydz vs Floyd Proper Education
TrixieTreats In my dreams I'm dying all the time...


| play
Joleesa is there a place for the hopeless sinner...

Jason MrazOne Love

| play
Joleesa ~ Good Night All ~ @folkmusicdude LOL I'm not much with the commentary but thx (reblip)

MobyNatural Blues

| play
mystwitch Robbie Robertson set-Cherokee Morning
rynoel I find that this beat is closest to what my running pace needs to be.
J2ad Love new order, love covers, so this is great.
cArtPhotography Rare Earth - I Just Want to Celebrate: THX @Dfroggie775 (reblip)
spaceZEE ... i know i played this... like.. twice. but i love it. and i been trying NOT to blip it today. but it won.

Lil Mama - Lip Gloss

| play
KingZombie The concept of "stereos" is brought up. It also unintentioinally brings up how technology changes.
DJSelchie I have noooo idea why. Don't ask me. ;)

Untitled 1.aif

| play
tresvampiros +I´m not a bad man... it's cause of these things... (reblip)
GR8FL bad dreams all night... decided to forgo sleep for now.
everydayblues Outra do Robert Cray... I was warned
plsurkity did you win first prize??
plsurkity beer beer beer! the only thing better is drink and drink and drink and fight!
ATG @KellyShibari @mollena As you have extended to me, so I extend to you. One of my favorite songs. Cuz I'm awesome. YOU are awesome. *high five* (reblip)

SHAFT - Kikki rirri boom

| play

Robyn - Keep This Fire Burning

| play
avivajazz Grupo Afrocuba – Pa' Los Mayores (Yambu Matancero)

Be Like Water

| play
GR8FL rb@DOCSTIMULAS and rb@polarkat - Goo Goo Dolls – Iris (acoustic) - what an amazing song it never gets old for me" (reblip)
Joleesa And my arms need someone Someone to enfold To keep me warm when Mondays and Tuesdays grow cold Love for all my life to have and to hold... (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia Garth Brooks – Friends in Low Places
annalise I don't know if it's right or wrong to laugh at misfortune.
je_suis_le_chef @Susanitadlraton buenas noches! una canción para escuches mientras te pones los pijamas?
je_suis_le_chef @DJSelchie haha its my enormous pleasure. This one is also good for a night like tonight
girltulala "Who am I to make a judgment of your life? I'm only passing by, passing by."

Zero 7Passing By

| play
avivajazz Avishai Cohen | Nu Nu || Continu

Nu NuAvishai Cohen

| play
DesertLily Well, not really a big fan, even though I admit they are amazing. @DJSelchie Are you in a bellydance mood? I really enjoy dancing to this rhythm.
DJSelchie Ooh, haven't heard this from them before... This might be really fun to do a slow, funny bellydance routine to. ^_^
Deathdemon Uh oh i have one of those random urges to stay locked in my room for a very long period of time and watch anime.
PAMsLOvE Sting - Sacred Love

StingSacred Love

| play
DJSelchie I keep hearing this when out & about, w/no way to research it & oft forgetting it. Thought it might be Alanis- but LOVE that it's Katy. :)

Depeche Mode- Blasphemous Rumours HQ (ORIGINAL VERSION W/ LYRICS)

| play
GR8FL rb@mizdemeanor I wish I could give more than 3 props too... thanks for this blip & have a great day! (reblip)
GR8FL @klitoria besides the weird shit, I am really good and still very much in love. Are you okay, sweet one?
DJSelchie For my friend, roommate and landlady, Raven- who's now just acquired a new ringtone on my cell for when she calls, using this wondermous song. ^_^
DJSelchie Thank you @Gypsylyn for blipping this!! This would be -fantastic- to bellydance to. ^_^ (And love the icon, btw! :D) (reblip)
DJSelchie I so wish I could find an audio copy of this. It was on Mo'Nique's special when she appeared before a womens' prison, and both of them rocked. ^_^


| play
GR8FL had to rip this from my CD @DJSelchie - I adored all the music in LOTR as well as the films. good luck with $inging
DJSelchie Ohhhhh, I think I have a new favorite!!! *happy dance* Now one question; which do I do- sing/perform it, or bellydance to it?! ^_^
GR8FL blip Enya or PSB or some French music? Being perplexed, blip Bryan Ferry instead.
lalagator rb @jblake: I am thankful everyday for a sis a wonderful and as beautiful as you. And one day, someone, some man, will see you as I do. Perfect. (reblip)
roherraz @lost_tx_girl (well... got awesome tunes from you too ;) (reblip)

Rodrigo Leão & Beth Gibbons / Lonely Carousel

| play
mrbusto71 Everyone knows this one.

Carl OrffO Fortuna

| play
egillhardar Brand new : Boat Beam - The Rain Pauly
DJRosalie *rockin it*

Bon Jovi We got it going on

| play
DJSelchie A friend just played this for me via an indie radio station by the name of Radio KOL ("Kingdom of Loathing.") What a fun station, & a fun song! ^_^

I Am Your Gummy bear (Long English Version)

| play
ZOEBOE Love this whenever I hear it :) thanks guys :} rb@bduubz via-->@bunq" (reblip)

The Script- The Man Who Can't Be Moved ( lyrics )

| play
alternative_girl Why did I think this song was stupid when I was kid? It's awesome.

Manchester Orchestra- Where Have You Been

| play
GR8FL rb@Shukitty: "I love this song. What's this whole world coming to? Things just ain't the same, any time the hunter gets captured by the game." (reblip)
spacespencer how 80s-indie is this? but great!
DJSelchie I know I've blipped this before, but this is -how I feel.- ^_^
vvvracer Getting ready to hit the sack... Blippin' L8 nite random 3 for Thursday... 1st one... enjoy!
DJ_Jules For all of you who consider me just another Stranger...know that i am -->
DJSelchie Aw this ROCKS!! I've been looking to play this on here since I first joined, and I am SO tickled to finally see it here! ^_^
StreamingMimi This will be my last spin tonight. Thanks to my listeners & everyone who gave me props, RBs & replies. Sweet dreams to all! Roy Orbison - Dream Baby (reblip)


| play
cathg Did you see designer JP Gaulthier?! ;-) "i will make it clear: parlez-vous Francais? #FrenchConnection- Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette
ROSIEOLIVEIRA @refazioli: "mt lindo!!! conheces, não conheces? Mas vou-to recordar pq achei q havias de gostar: água, ... limoeiro, Alentejo"" (reblip)
dwo34 Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu – "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" for my Hawaiian Ohana!" #Aloha! (reblip)
pagemac @pagemac: "thats me.." for my left handed boys (reblip)
DJRaisonDetre @DJSelchie Thanks much and good morning/day/night whatever your timezone is in haha.
DJRaisonDetre @DJSelchie This might be down your alley.

Breathe MeSia

| play
DJRaisonDetre @DJSelchie And like the unseely I am. I hunt music like the Amadan na briona hunts souls.
stockmanmarc @crowjane: "That was fun~Blipped until I felt sleepy~I am there ~nite to one and all~thanks again @JimmyHook for sharN Yo 'flav in day Sach (reblip)
chrisblakemusic For the mommies and daddies laying the kiddies to sleep.

Chris BlakeLullaby

| play
DJSelchie I love this. It reminds me of rolling skies and unicorns running through vast prairies of emerald green.. Like Artax from The Neverending Story... :)
GR8FL can't imagine how this would work... where would they be attached to?
GR8FL like a Cheshire cat @Eri_Z? Thanks for reminding me of the absurdities in this life...
DJSelchie Teehee- I have been looking to re-aquire/remember this song for AGES!! Thank you @cheesy80s for reminding me of it w/your last blip! :D:D
shortygal Sly Fox - Let's Go All The Way
shortygal Crowded House – Something So Strong
GR8FL love this (rb)@sundance_kiddo: "If you were a sailboat I would sail you, if you were a piece of wood I'd nail you to the floor..." (reblip)
spacespencer 80s. OMD.


| play
SNIZWHIZ we throw parties u throw knives.....Lovely tune.....
shortygal Dr. John – Right Place Wrong Time
shortygal Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová – Falling Slowly
DJNostalgia "Marianas Trench "Cross My Heart" " (reblip)

Marianas Trench "Cross My Heart"

| play
lasarina grazie per la selezione autistica :P @valledoro
spacespencer If lust and hate is the candy, if blood and love taste so sweet, then we give 'em what they want.
DesertLily I'm now taking my leave. Hope you @ll find little, simple pleasures and sprinkle them throughout the week ahead.
melodyofurlife RB--> WOW! :-) Classic @RealtorLefebvre: "Love his voice. Love his passion. But I'm pretty sure his beard smells like old trash left out in the sun." (reblip)
melodyofurlife Well, Goodnight all! signing off with a farewell tonight!

Les PaulDream Dust

| play
schenck Yup, more Lehmber, this song's "Manke". "Hey its raining, lets shoot a video while mournfully looking around".
ShesAllWrite Stop being a dickhead. You're just fucking up situations ~ Kate Nash – Dickhead

Kate NashDickhead

| play
alternative_girl Hmmm, wish I could say the same! @htmonster21: "When i had my guitar back in the day i used to always try to play the intro to this song...its tight!" (reblip)
bendrix Daou is always an instant reblip from me. This is from Vanessa's 6th of 7 albums: "Make You Love Album" 2000=> rb@zantha: "hi @bendrix my daou-guru"" (reblip)

Vanessa Daou "Make You Love" [ + Lyrics ]

| play

Garden State ( Everlea )

| play
LoopZilla NANCY SINATRA – THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING - de @Suburban_Secrets: "Great version of this song before Jessica Simpson shat all over it. " (reblip)

REM Everybody Hurts

| play
SNIZWHIZ all i want is to be left alone

Kate EarlAll I Want

| play
SNIZWHIZ .....feel this sound......


| play
spacespencer love this waltz.

Cowboy Junkies - River Waltz

| play
spacespencer good one from Viva Hate.


| play
spacespencer Just find a feeling, pass it on.

CoralPass it On

| play
SNIZWHIZ ha ha..zombie like lovers...they just aren't doing it right
Gypsylyn @bigbilly..maybe I should consult the ~ Crystal Ball ~..;-D

StyxCrystal Ball

| play
DJSelchie Woo.. dis not bad, either. :)

Ananda Shake- Magic World

| play

Ojos De Bruja ( By Monica )

| play
DesertLily May all hearts know and feel the life-giving flow from the rising sun! (reblip)


| play
GR8FL @DesertLily I'm okay, sneaking out this AM to the beach & will work later. Wish there were no immigration issues & have much saudade.
melodyofurlife @Shukitty Yeah, a few years ago, My Kids loved that Complex CD, We listed to it everyday on the way to daycare. You going to ACL fest? (reblip)
shortygal Kool and the Gang – Fresh
shortygal Gotta run out for a bit - see you later blippers!
SNIZWHIZ even though sometimes i'm so cold...
DJSelchie Just discovered this by a roomie. They're not bad!! ..Too bad I fell of the noob tree the 1st time I played, died & lost the taste for WoW... ;) *lol*
DJSelchie This could be a lotta fun for a bellydance routine. ^_^ (Ya know, playin' off the wording, gettin' all cute, shimmying and reacting to the lines. :))
Gypsylyn ~ Love The One You're With ~ Stephen Stills
GR8FL thank you for being part of my wonderful blip experience @thrak @priscila @paulastudio @ChordOnBlue @santamistura @chiron08 @adbert ianthomaz @mammara

M83Kim & Jessie

| play
GR8FL it's raining, but it's a beautiful day because I am so in love with you...
Atomik its da weekend!


| play
spacespencer I'm so glad that I'm an island


| play
Joleesa I remember only for an hour Move right through me, can you feel the power? I don't know what's going on It scares me, but it won't be long...


| play
Joleesa She's a candle burning in my room Yeah I'm like the needle, needle and spoon Over the counter with a shotgun Pretty soon everybody got one...


| play
richstep Cheer up, sleepy jean. Oh what can it mean to a daydream believer and a homecoming queen? Cheer up, sleepy jean (no imeem, no video)< 1967 No.1 (4wks)
speculoos although the ship is sinking, I wish everyone a good morning ;-)
Dancer12 Good Morning Blipper World! IOU lots of TYS!TYs, Hugs&Smiles 4 all that! @HannaShaya@grammascott@JendeMen@mark_till@rocket1206@mizcosta@BluzeWorld
tirebouchon abida parveen, asan ishq namaaz...from pakistan, a female lead performer

Asan Ishq Namaaz:- Abida Parveen

| play
spacespencer »For the love you bring won't mean a thing, unless you sing, sing, sing, sing.«


| play
DesertLily Hello @GR8FL The other day it dawned upon my heart that I dont know your name. Will appreciate your generosity in this regard. desertlily09(gmail)

Masaru Kondoname

| play
spacespencer @rubybird you know this? side project of Robert Smith & Steven Severin from Siouxsie & the Banshees.
DJSelchie What what what what WAHT???? TIESTO did a Cirque du Soleil remix??? THIS IS THE SH*T!!!!
Mayden_Remnant ~Is it me, or is this battle music sexy? Hm... I think it might just be me. -cackles-~ (reblip)
ATG Loving this song. Heard this again for first time since getting back from PDX. One day…

MatisyahuOne Day

| play
Joleesa ★ Can't Take My Eyes Off You ★
DesertLily He believes in a beauty, he's venus as a boy.
melodyofurlife @honeypenny Did you ever hear the Prince Version?
estrogen good morning, blipsphere! this is a rainy thursday.... enjoy ;)
estrogen good morning, blip world - enjoy this rainy thursday ;)
SnakeLady She sold her soul for designer clothes for the perfect lips & the perfect nose. The winner in the end always owns the most. Reality tv told her so!