LittleChinaGirl You love the people that love you.... You hear the music they move to....


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DJWendolicious I listen to this CD when I need to really concentrate at work. I like this version. (reblip)
DJrainndietrichwilson I plugged me some Blitzen a few months ago but now I can't wait for my other 450k twidiots to hear the Portland werewolf magic, Furr.

Blitzen TrapperFurr

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daveraleigh I'm out. Hope y'all have a great evening!...
DJWendolicious Insert huge hair comb in back pocket before listening...
gigia momento assim... hey folkz...

YelleCe Jeu

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DJWendolicious This one gives me an energy boost.
crispast say goodbye on a night like this.. now i have to do that!! tnx @ll, see you soon! :)
gigia tem coisa masi bonitimm que isso??? tem nao
DJWendolicious What ever you do today do it to the fullest --boknowsshoes (reblip)
Chise Jeff Healey Band – Angel Eyes
Twilightlova lol love beginning music TWILIGHT ROX
fobregona Yo, microphone check one two what is this (reblip)
j_monster When you see my face I hope it gives you hell.
wonmin I had almost forgotten how awesome Duran Duran is. (reblip)
stockmanmarc This was a big comeback song for Elvis. It was 7 years since his last #1 hit. (reblip)
mcpaige Going to be another hit this summer!
nymaverick1 I can still hear the engines humming from the Daytona and Testarossa...Great remake!!
weething If I had a million dollars, it would totally be yours, elusive 100th listner. I'd give you the monkey and the dress and the dijon mustard & everything
DJWendolicious ...we're gonna party like it's 1699...

Weird Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise

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DJWendolicious Happy birthday, Robert!!!!

The CureLullaby

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CoolSeb esta es una recomendacion de @vikingabonita otro temazo de the cure... close to me

The CureClose To Me

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DJWendolicious Now I'm on the XXX Soundtrack

RammsteinFeuer Frei

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DJWendolicious One of the best songs ever. Crank it, kiddies!
DJWendolicious Second dose of caffeine replacement music.
DJWendolicious I dare you not to clap out loud.


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DJWendolicious So nice you'll play it twice.

The CureBurn

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DJWendolicious Ahhhhhh...


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DJWendolicious Mad props to Robert Smith-one of the greatest (and under appreciated) composers of our time.

The CurePlainsong

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DJWendolicious No Air Jordan. Ha!


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DJWendolicious They call me h.ll? Really? What kind of name is that?
DJWendolicious Just because I saw an awesome performance of The Color Purple last night. :)

CurePurple Haze

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diva42 Miley Cyrus – See You Again


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DJWendolicious What's with the heavy sigh in the beginning?
DJWendolicious Oh no, you've got it all wrong.

AnnieChewing Gum

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HuMBush ❀ ... ☠ !?! ☠ ... ❀
DJWendolicious Guess you'd better slow that mustang down...
lovemusic what i love about chris? for his 1st tv performance, he wore an outfit his mom made. . .now, that's cool :-) *Chris Isaak – Wicked Game* (reblip)
Zarabeth HELLO! @nakatake I added some more pics on my flickr... mainly flowers. :) if you want to go and see... ;)
Greever The Power Station - Some Like it Hot...hmmm...i seem to be on a kick of artists who passed on too early...
DJWendolicious @elocio: "Hisham Abbas – Habibi Dah (Nari Narain) @Edainsmom Very popular in Egypt a few years ago" (reblip)
Twinster Just can't get enough of "Paramore"... - "Paramore – Crushcrushcrush"
vichikui I want a perfect body, I want a perfect soul (reblip)


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ojanpert shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it!!! AWESOME!!
youdontknowme Another day is coming - Silence and Wind - Life is

Artur Rojek - Cisza I Wiatr

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mOOmOO_FM @mOOmOO_FM: "ANOTHER REBLIP___HOT TUNE "A-Ha vs Jungle Brothers - Take On Me Brotha"" (reblip)

Plush Live STP Stone Temple Pilots

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anaomelete great vid! (nightmare before christmas)
DaddyDM (YouTube) Skillet – Gasoline [This is why I started listening to Skillet.] | @Tisha


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The Cure- Disintegration

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djsurfer Jenson Button on pole for tomorrows race!
jsimoes Be yourself / Give your free will a chance / You've got to want to succeed - YES - OWNER OF A LONELY HEART

Yes Owner Of A Lonely Heart Live

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PaulaC Às vezes parece até que a gente deu um nó

Fleetwood Mac-Landslide

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LC2521 Love this song... Pink - Please don't leave me
Zenbuoy "VOLUME>! AUTHENTIC DRIVIN' Rock song...!" (reblip)

The Last Shadow Puppets "The Age Of The Understatement"

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crashleylee not gonna lie, I freaking love this song
starrsgalaxy Do you sometimes feel like you have been kissed by the lips of an angel?

The Cure A Forest

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Fast car -Tracy Chapman

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Playing For Change: Song Around the World "Stand By Me"

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DJMees Chicago- 25 or 6 to 4 (reblip)

Chicago- 25 or 6 to 4

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Craftster Mystery Lyrics Challenge "Once I had a love and it was a gas" -DJC hint:
anandmisra @verawooten: "Love this song!! The Game of love – Santana feat. Michelle Branch" (reblip)
cheff Man of Constant Sorrow – O Brother Where Art Thou
HERDE Ahhhh, Stevie & the MAC! Now that's how you should start your day! Fav. MAC song....

Fleetwood MacGypsy

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Grizabella Evanescense – Bring Me To Life (reblip)
Poke Scorpions com sua baladinha romantica ! A musica mais traduzida nas AM's do Brasil !

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Down On The Corner

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MrMusuko Het Goede Doel - In 't Leven

Het Goede Doel met In 't Leven (geen clip)

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handstamp scary.

MGMT "Kids" Video

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Nany_O @ShiaoMei: "Beautiful Surprise >>>iNdIa aRie .......... ~~ @dj_kwame :)~ eNjOyyyyy " Love it!!!! (reblip)
crispast love this one! tnx and hi@SevenTenths : ) (reblip)

Beastie Boys- Intergalatic

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KNOCK ON WOOD "Amii Stewart"

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DJWendolicious One more. Have a good Friday night.
IsWillOK One hit wonders aren't just for the 80s.
Oldies Bonnie Tyler It's A Heartache

Bonnie Tyler It's A Heartache

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The Color Purple (Finale) Broadway

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DJWendolicious Another all time favorite (atfav)
jb140 yea,this is rocking on my itunes right now...
JTO "Someone left the cake in the rain." Seriously?

Donna Summer McArthur Park

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poeticimmortal "... whenever i'm alone with you, you make me feel like i am home again..."

The CureLovesong

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Terence trent d'arby-Sign your name

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AlienFreak One of the only Fall Out Boy songs I like - I Don't Care.

Garth Brooks -The Thunder Rolls

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DJ_Lady_Skoonebaker lame summer jam, not even a jam, well toe jam maybe

Summer Girls by LFO

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Take Me Away by Lifehouse

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nerdiando Love is all over the place (at least I hope it is!)... Good Morning!
BenRobot i have fallen in love with this song all over again.
DuncanDogg I haven't heard these in decades...yet I still am brought right back to MTV early years...
DJNordicFunk One of Toto's near misses, or almost hits. Fun Fact: 99 was inspired by George Lucas' cult film THX 1138. #Friday80sDanceParty


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DJaS To get the funky Friday dance party goin'...

Morris DayThe Bird

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Nalora Billy Swan – I Can Help
Nadiale No voy a trabajar

No voy a trabajar

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MamaBridget Kris Kross will make ya wiggety wiggety wiggety WAK


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cjh Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way

Fleetwood Mac Go Your Own Way W/ Lyrics

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christina aguilera feat ricky martin

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AnnieLicious @DJWendolicious You said Don't Stop Believing :)


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AnnieLicious Neener Neener, I escaped.. @DJWendolicious Now where's my ride???


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rammerplex big blip retry rammerplex mee too; @labellaviita: "i love thiss"

Dexy's Midnight Runners LIVE Come on Eileen

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AnnieLicious @DJWendolicious I got your pocket

Pocketful Of Sunshine with lyrics

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Kaine #musicmonday Curtis Mayfield – People Get Ready
innonate You didn't forget about this song, did you?

No scrubs

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JASON_BARIS I can feel it. Was there air drumming before this song? Just curious...

The Cure --" Lullaby" Acoustic Music Video

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Steve Miller Jet Airliner

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katarinax welcome new listener! @bibman


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katarinax Welcome new listeners! @gitargirl @DJWendolicious

Anniversary of Angel

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ukgal Jackson 5 – Doctor My Eyes @Jesiux thanks for reminding me