JRex @sheryonstone, i worked out of the Denver Clubs Building & played cowboy 4 awhile, have you been to the Forney Transportation Museum at 14th & Platt?
JRex [Duane Eddy – Wildwood Flower]
DJam_Z Re-released "Jungle Rock" 1976, #1 in the Dutch charts. Mizell was 53 years old when he finally made it into pop's history books
DJam_Z Hank Thompson, country singer calls into radio about Wanda Jackson. My father sat in & played drums for Thompson one time; while in Alaska in concert.
DJam_Z Here's another one by the Mystery Gang Rockabilly Trio..Oh Yeah!!
DJam_Z Sounds like it should, rockin'..and swingin'..lol
DJam_Z Earl Poole Ball is Internationally known as "Mr. Honky-Tonk Piano"
DJam_Z This one goes out to you, Glenn! Hope you like it..
DJam_Z Wonderland covered two Hendrix songs, ('I Found the Lions' and 'Throw My Love'), on her Miss Understood CD.
DJam_Z This one goes out to...the Northrunner..
DJam_Z That would be me...tra-la-la-la..
DJam_Z Here's an oldie, but goodie..
DJam_Z One of my fav blues female singers, and big favorite here in the Lone Star State..
DJam_Z Aaaaaaaahhh, the boogie of Omar!
DJam_Z Bringin' it back to the oldies with Gene..

Gene VincentGit It

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RadioRider @TxJz Welcome to Blip. Any girl who likes Omar is OK w/me. This one has a trio for U. Omar / Jimmie V / Lou Ann Barton - Enjoy
RadioRider @TxJz Omar / Jimmie / Lou Ann / Delbert McClinton - what more could a Texas girl ask for ....
RadioRider You don't want to get anywhere near the water with this guy. Not with that name ....
RadioRider @DaDuck been on a few hey bro!!! TQ @TxJz (reblip)

Bob and Tom Show - Todd Snider - Beer Run

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RadioRider @NeedBlues2Live Whole CD is Jimmy Reed songs.(Thanks to my bro @DaDuck) Will UL a couple more in a minute. (reblip)
DJam_Z Bringin' it back to the blues, with the Queen of Blues herself..

Koko Taylor - Good advice (Checker)

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DJam_Z If you have never heard of her, or seen her, trust me, she puts on one heck of show. It's full of energy and Ruthie is just awesome!
DJam_Z Keepin' those blues goin' into the wee hours of the morn..
DJam_Z The Blues Make Me Feel So Good,..Yes, they do..
DJam_Z One more for the road..thanks to all of you that gave the props & replies! :) Still can't figure the reply thingy out yet, but I will..lol Later..
DJam_Z Rollin' into to the weekend..enjoy! :)
sheryonstone rb@albertovianna~nice to see you again on the other side of the world :) (reblip)
DJam_Z can it get any better than this?
DJam_Z Nice for a laid back Friday night..
DJam_Z Night all, thanks for all the great tunes! And, thank you one and all for your replies, props and adds! See you on down the road...keep the music on!
DJam_Z Thanks @RadioRider!! :) Love Hubert!! SRV & Hubert were tite ... (reblip)
DJam_Z ..an outstanding guitarist as well as vocalist who had an enormous influence on the origination and development of Delta blues
DJam_Z I know I was leavin' but, wanted to share the Gourds with ya b/4 I boogied out of here...*wink*..I just found my new addiciton, Blippin'! lol
DJam_Z Okay, NOW I am outa here...laterz!
RadioRider Simple really: There's a big black horse and a cherry tree. @artyrn cool song, but what does it mean? (reblip)
KiddRock @AnnieLicious Around and Around Up and Down we go u gittin dizzy yet? ok @KiddRock I'll put down the wine to twist.. Pepermint Snapps anyone?? LOL (reblip)
RadioRider @NeedBlues2Live Thanks for giving us a lot of fun and happiness tonight. Peaceful sleep (wine induced) PL&R
DJam_Z Thanks @Northrunnercan :) Glad UR back playin' those ivory keys again! :) (reblip)
mtlb Possibly, likely, surely the ugliest cover of a song ever. Crispin Glover move over.
KiddRock (()"I'll be working on a pipeline in the morning")))
mtlb @evablue — It's the Black Keys with an organ. ;-p
sheryonstone I really like this guy ^_^ He is from LA California
DJam_Z Thanks @ sheryonstone --I really like this guy ^_^ and his style! (reblip)
Jeffie Aretha Franklin - "Think" (1968)
DJam_Z Ladies of my *blues* heart..>>thanks again @ sheryonstone _ Great selection! :) (reblip)
DJam_Z My fav fromt he John Butler Trio!! Hello!
organicsue Susan Tedeschi – You Got the Silver
DJam_Z GREAT song by Susan, thnx @ organicsue for Susan Tedeschi's – "You Got the Silver" :) (reblip)
mtlb After you listen to this track you will go to the kitchen like a zombie melt U're self into a pot full of rice crispy treats haha reblip=> @bendrix (reblip)
DJam_Z A cross between rock and blues..this young man has the sound of pure Texas..makes me wanna drive those backroads on the Southside of Heaven.
adbert [Susan Tedeschi – It Hurts Me Too] Indeed, @djblackwhite! Why Susan is not a Super-Superstar? She deserves the Top of the World.... I dunno. :-)
DJam_Z Get the "L" On the Road..off to zzzzzzzzzzland..nite.
DJam_Z Does anyone Zy-DE-cooooo?? EEEEEhIIIIIIIIII..
DJam_Z .. aims to recapture the feeling of soul & funk music as it was at its height in the late '60s -'70's.
DJam_Z Well, actually it's Monday Mornin'..:) . ..I just like this 'lil laid back tune..
DJam_Z G'nite all..thanks again for all the music, props & adds!..See ya next time 'round..stay tuned, and keep the music on!
DJam_Z Thanks @ sudaca70 @ELORD One of my fav Nick Drake tunes... (reblip)
DJam_Z Just passin' through, won't be stayin' long 2nite, but wanted to thank you all once again for the props, replies, and adds! I owe ya1 :) CU all soon.
RadioRider Different version of Seventh Son by a master. IMHO
DJam_Z @ TxJz says thanks @ RadioRider..OK CRANK IT ☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝ (reblip)
jeff There's something always good about coming home...
DJam_Z Today is your Lucky Day, and hopefully everyday! HaPpY St. PaTtYs DaY!!
DJam_Z Oh yeah, great song for tappin' yer toes..to start your morn' off with...:)
DJam_Z *clap* & *tap yer toes*....and then, *bop yer head this way & that*...;)
DJam_Z Hey @Northrunnercan >>> pinch & a poke 4 ya! lol ;)
DJam_Z Gonna be a good day for the backroads..
DJam_Z Cheek-2-Cheek with the blues..


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DJam_Z Thanks so much for the props and adds! I'ma outa here for a bit, Happy Irish Day..take a walk in the Irish Rain, and enjoy your day!
DJam_Z Hi all! Hope you enjoy Doyle as much as I do. A guitarist & vocalist in his band Smokestack, & is also the second guitarist in Eric Clapton's band.
Diordan opa taí um cabra que manja de guitarra!!! valeu pela aula @titoliveira! falou tudo Vc tá bem? (reblip)
ladypn Baby mine, don't you cry, baby mine, dry your eyes, rest your head close to my heart never to part...
toosweet4rnr [Greg Kihn Band - The Break Up Song] Gotta break for a bit. Be back later :)

Greg Khin Band - The Break Up Song.MP3

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aquaflush nice l'il cover - you gotta handle the classics with care, ya know
DJam_Z Okay, kickin' it up a notch..with Shuckin' Mama
DJam_Z ooooooooo-ooooooo-ooooooohhhh..
DJam_Z Radio song...traaa-laaaa-laaaa....
DJam_Z sssssssssuuuuuuuuuuwweeeeeeeeeettt song. aaaaaaaaahhhhhh...
DJam_Z Thank you @cdub - I'm a huge fan of Pieta's, and her dad Greg Brown.. (reblip)
DJam_Z this is probably one of my most favs of Greg Brown's...but, then I like all of his music.!


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DJam_Z Welcome and Thank you props & music @cdub, and thank you @mystwitchand for the props and music@Bluespanther@djwttw
DJam_Z fun song, iris is actually married to greg brown, step-mamma to Pieta..just a 'lil tidbit..lol


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DJam_Z Okay, Ima outa here for the nite folks! Thanks everyone for the RB's, RPLs, Props, all the great music and fun! CU all later, & keep the music playin'
DJam_Z just stoppin' by for a bit, and then out the door..
DJam_Z thanks y'all for the props & replies..:)
DJam_Z one more of the TRUCKERS for now..lol Welcome @Static
Static @TxJz -- Alright, I scanned your Blips of recent and I think I'm gonna listen to you for the remainder of the day. :D
truk77 Do a lot of things for the right girl.
De_Ann @djwttw >pretty RB for @DeAnn. all oop's for you. : ) mystwitch vi@stevetuf Hello to @ladypn @KiddRock @NeedBlues2Live @crispast @HuMBush @TxJz (reblip)

toad the wet sprocket - 1992 - all i want

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adbert [Opus – Live Is Life] "Nanananana!!! (All together now) Nanananana!!!"

OpusLive Is Life

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DJam_Z WOOO-HOOOO!! Played at Threadgill's 2nite 4 SXSW!! Oh yeah!! One more day left..:(..
DJam_Z Another band from SXSW

Bear HandsGolden

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DJam_Z nice smooth groove from Sam :)..
DJam_Z Happy Sweet Sunday, morn' Blippers :)
DJam_Z Enjoy your day, and thanks for all the great music plays today, and props, RPs & adds! :)


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DJam_Z Hello fellow blippers, & Welcome 2 my new listeners! TY 1 & all for your RP's, PROPS & Adds! Hope all has been well. Feeling like a "Hank" nite, so..
DJam_Z I like this one by Guy..Hank Said it best..and yep, I think so too..:)
DJam_Z The "hank" five...hey, hey, hey..
DJam_Z "Hank" Ballard...oh yeah!
DJam_Z Handsome "Hank"..smooth jazz blues..
TrainWreckRadio w/ the lovely Ruby Starr on backing vocals (RIP) Jim inspired both ROTH & DUPREE! (reblip)

Black OakJim Dandy

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ladypn Thanks again to @MaddMatt for finding this last week when I was SEARCHING in vain! ;) (reblip)

12 Chris Isaak - Cant Do A Thing [To Stop Me]

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DJam_Z Welcome @XmX & <<TY 4 Props >>@mrsf5@sheryonstone@takingclaireofbusiness@threebears@adbert@stena & Happy Blippin' Weekend 2 all ye happy blippers! :)
DJam_Z It's TGIF..Yeah! Feels like a GRAM PARSONS day...

Gram Parsons - Long Black Limousine

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steve earle my old friend the blues

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DJam_Z Alvin Lee...Candace sings it sooooo well..
DJam_Z @ Oldies - Jimmy Reed – 'Baby What You Want Me To Do'...is just fine!!! GREAT choice! :) (reblip)
hartleymanages @TxJz - you might like? let me know what you think. classic throwback country from a 21 year old singer/songwriter. this is obv a cover, but still...
DJam_Z oKaY..Ima outa here fer a bit...thanks for the props and all the great tunes this Friday afternoon..and have yerselves a wonderful weekend! :)
DJam_Z WLCM & Thank you, love this song and Caitlin's style & voice! GRREAT song! @ hartleymanages ( from a 21 year old singer/songwriter). (reblip)
hajoni Karen Dalton – Katie Cruel
Millroy @TxJz Highway Junkie - The Yahoos ( I like the guitar sound, like a little Fender Champ sound)
devobrain A really fun tune that's pretty much an ode to all that is awesome in rock...
DJam_Z Sending this out to my dear friend @Northrunnercan :)
DJam_Z See you later @CalMa, have a wonderful day and weekend! :)
serifenlos Boogaloo Joe Jones – Let It Be Me ...
louisianatravel @WandaLucia hey! thanks for the song. =) happy friday
DJam_Z A perfect night at the Blues on the Green in ATX with Carolyn and Shelley!

SHELLEY KING Summer Wine with Carolyn Wonderland and Guy Forsyth 7-29-09

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DJam_Z Such an Oh so sweet song, thanks Shelley!! :)
DJam_Z One of my favorites by Carolyn with Shelley...

Carolyn Wonderland and Shelley King: Bad Girl Blues @ Shady Grove 5-21-09

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Carolyn Wonderland "The Wind Cries Mary" 7/23/08

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guy forsyth-long long time

| play
DJam_Z Lovin' this "Guy", 'n thank you Mr. John Lee Hooker for this great tune! :)
DJam_Z Nice remake by Madeleine...and a great way to start the weekend.. :)
DJam_Z Just "a little bit" more of Madeleine Peyroux
DJam_Z Hi @lasarina and everyone..thanks for all the great tunes. Keep 'em playin'...cya soon...signin' off for now..HaPpY WeEkEnD!
DJam_Z A feel good song and vid...everyone sing along now..:)
DJam_Z Love these guys!! --->>> "The Band of Heathens with Nine Steps Down"
BestYet2B @javaholics: ""Alison Krauss & Union Station (R'Man) – New Favorite":@TxJz:@mtlb:" (reblip)
DJam_Z TY for the props, reblips! WELCOME NEW & fellow Blippers, it's been awhile since my last visit here in Blipland Have a GREAT BIG DAY of happy blippin'

Raul Malo & The Mavericks, Carl Perkins, "Matchbox"

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DJam_Z Hot Tuna's - "Let Us Get Together Right Down Here"
DJam_Z Tuna Roll ---> "Rock Me Baby" (live - audio only)
DJam_Z Oh, how sweet it is...."The Glory of Love".with Keb and Bonnie..
DJam_Z "This Is A Good Street" with Petty and Mudcrutch

Grayson Capps on the porch @ Hanty Branch Hill

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Ray Wylie Hubbard "Down Home Country Blues"

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DJam_Z One step, two two steps..

One StepJJ Cale

| play

JJ Cale Roll On

| play
DJam_Z Great version of a Carl Perkins' tune..☮*´¨`*•.¸!
DJam_Z Old and in the Way: Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Peter Rowan, John Kahn and Vassar Clements...ahhh, yes..
DJam_Z One for the road..'til the next time 'round..thanks for listenin'..*toodles*
DJam_Z Cactus Brothers formed in the late 80s as a spin-off from rock band Walk The West - nice song
thedigitalbee54 @Northrunnnercan: ""The 5th Dimension – Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In"" (reblip)
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