Bash It's not quite summer, but today's glorious rays have put me in the mood for this happy song :-)
lollydaskal transmission, submission, remission, revision, (reblip)
DaHilster Foals – Hummer - Not heard this, its on the US album (reblip)


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DaHilster Flashguns – Bells At Midnight
DaHilster Ride – Vapour Trail

RideVapour Trail

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tannyt @DaHilster. Like the last tune. Was looking to send you Ice-T's Reckless. Brilliant track guaranteed to get you body popping.

EPMDTrack 6

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DaHilster Nautilis – Rochesta


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lwsrc jetzt gehts ans nach hause radeln ...
DaHilster vi@tannyt gonna have to look these up, really like (reblip)
tannyt @DaHilster. WOW indeed! Another one, I suppose a bit more uplifting than the others :-). I got to get our turntable fixed.
QuicksandRangero Thanks @LarsErik - great acid track ...Chart topping - 20 years ago on this very day.-) (4th of April)... (reblip)
DaHilster Like it @Cod reminds me of Autechre (reblip)

HeatsinkCircuit 2

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DaHilster @Cod run out of props 4 u today so have a reblip instead (reblip)


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PauleeC Afternoon @tannyt. Anyone remember 'But I'm A Cheerleader'? Underrated.
DareToEatAPeach Thanks Best thing I've heard of PIL. vi@HappyInBag. Public Image Ltd. – Death Disco (reblip)
DaHilster @tannyt think they are great, not heard this version before, a new fave of mine
tannyt @DaHilster No more props for you either. Aint heard any of these for years. Bye!
PauleeC Never found this on here before! You making a cuppa is rare indeed @DaHilster!
ocicat_bengals First saw the video for this in Berlin, 1991
The_Kraken Have I said what a great album this is? I can't stop listening to it (apart from when I'm blipping)
The_Kraken @28apple_chic. Nice one, great line up for End of the Road this year
threebears dedicated to everyone who has a birthday ... everyone who thinks time flies by like fluffy clouds ... and to you.
DaHilster vi@mistersaxon While we are finding awesome covers . . . Walk On By, baby. (reblip)
Apple_chic Sad things are not working :( here is some lamb
Apple_chic it says too hard, but it's actually kind of pretty cute. goodbye @askyourfather @DaHilster
philkirby sounds like my kinda breakfast you're having @avivamagnolia; but couldn't make a habit of it.
Plastic great song title. Blixa Bargeld is more deranged than Cave
The_Kraken @DaHilster I feel powerful and energized after a weekend of sun and fun (fsun) and some strong coffee, how about you?
Cod @DaHilster @28apple_chic Morning thee and thee. What a miserable day. Deserves another JCC rant...evidently.
doubledrat The Pink Mountaintops – Rock n Roll Fantasy
DaHilster @tannyt you may have heard or like (one for later)

coachwhips-Dancefloor, Bathroom

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a_ride gotta play it like once a day. it's that good
Ono1969 Wednesday it's Koninginnenacht (Queen night) in NL and AC Slater will be spinning in my hometown. Hoping to be there...
tannyt Time for a few more. Slowing it down .....just a bit
tannyt Getting slower.........
PauleeC Afternoon all. This tune comes vi@thebuffalohoof and I think you will find is rather fine indeed... (reblip)

I Am KlootProof

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PauleeC Lessons Learned today? No point trying to teach dogs card tricks.
Apple_chic Bracken - often found on the edge of the wood.

BrackenMany Horses

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DareToEatAPeach @NyQuilDriver I <3 EEs. They can fix everything. Since you got mad skills there's a job out there for you somewhere. (reblip)
PauleeC @whistlin_indie is on fire! not literally. that I know of. (reblip)

Coyote EyesClumsy

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threebears reblipping @thrak ^_^ thanks sweetie! couldn't decide which of your blips to rb, this or Rabih Abou-Khalil's Bllue Camel. (reblip)
DaHilster New Fast Automatic Daffodils


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DJSativa @CargoCulte.....Mauhi Wowi...*cough* Pepper – Cali Love Song (reblip)
Apple_chic Hey @Cod. Long weekend = satisfaction :)
jtabz Thanks for my thousandth prop, @DaHilster ...!
DaHilster @jtabz it has been and continues to be a pleasure
sandyriverside this song is from all those car commercials.


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CargoCulte You can look, but touching is going to cost you something...

16 - Scratch Massive - Girls On Top Break Version

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Atomik <--- dreaming of a new Metro Area album...
Stay19 permanent blue for you..<><>


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a_ride so glad this is on here. "song #1 is not a fuck you song"

FugaziSong No. 1

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The Kaisers - Hipshake Shimmy Kitten

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DaHilster @tannyt - you are a football widow, I was gonna watch with @PauleeC but taken day off work :-)
QuicksandRangero Hi @ all of you, my fellow blippers & friends
jojofm Get Free! reblip @tubilino thanks for all your 10,000 blips, thankfully you are free :) (reblip)

The VinesGet Free

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jtabz (I can't say enough awesome stuff about this song. So I'm not even gonna try.)
shoplifterslocal415 rb haven't heard this in ages...thanks @doubledrat Stereolab – Three Women (reblip)

the loves - shell break your heart

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Stay19 Caroline – All I Need (Owen Vallis Mix)<><>Chillcity Groove. vi@JaseyRae Nice! (reblip)
a_ride this song is so GOOD DAMMIT

No AgeTeen Creeps

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PauleeC Definately my fave Frightened Rabbit song (at the moment). vi@whistlin_indie (see for cool interview with FR) (reblip)
Cod Happy "fish and chip Friday" as we say round here.. @The_Kraken @purplesime @DaHilster @crisrocs @HerrKirsch @eliot_is_dead
sandyriverside Anyone play this game yet? It's really fun if you have a wacom, fun nonetheless really.
TheMostReverendJim been a while . . . hope this finds all of you well
melodyofurlife I heard this one last night. Had to Blip it today

Ben KwellerMagic

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DaHilster @tannyt i fine, just making a bean stew and waitin for Liv to get home from library. saw pics of new un on facebook, cute
The_Kraken Imeem [song title] #boycottimeem No blips from me this Friday in protest at Imeem, please join in.
sandyriverside @sandra__ thanks! I forgot to mention I am a fan of yours as well! (reblip)
tannyt @DaHilster Hello! Tell Liv I've almost finished my application. YYYYYiiiiiiipppppeee! Did you win at footie?
CargoCulte Greetings my fellow Blippers!
redredbeard It's been a while since I blipped this un.
Atomik good night @reskyy / @GR8FL just getting up and getting through the week only Tuesday and ready for some time off. Doing great though, thanks. You?


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ElizaHerp THIS is why vids R good! Not on here b4. Have the vinyl but no turntable anymo. Keep trying to win it on ebay but crazy effs paying $60
purplesime Kap Bambino. Noisy noise but delicious all the same.
The_Kraken What a marvellous bird is the Pelican, whose beak can hold more than its belly can

MenomenaThe Pelican

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tannyt This has got me dancin (sort of) in me sick bed :-)

White Flight "Now"

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tannyt @DaHilster That last one was mucho hilarious indeed! This video footage is rather painful. Try to avoid.

Ice T-Reckless

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Faunts "Feel.Love.Thinking.Of." music video

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CreepyGirl Wanna be Josh's plec so bad...

Desert Sessions : In My Head.......Or Something

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threebears @jilliansaint let me know the four letter outcome of your inquiries. Off to do actual (4 letter) *work*. (♡genuine 100%pure blip - contains no imeem)

A Mountain For President

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doubledrat Flying Saucer Attack – Crystal Shade hey @jennyleepenny ...just popping in for a quick snack...
aoibhneas One of my favorite songs at the moment - cambodian pop fused with psychedelic california rock
toobad i need your grace

LowLaser Beam

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The_Kraken g'ning @DaHilster @CreepyGirl @chiron08 @star45 @avivamagnolia @absco @28apple_chic Always nice to have some incoherent shouting on a Fri. morn.


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Obi_Sean just walked past a funeral. causing a traffic jam..all the morners dressed in in there cars.reminded me of this tune
aoibhneas Parisean wine bar groove............................
sandyriverside I am so sick of this rain. It's a feelings day.
sandyriverside I would really enjoy it if my day sounded more like this.
sandyriverside @sandra__ It's been crappy all week. I am so jealous of you! NYC has held the sun for ransom. @DaHilster haha oddly enough that song cheered me up.
CreepyGirl Dedicated to @The_Kraken @DaHilster @CrowTRobot @shanti45 @thetruckert @everythingispop and especially Servo for your utter lack of douche baggery.


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ishibutsu @Maigo こんばんワー (reblip)

KIMI HA DARENANDA / Tokedashita Garasubako (Music Only)

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Star Wars Music Video : Aphex Twin

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robotnik three apples a day keeps the doctor away

"CATHOLICKED" by dum dum girls

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anonymous_ best track ever, i have to blip and blip it again, and the video is the ANSWER !

Dj Rolando | Knights Of The Jaguar

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juliesan This chorus gets lodged in my brain.
CreepyGirl @indiefriendly yeah blip-jokes are pretty risky - it's such a whatever-bakes-your-cake environment. This is actually my second choice.
DaHilster Hi @ElizaHerp more like some crap school disco ting. how are you by the ways?

Glass CandyBeatific

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anjuscha @tranceatlantico ☼ day? yes pleeeeeeaaaaase! :) (reblip)


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The_Kraken RB vi@DiligentRadio605: ooo, ta. @28apple_chic, no plans other than world domination and an end to violence once and for all, I'll be done by Sun (reblip)
Atomik doing well @Erwin1974, im up quite early, but Im used to that. Now I just have to make it all the way through the day
jtabz ...and good to see you, @DaHilster! Hope you've had a great week.


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DaHilster Hi @CreepyGirl hit and run today gotta go catch you later
anjuscha ja, irgendwie verlockend. aber mitten in der woche.... vielleicht belasse ich es einfach bei dem mythos ;) @steno: "HEUTE: Paul Kalkbrenner" (reblip)

COWS 'Hitting The Wall'

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robotnik well, I hope he don't need me (sure it's a he?)

Chug-A-Lug The Rantouls

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redredbeard Excellent Beatles-esque Indonesian indie band to confound your hipster friends with. ;) @Arth @nofrills@mammara @Corts @FifiDingDang @SevenTenths
robotnik I quit early today, so I'll be out in the sun... hey @TomServo!
Atomik hi @fredrikjonasson and thanks for the heads up @zomebiFredrik" (reblip)


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spinnisdisco Wow this tune is as Disco as it gets. Wooooo I feel love!
DaHilster I feel really old :-(

Marmion Schöneberg

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Mustafa Ozkent -Burcak

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Detroit Grand Pubahs - Thanks For Coming

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Hypnotica secede – memory table pt2. Stunning
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