Imogen Heap Good night and go

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DaddyDavis Ah yah, Babooshka, ya ya.
paeix hey @gridlockd ...thanks for this -- just what I wanted to hear... (reblip)
DaddyDavis Transcendent.

Björk Pagan poetry

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DaddyDavis I love having a Prudence in my life. : )
melodyofurlife Thanks Prince, (and uploader its Chaka Khan)
DaddyDavis The most sampled of all time?
gigia OI @paeix... como vai o seu tradutor eletronico, menino bonito e lindo? HAHHAHHAHAHHAHA how are you,, dude??
gigia so digo uma coisa: nao sinto a menor saudade da adolecencia... honestamente??? tipow a minha ainda nao acabou!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA so fiquei mais poderosa
gigia ai ai ai ai ai ia ai ai ai
DaddyDavis How the F did I miss all these Garbage songs?
DaddyDavis Is it just me or does she sound precisely like Fiona Apple. NO disrespect to either. I like both.


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ZachsMind Well, tomorrow's a brand new day and I have to be up waaaay too early. (reblip)
melodyofurlife @Dj_Photo Great Pic. I <3 the xmas ale! You local to the CLE?
DaddyDavis Woooo, a Garbage song I didn't know.
briangreene I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down ~ Elvis Costello - released & pulled from the 2 Tone label.
clarkowitz Just wanna acknowledge my first six months on Blip. Circa June 20th, 2008. Thanks to all the awesome Blipsters who hang in there. Much appreciation!:)
DaddyDavis The greatest band u never heard of.
DaddyDavis Bjorkish, a bit. But very original.
DaddyDavis THe feeling you get when you wake up with sunshine on your face.
DaddyDavis So fun. Makes me wants ta danse.
ZachsMind I have many more reblips and haven't even looked in the mail tonight. Guess I should save it for later. It's getting late. Good night fellow blippers! (reblip)
gigia compulsivamente


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DaddyDavis I never ever get tired of this song.
ZachsMind I think I saw this band live once. I mean I went there & The Pogues were playing, but there was also much beer.. I don't actually remember the show. (reblip)
ZachsMind ...I got nuthin'. in peace, dude. (reblip)
ZachsMind ...Does Eastman Kodak still exist? Never thought I'd see this day! Okay youngsters? Before digital photography, there were things called CAMERAS.. (reblip)
ZachsMind Stewart Copeland's percussion was always off the chart exceptional, but in this track especially you can really hear his amazing talent shine thru. (reblip)
DaddyDavis I never meant to do you harm.
DaddyDavis This song really feels like Friday night. How do they do that?
DaddyDavis Wow, nice segway I say to myself. These two songs fit together deliciously
rhino Amy smoked all my weed man
leinergroove This is a gem! instrumental, that piano, wow!
oceanika i just want to BE bjork sometimes...
morriganfae My Moon, My Man...My Favorite Feist Song ;)
russoz @quakkaz LMAO!!!! You silly son of an English knnnnnnniggit!!! (reblip)
DaddyDavis this is the album version, much better
DaddyDavis ahahaha ah ah ah ah ah, the drums the drums the drums.
DaddyDavis The more I listen, the more I like.
DaddyDavis Makes me want a pina colada.
DaddyDavis Very creeping beat, heroin rockabillyish.
DaddyDavis erg, sometimes Blip gets confused. This is the one.
DaddyDavis OMG, I've been looking for this for SO LONG. The Brazilian cover of Kraftwerk's The Robots. Oh fabuloso!

SeThe Robots

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paeix from@Anacros thanks! /// Hey @gabasanch... Glad you girls had fun on Friday night... I wish teleporters would be invented soon. I could join you! (reblip)
paeix to shove my ass out of the chair and do some work. See you all soon...
binaria "I’m a gallery of broken hearts. I’m beyond repair, let me be and give me back my broken parts"
binaria "I cant see further than my own nose at the moment"
binaria "try to understand that I'm trying to make a move just to stay in the game"
binaria "... if I'm acting so distracted I'm thinking about the fireworks that go off when you smile"
DaddyDavis today is Lily Allen day. IDKW it just is.
DaddyDavis Start nodding your head. . .
DaddyDavis her future looked bright.

Lily Allen22

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DaddyDavis Vocal gymnastics done here.
gigia @titoliveira HAHAAHAHAHHAHAHA meu gato, vc é hilario, sabia??? (reblip)
ZachsMind "Hey Chelle, I know it's kinda funny. Texas always seemed so big..." (reblip)

The Timelords_KLF - Doctorin’ The Tardis (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #8)

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DaddyDavis This is PRince at the height of his powers. 20 yeerz latr still fresh and interesting. Still groundbreaking.
DaddyDavis Still sparkles after 20 years.


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DaddyDavis mmmmm. Seems to spontaneously generate from your limbic system.
DaddyDavis This will take you to 13 century England, guaranteed. You decide if you want to come back
DaddyDavis I like to wear sheep's clothing.
DaddyDavis Odd that this became an informal theme song for Wall Street. Wonder what that would be now, a New Orleans funeral march?
VikingKvinna I know it's not from the Sinead song @hotnote; hoping someone here would know what that line *is* from. Google gives me nothing!
DaddyDavis He's just so brilliant. Fuses Classical piano into Jazz like no one else.
gigia via@klitoria via@bendrix:... you both are very welcome!!! nice blip!!! (reblip)
gigia =)  hello @diehard!! I'm fine.. just trying hard to dieeasy. (sorry) ahhahahhahahahahha


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gigia via@avivamagnolia: "Rosalia de Souza | Brazilian Groove | Moita, Maria // Thanks@steno: @santamistura @gigia" (reblip)
gigia oi @Crismf!! que bom ter ver por aqui fora do seu turno hahahhhaahahah
VikingKvinna @VikingKvinna: "It's Friday, there's wine. Must have this song." @DaddyDavis (reblip)
DaddyDavis I love this version almost more than the released version. The backup track makes me think of theme from "Perry Mason" .
hyperory GREAT COVER of my favorite beatles song EVARRRRRR!!!!
gigia meu pai!!! desopila a crianca que ta fueda
gigia @ianthomaz: "shuffle #ON ! " hahahahahhah reblip mode [ON] (reblip)
gigia @zeoffline: "like this one. fast singing and clever lyrics." (reblip)
DaddyDavis Okay this is fresh immi.

Imogen HeapCanvas

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DaddyDavis IDK, too tired to be quippy.
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