PROUD To Be An American 9/11

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It don't hurt anymore

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Dancer12 I can only imagine, and I have a Big imagination!Let your heart wrap around this!!
Dancer12 One of my favorites! Brings me back to center balance when I tend to wander too far in one direction or another!!
Dancer12 My Army daughter and Air Force son light up my life!! And my 3rd, the DJ in the jiggle joints, lights up sometime...guess he's a blinking light!!


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Dancer12 My MrBill made any lady look beautiful with this waltz! He was a great leader!! Learn to dance, guys...there's 60 ladies to 20 guys!
Dancer12 This became 'our song', nice silver foxtrot.
Dancer12 How wonderful! Hadn't thot of this in 99 yrs! Thank you! @AUDIOLESIblog: "@spitje: "Bing Crosby – Swinging on a star"" (reblip)
gpharley @williamfdevault: "With respects, Peter and Gordon's biggest hit (and it has a great backstory to it)..."" Written by John and Paul I believe! (reblip)
Jeffie Savage Garden - "I Knew I Loved You" ...before I met you; I think I dreamed you into life...
Dancer12 @backtoback: "@FreakinFrog thanks for the props I new it was too good to be true..." (reblip)

Jimmy Clanton's "Just a Dream"

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The Four J's "Here Am I Broken Hearted"

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Dancer12 @backtoback the dance floor is calling me back, so good for body and soul! Thank you!!Move over, 'Dancing With the Stars'! (reblip)

The Mamas & The Papas: California Dreamin'

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Dancer12 Oldie but still so good! loved his voice..check out the video...Still makes Happy feet!!
Dancer12 Hi & thank you. Like this song alot, sends me dreaming..@StreamingMimi: "The Chiffons – Sweet Talkin' Guy" (reblip)
Dancer12 Blip says I've propped you enough today! So, a big Thank You and a hug til tomorrow! @StreamingMimi: "Jack Scott - What In the World's Come Over You " (reblip)

Jack Scott "What In the World's Come Over You"

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Jeffie Free Movement - "I've Found Someone Of My Own" (1971) ..She said, "I found somebody new to take your place." I said, "Don't feel so all alone -..."
texman2 Beach Boys - Do You Wanna Dance
Dancer12 Back from Blood Bank and it's pouring outside, so I'll play DJ again..hi to all!


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"Blame It On Your Lyin' Cheatin' Heart" Patty Loveless

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Dancer12 Count your blessings instead of sheep

Jo Stafford--You belong to me

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Dancer12 If you see my darling with somebody new, Keep it a secret from me(they might have done it like that in the 50s, today I'd shoot him or call Lorena!


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Dancer12 Let's mambo! All dancers on the floor...
SgtMac Sawyer Brown - "Thank God For You"

Sawyer Brown Thank God for You

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Dancer12 @SgtMac for 'As Good As I Once Was', @backtoback for 'Special Lady".You're good enough to stay up for...5 mins. Thanks, smiles & hugs!!! (reblip)

When You're Hot You're Hot Jerry Reed

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SgtMac Sawyer Brown - "Six Days On The Road"

Sawyer Brown Six Days On The Road With Lyrics

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Dancer12 to all the wonderful Blippin hearts & souls, hate to leave U, must head for my pillow & fuzzy tomorrow. Mark me absent 7am-6pm!
SgtMac Toby Keith - "As Good As I Once Was"
SgtMac Gene Watson - "Sometimes I get Lucky And Forget"

janis joplin me and bobby mc gee

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Dancer12 @snappy_papy,@busylizzie,@backtoback, thanks for props, and fun..Smiles & Hugs!

Donna Fargo- "Before The Next Teardrop Falls"

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Gipsy Kings Rumba Tech

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Dancer12 @nicklove01,@JoseBorges,@Awannabeangel,@beautifulwreck2 Thanks for the props!! smiles & hugs til this afternoon, I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go!

Ernest Tubb-Walking the floor over you.

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Dancer12 We were young and sure to have our way! We thot they'd never end!
Dancer12 Love this, right on with the quote! @compere: ""It's not a lack of love but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages." -Friedrich Nietzsche " (reblip)
Dancer12 Simply because you're near me...........


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Maybe Baby by The Crickets

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Merle Haggard & Tammy Wynette "Today I Started lovin' You Ag

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S75_BigBandEraRadio "Opry Land" -HEE HAW- Hank Locklin - Let Me Be the One
Dancer12 You don't stop dancing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop dancing! Up and at 'em!!

Ray Price You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

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Dancer12 Be sure it's true when you say I love you 'cause...
Dancer12 And if you tweet on Twitter, there I'm Dancer 30815!
Dancer12 Remember, you don't stop dancing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop dancing!! Last one til aft, somebody's gotta work areound here! (reblip)
Dancer12 I've fallen in love with all the blippin' are so much fun..I take you to work (in my head) and dance/sing ! Keep on blippin;!!
S75_BigBandEraRadio "Opry Land" -HEE HAW- Lefty Frizzell - I Love You a Thousand Ways
Dancer12 I'd forgotten Webb! Thanks! Hugs, smiles,props! @S75: ""Opry Land" -HEE HAW- Webb Pierce - Love, Love, Love" (reblip)
BITT59 Everybody is goin out, and havin fun, I'm a fool for staying home, "Oh Lonesome Me" - Neil Young
S75_BigBandEraRadio "Opry Land" -HEE HAW- Eddy Arnold - I Want to Go With You
Dancer12 You gotta get on the dance floor..this is like sex with your clothes on,a slow, beautiful tribute to Love!
Dancer12 early in the morning, middle of the afternoon, late in the evening...that's when I think about you
Dancer12 c;mon, back to the dance floor!


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Dancer12 Can't help it, stuck in my head! Do you tweet on Twitter? I tweet on Twitter as Dancer 30815...Tweet me nice!
Dancer12 @backtoback,@StreaMimgmimi.@matriax,@flinndc,@Lynnlee,@BITT59,@busylizzie Thanks going to you plus Hugs & Smiles! (reblip)
Dancer12 Easy to do in Cyberworld! Love the song, I'll keep it for my list!! Damn , you pick good music!! Dance to it too? (reblip)
Dancer12 A nickel?? see some of you are awake!" (reblip)

(Put Another Nickel In) Music! Music! Music! by Teresa Brewer

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Dancer12 can;t help it, this is stuck in my head! Do you tweet on Twittter? I am Dancer 30815 on Twitter..tweet me nice!
Dancer12 she's my sunshine lady
SgtMac @toosweet4rnr: "[Tony Orlando & Dawn - Knock Three Times]"I have not heard this in a long time! (reblip)

Tony Orlando & Dawn sing Knock Three Times

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Dancer12 Good Morning Blipper World! Brand new 1440 minutes to send as we choose, Wow..what if it was $$!!
memphismike1971 Elvis Presley – Ready, ready, ready *these people had no clue what hit them w/Elvis* #deathweek2009
Dancer12 Lived it! And yes, and yes , but still like the music. @Kspez: "Anybody remember this one? Anyone want to forget it? :)" (reblip)
Dancer12 I have found my world in eyes adore you

Engelbert Humperdinck sings with Tom Jones Part 2 (1970)

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Barbara Mason-Yes I'm Ready

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messinwiththekid Thanks @zantha very cool version of one of my favorite songs before.. Mel really could sing almost anything. :) (reblip)
Dancer12 @AtheDJ,@ikgal,@lord2k 10,@Kspez,@backtoback. 2-11 Pbx , deli-making your subs, frying chkn-wish garden!! TY,Hugs "you were mine for just awhile..." (reblip)

Charlie Walker ~ Pick Me Up Oon Your Way Down

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midnightbeadery @texman2: " thanks - lol @StreamingMimi: "Bruce Channel – Hey! Baby"" (reblip)
ricorocker ricorocker@AngelDove1 Johnny Rivers???Johnny Rivers??? you gotta be kiddin' me - nobody listens to him anymore! Right back at ya!!!!

Sam Cooke-They Call The Wind Mariah

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Whatever Lola Wants (Sarah Vaughan Cover)

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bilbo27 getting ready for weekend song :-) rb @lord2k10: "@Earwen13: "Hit the road Jack...!!!"" (reblip)

Hit the road Jack!

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SaucySammy David Cassidy <<I Think I Love You>> ...David, you Hunka-Man-U!

Please Mr Postman- The Carpenters (1975)

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KristaDarling Popular music of 1940; Number 19-- Number 18 was "Where Was I? by Charlie Barnet but, its nowhere to be found.
Dancer12 @Awannabeangel "♫ ♫♥Bliss – Kissing♫♥ (Lyrics) (HQ Video)♫♥ What a beautiful video, mesmerizing! Beautiful song!!♫" (reblip)
Dancer12 @Kohmahts: Love this, my Mr. Bill and I swayed many dances over 16 yrs..still moves my heart ! Thanks, Hugs, Smiles..thru tears...Healing, I guess! (reblip)

Neil Diamond September morning

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BITT59 As always, my first blip of every day.... here is Freddy Fender – "Before the Next Teardrop Falls"
Dancer12 @BITT59 TKS 4 props/rb's A little bit crazy is good..allows a greater latitude for behavior! Lets me wear green hair on St Pats day, everywhere I go (reblip)
alexsolo9 "don't be blinded by the power of green..."
Dancer12 @MusicWithMsB: "One of my new favorite oldies. Great old Buddy Holly. Love it. Been missing all the music (reblip)
Dancer12 The deli bounced songs around all day..some of us tried to raise our voice like Slim could..Awful.! But I still like to hear him sing!

Slim Whitman "Rose Marie"

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Luther Van Dross-Dance With My Father Again

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AnitaBreakSoon Michael McDonald Series ... ya'll know I'm pissed when I start to play these tunes..LOL, darn connection

Cowgirls Don't Cry-Brooks n Dunn

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redskyy @MrsASoprano:"WTF??@NikkiPixel"Eww smells like BigFoot's d*ck!@ChadThomas:"reminds me of sex panther cologne! Dude!How did I miss this one?EXCELLENT!" (reblip)

Afternoon Delight Anchorman

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cpcdiniz @victomlinson: "All right, let's rock to Chuck Berry with "Johnny B. Goode"!" (reblip)
Jeffie Dinah Washington - "What A Diff'rence A Day Makes" (summer, 1959 - 50 years ago right now)
texman2 ONJ - I Love You - thks for the music, especially @StreamingMimi , 1st DJ I followed-lucky me, and all the rest of you too !

Olivia: I honestly love you

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i wanna dance with somebody whitney Houston

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Dancer12 @elinejv: "Enjoy it and.. congratulations! @LisaWorld: "My oh my, what a wonderful day! @elinejv "" (reblip)


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Dancer12 @Siberia,@Streamimgmimi TY! Thanks for the 100, listeners, yes, years a few to go..not that many tho! Gram to some, mom to all!! (reblip)
LadyB74 Stevie Wonder goes Cha-Cha-Cha...where's my dance partner?

We'll Sing In The Sunshine- Gale Garnett- 1964

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Fiona Apple performs "Tonight, You Belong To Me"

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digitpt Roger Glover And The Butterfly Ball – Love is All - saying goodbye with great animation clip... bye bye blippers
Serendipityone tap, tap, tap! LOL @CathyCdesigns: "this has to get your feet tapping, " (reblip)

Your Mama don't Dance by Loggins and Messina

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BubblesToGo I have to say this song makes me laugh...
Dancer12 @StreamingMimi: "Okay, you got my attention with this one. @BklynDooWopper: "Roy Orbison - "What Now, My Love" ~ with Roy's touch"" (reblip)

Roy Orbison "What Now, My Love"

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Dancer12 @BubblesToGo: "I can't think of a nicer song to end the evening with. God Bless you and may you have sweet dreams and happy days ahead of you. " (reblip)
Dancer12 Ditto,cept I'm OOPs 4 U 2! I've been here 2 long, OOPs 4 many!@BubblesToGo: "RB@Awannabeangel-Props to you for this song! " (reblip)
KiddRock Yes, HELLO my long lost FRIEND! Been missing you...<3 @BarbieRay: "Holy Toledo Ohio!! Do I see my ol' buddy Fred out there?!?! @KiddRock" (reblip)
compere What's it all about?! (reblip)

American Soldier by Toby Keith

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scotlandlover excellent way to start the day! Good Morning!!! rb @PaulCwalina: "Seriously..." (reblip)
Kspez This is for my buddy Sean

Hitch DanceAlbert

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Dancer12 @snappy_papy: "but at the end of the day, @backtoback 'it doesn't matter anymore'. " (reblip)

Buddy Holly-It Doesn't Matter Anymore

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S75_BigBandEraRadio "Opry Land" -HEE HAW- Eddy Arnold - Texarkana Baby


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Buck Owens - Close Up The Honky Tonks

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S75_BigBandEraRadio "Opry Land" -HEE HAW- Gene Autry - San Antonio Rose

John Travolta & Olivia Newton John-We Go Together

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Dancer12 Ditto 4 me! Hugs&Smiles.. 1 cup says just when the caterpillar thot the world was over, it became a butterfly@StreamingMimi: "I love this song (reblip)

Elusive Butterfly

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ukgal @sweetlilmzmia: "Otis Redding – I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)" (reblip)
Awannabeangel RB @VenusFly ♫ Fleetwood Mac – Don't Stop (LP Version (reblip)

Jim Croce Bad bad Leroy Brown live

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Dancer12 @LadyB74: "Joe Cocker\Jennifer Warnes - Up Where We Belong" (reblip)


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333ccd333 @GrahamJoy @pheebs2000: "Late at night I toss and turn and dream of what I need" - Hijack away @TheCode - Tks 4 the reply @maryushka@MusicIsMySoul (reblip)
cpcdiniz @fluffyboots: "This is great! I'm blipping total CHEESEY TUNES as I work" (reblip)
Maroba Beautiful song Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban – In The Arms Of The Angel
Annimallover @Doylex the song that SHOULD change the world~ I think someone new needs to do a cover....
Dancer12 @Annimallover: "I used to blip it about once a week!RB@gotlongview: "Thnx for this! Had tried looking for it, Cool tune.@Awannabeangel"" (reblip)
Annimallover This is for Craig Ferguson~who has reminded me that being an American is a privlege & something I should be thankful for! Coming to America,N. Diamond
MusicIsMySoul3 I can relate David - I was having SUCH a good dream! gm 2 my friends @lilkit@manlyman & @davidf: ty2 @DeAnn@vanbytheriver@TheLenzyme: have a gr8 Sat!

Skyliners Since I Don't Have You

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Roxette- Listen to your heart -first video

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DaveDoyle Terence trent d'arby-Sign your name...many thanks rb@ladyboru (reblip)

Terence trent d'arby-Sign your name

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S75_BigBandEraRadio "Opry Land" -HEE HAW- Reba McEntire - When You Love Someone Like That
cpcdiniz @pussygaloria007: "For bf - Every once in a while when I feel evil, I like to sing this to my bf...His pleading to stop and face priceless Haha" (reblip)

The Hooters-And We Danced

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gpharley @T_DeBarros: "Solomon Burke. Cant Nobody Luv U. ~cant nobody luv u like i'm luvin u baby..cuz they dont know how 2 luv u like i do..~" (reblip)
backtoback @CastlesideCat moring cat hope your Sunday is a great one
cpcdiniz @CPCDINIZ: "@bilda: "love this song! rb@CPCDINIZ""vamos ao domingo !!! (reblip)

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

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MusicWithMsB @ambit...I'm ok and you? Thanks for asking. Still wishing I could let Elvis be my "Teddy Bear"
ID1611 Mickey Gilley – There's No One Like You
Dancer12 Wish I knew what it says,but lets dance!! "@CPCDINIZ: "@creativeness: "thanks for listening. I've been hearin' your egg blip for a while.""" (reblip)

Raul Seixas Eu também vou reclamar

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I'M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY (1949) by Hank Williams

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Tropicsz4 Classic :) @flinndc: "LOVE this song! My baby done wrote me a letter ... @busylizzy: "The Box Tops – The Letter"" (reblip)
zakksama Surprise!! It's SteelHeart Coffee!!

Steelheart- Never Let You Go(Angel Eyes)

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Tropicsz4 Eagles – Get Over It Sell off dow down -185
scotlandlover :-) rb @1980s: ""Open up your loving arms, I want some, want some!" ♫" (reblip)
Dancer12 OOPs 4 U, so I'll RB!TYs for this!!@Hobbit1206@BohilianSunshine@GinaDunk@azandiaMJBB@EnterChaos@Awannabeangel. TYa, Hugs&Smiles 4 All that!! (reblip)
KristyRNinAZ Freakin' outRAGEOUS pump it up 4 #MilitaryMon (via @flinndc) Thank you! ~Gene Simmons ♫ Military Tribute ♥ (reblip)

Gene Simmons Military Tribute

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KristyRNinAZ R @Kohmahts: Please Remember - 4 R US #Military; soldiers of R Allies,Canada, UK & fam members." #MilitaryMon (reblip)
KristyRNinAZ HA! Take a nap! @vulcanrider: tired.. up at 315 am.. jazzys workin me to death!!@SpinninSara: ~~REO Speedwagon – Can't Fight This Feeling ~ (reblip)
flinndc yes, yes it does @MrsASoprano: "Does it make you think of a special someone? @flinndc: "this IS my favorite song of ALL time bar none MrsASoprano: (reblip)

April Wine-Just between you and me

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SgtMac Billy Ray Cyrus - "Some Gave All" Dedicated To those who gave all for our liberties & freedoms!
Atomik good morning @hotnote: "Is it too early?? Don't think so..... @mushka. What u think @ICEGIRL152? U @Atomik?" - never too early or late... (reblip)

Bad Company Feel Like Makin Love ( Best Copy )

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SgtMac The Eagles - "The Last Resort"

Merle Haggard & Tammy Wynette "Today I Started lovin' You Ag

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LynnSunshine @Jimmylad: "Amazing This has been in my head all day today! rb via@Edainsmom: "one of my fave songs! @jet333: "George Harrison - (reblip)

George Harrison-Got my mind set on you

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DaveDoyle ISLEY BROTHERS - I guess i'll always love you

ISLEY BROTHERS-i guess i'll always love you-1966

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Tropicsz4 Ye, Happy Tuesday, I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor@shortygal: "Hey DJ's - hope your day is going well :)" (reblip)
scotlandlover sir, u are spinning great tunes today! tks rb @D_Doyle: "Stevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours" (reblip)

Stevie Wonder- Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours

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sybil let's enjoy together!@musicRmemories (reblip)

waldeck make my day

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Terri Clark - You're easy on the eyes(1)

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giesebrecht Nett, nicht wahr? :)) @frau_one: "@giesebrecht Mein Gott, ist das ein schöner Song..... Wow. THX :)" (reblip)

Love of My Life

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sweetlilmZmia RT @smdpi: Elvis Presley_ an american trilogy (reblip)

Elvis Presley_ an american trilogy

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Junchai I love tango as a sexy dance! Hm..Whom would want to dance with me? @PavlovsStepson @Feuervogel@giesebrecht @Feuervogel @frau_one (reblip)
frankenstrat Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons – December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)
KimmieTex ♥Dierks Bentley~Sweet and Wild♥

♥Dierks Bentley~Sweet and Wild♥

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Dancer12 Must IOU 40TYs.while out 2 dinner! What a beautiful,sexy rhumba dance..Good as sex with your clothes on!! Rhumba anyone???@MarvelousMabe: (reblip)
Dancer12 @shiner: "@Komori well this changes the pace of my page@LexiePixie"Hi @GR8FL....Is a pity I have to go to sleep in a while it's always nice to see you (reblip)

Amazons And Coyotes- The Dreamlovers 1963 Swan

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ukgal AMAZING Version thanks @busylizzy: ""Anyone Who Had A Heart" – Wynonna & Burt Bacharach (LIVE) HQ" (reblip)
StevenZimm @Rella: "@StevenZimm: "rb @Rella: "got my eyes angel eyes..on ya !"" r u?" .. great how r u? (reblip)

Jeff healey band " angel eyes " live uktv 1989

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Put Your Head On My Shoulder

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Dancer12 @snappy_papy: "It was short and sweet tonight. Thx for listening." (reblip)

Reach Out I'll Be There The Four Tops 1966

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ukgal I can reblip your music all night thanks @BJAZZAY (reblip)
ukgal Have you heard Linda Jones version? Amazing...thks @BJAZZAY: "The Iceman" Jerry Butler – For Your Precious Love (reblip)
ocdchick And then he said, "Does that sound sleazy?" (reblip)

Lenny Kravitz "Can't Get You Out Of My Mind"

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Dancer12 @klynnDemar: "@SPNGroupie c'mon girl...let's get low" (reblip)


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scotlandlover rb @Jeffie: "Lobo - "I'd Love You To Want Me" (original hit autumn, 1972) - When I saw you standing there, I 'bout fell out my chair..." (reblip)
scotlandlover ticklish? @PazzoRagazzo: "Just don't use a feather, okay? RB luv --> @scotlandlover (reblip)
KristaDarling The 200 Greatest Songs of the 1960s via pitchfork- #18

Then He Kissed Me-The Crystals

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midnightbeadery @acanuckfan: "~ ρяσρ тниχ 2@whiskeyrose7 @MusicWithMsB @midnightbeadery & ωєℓ¢σмє иєω ℓιѕтєи'я @pike360 ◈" (reblip)
KristaDarling The 200 Greatest Songs of the 1960s via pitchfork- #1- i hope you all enjoyed this list. --Picks are not my own--
RisingAngel @Dancer12 "Robbie Williams – Angels...... For you my Dear... (reblip)
FRIEDCATFISH Lets have some "happy days"

Bill Haley & His Comets ♫ Rock Around The Clock ♫ (Happy Days Theme) Watch in HQ

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KristaDarling @DJMonaLisa: Thanks for this, girl. :)>>>It fits a former friendship to a tee.. (reblip)
Awannabeangel To your sweet Aloha

To your sweet Aloha

| play
Annimallover This was Grace Kelly's wedding song (I have no idea HOW i know this- it was before my time) Beautiful cover!
Dancer12 I do, TY!@AtheDJ: "I do! SWEET! rb@djunicorn1960: "does anyone remember this this is so awesome. enjoy! thanks"" (reblip)

Sign Your Name Across My Heart

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scotlandlover true confessions? Me Too :-) rb @Awannabeangel: "RB @liveforthesun: "He made Marcia Brady swoon: Davy Jones - Girl"" (reblip)
frankenstrat Neil Diamond - Heartlight

Neil Diamond Heartlight promo video

| play
cpcdiniz @MusicIsMySoul: ""we’re wasting precious time don’t talk kiss, make it mine "" (reblip)
digitpt Mica Paris – My One Temptation
MusicIsMySoul3 "do you know what you are getting yourself into?"

Bonnie Tyler It's A Heartache

| play
dcychan RB @DJMonaLisa Thnx for the gr8 pick ~ Vixen – Edge of a Broken Heart (reblip)
77ozzie song why you look so sad..come on-come to me now..don't be ashamed to cry-I have seen the dark side too-nothing you confess can make me love you less (reblip)
KristyRNinAZ The Isley Brothers – Secret Lover
djaces29 I want a little sugar in my bowl Nina Simone

I want a little sugar in my bowl Nina Simone

| play
77ozzie song - everything you are, everything you'll be -touches the current of love so deep in me...seduces me

Celine Dion: Seduces Me

| play
77ozzie song-your fingertips across my skin,you sang me spanish lullabyes-the sweetest sadness in your eyes, clever trick...I never wanna see you unhappy
djaces29 Garth Brooks – The Dance....I could have missed the pain , but I'd have had to miss...
KristyRNinAZ Rock Me Tonight For Old Time Sake - Freddie Jackson (♥ this song mm-mm-mmm)

Rock Me Tonight For Old Time Sake (single version)

| play
PAMsLOvE TARCAN Vision - Sade - No Ordinary Love
nitram55 What a singer this man is

Nat King Cole Dance, Ballerina, Dance

| play
killerswp @hawaiibuzz: Thanks for listening... Philadelphia welcomes you (reblip)
RisingAngel @Dancer12: "@gpharley: "@CHaDmAn: ""We are but a moment's sunlight, fading in the grass!""""((OK THIS ONE IS TOO SWEET !)) AND I GOT ONE 4 YOU! (reblip)
RisingAngel The Grass Roots – Temptation Eyes
spacespencer @DChain ... na dann hoffen wir mal das Beste ! ;D
LadyB74 Tom Jones - Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart
FineNGood I would have given you all of my heart But there's someone who's torn it apart And she's taken just all that I had if you want I'll try to love again
Dancer12 Cool White sugar sand beaches...beautiful blue water..Home Sweet Home..excuse the glitches, enjoy our fireworks..beautiful!!

Siesta Key -Sky Driving Hdv 24p

| play
Choonks An all time fave of mine- Catch A Falling get a pocketful of starlight- not a bad deal it for a rainy day.

Catch a falling Star

| play
gotlongview oh wow. This is fantastic - really, really luv this. TY TY! @zamfir: "Slaid Cleaves – This Mornin' I Am Born Again" (reblip)
Dancer12 @RisingAngel: "Hopelessly Devoted to You! ..oi ! @Dancer12: " TYs, Hugs&Smiles 4 p's,Rb,& listenin! Appreciate it & U@TropicsZ4@RisingAngel@SgtMac (reblip)
acanuckfan .•*✶.*✮♥ (reblip)

"Take It Back" by The J. Geils Band

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Dancer12 @ICEGIRL152: "let me see, @poochiesan24---your sense of humor, your good looks, your heart, your mind, your love for music, for starters!" (reblip)

What I Like About You- The Girls of Avatar

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Dancer12 Yes, I'd end up on the table tops! (dancing..) @BITT59: "Everyone know's what happens "The More I Drink" - Blake Shelton" (reblip)

Blake Shelton The More I Drink

| play
Dancer12 +++1@Rella: "This is the ventriloquist i watched friggin cool is this guy?? very very cool...doing LOUIS ARMSTRONG & KERMIT the frog" (reblip)
flinndc so he says

Trace Adkins Ladies Love Country Boys

| play
bebamaisumcopo Joss Stone - Tell me what we're gonna do now (feat. Common)
Dancer12 @sangawa: "@sir_edward_ross: "Edie "one-shot" Brickell – Good Times, Bad Times @AwayneOne "" (reblip)
Dancer12 @BohlianSunshine: "@jimmybradley: " @MusicIsMySoul *I believe too* Not exa- but along w/my coffee I'm awake now! @docstimulas@Mysterymix @Dancer12 " (reblip)

boston cantcha say you belief in me still in love

| play
flinndc Absolutely Unfucking Unbelievable
MusicIsMySoul3 I'm not big into country but my daughter is - I just about had a heart attack when I heard her singing this song when she was about 12!
kundunphei ♫ Keeping The Faith ~Billy Joel ♫
Dancer12 Luv this! Ck the Video & say TY 2 the Universe@StreamingMimi: "One of my favorite songs! I love butterflies! TY rb @BklynDooWopper Elusive Butterfly (reblip)

Elusive Butterfly

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Dancer12 Just home fr wk, IOU losts of TYs! Hugs&Smiles 4 all that.gonna listen a min@Unpredictable@comicmama@Annimallover@ramboswife@HermanSantiago@acanuckfan (reblip)


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Dancer12 @Choonks: "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore? Talk about it openly & look4 a solution instead of being confronted w/d same problem daily. " (reblip)
Dancer12 @rockmisterblues: "Otis Williams and The Charms – That's Your Mistake" (reblip)
Dancer12 @KristyRNinAZ: "If you'd all quick playing the great tunes I could get out of here and go to my real job!! RB @Moonshinerunner" (reblip)
messinwiththekid So you are in the mood for cheese.. @rogue_fm Can't get much cheesier.... sappy slide show included :)
ROSIEOLIVEIRA @MusicIsMySoul: "from playlist of @manlyman: "To all the girls I've loved before...""/ YOU MEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE. :-) (reblip)
333ccd333 NO! @BleakMouse: "Was I in a bad mood? Or simply being insufferable?" I interpreted it as @paulostudio2002's Air Supply – Lost in Love - RB vi @dullim (reblip)

Jungle Book Baloo bear and Mowgli sing The Bare Necessities

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Dancer12 @kundunphei: "take it away ♫ DO YOU LOVE ME...♫ rb--> @MissMunster: "RIP Patrick Swayze"" (reblip)
Dancer12 Had to chase back 3 pgs, missed it while typing names TYs, Hugs&Smiles 4 U!. now I can watch...@RoxUranuus@fxp123@SamantaJones@MusicIsMySoul (reblip)

My Own True Love (Tara's Theme) by Lee Mann

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Dancer12 @RisingAngel: "@rock2monster.....Looks Like We (ALMOST) Made It TO 500 LISTENERS ?(me smiling !)...tee hee hee (god, bill i'm so juvenile !!!wheeeee)" (reblip)

Looks Like We Made It by Barry Manilow

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Dancer12 That True Love vidieo takes me back to 6/06/07, our last waltz, and he waltzed to God's dance floor 7/11..those angel ls must love hime, yes we did it

Till I Waltz Again With You-Teresa Brewer

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Dirty Dancing-She's like the wind

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Soundtrack - Dirty Dancing - These Arms Of Mine - Otis Redding

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Dancer12 : "Reba McEntire- The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" (reblip)

Reba McEntire- The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

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GinaDunc Ty :) @Jalapeno: "Gentleman's choice.. ok guys grab your gals.. Crush on You.. let's skate.." (reblip)
Mysterymix gr8pick.& of course I 'm tanzing@nvaquero: "❦❦❦❦" (reblip)
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG Band Radio - Frank Sinatra with Barbra Streisand - I've Got a Crush on You
Bakojo <::>JINGOBA ABEAMALIGHT<::> (reblip)


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GinaDunc Loverboy – Lovin' Every Minute Of It

Starship-Nothing´s Gonna Stop Us Now

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GinaDunc Ty ;) @haizee "The Twelves – Works For Me" (reblip)

Tim McGraw: Everywhere

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BakingMan r/b thx @SgtMac: "Reba McEntire & Don Henley - "Break Each Other's Hearts Again"" (reblip)
silverfox863 Songs 4 Worship – Awesome God - Rich Mullins (reblip)
silverfox863 Phil Keaggy – Don't Let Go of My Heart (reblip)
DirtyUrine rb@artlinkgallery: "ICP Insane Clown Posse – Lets Go All The Way! ~This for me to wake up~" (reblip)

My Own True Love (Tara's Theme) by Lee Mann

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NB Ridaz- Lost In Love With Lyrics!!!

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Dancer12 @klynnDemar: "still one of my favorites" (reblip)

Rick Springfield- Jessies girl

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Dancer12 @dawoollyman: "@klynnDemar oopps did i mess up? UR2 cool and i just could'nt resist!!!!!!!!!!! Baby i want the whole world to see!!!" (reblip)

Van Halen- Dance The Night Away

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kirsten_says good night moon, good night stars..

The Everly Brothers (Dream alt)

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Dancer12 @zakksama: "rb :)@djLop: "thanks vm: ♦♦♦me too you♦♦♦ "RB @djLop: "♣ TO BE WITH YOU ♣I'm the one who wants to be with you ... deep inside I hope...." (reblip)
Dancer12 @stillhereafteralltheseyears: "How did I end up with 300+ listeners? , thnx 4 that. This is dedicated to the listeners. This is such a hot song." (reblip)

Rooster- Come Get Some

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Dancer12 @Hobbit1206: "I'm so happy that whitney is back and that she feels better" (reblip)

Whitney Houston's I Didn't Know My Own Strength live 2009

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Dancer12 Thank you..they say laughter is healing..I'm still giggling..2 cute! U keep that up for 30 mins, beats a back rub!@dawoollyman: "@Dancer12 cause...." (reblip)
Model_Daughters Thank you for the RTs @ultimate_music !!
GinaDunc Terence Trent D'arby – Sign Your Name (Remixed By Lee 'Scratch' Perry)
RollinsWallace RB @BohlianSunshine: "Good afternoon my friend. I'm home again RB @RollinsWallace: Some good breakfast music 'Ballroom Blitz' Sweet" (reblip)
Dancer12 @DoubleUdB: "one of my all time favorite duo's: Crystal Gayle and Tom Waits. from the great soundtrack One from the heart @Dancer12" (reblip)

Tom Waits Picking up after you

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Dancer12 @flinndcit is a great vid! part 2 you say?!!@joe_disco: does anyone remember part II?? Oh well just 4fun :P and well for us guys the vid is quite good (reblip)
Dancer12 @Annimallover: "@DJTIMMY: ":)" this is one of my fav air supply... nothing at all!" (reblip)
Dancer12 @Choonks: "Don't Forbid Me- It's Friday Night...Don't forbid my desire; I wanna have my way wid ya..." (reblip)
Dancer12 OOPs..@Choonks: "Cancer can make a grown man cry. But I am woman~ Start Me Up & I was all over your a$$...w/ my assitude Loser :-) " (reblip)
BleakMouse Total primetime celebrity drunken all night WTF AWARD to @backtoback: "@BleakMouse WTF time and I mean WTF....give it to me now baby " (reblip)