DaveL The Classics IV kept us interested enough in a spooky girl like you as it stayed in play on your favorite radio station for a few weeks.
DaveL During the 60's we had different classifications for music like hard rock, + psychedelic etc., and then there was 'bubblegum'
DaveL It's amazing so many artists evolving from simple beginnings, and having their music grow up before our very ears. I Can't Explain...It's like magic!
DaveL Dusty Springfield was part of a family folk group, the Springfields w/ a hit song, Silver Threads. She had several top ten songs as a single artist.
DaveL Eric Burdon + the Animals would be following this gem w/ about a half dozen more hits.
DaveL This has been playing in my head for awhile. I finally caught on, and feverishly found it. So, a direct blip from my brain, the Chambers Brothers!
DaveL As a young dj on KYSN in Colorado Springs, I got to premiere a brand new group, + their 1st release. Little did we know what was to come from CCR.
DaveL Simon & Garfunkel are one of the great duos of the time but, the arrangement of the Boxer made it more than worth a multitude of playbacks.
DaveL Hendrix had control of the guitar over, under, sideways, and down. All Along The Watchtower lends verification to that.
DaveL I thought this was Steppenwolf's 1st hit. I'm drawing a purple haze on that for the moment.
DaveL The sound placed it at the top. You know it wasn't the lyrics which were so severely lacking it became a mere spelling bee.


| play
DaveL Blue Moon left some of our parents perplexed. How could 'we' take a good ballad from 'their' music catalog, and rock it? Well, 'we' fixed it!
DaveL Did the Strangeloves get any notoriety other than with candy? Hey, if they did, I don't recall.
DaveL The Bee-Gees were popular in the 60's with several hits. In the 70's the Gibbs didn't allow Disco to impede progress. + were Stayin' Alive!
DaveL The Diamonds brought a little style from the 50's, and dressed it up for the early 60's with Little Darlin'.
DaveL I was wrong. Don't answer the ? on Cash Cab, yet. I have it right, now. DC 5 were 2nd behind the Beatles in the invasion.
DaveL Now I understand why prunes are old, and wrinkled....Electric!
DaveL I really don't remember the Honeycombs with another hit but, Have I The Right achieved national air play. I'd guess 1965 but, you know, the memory..
DaveL Rock embraced quite a variety of music, including simple 'pop.' Petula Clark had continued acceptance thru the mid 60's, hit after hit!
DaveL I Can't Help Myself was a monster by, the 4 Tops! Another sing-along song. All together now, ...Sugar pie, honey bunch..
DaveL The Grass Roots with a reflection of the carefree attitude of the time.
DaveL The Beach Boys were among the most popular groups of all time. I'd say one reason is they knew how to bring Fun, Fun, Fun to our music!
DaveL Neil Diamond kept on hitting #1 over, and over. Cherry Cherry was memorable but, then again what Neil Diamond song wasn't unique, and memorable?
DaveL Part of the whole San Francisco scene. Melanie teams up with The Edwin Hawkins Singers for all the flower children....
DaveL Sometimes you just don't know who's coming or going....Yes? No?

Hello,Goodbye-The Beatles

| play
DaveL Gimmee back my baby! Loved the group's name. Fun to pronounce. Los B(rolling 'r')rrrrravos!
DaveL The Shocking Blue electrified the charts with Venus
DaveL From late part of 1966, Lee Dorsey scored with Working In The Coal Mine.
DaveL Slow but, The Guess Who once again balladated a ballad's place on the rock charts.
DaveL Strawberry Alarm Clock? Where did that name come from? I'll just leave it to you. I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation.
DaveL @Contactdavel: "I'd have to say '63/64....Jackie DeShannon stuck Needles + Pins in to charts all over the map. " (reblip)
DaveL There were a bunch w/o lyrics on the rock charts in the early days of rock. In this case, The Rockin' Rebels had 'Wild Weekend'
DaveL Early Temptations! It's all about the things you do.
DaveL Round, and round..Hollies with another memory. I don't call them oldies bcuz I'm old.
DaveL Rod Stewart made Maggie Mae a hit. BTW, I've decided I'm not old, and these musical hits are the oldies, not me!

Maggie Mae

| play
DaveL The People put this song out on the cusp of the 60's, and 70's. Memory has me believing they had no more hits.
DaveL It was 1956, and I had no idea what Elvis Presley & Heartbreak Hotel meant to America's musical landscape. Elvis had burning hits for years!
DaveL Okay, we've heard Carly Simon, and You're So Vain but, let's see if we can move some of the rumors surrounding the song aside.

Carly Simon talks about "You're So Vain"

| play
DaveL Carly Simon released this song which became encompassed with rumors as to whom this song was about. This is, You're So Vain
DaveL At 1st, I wasn't 2 sure how I felt about this but, turns out to be boss, groovy, cool, hot, etc. We weren't doing 'awesome' back then.
DaveL I played Angel Baby by, Rosie & the Originals 1st time. My dad said, 'you're kidding,' and I said, not only am I not kidding but, there's plenty more

Angel Baby- Rosie

| play
DaveL I used all the diversified terminology we were using for 'awesome' a couple of songs ago but, got it all twisted up by, forgetting, 'far out'
DaveL There were many songs directed to America's working class. In 1965 The Vogues brought another song to the American worker w/ 5 O'clock World.
DaveL Most will remember Johnny Nash for, 'I Can See Clearly Now' but, yrs. prior 'Hold Me Tight' was a hit single for Johnny Nash
DaveL A Temptations classic from the mid-60's. Motown, non-stop!
DaveL This was really cool because of the simplistic beginning, and the constant build-up to the music. The Beatles, and Hey Jude.

Hey Jude with Lyrics

| play
DaveL More of the 'invasion' with a stone's throw from the beginning.
DaveL No walk through the musical past would be complete w/o the Ronnettes! Ronnie, and The Ronnettes had a truck load of hits including 'Be My Baby.'
DaveL "Those of you hanging out at Haight-Ashbury hippie haven hdqrtrs. in the 60's probably heard this on KYA or, KEWB. We're talking A.M. radio!" (reblip)
DaveL Dick Clark brought American Bandstand, a local tv show out of Philadelphia to a national audience on ABC afternoons at 4. A jewel from Bandstand
DaveL Back to 1963, The Cascades took some rain to the top 10.
DaveL You despised me because, I couldn't dance? That was it? Now that I got dancing lessons, I'm ready to shake your world, apart!
DaveL An absolute firm grasp on the music of the mid 60's, Diana Ross & the Supremes on the way to #1....again, & again, & again......
DaveL 1st time out, this duo went under the moniker; Ceasar & Cleo. A name change to Sonny & Cher &, their 1st hit, Baby Don't Go. No stops after that!
DaveL Do you Believe In Magic?, Summer In The City, Six O'clock, & this total departure from their more well known hits.
DaveL Even as the 'invasion' was in full force, there are still some stand out classics aside from the # of Brits dominating the music terrain. A 1965 hit
DaveL This requires dancing shoes. Dancing shoes? I can't even stand up this fast!! 2 songs, 1 mix, equals 1 hit 4 Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels.
DaveL This group started as the Young Rascals. They dropped 'Young' from their name, and continued rolling out hits as 'The Rascals.'
DaveL It was the early 60's, and Linda Scott was popular with several hits.
DaveL With songs in the back-pak like, 'Hanky Panky,' and 'I Think We're Alone Now' this was a new, possibly unexpected musical meal on the menu.
DaveL 1969. We are still in the 60's...barely! Here's the Credence Clearwater Revival
DaveL Involved with the new musical style taking place as the 'invasion' moves forward, Gerry and the Pacemakers with Ferry Cross The Mersey.
DaveL This is Them's 2nd hit, Here Comes The Night. No spelling like their 1st hit, G-l-o-r-i-a as heard earlier. I liked this one better than Gloria.
DaveL I may be a CUBS fan but, one thing I am not!

Beatles- I'm a Loser

| play
DaveL Clear the traffic, I'm ready to take the Expressway to your heart. It was part of your San Bernardino A.M. radio experience on KFXM, and KMEN.
DaveL I haven't danced like this, since I....Oh, wait! I've never danced like this. My brain has always gone along at a 70 mph rate, & my feet at about 10
DaveL Mr. Welk? The Chantays on the Lawrence Welk Show? I have time off from work next week, and will learn to pay my props down the pipeline. Thanks

The Chantays "Pipeline"

| play
DaveL Satisfying the Boomer audio appetite, our musical menu continues with an appetizer by, The Procol Harum, and a Whiter Shade of Pale.
DaveL There was something very special about midnight, somehow. Up to party! I think there is something special about midnight, today. Sleeping!
DaveL Falsetto, harmonies, etc., etc. The 4 Seasons stand out because, nobody else sounded like they did.
DaveL I'm going to tax my memory, again, and say this Otis Redding classic ranked at the top of the charts in 1968.
DaveL In the context of music, there was no describing, 'soul' but, whatever it might have been, Jackie Wilson was 'sou!l'
DaveL 1960. The turn of the decade, transistor radios to fit in to your pocket, complete w/ earphones and, teachers with radio collections. They got mine!

Step By Step-The Crests-original song-1960

| play
DaveL An American gallop on to the charts with no name.
DaveL Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Good-bye as Steam hits us up for listening rights which we seemed to issue without question.
DaveL This song was so simple but, so cool as it capped the charts in the early 60's. Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs with Sugar Shack.
DaveL You have to hear it for yourself. This is a partial audio example of how the Moodies wove in one song to another on their lps. Incredibly phenomenal
DaveL To think if you were in Colorado Springs, you might have heard me bring this to you on KYSN. Those hanging out in Denver, were listening to KIMN.
DaveL Lots of keyboarding elsewhere but, Santana was the boss of the strings. Wow!
DaveL Those days, that time period. Could you just imagine a psychotic reaction? All the boomers, having a mind boom!
DaveL Cars ran on regular or, ethyl. That was it. Simple. We didn't have the chain of fuels we have, today.
DaveL The Box Tops did not allow a song to be released until checking, and double checking. This was no exception as they recorded this to, The Letter.
DaveL This song has no business being here because, it's not old enough. It's just that it's more than good enough!
DaveL The Beatles evolved from a mere singing group to a group with a lyrical commentary representing the majority of the boomers at the time.
DaveL With an evolution of revolution, 'the' finger was used for expression. It was popular, direct, & in retrospect, lame. Why I mention it, now??
DaveL The Stones maintaining status as 'one,' while the Beatles were headed in separate directions. Honky Tonk Women takes the Stones from 60's to 70's
DaveL CCR w/ their 1969 hit, Proud Mary. CCR moved along with the graduates of the 60's, and in to the 70's with more hits.
DaveL The BGs were well known w/ a few hits including, To Love Somebody. Later on, disco became popular & the BGs re-invented themselves for disco.
DaveL Chuck Berry was one of the masters of the music menu long before McDonald's had their menu of burgers for 15 cents, and fries for 12.
DaveL Who did this originally in the 50's? Blue Cheer gave the song a hard rock edge for the mid-60's. Was it Eddie Cochran with the original???
DaveL Van Morrison with Brown Eyed Girl will be remembered from the late 60's.
DaveL Late 60's. There seemed to be enough bubblegum to go around for those willing to listen. I'm not. So, go ahead, & partake if you must, I'll leave.
DaveL Those in the city followed WMCA, WABC but, if you were out & about in Buffalo you got the whole thing on WKBW! These are the Ad-Libs.
DaveL I was listening to the Beach Boys on the L.A. fun fests KRLA & KFWB. KHJ was more of an exercise work out for the listening pads.
DaveL Little did we know just when we had it so good, next year, 1967 we'd get 'the summer of love.'
DaveL The Who with yet another hit from 1867. Just kidding, it was 1967 but, I have a son who would have us all know I'm ancient. Kind of like dinosaurs.
DaveL Simon & Garfunkel most often on a lyrical menu of meaning.
DaveL Thank you! Begin the day with some gratitude! The innovator of Funk, Sly & the Family Stone.
DaveL 1962 with the 'invasion' only moments away, the Exciters brought this to the top of the 'fab 40.'
DaveL One of the last of an era. A short era but, an era non the less. By this time, the Beatles were on the verge of coming apart as a group.

Come Together

| play
DaveL Many times, Dick Clark would refer to James Brown as the hardest working man in show biz. Did you ever see James Brown? That was an experience!
DaveL We made it! It was now the 70's. Free helped usher in a new decade with All Right Now.
DaveL A few or, so were spending the 60's hallucinated with psychedelics, and I would guess this song was a reflection of the times.
DaveL The Righteous Brothers signature song was probably, You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' but, this soon followed with the same style, & sound.
DaveL Riding a wave, and a fall from your board, produced a..........
DaveL A departure song of sorts as Diana Ross blazed a musical path of her own.
DaveL Did I ever tell you about watching Bozo the Clown cry on TV? No? Why would I want to relate that experience?
DaveL The flower children were a product of San Francisco, home to the original hippies. Donovan was the flower child of the music world in the 60's.
DaveL Naive, & w/o drugs. I guess I'm not a poet, & fail to understand the abstract. Can anybody in their right mind explain this song? Is it about, cake?
DaveL They took the kinks out, and made all their music flawless with the Kinks.
DaveL I cannot place this group at the helm of another hit but, it matters not. This song got lots of radio play, and popular for dancing.

The O'kaysions --- Girl Watcher

| play
DaveL Love this song. Just when I'm ready to worry, I play this song, stay happy, and read/write to my other blog. http://www.asecondcup.blogspot.com
DaveL Yardbirds tweeting even when Twitter isn't. Yesterday was rough on Twitter but, the Yardbirds tweeted here with their hearts filled with soul!
DaveL You know, I glanced at the time a couple of minutes ago. It was about a quarter to three.
DaveL BEATLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


| play
DaveL Group #3 off the boat, and it's still a good listen! It's not over until it's over!
DaveL One of the most successful groups of the 60's & 70's, the group known by, its' full name, CCR, and Credence. It all fortunately worked for us!
DaveL From the roots of flower power, a tribute to the dudes, and dudettes who were there at the beginning. Love, & Peace from Eric Burdon & The Animals
DaveL Some of us feeling displaced where we somehow don't belong, and this shot by, Neil Diamond gave us an insider's musical look.
DaveL Why only milk when, we got Cream?
DaveL Sly & the Family Stone. I could never. My feet were slower than the Little old lady from Pasadena. No kind of talk was going 2 make it ez!
DaveL The rumor mill was alive, and well as Marvin Gaye was on top of the charts in 1968.
DaveL So, b4 the inspiration of 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' what did the Righteous Bros. sound like? Try this!
DaveL My 1st favorite female singer, until Connie Stevens sang 16 Reasons to ME thru my transistor radio headphones. I always went back to my 1st.
DaveL Prevailing with hits before, during, and after the invasion. Southern Cal's musical advocates transcending state lines as America's group!
DaveL This song entered the charts without a bullet. No evidence!
DaveL On the hard rock side of things, there was always Jimi Hendrix for an experience.
DaveL A magical musical tour was had by, all! The Beatles had growth from I Wanna Hold Your Hand, & Love Me Do to Help, Hey Jude, Fields, & Lucy!
DaveL Thank you, universe! I'm feelin' alright!
DaveL Janis! You were beautiful, and I miss you!
DaveL This is what it's all about! My generation had a non-stop musical marathon that included Who, and you through today!
DaveL The fatigue over, and the Kinks were back. They had a billion listings, & I'm going to look for a good version of, 'So Tired of Waiting For You'

The KinksLola

| play
DaveL This was all about sound. Good arrangement, and Kim Carnes was perfect for the role.
DaveL The Beatles as they were everywhere with creativity with 'A Day In The Life'
DaveL Thnx 2 all the Dudes, Dudettes, men, women, children & any other species lending me your ear ports on ur Sat., but, my wife says, it's time 2 bug out
DaveL ...is cleared for final approach, and landing on runway 1, at the earport. Prepare for your musical stay at, Hotel California

Eagles - Hotel California

| play
DaveL Thank you, & good morning. Thnx for allowing me a place in your earport, this great Sunday morning!
DaveL Was there life after Beatles? You know there was! Each of the Beatles went on to achieve more musical memories.
DaveL Paul accelerated taking a flight with Wings, and continues!
DaveL John, George, Paul, and Ringo, together. Let's just let it be.
DaveL This came out a bit unique as Listen People dotted the charts for Herman's Hermits.
DaveL How come you gave this song a '5?' asked Dick. All together now, 'Because it has a good beat, and it's easy to dance to'
DaveL Surfing the waves of each of the Southern California beaches in1963
DaveL Elvis came & sadly went but, not without leaving a permanent imprint on our musical history.
DaveL I've got some Tuesday for Sunday. The Stones.
DaveL Thought I'd roll a couple of Tuesdays together. Kind of makes me hungry.
DaveL In anticipation of a safe flight from the earport. thank you for your time.
DaveL Short time be4 prep time 4 work so, a little bread, and butter from 1964! 1964? Better chk 2 see if the bread can still be eaten. Not green.
DaveL Some thoughts to Bob Keeshan who was Captain Kangaroo, my favorite morning TV show in the 50's.

Captain Kangaroo

| play
DaveL A sneak attack of laughs!
DaveL Nothing like a few laughs to begin the morning.
DaveL Haven't stopped the laughs 4 today, rain or shine! I further amuse myself on my other other blog: http://www.punspotpourri.blogspot.com

Neil Sedaka- Laughter in the rain

| play
DaveL In the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, there was A.M. radio WDGY, & KDWB as the DC 5 had lots to sing about on the American charts!
DaveL Don't think of it as retirement. Think of it as a permanent vacation. These are merely Angels with an angelic message. Wait, and see!
DaveL Who, exactly admits 2 liking this? Nobody admits 2 wrapping their earports around it, & chewing. 2 bad they just didn't swallow their bubblegum.
DaveL There is no better feelin' fine than, feelin' fine just this way!

Psychedelic Beatles

| play
DaveL Correct me, if I'm wrong. No never mind, don't. Anyway, I think this sparked the debut of The Four Tops.
DaveL Remember back in '67 we strolled thru Itchycoo Park? I leaned over, you leaned, and we scratched the itchy?
DaveL Sooo many great memories. Did you see TV special on CBS, tonight!? 1 hour special about Neil Diamond going home for a concert this year!
DaveL 08/15/1976. I was married to my soul mate! That can be done? Oh, yeah, I'm not a politician. We knew 'our song' the moment we laid ears on it!
DaveL Ancient term 4 drunk was 'pied.' See where I'm going with this? Draw your own conclusions, here. What if, this song is really about the town drunk?
DaveL The Kinks in a departure from their usual fare with an entry to a slower pace.
DaveL We never 'skipped' did we?
DaveL Another hit from the Fab Four's music library back to 1962 to grab it.

Love me Do-The Beatles ' 62

| play
DaveL Early in the career of the Supremes came this chart topper from the depths of A.M. Radio KAFY in Bakersfield, California.
DaveL My ag-ed mind is frazzling. I question my knowledge of the 4 Tops 1st hit. Was I wrong with, 'Baby I Need Your Lovin?' Maybe this was it???
DaveL ..and since I'm squeezing the ever lovin' bad info. out of my head, let's pretend I knew all about Neil Diamond's debut, assuming I'm correct, here.
DaveL You know when someone masters hits spanning decades, Marvin Gaye knows. 'What's Goin' On.'
DaveL You cannot just walk in here without a DJ name so,....
DaveL Messages of the 'love' generation, & here's a whole lot of it from Led Zeppelin
DaveL Somehow I think TJ & Shondells, and Zeppelin have parking places on opposite ends of the universal musical parking lot but, there's room 4 everybody!
DaveL The Doors with an opening proposition......
DaveL Admittedly, if nothing else this BLIP station is living in the past but, having too good of a time to stop.
DaveL If nobody told you this was the same group that did, 'Wild Thing,' would you had believed it at the time? Talk about flipping the coin!
DaveL It was 1962 for this one of many Neil Sedaka hits.
DaveL If we're going to play this collection of hits, we can't ignore the 'death' songs. We should ignore them but, they were part of the whole thing.
DaveL The Left Banke wasn't a one hit wonder group as they had several on the charts in the mid-60's
DaveL Part of my parents love to hate collection. The collection had a special place 2 be a particular annoyance. I have since learned, there is payback.
DaveL It's my life, and i'll do what I want! I had understanding parents who said that was fine but, I'd need 2 pay 4 it. I missed pt. of the equation.
DaveL From Yellow Submarine, the Beatles with It's All Too Much.

The Beatles It's All Too Much

| play
DaveL L.A. 60's KRLA dj, Dick Biondi played 11 min. of Mona 2 close 9-midnight show. I never personally heard it. I was up 4 school nxt day. Hi Mom!
DaveL Ike & Tina from the early 60's? Tina was a diamond in the ruff. She was good but, just got better! Tina w/ influence over Janis?
DaveL I don't remember Boyce & Hart with anything else even remotely as popular as, 'I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight'
DaveL In the midst of it all, Little Peggy Marched in, and she was followed up the charts with this national number one hit.

I Will Follow Him

| play
DaveL The Hollies return with Carrie Anne.
DaveL More erly rock w/ a dance that evolved in 2 a 'lazy' version seated on ur rear posterior w/ or w/o a partner. Hand Jiving w/ The Johnny Otis Show
DaveL Spanky McFarland, and her gang had several hits including this one. The ending on this was an ez landing on most runways 2 most earports at the time.

Spanky & Our Gang- I'd Like To Get To Know You

| play
DaveL The Outsiders moved inside the charts with, Time Won't Let Me
DaveL A lavish animation sequence for the Beatles! Never enough days in the week to listen to it all!
DaveL Ifran Sverige, Agneta, Bjorn, Benny och Anna-Frid. Didn't think I could wing it in Swedish, did you? Well, I can't. This is ABBA w/ Dancing Queen.
DaveL I have a different message than Blues Magoos. We always got somethin', so if it's missing, you need to find it.
DaveL Allow me permission to land on your earport, and I promise you some of the greatest music of all time!
DaveL Bobby "Boris" Pickett with a novelty song, on the cutting edge of 60's RAP!! A special request, I mean demand by, my wife.
DaveL 3 Dog Night. Nothing wrong with a little joy...Let's go for it!
DaveL I get the feeling this song is all about trying not 2 be in love when, really in love. You know when you say, no & the reality is yes. (reblip)
DaveL Doesn't matter how we see it or, from where only that we see how beautiful it really all is! The Universe is a beautiful place to live!

Ray Stevens Everything is Beautiful

| play
DaveL The 60's became the 70's, and we got a country flavor added 2 the fab 40, top 50 tunedex, Boss 30. Olivia Newton-John would offer more after this.
DaveL The Beatles mostly composed their own stuff but, they brought this back from the archives. The Isley Brothers also had a big hit with this!

Twist and Shout

| play
DaveL Early Paul Revere, and the Raiders

Paul Revere and the Raiders-Just Like Me

| play
DaveL The roots of rock & roll can be traced to the 50's when I was only this big! I heard this 4 the 1st time as an oldie on KFWB.
DaveL Where do cows go out 4 dinner? I don't know, & I am sick I have come this far..this is low, even 4 me. Forget it, I have more distinction than that.


| play
DaveL If I'm correct, 4 Jacks & A Jill had Master Jack as their only hit. If I'm not correct then, I'm wrong. I liked this unique, & simple song.

master jack (4 jacks and a jill)

| play
DaveL My parents used to mock Mick Jagger, & now it can be told..Mick Jagger's parents used to mock my parents' son!
DaveL Many groups manifested a unique sound for the multi-faceted 60's music menu. The Association was no exception giving reason 4 this music to continue.
DaveL Can you believe?? 2010 brings this Elvis hit to age 50. Are you sure? I thought I was 49.....
DaveL Dave Clark Five served up on today's musical menu, Anyway You Want It.
DaveL Golly, Wally how about a little TV? Sure, Beav
DaveL From 1966, The Monkees had one of their many hits which brought on a bunch of believers.
DaveL The Beatles launched a welcome musical invasion to our shores as the history of rock 'n roll was forever, unexpectedly changed.
DaveL Thx! Xcllnt sometimes forgotten. Gr8 Beach Boy music!@sir_edward_ross: "@Serendipityone: "@Northrunnnercan: "The Beach Boys – Sloop John B""" (reblip)
DaveL @sir_edward_ross: "Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood: Some Velvet Morning ... sorry for the RB ... but it is Sunday morning and this always fits " (reblip)

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood: Some Velvet Morning

| play
DaveL I look outside at wet weather & inspired to whet my musical appetite with a little precipitation. I move to the early 60's to get wet.
DaveL This is what it was all about. Thnx 4 the reminder!@taxibob: "Different strokes for different folks.....WE all have to live together." (reblip)

Sly And The Family Stone - Everyday People

| play
DaveL Talk about unique. Blood, Sweat, & Tears let the big brass lead the way to several rock classics.
DaveL Happy Birthday Sweet 16, Calendar Girl, all the innocence! Then, Bad Blood....Neil Sedaka gettin' bad which really means good! Far out!
DaveL Merrilee Rush with back-up by, a group known as the Turnabouts. Angel Of The Morning was popular listening fare.
DaveL Falsetto style seemed to score hits! Being 2 faced is nothing to advertise unless of course it brings in the bucks like this song for Lou Christie.
DaveL Expanding across the decades, we had the beginning in the 50's. Thru the early 60's with 'the invasion,' The 60's became the 70's, and we had disco!
DaveL Thru it all Motown was always there transcending anything new with more hits than Maris & Mantle combined! The 4 Tops were no strangers 2 the top!
DaveL A group needing no intro but, I like intro-ing them so, here are the Fab 4, otherwise known as the Beatles.

Lady Madonna

| play
DaveL This made no sense but, it had a good beat & was ez 2 dance 2. Actually, it didn't have a good beat, & wasn't ez 2 dance 2, either. Y was it a hit?
DaveL I had a rough pre-teenship. 1st, Connie Francis. Connie Stevens w/ 16 Reasons, & the Paris Sisters coming thru my earphones on my transistor radio.
DaveL Many times forgotten, Gene Pitney threw some darts at the charts, & this was a bulls-eye!
DaveL Amidst the mid -60's the musical modes of transportation were updated by, Billy J. Kramer.
DaveL Motown. Never without! Another hit for Diana Ross & The Supremes. Back In My Arms, Again.
DaveL Beach Boys music made you feel like making moves on the dance floor. Who would've thot I still feel like making those moves..........in this chair!
DaveL Many of us really thought we would be the generation to change a country at war to a country of peace for all time as we rode the 60's Peace Train.
DaveL We progress with more than 300 of rock's greatest hits on the play list! Before there was Western Union, there was light!
DaveL Hear it now right here. Hear it then as the music touched your earports, alive & well w/ an open door policy in Miami on WQAM or, WFUN.
DaveL To the depths of darkness, The Rolling Stones brought some light to black & white.
DaveL Interesting import from YOU-TUBE. Marianne seems sad. Hullabaloo host had a little something 2 do w/ a major British group but, who might they b?

Marianne Faithfull: As Tears Go By

| play
DaveL A Cajun dressing gave a gator aid to the earports of America, & Polk Salad Annie by, Tony Joe White climbed the music charts.
DaveL Instead of coffee, I've found 6 min. of music 2 ease you in 2 the day. Stevie Wonder with his 1st big hit at age12. This will bounce u off ur pillow!
DaveL History reflects during our tenure 2 straighten out our parents' generation! History repeats as we are the parents & our kids attempt 2 straighten.
DaveL 1957. I was much less than a pre-teen, The 'older' girls were exposing a leg-a-see & shorting out the male population. I admit it, I looked!
DaveL The Fab 4! One of the early, simple sing-alongs. Little did we know how much more was coming from the Beatles, & how their sound would change.
DaveL Always time for some laughs.
DaveL @sir_edward_ross, @MariaVSanchez Mine just turned 21! The greatest time of your lives is unfolding now, & btw the world does revolve around them!
DaveL Continuing to keep it clean with a high level of Tide. This is Blondie.
DaveL An expansion to the usual at Motown. The Temptations brought it forward. The arrangement, the many changes within made this a musical masterpiece!
DaveL In July, 1968 the Rolling Stones were #1 w/ Jumpin' Jack Flash as you listened to one of Canada's greatest A.M. stations at the time. CHUM, Toronto.
DaveL Local traditional radio claims the boomers no longer viable market. Oldies now Country like several others. Now they get some instead of all of a sum
DaveL Where will I find a car? Won't be via traditional radio. Nobody plays my music, and I have.....
DaveL Felix & The Rascals no longer 'Young????'
DaveL Why Do Fuels Fall In Love? I don't know. They're a compatible gas! Really? I didn't say that...it was someone else...a 'me' I can't control...
DaveL When Frankie Lymon is up, I get a pop-up invite to see him. Come on, he died in 1968! Too eerie, no click! Here's Booker T w/ Green Onions.
DaveL More golden oldies. This one was close to the top on my parents, 'Turn that down' list!
DaveL Funk! From the roots! This all ties in. I'm having Funky Spaghetti 4 lunch. Kind of like spaghetti w/ the roots. Good! Ref: Recipes on Oprah.com
DaveL The 5th Dimension with the lyric, message, and music of the hippies, and flower children of the 60's.
DaveL Neil Diamond seemed like he was on a 24/7 song fest & could do no wrong! About 2 crack a milestone of 1oo props & 330 hits on the play list! Thnx!
DaveL To the 50's and a classic responsible for rock at the beginning! The Monotones, and The Book Of Love!
DaveL I'm doing a little California Dreamin' this morning.
DaveL The peacefulness of the flower children. Thnx for a piece of peace@taxibob: "Happy Monday @LexiePixie. My day is very peaceful, how are you?" (reblip)
DaveL Wow! This beats the original 45! 3 Dog Night arrives at the runways of your earports! Joy to all of us!
DaveL The Regents had a hit with this song a few years back but, the Beach Boys brought it back for a re-run, and made it a hit all over, again.
DaveL I put this on the radio, as a dj at KELI from the Tulsa State Fairgrounds. An all glass, flying saucer studio could be a little scary in high winds.
DaveL Time to graduate to night time so, climb aboard! Just after 6 mdt. Thnx @taxibob for prop #100
DaveL The Beatles were on Albany's WTRY Big Sound Survey ending May 21st of 1965 at #7 with, A Ticket To Ride.

Beatles - Ticket to Ride

| play
DaveL I would guess we're looking back about 1962 for Neil Sedaka, and Breaking Up Is Hard To Do then, again I don't make my living guessing.
DaveL Remember the Leader of the Pack? Well, this isn't it but, it is the Shangri-Las. Less a hit than, the Leader but, still big for the girls.
DaveL Fav tv sit-com from the late 50's, rly 60's! Dobie Gillis w/ Dwayne Hickman as Dobie, & Bob Denver as Maynard G. Krebs. The 'G' btw stood 4 Walter.


| play
DaveL The rock formation brings the Del-Vikings to the earports of America as rock 'n roll gets started.
DaveL One of the premiere groups in the 60's! Nobody sounded like CCR. In a class all by themselves. We're talking first class!
DaveL Soon after the invasion!


| play
DaveL On July 23, 1966, WBZ in Boston had this coupled with Lady Jane as their #2 songs on the 103 hit parade.
DaveL Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Good-bye. Is there truly a translation for Na Na Hey Hey? Is that something you just know? Admittedly, I don't know.

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Good Bye

| play
DaveL Sometimes, echo was added to support an inadequate singer but, in this case a superb singer was added 2 support the echo, & superb production.
DaveL Prfct companion to The Look Of Love. Thnx @sir_edward_ ross, @GR8FL for latest attention to the music. Good morning!!!! Let's start with an easy 5
DaveL I think I got in a mood. From Look Of Love, Take Five, and this hit by, Air Supply. It's all part of the great rock university of musical diversity
DaveL Canada's very own CKLW in Windsor, Ont. gave play to Canada's very own Guess Who from the CK80 survey to a lucky Detroit, MI.


| play
DaveL The Capitols. Not sure I would like being referenced to as King of 'Cool Jerk.' Though at the time it probably meant master of the dance, 'The Jerk'
DaveL No finer song to exemplify a 'Cool Jerk'
DaveL Maybe u tried, & maybe the price was right but, now it's time to hit the road, Magic Jack! I'll voip where it works.
DaveL Family history brought alive. I'm doing a little family PBS.
DaveL Beach Boys w/ a warning from way back. Now look at me, I eat, I get around, and rounder!
DaveL Fishing lesson's done for the day so, for the sophisticated angler, altogether, now!


| play
DaveL Who am I kidding? Drop the wine, and give me a Coors. That's my thing!

It's Your Thing-The Isley Brothers-1969

| play
DaveL Thnx as our taxi to good listening joins the home page hi-way!.@taxibob: "Happy Saturday @Siberia !" (reblip)

Knocking on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan

| play
DaveL Thnx! @krystynchong This is one that I would have long forgotten. One of those one of one of a kind...... (reblip)
DaveL An early side from the Stones! Turn on the bass, especially at the end!
DaveL 1960's. Back then, we couldn't say the words on TV. To think we have the internet, today. George Carlin is missed.
DaveL From when this comes, I'm not really sure. One thing I do know, each time after time I hear this it is as timely as any time after time.
DaveL Is Johnny Rivers singing 'Poh Side of Town? Doesn't really matter. I'm not obsessing. Am I right? It doesn't matter. I am right, right?
DaveL This proves it! Kermit the Frog is Canned Heat's lead singer! Visual proof on this import from You Tube!

Kermit the Frog sings Canned Heat's "Going Up The Country"

| play
DaveL S & G were all over the place with lyrics, and music! Really these guys stretched their talent, and covered a lot of ground!
DaveL Roy Orbison with several hits including his signature, Oh! Pretty Woman but, there were more including, Only The Lonely.
DaveL Oh, no! What did you do? The audio rolling in, and out was an error left alone resulting in this 1959 hit for Toni Fisher.
DaveL Manfred Mann with a departure from Doo Wah Diddy, and Quinn. Moderate hit.
DaveL From Portland Oregon's KISN Good Guy Survey from Aug 28 Thru SEPT. 3, 1966, Donovan held the #3 position!
DaveL The Moody Blues are 1 reason 4 rock's departure from AM 2 FM radio. There were entire LPs with quality tracking throughout. Stereo became vital.
DaveL I would have to believe this buzzed all the way up to the top spot on Boston's WBZ hit parade.
sir_edward_ross The Beach Boys – In My Room @JeanneBehr ... the downside of coming out Bi ... now neither boys nor girls are allowed in her room Muhahahah! (reblip)
DaveL Transcending language barriers, the Sandpipers produced Guantanamera. A lot of us had no idea what the lyrics literally meant but, the song was #1!
DaveL Beatles, still barely together with a 'ballad' of the 'public trials' of John & Yoko. If only 'they' could just 'let it be'
DaveL Always like some Hot Cocolate, and You Sexy Thing. This may be a little 'new' for this list of hits but, so what? Thnx to @JODYGIRL162: (reblip)
DaveL Early/Mid 60's. More early than mid but, none the less from the archives of rock, this is another exciter for your earports....
DaveL This song piqued the interest of America b4. Peaking in for another climb up the peeks w/ Elton John & Kiki Dee
DaveL Yogi & BooBoo. BooBoo? So much innocence w/ our incense! Cartoon time!
DaveL From the Huntington-Sheraton Hotel in Pasadena, my fav. AM station from the 60's was KRLA. From the 1110 top 50 tune-dex, Handy Man-Jimmy Jones!
DaveL In memory. Mary Travers. Rest well, your music lives on.
DaveL This song features Mary Travers now on the mist, missed list. Lining up on the runways of America's earports. A final salute to Mary Travers.
DaveL WPRO in Providence, R.I. featured the Hollies just outside the top 10 on December 24, 1965
DaveL From windows to Doors, storms, and otherwise, we're open for good music, any time.
DaveL The Toys made this their own bringing it to no. 1 on a lot of local radio stations throughout the country.
DaveL What else can be said? The Rolling Stones have been together turning out no. 1 hits for this many yrs!
DaveL This particular selection is left to b identified. If this is a cover 4 the Rascals, it is excellent! When you're groovin,' u got 2 keep groovin'!


| play
DaveL Set for take off with all we need on the runway of love at the earports around the world, with The Fab Four!

the beatles - all you need is love

| play
DaveL Hey! If you can't be there, and you've got to be here, zoom in here, since you can't be there!
DaveL Don't know about you but, still keeping warm in the mid-upper 80's.
DaveL How did we say it then? Oh, yeah. This was a 'heavy hit!'
DaveL We thought we were cool in California but, they were cool in 'the city,' too!
DaveL In an extreme break from what might be expected from The Yardbirds this got some radio play, and became a fan favorite.
DaveL The Yardbirds with Heart Full Of Soul as an example of main stream Yardbirds.


| play
DaveL A little travelin' music, classmates!
DaveL A standard written by, someone with soul, given to a singer with soul. This is the result. This will leave you where the song was intended to go!
DaveL Entry #400 to the playlist! I am having a blast. a musical blast from the past. Thnx to Blip.fm djs for your support! I got what I want!
DaveL Another day, another time. Instrumentals quite often held their place on the popularity scales. Rumble by, Link Wray was no exception
DaveL Tokens were #1 on the charts with The Lion Sleeps Tonight in '61. 1 of America's fav. tv sitcoms, Bachelor Father w/ John Forsythe, & Noreen Corcoran
DaveL December 7, 1964, from KQV in Pittsburgh, PA, The Supremes make the biggest move from 28 the prior week to #3!
DaveL Turtles were slow to start but, always finished a record race at #1
DaveL Can you believe it was 30+ years ago when Queen rocked us with We Are The Champions, and We Will Rock You? Wow!!
DaveL Man, the Rolling Stones have so many great songs to choose from!
DaveL This is the place for Stones, Beatles, & Motown! From 1966 The Four Tops captured another top spot with, Reach Out!, I'll Be There.
DaveL Over 400 entries, and several of my favorites a couple of times thru. This is w/o question one of my favorites given a 2nd time on the list!
DaveL The chief architects of the 'San Francisco sound!' The Jefferson Airplane with Somebody To Love.
DaveL A blast back w/ some Kicks by, Paul Revere & the Raiders as I offered in Amarillo, Texas on KIXZ (KICKS!)
DaveL Out of the ionosphere! Nobody keeps Janis from here w/ one of her greatest, soulful performances. Deleted 1st copy due 2 continued unavailability.
DaveL Found on many lists of greatest hits from the time period, Percy Sledge put this on top of the country's best in the 60's.
DaveL Thnx to BLIP.fm for taking care of biz, & getting BLIP.fm back on-line to finish the week-end.
DaveL Rock was a product manifesting out of 'the swing era' of the 40's, and in to the 50's with a style known as 'Do-wop.' This is a Do-wop classic.
DaveL The Yardbirds were a favorite.
DaveL Temps. always rise when the Temptations arrive on the musical scene. Imagine, all of this great music from the 60's, 70's + a bi-product of 'do-wop'
DaveL Some groups had only 1 hit, some only several. The Searchers had at least a half dozen of varying popularity.


| play
DaveL Undeniably one of the best of the best, Magic Carpet Ride by, Steppenwolf getting a 2nd ride thru the play list.
DaveL Frankie Valli's voice unexpectedly changed (kidding)! He, and the 4 Seasons sung this song demonstrating they could sing somewhere besides falsetto
DaveL From the mid 50's thru the mid 70's, and then some, I'm all over the board. This is from 1974.
DaveL June 19, 1967 brings us to WFIL in Philadelphia, and #48 on the Famous 50 Singles survey from Famous 56.
DaveL You can't put the Stones on a play list often enough. Second time thru for Honky Tonk Women.
DaveL Early 60's, and yes, we had rock & roll! Don't Let Go!
DaveL Aretha Franklin gives us respect for top of the chart action in the 60's!
DaveL Long forgotten yet, still being played somewhere. Thnx to @ICEGIRL152 for this one. (reblip)

Amboy Dukes, The Journey to the Center of the Mind

| play
DaveL Saturday In The Park by, Chicago where the Cubs continue on to a 2010 world championship.
DaveL I don't remember if this is the 2nd time thru 4 Get Back by, The Beatles Doesn't matter. These are the Beatles with a spirited live performance.

Get Back- The Beatles

| play
DaveL Anybody have some WD-40? This is Thriller by, Michael.
DaveL From 1961 these ar The Drifters with one of many hits as the do-wop era is still influencing rock.
DaveL A surprise with the now famous Phil Specter 'wall of sound,' The Righteous Bros. re-intro themselves w/ a new sound to put them on top of the charts.
DaveL S&G could do no wrong as everything they sang grabbed critics, the public, and the charts.
DaveL Eric Burdon & the Animals. House of the Rising Sun would probably be their signature but, they had a bunch of chart busters b4 the group split.
DaveL It would not be possible to leave, this morning w/o a dose of the Rolling Stones.
DaveL I changed my mind. I can't leave w/o a double dose of the Stones!
DaveL Lucy dies? Song was written w/ acronym LSD in mind? Another story is for John's son Julian's childhood friend, Lucy who has recently died.
DaveL The magical, musical moment of midnight as spotlighted on lots of songs.
DaveL Passing fad? Mid-50's, and Elvis had eyebrows raised. No suggestive swiveling of hips allowed on TV. All shots above the waist.
DaveL 1966 brings the Buffalo Springfield thru the play list for a 2nd time from L. A.'s KRLA top 50 tune-dex w/ an all time favorite, For What It's Worth
DaveL @sir_edward_ross You know, it's only just past 6 here, and dark as midnight. This song about p.m. but, we've got a p.m. sky in the a.m.?
DaveL From 1959 this is classic do-wop. The Impalas. Sorry! I Ran All The Way Home

Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)

| play
DaveL The year was 1965, and the Byrds flew in to the music charts w/ Turn x 3
DaveL No one got this song out like Ray Charles in 1960. A #1 classic.
DaveL Where ever there's rock, there are Stones!
DaveL A 2nd jump in to the rock pile nets us more Stones & Brown Sugar.
DaveL The Aces of the AIR at KDKA, Pittsburgh, Pa. had Sonny & Cher w/ The Beat Goes On at # 14 on their 02/13/1967 Sound Survey
DaveL Puttin' on those boots, again. These are really old boots. They're not even boots, any more!
DaveL Here's your alarm clock! Really, imagine this as your 1st sound in the morning. Really would be funny.
DaveL Protest songs often made the point to the 'establishment.' In the mid 60's it was about, Vietnam, and equal rights at home.
DaveL Dion & The Belmonts go back to the early 60's. The Wanderer was in the top spot in 1961.
DaveL Dare I leave w/o a dose of pure rock by, The Stones?
DaveL Now I can leave w/ no regrets! Choose to have a good day!
DaveL Where The Wild Things Are movie is here. Read the book 2 my son, over, &, over, & over to infinity when he was 3. Now he's 21, & reads it 2 me.
DaveL So, the morning starts with a repeat performance to the play list, and just the right vibes!
DaveL Bouncing thru the decades from the 50's, 60's thru the 70's, and sometimes, then some. Rhiannon by, Fleetwood Mac remains a selected favoritization
DaveL What if.........


| play
DaveL Think I'm covering the Beatles? Not really. This was a hit by, this group at another time.
DaveL Engraved in to the history of rock, Neil Young is multi-talented, performing w/ several groups, and has done well as a solo act.
DaveL I tax my memory which by the way is hard as there is no memory. If I tried, I'd come up w/ #11 on San Diego's KCBQ 11-7 5/23/65 4 Donovan's 1st hit.
DaveL OK, here's what I really want to know. Does this song have any meaning what-so-ever? Did I miss something profound?
DaveL Under the shelter of rock, we have Stones!
DaveL Time to wake up! Who needs the yellow pill when you have music?
DaveL L-10 John w/ Philadelphia Freedom
DaveL In the lead-off position this morning at 354am, mdt Arthur Conley w/ Sweet Soul Music
DaveL Here's Tommy Roe w/ Sheila from 1962, and a no. 1 song on KFWB in Los Angeles.
DaveL Peggy Sue by, Buddy Holly was 5 yrs. b4 Tommy Roe, and Sheila. I thought there was a similarity in sound but, then again it's not even 5am.
DaveL If 4 no other reason than the group's name, I had to bring this back for a listen.

Gimme, Gimme Good Lovin'/Crazy Elephant

| play
DaveL There is one group that stands out beyond the rest. They landed at the earports of America, and began a musical invasion.

The Beatles - Cant Buy Me Love

| play
DaveL The resurgence of Motown was no accident, & Diana Ross & The Supremes were vocal in that major overhaul!
DaveL From 1954. Bill Haley & Comets w/ Rock Around The Clock, often given false credit 4 1st rock song. Similar music intro'd early as '52, 1 by, Haley.
DaveL Is your baby doing The Hanky Panky?
DaveL OK. Not my fav. but, somebody liked The Leader Of The Pack. The Shangri-Las led the charts with this 1. Why? I have no idea.
DaveL I admit it. A set-up. Just to get another novelty song in here but, it was worth it. The Detergents cleaned up with this one.
DaveL Some Do-wop & wouldn't you know I found the perfect song to follow the Leader Of The Laundromat? These are the Jarmels, and A Little Bit Of Soap.
DaveL I don't really remember but, I believe this is the 2nd time thru for Baby, I Need Your Lovin'. These are The Four Tops!
DaveL They were w/ other groups. Then C,S,N & Young, C,S,N,Y, Taylor & Reeves. Was Suite: Judy Blue Eyes re: Judy Collins? Unsure of group members 4 this
DaveL The Rolling Stones w/ a complete departure from their usual.
DaveL The famous Phil Specter wall of sound behind Ike, & Tina w/ a leader from KEWB, & KYA in the North Bay. Where was Ike?
DaveL Back to 1964 as the Kinks were hovering within the top 10!
DaveL Coming around for a 2nd time. Classic disco from 1977 as the Bee Gees stay alive w/ the times!
DaveL This is 'marvelous' Marvin Gaye as played by, popular 60's USA radio dj, B. Mitchel Reed ('BMR') on WMCA in N.Y. & KFWB, L.A.
DaveL Not leaving w/o a morning dose of Stones!
DaveL 2nd time for Satisfaction. Mid 60's pushed #1 to new heights.
DaveL Wouldn't It Be Nice to spend time with rock 'n roll 24/hrs./day?
DaveL From the top 10 of the year for 1961.
DaveL We move to 1965. The Mindbenders, & A Groovy Kind Of Love. Nothing was really 'awesome.' It was all 'groovy!''
DaveL I've taken it to my limit, tonight. Enjoy your night! As we coast the runways from the earports of America,The Eagles sing, 'Take It To The Limit'
DaveL It was #20 of 40 on KOL, Seattle August 28, 1970. Eric Burdon moves from the mid 60's and the Animals to War.
DaveL What do you mean, Soul Man? Looks like 2. Sam aaannd Dave.
DaveL Changing decades! The 50's to 60's. Anybody could dance to the Twist. Except for me. Really. I saw where I should be, I just wouldn't go.
DaveL Nobody stopping the rain, here. More coming through the eve. 1st snow just a few days away, and last week high temps. in the 80's. It's wet.
DaveL This is unreal. I just looked outside, & I was expecting wet. It is wet. It's white, & this is all wrong! I tell you it was 80 last week!
DaveL Looks like an end 2 a wild weekend w/ 1st snow on the ground. The Rockin' Rebels had this 'surf' instrumental for chart action in 1963.
DaveL 2nd time thru the list, 1st time thru the USA with a hit originally by, Buddy Holly, and the Crickets probably only 3-4 yr. prior.
DaveL Back in the 60's they called these 'twin spins,' 'double plays,' a 'hear-a-thon' on the radio. 1 of my favs from the Stones but, there are so many!
DaveL Nothing to trade, no credit, then what?

The BeatlesMoney

| play
DaveL ...and more money from an earlier time!
DaveL This was released in 1959, & a minor splash at #83/100. Re-released 4 another ride in '61 to #3 on the same charts. What a difference 2 yrs. makes.
DaveL The 'dreamy' side of rock continues thru the mid 60's
DaveL Just exactly who was Papa? The psychedelic Temps.! keeping up with the times.
DaveL Hey! It's time for a cartoon break! Turn on that box-tube TV, and away we go! Yabba-Dabba-Do!
DaveL Aretha Franklin! Singing soulfully, stringing several hits thru the charts!
DaveL My wife wants the computer so, I'm lined up on the runway for flight out from America's earports, which is sp. right. What's wrong w/ sp. on this?

The Guess Who - American Woman

| play
DaveL You got this to me 1st but, do you know this must have been re-blipped a million x! Thnx 2 all 4 a grt re-play.@sir_edward_ross: (reblip)

Sunshine Superman- Donovan

| play
DaveL Sunshine Superman brings back memories. I believed. w/o warning, actor playing Superman/tv afternoon shot himself & died. My parents brk the news.
DaveL The Superman thing wasn't funny. It really wasn't. Brings a tear to my eye. Okay, it's somehow, gravely funny.
DaveL The romance was on. Our song! Yes, this was the lead dance, top song at our wedding, more than a decade after hitting the charts in 1964.
DaveL Before the decade changes, Otis Redding owned the top spot on the national charts w/ Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
DaveL Given permission for a landing at the world's earports we begin a short music stop with The Zombies before work activities for the day .
DaveL From the dark skies of night.........


| play
DaveL Only the best could somehow get 14 great tracks from an lp with only 12 tracks.
DaveL Probably not the most widely known Neil Diamond fare but, none the less right up with the gems of music from the time.
DaveL For the connoisseur of Neil Diamond's hits, a diamond double play.
DaveL Up in to the morning skies!
DaveL Mid-60's Motown strikes again, and again, and again, and again. Sorry, I'm just trying to be accurate. And again, and
DaveL Have to prep for the employment day. What could possibly light my fire?
DaveL A spooky little Halloween girl like you.
DaveL Classic 'dreamy' rock. This is from 1958.
DaveL Thnx 4 ur time. It's 16 after 9 where I am, & I'm going upstairs for a little time on the pillow while watching Dodgers, & Cards on tv. Good night!
DaveL It's a.m. here, & I've got left over pizza!@sir_edward_ross: "Breakfast in bed! @FOGGIELOANER @devlps @starlingpoet @DaisyDee @chinezz09 @JeanneBehr " (reblip)

Woodstock announcements :: Breakfast in bed!

| play
DaveL @sir_edward_ross Thnx for coffee. To clarify, pizza's not pizza w/o anchovies. Don't mean to be dis-'heartening'

Piece Of My Heart

| play
DaveL @sir_edward_ross Time 4 me to brew some of my own for my wife as we depart 4 work. Thnx 4 wake-up cup!

The Folgers Theme song CONSPIRACY!

| play
DaveL Re: Folger's Conspiracy below. A) Funny bit B) 2 bad! He doesn't understand a lot of variables of music history like this Do-wop, from 1956.
DaveL To my wife of ....that long? How old am I?
DaveL Cards fans are awfully quiet, tonight.
DaveL Free as a stone skipped across the water.
DaveL Short flight, 2 night. I am lined up on the runways of the world's earports 4 a flight home. Tkts available 2 the world's citizens 4 the nxt flight.
DaveL A.M. radio in the late 50's-60's! Popular sister stations, KDWB Minneapolis-St.Paul, KEWB Oakland-San Francisco, & KFWB L.A. I grew up w/ KFWB.

KDWB - Color Radio - 4

| play
DaveL Do you remember? Classic group, The Platters, and perhaps their most famed top 40 hit.
DaveL We had our girl friends. Thnx 2 Lesley Gore, it dawned on them they weren't necessarily 'our' girl friends. Times were definitely changing.
DaveL A favorite of mine by, The Beach Boys.
DaveL Amidst the rock from nowhere, this came on to the rock playlists all around the country. Paul Mauriat & Orchestra achieved #1 billing.
DaveL One of the stand-out groups for all time with a masterpiece.

A Day in the Life

| play
DaveL In concert from 1988, Roy Orbison w/ several favorites.

ROY ORBISON : Lonely/Leah/Dream Baby '86 (1/5)

| play
DaveL The week was ending 10/9, 1964, & Jumpin' Gene Simmons w/ Halloween days away had the #27 song, on the KEWB Fab 40 survey for Oakland-San Francisco,
DaveL This was major, and being played everywhere in 1966.
DaveL This song needs no introduction from me, I'll leave that to Carla Thomas.
DaveL Carlin's classic as baseball playoffs are underway, and they're just warming up for football.
DaveL Ozzie/Harriet Nelson had a pop tv sit-com during the 50's/60's. Their son, Rick had many charted 60's hits.1972's Garden Party in memory of the era.
DaveL 2 girls for every boy. I was all for it but, honestly having 1 was a stroke of luck!
DaveL When rock was in its' infancy there was My True Story.
DaveL A long time past the infancy of rock, and a new era of the music we love. I'll just put this on auto-play for your convenience.
DaveL Prepping on the world's earports 4 my flight out but, 1st let me sweeten the deal with Mick & Co. Thanks to all!
DaveL Some Byrds fly, some don't. For instance, Cardinals don't.
DaveL To the mid-60's. In between all the British invasion chart positions we managed a few positions on the charts as well!
DaveL #3 on Detroit's WKNR Music Guide for May 1, 1967.
DaveL The Sandpipers slowed down the Kingsmen's hit from 1963, and made a moderate hit. You mean there was nothing to ban in '63? Some tried w/o reason.
DaveL Okay, here's the original from '63. Louie, Louie was said to have ?able lyrics. If you're on this page, here are those 'nasty' lyrics.

The True Lyrics to Louie Louie

| play
DaveL A decade changer. From the 60's, and in to the 70's!
DaveL Another decade changer from 10 yrs. earlier. From the 50's to the 60's.
DaveL Were they really still 'young?' I really don't remember the transition but, there was a point where they became merely 'The Rascals.'
DaveL The Eagles.

THE EAGLES (one of these nights)

| play
DaveL There is no letting go of the nights when, they're this good.
DaveL George Harrison. Somehow apropos for this Sunday.
DaveL From one part of 'the invasion' to, another.
DaveL A repeat worth repeating. This is great Stones music!


| play
DaveL Producer of several guitar instrumentals through the 60's, Dick Dale grabs a chart position w/ a vocal.

Dick Dale- Mr. Peppermint Man (Vocal version)

| play
DaveL The fabulous 50's! Rock from the beginning.

the shields- you cheated you lied

| play
DaveL Dusting of the do-wop w/ a do-wop double play w/ The Teddy Bears. Intro to Phil Specter.
DaveL Speaking of Phil Spector. He wasn't in 2 performing but, rather producing. This song was representative of the now famous Spector 'wall of sound.'
DaveL I play this, again as another representative of that 'wall of sound' that trademarks many of the hits from the era.
DaveL Have to play it, again. There was something wrong w/ playback on the previously posted selection. This was just a real favorite.
DaveL Interestingly simplistic but, significant as a hit from L.A.'s KRLA top 50 tune-dex. I don't understand why or, how but, it made it 2 the big time.
DaveL The Rolling Stones! 3rd behind the Beatles, & DC 5 in the infamous 'invasion' with their debut on the American charts.
DaveL 1965's candy. Thnx 2 all for props. Getting set 4 take off from the earports of the world, & my trip back to reality, including fun on the job!
DaveL From when, I don't know. I just knew The Love Shack had to be!
DaveL For the earports of the world this is Led Zeppelin at the top of the charts in 1969.
DaveL A Beatles double deal.

A Day in the Life

| play
DaveL The 'invasion' would have never been complete w/o the Stones.
DaveL Time for a rock 'n roll wake-up call!
DaveL First there is a mountain. Then there isn't. Kind of like hello-good-bye. The mind can be so fragile.
DaveL As the day breaks, one last look at the starshine.

Good Morning Starshine by Oliver

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DaveL Are you ready to start the day? Of course, you are. How about something w/ a good beat, & (this is the important part) easy to dance to?

Let's Dance by Chris Montez

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DaveL Rod Stewart had a #1 song with Maggie May in 1971!

Rod Stewart - Maggie May Original

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DaveL Imagine this is from 1958, and it would be a great 'theme' song for todays, TWITTER, and all the tweets!
DaveL My kind of humor! One of the founding fathers of rock 'n roll!@sir_edward_ross: "couldn't find the Big Blipper but found Big Bopper @Travvybear " (reblip)
DaveL As the Dodgers-Phillies get started, I'm reminded of missing Harry Caray at Wrigley. I've never been 2 Chicago. Cubs to win world series, 2010.

Harry Caray Sings Take Me Out to the Ballgame

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DaveL You heard me right! CUBS to win World Series 2010 no matter whether the score is 25 or 6 to 4.
DaveL Hold Me Tight, and I Can See Clearly Now are 2 others giving notoriety to Johnny Nash. With a reggae sound attached, Stir It Up is another.
DaveL @sir_edward_ross. It is possible to escape. Many escaped in to, and out of TVs original prime-time Twilight Zone from the 60's.


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DaveL Let's look at what black & white tv did for the purple people eater in 1958. It was all there was!
DaveL Didn't mean to scare anybody with a flying purple people eater.
DaveL Paul Simon went on to record several hits following a very successful venture with Art Garfunkel.
DaveL Excellent! Thnx for excellent add!@Gypsylyn: "♥ Dance With Me ♥ Orleans" (reblip)
DaveL Wow!@pcsketch: Somehow reminded me of Steppenwolf from the beginning. (reblip)
DaveL From a Steppenwolf Lp. Far from a Magic Carpet Ride. @pcsketch @DJTIMMY @comicmama @Dancer12 @sir_edward_ross
DaveL Don't mis-understand. Never anything wrong w/ mainstream Steppenwolf.
DaveL I have had some ? re: playing this but, it represents the 60's. There was an anti-drug community playing 2nd place 2 the highly publicized drug crowd
DaveL Thnx for another 'fab 40' hit!@Gypsylyn: "~ Brown Eyed Girl ~ Van Morrison ..;-)" (reblip)
DaveL B4 there were pushers, b4 the Beatles, way back b4 times were so confused, there was fun, rock 'n roll.@DJRosaNava: "Bobby Vee - Devil Or Angel " (reblip)
DaveL You can't plz all. Seems like we lost one via The Pusher but, only one. Then gained another. Appreciate all & understand.

The Beatles Remastered Sampler- Please Please Me

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DaveL Congrats to producer 4 excellent edits! Come reminisce with possibly the greatest rock band, ever!


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DaveL Toward the end of the ride as the Beatles begin separate paths.
DaveL The Beatles were masters of innovation. Just when we thought it couldn't be done, they took us to yet, another level. Thnx @GR8FL re: beta
DaveL Soft rock from the very early 60's includes Angel On My Shoulder by, Shelby Flint.

Angel On My Shoulder -- Shelby Flint

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