DemolitionLandfill One of my favorite Judas Priest tunes
DemolitionLandfill This as close as you get to sounding like Rob Halford!
DemolitionLandfill One of the best and most underrated bands of all time.
DemolitionLandfill This band just proves they can stand the test of time and still be so relevent
DemolitionLandfill Anger unleashed..plain and simple

Dope- Die MF Die Lyrics

| play
DemolitionLandfill One of the heaviest Ministry tunes there is..
DemolitionLandfill One of the most underrated bands of all-time..
DemolitionLandfill Love this song.. sounds more like a Bruce Dickinson solo tune
DemolitionLandfill Solo how heavy this is

01.Freak-Bruce Dickinson

| play
DemolitionLandfill My favorite tune of Chemical Wedding.. very similar in style to Dark Side of Aquarius off Accident of Birth
DemolitionLandfill Probably my favorite solo tune by much power and emotion here..

Tears Of A Dragon "Bruce Dickinson"

| play
DemolitionLandfill Overall, my favorite W.A.S.P. album and this is one of my fave tunes
DemolitionLandfill Probably my absolute favorite Sabbath tune yet unless you're a true fan, this song often goes overlooked.
DemolitionLandfill The vocal range of this guy is absolutely incredible....
DemolitionLandfill Another great song by this band....I love this chick's voice!
DemolitionLandfill Very underrated album... Eric Clapton doing solo work on this particular tune..
DemolitionLandfill Their MTV hit was "Hollywood" but this one has so much more feeling to it..

JunkyardSimple MAn

| play
DemolitionLandfill Not a single bad song off Brother Cane's first album
DemolitionLandfill Great tune by these guys...


| play
DemolitionLandfill Jake E. Lee at his absolute best..and I STILL think he was the best of all Ozzy's guitarists...
DemolitionLandfill Europe guitarist John Norum solo project covering Thin Lizzy's "Opium Trail".. Legendary Glenn Hughes on vocals and Accept's Peter Baltes on bass...
DemolitionLandfill One of my favorite Ozzy tunes plust, the added bonus of Jake E. Lee on guitar...
DemolitionLandfill This song initially appeared on the album "Eat the Heat" with David Reece vocals..Udo Dirkschneider rejoined and they re-did the tune so much better!!

Accept-Generation Clash II

| play
DemolitionLandfill Who remembers this tune? Kelly Keeling has such a cool and powerful voice!
DemolitionLandfill A little bit more obscure but it was popular nonetheless...anyone remember THIS one?
DemolitionLandfill Love this's like a more upbeat sounding Mazzy Star
DemolitionLandfill Great song.. not as good live but there was no studio version..
DemolitionLandfill I'm not even sure why I like this song but I really do.. there's just something about it..
DemolitionLandfill This song just gets me everytime I hear it... Love this!
DemolitionLandfill Another one of my favorites of all time...Maria McKee is such a cutie!
DemolitionLandfill This song hits home on so many levels..I think most everyone can relate to this song in one way or another...
DemolitionLandfill My favorite Black Label tune off the first raw... This one's for you Pedro!!
DemolitionLandfill Zakk's band after Ozzy's No More Tears album when Ozzy announced his pending retirement...
DemolitionLandfill Another great Jackson Browne tune...and who doesn't like Fast Times at Ridgemont High?
DemolitionLandfill My favorite Depeche Mode tune... love the lyrics
DemolitionLandfill I listen to this tune and just want to get in my car and drive!!
DemolitionLandfill What a great one-hit-wonder from the 70's!
DemolitionLandfill Another chick with an awesome voice.. Such mystery in this song..

"Carnival" Natalie Merchant

| play
DemolitionLandfill Absolute aggression..what a scary presence, especially onstage. Saw him in California with Jake E. Lee as guitarist..AMAZING

Mandy Lion's WWIII "Rise"

| play
DemolitionLandfill Excellent band live...Dez Fafara..even better in DevilDriver

coal chamber loco

| play
DemolitionLandfill My favorite Coal Chamber tune..
DemolitionLandfill My favorite Iced Earth tune and one of my favorite vocalists..Matt Barlow has got some killer pipes!
DemolitionLandfill If Burning TImes is my fave by these guys, this is much feeling and power in Barlow's voice...and now he's back in the fold..Catch them live
DemolitionLandfill One of the most talented yet UNHEARD of band ever...such potential..reminds me so much like early Fates Warning
DemolitionLandfill Another highly underrated band.. Glen and Shawn Drover..both went on to Megadeth..Shawn still in Megadeth on drums. Glen left to pursue other avenues
DemolitionLandfill Amazing band...amazing talent...

Eidolon Spirit Sanctuary

| play
DemolitionLandfill Testament just seems to get better with age..Man this song rocks!!
DemolitionLandfill On a California memories kick here.. this is for you Ryan!
DemolitionLandfill Delores O'Riorden (maybe spelled wrong).. what an AWESOME voice..
DemolitionLandfill Wonderful yet sat for Edward Bear..

Edward Bear-Last Song 1973

| play
DemolitionLandfill Blast from the past...A song that many have forgotten about but should ring a bell...
DemolitionLandfill Quite possibly the best one-hit-wonder from the 80's.. R.I.P. Phil Seymour...
DemolitionLandfill Another one of the best one-hit-wonders of the 80's

Red RockersChina

| play
DemolitionLandfill My absolute favorite Kinks tune..
DemolitionLandfill Awesome tune..awesome vocals despite what some have tried to tell me.. I love her have to listen closely but it's there..
DemolitionLandfill Largely unheard of band...I love the power in this chick's voice..not your typical female fronted band...
DemolitionLandfill After that opening solo? Quite possibly the best guitar riff ever.... my favorite Van Halen tune
DemolitionLandfill Unfortunately doesn't have my favorite Ratt tune, "What You Give Is What You Get", but this is a close 2nd
DemolitionLandfill One of my fave Ratt tunes...first "true" ballad they recorded...
DemolitionLandfill Great Skid Row off highly underrated album Subhuman Race...Sebastian Bach has one of the most powerful voices in metal.

Skid Row-Into another

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another great Skid Row tune off Subhuman Race. Live versions just don't have the same quality but there is no studio version on
DemolitionLandfill One of the most powerful vocal performances of Sebastian Bach's career...and a VERY moving song..
DemolitionLandfill College memories :-) Cruising with Derek M. and Jenny A. ..This one's for you guys!!
DemolitionLandfill One of my favorite Type O tunes... R.I.P. Peter will be missed my so many..

Type O Negative Everyone I Love is Dead

| play
DemolitionLandfill Seems very fitting .... R.I.P. Peter Steele... one of my absolute favorite bands is now just a memory..
DemolitionLandfill One of the best..vocal range in full force here....R.I.P. Peter Steele

Type O Negative-Green Man

| play
DemolitionLandfill Never knew this song until Guitar Hero but fell in love with it...not a fan of anything else by this band but this one, I like a lot..
DemolitionLandfill I know Trans-Siberian Orchestra is where its at right now but MAN I want Jon Oliva to bring back Savatage... one of my FAVORITE bands..
DemolitionLandfill Absolute amazing tune off the Gutter Ballet album...


| play
DemolitionLandfill One of the most recognizeable Savatage tunes...this one put them on the metal map..
DemolitionLandfill One of my absolute favorite songs...Zak Stevens second album taking over vocal for Jon Oliva who steps back to just play keyboards..amazing song


| play
DemolitionLandfill Last studio album from Savatage..Jon Oliva back on is in a similar format to "Chance" of Handful of Rain

Savatage- "The Morphine Child"

| play
DemolitionLandfill Bonus track off the Poets and Madmen CD..Zak Stevens on vocals here..comes from recording sessions from prior albums..
DemolitionLandfill Great one-hit-wonder from my favorite decade of music!

Icicle Works / Whisper To A Scream(Birds Fly) PV

| play
DemolitionLandfill Awesome song.. awesome band...Cy Curnin is a great vocalist
DemolitionLandfill This and "Deeper and Deeper"... my favorite songs by The Fixx..
DemolitionLandfill I love this band...I love that they still tour...Richard Butler is such a unique vocalist..
DemolitionLandfill Probably my favorite alternative band and favorite video by this band... Mirror Moves was an absolute BRILLIANT album.. not a weak song..

The Psychedelic Furs -- Heaven

| play
DemolitionLandfill My favorite song by The me chills when I hear it..such power..what a band..Pretty In Pink, Love My Way, Heaven, The Ghost in You..awesome
DemolitionLandfill Original version of this song off the first White Lion album "Fight To Survive"..
DemolitionLandfill My 50th concert.. April Wine and Loverboy..Who didn't get the innuendo behind the title to this song? :-)
DemolitionLandfill Great tune...actually pretty heavy for Loverboy..

LoverboyLucky Ones

| play
DemolitionLandfill My absolute favorite Loverboy this song!
DemolitionLandfill Wow, what a blast from the past...who remember THIS one?

The Salt In My Tears Martin Briley

| play
DemolitionLandfill If there was ever proof that Bonn Scott faked his own death or was reincarnated, Rhino Bucket is the proof.. as close as it gets...
DemolitionLandfill The similarities to Bon Scott-era AC/DC are uncanny..lots of bands are similar but THIS takes the cake
DemolitionLandfill Absolutely incredible...I believe Stevie Ray is the best guitarist to have walked the planet..he did Jimi better than Jimi..
DemolitionLandfill This song is so much better as an intrumental..Stevie's guitar portrays the true emotion behind this wonderful song...
DemolitionLandfill Stevie at his sheer guitarist ever! And I know I'll get a ton of arguements on that.. R.I.P. Stevie..glad I saw you in concert!
DemolitionLandfill A popular but lesser known tune by Donny Iris..probably 3rd most popular behind Ah! Leah and Love Is Like a Rock...
DemolitionLandfill What a great favorite by Donny Iris but probably the least known of his popular songs..
DemolitionLandfill Another one of my favorite alternative bands...Thanks for buying me the cassette in college, Mr. Klein

The Jesus and Mary Chain- Head On

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another great J and MC tune off the Automatic album...1989 was a GREAT year for alternative music...

The Jesus and Mary Chain- Between Planets

| play
DemolitionLandfill Memories of 1983...I always called Triumph, Canada's poor man's Rush..three men..just not quite the talent..
DemolitionLandfill Better than Ozzy's version...heavy as hell!!!

Black Label Society - No More Tears

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another amazing Iced Earth tune....Matt Barlow...what a voice!! (reblip)
DemolitionLandfill What a wonderful and powerful's actually all of the Commodores and not just Lionel Richie as it says here..
DemolitionLandfill Great, rockin' tune...has a cool 90's vibe to it...singer is pretty nice to look at as well and that's always a plus!
DemolitionLandfill Excellent tune...Vivian Campbell leaves for Whitesnake to be replaced by then 17yo Rowan Robertson...Ronnie is one of the best vocalists in metal!!
DemolitionLandfill Absolutely wonderful and amazing hit for Benjamin Orr..The songs he sang with The Cars are far superior to Rick Ocasik... R.I.P. Benjamin
DemolitionLandfill Another amazing and powerful tune sung by Benjamin Orr..the best Cars tunes were sung by him..R.I.P.

The CarsDrive

| play
DemolitionLandfill Maybe my favorite Cars tune..R.I.P. Benjamin
DemolitionLandfill This song and Bye, Bye Cars tunes...You'll never hear a Ric Ocasik tune in my Cars setlist..Benjamin Orr was so much better.. R.I.P.
DemolitionLandfill Oh the college memories of 1989!!..I really got into alternative music via MTV's 120 Minutes..this was heavy on their rotation..

They Might be Giants-Birdhouse In Your soul

| play
DemolitionLandfill More college memories...Man the Chili Peppers could rock it when they wanted!!

Red Hot Chili Peppers -Knock Me Down (Official Video)

| play
DemolitionLandfill Wow, very cool.. been looking for this song for an eternity but couldn't remember the band name.. THANKS, Theo!!!!
DemolitionLandfill Another tune from '89-'90 on MTV's 120 Minutes..not a fan of the live version as the sound quality suffers but this is all had..
DemolitionLandfill Amazing song!! So spooky yet of my 80's faves!
DemolitionLandfill Love it! Can't forget about THESE guys! Going to have to Blip a FEW by OMD...

OMDSo in Love 1985

| play
DemolitionLandfill Can't forget about this tune from the movie Pretty In Pink.. Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark had so many great songs!

OMD- If You Leave

| play
DemolitionLandfill My last Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark blip or I'd be blipping awhile LOL.. let's also not forget their hits "Secrets" and "Forever Live and Die"


| play
DemolitionLandfill The Sheik Yerbouti album was my first exposure to Zappa..I sure didn't appreciate the genius behind Frank Zappa was just funny as hell!
DemolitionLandfill Pure GENIUS!! Zappa was one of the most talented musicians there ever was and was SO FAR ahead of his time..thanks to Jim Bird 4 exposing me to Zappa
DemolitionLandfill Great song...introduced to me in college by Jason Klein...Thanks Kleiner!!

HollandGotta Run

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another band introduced to me in college by Jason Klein.. one of my favorite songs from that time period..
DemolitionLandfill Incredible song..SO haunting! Peter Murphy is amazing..was in the band Bauhaus and had a big alternative hit on MTV in 1989 with "Cuts You Up"
DemolitionLandfill These guys had a lot better tunes than the stuff heard on the radio...this is a cool tune..
DemolitionLandfill I still hate these live versions..sound quality just isn't as good but that's all had..Another great Ugly Kid Joe tune
DemolitionLandfill Great tune from the 70's..I usually don't go for the most popular songs but in the 70's I was young and highly influenced by the tunes on the radio.
DemolitionLandfill Another great tune by this band.. one of my favorites from that era..

Climax Blues Band-I love You

| play
DemolitionLandfill Most remember Walkin' Shoes and Phantom Rider.. this was Tora Tora's second effort..a much more polished album but not as commercially successful
DemolitionLandfill Another EXCELLENT cover tune by the mighty Type O Negative...Deep Purple should be proud... R.I.P. Peter Steele
DemolitionLandfill I discovered this largely unheard of band in the summer of 1990 in Medora, ND because I loved the album cover..singer reminds me of Bruce Dickinson
DemolitionLandfill Another largely unheard of band but, Oh So GOOD!! Two albums and then done..currently working on a reunion of sorts with a different singer..

Fifth Angel- Fifth Angel- The Night

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another great Fifth Angel song..I'm pleasantly surprised at the amount of their songs here on'll be posting a few more

Fifth Angel- Fifth Angel- Only The Strong Survive

| play
DemolitionLandfill Fifth Angel's lone, minor MTV hit and video..they also do a GREAT cover of UFO's "Lights Out" but sadly, it's not on
DemolitionLandfill One of my absolute favorites from the 70's..the video that accompanies this song is pretty funny!
DemolitionLandfill Takes a little bit before song gets going but, what a SONG! I believe this is off their first album but I could be wrong..Knopfler is incredible!
DemolitionLandfill My absolute favorite Dire Straits tune! "Tora, tora taxi...see you tomorrow my friend"
DemolitionLandfill Firefall's second most popular tune behind "You Are the Woman"...this is a much more powerful song musically.. one more to follow and it's my fave..
DemolitionLandfill My favorite Firefall tune...recognizeable if you were a fan of 70's music but not if you only listened to the radio..


| play
DemolitionLandfill Off the wall ZZ Top tune...not even close to their typical sound but SO COOL!!
DemolitionLandfill Excellent tune from the 70's.. Paul Carrack before going to the band Squeeze and their hit "Tempted" and then to Mike and the Mechanics and solo..

ACE How long 1974

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another artist introduced to me by Mr. Jason Klein..I didn't realize how many great artist there were in Canada.. plus, Lee Aaron is HOT!

LEE AARON ¤ Metal Queen (1984)

| play
DemolitionLandfill Incredible song...David Gilmour is without a doubt, one of the greatest guitarists alive..and such a distinctive voice!
DemolitionLandfill Another great guitarist..I like a lot of Knopfler's solo stuff over his work in Dire Straits..
DemolitionLandfill Another excellent Knopfler solo effort. This sounds a bit more like Dire Straits but still has his own touch to it...great song..
DemolitionLandfill Almost and autobiographical look into my favorite guitarist and one of the best to ever set foot on this planet.. R.I.P. Stevie Ray
DemolitionLandfill Excellent song..another great guitar player....

Pat Travers "Snorting Whiskey"

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another amazing guitar player..evidenced in this song...
DemolitionLandfill What a great blast from the past...I love when I run across gems like this after all but forgetting about them...

Trooper-Raise a Little Hell (With Lyrics)

| play
DemolitionLandfill Molly Hatchet's answer to Skynyrd's "Freebird" and a much better song, in my opinion..LOVE this song!
DemolitionLandfill Another great radio-friendly tune from the 70's..I'm really in a 70's kick here, lately..I'll bet back to the 80's and some metal soon, though
DemolitionLandfill One of my favorite 70's tunes..Give it a'll recognize it..Welch was also great in Fleetwood Mac before Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham
DemolitionLandfill Originally a Fleetwood Mac song when Welch was in the band. Redone when he went solo..The Fleetwood Mac version is a little more stripped down..better
DemolitionLandfill Great Mac song..pre-Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham..Pete Green on vocals, I believe..such a spooky sounding song..

hypnotized Fleetwood Mac

| play
DemolitionLandfill My absolute favorite song of all time...Such haunting vocals and then the resolve she gets in that last me chills when I hear this song.

Fleetwood MacSara

| play
DemolitionLandfill What an amazing blast from the past..why this band didn't get more popular is beyond me...LOVE IT!!!
DemolitionLandfill From the summer of '86...GTR had two hits..this being the biggest.. the other, a minor hit called "The Hunter" which I'll post if has it..


| play
DemolitionLandfill GTR's second "minor" hit..I think I like this one better than "When the Heart Rules the Mind"

GTRThe Hunter

| play
DemolitionLandfill Amazing cover of the coolest covers of a song that I've heard in a very long time...too bad they are retiring...they still rock!
DemolitionLandfill Great song off the "Big Generator" album...
DemolitionLandfill When this song first came out, I didn't really like it..then I revisited it years later and it really grew on me..the haunting quality and power..
DemolitionLandfill College memories...down in the Bomb Shelter partying with Derek and this song!

Tell Me What You Want--Zebra

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another band I'd long forgotten about..another band introduced to me by Jason Klein...


| play
DemolitionLandfill My favorite Yes song of all time... recently the lyrics took on a personal meaning to me..


| play
DemolitionLandfill Autograph's second hit...Much better than "Turn Up the Radio"..
DemolitionLandfill Another band that could have been so much bigger...MAN, this band could ROCK!! And then they released the radio friendly "Summertime Girls"...YUCK!
DemolitionLandfill My favorite Y & T song...Dave Meniketti has such a cool and powerful voice..GOTTA love the 80's!
DemolitionLandfill Off the first Priest album..great song..great vocals..when I 1st came on I posted "Run of the Mill" off this album..1 of my fave Priest tunes
DemolitionLandfill Off the 2nd Priest album, "Sad Wings of Destiny"..Halford's vocal range in this song is absolutely out of this world..and he just got better with time
DemolitionLandfill Off 3rd Priest album, "Sin After Sin"..another great tune..with each album you can hear the progression of this amazing and most influential band.
DemolitionLandfill Another off "Sin After Sin"..The power of this song shines from that first piercing not by Rob Halford...Awesome metal for 1974!! Slayer re-did this
DemolitionLandfill I bought this tape in high school because I loved the name of the band..Great sounding party band! Sally Cato had a cool power to her voice..
DemolitionLandfill Bruce's first solo album...excellent song..the rest of the album wasn't near as good but produced the single "Tattooed Millionaire"
DemolitionLandfill Another one-hit-wonder gem from the 70's that a lot of people have forgotten about..from can start to hear the disco influence..
DemolitionLandfill One of the best Sabbath great friend Heath's favorite Sabbath song...this is for you!!!
DemolitionLandfill Great Crue tune..."ooooh some like it...ooooh some like it LOUDDDD!!!

Motley Crue-Louder Than Hell

| play
DemolitionLandfill Ronnie's second band after being with Elf...Ronnie's amazing vocals and Richie Blackmore's amazing guitar work made this and incredible combination
DemolitionLandfill No one thought Sabbath could go on without Ozzy but when Ronnie James Dio joined,it took the band to a whole new musical level..especially lyrically
DemolitionLandfill Amazing song...The power in Ronnie's voice is incredible...R.I.P. Ronnie..the metal world will never be the same..

Dio-The Last In Line

| play
DemolitionLandfill My favorite Dio song...One of the greatest vocalists in metal has been silenced.. Yes, Ronnie.. you DO rock!! Devil horns at half mast.,. \m/
DemolitionLandfill Back to a few more Priest tunes tonight..Stained Class is my fave Priest album..they really started developing their style on this album..GREAT SONG!

Judas Priest Stained Class

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another off the Stained Class album..So much emotion in the verses and power in the chorus..and then the emotion felt in the two guitar solos..YES!!
DemolitionLandfill One of the best metal tunes of all time..originally on the Sad Wings of Destiny album..this LIVE version is sheer power...incredible song all around..
DemolitionLandfill Last shout out to Ronnie James Dio..Metal's answer to We Are the World..organized by Ronnie James Dio..R.I.P. Ronnie- \m/ \m/.. 2 devil horns tonight
DemolitionLandfill Ok, one more shout out to Ronnie James Dio..last original stuff he wrote..this is just SO HEAVY!! LOVE IT.. double horns, Ronnie! \m/ \m/ R.I.P.
DemolitionLandfill Lesser known Survivor tune but one of their best...Great song with a great guitar riff..
DemolitionLandfill Probably the best tune by Bachman Turner Overdrive...this is just great rock 'n roll..

B.T.O.Not Fragile

| play
DemolitionLandfill This and Highway Song are probably the two most popular Blackfoot tunes...this is a great rockin' song...I'll be posting a couple more by Blackfoot
DemolitionLandfill My favorite Danzig tune...Mother is good but this one is a ton better..
DemolitionLandfill Great mellow tune from the 70's..I used to love this song when I was a kid and it's still a good song.. (reblip)
DemolitionLandfill I'm surprised this band didn't get bigger than what the were...this song was pretty big for them but not much else..


| play
DemolitionLandfill Great a lot of airplay on MTV in 1989..which still is my favorite year in the 80's for music
DemolitionLandfill Another great one-hit-wonder by a band that should have been more popular.."Fast" Eddie Clark was another great guitarist..
DemolitionLandfill My favorite Warrant song..only found on their greatest hits package and as a "B" side...

Thin Disguise Warrant

| play
DemolitionLandfill Great song..Great voice.. Freddie Curcci, former singer of the band Sheriff.. This one's for you J.A.M. .. Happy Birthday!
DemolitionLandfill Really cool tune from the 80's...The two frontmen were also in English Beat...

Tenderness by General Public

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another great one-hit-wonder from the 80's..all I could find was the audio but no video..
DemolitionLandfill It's funny..I used to hate this song when it was popular but now I like it a lot..
DemolitionLandfill Slightly different than the original but just as good... great song!!
DemolitionLandfill Wonderful song...One of the best one-hit-wonders from the 80's...awesome!!!
DemolitionLandfill Too bad didn't have this video..the astronaut's head blowing up is CLASSIC..Tony Carey's band after playing keyboards in Rainbow..GREAT SONG!
DemolitionLandfill Tony Carey from Rainbow and Planet P Project...solo effort...One of my absolute favorite songs from the 80's..hands down..
DemolitionLandfill A definite one-hit-wonder from the 80's... anyone remember this one? I had almost forgotten about this song..

van stephenson modern day delilah HQ DIVX video

| play
DemolitionLandfill The first "semi-hit" for this group...too bad there is no video on as I remember it being pretty funny!
DemolitionLandfill Ebn-Ozn's second and bigger hit...this got a lot more rotation on MTV...
DemolitionLandfill Time to go back to some metal for a bit.. This is Static X's love song to all the women out there...

Static X Love Dump (High Quality)

| play
DemolitionLandfill My favorite tune by this Brazilian metal band...This is just SO HEAVY...
DemolitionLandfill Amazing band live...the drummer is out of CONTROL!! And Logan Mader is an awesome front mant!

Machine Head"Old"

| play
DemolitionLandfill One of the best bands on the planet..SUCH INTENSITY!! Jeff Loomis is an INCREDIBLE guitar player and Warrell Dane is so good and so unique on vocals
DemolitionLandfill Sticking to my roots again..gotta go more metal tonight...Amazing how you can hear Dave Mustaine's influence in here..sounds more like Megadeth..
DemolitionLandfill Saw these guys open for Kiss on the reunion tour in '96...awesome band..awesome song..
DemolitionLandfill One of just a handful of songs that I like better "live"..this one just for the Chris Holmes story in the beginning..PRICELESS!! Check out the story!
DemolitionLandfill Amazing band...not much else to say..the music speaks for itself...I love the intensity of the music and the almost torment in Warrell Dane's vocals.
DemolitionLandfill Back to more classic rock..I'm not a big Steve Miller fan but this song I really like...I like the continual flow..
DemolitionLandfill My favorite vocalist in Jefferson Starship...his one big solo hit... great song!

Hearts by Marty Balin

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another excellent and almost forgotten one-hit-wonder from the 70's..I love how each decade has these gems! Wait until I get into the 50's and 60's!
DemolitionLandfill Gary Wright's second hit..I like this better than Dream Weaver by a LONG SHOT!
DemolitionLandfill One of just a handful of country songs I like..such a haunting song..Hal's big hit was "Small Town Saturday Night"
DemolitionLandfill Pretty similar to their bigger hit, "Spooky" which will be up next! I used to confuse Dennis Yost with Frankie Vallie...


| play
DemolitionLandfill You can hear the exact same riff here as in their other hit, "Stormy"..


| play
DemolitionLandfill Great one-hit-wonder to close out the 70's..I used to have my own lyrics to the 1st 2 verses :-) ..Stevie Nicks on backing vocals..
DemolitionLandfill I love this song..and the Spanish subtitles in the video here make it even better LOL..GREAT hit from 1977!!
DemolitionLandfill It's so cool how good these one-hit-wonders are... I love this song.. anyone agree?
DemolitionLandfill One of my absolute favorite songs from 1983..such a haunting melody! I like it as much now as I did back then..
DemolitionLandfill A far better tune than "She Blinded Me With Science" in my opinion. This has a far more mature quality and flow to it..great song..anyone know this?
DemolitionLandfill Here's one song you're going to swear you've never heard because of the band's name or the song title but, give it a'll know this one!
DemolitionLandfill I'm in a 60's mood for a bit...great song yet sad lyrics...
DemolitionLandfill My favorite tune by The Turtles.. and it was released in 1968..the year I was born..
DemolitionLandfill Third hit for The Zombies behind "She's Not There" and "Time of the Season"..Lead singer Colin Bluntstone went on to sing many hits for Alan Parsons
DemolitionLandfill Joe Jackson's 2nd album "Look Sharp"...amazingly talented artist. This song and whole album dedicated to my aunt Bernie!! Even though Brian hated it..
DemolitionLandfill Aldo Nova's first album was many great tunes on there besides "Fantasy"
DemolitionLandfill My favorite song off Aldo Nova's self-titled first album...pretty talented Canadian!

Aldo NovaHot Love

| play
DemolitionLandfill Done in much the same style as "Blinded by the Light"...this is a slightly different version of their original..more guitar work in the original
DemolitionLandfill My absolute favorite song by Manfred Mann's Earth Band..This song kicks lots of ass!!

Manfred MannRunner

| play
DemolitionLandfill First time I've ever heard this song, at the advice of Brad E. Here ya go, Brad!!
DemolitionLandfill Another very talented musician...Bob Geldoff's performance as "Pink" in the movie "The Wall" was awesome!
DemolitionLandfill Jackson Browne has so many great hits...I posted a couple, months ago and will be posting more in the future.
DemolitionLandfill My absolute favorite R.E.M. song... off the "Life's Rich Pagent" album...
DemolitionLandfill Great of his "Face Value" album that also produced mega-hit "In the Air Tonight"..this album also had another good song-"Behind the Lines"
DemolitionLandfill Incredible song..the religious theme is awesome..If you haven't listened to the lyrics, check them out..I'll be posting more from Peter in the future
DemolitionLandfill This is a great duet..Loggins' and Perry's voices work really well together on this song...
DemolitionLandfill Off of Steve Perry's solo album "Street Talk"..much better than the hit "Oh, Sherrie"..this has a more Journey feel to it..
DemolitionLandfill Another amazing song writer...I'm sure I'll be posting a couple more by Carol King in the future
DemolitionLandfill Another great Peter Gabriel tune...this or Solsbury Hill are my favorites..such a bizarre song!
DemolitionLandfill Jackson Browne is such an amazing musician and song writer...such a soothing of my favorite artists from the 70's..

Jackson Browne The Pretender

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DemolitionLandfill This is just a great tune..much, much better than "Year of the Cat", in my opinion..
DemolitionLandfill Another great 70's tune...look at that HAIR!! Written by Neil Young.. R.I.P. Nicolette
DemolitionLandfill My favorite Neil Young song..."Harvest" is probably one of the greatest albums of all time..
DemolitionLandfill Back to some metal tonight...I wish NIN would keep this intensity in all their songs..the sound has mellowed since the first two albums..
DemolitionLandfill Awesome cover!! Marilyn Manson also covered this tune but I think this version is far superior!

Lollipop Lust Kill : "Personal Jesus"

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another excellent cover of my favorite cover tunes..I wish the sound quality was better..sorry!
DemolitionLandfill Great Ministry tune.. one of my favorite bands.. more towards straight metal here rather than the industrial sound...


| play
DemolitionLandfill Rob Halford's experiment into industrial metal. Produced by Trent Reznor..

Two 2wo Rob Halford (Judas Priest) I Am A Pig Real Original Official Video

| play
DemolitionLandfill A foreshadowing of things to come..most people associate this as a one-hit-wonder of the 80's but it's actually 1979...

MPop Muzik

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another often forgotten but very cool one-hit-wonder of the early 80's..
DemolitionLandfill Awesome and powerful song by The absolute favorite by this band...
DemolitionLandfill Here's a TWO-hit-wonder..Naked Eyes also had a big hit with their cover of "Always Something There to Remind Me"..
DemolitionLandfill Another sign of the change in music direction for the 80's...this coming from 1980...great one-hit-wonder!

Split Enz: I got you

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DemolitionLandfill Great favorite of theirs from the 70's...they definitely changed their musical direction in the 80's and became HUGE!
DemolitionLandfill Probably my favorite Dr. Hook song..I was never much a fan of their satire songs..I was more into the sappy Dr. Hook tunes..

Dr. Hook: Sharing the Night together

| play
DemolitionLandfill My second favorite Dr. Hook tune..memories of when I was young...You wanted some Dr. Hook, Ted?.. well here they are! :-)
DemolitionLandfill Seals & Crofts had many hits.."Diamond Girl", "Summer Breeze", "Get Closer"..this is my favorite but it takes some patience before it gets into it..

SEALS AND CROFT "Hummingbird" Purple Rocks Vintage

| play
DemolitionLandfill My second favorite Seals & Croft tune..."Get Closer" is awesome..has a very inspirational sound and quality to it..

GET CLOSER / SUNRISE Seals and Crofts* / FWMurnau *featured Vocalist:Carolyn Willis

| play
DemolitionLandfill I wasn't much a fan of these guys but I really liked this song for some reason...
DemolitionLandfill Peter Wolf solo away from J. Geils Band..He had a couple other hits.. "Come As You Are" and "Lights Out"..


| play
DemolitionLandfill Great duet with Stevie Nicks...I love how it starts mellow and picks up at the chorus...
DemolitionLandfill One of my absolute all-time favorite songs...Jim Croce was an amazing musician...
DemolitionLandfill Great song..."World's Apart" was an awesome album. I'm surprised these guys didn't have more hits..
DemolitionLandfill Cool sounding party band..had a minor video hit with "Stranger Than Paradise"..
DemolitionLandfill I took a chance when I bought this tape in the 80's..I liked how they wrote their logo..This song was a great gem on the tape..

RavenRock Dogs

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another good yet VERY unheard of band..lead singer Mark Tornillo has now taken over vocal duties in the newly reunited Accept..

TT QuickInk

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another really cool tune and largely unheard of band..popular around 1990, I believe..

Raging Slab Don't Dog Me

| play
DemolitionLandfill Interesting band with a very interesting sound..almost addictive..the more I hear, the more I like them..
DemolitionLandfill Great cover tune..Love and Rockets early stuff was so much better than when they had their big hit "So Alive"..
DemolitionLandfill Another cool alternative tune...I liked this song from the minute I heard it..I love the flow of the song..

"All I Want" by Toad The Wet Sprocket

| play
DemolitionLandfill My favorite Crash Test Dummies song...a little more upbeat than "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm"
DemolitionLandfill Another great Mac tune pre-Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham..I believe Pete Green on vocals.. The Bottle Rockets had a great cover of this song..
DemolitionLandfill Such a great tune...Walsh in top form on this song..I'll be posting a couple more later..
DemolitionLandfill Another very talanted artist and probably my favorite song by him..a close second is "Loan Me a Dime" but a full version isn't on

Lowdown Boz Skaggs

| play
DemolitionLandfill "Southern Comfort" by Ry Cooder..Amazing song in an amazing movie..Ry Cooder is incredible..and the movie "Southern Comfort" is one of my favorites..

Southern Comfort Take 2

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DemolitionLandfill I've been away from the mighty Priest for too long..this song is off "British Steel"..this is the album that put Judas Priest officially on the map..
DemolitionLandfill Another from "British Steel" that produced "Breaking the Law" and Living After Midnight"..Guitarist Glenn Tipton's absolute favorite Priest tune..
DemolitionLandfill Off their 2nd album "In Your Face"..Their FIRST hit, "Get It On" was largely panned by critics for sounding too much like Led Zeppelin..
DemolitionLandfill This band was introduced to me in college by my roommate, Jason Klein..great band..I'm surprised they didn't go farther..
DemolitionLandfill The mighty Accept!! MAN these guy's could bring it!!..I'll be posting many more Accept tunes in the future..just not all at once..

Accept Slaves To Metal

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another GREAT band that I'll be posting many more songs by in the future..this features Rob Halford on backing vocals during the chorus..
DemolitionLandfill My absolute favorite Billy Idol tune..comes off the HIGHLY successful "Rebel Yell" album..

BIlly idol Blue HIghway

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DemolitionLandfill I'm gonna pop off a few songs by women here..This is the only tune by Cher I like...not sure exactly why I like it..
DemolitionLandfill Another really cool tune..I actually like a few songs by Cyndi and will be posting more at a future time..
DemolitionLandfill Wow, very cool live version of this song. Carole King is one of the best songwriters ever..

Carole KingJazzman

| play
DemolitionLandfill R.I.P. Billy...I bought this CD just for this song but hoping there was others on there I would didn't happen...
DemolitionLandfill Great tune by Billy Squier...not as popular as some of his other hits but just as good...

Billy Squier- She's a Runner

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DemolitionLandfill This is a beautiful of my absolute favorites by Billy Joel..
DemolitionLandfill I got the awesome privilage of seeing the Eagles in concert a few years ago and they played this song...amazing!
DemolitionLandfill Yet another incredible song...Horsnby had a few more hits but none quite matched the feeling of this song...
DemolitionLandfill I've been been neglecting Kiss for too long so it's time to pop off a few. This comes off their latest album..what a great trip to their 70's sound!
DemolitionLandfill Favorite off the "Lick It Up" album...unfortunately, this is the best sound quality I could find on
DemolitionLandfill My favorite off the Dynasty album..I got to see Paul Stanley do this song "live" on his "Live To Win" solo tour..AWESOME!
DemolitionLandfill One of my favorite Kiss songs...this version is good but the version on the "Alive II" album kicks ASS!
DemolitionLandfill Probably my favorite Kiss song.. He played 1st verse and chorus by himself at my suggestion on his solo tour and threw his pick right into my hand!
DemolitionLandfill Another song I'd never heard before until Guitar Hero..lyrics are something else LOL.. "I shot my mouth off and you showed me what that hole was for"
DemolitionLandfill I love this song! Love the duet between James Young and Tommy Shaw..great, powerful tune..kick ass solo!


| play
DemolitionLandfill Unless you were a big fan of Cheap Trick, this little gem went unnoticed but it is as good as any of their big hits..

Cheap TrickDowned

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another largely unheard of minor radio play but nowhere near the popularity of the big hits..
DemolitionLandfill Going with a theme..Beatles with solo tunes sandwiched inbetween. I love the many great songs..

The beatles- Penny lane (HQ)

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DemolitionLandfill Ringo had a number of decent hits...but this is my favorite..
DemolitionLandfill I wasn't as big of a fan of Lennon's solo stuff but I DID like a couple.."Imagine" is good but far too overplayed..This was much better
DemolitionLandfill Probably my 2nd favorite tune by any of the solo Beatles..George Harrison was so talented and didn't get near enough credit for his work..
DemolitionLandfill My favorite song of the solo Beatle era..actually one of my favorite songs of all time..I LOVE that bass LOVE this song!!
DemolitionLandfill Of all the amazing Beatles songs (and I'll be posting more in the future) THIS is my absolute favorite..most of Paul's songs were my faves..

The Beatles Hello Goodbye (Digital Remaster 2009) [High Definition] HD

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DemolitionLandfill Fogelberg had some popular ballads but also some rockers like this one from the Letterman show in '87...
DemolitionLandfill This comes off Lynch's solo CD, "Sacred Groove"..has a cool pop sound to it with the addition of Nelson on vocals...Lynch is an absolute animal!
DemolitionLandfill INXS's very first hit..ahhh the memories! I loved seeing the video on MTV when the "M" in MTV still meant MUSIC!!

INXSThe One Thing

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DemolitionLandfill Really cool song..I know a lot of Who fans that hate this song because it is a departure from their normal sound..I love Townsend on vocals here..
DemolitionLandfill Gotta do a few oldies here...Sam Cooke had so many great songs..
DemolitionLandfill Another favorite of mine from the 60's..such sad lyrics...
DemolitionLandfill From 1957...GREAT song...the classic story of mistaken identity...


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DemolitionLandfill Awesome song..what a smooth voice! One of my absolute favorite songs from the 60's.. "This is our fork in the road."
DemolitionLandfill This is my favorite song of the 60' innocent yet very straight-forward message...she doesn't want to be a one-night-stand :-)
DemolitionLandfill One of the best bands of the 1960' did these guys have a lot of hits and I'll be posting a bunch of them in the future

Temptation Eyes by The Grass Roots Lyrics

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DemolitionLandfill My favorite version of this band. Joe Lynn Turner on vocals...just an amazing voice..The band was good with Ronnie James Dio but I like this better..

Rainbow-Stone Cold

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another great song of the Joe Lynn Turner-era, Rainbow...Joe Lynn went on to sing with Yngwie Malmsteen as well...
DemolitionLandfill This song has a great party vibe to it.. I LOVE that guitar riff..Blackmore and Joe Lynn Turner in top form!

Rainbow-The Power

| play
DemolitionLandfill This is a great tune...I love when it kicks in after the first verse...great chorus..


| play
DemolitionLandfill I bought this CD just for this song and I loved the name of the CD.. "Rotting Pinata"..
DemolitionLandfill Such a powerful and moving tribute to Iowa's Sullivan boy's killed in war after serving on the same battle ship..Saving Private Ryan based on this too
DemolitionLandfill I heard this song today and it brought back a lot of cool memories.. I love the line "Nothing matters but the weekend, from a Tuesday point of view.." (reblip)
DemolitionLandfill Really cool band from Greece...awesome in concert!! And Christina Scabbia is definitely pleasant to look at LOL
DemolitionLandfill One of the coolest bands out there...I've yet to see them live but it's definitely something I need to do...Amazing stage show and energy..
DemolitionLandfill Cool tune..almost old-skool sounding..Lead singer reminds me of Rob Halford during his days with his band "Fight"
DemolitionLandfill Back to some Judas Priest..Gradually going through their discography in order..this comes off the "Point of Entry" was a bit experimental..
DemolitionLandfill My favorite song off "Point of Entry"..great driving tune whether it be in a car or as it was intended...on a motorcycle!
DemolitionLandfill Rob Halford at his very best...the BEST voice in metal EVER!!
DemolitionLandfill Another great song by Rob Halford's solo project, "Halford"...such a diverse voice...screeching high notes and then the sensitivity in this song

Rob HalfordShe

| play
DemolitionLandfill I normally don't do the "live" versions of songs but this is from Priest's "Screaming for Vengeance" tour.. Halford is absolutely incredible here!!
DemolitionLandfill Another great tune from "Screaming for Vengeance"...what a great album.. "British Steel" put them on the map.. THIS album solidified them
DemolitionLandfill One more from "Screaming for Vengeance"..title track...out-of-control vocals in this up? "Defenders of the Faith" album.. YEAH!!

Judas priest screaming for vengeance

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DemolitionLandfill Cool band, cool sound...listening to the lyrics sounds like the song is one big toast! CHEERS!!
DemolitionLandfill Great song... I love the pace of this's like a fast walk...powerful chorus..
DemolitionLandfill Lots of truth in this song... "Sometimes, love don't come at all.." Much more realistic look on the emotion known as "love"...
DemolitionLandfill Very cool band...only problem is the songs and sound don't change a lot...I like the flow of this song and the vocals...This one is for you, Pedro!!
DemolitionLandfill First time I heard this song I swore it was David Bowie going for a more straight forward rock n roll sound...I was wrong LOL
DemolitionLandfill I just ran across this band about a year ago by accident...not sure why I had never heard of them before..great 80's sounding metal!


| play
DemolitionLandfill Here's where it all started for Yngwie Malmsteen.. Ron Keel on vocals and Malmsteen on guitar..quit to join band Alcatrazz and then went solo...
DemolitionLandfill Awesome song and awesome version of MSG.. Robin McAuley on vocals and legendary Michael Schenker on guitar..powerful song..

McAuley Schenker Group (MSG) Anytime

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another great guitarist..his talents went by the wayside when he joined Whitesnake..Vandenberg's song "Burning Heart" was my junior prom theme.
DemolitionLandfill Firehouse's hits were ballads but when they wanted, they could really bring it..Bill Leverty is such an underrated guitarist..Check out his solo stuff
DemolitionLandfill Great band.. KILLER song...George Lynch's guitar work is amazing on this whole album..
DemolitionLandfill Off George Lynch's solo album, "Sacred Groove" have the heavy riffs of Lynch and then one of the scariest dudes in metal on vocals... Mandy Lion

Mandy Lion / George Lynch "The Beast"

| play
DemolitionLandfill Don Dokken's solo album "Up From the Ashes"..VERY good album..almost sounds like a regular Dokken album..
DemolitionLandfill My favorite tune off Don's solo record "Up From the Ashes"..such a great and distinctive voice in metal..
DemolitionLandfill One of the heaviest of the Dokken catalogue...from the "Back for the Attack" album.. George Lynch is an absolute BEAST in this song..
DemolitionLandfill After a lengthy Def Leppard discussion earlier I've decided to post my FAVORITE Leppard tune off, what I consider, their BEST album..not a weak song!
DemolitionLandfill Gotta go some 80's one-hits tonight..the actual video for this was awesome..the singer as an old man and makeup slowly removed revealling who he was
DemolitionLandfill I love the saxophone in this tune...still a very bizarre video but that was the 80's for you...great chorus...
DemolitionLandfill Here's a VERY obscure one-hit-wonder...I loved the "ska" sound a lot of these bands of the 80's used...who remembers this one?
DemolitionLandfill This song has so many college memories of working in the dishroom of the food service with Jean Motter..this song will always remind me of her LOL.
DemolitionLandfill One of the best videos of the 80's EVER..Dale Bozzio..what an outfit! I saw them in concert in the late 90's..though tamed down, she was still bizarre
DemolitionLandfill Amazing song from an amazing movie. Who can forget that last kissing scene in 16 Candles over the cake between Molly Ringwald and Michael Schoeffling?
DemolitionLandfill Cool the bass line...also a very cool Brian May guitar solo..

QueenDragon Attack

| play
DemolitionLandfill Sammy's solo stuff was much better than his work in Van Halen..Standing Hampton is my favorite album by Sammy..every song is good..
DemolitionLandfill One of my favorite Eagles tunes...
DemolitionLandfill Bonus track from the High 'N' Dry album..not sure why this didn't make it on the final's a great song!


| play
DemolitionLandfill Gotta do some 70's here..this just has that peace movement, hippie feel to it..
DemolitionLandfill Another very cool 70's tune which also has that "feel good" sound to it...gotta love that banjo!
DemolitionLandfill Everyone knows "Green-eyed Lady" but many forget about this other hit by Sugarloaf..
DemolitionLandfill Almost a foreshadowing of the disco era about to happen as this song is from 1974, I believe..maybe 1975..very disco sounding..
DemolitionLandfill Another great gem from the early 70' was a big hit for King Harvest, reaching the top 20..


| play
DemolitionLandfill Love this song....Santana going for a more "radio friendly" sound and adapting to the 80's a bit more...
DemolitionLandfill Great mellow duet between James Taylor and J.D. Souther...
DemolitionLandfill I thought this was Roy Orbison at first....Souther co-wrote many of The Eagles hits including "Best of My Love" and also Linda Ronstadt hits.
DemolitionLandfill Another excellent Santana tune showcasing a change of musical direction to reflect a more "80's" sound....

Santana Hold On

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DemolitionLandfill Of all the hits John Waite had with The Baby's and solo, THIS is my favorite...this was just a minor hit...
DemolitionLandfill Gotta go some metal tonight.. feeling a little aggression... Love the riff in this song...vocals are very good, too..clean yet powerful
DemolitionLandfill Great, heavy tune... Jon Oliva from Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra fame on guest lead vocals...
DemolitionLandfill From Testaments latest offering...these guys just stand the test of time and keep bringing it!

Testament-Henchmen Ride

| play
DemolitionLandfill One of the godfathers of dark metal...1st Venom and then Slayer.. listen to the screaming in the end..creepy..
DemolitionLandfill Closing my posts with a mellower metal tune.. The bass in the beginning and the end are out of this world.. The lyrics are very fitting right now..
DemolitionLandfill Another great song from the "Standing Hampton" album...I feel a theme coming tonight..not sure yet..
DemolitionLandfill What a great voice Patti Smythe song..I liked Scandal's earlier stuff a lot more than the song "The Warrior"..
DemolitionLandfill Another great Canadian buddy Jason Klein go me into these guys... this song still falls into the theme I have for the evening..
DemolitionLandfill Quarterflash was actually a two-hit-wonder..this being their 1st and biggest from 1982... the lyrical content is that of someone quite bitter..
DemolitionLandfill From Vinnie's 2nd album "All Systems Go" featuring Mark Slaughter on vocals and Dana Strum on bass who went on to form lyrics here too
DemolitionLandfill Last blip for the evening and sums up a theme here..not a favorite Dokken tune of mine but it fits with my set I posted tonight..
DemolitionLandfill One of the coolest hard rock tunes of the 80's...Krokus was simply awesome..Marc Storace had a very unique voice..corny video, though..

KROKUS -Screaming In The Night (1983)

| play
DemolitionLandfill Another great band that should have gotten bigger than they were..not a weak song on the "Blow My Fuse" album...
DemolitionLandfill One of my favorite Night Ranger tunes...too bad this site just has live versions but this was the best of the bunch

1983 Night Ranger "Rumours In The Air" (Rock Palace)

| play
DemolitionLandfill The sexiest chick to pick up a guitar and MAN could she play it!!
DemolitionLandfill Another band introduced to me by Mr. Jason Klein...thanks, Klein! "A bad breath kiss to my pillow pet"... how cool are those lyrics!!
DemolitionLandfill Doing women songs tonight.. Not a fan of Ms. Furtado at all but I love the haunting sound of this song..especially the chorus...
DemolitionLandfill I love how Carly builds this song up to it's climax...Beautiful woman...awesome song..
DemolitionLandfill As big of a mess as this chick is, she has some killer pipes and I LOVE that 60's sound she brings..
DemolitionLandfill Another tune with a very cool vibe..very bluesy...lots of soul..and MAN she has some KILLER eyes!!
DemolitionLandfill This is from the movie "At Close Range" with Sean Penn and Christopher Walken...AMAZING MOVIE.. one of my favorites....
DemolitionLandfill Let's do some tunes by 80's bands that aren't the songs you'd expect to hear...This was a minor hit for The Human League but good nonetheless..

The Human League Mirror Man

| play
DemolitionLandfill One of the best Flock of Seagulls tunes..I got the awesome opportunity to meet lead singer, Mike Score after a concert and chatted for 30 minutes!
DemolitionLandfill This band only had this one minor hit so I thought I'd include it in this set..
DemolitionLandfill Sound quality isn't so good on this but it's all the website had...An often forgotten tune by Wang Chung...

Wang Chung Don't Let Go Live Audio

| play
DemolitionLandfill Here's a great little gem by Tears for Fears that didn't hit mainstream radio but made a spot on the rotation of many college stations..
DemolitionLandfill Who remembers this one? This is just a demo of the finished product so it's a little different...Again, very poor quality from the website..
DemolitionLandfill Absolute incredible talent...and he's stuck to his blues roots throughout his career...Love that voice..sounds far older in years than he is..

Jonny Lang Still Rainin' Montreux 99

| play
DemolitionLandfill One my favorite Clapton tunes..Background singer, Marcy Levy on dual vocals..she formed Shakespeare's Sister with Siobhan Fahey from Bananarama
DemolitionLandfill Cool tune from the late 70's.. great funky beat to this song yet still holds that disco beat to it..
DemolitionLandfill Canada's Chilliwack, like Pablo Cruise, with a tune title Whatcha Gonna Do...definite 80's vibe going on here..
DemolitionLandfill Orleans had 3 big hits.."Dance With Me", "Still the One" and this one which is my favorite..I'll be posting the other two later..
DemolitionLandfill One of the heavier Scorpions tunes ever...Awesome riff..awesome lyrics and message...
DemolitionLandfill One of the most talented bands on the planet..they really changed their sound as the years went on..this is early Ryche at their heaviest..
DemolitionLandfill This is off Great White's debut album...they used to rock so much harder and then they covered "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" and it all went to hell..

Great White- Hold On

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DemolitionLandfill One of my favorite bands of the 80's...this is off their debut "Night Song's" and is without a doubt their heaviest song ever... YEAH!!
DemolitionLandfill I'm not a huge Aerosmith fan and what I DO like is from the 70's but this is probably my favorite tune by these guys...
DemolitionLandfill One of Whitesnake's best tunes...I love the mesh of blues and metal in this song...this whole album was very bluesy..
DemolitionLandfill Awesome song...quite a few good tunes off this album and I'll be posting at least one more..This one really put Local H on the map..
DemolitionLandfill This song kicks so much ass! One of the most rockin' of Blues Traveler's tunes.. John Popper is the Yngwie Malmsteen of the harmonica..simply amazing
DemolitionLandfill One of the coolest cover tunes I've heard in a long time..It's like Bonn Scott-era AC/DC covering Eric Clapton...very, very cool..LOVE it!!

Black Robot "Cocaine"

| play
DemolitionLandfill Let's do some one-hit-wonders....and this was DEFINITELY a one-hit-wonder...wasn't even that big of a hit but a cool song nonetheless..

Echo And The Bunnymen Lips Like Sugar.wmv

| play
DemolitionLandfill This video/song was all over MTV's "120 Minutes" back in 1989 or 90..

Pure by Lightning Seeds

| play
DemolitionLandfill Ok so, Talk Talk had two hits.. this one (later covered by No Doubt) and the song "Talk Talk"... still a great song and very odd video..
DemolitionLandfill Wonderful and powerful song...often forgotten until you hear it again..
DemolitionLandfill One of my all-time favorite one-hit-wonders of the 80's...another one of those "haunting" sounding songs..
DemolitionLandfill Let's do more 80's tunes here... Here's a very cool tune.. Though I think when he took over lead vocals in the Doobie Brothers it was their downfall..