dangermain I am all alone in the house. It is quiet. I am...

Neil YoungThe Loner

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DesertLily Lal Meri Pat is one of the most famous qawwali, is written and sung in the honor of Sufi mystic saint 'Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar.I like this Junoon'

JunoonLal Meri Pat

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DesertLily 'Sayonee' in all Sufi philosophy is used to refer to the *Utilmate Beloved*, the one Universal, permanent lover - it refers to transcendental Love.


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DesertLily "We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want."

CapercaillieM Ionam

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avivajazz Grupo Afrocuba – Abakua
DesertLily Canção do Amor no Cerrado. Candangos Abelardos e Heloisas, Romeus e Julietas, Majnuns e Leilas ... (reblip)
liminal Mouth Music – The Marquis of Huntly's Strathspey: The Ewie Wi' the Crooked Horn; Minimal Jig
GR8FL I love this style of music....
Jacidbazz [♫ McCoy Tyner – Afro Blue ♫]
liminal MacTalla Mor // Chi Mi Na Morbheanna (Mist Covered Mountains) // Bagpipe music w/ contemporary interpretations
DesertLily @avivamagnolia: "Or maybe I'll respond to life appropriately," Either way, I hope you find a sense of Peace and purpose and rise above any situation (reblip)
femiran دوست دارم این آهنگ ابی رو
DesertLily A song about finding harmony in marriage ~ When two people start discovering each other's souls, the relationship becomes effortless ~ (reblip)
SimonAshaan @SimonAshaan: "Silver Flute recorded inside the Kings Chamber of The Great Pyramid. Classic Paul Horn (reblip)

Paul HornPsalm 4

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tirebouchon manoaj with sabri brothers, tumse milke dil ka
dickadcock Hafdis Huld – Who Loves The Sun - - - who cares when it is shining since you broke my heart ...
ZONE End up with my fav. track .......... Djivan Gasparyan.......via@avivamagnolia...thanks....wish you @all the best...Good night! (reblip)
DesertLily Now jokes aside, this is a lovely interpretation of my favorite Bulleh Shah's kalam, Saeen's voice is as pure as water, clear as his mystic Soul
DesertLily Come walk by my side, Ilahi.

The ToidsIlahi

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DesertLily Ya simisimati Souad Massi (reblip)

09 Khalouni(DesertLily)

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DesertLily This gives the thrill of joy every time I listen to it.


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DesertLily Sonu Nigam & Madhushree ~ In Lamhon Ke Daaman mein ~ Beautiful lyrics! Ishq , Mohabbat, Ulfat, You!
DesertLily Only the heart will understand Divine songs, the mind won't.
DesertLily El Ghorba! RB @befraifone: "Yeah." (reblip)


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DesertLily “Little by little You approached, and bit by bit I went away.”
DesertLily Mon Dieu que c'est lache, que c'est facheux, quelle tragedie,quel tracas
DesertLily Cherifa Kersith puts me in direct touch with something beautiful, unsettling, and deep. Thanks RB@liminal (reblip)

Les Nubians feat Henri Salvador : Que le mot soit Perle

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DesertLily Delicious blend of funk, soul, jazz, afro and latin rhythms @ekman @DJRodneyKing @Murfy
DesertLily Rb@cabron: "Villa-Lobos is the most lyrical and the most violent of Brazilian composers.." (reblip)
DesertLily Divine music permeates the Universe.
DesertLily Excerpt? How frustrating!!
DesertLily I want to rock your gypsy soul, just like way back in the days of old... and together we will float into the mystic.
DesertLily Greek singer Melina Kana pays tribute to the great Lebanese singer, Fayrouz. With Love to @Faddic @fsimits

Melina KanaFairuz

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DesertLily Sema is not a dance. People have been deceived into a mire of confusion regarding the Mevlevi Order their meditation and Dhirk
DesertLily Tnank you. You're far too kind. May Peace know home within your heart always. RB@avivamagnolia (reblip)
DesertLily My companions are deaf. Acts of war distract them.
DesertLily " Dying has made us rarer gifts than gold". Rest in Peace, MJ.
DesertLily Resounding, hauntingly beautiful. Rb@Caco: "Totally reblippable vi@DesertLily: "Divine" (reblip)
DesertLily Ab iss pal mein jeena tum bin mushkil hai, Mausam yeh phir ab aaye na. Jiss mein tum thhe. Jiss mein hum thhe (H)

Jal08. Payal

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DesertLily By God, I have lost the will to blip for tonight. What the h*** was that? (reblip)

Adham ShaikhOpal

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DesertLily Don't ask me why, but this song just makes me want to take a long walk in the woods and appreciate the beauty in everything. With thanks to @storylet
DesertLily Pourtant j'étais très belle, oui j'étais la plus belle des fleurs de ton jardin. همسة قلبي عليك بتسلم
DesertLily Thanks @dharmaputra I've uploaded this ghazal. Brings back so many memories. Sadly, we are in a constant state of loss by the very nature of time :-( (reblip)
DesertLily In appreciation and gratitude beyond all words and measure to @DJSelchie " ... & DesertLily (who has a really beautiful nick.! :D)" (reblip)

Jesse Cook / Baghdad

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DesertLily This is the invitation into the secret space of submission. (reblip)
DesertLily @scorpionkiss Ahem, dont get cocky. They are there for everyone to see :-P @philsalt Hello. You're most welcome :-)
DesertLily I generally like French chanteuses, but Camille is a unique expression of musical talent.

CamilleAu port

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DesertLily A perfect blend of traditional scandinavian ballads and modern rhythms .
DesertLily Eu quero a sina de um artista de cinema.

Los HermanosLisbela

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nuffced I was compelled to blip dis one... Why fight it... Enjoy... G'nite everybody... or else...
RootsWorld The great percussionist from Sicily, Alfio Antico "Ma Guarda Guarda"
mgill That's some cool fusion lounge, @Arizuma: "Ojos de Brujo " Shadowland" (reblip)

Nitin Sawhney feat. Ojos de Brujo " Shadowland "

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by_starla RB@Will_the_bloke-quality not quantity, eh? :): "slowed down a bit on shows lately by_starla..but actually, yes, there's Yo La Tengo, and this guy" (reblip)
outoforder MUSIC DOES NOT KNOW FRONTIERS :) ENJOY IT! ++ Oran Etkin featuring Abdoulaye Diabate

Oran Etkin at Knitting Factory Featuring Abdoulaye Diabate

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gziller Pra encerrar as pinceladas sonoras entre a #RTSessions um groove de caráter!
tirebouchon RT@almenara: "qawali.........." omar sharif, peer man (reblip)

Omar Sharif New qawali song 'Peer Man o Murad Man'

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Diordan While they're standing in the welfare lines Crying at the doorsteps of those armies of salvation Wasting time in unemployment lines
DesertLily Oh my! I love these soul rebels, I love their language! I'm okay, thanks. How are you tonight? Just came back from dinner at a friend's @CargoCulte (reblip)

TinariwenCler Achel

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DesertLily It feels like swinging in a hammock between two palm trees on the beach on a mild summer afternoon ...
DesertLily Make no mistake; this is not watered-down "Afro-pop". This is a beautiful expression of Malian spirituality.
ZONE Soul Makossa ............................♪
nuffced I luv hearin Lady Badu doin' some ol' fashion Jazz (here w/ G. Benson & D. Krall) @fatbellybella wud U please sing some more (reblip)
marebello The oft-covered, regularly sampled "Hihache" from their '74 album Soul Makossa
DesertLily Marisa's voice gives this beautiful track a lovely bittersweetness.
DesertLily fails to blip, reply and give props ~ not responding in a timely fashion.
DesertLily Caught up in a whirling motion
DesertLily Suite Khamush Track 1 by C. Dixon & E. Causse ~ "The sun has set yet the glow remains outside, I'll give my life for a glimpse of You." Bulleh Shah

Audio track

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DesertLily It awakens me like a beaming sun.
DesertLily Tracking those who reveal and conceal Sufi light into the far corners of the world. Ya Haqq!
DesertLily Abida Parveen (Pakistani queen of Sufi music) sings this ghazal by Faiz Ahmed Faiz with such sweetness.

Nahi Nigah Main By Abida Parveen

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DesertLily Call - Sab Bhula Kai. No wonder Urdu is considered the language of 'adab'. Sweet. (reblip)

Sab Bhula Kai[ePakiMusic.net]

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DesertLily Touching song about childhood memories. Bachpan by Kaavish. "Yaadon mai tu" Urdu is undoubtedly a very sweet language.
threebears @avivamagnolia..this version is my fave, danced it into a sweat many times.."sweet memories" quote'n'rb@curatEear ^_^ thanx! sweet mems of early blip! (reblip)
DesertLily I'm under the Olive trees of Beit Mery
DesertLily @ekman. Obrigada pela música. Adorei (reblip)


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DesertLily "Let the old dreams die . Let the wrong ones go."
DesertLily Love the sound of bağlama. It reminds me of my childhood
DesertLily Hi @SweetEnnui This is a superb rendition. Thank you :-) And hi @avivamagnolia (reblip)
DesertLily @Diordan Sorrow and Bliss are distinct paths, It's not right to walk one alone. In context "you can't tread one without the other" (reblip)

nitin sawhneymausam

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DesertLily Share your compassion with the children of Gaza . Make a donation today at www.blipathon.com
DesertLily Majestic and overwhelming piece.The powerful scenes are from the movie Baraka, also overwhelming. Good Night @All. Peace and Blessings.
DesertLily Duur se koi aaye kaheen chupke se woh dil me samaa Jaaye sajna (H) (H) (H) H() H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H)


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DesertLily "This Love has got no ceiling" .. Nor does it have a floor. Just infinite vastness above and eternal depth below. (H)
DesertLily Daby Touré, musician from Mauritania. This song is about a country’s need for unity. (reblip)

Daby ToureKebaluso

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"Mamabollo" by Sabu Martinez

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DesertLily 2-in-1: Prayer and a celebration of Life.
DesertLily I didn't think they made music like this anymore. I was wrong.
ParadiseInside just released vid! From"High Meditations" Drifting music with images of ancient desert rocks and flowing clouds. 5:24mins http://tinyurl.com/nru5cm


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gziller oi moça @DesertLily essa é a clássica das clássicas.

Jean Knight - Mr Big Stuff

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Faddic ...And thanks for the inspiration :) @DesertLily
BetsC @ElementsOfJazz Thanks for listening! Here's one of our favs up here in PacNW (he's original from Brazil):
DesertLily Yay! Thanks a million :)) RB@Piehooerseef: "DesertLily Here it is on my own server. Like the Tony Allen a lot." (reblip)

Salif KeitaLaban

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DesertLily My spirit is way ahead of the physical me.
zamfir rb @Houston_Horizon: "My heart ticking like a bomb in a birdcage" (reblip)
gziller Boa noite ao som dessa pérola, sublime voz de Fleur Mouanga...
digitpt Djivan Gasparyan – Armenian Romances
DesertLily If I gaze upon thy beauty ~ Mina Beint & Richard Leigh ~ A tribute to Tahirih - Persian Poet, theologian and forerunner of Women's rights.

mystic bird vi.wmv

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Bobeccles Let there be music to be please her....
DesertLily ~The butterfly throws itself in the burning fire. If you must love, then you will need that much courage ~
DesertLily Have you ever shared a campfire meal with Nomads?

TinariwenMano Dayak

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DesertLily يااحلى امرأه بين نساء الكون احبيني

Aida NadeemBaghdad

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CynDyn luvs this. thanks @Flying_Roundhouse and @c3p0: "Eva Cassidy – Woodstock (joni mitchell cover) (reblip)
Vilesy Brill! Thanks. Are you well, friend? Hope the day was kind @shanti45: "Classic Sufi mystics..Hi @Vilesy@weiiis @tuatara @giesebrecht @Annenonymous " (reblip)

Neshez - Ouled il Bambara

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DesertLily Believe it or not, this funk theme is a very freely adapted version of a classic Wolof children song.
DesertLily I had to beg you for a dance. ☺♥☺

NadirQueen of Sheba

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DesertLily Finally a full track from Dub Colossus! Tough tune ~ Vocals by Mimi (Sintayehu Zenebe) and Teremage
DesertLily Lyrics are strongtly political, but the groove is the thing here.

Baaba MaalDental

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DesertLily Har shai men javan-e dilruba ko dekha ~ In everything, I see the face of my Beloved.


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DesertLily Grazie mille! This song truthfully makes me smile RB @crispast And thanks to @storylet ;) (reblip)
DesertLily For all lovers of Afro beat; Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou.
DesertLily Hello and thanks to @LocoStavos: " It Crackled On The Speakers & Trickled Down The Sleepy Subway Train. Heavy Eyes Could Hardly Hold Us (thx)" (reblip)
DesertLily Traditional arr Yunis al-Hilali ~ Sir Bina Ya Qitar ~ Youssef Ali Bakash. From the album Musicians of the Nile
DesertLily Remmy sings: "Travel and see for yourself. Don't wait to be told about it. There are many things to see in the world. Waiting for you. . ."
DesertLily I thought that you knew it all. I'd see all the signs before"

Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove

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DesertLily Sigh. Surviving the miles. Hello Rb@GR8FL: "It always ends up to one thing, honey, when I look and you're not there..." (reblip)
DesertLily The Qalandariyah, Qalanderis or "kalandars" are wandering solitary Sufi dervishes. A Qalandar is a free spirit who has no wordly shackles. (reblip)
DesertLily Ulad Mambara ~ Ahmed Baqbou, Marchane Abdelkbir Lechhab, Kharmouss Mahdjoub and Ahmed Hamzaoui (Gnawaiis) (reblip)

MOROCCAN GNAWA MUSIC Marokkaanse muziek

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DesertLily "I'm Almost Throwing It All Away" Not a bad idea. Maybe the way in, is the way out. if you know what I mean RB@DJRodneyKing , Obrigada. Pra vc tb :)) (reblip)
onesanz I LOVE THIS TRACK thx 4 company see u later now I start to listen your tracks bye friends
theocf RB @mrguavaman: "Bill Evans com Scott LaFaro no baixo, para todos os foolish hearts aí na escuta. " (reblip)
avivajazz Süleyman Erguner :• Mediterranean :• Islam Blues
fabiosje Ed Motta – Outono No Rio _ coisa fina

Canção II ( Ode Descontínua e Remota para Flauta e Oboé) por Veronica Sabino

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DesertLily Listen to the bass man play that same groovy beat.
Ghugah Clude do Balanço é muito duca. Pena que tem pouca coisa aqui.
digitpt Atahualpa Yupanqui - Nada Mas (nothing more) -
enard where did this guy come from? (reblip)
Diordan this is for you @pinkpolkadots How are you gorgeous? Hope that fine! You can go through anything cuz you have love and music around! You are strong!

Wes MontgomeryLeila

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nuffced Another bossa nova crossover... with the "Laia-ladaia" explaination. @caiosandesign Cool Design website & boa noite.
Nitramdraddil Beck does something incredible with this tune by Nitin Sawhney.
GR8FL blame this all on @tubilino and Tolkein - I take no responsibility
ladypn Hello @pamplays! Love this!: "Amber Ojeda ~ Don't Rush...HELLO to @ladypn, @broadwayg, @EFR56,@Gparcels" (reblip)
DesertLily Kiltili? What th...? It's Eltyli ~ Ya 3ammi ana ma tghayrana ~

Ziad RahbaniKiltili

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CynDyn will end her night with this one in hopes that all who hear it be soothed. Tremendous thanks to @DesertLily. G"Nite, Blip. (reblip)
DesertLily ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء


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DesertLily Deep , soulful lyrics. One of my favs too. And, about your last question... Maybe there is a way, let's see ... :) RB@Radnasha (reblip)


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tirebouchon afro celt sound system - dark moon, high tide...ritmo, un mix di nord e sud del mondo
ekman Chandni Chowk To China – India Se Aaya Tera Dost
tirebouchon from mali, the great boubacar traore, kayes-ba
spacespencer Birds flying high, you know how I feel ...
lisias leve como leve pluma muito leve leve pousa
lisias nossa, preciso descansar!


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DesertLily Vas (Azam Ali & Greg Ellis) Mandara (reblip)


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DesertLily "... songs of desperation, I played them for you. A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh, a kiss, a cry, our rights, our wrongs..."
DesertLily "but if I had one wish fulfilled tonight, I'd ask for the sun to never rise. If God passed a mic to me to speak I'd say stay in bed, world ..."
DesertLily Here you can sense the spiritual side of this band, which is all to do with the Desert, nature, calmness, quietness... the mystery of it all.


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Diordan na china mao...... free tibet para mim é pessoal


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DesertLily Hey! Kesay ho? I had fabulous rotis yesterday :)) Muskurate raho!! RB@mgill: "Got to work in a little bhangra tonight. " (reblip)
DesertLily "we don't know what we are here for, we just know that in a place like this, well find a space in time and let love ease in" RB@nuffced (reblip)
ZONE EYALA......Good night @all ........love and peace all over....rb@jsalinasi...thank you......: ) (reblip)


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ekman @ekman: "Oração a mãe menininha" - Dorival Caymmi (reblip)
ekman boa noite e até breve "...vou tomar quele velho navio...eu nao preciso de muito dinheiro" (reblip)
QueenJaneApproximately One of my favorite songs, ever. Not just out of the Bob Dylan catalogue
DesertLily Elle est nègre, bien nègre, dans son cœur...
bendrix I almost threw this CD out. DOPE Trak. I got this from dude off the streets. Tribe Called Quest Vibe=> @lub @1indienation (reblip)
bendrix Surprise Surprise I usually ignore Massblips but today must be my lucky day tis is pretty damn cool thx=> rb@Pink_Viper rb@WakeAppMusic ? (reblip)
bendrix HEY Baby @Blippo Its nice to see U... I'm always happy to see U. btw I found the perfect lullaby track for U... What do U think Auntie @28apple_chic?
DesertLily It's easy, babe ... to make it bad..,
Mysterymix argh, so cool@rerkaizen: "ooooh I'm in a relaxed, warm toes by the fire, sip tea, & read a thick book kind of mood. so that's what I'm going to do:) " (reblip)
jastrapko when designing, this group is nearer my ear
DesertLily Orchestre Jedwane ~ Moule Taxi

Soulstance feat. Arthur Miles - The Time

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DesertLily Por que mudastes teu nick? @Manucarita: "Sua cara! DesertLily" (reblip)
Diordan Hello @RonnieBebop Dear friend! Boa Noite! How are you?

AmnestyLove Fades

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DesertLily Morning :)) RB & quoting @mgill: "Woke up this fine morning thinking that I needed to hear some Daler Mehndi and I needed to hear" (reblip)
Caco Any idea concerning current Tracy Chapman's whereabouts? (reblip)
nuffced Heya my very dear Blipaz - 1st I wanna thank you for all these props, kind words or jus' for listennin' & sharin'. It's a real blessing. We all agree. (reblip)
nuffced @lub You might have missed dis one. Check the whole LP if you got da chance. Dulces sueños... (reblip)
nuffced Ok last tune of this latin soul session. I hope you enjoyed... Thx & laters Blippas/Twittas @120hippos1girl @kzythm @juniorone @Ninon @FernandaW
Piehooerseef probably one of the best Doors songs. why am I one of the only ones who thinks so?

yasmin levy - la alegria

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globalgrande Great song! Not sure about the video...@dj_kittycat: "In the mood to hear this one" (reblip)

punjabi mc jogi

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tbell sorry for the props :) xo @BleakMouse: "Heimlich maneuver! @tbell: "@tbell: "she takes her time now..." @BleakMouse god. these songs kill me."" (reblip)
globalgrande This is amazing...from the steppes of Central Asia. Gritty throat singing, one (?)-string violin, persistent percussion and great background vocals.

NamgarTaviin Hasag

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DesertLily I'm very well, thanks. And really happy to catch you blipping this evening ~ Gosh, what a pick, this is great! Thank you, truly :) RB@nuffced (reblip)
Laudano Used to listen to this on vinyl, long ago.
Gioca Last one for now. Sex and Jazz (what do you like most?). Bye for now

Gare Du Nord (Marvin & Miles) - Sex 'n' Jazz (G.)

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Mysterymix Thanks vm RB@avivamagnolia: "Dinho Nascimento – Berimbau Blues / #jazz #brasil" (reblip)
avivajazz Paul Bley | Ida Lupino | Open, To Love (1972) || Paul Bley (solo piano) | #jazz

Paul BleyIda Lupino

| play
cabron Essentially, a song about imperialism, isn't it? Sad, sad.
DesertLily Catherine Grant sings the Persian song (Dokhtare Boyerahmadi) and the Latin chant. Carol Ensley sings an old Welsh tune called Lisa Lan

Mark IshamFlames

| play
dnya RB @avivamagnolia: "Dhafer Youssef ● Diaphanes ● Live at Cully Jazz Festival 2008 ● http://www.dhaferyoussef.com#sufi #oud #music (reblip)
DownLow <3 it @CynDyn: "welcome (and thanks) to @equipoise- "Alicia meyers – I Wanna Thank You Heavenly Father"" (reblip)
dean Little Dragon, top band, their new album is very good also
cabron @GiselaBlanco Você tem que ouvir essa música aqui, em homenagem a Billie.
cabron Wow. Didn't know Beirut had covered this Cohen's classic. That's a wonderful emotional version, quite different from the obvious versions out there.
mgill Oops, I guess my finger slipped! @dnya: "Lol, love it when you get props from Gattopardo :-)" (reblip)

Justin Adams _Desert Road

| play
PatriciaC Greatful Dead -- Blues for Allah – Franklin's Tower RB @Nitramdraddil (reblip)

Sofia Rei Koutsovitis, El Mayoral

| play
DesertLily .... Breeze driftin' on by, you know how I feel...
DesertLily "... songs of desperation, I played them for you. A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh, a kiss, a cry, our rights, our wrongs..." (reblip)
DesertLily With my heart ticking like a bomb in a birdcage, I left before someone got hurt.
DesertLily Staff Benda Bilili ~ Congolese street musicians ~ Musenga malanyumba musenga ye ye sala keba
DesertLily "...In every moment,let my soul be Your carpet."

06 - Anoushka Shankar - Beloved (DesertLily)

| play
DesertLily ~ Michelle ma belle, sont les mots qui vont trés bien ensemble ~ Wish there was an audio of this

The BeatlesMichelle

| play
DesertLily Only the Desert is large enough to hold the longing of my Soul.
DesertLily Yungchen Lhamo ~ Gi Pai Pa Yul Chola

Gi Pai PaYul Chola - Yunchen_Lham

| play
DesertLily When the Desert sun has passed horizon's final light and darkness takes it's place... We will pause to take our rest.


| play
DesertLily Such an evocative song. RB @TrekSalama: "La essence de Afrique..." (reblip)
DesertLily I'm stressed out about meeting this evening’s deadlines. Just coming here to savour this grace filled piece... again :)
DesertLily RB @Laudano: "My movies soundtrack #17: Million Dollar Hotel. "Wow, after I jumped it occurred to me life is perfect, life is the best."" (reblip)


| play
DesertLily G. Night. I have an insanely long day ahead of me tomorrow ~ Here's wishing you @ll witness a simple expression of Love on Monday.

Ali Akbar Khan - Garden of Dreams- Two Lovers

| play
DesertLily Sweep with your soul, before your beloved's door. Only then will you become her lover. ~ The Red Dervish in Bab 'Aziz ~
laurentlunati bande son : Nino Rota – Il Casanova
i_Dea Caetano Veloso - A Tua Presença Morena

Caetano Veloso-Circuladô ao Vivo-01-A Tua Presenca Morena.MP3

| play
tausa thanks rb@thesilentdove Mohsen Namjoo - Ey Sareban (reblip)

Mohsen Namjoo ((ey Sareban))

| play
mohlab On the sunny side of the street! Billie Holiday deve ter ficado satisfeita com o time! @ciroboro @Diordan @ric @loureed @fabiroba @pafurada

Madeleine Peyroux and The Lady Day All-Star Band live @ Tudo é Jazz 2009

| play
CynDyn luv this...thanks, @onesanz: "<Promise In Love>" (reblip)

DJ Mitsu the Beats "Promise In Love feat. José James"

| play
DesertLily Malouma blends with success Moorish, Fulani, Tukulor, Soninke, Wolof and Haratin music ~


| play
dnya Amir Khusro poem Chaap Tilak sab cheeni ray mosay naina milaikay @DesertLily @mgill @dharmaputra via @kartik (reblip)
YoginianneJ ethereal, hauntingly epic@DesertLily: "Jia Peng Fang ~ Silent Moon." (reblip)

Silent Moon

| play
TrekSalama Mali Music- fantastic!

Mondomix présente : Djelimady Tounkara

| play
DesertLily ~ I'm the fakir in need of Your Love, while You alone Beloved, is the Real Sultan ~
DesertLily Erik Truffaz and Murcof ~ Good News From the Desert
DesertLily Bons sonhos, dearest :) Thanks. Take good care RB@GR8FL: "boa noite DesertLily ... catch you in a few days and hope you stay well :)" (reblip)
DesertLily This song serve as a reminder that Life is not endless Summer nor forever Winter. Change, Mausam, change... I shall smile when Spring comes...

Nitin SawhneyMausam

| play
DesertLily Mom's fav. Ali Reza Ghorbani – delivers a poem of love, accompanied by a sole tar {wire-strung, Persian lute}
DesertLily This piece tugs at my heartstrings ~ There's nothing quite like the African landscape ~
DesertLily Let me feast in this silence.

VasFeast of Silence

| play
DesertLily "My Soul has absorbed Your Beauty, and now it glows with the luminescence of the Light, within the deep emerald green darkness of the Night" (reblip)
DesertLily Trying to break through the homesicknes blues here. (reblip)
nastysurprise @DesertLily I had to find an alternative place to host music, but for you it was worth it. Enjoy.
DesertLily Wow! Great. Love Otto and this remix is totally new to me. Thanks, Ben. Good Night :) RB@bendrix: "xCELLENT xCELLENT Track to end the night on..." (reblip)
DesertLily Habib Koite & Bamada ~ Africa ~ Beautiful, mysterious, earthy and ethereal Africa ~


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LYRIC ~There's always HOPE :)
DesertLily Merci!! J'adore cette chanson :) RB@SabineWe: "✶♥✶ Reggae ✶♥✶ Tiken Jah Fakoly – "Plus rien ne m'étonne". (reblip)
DesertLily Ofra Haza & Goran Bregovic ~ Canto Nero (reblip)

ofra haza & goran bregovic - canto nero

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DesertLily Awesome! As Niang - African percussions, Antonio Coatti - shells & Paride Russo - yidaki didjeridoo
DesertLily Dhafer's music requires a very specific audience, but once you're in love, you've fallen pretty hard.

Dhafer Youssef ─ A Kind of LOVE

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DesertLily Jan Garbarek & Agnes Buen Garnas ~ Psalm

Jan GarbarekPsalm!

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DesertLily He's the beautifullest, fragilest still strong. Dark and divine...

BjorkHidden Place

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DesertLily Αηδόνι εσύ, πλανεύτρα στάχτη που καις. Με ποιο κρασί, μεθάει τα μάτια του πες ~ Παράπονο / Ξενιτιά (reblip)
doodah Thievery Corporation – Warning Shots (Featuring Sleepy Wonder And Gunjan) - TC = DC-based dj duo of Rob Garza, Eric Hilton, and supporting artists.
jsalinasi Suena Hossein Alizadeh (con Homa Niknam y Madjid Khaladj).

CD Birds: Hossein Alizadeh, Homa Niknam, Madjid Khaladj

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rinzwin rb @melbif: "sucré" Orchestre National de Barbes – Dor Biha (reblip)
DesertLily ...In every moment, let my soul be Your carpet, Beloved. (reblip)

06 - Anoushka Shankar - Beloved (DesertLily)

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DesertLily So nice! Appreciate indeed. Thank you :) RB @Piehooerseef: "DesertLily A special track just for you. Off a CD I got in South Africa." (reblip)
BklynBagel @DesertLily: "Qawwali music floats with the wind. Main nahin, sab Tu! ~ Sain Zahoor sings Allah Hoo ~ " (reblip)
Vilesy Definitely my last blip! This is wonderful! with love & thanks to you for a peaceful night @DesertLily: "Can't get enough of Osibisa" (reblip)
Vilesy Beautiful sound, thx 4 sharing. Hope W.End was good 4 U & Yours @DesertLily: (reblip)

R. Carlos Nakai - Whippoorwill

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nuffced Heya @stustevens & @Superfly > Glad to hear your funky sound, dudez - Ciao @franfer happy to get an Italian connection at last. Dig dat Nu(York)Soul
DesertLily Sigh ...so heart evoking. Thanks. RB @hajoni: "Dhafer Youssef – Les Ondes Orientales" (reblip)
DesertLily I love the flavor of Sufism in this song & the open-ended spirituality that allows for us all to listen & sing along from our own unique perspectives
DesertLily Tsinandali Choir ~ Eastern Georgian ensemble famous for their powerful renditions of traditional "table songs"