fortran 5 heart on the line

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Digistar Bombay Dub Orchestra – Beauty and the East
Digistar Ambient/Dub [Shulman - Inner Selves]
Digistar Shpongle – Around The World In A Tea Daze
Digistar Ambient/Dub [Gotan Project – El Capitalismo]
Digistar Ambient/Dub [OTT - Scilly Automatic]

13 Scilly Automatic

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Digistar Shulman – Random Lifelines
Digistar Shulman – The Unexpected Visitor
Digistar The Richest Man in Babylon (Groove Corporation remix)

The Richest Man in Babylon (Groove Corporation remix)

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Digistar Fingertwister


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Digistar 70's POP/ROCK [Robin Trower – Bridge Of Sighs]
Digistar Timothy Leary – Legend of a Mind (Timothy Leary Lives) - The Moody Blues
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK: Brass Construction – Movin'
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK: The Moody Blues – Never Comes The Day
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK: Canned Heat - On The Road Again
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK: ABBA - I Have A Dream
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK: John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat – Boogie Chillen
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK (1968-1979): Red Rider – Lunatic Fringe
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK (1968-1979): Led Zeppelin – How Many More Times
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK (1968-1979): Nina Hagen – African Reggae
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK (1968-1979): T. Rex – Bang A Gong (Get It On)
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK (1968-1979): Joe Walsh – Rocky Mountain Way
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK (1968-1979): ABBA – Hole In Your Soul
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK (1968-1979): Loverboy – Turn Me Loose
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK (1968-1979): Donnie Iris – Love Is Like A Rock
Digistar 70's POP/Rock: Dire Straits - Telegraph Road


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Digistar 80's POP/Rock (favorites): Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight
Digistar 80's POP/Rock (favorites): The Cure – Pictures of You
Digistar 80's POP/Rock (favorites): Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence
Digistar 80's POP/Rock (favorites): Seal - Crazy


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Digistar 80's POP/Rock (favorites): Here Comes The Rain Again
Digistar 80's POP/Rock (favorites): Human League - Seconds
Digistar REGGAE/DUB: Augustus Pablo – 1-2-3 Version
Digistar REGGAE/DUB: Lee Perry & Mad Professor – Heads of Government
Digistar REGGAE/DUB: Burning Spear - Creation Rebel
Digistar REGGAE/DUB - Andrew Tosh - Downpressor Man
Digistar REGGAE/DUB: Augustus Pablo - Rude Boy
Digistar POP: Sunscreem - Perfect Motion (Dns Cocktail Mix)
Digistar POP: Erasure - Rapture


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Digistar POP: Erasure - Video Killed the Radio Star
Digistar POP: Underworld - Dark & Long (Dark Train)
Digistar POP: Portishead & Moloko – Fun For Me
Digistar POP: The Orb Alan Parker – Grey Clouds (Original)
Digistar POP: Gravity Kills - Enough


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Digistar POP: Transglobal Underground – Emotional Yoyo
Digistar POP: Delerium - Flowers Become Screens
Digistar POP: Shulman feat. Lee Triffon – I Dive
Digistar POP: Gotan Project - Notas
Digistar POP: Honeyroot - Sweet as Honey
Digistar POP: Tosca - Rolf Royce


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Digistar POP: Potlatch – Sleep at the Swamp
Digistar POP: Gotan Project – Arrabal
Digistar POP: Bassnectar – Select Frequency - Feat Seasunz
Digistar POP: Tosca - Superrob


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Digistar POP: Armin v. Buuren - Gypsy
Digistar POP: Gotan Project - Diferente
Digistar POP: Tosca - Damentag


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Digistar ELECTRONIC: Spacetime Continuum – A Low Frequency Inversion Field
Digistar ELECTRONIC: AirSculpture – Dark Design
Digistar ELECTRONIC: Ashra - Deep Distance
Digistar ELECTRONIC: Airsculpture - Fjord Transit
Digistar ELECTRONIC: Ashra - Lotus


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Digistar GUITAR: Jeff Beck – Freeway Jam
Digistar GUITAR - Pink Floyd - Echoes
Digistar GUITAR: Ted Nugent - Stranglehold
Digistar GUITAR: Deep Purple – Child in Time
Digistar GUITAR: Deep Purple - The Mule
Digistar GUITAR: Jeff Beck - Goodbye, Porky Pie
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK: Black Sabbath - Solitude
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK: James Gang - Bomber
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK: Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK: Steve Miller Band – Wild Mountain Honey
Digistar 70's POP/Rock: Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall
Digistar 70's POP/Rock: Led Zeppelin - You Shook Me
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK: Deep Purple – Lazy
Digistar 70's POP/ROCK: Rare Earth - Get Ready
Digistar 70's POP/Rock: Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knocking
Digistar FEMALE VOCAL: Dorothy Moore - Misty Blue (US)
Digistar FEMALE VOCAL: Nana Mouskouri - Celui que j'aime (tora pou pas stin xenitia)
Digistar FEMALE VOCAL: Bjork - One Day

Bjork - One Day

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Digistar FEMAL VOCAL: Bjork - It's Oh So Quiet
Digistar AMBIENT: System 7 – On the Seventh Night
Digistar AMBIENT: Burhan Ocal & Pete Namlook – Where Do You Come From? Part VI
Digistar AMBIENT: Paul Haslinger – End of an Era (Reprise)
Digistar AMBIENT: FuX – 100% Oliver Lieb (dj mix)
Digistar AMBIENT: Namlook, Pete & New Composers – Russian spring part l
Digistar AMBIENT: System 7 – Miracle (Orb Remix)


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Digistar AMBIENT/DUB: Bombay Dub Orchestra – Feel
Digistar AMBIENT/DUB: Desert Dwellers – Stratosphere (Ecliptic Remix)
Digistar AMBIENT/DUB: Pitch Black - Unadrumma


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Digistar AMBIENT/DUB: Bombay Dub Orchestra – Compassion: The Continental Drift Mix
Digistar AMBIENT/DUB: Spy from Cairo - Zindagi


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Digistar AMBIENT/DUB: Pitch Black – Melt (Youth Remix)
Digistar AMBIENT/DUB: Kaya Project – 65 Percent
Digistar AFRICAN - Youssou N'Dour – Seven Seconds
Digistar AFRICAN - Various Artists – Tshibola (Tshala Muana)
Digistar AFRICAN - M'bilia Bel (Congo-Kinshasa) – Faux Pas
Digistar AFRICAN - King Sunny Ade – Easy Motion Tourist
Digistar AFRICAN: Tabu Ley Seigneur Rochereau – Muzina
Digistar AFRICAN: I.K. Dairo M.B.E. & His Blue Spots – Okete (The Squirrel)
Digistar INDUSTRIAL: Meat Beat Manifesto – 08LonelySoldier
Digistar INDUSTRIAL: Aphex Twin – We Are the Music Makers
Digistar REGGAE: Michael Rose – Version Hot
Digistar REGGAE: Alpha Blondy - Coco de Rasta

Alpha Blondy - Coco de Rasta

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Digistar SOUTH AMERICAN: Machel Montano Black Stalin Radikal Sunflowers Beenieman Calibe – For the Moment Riddim Mix
Digistar SOUTH AMERICAN: Jesse Cook – Virtue
Digistar SOUTH AMERICAN: Celia Cruz and Tito Puente - Quimbara

Celia Cruz and Tito Puente - Quimbara

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Digistar SOUTH AMERICAN: Peret - Borriquito

Peret - Borriquito

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Digistar SOUTH AMERICAN: Kaoma – Lambada


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Digistar SOUTH AMERICAN: Bobi Cespedes - Yambu Rock


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Digistar SOUTH AMERICAN: Batidos - Tengo Sed


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Digistar SOUTH AMERICAN: Mexican Hat Dance


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Digistar SOUTH AMERICAN: Gracias A La Vida / Mercedes Sosa
Digistar SOUTH AMERICAN: Jesse Cook – Virtue (reblip)
Digistar REGGAE/DUB: Burning Spear - Creation Rebel (reblip)


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Delerium - The Silence - Illuzion's Rmx Idea2

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Digistar Armin Van Buuren - Light The Skies (Retrobyte's Classic Electrobounce Mix)
Digistar The Ramones - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Digistar La Tour - Blue (Global Instrumental)

La TourBlue

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Digistar Alihan Samedov – Sen Gelmez Oldun (Balaban) (Global Instrumental)
Digistar Kevin Yost – Two Wrongs Making It Right (Global instrumental)
Digistar Dos Hombres - The Alkemyst (Global Instrumental)
Digistar Soul Ascendants – The String Thing (Global Instrumental)
Digistar Les Djinns vs Passion (Alan Hesselberth's Alzuli Mashup) (Global Instrumental)

Les Djinns vs Passion (Alan Hesselberth's Alzuli Mashup)

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Digistar Serafim Tsotsonis - Wood Street (Global Instrumental)
Digistar Badmarsh & Shri – Sitar Ritual (Etnopop)
Digistar Les Négresses Vertes – Sous le soleil de Bodega (Etnopop)
Digistar Daniel Masson - Sonargaon (Etnopop)

Sonargaon by Daniel Masson from Buddha Bar VI

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Digistar Nacho Sotomayor - Don't Do Anything (Etnopop)

nacho sotomayor don't do anything india

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Digistar Nickodemus - Desert Dancer (Etnopop)
Digistar Karunesh - Solitude (Etnopop)


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Digistar Antaeus - Palm of the Prophet (Etnopop)

Palm of the Prophet Antaeus Calmness

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Digistar Unadrumma

Scrawl SR v1

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jaia : brainstorm (CROSS)(1998)

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Morning Call ~ Rain Geometrics.

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Thievery Corporation -33 degree

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Magic Sound Fabric "Heaven's Coming Down"

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The Orb-Lost & Found

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Big Bass Theory {All of Us Dub }

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Far Away ( Trumpet Thing )

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Omara Portuondo- "Dos Gardenias" y " Besame mucho" en Montreal, Canada

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Third Planet by Third Planet from Claude Challe's Nirvana Lounge

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