DiligentRadio605 smooth hip hop to get me into song picking mode...

Jurassic 5Work it Out

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DiligentRadio605 classic... how the frag do i msg you... just like twitter?
DiligentRadio605 for my first show...im takin it back.... to the days, and i listened to everything... so if yer with me. bitchin!
DiligentRadio605 yeah, hollar at yer boy... enjoy yer 420 break.
DiligentRadio605 get your head around this acoustic duo... one uses a pick, the other doesnt... amazing to watch. so yeah, i have no idea where to find the pm box...
DiligentRadio605 livin with louie dogs the only way to stay sane...


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DiligentRadio605 city born into this world with no knowledge and no regrets... I NEED LISTENERS...
DiligentRadio605 murs slug and ant. this video was directed by a local boy... who moved to cali to be big time... heres to ya N.S.
DiligentRadio605 here's my anthem for the summer!
DiligentRadio605 @thegoddess did this post work? man, i am lost... heres some matisyahu to get me back on track.

Matisyahu "King Without A Crown"

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DiligentRadio605 wicked track from his new one... which is equally as sick from beginning to end... thanks for the props and making me feel welcome!


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DiligentRadio605 @LadyFantastick: "Sanford and Son = One of the funkiest TV Themes Ever!" reblip... (reblip)

Sanford and Son

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Ben Harper and Jack Johnson-High Tide or Low Tide

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ucana422 @ElZorro: "Eric Clapton/JJCale-"Call Me The Breeze"" (reblip)

Eric Clapton/JJ Cale-Call Me The Breeze

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DiligentRadio605 inhale...exhale! Dont forget to give a listen... Im new, and need all the listeners I can get!
DiligentRadio605 whats up everyone? play me a song!
DiligentRadio605 thanks everyone for showin the love this morning. this is my second session here at blip.fm... so if you like what you hear, prop the new guy!

Avail 'Simple Song'

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DiligentRadio605 this ones for @dubstarr because ive propped em to the limit... old school... i dig it.
DiligentRadio605 any smokers in the room? props to you all!
DiligentRadio605 thanks to my two new listeners! much love from @DiligentRadio605!

Tenacious DLee

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DiligentRadio605 switch it up a tad for the mood... a little after fourtwenty... so im nice and mellow...
DiligentRadio605 gonna sit back in the chair and let the smoke take control... still loves pink floyd, what can i say?
DiligentRadio605 this ones for @lalunajade... youre playing the sabbath, which brought me to this jem from my childhood...


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DiligentRadio605 favorite song of all time. Whats going on with everyone tonight? hit me up... im just sitting here picking songs... bored....
DiligentRadio605 ahhh the nostalgia here at camp diligent is palpable this morning!

The PixiesGigantic

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DiligentRadio605 another new listener! thanks a bunch @lalunajade... you're number five! this ones for you...
DiligentRadio605 since we're in the heavy mood eh? i go where the flow takes me... never know what youre gonna get with this one!
DiligentRadio605 still one of the best metal bands ever....

Pantera 5 Minutes Alone

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DiligentRadio605 i love this video. i saw these guys at bonnaroo last year, and it was amazing. (told you im all over the place)

Suicidal Tendencies-Institutionalized

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DiligentRadio605 insert clever segue into another block of hiphop music here... thanks again as always for all the props and special thanks to my new listeners...
DiligentRadio605 alright kids time for another switchup... hows everyone doing?
DiligentRadio605 this band is from my hometown of sioux falls south dakota. they just signed to black clover records, and they are SICK! check them out!

Soulcrate Music-Oh My

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DiligentRadio605 this song reminds me of the devils rejects when i hear it. so... here it is.
DiligentRadio605 what can i say? im a pothead... laughs. anyone with me?
DiligentRadio605 @BeatJunkie and @vmessy are my six and seventh listeners... no they dont win a tshirt... but they do listen to some dope ass music!
DiligentRadio605 i play a lot of different stuff on DiligentRadio, but hiphop is key in my musical diet. thanks to everyone droppin props and listening to my stuff.


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DiligentRadio605 to my two newest listeners! @cjh // @markmac this ones for you!
vmessy @DiligentRadio605 I have heard of and like Heiruspecs!! Wish there wasnt a limit on props or you'd have way more from me!

Doomtree"Game Over"

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vmessy love this one. @DiligentRadio605 I live in Pittsburgh, but went to college out west and had friends from Chi and Minn who got me WAY into Rhymesayers
DiligentRadio605 loves blip.fm! the weather here in sioux falls is amazing right now... got me in the mood for a little DJ Jazzy & the Fresh...
DiligentRadio605 old school set of hiphop. the way only diligentintelligence can bring it to ya! thanks for everyone droppin props and tuning in as always!
DiligentRadio605 another one for @thegoddess! thanks for turning me onto the blip!

Hoodoo Gurus- Come Anytime

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DiligentRadio605 i dedicate this one to myself @DiligentRadio605... because i love this track and feel like being slightly self serving...

The Pixies- Monkey Gone to Heaven

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DiligentRadio605 great medley from one of my all time favorite artists... the phunky feel one! cypress hill group... good quality too.
DiligentRadio605 @redredbeard... WE ARE THE ROBOTS... BATTERY CONTROLLED.... hahaha, and this is my 4:20 song for today! if youre in the CST zone LIGHT EM UP! its 4:20 (reblip)

KraftwerkThe Robots

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Clutch-A Shogun Named Marcus

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DiligentRadio605 classic. my favorite lenny kravitz track.
DiligentRadio605 @vmessy you only have one prop left, and ive only been here fifteen minutes, but just know, i prop you every time i see your name. how bout this one?
squidbrain POS is my favorite rapper du jour. Guns, bitches and bling? Nowhere on his agenda. rb @NotoriousMUG for impeccable taste. (reblip)
DiligentRadio605 more mpls hiphop... i know you love it. you dont have to prop me, you only have three... ; )

Unknown Prophets- The Road Less Traveled

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DiligentRadio605 its like "shut the fuck up, professionals are trying to work."
DiligentRadio605 sending this one out to @ChrisandCal... because its smooth. and i forgot to send one to you yesterday.
DiligentRadio605 the mere mention of whats going to happen to me later tonight gets me riled up... therefore... KMFDM, an old one. you like it? listen to my station!
DiligentRadio605 bringing it down a notch just quick enough to say hello to my newest listener/follower... @OliviaWilder... thanks for listenening!
DiligentRadio605 ...well this one is, without a doubt, because i'm high.
Jazzyjones Rick's tribute to Grover Washington Jr.
DiligentRadio605 set of songs about maryjane...

Rick JamesMaryjane

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DiligentRadio605 mary jane song number two

Last Dance with Mary Jane- Tom Petty

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DiligentRadio605 i like music. music is neat. i like listening to your music, and you like to listen to mine. i like weed too. fuck it... hollar if ya hear me.

Run DMCIt's Tricky

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skyroots I saw this video clip in a midnight session on tv... I listened to this song, then i got to sleep with it in my mind... Now I love Tool... =D
DiligentRadio605 please allow me to adjust my pants, so that i may do the good time dance! welcome to diligentradio... we shake asses.
DiligentRadio605 @lalunajade... yeah i woke up at five fifteen this morning, after passing out from too much booze at around eight thirty last night. haha! its early.
DiligentRadio605 @BeatJunkie my first rb of the day! great song, havent heard it in a long time... (reblip)

Alice in ChainsWould

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DiligentRadio605 for those of you just tuning in...I'm all about it. sioux falls south dakota pirate of the midwest... jam this one.
DiligentRadio605 @HotTubTony @DrewBlood two more listeners.... right on! thanks a ton guys... im trying to get to 100 today...
DiligentRadio605 @idrvfast: the next band wanted me to read the following: warning if you want your asses blown out... stay in the room...

Apathy I Drive It Like I Stole It

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DiligentRadio605 any hiphop heads in the place this early morning? get at yer boy. @themondaylunch
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