Discobaymamma My account was down but now I'm back!! Ahhhh!Missed the tunes and friends! :)
Discobaymamma @AuBrizzle: "Sometimes I love covers of songs....sometimes i dont...i do indeed enjoy this one from Vampire Weekend" (reblip)
Discobaymamma "Did I tell you you're wonderful?" - Wonderful

Adam AntWonderful

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PAMsLOvE Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good
Discobaymamma "What am I leaving when I'm done here?" Good one to ponder. Leave Out All The Rest. Listen now.
HeavyWhisper Remembering all the lingering kisses.... Linger – The Cranberries (reblip)

LingerThe Cranberries

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joe61 Adoro Siouxsie! Obrigado @anamonteiro: "Siouxsie & The Banshees - Cities In Dust" (reblip)
Discobaymamma Finally stopped tripping on my youth...something strange and new is happening...it's the best that I've ever had-Finally by Fergie
Discobaymamma How you changed my life, you'll never know-Angel of Mine.
Discobaymamma I love this song-but who sings it? I saw it also performed on American Idol but still don't know who it's by. Anyone know?


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Discobaymamma One of these lives across the street from me.

GarbageStupid Girl

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Discobaymamma @randyhate: "easily my favorite julian cope song. via @80sOBLIVION" Haven't heard this in ages! Thanks to Randyhate for reviving it! (reblip)
Discobaymamma @vanbytheriver: "Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah "well your faith was strong but you needed proof... her beauty & the moonlight overthrew you"" (reblip)
Lady_Lindsay Virtual Insanity // I saw this vid when I was 15 and thought it was the best thing ever
Discobaymamma How I love real classics! @VerbalVandal: ":) RB @abarbosa: "Sweetheart, I ask no more than this: a kiss to build a dream on :*"" (reblip)

Louis Armstrong - A Kiss To Build A Dream On

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Katrinabtw @pss_t @b3stofgee @Dubb_ya @IsleOfPim @ellelucive for slo mo ring around the rosie.. pita's request lol
Discobaymamma Sting is coming in concert here in Aug at Concord Pavillion-wish I could go! ****@kellyhunts (reblip)

StingDesert Rose

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Discobaymamma Thanks 2 @Lady_Lindsay: I have been trying to remember name of this song for a week! :) (reblip)
Discobaymamma @A_DJ_Banana: ":-D @StrawberryToast: "@A_DJ_Banana: "Good night my lovely blippers!" peace out babe...see ya in the twit-verse 2 morrow."" (reblip)

Evanescence-Call Me When You're Sober lyrics

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Discobaymamma @Leo_RJ_2009: "@Icametumbling: "Yes, that pretty much exhaust my foolish repertoire ..."" (reblip)
iBREAKFASTi just a reminder...today while you get ready or go about your day...REMEMBER! who is #1 Y O U ARE!!!! THE BEST! WHY CAUSE I SAID THATS WHY @L3tsGo

Feeling goodMuse

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Reactive_Candy #party #music This #Flash #Mob #dance gave me goosebumps -->check it out #BEP – I Gotta Feeling [LIVE] Program Oprah
steno ✄--- vi@chiiQ: "today is going to be a beautiful day... aloha and good morning! (reblip)


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ROOSFM Nature Boy – Nat King Cole
vento Black Eyed Peas – Imma Be
Annimallover I;ve been around 4 U, been up & down 4 U...Time 4 me to fly~ REO Speedwagon
Marystudio RB@BigBangJazz: "Is she blue? (I think she is) >> Billie Holiday – Am I Blue? >> #nowplaying #jazz #twitjazznet" (reblip)
Marystudio The Everly Brothers ~ Cathy's Clown
Marystudio The Five Satins ~ In the Still of the Night

In the Still of the Night-The Five Satins-original song-1956

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Marystudio The Drifters ~ This Magic Moment
Marystudio The Drifters ~ Save The Last Dance For Me
vixxeninpink reblip from this new dj>@gabearnold he's only 14 away from a shiny new badge...check him out (reblip)
GrannySpicyTuna Every time I hear this song, I'm swept away into a Prince fantasy world! @abarbosa: "I don't care where we go, I don't care what we do." (reblip)
Ukuleleuniverse I am a long time fan of the"Ka`au Crater Boys - a fun song. "Surf" - great pa`ani and kanikapila mele." (reblip)

Ka'au Crater BoysSurf

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Ukuleleuniverse Ukulele teacher for Hallifax schools - ukulele master, Chalmers Doane.
Ukuleleuniverse Chalmers Doane, ukulele master, plays "Whispering"
Ukuleleuniverse "Waimanalo Blues" by Sam and John - `ukulele duet

Waimanalo Blues (ukulele duo)

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Discobaymamma Thanks for listening :) @razormuses: "Iron & Wine – Flightless Bird, American Mouth" (reblip)
Discobaymamma Love all the Twilight tracks-I have a secret affinity for vampires.

Decode lyricsParamore

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Discobaymamma Let's mix it up with a remix-3 tunes in 1. Break out your best moves! Life's too short not to dance!

Sexyback/Pokerface/BoomBoomPow mix

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Discobaymamma Keep going, don't stop now!

I Gotta Feelin' -Black Eyed Peas *New* 2009 (HQ)

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Discobaymamma Get out ur Applebottom jeans and boots with the fur and let's get LOW,Low,low, low!
Discobaymamma This is my hubby's motto for everything! "My way or the highway". Lucky me, huh?
Discobaymamma "You could be my someone, you could be my scene"

Puddle Of MuddBlurry

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Discobaymamma From the pages of my own autobiography.
Discobaymamma "I wanna make you move because you're standing still".
Discobaymamma "I am the son and the heir of nothing in particular" I know a lot of people like that.
Discobaymamma "wish I knew what you were looking for...might of known what you would find" Under The Milky Way
Discobaymamma "all my people right here right now...D'you Know What I Mean" Remember Oasis-2 fighting brothers that made a few good songs, like this one.

Anna (go to him) Beatles

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Discobaymamma I got something to say, it's better to burn out than fade away! Rock on! Rock of Ages
Discobaymamma Love this song. Love how the emotion comes thru despite the economy of notes.-Dinah Washington
Discobaymamma My favorite Sting track from favorite Sting lp; slow and sultry, appreciation of a woman's charms and refrence to Shakespear works for me.

StingSister Moon

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Discobaymamma @daytea: "if u know my story word for word. will u get along w someone like me?" (reblip)
Discobaymamma When I wear my mary jane shoes ...music has a different dimension and I can dance with another perception-Mary Jane Shoes by Fergie

mary jane shoes by fergie with lyrics

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Discobaymamma Watch this video-great 80's blast from the past! Remember those sunglasses?! Million Miles Away
Discobaymamma Watch this video to see people dancing to the song-Just Dance
Discobaymamma Play once a day, or as needed-It Feels Good by Toni! Toni! Toni!
Discobaymamma Love Dave Matthews! His concerts are the best!
Discobaymamma Too bad there's not a better version of this-DMB rocks!
Discobaymamma @Dougjones: "@teajeans: "remember this song? the DJ at the bar last night played it. :)"" (reblip)

No Scrubs by TLC [Lyrics]

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Discobaymamma @PaulCwalina: "That's an RB @StreamingMimi: "Modern English – I Melt With You"" (reblip)
Discobaymamma Fun blast from the past video w/this one.

Go-GosHead Over Heels

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Discobaymamma Them chickens tryin to jack my style! Boom Boom Pow
Discobaymamma Tonight's gonna be a good, good night! Gotta Feelin
Discobaymamma Saw his house on MTV Cribs-NICE! He has a great smile, watch the video here.
Discobaymamma @terez07: "Excellent Tune! RB @Shytowne " Please don't leave me " - Pink" (reblip)
Discobaymamma @MaskMuse: "The English Beat – Mirror in the Bathroom" (reblip)
Discobaymamma Seriously-are there any bad Dave Matthews songs? I don't think so! (reblip)
Discobaymamma @terez07: ""I've seen the future, huh, I can't afford it..." How To Be A Millionaire - ABC" (reblip)
Discobaymamma Good to hear this one! I sing this to my 5 year old daughter all the time-this is the 1st time shes heard it by someone else. She likes mine better:) (reblip)
Discobaymamma "anyone has ever played a part and then turned around and hate it..." Sweet Jane by Cowboy Junkies
Discobaymamma @Dr80s: "Thanks for listening & RBing a lost classic @NothingLikeTheSun" ---- Duran Duran is like cashmere-never goes out of style!---- (reblip)
Discobaymamma Good song. Nice to hear a softer side from Extreme (reblip)
Discobaymamma "did you write the book of love.." Come Back and Stay (for good this time)
Discobaymamma @PixelInTime: "#Goodnight lullaby "Stardust" by Artie Shaw "....Beside a garden wall When stars are bright.""---I have love for the classics!---- (reblip)

Stardust, by Artie Shaw

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Discobaymamma Wouldn't it be great if we all got this?!! Everything You Want :)
Discobaymamma "or am I oragami, fold it up and just pretend..."- Inside Out

Eve 6Inside Out

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Discobaymamma @PuckTarget: This has great clips of Robert Pattinson with his song-double the pleasure! (reblip)

Never Think- Robert Pattinson

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Discobaymamma @FAFugikawa: "a sad song that cheer me up" (reblip)

Train In Vain

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Big Country Fields of Fire The Tube

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Discobaymamma Interesting version: the lyrics on the screen are wrong but the performance is good. Enjoy.


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Discobaymamma "Noddin my head like yeah, movin my hips like yeah" Party in the US

Miley Cyrus-Party in the USA (Lyrics) [new song]

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Discobaymamma I love living in San Francisco! Check out the video to see how pretty it is. Send me something from where you live and I'll reblip!
Discobaymamma @kaosicism: "..rb vi@emdeejay: "GOT ACCEPTED TO HARVARD" ....living vicariously thru this blip (congrats .. :) ..)" (reblip)
Discobaymamma Saw him sing this at the Shoreline Amp. and it was just beautiful.
Discobaymamma Here I am, just Me, Myself and I! :)
Discobaymamma Yeah! Feel it baby, feel the vibrations!

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch-Good Vibration

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Elton John "Someone Saved My Life Tonight"

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Discobaymamma Ever see the SNL episode with Will Farrell playing the cow bell to this song? So funny!

Don't Fear the Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult

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Discobaymamma "IS That All There Is?" Yes friends, for me, for tonight, that's all there is. Keep dancing and I'll join you again tomorrow. :)
Discobaymamma Too many people sound like this...Blah, blah, blah!

Blah Blah BlahKe$ha

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Dave Matthews Band "The Best of Whats Around"

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Discobaymamma @yesguv2: "It's the glasses - "I Can See Clearly Now"" (reblip)
Discobaymamma @Lady_Celeste1: "~ Good Night Twitter ~ Until We Meet Again ~ Bella's Lullaby ~" (reblip)

Bella's LullabyYiruma

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Discobaymamma @77ozzie: "song - r - I am gonna make you bend and break...say a prayer, but let the good times roll..." (reblip)
Discobaymamma "It's raining, it's pouring, my love life is boring me to tears, after all these years-so lets dance" Last Dance
Discobaymamma @fxp123: "rb @cabrogli: "Wherever You Will Go – The Calling (with lyrics)"" (reblip)
Discobaymamma hanks for listening :) @alexparr (reblip)

It Ain't What You Do It's The Way That You Do It

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Discobaymamma @abarbosa: "How much pain has cracked your soul? How much love would make you whole? You're my guiding lightning strike..." (reblip)
Discobaymamma Thanks for listening :)@DensOnAir: "Owl City – Fireflies" (reblip)

Owl CityFireflies

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Discobaymamma Thanks for listening :)@Marystudio: "Harry James Orchestra ft. Helen Ward ~ Where Or When" (reblip)
Discobaymamma Thanks for listening :)@asialakay: "RB @DaLady: "><INNER CITY BLUES><>Make Me Wanna Holler< .Marc Broussard"" (reblip)
Discobaymamma Etta James, a bowl of ice cream in hand and being home-ahhhhh.....At Last!Thanks to @Marystudio (reblip)

Etta JamesAt Last

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Discobaymamma Thanks for RB :) Have a great weekend! PS-OMG did you see the jeans she's wearing! LOL@PeaceDiva: ";) Cuz here I come!...Debbie Deb...Lookout Weekend" (reblip)

Debbie Deb LookOut Weekend

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Discobaymamma @Atomik: "good afternoon all. hope everyone is surviving the week" (reblip)
Discobaymamma Thanks for listening :) @drewgraphix: "Many Thx for all the rb's & Props today!! (reblip)
Discobaymamma Hey Dave, remember this?! Blast from the past! I always smile when I hear this :)
Discobaymamma @BlueEyestotheSoul: "@daniarriba @SabineWe: "Debussy est toujours brillant. Merci pour ce merveilleux Clair de Lune @acarranca: "@margaridasilva1"" (reblip)
Discobaymamma Vampire Weekend's coming in concert 4/19 at Fox Theatre in Oakland (Berkeley really)tix only $27.50-Can't wait!!! :)**
Discobaymamma Can I sail thru the ocean's changing tides, can I handle the seasons of my life-Landslide
Discobaymamma Give to me your leather, take from me your lace.

Stevie Nicks- After The Glitter Fades [In Studio Recording]

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worryknot In My Life ~ The Beatles

The Beatles-In My Life

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Awannabeangel ""The Beatles-Love me do"" (reblip)

The Beatles-Love me do

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CallMeRicco TY!@ukafadar: @RRicco: "Quiet, 4once!@kimme23: "I just saw this..wknd was kinda boring~can't wait 4summer! &urs?@RRicco: "How wuz ur weekend?@kimme23" (reblip)
Discobaymamma @abarbosa: "Inspired by @rerkaizen. Have a wonderful night, my dear friend :)" (reblip)

k.d. langSo in love

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Discobaymamma @rakeshparmar: "You linger like a haunting refrain, ..what a beautiful line: Billie Holiday – You Go To My Head #FB" (reblip)
Discobaymamma classic jazz favorite! Thanks to-->@abarbosa: "Yet you're my favorite work of art :)" (reblip)
S4Songcrush #FlowerOfTheWeek is the Moonflower, which is a "climer". It reaches up to the moon and opens up just after sunset. Oh and its smell is MESMERIZING!

High Hatters-- Moonlight Savings Time

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Poetigeek The Boy Least Likely To – Faith (George Michael Cover) ... Sweet dreams.
Discobaymamma Why the gods above me think so little of me they allow you to go-Everytime we say Goodbye
Discobaymamma Day and night, why is it so, that this longing follows me wherever I go-Night and Day
ROOSFM Missy Elliott – The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) -
ducks2007 no love for dorothy? how tacky! @JulesJohn

Dorothy Dandridge and Louis Armstrong "Whatcha Say?" 1944

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Discobaymamma @fxp123: "ty @tokool4u: "@fxp123: "ty @JP2525: "rb @fxp123: "Save Me San Francisco By Train""""" (reblip)

Save Me San Francisco By Train

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Discobaymamma They'll be playing at the HP Pavillion 9/17...can't wait! :) @paraboschi: "thanks! @crispast" (reblip)

ParamoreMy Hero

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Discobaymamma You pick such good alternate versions of popular songs. :) Thanks for sharing-->@abarbosa (reblip)
Discobaymamma Thanks for listening :) @Alfea (reblip)

Cocteau Twins ; Pandora

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Discobaymamma @Alfea: "thanks → rb@Eilean: "Cocteau Twins ; Pandora"" (reblip)

Cocteau Twins ; Pandora

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Discobaymamma Our lives are better left to chance-I could of missed the pain but I'd of had to miss...The Dance

Vampire Weekend performing "California English

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edurrosa @rezitareis: "Total TALENTO! to de queixo caido com esse menino! 13 aninhos - Greyson Chance - PAPARAZZI no ´Piano e Vocal!" (reblip)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ^^ The Peotic Askew Re-imaginativional Revamp Of The Fabled Mish Mash! ^^ : Bjork -> "Venus As A Boy"

BjorkVenus As A Boy

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Greenfields47 worldcup2010... GO GO TEAM ENGLAND (reblip)
Discobaymamma @sir_edward_ross: "RB @biapfreitas ... "Ludwig van Beethoven – Für Elise""" (reblip)

BeethovenFur Elise

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Ukuleleuniverse I am a Peggy Lee fan and love this song. Thanks for listening.@DJRazzleRoss (reblip)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie !! 21st Century Psychedelia & How Delicious Cloud 9 Is !! : Vampire Weekend -> "The Kids Don't Stand A Chance"
La_Tua_Cantante MUSE – Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) [OFFICIAL VIDEO] #TwilightSagaEclipse

I Could Really Use A Wish Right Now.

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mark_till Good Charlotte - Walk Away (Maybe)
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