Djfunkysounds The cover queen comes through again ; ) @Angie74: "TY for all the rb love hun :) @contraries: "playing it again (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A great JB tune. @divadonna5: (reblip)

Joe Bonamassa-Tea For One

| play
Djfunkysounds An rb welcome for a new listener. @Tifikins: "Bye bye for now! Thanks to all my new peps!" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A first listen, but I like it. @Tisha: "TY! @blipdjj @radiocoiz ~Hello New Listener! @Djfunkysounds" (reblip)

12 StonesPhotograph

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Djfunkysounds The Hip !!! @2liveis2fly: "@DesertLily Isn't it New Orleans? any excuse to blip the hip!" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nice find. TY @readmylipstick: "@organicsue: "Joe Bonamassa, Hubert Sumlin, Jimmy Vivino, Tyler Dow Bryant – (reblip)
Djfunkysounds No, I hadn't. Most excellent. (Especially the Psycho teddy bear.) TYVM @chameleonpixie: "@Djfunkysounds Have you heard of this cover?" (reblip)

Rasputina~ Fire & Ice

| play
Djfunkysounds Just thinking about this one. Nice. @2liveis2fly: "@Djfunkysounds bourbon street for contrast." (reblip)
Djfunkysounds 4 more to go for @softnblue: "Boom boom boom, 14 to go to get my 500 badge, boom boom boom" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nicely done. @Jalapeno: "MORE FOO!! Rb via the lovely @Surferess ... DOA" (reblip)

Foo FightersDOA

| play
Djfunkysounds oops4u (You barely got here !?!) @Jalapeno: "Auto rb .. Blink 182.. Feelin this..." (reblip)

Feelin this-Blink 182 with lyrics

| play
Djfunkysounds A nice cover @Smooth2Edgy: "[ Everybody Knows ] ~~> The poor stay poor an the rich get rich, thats how it goes..." (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Interesting. @tapirekitten: "So beautiful a song and fabulous performance! " (reblip)
Djfunkysounds lol oops4u today but I get you over the next couple days. No worries. @Louden: "Louden does not take IOUs. ROFL. @Djfunkysounds" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Some old time delta blues. @NataSalvan: (reblip)

John lee Hooker Boogie Chillen

| play
Djfunkysounds One you don't hear that much @lelordgs: "Def Leppard - Die Hard The Hunter (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Another great Colin James tune. I wish more of his tunes were available.

Colin James: Why'd You Lie (With Guitar Opening)

| play
Djfunkysounds A terrific cover of a great tune.
Djfunkysounds An rb welcome for a new listener @romanus: "Catherine Wheel – Crank" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Most excellent. @Angie74: "Staind -- Covering Metallica -- Nothing Else Matters #playlist" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds LOL - Playlist man, saved forever. @Louden: "Um yeah. I will blame the beer. "I blipped what? I don't remember that." :P @Djfunkysounds @Angie74" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds What she said. @KatjaAsbreuk: "@SliverMoon Ik ben heel druk aan het werk zoals je kunt zien LOL" (reblip)

SeetherHang On

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Djfunkysounds Time for jumping jacks.

Halestorm & Adelita's Way

| play
Djfunkysounds I would love to find the studio version but this is not a bad acoustic version.
Djfunkysounds I had a strange desire to hear this song. Go figure.

SagaWind Him Up

| play
Djfunkysounds There something compelling about this tune. TY @fleurdelis101: "@Shaman777 (reblip)
Djfunkysounds WIN ! Nice one. @Louden: "Pretty good Heart cover. This chick has some pipes. @Angie74 @DjDiddlesSkittle. After Forever – Alone" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I've had a hard time finding some of the old Foreigner tunes. TY (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Everything nice. @Time2Burn: "Van Halen-Poundcake" (reblip)

Van Halen-Poundcake (Official Music Video)

| play
Djfunkysounds Nicely done. luv it. (You know what I like ; ) TY @Angie74: "Hey @Djfunkysounds, thought of you when I dug this outta the #playlist Intro'@CaboCrazy (reblip)


| play
Djfunkysounds Taco Bell, Taco Bell @softnblue: "@SpinninSara: "~~Joe Bonamassa – Burning Hell~~"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A sign of the apocalypse @Louden: "Hahahaha. YES! Outstanding find bro. @Sylak: "Hmmmm?"" (reblip)

Oak Ridge Boys- Seven Nation Army (2009)

| play
Djfunkysounds My favourite dance moves of all time.

The Black Crowes- Remedy

| play

The Calling-Wherever you may go

| play
Djfunkysounds Nice live version. @MSBloom: "Great rb. Thanks (reblip)
Djfunkysounds The Sach man. @juansosa065: "@coobis: "perfect guitar instrumentation... by Joy"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nice blip @dawnie22: @pixelmongress:Who's gonna fight for the weak? I've got a hero, I've got a hero living in me. I'm gonna fight for what's right. (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nice find. @KrokoBill: "essential! its a great song@bibman: "essential rb @NikkiPixel: " (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A lost gem.

Frozen Ghost-Promises

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Djfunkysounds a fave Soundgarden tune. @kirkill: "Soundgarden - Fell On Black Days" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Not shabby. @MojaveMini: "@SpinningDiscs: "Breaking Benjamin – Into the Nothing ...Another Big Blip for me!! Not A Bad Song On the Whole Album!!"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nice. (I especially like the cowboy vid) @Angie74: "The Ettes -- Crown of Age @Louden @Djfunkysounds" (reblip)

The Ettes-Crown Of Age

| play
Djfunkysounds Very nice. @divadonna5: "Added this one to my playlist. TY@blues_b_us: "@fxp123: "Joe Bonamassa - Woke Up Dreaming""" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nice blip. @MSBloom: "Candlebox~ Miss you~ Haven't heard this one in awhile" (reblip)

CandleboxMiss You

| play
Djfunkysounds Always walking in defence.

ThornleyCome Again

| play
Djfunkysounds They make a great combo. @TheJohnC: "@Word_Bandit I also love Emmylou's collaboration with Mark Knopfler" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Completing my cover threepeat. I quite like this one. @creativeness: (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I think they were talking about Keith's transfusions.
Djfunkysounds Any kinda fool..could..see

Baby Come BackPlayers

| play
Djfunkysounds What he said. @christy_of_beaumetz: "Tube qui ne prend pas une ride pour (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A nice version @iReignMusic: "i come back 2 the place u r.... RB@Angie74: "Ben Harper -- Covering Peter Gabriel -- In Your Eyes -- Acoustic (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I would like to say Goodnight. Insomnia. @DaLady: "~*GOODNIGHT MOON*~ (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Gotta rb the JB @fxp123: "Joe Bonamassa - If Heartaches Were Nickels video thanks I'll catch up later" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I feel more cultured just blipping it. @THEORDEROFEARTH: (reblip)

Aerosmith Performs "Dream on" with Orchestra

| play
Djfunkysounds An rb welcome for a new listener. @Smooth2Edgy: "[ Dust In The Wind ]" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds An rb welcome for a new listener @Licks: "one of my favs @itsRamel: "Outkast – Spottieottiedopaliscious"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds There's only two kinds of music, good and bad. (reblip)

Flunk I Love Music

| play
Djfunkysounds An oldie but a goodie. @KatjaAsbreuk: "Jumping wootwOOt @SliverMoon: "YAY ~,~ Jump Girls ;-) @lasmart@Lucindalala@KatjeAsbreuk"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A blast from the past @Jalapeno: "Tonight And The Rest Of My Life..." (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Good Afternoon :) rb @patita: "good afternooooooooooonn!!!!!!! :D" (reblip)


| play
Djfunkysounds Agreed @Louden: "WIN! I would love to hear a studio version of it. @vixxeninpink: "bon jovi cover & find of the day #1...I know who wants to see this (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A great tune TY. @vixxeninpink: "shout outs to the spectacular , @Djfunkysounds (other guys) (reblip)

Lacuna Coil : Stars

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Djfunkysounds An rb welcome for a new listener (reblip)

All Ends- Am I Insane+ Lyrics

| play
Djfunkysounds You have some nice covers here. I may have to liberate some of them. TY @TropicsZ4: "Phantom Planet – Somebody's Baby #rockcoversongs" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I haven't heard much of them but I liked this tune. @KatjaAsbreuk: "Love them" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Louden is cool so I won't mention some unfortunate instances in the past ; ) @vixxeninpink: "hands a 'you're to cool to get a fail' card to @Louden" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Score ! @hollycleary: "Oh...that is great! And acoustic. Definite GOAL! @Louden: "Holly check this. It is even better acoustic. This is excellent. (reblip)
MSBloom Stone Temple Pilots~ Plush~ Awesome Rb!! Evening greets to you! @TropicsZ4: "Plush" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I haven't listened to this one for awhile. Good tune. @Fortharrison: "...Savin Me... everyday..." (reblip)

NickelbackSavin' Me

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Djfunkysounds Beauty eh. @KatjaAsbreuk: "Thanks girl....think so to @AshliVicious: "rb <3 damn good song.. damn good band haha@KatjaAsbreuk: "Give Me A Sign""" (reblip)
sir_edward_ross @ellstar Classified- Oh Canada

classified- Oh Canada

| play
Djfunkysounds oh Yeah. @sandraew: "I imagine the men's hockey team's about to break out the beer and cigars." (reblip)
Djfunkysounds That's naughty.

All Ends Walk Away

| play
Djfunkysounds So old school I don't remember it. But darn catchy.
Djfunkysounds But I must. I will however blip this rather sweet tune first. Have a good one. @MSBloom: "Love it!TyRb (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nice tune. @Louden: "About to head home so all is good. Great to see you both! :) (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A nice cover. @Time2Burn: "Hello! How are you tonight? (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A nice tune. @MSBloom: ""@MSBloom: Mofro~ By My Side~" Gotta run, Night to ya. Thanks for the great music,rb's ...See you soon!!" (reblip)

MofroBy My Side

| play
Djfunkysounds I hadn't heard this version previously.
Djfunkysounds A nice live version.


| play
Djfunkysounds These two are great together. @Coffeenuts: "@rerkaizen: Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris – Beyond My Wildest Dreams" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Switching gears. (Nice mullet Kenny)
Djfunkysounds Not really true funk but if you don't like it you can.....
Djfunkysounds Great tune ! Thanks @MSBloom: ( wanted to share this one with ya @Djfunkysounds , It's one of my faves, with Mofro) Enjoy, hopefully!" (reblip)
Louden Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing! Even if that means blipping Billy Ray Cyrus. I have no regrets. ;) @Djfunkysounds
Djfunkysounds 14 more to go for. @ShiaoMei: "(-: Thnx! @divadonna5: "Terrific!@MCDEIBEM: ":))@ShiaoMei: "Jethro Tull ~ Cold Wind to Valhalla"""" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A really good version. @IDREAMOFJEANIE2: "great sound... :)" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A haven't heard this one in forever. TY. @PeaceDiva: ":) I'm going to dance, and have some fun... Groove is in the Heart...Deee-Lite" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A blast from the past


| play
Djfunkysounds Why thank you ; ) @Angie74: "Chevelle -- Get Some #threesomethursday #3" (reblip)

Get SomeChevelle

| play
Djfunkysounds A great musician attending his craft. @camdalamb: "Thought this video was beautiful." (reblip)

Johnny CashHurt

| play
Djfunkysounds The blues the way their supposed to be played.
Djfunkysounds It's not too late. @organicsue: "Whip it good - You can whip it into shape" (reblip)

Whip it good

| play
Djfunkysounds Yoink ! I think I will just pocket this one. @Louden: "yw and howdy! Great to see you :) @alicialejandra: (reblip)

In This Moment-All For You

| play
Djfunkysounds A TYVM to my top proppin peeps. I think I am going to bust a cap. (In Canada that means have a beer ; ) @Louden @divadonna5@jordan1507@Angie74@Gr8tune

Jeff Healey Band I think I love you too much

| play
Djfunkysounds Oh it's a keeper. @SGMan: "Yippee! @Freerunner: "can't resist riding into the sunset today with this one in the background."" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I've got the matches. @romanus: "Audioslave – Gasoline" (reblip)


| play
Djfunkysounds LOL. Nice one. When the funk hits me -- look out ! (George Clinton ?) @Jalapeno: "Or George Clinton ;) @Djfunkysounds" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I have been looking for this song FOREVER ! TYVM. I love this tune. @SGMan: "Friday! @Djfunkysounds" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Added - 8 to go @rockmonsta44: "thnx 2u now nine :-))@donnadontplay: "AWESOME DJ ONLY NEEDS (10) listeners for new badge @rockmonsta44 ADD HIM!!!"" (reblip)
Jalapeno This @Djfunkysounds is my favorite RHCP song... Dosed

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Dosed

| play
Djfunkysounds An rb welcome for a new listener @ReverendSal: "A "don't drink" song for those clearly on drugs ..." (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Requests is two dolla and fiffy cent. (LOL) @Jalapeno: "1 blip for Wednesday hump day.. some RHCP.. Hump de Bump @thechilisource (reblip)

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Hump de Bump

| play
Djfunkysounds I'm in a Van Morrison mood.
Djfunkysounds Not an easy life. @funkyBP: "haunting tune & very important message!@Angie74: "Well there's 97 crosses planted in the courthouse yard (reblip)
Lisa_Marie This really blew my mind...@dANGELofLOVE: "GM! Wishing You A Wonderful Day! @MrsASoprano: "Good morning ladies~ (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Oh yeah, that's the stuff. Thanks for the intro bro !@funkyBP: a lesser known kickass group that I thought I'd recommend to ya, bro @Djfunkysounds (reblip)

Crazy Love ( Van Morrison ft. Ray Charles)

| play
Djfunkysounds It's a keeper ! Thx @Louden: "You were totally right, as usual. I do really dig her voice. Gotta send this one on to our boy @Djfunkysounds@Angie74" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Way cool. Thx. @blipstarz: "vi @Angie74 Lee Ritenour & Joe Bonamassa -- Covering Tracy Chapman --Give Me One Reason for (reblip)
vampyrekittie @rachidkas: may be stunned!Ty 4 giving care@ellendiane:TY!-a little bird ..hit the window of the.. glass door let me pet him-his partner is there-fly (reblip)

Creed: "My Own Prison" Acoustic (Stripped)

| play
sandraew Almost forgot #musicmonday The Black Keys – Grown So Ugly
aprildax What if I drown in this sea of devotion Just a stone left unturned..My need is deep..Wide endless oceans..Feel it furious..The fire burns on...

MolokoForever More

| play
Djfunkysounds A cool tune.

Nightwish High Hopes (pink floyd's cover)

| play
Louden Fit For Rivals – Crash
Djfunkysounds An rb welcome for a new listener @MsBiddyBytes: "Feargal Sharkey – A Good Heart.......♫ ♫ ♫" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A good quality audio. Nicely Done. @TropicsZ4: "Asia – Heat Of The Moment" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I've been looking for a good version of this one. TY. @DanielStoicaTax: "Scorpions – Big City Nights via @kuiyibo7" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Hard to beat these two for pure blues guitar. @MSBloom: "Jeff Healey & Stevie Ray Vaughan ~ Look at Little Sister~ Two Guitar Greats!" (reblip)

Stevie Ray Vaughan Jeff Healey look at little sister

| play
Djfunkysounds What if your not mormon ?@ReverendSal: The reverend reminds you Life should not be a choice of 'Which One?' ... Life should be a choice of 'How Many? (reblip)
Djfunkysounds TY ( Go away for a couple of days and look what happens ; ) @SuperSpaceAngel ♥ Hey! Congrats on your shiny new badge! :D @Djfunkysounds

gimme the prize queen video

| play
Djfunkysounds The studio version actually (clever disguise)
Djfunkysounds I would like to say on behalf of @Louden WIN! It's a keeper ; ) @blipstarz: "Hey y'all, it's @Angie74 kicking off "Under the Covers w/Ang" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A great song many have never heard.

Mike and the Mechanics- Hanging by a Thread

| play
Djfunkysounds I saw the Doug and the Slug i in Sylvan Lake AB. Doug still had good pipes. @blue_buddha: "@Djfunkysounds" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds TYVM , some new Joe, awesome ! @MSBloom: "Joe Bonamassa~ Pack It Up~ Hello Joe B fans! Shout out 2 @Djfunkysounds!" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I have looked for this song and never found it. TYVM @fxp123: "rb "Robert Cray – Nothing Against You""" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nice pull. @Louden: "Dressed to kill and looking dynamite... #BHT" (reblip)

damn yankees coming of age (official video)

| play
Djfunkysounds Raiding the stash. @Louden: Win!!!" (reblip)

The Devil Went Down To Georgia-Metal

| play
Djfunkysounds Sweet tune. @KristyRNinAZ: "John Mayall w/ Eric Clapton & The Bluesbreakers -- I'm Tore Down -- @Djfunkysounds Yep, we'll get along great!! :D" (reblip)

John mayall 70th birthday with eric clapton & The Bluesbreakers I'm Tore Down

| play
Djfunkysounds A great tune. @Louden: "Seven Mary Three – Cumbersome" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I believe the original was James Rado, the lyrics are the same for most of the verses.@alexparr
Djfunkysounds Not shabby. @Louden: "Tat – Pessimist. @vixxeninpink what do you think of this? I really dig this band." (reblip)


| play
Djfunkysounds Nice tune. Love CJ. @blue_buddha: "hey cutie!!!glad you joined us@SarahABQ: "Evening:-) ~Colin James~Far Away Like a Radio"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A little known group. Lots of sweet tunes.

54-40 One Day NHL Awards 2006

| play

54-40 Music Man

| play
Djfunkysounds I've been carving you, to see what form you'd take, you were hiding in ivory, I just wanted to free your shape.
Djfunkysounds Hard to find a good version. Ty@TheLenzyme: "Love this one--enjoy there!!)" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Hey, spicy, Your a hard core Chillies fan aren't you ? (They are good) @Jalapeno: " (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A nice live version @DjDiddlesSkittle: "Sammich ;) @Angie74: "rb love @Schoork: "HEART – ALONE UNPLUGGED""" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A cool tune.@brianxfm: "@Djfunkysounds @ladypn - Lunascape - Tears From the Moon - this is actually my fav by Lunascape #BrianXFM" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nice find ! @MSBloom: "Foreigner~ All I Need to Know~ Love old Foreigner!" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Super. Have you found Woman in Black ? @TrainWreckRadio: "@Kat1212 (last track on side 2)" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Causing trouble. The usual. @Time2Burn

Def Leppard-Foolin' (studio version)

| play
Djfunkysounds You find all the sweet tunes ; ) oops4u @MSBloom: "Jeff Healey Band~ Hoochie Coochie Man~ (Road House soundtrack)" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nice pull. @DirtyUrine: "Hey bro! Long time!! @jimmybradley: "Hello and RB@DirtyUrine: "@Unaturalsoul: "@lilbratsie: "Triumph – Lay It On The Line""" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds She never there was anything more than poor.
Djfunkysounds I'll grab this one too. TY. @MSBloom: "Foreigner~ Break It Up~ One more 'Old' one.." (reblip)

ForeignerBreak It Up

| play
Djfunkysounds Have to rb these guys together. @readmylipstick: "@Stuelpner: "Van Morrison & John Lee Hooker – Don't Look Back ... via @blue_buddha"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I like the avi. lol @kirkill: "Pink Floyd - Hey You - (reblip)
Djfunkysounds An rb welcome for a new listener @TheRealFLUIDITY: "I love organic! >> @organicsue: "Tom Petty – Free Falling"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I hadn't heard this one before. I like. @CaboCrazy: "Reblipage! @cadensmama07: "Wow. Summer of 1999.. Good Summer! #catchingwaveseveryday"" (reblip)

P.O.D.- Southtown

| play
Djfunkysounds An rb welcome for a new listener @la_loquita: "@paoloterni: "95... // i knew you were old but wow.." (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Night. TY for all the sweet tunes. @MSBloom: "Foreigner~ I Have Waited Oh So Long~ Night to ya! Thanks for the great music, rb's etc.. Hugs ♥ Peace" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds ROFL. (Very reassuring) @Gypsylyn: "@Djfunkysounds ~ Gypsy's are VERY trustworthy..;-D:-D ask anyone..;-)" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Oh that's a keeper ; ) @Unaturalsoul: ""ZZ Top Song Cover... With Excellance "" (reblip)

Boston — "What's Your Name"

| play
Djfunkysounds Nice one. @DjDiddlesSkittle: "Atreyu~"You Give Love A Bad Name"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds More melodic, lyrical non-sense from R.E.M
Djfunkysounds Nice cover of Bananarama . Check it @Angie74 @Louden rb @roberlan: (reblip)


| play
Djfunkysounds I couldn't resist @KendallJaye: (reblip)

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

| play
Djfunkysounds You better look hard and look twice ; ) @Gypsylyn: "Is that you baby? Or just a ~ Brilliant Disguise ~ ? ....;-D.-D" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Thanks, Man. A healing balm it is ; ) @2liveis2fly: "@Djfunkysounds know what you mean. Have some domino to make it feel better." (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Most excellent. @2liveis2fly: "Again, so happy this Van the Man is on Blip. wasn't there for a while. Bask in the Hornoliciousness!" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nice pull. @BrainsMcGurk: "C'mon people now-smile on yer brother" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Oh that's a keeper. @Louden: "I like this a lot! Thanks sis. :D @JanetSheilaEyre: big thanks to @starsailor3k for showing me this. fwd bro (reblip)

Pavlov's Dog (Theme From Subway Sue)

| play
Djfunkysounds A rb welcome for a new listener @MojaveMini: "ok ok...just one more... The Fray – Over My Head" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I wondered who sang this song. TY @kellyhunts: "she could hear the highway breathing..." (reblip)
Djfunkysounds The Pikes. Nice. @sir_edward_ross: "NORTHERN PIKES – She Ain't Pretty" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds This one takes me back. TY @Unaturalsoul: "@russasis: "rb @marsabell: "The Cars - Moving in Stereo "Life's the same I'm moving in stereo.."""" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I like this one. An interesting combo @Coffeenuts: "CStars4U: Jackson Browne & Bonnie Rait – Kisses Sweeter Than Wine" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I told you I'd shoot but ya didn't believe me, why didn't you believe me !? (LOL) @KendallJaye: "@Djfunkysounds THANKS! I haz happee!" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds An rb welcome for a new listener @Danzig_Zag: "bad ass old school original punk" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A lost classic. (A definite fave)

I Need YouForeigner

| play
Djfunkysounds I predict TKO for GSP. ( Right leg tat ?) @fleurdelis101 notice his right leg tat?i'm sooo hyper!"

survivor-burning heart (rocky 4)

| play
Djfunkysounds A sweet tune. @russasis: "rb @AnnieLicious: "HI Mary @harmony60 50th.. Get outta here. I'll be there hun xoxo"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I met Mylon L. recently, he's a preacher now. He has quite a story to tell. @BlipisHip: "vi@DeAnn >" @BarbieRay" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Even better ! luv it. @vixxeninpink: "(cover) find of the day #2! @Louden,@Djfunkysounds thanx guys, i'm quite proud of that goodbye earl cover : )" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Hangman is coming down from the gallows and I don't have very long.


| play
Djfunkysounds Hey bud, sorry to hear about your injury. Remember R.I.C.E @Louden

NazarethLove Hurts

| play
Djfunkysounds Quick blip on the go. Howdy. @Angie74: "Shinedown -- 45 -- Acoustic #threesomethursday #3" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds This is a sweet cover. @PixelInTime: "#MySecretGarden playlist NICE cover. ".....She once was a true love of mine."" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Some rb love for a new listener @Anna_N: "how did you know? ;)@MikeGackler: "More INXS!!!!!! What you need!!"" (reblip)
Louden Love that song! \m/ @Djfunkysounds: "For all the online gamers out there @Louden @Uller @backasswards on, game on." (reblip)
Djfunkysounds LOL In my natural habitat I can rb like crazy ; )@Angie74: "Inspired by @Djfunkysounds and his inability to rb....hmm...that just sounds wrong..." (reblip)
Djfunkysounds ; ) Angie74 HEY EVERYONE!!! GUESS WHO'S BACK?!?! Smile86 is back as=====> @MelonPatrol Add him back and tell him you've missed him! (reblip)

New Kid in TownEagles

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Djfunkysounds My ass was draggin from a passin gypsy wagon.
Djfunkysounds Now this is old school.

Baby come back By Player with lyrics

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Djfunkysounds Let me take you far away.


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Djfunkysounds Guess you better slow that mustang down.

The Commitments-Mustang Sally

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Djfunkysounds Nice @ShannonGrissom: "@makinitrite: "@blue_buddha ~ my fave .finally available on blip..been waiting for this one since I started on blip. :)"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I have to rb this one for the title along LMAO @Louden: "L7 – The Masses Are Asses" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds This is super TY @ladypn: "rb@sir_edward_ross Love Knopfler! Thanks! : "Cleaning my gun @ladypn"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Must rb this one.@MSBloom: "Stevie Ray Vaughn~ Little Wing~" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Here's some Mo Joe. Nicely done. @MSBloom: "Joe Bonamassa~ Asking Around For You~" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds more rb love@Angie74: "rb love @thomo12: "Spiderbait - Black Betty"" (reblip)

SpiderbaitBlack Betty

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Djfunkysounds Need Mo Joe. @Angie74: "JB!! rb love @MSBloom: "Joe Bonamassa ~ If Heartaches Were Nickels ~ live...."" (reblip)

Three Doors Down Loser

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Djfunkysounds Nice blip ; ) @riseandroar: "you can run on for a long time but..." (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nice tune@Angie74: "YVW sweets :) @heavenslittlesecret: "one of my faves, thank you loads :) RB: @Angie74: "Seether -- The Gift -- Acoustic""" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Great band @backasswards: "@Darkangelkas: "#bandsIveseen They were really awesome live.. and turned my friend.. she hated them b4 that :) L (reblip)
Djfunkysounds rb @PamelaMKramer: "@kris10chumley - #mamavation - work out tunes from BookieBoo member - Nelly Furtado – Maneater" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I accept this Joe B tune as partial payment ; )@Angie74: "TYSM for all the pimpin yesterday sweets . And're rates are pretty steep... (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A nice cover @str8jgirl: "Good Morning to you! @AdamOfDallas: "The Sundays – Wild Horses"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A great Phil Collins tune. (reblip)

another day in paradise

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Djfunkysounds I had never heard this cover TY. @Pink_Viper: "I want to touch the light, the heat I see in your eyes...Ben Harper – In Your Eyes (acoustic)" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Agreed @Louden: "Old Def is best Def. Def Leppard – Mirror, Mirror" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nice tune. @str8jgirl: "WOW!!!! Almost 5000! Go Angie!! ~~You GOTTA add this DJ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>@Angie74<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Can't explain what's come over me.@IDREAMOFJEANIE2: "rb luv @hollycleary: "~Five Finger Death Punch - Hard To See~" Hi... ;}" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I've got to rb this one. (It just fits) @CaboCrazy: "Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds An rb welcome for a new listener @luna1124: "Haven't heard this in a while..." (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I go to play Halo. Later @SHERRYBABY65: "where do you go?? I wanna know..ohh ah oooah ooha oh :):):)@iReignMusic tell me :):):)" (reblip)

Guns N' Roses-Ain't It Fun

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Djfunkysounds What we've got here is a failure to communicate

civil war guns and roses official video

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Djfunkysounds We've got a wave in the air.
Djfunkysounds A little less known but a very good FM tune
Djfunkysounds It's not warm when she's away.

Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone by Bill Withers

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Djfunkysounds Nice blip. I haven't heard this one in awhile @rockchalk75: "@Joleesa: "~i don't talk in my sleep, good night good people~"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nice tune rb @str8jgirl: "You caught me being silly.... good Monday to you! @scorpionkiss" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Awake is good. @pixelmongress: ""I’m awake I’m alive. Now I know what I believe inside. (reblip)

SkilletHero - Awake

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Djfunkysounds Are you picking on blippers again Holly ?@hollycleary: "Don't you forget it! LOL @Sylak: "It is after you pushed me down earlier. Tough girl! LOL!!! (reblip)


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Djfunkysounds Nice cover CQ @Angie74: "Happy to see my rock------> @rock2monster love you hun! <3" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds A fave SuperTramp song.

Supertramp - Rudy

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Djfunkysounds An rb welcome for a new listener @jas13: "Everlast - What It's Like" (reblip)

everlast - what it's like

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jas13 Stevie Ray Vaughn & C Santana – Traffic Jam - Extremely Rare @UncleMookie: "@GaiaMix: "Great blip! rb@carlnat"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds There nothing left to fight about
Djfunkysounds A common lament. @Angie74: "Awww, you're so sweet @Djfunkysounds, you make me wanna be..." (reblip)

Canadian, Please... NOW ON ITUNES!!!

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Djfunkysounds Too long . @str8jgirl: "it's been awhile ...since I've seen my friend @Unaturalsoul on Blip ~ :( *hugz*" (reblip)

Staind "It's Been A While"

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Djfunkysounds A classic @Anna_N: "i don't know. you tell me ;)@EnterChaos: "Is that right?? ;)@Anna_N: "she's got legs, she knows how to use them""" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nice vid @fxp123: "Heart - Alone video" (reblip)


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Djfunkysounds An oldie but a goodie.

Heart- If Looks Could Kill

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Djfunkysounds Give me a moment, I've got to get this weight up off my chest
Djfunkysounds And the battle continues.
Djfunkysounds No problem, your good tunes are an easy sell ; ) @str8jgirl: "You rock! Thx for taking me to higher places! @Djfunkysounds" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds Nice 2 RB @Uller: "nice 1 RB @Sebastian_Templar: "Scorpions – Wind Of Change"" (reblip)
Djfunkysounds I've got a cobra snake for a neck tie.
Djfunkysounds But it always heals.@Angie74: "I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing ...don't believe in Cos when a heart breaks no it don't break even" (reblip)

The scriptbreakeven -

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Djfunkysounds For max enjoyment you must 1.Sing along while doing the pee wee herman. 2. Cross your eyes when you say smite or strike @backasswards@DamnTheMan (reblip)

Tenacious DThe Metal

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Djfunkysounds THX to @buffywood Nice cover.

DisturbedShout 2000

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Djfunkysounds Now there's the @Louden we know and love. : "In This Moment - Forever" (reblip)