DjouDjou Sleep Chamber – Kiss The Whip
DjouDjou The Gerogerigegege – None Friendly
DjouDjou Rita Abrams

Mill Valley

| play
DjouDjou Ike Reiko – Kokotsu No Sekai 1971
DjouDjou Adam Bohman and Steve Beresford

Adam Bohman and Steve Beresford

| play
DjouDjou DDT

ДДТ. Конвейeр

| play
DjouDjou LA Vampires & Zola Jesus – No No No
DjouDjou Holger Czukay – Jah Wobble - Jaki Liebezeit : Full circle (rps no.7)


| play
DjouDjou R.I.P. Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson

Coil- First Dark Ride

| play


| play
DjouDjou Hawkwind-Levitation


| play
DjouDjou Christian Morgenstern – Lydia To The Edge Of Panic
DjouDjou Sewer Election – Kassettmusik (EXCERPT)
DjouDjou Biret plays Brahms Study No.1 after Chopin

Biret plays Brahms Study No.1 after Chopin

| play
DjouDjou that's how I feel when my blood pressure drops quickly@DrCocker: "@armchairclubber" (reblip)

IsoleeRest Encore

| play
EFR56 Hi... this.... is... freakin'... great! TYVM to both! RB@DJCoquette: "rb @cosmosponge Hi to @EFR56 / DISCO SPACE BABY! Kido Natsuki - 2000 (reblip)


| play
DjouDjou Dave King – You Can't Be True To Two
DjouDjou Dry & Heavy – Knife

Dry & HeavyKnife

| play
DjouDjou The Balfa Brothers – Parlez Nous A Boire
DjouDjou Rudresh Mahanthappa & Steve Lehman

Rudresh Mahanthappa & Steve Lehman

| play
DjouDjou Steve Lehman Octet – Waves
DjouDjou Delibes Passepied Grainger Shepherd's Hey Gabrilowitsch Rec.1925

Delibes Passepied Grainger Shepherd's Hey Gabrilowitsch Rec.1925

| play
DjouDjou Rădulescu: Intimate Rituals (1985) – Part 2/2
DjouDjou TYVM@EFR56: "Gary McFarland & Gabor Szabo: Ups And Downs - Simpatico 1966" (reblip)

Gary McFarland & Gabor Szabo. Ups And Downs

| play
dragonflytunes @DJCoquette: "Shackleton – The Branch Is Weak" ~thanx!rb (reblip)
DjouDjou Julián Carrillo: Horizontes (3)

Julián Carrillo: Horizontes (3)

| play
DjouDjou Julián Carrillo: Horizontes (2)

Julián Carrillo: Horizontes (2)

| play
DjouDjou Julián Carrillo: Horizontes (1)

Julián Carrillo: Horizontes (1)

| play
DjouDjou Jean-Jacques Perrey – The Elephant Never Forgets (reblip)
DjouDjou classic! TYVM@EFR56: "Space – Just Blue 12" - 1979" (reblip)

SpaceJust Blue 12"

| play
DjouDjou Tyler Michaud & Mat Zo – We're Not Going To Take This Anymore
avivajazz Takemitsu | In an Autumn Garden | 雅楽:秋庭歌 | II/II

Takemitsu:In an autumn garden 雅楽:秋庭歌2/2

| play
DjouDjou SPK – The Agony of the Plasma
DjouDjou Atonal Ring Modulated Rhythms

Atonal Ring Modulated Rhythms

| play
DjouDjou James Blake – I Only Know (What I Know Now)
DjouDjou whoa@wetrust: "@DrCocker Welcome to the wonderful and frightening world of Las Grecas blame@melky: i love this so much, haha!"" (reblip)


| play
DjouDjou Master Musicians of Jajouka - A Habibi Ouajee T'Allel Allaiya
DjouDjou portishead + jane birkin

En melody

| play
DjouDjou Phudge Packerz – Get to the Sex
DjouDjou vi@ilublo Painkiller- Blackhole Dub (reblip)

Painkiller- Blackhole Dub

| play
liminal Bahta Gèbrè-Heywèt ~ Ewnèt Yèt Lagegnesh ~ Outstanding! TY/RB@DesertLily: "Love this. Thanks. Welcome back :) rb@Raha" (reblip)
DjouDjou rb@mxtxmxtxm: "haha 懐かしい @bumble_b: "domo arigato @formalhaut: "good evening sonic ninjas""" (reblip)
DjouDjou Fred Hersch – Scriabin Etude, Op 8, No 2

Cromagnon-"Caledonia" (1969)

| play
DjouDjou Adult – I Should Care

AdultI Should Care

| play
DjouDjou red and boiling@erroneous: "1968 lp Acid; his first release on the Fania label. Guaranteed to turn your blue litmus moods red-hot!" (reblip)


| play
kikue rb^^ おやすみなさい★よい夢を ★☆ ★ @MugichaGozen: "*☆Good night. Sweet dreams ☆ おやすみなさい~ ☆。・:*:・゚ SLEEPY LAGOON by NORMAN LUBOFF CHOIR 40´s" (reblip)


| play
DjouDjou Kemialliset Ystävät

Kemialliset Ystävät: Kivikasan rauhassa (2010)

| play
EFR56 Club Foot orchestra & Gamelan Sekar Jaya play Legong Dance of the Virgins @DJCoquette @aquamarines & @SnailKid

Club Foot orchestra & Gamelan Sekar Jaya play Legong Dance of the Virgins

| play
DjouDjou Lisa Carbon (Uwe Schmidt) – Duck Cha-Cha
DjouDjou Dj Cam Quartet – New York New York


| play
DjouDjou Canyon - Downtown


| play
DjouDjou Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Birdy Num Num - Hard Boiled Babe
DjouDjou Renato Fechine – Bebe Negão
DjouDjou viva la jungle!@EFR56: "I will always blip this ~ :-) Arthur Russell (aka Indian Ocean amongst other headings) – Schoolbell/Treehouse (Walter Gibbons" (reblip)
DjouDjou GWAR – Don't need a man
DjouDjou TAKESHI INOMATA & SOUND LTD – Theme~Mustache
DjouDjou Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalo – Pigmy (1972)
DjouDjou Akira Ishikawa -- Bongo Rock

Akira Ishikawa -- Bongo Rock

| play
DjouDjou @MugichaGozen: "すてき☆ @haseai: "Gary McFarland – More - 1965 いっそこのまま眠りたい"" (reblip)
garbageman01 Video is awesome, too . . . from @SnailKid: "For everything" (reblip)
DjouDjou John Russell, Yoko Arai, Phil Minton, Dominic Lash

John Russell, Yoko Arai, Phil Minton, Dominic Lash

| play
DjouDjou Ronald Shannon Jackson – Yugo Boy
DjouDjou tyrb@DrCocker: "@wetrust rb&ty@Squashpants: "Fun and uncategorizable..."get your freak on"..."" (reblip)
DjouDjou Tarika Blue – Things Spring (reblip)
DjouDjou @randyhate: "i am amazed that this song is not the best selling song of all time. i need to hear it every so often to make sure my life is complete." (reblip)
DjouDjou Ott – Rogue Bagel

OttRogue Bagel

| play
DjouDjou Ott – Cley Hill

OttCley Hill

| play
DjouDjou BABY'S GANG – America (1985)
DjouDjou way too funny @sunnflowergardens: "Duane Eddy--Rebel Rouser Hullabaloo)" (reblip)
DjouDjou Susumu Yokota – Kodomotachi
DjouDjou Susumu Yokota & Rothko – Path Fades Into Forest
DjouDjou Makigami Koichi

ヒカシュー プヨプヨ PV

| play
DjouDjou black randy and metrosquad – down at the laundrymat
DjouDjou Jean-Jaques Perrey & David Chazam – Cyberbugs Time Machine / Neutronia
DjouDjou Captain Of The Mount by Fall On Your Sword

Captain Of The Mount by Fall On Your Sword

| play
DjouDjou Norma Loy – " romance " ( french coldwave 1983 )
DjouDjou Martin Circus: Senegal

Martin Circus: Senegal

| play
DjouDjou Nice! Thanks @EFR56: "TYVM ~ @DJCuette@Tra94" #zen (reblip)
DjouDjou Henry Jacobs – Electronic Kabuki Mambo
DjouDjou Jorge Morel – Latin Impressions
DjouDjou Twiggy and Twiggy – I Only Wanna Be With You
DjouDjou Hugh Masekela – Patience
DjouDjou Balinese gamelan : footage + music of I Wayan Lotring from 1972

Balinese gamelan : footage + music of I Wayan Lotring from 1972

| play
DjouDjou what RYBZ stands for? 'are you busy' ? @SnailKid yes, but not so busy that I can't send you some eerie vibes

The Soft Moon-We Are We

| play
DjouDjou Kicsi madar / Little Bird - Márta Sebestyén and Ökrös Együttes

Kicsi madar / Little Bird

| play
DjouDjou Makigami Koichi – Egoe
GrassyKnoll RB@DJCoquette Great tune, thanks! (reblip)

Street Scene by Stan Kenton

| play
DjouDjou Haruomi Hosono – Gaplus {1984}
DjouDjou Hoppy Kamiyama + Bill Laswell – Sospirando from A Navel City / No One Is There
avivajazz Takemitsu | In an Autumn Garden | 雅楽:秋庭歌 | I/II

Takemitsu:In an autumn garden 雅楽:秋庭歌1/2

| play
DjouDjou thanks @BleakMouse: "...the original" (reblip)

Snakefinger "The Model"

| play
SabineWe Longtemps que je n'ai pas écouté Olivier Messiaen. Merci, rb @DJCoquette: "Messiaen, Oliver – Oraison (1937)" (reblip)

Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой

| play
DjouDjou Kaoru Abe 阿部薫

Kaoru Abe 阿部薫

| play
MugichaGozen Thx 4 another STOMACH song :) @DJCoquette: "Hatsune Miku – The Empty Stomach Song (translated)" (reblip)
DjouDjou Omnipresent Noise – Hello
DjouDjou Psychic TV – "Have Mercy"
mutongchan @BigBangJazz: "Good night everybody! >> Les Fabulous Trobadors – Bonne nuit >> #nowplaying #kitsch" (reblip)
DjouDjou oh, I love this this mellowdie sooo much - thank you@charleyhorse: "wicked version" (reblip)
DjouDjou Nurse with Wound – The Self Sufficient Sexual Shoe
DjouDjou one of my all time faves - Kouichi Makigami (reblip)
DjouDjou taylor – self titled - track 02 - Spaz'o'matic
DjouDjou Música Del Grupo Tribu - Datuburi - Águilas Y Jaguares - Chichén Itzá Simulación Maya
DjouDjou The Harry Roche Constellation – Spiral
DjouDjou If you've ever wondered what foreigners think Americans sound like, this is it. - Adriano Celentano


| play
DjouDjou Willy Deville – Runnin' Through The Jungle
JTB The Fieldは実はいまひとつ自分の好みに合わないので2ndをいまだに聴いてない。でも苦手だとか嫌いだとかいうわけではない。
DjouDjou Musica Prehispanica de Antonio Zepeda
madopal Of course, nothing beats this. Nothing. :)
DjouDjou rb @Chanteuse: "is out of props for @avivamagnolia: "with Renaud Garcia-Fons" this is a wonderful artist" (reblip)

Dhafer Youssef ─ L'enfant du Sable

| play
Ozuhan ♪1983 - Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus1983

| play
DjouDjou Bernie Krause & Andy Nerell – Flight To Urubamba
DjouDjou Q-Burns.... - Mess Of Afros (Glenn Underground Mix)
DjouDjou Nurse With Wound – Pre-Menstrual Music For Merry Maidens
DjouDjou @DJBalbec: "Gilles Peterson feat. Danay – Lágrimas De Soledad (No Existen Palabras)" (reblip)
DjouDjou HEINRICH FRANZ BIBER: Mysterien Sonaten, XIV. (Sonatas del Rosario, La Asunción

HEINRICH FRANZ BIBER: Mysterien Sonaten, XIV. (Sonatas del Rosario, La Asunción).

| play
DjouDjou Brain Damage – Under The Ground
DjouDjou Fat Jon – Berlin Grey

Fat JonBerlin Grey

| play
DjouDjou Delia Derbysh

DELIA DERBYSHIRE- "The Wizards Laboratory" (1972)

| play

Gonzalo Rubalcaba The Blessing

| play
DjouDjou Ustad Amanat Ali, Ustad Fateh Ali – Raag malkanus
DjouDjou Vladislav Delay – Raamat (2000)
DjouDjou Vladislav Delay – Viite
cecci lovit thx rb @DJCoquette: "Noble Society – Bhingy" (reblip)
DjouDjou John Wubbenhorst with Subash Chandran and Ganesh Kumar

Facing Beloved....... John Wubbenhorst with Subash Chandran and Ganesh Kumar

| play
DjouDjou Max Roach Abbey Lincoln

Max Roach Abbey Lincoln

| play
DjouDjou Atom tm – Tarzan Boy

Atom tmTarzan Boy

| play
DjouDjou Atom tm – Boys,boys,boys
DjouDjou Dion47 – Greedy


| play
octoberland the roots {the roots : clock with no hands}
beefless love Morricone's drive to recombine. great tinkerer & mechanic of music. @DJCoquette: "ENNIO MORRICONE -"Trafelato" (1971)" (reblip)

ENNIO MORRICONE -"Trafelato" (1971)

| play
DjouDjou Da Young and da Mess (2005)

Da Young and da Mess (2005)

| play
DjouDjou Ricardo Villalobos – remix of Slap: Eden Now (reblip)
DjouDjou dance

Frostie The Cockatoo Dancing To Shake Your Tail Feather! Bird Loves Ray Charles!

| play
DjouDjou Eleni Mandell – "Artificial Fire"
DjouDjou Boredoms – Mama Brain

BoredomsMama Brain

| play
DjouDjou Deep Throat Soundtrack – La La La


| play

キミドリ 自己嫌悪

| play
DjouDjou Takeshi Kubota - Makoto Aoki - Keita Ishi

キミドリ カネデカワレタカゴノトリ

| play
DjouDjou Folk ensemble of village Makvaneti - Georgian folklore

orira- Folk ensemble of village Makvaneti ( 1984-85 ). Georgian folklore

| play
FOGGIELOANER rb@avivao: "Milt Jackson (vibes) | People Make the World Go 'Round | #jazz #jazzaviva" (reblip)
DjouDjou @ewing2001: "...long time no hear - world domination enterprises ; " (reblip)
avivajazz Louie Ramírez Latin Jazz Ensemble / Latin Blues (1978) / Marty Sheller~tp B Louie~vibes (etc) / Jazz Afro-Cubano y Jazz Afro-Caribeño | TY!@liminal (reblip)


| play
DjouDjou "Zamba Malató" – Landó
DjouDjou Tagore Song Sung by Rabindranath Tagore Himself

Tagore Song Sung by Rabindranath Tagore Himself

| play
DjouDjou Jon Hassell – Nature Boy
DjouDjou water song

Water Song / Siiggát

| play
DjouDjou Die Drei von der Tankstelle

Erst kommt ein großes Fragezeichen

| play
amphore Sabu Martinez Sahib & Shihab – The Distorted Sioux Indian
DjouDjou Psarantonis- Sinnefiasmene ourane

Psarantonis- Sinnefiasmene ourane

| play
DjouDjou thanks@nonchalant DJ TAKEMURA from Spiritual Vibes Presents Kool Jazz Productions – Lethe
EFR56 Oppenheimer Analysis – You Won't Forget Me
DjouDjou Mucho Thanks! They will play @ (le) poisson rouge next week@DJ_mao: "@EFR56 @DJCoquette @Rbto_" (reblip)
DjouDjou Ramon Lazkano : Lur-Itzalak (2003)

Ramon Lazkano : Lur-Itzalak (2003)

| play
DjouDjou Yma Sumac With Les Baxter – Tree Of Life
DjouDjou Asmus Tietchens – Charsima Perdu
DjouDjou Tetine – LET THE X BE X
DjouDjou unexpected experimental music of Iran - Alireza Mashayekhi
DjouDjou SPK – Palms Crossed In Sorrow
DjouDjou Frank Wright – The Lady
DjouDjou Marimba Spiritual by Minoru Miki

Marimba Spiritual by Minoru Miki

| play
DjouDjou Rio Baile Funk – Favela Booty Beats - Mulher Coca Cola
DjouDjou Old School Ethiopian Music

Old School Ethiopian Music

| play
kikue @sufjan0703さんも猫と一緒ですか!!! 別嬪猫ちゃんの為に1曲^^!!!
DjouDjou Fetischpark – Gradation d'Humour
toobad most unique / delicious blip in weeks (and that's goooood) @DJCoquette / @EternalOptimism / @Tranquil ; ) (reblip)
DjouDjou Jackie Mittoo – Wall Street
DjouDjou Jean Pierre Mirouze – Sexopolis
DjouDjou good ol' electronic rumination from @o81 (reblip)
DjouDjou Vashti Bunyan – Don't Believe What They Say

ilhan mimaroğlu tulay german avant-garde ilahi 1974

| play
DjouDjou ööö...

Concerto for Bass Trombone

| play
DjouDjou rb @EFR56: "Classic "cold wave/minimal wave"- R.L. Crutchfield's Dark Day - Hands In The Dark - 1979 (Also covered by The Chromatics)" (reblip)
noharasannpo beautiful ♥ღ ♪♫♥@Dachkammermusik: "Kolbeinn Tumason: Heyr Himnasmiður. Ellen Kristjándsóttir." (reblip)

Heyr Himnasmiður

| play
DjouDjou Ligeti: Etude No.9 "Vertige", from Book II

Ligeti: Etude No.9 "Vertige", from Book II

| play
DjouDjou Crawling With Tarts – Plowing And Tilling
DjouDjou Gerry Arling – Funshopping
DjouDjou where are my cigarettes? @DJCoquette (reblip)

Fetch My Cigarettes

| play
DjouDjou rb @salondelynn: "Sue Keller plays Wild Women Don't Have The Blues by Ida Cox" (reblip)

Sue Keller plays Wild Women Don't Have The Blues by Ida Cox

| play

Dexter Dub & AC Akut feat Chaliss Butto Ridgid & Fridgid

| play
DjouDjou lovely

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou "Se Ba Ho"

| play

Frans Zwartjes "Spectator" (1970)

| play
garbageman01 From 'In Pursuit of Shashamane Land' (1993) . . .
CaryB man, I love that guitar tone rb@greentrees: "rb~~>>@garbageman01: "From 'Ragin', Full-On' (1986) . . ."" (reblip)
DjouDjou Watch The Water

The Shadow Ring 'Watch The Water' 1997

| play

pianist Guiomar Novaes: O Polichinelo by Heitor Villa Lobos

| play
DjouDjou PATTY WATERS ~ Wild is the wind

PATTY WATERS ~ Wild is the wind

| play
DjouDjou chick with ducks

paloma san basilio + chicks on speed

| play
DjouDjou to all who are interested
DjouDjou Barbie And The Kens – Uptown Downtown Cruisin'
DjouDjou one of the first theorists of electronic music @SabineWe
DjouDjou Tipographica from @o81 (reblip)

Tipographica フローティングオペラ

| play
DjouDjou woah @xatstilonair:"@vajracutter: "Incredible convergence of these two: Rudresh Mahanthappa (jazz saxophone)&Kadri Gopalnath (Carnatic saxophone)" (reblip)
DjouDjou 2/2 /Freddie Hubbard

ちょっとJAZZ Red Clay (Alternate Version) 2/2 /Freddie Hubbard

| play
DjouDjou Frontline Assembly – Complexity
DjouDjou nonstop making sense @SabineWe: "Bernard Parmegiani, Ingénieur du son, né en 1927 à Paris. Avant-garde composer & electroacoustic music" (reblip)
DjouDjou falling asleep at the poker table.. ☺ @SabineWe: "Paradies for flute & electronic music ☺Yes! Much feelings on these compositions." (reblip)
DjouDjou Django Django Zumm Zumm Zumm

ダミーの策略/バッハ・リヴォルーション & 平沢進

| play
DjouDjou P-MODEL – Oyasumi Dog & Solid Air
DjouDjou >>>>>>

Fiji Music

| play
ishibutsu vi@DJCoquette: "ryoji ikeda & carsten nicolai – c3" (reblip)
DjouDjou gus coma – gut morning
killahtunz Nice find! @DJCoquette: "vibrant polish jazz from @garbageman01: "Jazz violin (from 1978) . . ."" (reblip)
DjouDjou ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
DjouDjou nice sheets from @o81 (reblip)

Fear of Drowning (a music concrete piece) by Michel Plourde

| play
DjouDjou Narco Bear – Laughing Gas
DjouDjou Mirror Mirror

Desire- Mirror Mirror

| play
DjouDjou KapBambino – Blacklist
DjouDjou great @erroneous: "Robert Wyatt - Blimey O'Riley" (reblip)

ROBERT WYATT blimey o'riley 2002

| play
DjouDjou words that end

Janni Christou .:. Mysterion Prolog Und Sprechertext (Zuspielbänder) 1965-66

| play
PavlovsStepson Akira Miyazawa / Dull Slumber 惰眠 rb @DJCoquette: "y" (reblip)

Akira Miyazawa / Dull Slumber 惰眠 (1969)

| play
DjouDjou rb@PavlovsStepson: "Zsa Zsa "La Boum" - Tu Veux ou Tu Veux Pas? rb @Stendhal: "La Boum 1988."" (reblip)
DjouDjou so on and so far

Troy The Wonder Boy & Electric 1000 'Boo-Boo's Break' (Cobbler 1985)

| play
DjouDjou there is something below the surface

The Screamers- Nervous

| play
DjouDjou byyuu

Takeshi Terauchi And The Bunnys (South Pier)

| play
DjouDjou adventures of a young organ

Shield for Your Eyes, A Beast in the Well on Your Hand

| play
DjouDjou hands

oleg kostrow in three hands

| play
kikue The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race 1967

1967 マン島TTレース モーターサイクリスト付録ソノシート

| play
toobad * stone-cold chillax classic *
DjouDjou it hurts@SoMuch: "Foxes in Fiction -- Memory Pools" (reblip)

kim yong-bae 웃다리 사물놀이 utdari samulnori_MP3.wmv

| play
DjouDjou I don't believe in reality

Bonjour / Tatsuhiko Asano

| play
DjouDjou Hush little baby with ba ha bad

PATTY WATERS ~ Hush little baby with ba ha bad ~

| play
DjouDjou all you do is break me and put me you put me in a cage

Front 242_ ANIMAL (Full Length-HQ)

| play
DjouDjou siva siva agressiva

front 242, agressiva

| play
DjouDjou Impro

Crazy Laughing Dolphin!

| play
DjouDjou Cemeteries – The Wilderness
DjouDjou rb @wip_hairport: "tyrb @Martinshorn Nina Nielsen: What Was A Wild Night" (reblip)

Nina Nielsen: What Was A Wild Night

| play
DjouDjou :) good day @SabineWe: "Dinner time and Computer Soup ;)" (reblip)
DjouDjou pink Freud

Pink Freud

| play
DjouDjou ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~hi there @HaLaN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
DjouDjou Nobukazu Takemura : Obaoba

Nobukazu Takemura : Obaoba

| play
DjouDjou it's new to me, thank you! @SabineWe: "Not sure you know this dark jazz DJCoquette ★" #youknow (reblip)
DjouDjou and you were right :)@SabineWe: "Thought it was for me :) Excellent ☆ @DJCoquette: "f"" (reblip)
DjouDjou machine gun

machine gun

| play
DjouDjou uhum

Jamie Jupitor 'Computer Power' (Egyptian Empire 1984)

| play
DjouDjou and the longest @tenderlee: "Vashti Bunyan – Coldest Night Of The Year" (reblip)
HaLaN Pierre Barbaud - French Gagaku | rb@DJCoquette: "shortness of" / you always blow my mind!!!! TYVM!!! (reblip)
DjouDjou that looks just like my dear departed cat, Golyó :<@EFR56: "@DJCoquette Etosha - Private Music In The Land Of Dry Water " beautiful music, TY (reblip)
DjouDjou Damage Manual – Stateless
DjouDjou Mads Vinding Group – Danish Drive
DjouDjou Picture of a whisper – Alireza Mashayekhi / Ata Ebtekar/ Sote
DjouDjou Join the Freedom Force

Join the Freedom Force

| play
DjouDjou brilliant, indeed! thx & have a nice weekend @formalhaut: "sending some brilliant narcotic winter dreams to @kattegat@MichiZuki@plotek" (reblip)


| play
DjouDjou huh,getting synthier and synthier@EFR56: "@DJCoquette @SnailKid @Translucent @treakiepop @hawk_pl / Tape – Radiolaria (Opera Album) Häpna " (reblip)
DjouDjou The Caretaker – false memory syndrome
DjouDjou free jazz circus :-D j'adore

Raoul Duguay et le Jazz libre du Québec

| play
DjouDjou Fernando Schulmeier -

"Pisagua Microtonal" (Fernando Schulmeier)

| play
DjouDjou Hanin Elias – You Will Never Get Me
DjouDjou Wevie Stonder - Hans Peach
DjouDjou Socks, Drugs and Rock'n'roll

Socks, Drugs and Rock'n'roll Buffalo Daughter

| play
DjouDjou amhazing. thanks @garbageman01: "Hmm, quite unusual . . . rb @hongkong666: "itadakimasu! rb @kikue: "really love this song^^  """ (reblip)


| play
DjouDjou Chico Hamilton -- A Group with Paul Horn and Fred Katz 1963

Chico Hamilton -- A Group with Paul Horn and Fred Katz 1963

| play

François Bayle: Rosace 3 (1969)

| play
DjouDjou Ambush by all sides


| play
DjouDjou Stomu Yamashta – Madness
DjouDjou good bckgrndmusic #needtowork@EFR56: "Now thats a compliment! TYRB@DJCoquette"I might put it on an endless loop and listen to this all day rb@EFR56 " (reblip)


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DjouDjou Dominik Eulberg – Die Rotbauchunken vom Tegernsee
DjouDjou Albert Ayler – Nuits De La Fondation Maeght 1970 - 08 - Music is the healing force of the universe
DjouDjou Focus – Hocus Pocus

FocusHocus Pocus

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DjouDjou Yat Kha Love Will Tear Us Apart

Yat Kha Love Will Tear Us Apart

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ヒカシュー びろびろ

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DjouDjou experimental vocalists @EFR56 XOXO

Koichi Makigami+Maki Hachiya

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DjouDjou Jane Bowman - Mad Mama

JANE BOWMAN -"Mad Mama" (1961)

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DjouDjou Reggie Watts 05/08/2009 'Binary Existence'

Reggie Watts 05/08/2009 'Binary Existence'

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DjouDjou David Borden

David Borden Tribute to Ruth St. Denis & Ted Shawn.01

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DjouDjou Virtual boy – Lost treasure [Rough version]
DjouDjou Wangjaesan Light Music Band #DPRK

Our Country Without Taxes

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DjouDjou rational youth – city of night 1982 150
DjouDjou Makigami Koichi – Egoe
DjouDjou JD Twitch – Emphasize

JD TwitchEmphasize

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aquamarines Obsil – Snow Days At The End Of March ... so glad, also needing grounding soothing vicissitudes today :) @avivajazz


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DjouDjou addictive @Shanti46

Her Holy Water-Imani Uzuri

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DjouDjou a cheerful song for a gloomy day

Napoleon XIV: 'They're coming to take me away'

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formalhaut rb@DJCoquette: ":-)@EternalOptimism: "OH libido ..oooooooiiiiooow"" Alpenwollust (reblip)


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Will_the_bloke Robert Johnson - Sweet Home Chicago ... hiyas @greentrees @JacoLovesMusic @pratinsky

Robert Johnson "Sweet Home Chicago"

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DjouDjou he heh @2Tall: "Pepe Deluxé – A Night and a Day >lets try that again @star_anise @backpuss @Foudefafa @Stendhal @Ninette @djsierra" (reblip)
Diablo tyrb@DJCoquette: "he heh @2Tall: "Pepe Deluxé – A Night and a Day >lets try that again @star_anise @backpuss @Foudefafa @Stendhal @Ninette @djsierra"" (reblip)
DjouDjou Everything visible is empty

Toshio Matsumoto Everything visible is empty 1975

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DjouDjou didyou @HaLaN: "Tujiko Noriko - magic | I was a magician... I flew around the sky... :D" (reblip)

tujiko noriko-magic

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DjouDjou ROD HUNTER – "APACHE" - 1972
andreayates @HorseShitWally i knew it would come to this.

Singapore Chan Siao Fong & The Silhouettes sung Chinese Beatles cover version

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DjouDjou Me and My Rhythm Box

Track 07, Me and My Rhythm Box, from Liquid Sky Soundtrack

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DjouDjou Harcsa Veronika – What Is Our Love For
DjouDjou alive and kicking - hello @formalhaut

Brion Gysin Kick

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p_ferd have to earmark this one too thxxx@formalhaut: "auf besonderen wunsch" (reblip)
DjouDjou Ch&B

Church drum and bass rave

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DjouDjou Knxwledge – Unthnkable
DjouDjou hi up there :-) @garbageman01: "Yep, it's makin' me dizzy / rb @KeepMusicEvil: "Jesus On Heroine - So High I Cant Look Down"" (reblip)
DjouDjou howdy @EFR56: "Cool track ~ TYRB@zoja01: "@HawkNoize: @zoja01 bye... Kenneth Anger Dreams - Metal Machine Music"" (reblip)
DjouDjou erotic song

Cheikha Rimitti, " Hak Sorra Hak ! ", chanson érotique.

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DjouDjou I'm infatuated with this voice

Cheikha Rimitti, "Haoulih Ou Raoudih". Fi Khater Habibob ;)

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DjouDjou rb @avivajazz: "@BleakMouse: Soft Machine - Fourth [Full Album] | Big thanks, love this band, and it's nice to play the whole album here on Blip" (reblip)
DjouDjou Glamorous Hooligan – Stoned Island Estate
DjouDjou Cardboards – Gravity's Still Working (1981)
DjouDjou * @ElNito: "early french electro-punkitude... :) " (reblip)

KAS PRODUCT mind 1980

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ElNito dinner time, what about some electric sanwich !!! see you late blipmates ;)

ELECTRIC SANDWICH china (single version) 1973

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DjouDjou eternal questions @HaLaN: "Bogdan Raczynski – why?why?" (reblip)
DjouDjou 16 Bit Lolitas – Back To One
garbageman01 Shocking Blue song, yes? . . . rb @Bako: "[Nancy Sit - Venus (1972)] Cantopop madness!" (reblip)

Venus(1972年)-薜家燕NANCY SIT

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DjouDjou d'ya think i'm sexy

HYBRID KIDS d'ya think i'm sexy 1979

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EternalOptimism @DJCoquette: "Les mots qui tuent" x like being killed really slowly by a very soft cat x Meow (reblip)

Les mots qui tuent

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avivajazz Many thanks for this nice surprise, @DJCoquette: "Conga Jog for @avivajazz" (reblip)

Conga Jog By Al Gromer Khan

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garbageman01 A very noisy Saturday with @DJCoquette: "Incapacitants – Return of Black Monday" (reblip)
DjouDjou Marcus Fischer – Shape To Shore
garbageman01 A favorite . . . rb @DJCoquette: "Jane Birkin et Serge Gainsbourg – Je t'aime... moi non plus ( 7 inch single 1969 )" (reblip)
DjouDjou Sergei Lemeshev – Schubert Lieder
DjouDjou Blues Everywhere I Go – Odetta , Trouble In Mind - with Pinetop Perkins
garbageman01 Think I remember this on the 'Crumb' ST . . . rb @DJCoquette: "Geeshie Wiley – Last Kind Words" (reblip)
DjouDjou Whirlies

Sarah Hopkins' Harmonic Whirlies Music 'Kindred Spirits'

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DjouDjou Keiji Haino + Don Buchla

Keiji Haino + Don Buchla

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DjouDjou Jacques Coursil – Black Suite 2
DjouDjou Jacques Coursil – Black Suite 1
DjouDjou Louis Bourgeois – Otte
DjouDjou ait!

Ait! make"war not love"

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DjouDjou Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx – 'NY Is Killing Me'
DjouDjou Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck – Rektum Rotations Ritual
DjouDjou Música Del Grupo Tribu Tlamakaske Kuikanine <OMG>

Música Del Grupo Tribu Tlamakaske Kuikanine

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DjouDjou Freddie Freeloader – Jon Hendricks & Friends
DjouDjou Ravel and Mussorgsky recomposed by Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald

Recomposed By Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald Movement 4.AVI

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DjouDjou Phoenecia- Eyebrow

Phoenecia- Eyebrow

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DjouDjou Omnipresent Noise – Hello
DjouDjou Claude VonStroke – Deep Throat (John Tejada Remix) vi@BronxMusic (reblip)

MFU -- Floating Dead astronaut

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DjouDjou Gabor Szabo- Transylvania boogie

Gabor Szabo- Transylvania boogie

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DjouDjou Tragic Error – Tanzen (1989) (reblip)
DjouDjou 緊急抗議アクション告知/宮下現代彫刻の森


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DjouDjou dan le sac VS scroobius pip "Thou Shalt always Kill"

dan le sac VS scroobius pip "Thou Shalt always Kill"

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DjouDjou Wenn ich ihn sehe ;-) @Art4Art: "grüß Gott! are you?" Not 2 bad &U? (reblip)
DjouDjou A bailar el Mao Mao – Bombita Rodríguez #hilar
DjouDjou Brume – Anthropologie
DjouDjou Hal Blaine – Drum Brakes
Cris_tina gracias :)@Diplopito: "Über! Merci @DJCoquette, sharing with @natapritula and >Cris_tina"....and I think@thetomweb will enjoy this one too...:) (reblip)

Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer-Recat (ECM)

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DjouDjou Joseph Capriati – Panjiani
DjouDjou Time stands straight so that motion looks simple
DjouDjou I am complete@mxtxmxtxm: "tyrb@FCKahunaBob: "rb@SquareBiz83 The Moldy Peaches – Downloading Porn with Davo"" (reblip)
DjouDjou ecce @cosmosponge: "Giorgio Buratti" (reblip)

HOMO SAPIENS_part 4.wmv

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DjouDjou Nyan Cat [original]

Nyan Cat [original]

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I say "Whip It... Whip it Good"

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DjouDjou is the wind blowing backwards? rb@ishibutsu (reblip)

JUNKO (Hijokaidan) 'Sleeping Beauty' LP Side A (complete 14m 38s)

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DjouDjou she's got what it takes
DjouDjou Jeanne Demessieux

Jeanne Demessieux (1921-1968): Poeme for Orgue et Orchestre

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DjouDjou short visit to the porcelain shop @garbageman01: "'Thai Pop Spectacular' . . ." (reblip)

Kwuan Tai Duew Luk Phen (you should die by bullets)

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DjouDjou gyűrött égbolt @garbageman01: "2005 . . ." üdv (reblip)
DjouDjou genius

野々村竜太郎 Skype着信音

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DjouDjou hands down

Kuroma- Get Quick Got it 1

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DjouDjou meta


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DjouDjou if you cut it into a lot of pieces it becomes a lot
DjouDjou NY alert

I'm Comin' Home Baby/Mieko Hirota

| play
kikue Cordell Jackson & The A-Bones

Cordell Jackson & The A-Bones

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DjouDjou you keep saying that word…
DjouDjou in English

The Ex- This Song is in English

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DjouDjou thank you RB@garbageman01: "'Sings the Truth' (1966) . . ." (reblip)
DjouDjou I committed the unforgivable

Emma Calvé, Reynaldo Hahn: L'Heure exquise (Pathé, 1920)

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Platiquemos belleza-Let's talk beauty!

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DjouDjou have tons of God more and more (reblip)

You will never be fully content=Nunca estarás totalmente contento!

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DjouDjou you've got time

Michi Aoyama 青山ミチ: Naku Onna 泣く女

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plural from @DJChouquette: "more like a puffin" ... bird, think so. Thks! (reblip)
DjouDjou ...

Lotte Lenya in Alabama Song by Kurt Weill recording 1930

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DjouDjou zzz

Jon RoseDream

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