Doggonahogg High in the running for my favorite Joy Division song.

Joy Division24 hours

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Doggonahogg I can't get enough Sufjan Stevens right now. Especially this song from his masterpiece "Illionise".
Doggonahogg Listening to Fuck Buttons made me think fondly of my long-time electronic favorite, Boards of Canada.
Doggonahogg More Sufjan. How it's gotta be.

Sufjan Stevens "John Wayne Gacy Jr" Music Video

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marijaanadj A Perfect Circle – Passive
Doggonahogg rb @lovelyk: "Till peace we find tell you what I'll do All the things I own I will share with you" One of my top 10 fav songs of all-time. (reblip)
Doggonahogg Recently rediscovered these guys. Great Canadian band from the 90s.


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Doggonahogg Song I most can't get enough of lately.
backasswards i need to crawl away and sleep..but thats not happening. =/

ToolCrawl Away

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Doggonahogg rb@cattysheba: "More Tool - "The Grudge" all my new listeners - beware - Tool is my favorite group. I blip them alot!!!" always been my fav. (reblip)

Tool The Grudge

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Doggonahogg Sorry, Mr. Patton, I've been neglecting you.


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Doggonahogg Mm, Drake.

Nick Drake Parasite

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Doggonahogg The greatest songwriter of all time. One of the greatest songs of all time. Don't dispute me on this.
Doggonahogg The song for which I most initiate the "one man sing-a-long".

InterpolObstacle 1

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Dysn0m1a Fantomas – Fire Walk with me (Twin Peaks)
SpinningDiscs Metallica – The Day That Never Comes....
Doggonahogg Arcade Fire - Intervention
Doggonahogg @kristenboyd: "lol you're right. I had a blonde moment, but his is a good one too. @Doggonahogg" Yeah I love that one. Time to dust off the Devotchka! (reblip)

DeVotchkaHow it Ends

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Doggonahogg If you haven't seen the film Midnight Cowboy, you need to. American classic.

faith no more-midnight cowboy

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Doggonahogg Two riders were approaching / and the wind began to howl.
sswayze slip inside the eye of your mind -
Doggonahogg Queens of the Stone Age covered this song. But the original is only version you need listen to.
Doggonahogg There is no nighttime / It's only a passing phase
Doggonahogg Sufjan Stevens - For The Widows In Paradise, For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti
Doggonahogg rb @ilklovn: "Its hard not to be able to provide some proper support when things like this happen" (reblip)

Arcade FireHaiti

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lovelyk Nick Drake- One Of These Things First I could be Here and now I would be, I should be But how?
Doggonahogg Morphine, the best band you've never heard of.

MorphineCure for Pain

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Doggonahogg In which you'll hear expressions you won't hear in most country songs.
Doggonahogg Ween - Ocean Man

Ocean Man Lyrics

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Doggonahogg Two turntables and a microphone.

BeckWhere It's At

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Dysn0m1a And my jaw and my teeth hurt, I'm choking from gnawing on the ball.. Deftones – Feiticeira
Doggonahogg rb @hollycleary: "~Live - All Over You~" - Loves it and will inspire my next blip. (reblip)

LiveAll Over You

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Doggonahogg Live - Lightning Crashes - classic

LiveLightning Crashes

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Doggonahogg If I have guilty pleasure this is it. God knows why but I love it.

FadedSoul Decision

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Doggonahogg Ween - The HIV Song - Aids!

Ween- The HIV Song

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Doggonahogg I came home / She lifted up her wings / I guess this must the place - from the best concert film out there.
Doggonahogg rb @ilklovn - My favourite of the Opiate-era Tool. (reblip)
Doggonahogg rb @bilda - Ain't never no wrong with Talking Heads. (reblip)
Doggonahogg @ilklovn: "@Doggonahogg this one is mine" - Haha, that one is fucking amazing too. Love that bass line. (reblip)
Doggonahogg Speaking of favourite Pixies song.

the pixiesdebaser

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Doggonahogg So, @edullima suggested getting "Back to 80's", I concur.
Doggonahogg rb @chriscaldwell - Dang, Elliott I love but I've never heard this cover. I love the Kinks, too, so it's automatically heaven. (reblip)

Elliott Smith "Waterloo Sunset" 5-3-97 Tempe, AZ

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Doggonahogg Cause I got Calexico on the mind. Never a bad thing.
Doggonahogg "Back to 80's". An obvious one, but don't pretend you don't love it.
Doggonahogg Another badge this morning :)
Doggonahogg @LocoStavos: ".... I think his lung's fucked up .Po--ony!" - Ween make me happy. (reblip)
Doggonahogg The archetypal Ween song, I think.

WeenThe Stallion Pt 3

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Doggonahogg If you can appreciate this song, consider yourself eligible to be a true Ween fan.
joiezabel but there's no need to fear it cuz no one will hear it - sad songs and waltzes aren't selling this year
marijaanadj "And for the first time I'm telling you how much I need and bleed for you, every move and waking sound in my time..."
Doggonahogg Great song, great film. Watch it again or for the first time;
Doggonahogg I randomly thought of Rushmore. Hence, I'm blippin' this delightful song.

Ooh La LaThe Faces

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Doggonahogg Biddley bah boo, biddley bah boo, biddley bah boo bow!
Doggonahogg Silly me, I almost forgot how awesome The Decemberists are.
Doggonahogg rb @sswayze: "I can't recommend a good Gilliam film enough... pure genius. Thank-you so much Terry." - Gilliam FTW (reblip)
Doggonahogg And we were galloping manic / to the mouth of the source / we were swallowing panic / in the face of its force
Doggonahogg Man do I ever love a good drinking song. Man do I ever love The Pogues.
Doggonahogg The Pogues - Sally MacLennane
Doggonahogg There's devils on each side of you / with bottles in their hands / You need one more drop of poison / and you'll dream of foreign lands
Doggonahogg Kinda frustrated right now. This is a good song for releasing frustration.
Doggonahogg rb @DamnTheMan: "One for you man! @Doggonahogg" - Much appreciated, sir. Another great choice. (reblip)
Doggonahogg People are all about the metal tonight. And you can never go wrong with this song.
Doggonahogg Makes me want to watch Magnolia again. One of my all-time favourites.

Aimee MannWise Up

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Doggonahogg I'm all over the fuckin' map musically tonight. But I love Once more than life itself.
Doggonahogg Blue, blue balloon / My soul calls to you

WeenBlue Balloon

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Doggonahogg I jumped in the river what what did I see?
Doggonahogg "Who Killed...The Zutons?" was a classic album. Go pick it up.
Doggonahogg Because any day isn't quite complete without this song.
Doggonahogg Whether you know it or not, you need John Lurie and the Lounge Lizards in your life.
Doggonahogg Remembering the finale of Heat. One of the greatest films.
Doggonahogg Smashing Pumpkins - Stumbleine

Stumbleine- Smashing Pumpkins

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Doggonahogg The Lounge Lizards - Voice of Chunk
Doggonahogg Time to drop some tracks from my favourite MC by far.

MF Doom-Doomsday

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Doggonahogg In any event its fake like wrestling / Get 'em like Jake the Snake on mescaline.


| play
Doggonahogg Classical slap-stick rappers need Chapstick / A lot of 'em sound like they in a talent show / So I give 'em something to remember, like the Alamo

MF Doom-Rhymes Like Dimes

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Doggonahogg It's da weed give me some of what he's drooping off / Soon as he wake up choking like it was whooping cough

MF DoomOne Beer

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Doggonahogg Aquaman's pops can't water check me, disrespect me, indirectly I seen his feet and they both lefty, he steppin' half correctly
melodyofurlife New disc coming soon, and tour, but no where near NE Ohio! looks like a roadie for sure.
Dysn0m1a #bandsIveseen Chino! <3 Normally my bedtime song.. but wtf :p Team Sleep- Ever

Team Sleep- Ever (Foreign Flag)

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Doggonahogg Inspired by @FPDJ1 - a kind of overlooked song, but one of their best.
Doggonahogg rb @FPDJ1: "Fav hip song @Doggonahogg :)" - That's one of my favourites for sure. Not sure what my fav is. (reblip)
FPonTheDL One for @Doggonahogg love this album too :)

Our Lady Peace4 am

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Doggonahogg rb @FPDJ1: "ran out of props @Doggonahogg glad you like the tunes :) Another for for you" - I think this is probably the first OLP song I heard! (reblip)
Doggonahogg Inspired by @Carolynnnn and her timely blipping of Interpol.

Interpol "Untitled"

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Carolynnnn @Doggonahogg since you called me a timely blipper, I will play my favorite random "Unofficial" Video, as a way of saying thanks!
Doggonahogg Joy Division - Dead Souls

Joy Division "Dead Souls"

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Doggonahogg Continuing the theme of songs that have been covered. This song has been covered more times than I can count. Prefer the original.
Carolynnnn @Doggonahogg I have not known what movie those clips came from for months now. Thank you for solving that mystery for me! It has been bothering me.
Doggonahogg Almost hard to keep up with all the blipfm action tonight. But I'm tryin'!
Doggonahogg She's standing in the ashes at the end of the world / Four winds blowing through her hair
Doggonahogg Good morning ya'll.

broken social scene-Anthems For A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl

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Doggonahogg This one will know how far I live on.
Doggonahogg Are you looking for the mother lode?
DJ_HeckaCool Don't let the band name scare you off. This is great music. :]
Doggonahogg @DJ_HeckaCool How about a little of this? :) Also good music.
Doggonahogg Don't walk away in silence / Don't walk away.
Alturn8tive {Wolf Parade – Fine Young Cannibals}
Doggonahogg Rilo Kiley - Pictures of Success
Doggonahogg There are no bad words for the coast today.
Doggonahogg Jenny Lewis covering David Bowie. If that ain't a big bucket of awesome then what is.
Doggonahogg Speaking of David Bowie in connection with other artists - this, too, is awesome.
Doggonahogg And now for the real thing.

David BowieFive Years

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New Order-Bizzare Love Triangle (Substance).avi

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Doggonahogg One of the greatest bands in the world covering one of the best songs in the world. What's not to love?
ilklovn My warning meant nothing. youre dancing in quicksand. ...I hope it sucks you down
alemanuel Is ever so dificult rb@bellatrixr: "There are many things I'd like to say to you, but I don't know how..." (reblip)
Doggonahogg Sonic Youth performing a song from their 2009 album. Which was a bloody excellent one.
Doggonahogg Worth posting just for the awesome video. Great song, too.


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Doggonahogg @ilklovn He did this one, too. It's especially trippy :)

Chemical Brothers-Let Forever Be

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Doggonahogg While we're on the subject of awesome music videos.
Doggonahogg Good night ya'll. I like flooding myself with nostalgia before bed.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme

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Doggonahogg Guilty pleasure or just good song? Meh who knows.
Doggonahogg Inspired by @bilda's Cohen posting.

Leonard Cohen at Coachella 2009: Bird On A Wire (in HD)

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Doggonahogg And what can I tell you, my brother, my killer? / What can I possibly say?
Doggonahogg There's nothing that the road cannot heal.

Conor OberstMoab

| play
LeandroAzevedo Tears For Fears - l Believe Californian Nights 1992

Tears For Fears l Believe Californian Nights 1992

| play
Doggonahogg You automatically start having fun when this band comes on. So good.
Doggonahogg And I'm off. Leavin' you with a great Canadian song by the greatest Canadian band.
Doggonahogg Dan Deacon live is so necessary. Here he does a song from "Spiderman of the Rings", the greatest album title ever conceived of.
Doggonahogg For @kristenboyd. One of my favourite live performances of anything.
Doggonahogg The Decemberist's decidedly Rushmore inspired music video for "Sixteen Military Wives".
Doggonahogg One of their several epics.

The Decemberists: California One / Youth and Beauty Brigade

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Doggonahogg This was when the mask was brand spanking new / Before it got rusted from drinking all the brew

DangerDoomSofa King

| play
Doggonahogg Inspired by @Alturn8tive. My favourite CYHSY song.

Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

| play
Doggonahogg From CYHSY's excellent 2nd album. Hoping another one is on the way soon.
Doggonahogg My god / It takes an ocean of trust
Doggonahogg So don't play with me, 'cause you're playing with fire .
Doggonahogg I guess we'll have to test / Until there's nothing left / We said the truth was fixed / It's lost without a trace.
Doggonahogg Some love for Marillion, who've been around in one form or another since '79. Love their prog theatrics back then.
Doggonahogg Many of my selections may come from the album "Small Change", as it's my personal favourite.
BeatJunkie @Doggonahogg I just might join you in that endeavour....
Doggonahogg This is really special. Happened during a rehearsal.
Doggonahogg Excellent song. But also reminds me of The Wire. How I miss it.

Tom Waits Way Down In The Hole

| play
Doggonahogg Now I'm gonna get out / And I'm gonna get tough

Tom Waits Gin Soaked Boy

| play
KiraCPH @2liveis2fly: "speaking of peter murphy and tom waits, @Doggonahogg" Can it get any better than Waits? :) (reblip)
barbsobel YEAH for TWS@2liveis2fly: "these blips aren't going to make themselves #tomwaitssaturday" (reblip)
2liveis2fly @Dolittle: "I assume its already been played today #tomwaitssaturday" actually, no. good call. (reblip)
Dolittle @2liveis2fly I can only look back so far to see whats under the tag
DamnTheMan Nine Inch Nails – Head Like A Hole
Doggonahogg When I left earlier, this was the only song from "Small Change" not posted. Fix'd! #tomwaitssaturday
Doggonahogg It's such a sad old feeling / The fields are soft and green / It's memories that I'm stealing / But you're innocent when you dream
Doggonahogg Shit, son. I'm probably end up blipping the entirety of "Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes".

TV on the Radio, Music Video, Dreams

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Doggonahogg Love is the province of the brave
Doggonahogg Probably first song I listened to to make me realize "Hey, Nada Surf are way more than that band with that 90's hit".
Doggonahogg I won't desert you / I don't know what to say / I really hurt you / I nearly gave it all away.

New Order-Waiting For The Siren's Call

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Doggonahogg Lounge Lizards, great anyway, but especially good late night music. John Lurie is a god.

THE LOUNGE LIZARDS-do the wrong thing.wmv

| play
Doggonahogg Morning ya'll. Time to start mainlining coffee until I'm sweatin' the stuff.
Doggonahogg @FPDJ1 And a good day to you!

Elliott Smith- Georgia Georgia

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Doggonahogg I blame Rob Zombie for my interest in Southern rock post-Devil's Rejects. Not a bad thing. Always loved the South.
Doggonahogg @FPDJ1 Dang it is sad. I haven't heard it before. Thanks for that. I like this version, too.

DeftonesSimple man

| play
Doggonahogg Rap these days is like a pain up in the neck / Cornier and phonier than a play fight / Take two of these and don’t phone me on the late night

Danger DoomBenzie Box

| play
Doggonahogg @barbsobel Lounge music and coffee, huh? You need John Lurie and the Lounge Lizards, my friend.

the lounge lizards/harlem nocturne

| play
Doggonahogg At the stage where I've had lots of coffee, but dang it I want a lot more.
Doggonahogg Favourite Kinks song. Goddamn astounding.
Doggonahogg From the awesome soundtrack to one of the greatest films of all time, Chan-wook Park's Oldboy.

Oldboy OST-5. In a Lonely Place.

| play
Doggonahogg I traveled far and wide through many different times.

Joy Division (Warsaw)_Warsaw

| play
Doggonahogg She looks like the real thing / She tastes like the real thing / My fake plastic love.
Doggonahogg Inspired by @assbackwards - decidedly one of the groovinest (yep its a word!!) songs ever.
2liveis2fly @pajaritos reminded me of what must be the *ultimate* '80s guilty pleasure.
Doggonahogg @2liveis2fly I've got a music folder titled "Top 1000 Pop Hits of the 80's", and I'm not afraid to use it!

Highway To The Danger Zone... Kenny Loggins (Top Gun) Lyrics

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Doggonahogg Thank god a lot of these songs are actually really good. Such as. #80ssunday
Doggonahogg I was once in a stage adaptation of The Full Monty. I stripped to this song. You now officially know too much about me.
Doggonahogg The dude is growing mighty tired. Good night blippers.
Doggonahogg Now WHERE THE FUCK'S MY COFFEE. Oh yeah, I have to actually make it.

the shins -- fighting in a sack

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Doggonahogg Always seemed like this would be a good morning song for some reason.
Doggonahogg I love Charlotte as an actress, and I am starting to get into her music as well.
Doggonahogg Inspired by @SofiaFada, for reminding me they existed.
Doggonahogg "A Grand Don't Come For Free" was a really spectacular album, I'm remembering now.
backasswards good morning, everyone. hope the day is starting off well for you.

PlaceboPure morning

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Doggonahogg There are a few amazing, favourite bands I've been neglecting on blip so far. This is one of them.

At the drive-in Cosmonaut

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Doggonahogg Plus this is fuckin' great waking up music.
Doggonahogg Cloak and dagger muzak blared in ohms / In this alabaster cold / Ingrown
Doggonahogg rb @NikkiPixel: "G'Morning! Love this one! @backasswards: "lol, agreed @Doggonahogg"" - Always liked these guys. (reblip)


| play
Doggonahogg Takin' it waaay down. In a good way. @backasswards

Elliott Smith 2:45 AM

| play
Doggonahogg @backasswards Think you'll like this one. It's rather beautiful.
Doggonahogg rb @backasswards: "heres some swing for ya @Doggonahogg" -- Yeah this one makes me pretty happy :) (reblip)
Doggonahogg Swing on into this one, @backasswards :) Love it cause it was in one of my fav movies, "Swingers".
Doggonahogg A talented and beautiful Canadian gal you need to get to know. Sister of Rufus Wainwright.
Doggonahogg rb @backasswards: "whoa sorry. my dad's keyboard sucks. @Doggonahogg #oldmanonday" - Classy choice :) (reblip)
Doggonahogg As clumsy as you've been / There's no one laughing.

Our Lady PeaceClumsy

| play
Doggonahogg An exceptionally beautiful song and video.
Doggonahogg Diggin' through my youtube favourites, lookin' to drop some bombs.
Doggonahogg Because your candle burns too bright / Well I almost forgot it was twilight.

Elliott Smith-Twilight

| play
Doggonahogg Someone somewhere says they've got it all / But that's not even what we want.

The Dears We Can Have It

| play
Doggonahogg @backasswards I still haven't played either of those :( I'm working on it I'm working on it.
Doggonahogg As much as I love De La Soul, the best part about this is when MF Doom busts in. Mad flows.
Doggonahogg rb @backasswards: "You do that. :P @Doggonahogg" - I WILL. JUST TRY AND STOP ME. Or don't because that would defeat the purpose... (reblip)

A Hard Day's Night- The Beatles +lyrics

| play
squidbrain Sorry about that last blip. I'll never do anything like that to you guys again. I promise.
Doggonahogg Dedicated to @backasswards ;)

Death-Zombie Ritual

| play
Doggonahogg @backasswards Mainly, I just wanted to blip some metal. Plus, it had zombies. Plus, Death are amazing.
backasswards haha, yep. TOUGH :) @Doggonahogg: "rb @b: "Bald men can be sexy, too. #hotguymonday" - I don't know if I approve of the theme, but this song rocks :P" (reblip)
Doggonahogg This performance is most notable for Maynard's awesome "I love Brad Wilk" t-shirt (Brad Wilks is the drummer for RATM).
DJHelloKitty for you :) @Doggonahogg I really need a beer despite how early it is.
Doggonahogg "He is a loser...and a pansy!" - Inspired by @SpyroKeet. Beavis & Butthead trash one of my favourite songs :)
Doggonahogg My favorite dreams of you still wash ashore / Scraping through my head 'till I don't want to sleep anymore.
Doggonahogg If you ain't familiar with the character Devvo from, you sure are missin' out.
Doggonahogg Yessir.

MC Devvo- Donny soldier

| play
Doggonahogg @backasswards My go-to song for cheering people up :)
Doggonahogg Just to show I can blip other Primal Scream songs besides "Movin' On Up" :P
Doggonahogg I got to get my Left 4 Dead 2 Versus fix for tonight damn it. I shall return. @backasswards. because of zombies.
Doggonahogg rb @Koshka: "@Doggonahogg i think you will like this one" - Thank you. I do like it :) (reblip)
Doggonahogg I haven't blipped barely any Clutch yet. What the fuck is wrong with me.
Doggonahogg Please allow me to adjust my pants / So that I may dance the good time dance.
Doggonahogg Oh, this burning beard, I have come undone.
Doggonahogg rb @LocoStavos Yessssss Detroit Cobras yes yes yes. (reblip)
Doggonahogg Listen to the song my blood is singing / Listen to the song my blood is drivin' drivin' drivin' drivin' at you.

Tomahawk: Flashback live

| play
Doggonahogg I've got a fighting chance / You know you promised me the last dance.

TomahawkRape This Day

| play
Doggonahogg The lesson of the day, whether it's Helmet, Tomahawk, or Battles, is that John Stanier is a beast on drums.
Doggonahogg You needed to hear this song today. You just didn't know it until now.

Beastie Boys-You gotta fight for your right to party!

| play

The Beatles- Doctor Robert (HQ)

| play
Doggonahogg Some love for Canadian icons. This is my 2nd favourite song by them.
kambizT @Doggonahogg: this is very good. "rb @atticus5 Epic, beautiful, majestic. I love Joanna." (reblip)
Doggonahogg And my 1st favourite. A cover that surpasses the original. A breathtaking work.
Doggonahogg Crushing corporations with a mild touch / Trash the whole computer system / and revert you to papyrus.

Deltron 3030-virus

| play
Doggonahogg rb @DJHelloKitty: "Keeping with the Del trend... also my personal fave Gorillaz :) @stoutlabs @Doggonahogg @DJAbstruseJuice" - :) (reblip)
Doggonahogg Now I'm free-lance with more risk to take / Now a rhymin' merc, finding certified androids.
Doggonahogg I Mother Earth were a Canadian band. They were pretty awesome.
Doggonahogg This is my favourite song by Elliott. Though it makes me miss him, it's tragically beautiful like all his work.
Doggonahogg So I just reached 100. Thanks in no small part to some awesome people; @backasswards @riseandroar @Koshka @DamnTheMan @omnivore - Woot!

Celebration by Kool and the Gang with lyrics

| play
Doggonahogg Here in line where stupid shit collides / with dying, shooting stars.
Doggonahogg Today: an education in Elliott Smith.

Cupid's Trick -Elliott Smith (HQ)

| play
Doggonahogg Naked except for a perpetual debt / That couldn't be stripped away.

(8) Elliott Smith "Division Day" 7-17-99 Live in Olympia

| play
Doggonahogg Drink up one more time and I'll make you mine / Keep you apart, deep in my heart / Separate from the rest, where I like you the best.
Doggonahogg The education in Elliott Smith continues :)

Elliott Smith "Coming Up Roses"

| play
Doggonahogg Someone's always coming around here trailing some new kill.

Elliott SmithAngeles

| play
Doggonahogg A momentary sojourn into the magic of BSS.

Elliott Smith- Baby Britain

| play
Doggonahogg We're all in the downpour you carry around for / Trashing a lifestyle you've never known.

Elliott Smith- Either/or

| play
Doggonahogg Oh we're so very precious, you and I / And everything that you do makes me want to die.

Elliott Smith, "The Biggest Lie" (2003)

| play
Doggonahogg I'm in love with the world / Through the eyes of a girl / Who's still around the morning after.

Elliott SmithSay Yes

| play
Doggonahogg So sick and tired of all these pictures of me.

Pictures of Me- Elliott Smith

| play
Doggonahogg There is no nighttime / It's only a passing phase.
Doggonahogg @backasswards - It's just if you're going to listen to a Canadian band, make it a good one like this :)
Doggonahogg Coffee time. This makes a good coffee song, I think. Coffee or cocktail.
Doggonahogg An education in Elliott continues, my little blipbabies.

(6) Elliott Smith "Southern Belle" 7-17-99 Live in Olympia

| play
Doggonahogg Still probably their best song. My favourite anyway.
Doggonahogg I have no idea why I like these guys. It's weird. But I do.
Doggonahogg I split the scene, the globe had been spun / And her ghost leaned down to kiss me with a message from the sun.
Doggonahogg Because it reminds me of Magnolia. And it's just awesome anyway.

Barenaked Ladies-Brian Wilson

| play

Death-Scream Bloody Gore

| play
Doggonahogg My friend keeps trying to convince to really get into The Offspring. Think I might finally have to.
Doggonahogg Man alive this song is so fucking good.

LowDinosaur Act

| play
Doggonahogg So busy blipping I didn't notice I had passed 1,000 blips. Nice :)
Doggonahogg After you posted Coolio, I just had to do this. There was just no choice in the matter. @backasswards
Doggonahogg Is it #tomwaitssaturday yet? Oh well, I don't give a fuck either way.
Doggonahogg And here's the actual song. That story was amazing.
Doggonahogg I swear I could just sit down and listen to Tom Waits talk for days on end.
Doggonahogg @backasswards - Reckon you might be into this one ;)

Be Your Own Pet- Zombie Graveyard Party

| play
Doggonahogg From the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack.
Doggonahogg A Perfect Circle - The Nurse Who Loved Me
Doggonahogg I've noticed a disturbing lack of Maiden on my blip network. I'll fix that.

Iron MaidenAces High

| play
Doggonahogg Moved to this trio because John Stanier (Helmet, Tomahawk) is the drummer. & it's like, where have you been all my life?

Death Cab For Cutie "Soul Meets Body"

| play

Zombies vs Robots

| play
backasswards knowing my luck, it was Pennywise the clown. or Mr. Bill (that clay figure) @Totengrber

Stephen King's It Theme

| play
Doggonahogg Blipped because I'm enjoying tea right now? Probably. Song's good too.

NirvanaPennyroyal Tea

| play
Doggonahogg I certainly don't care for the direction this band eventually took, but you can never go wrong with this song.

No DoubtDon't Speak

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Doggonahogg I'm only new to Offspring, but I know this song is totally baller.
Doggonahogg rb @fzippy - I actually am already pretty into Galaxie 500. Haven't listened in a while though. They're awesome. (reblip)

Galaxy 500Ceremony

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Doggonahogg Almost forgot about Elliott. I was supposed to be blipping him all day. Oop ^_^

Punch and Judy- Elliott Smith

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Doggonahogg Inspired by @abarbosa. This is amazing. Do not doubt me.
Doggonahogg I could show you memories / To rival Berlin in the Thirties.
Doggonahogg rb @airelav: "@Doggonahogg I hear that. Me, I'm trying to stay awake in my Marketing class. ;P" - Haha, ouch. Good luck with that ;) (reblip)
omnivore My favorite rendition of Army

The Hurt Locker Soundtrack "Khyber Pass"-Ministry

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Doggonahogg I've got the spirit / Lose the feeling.
Doggonahogg I'm officially gone, but one more for the road :)
Doggonahogg Sloan are a Canadian band. This is their best song. It is totally baller.

'Slide', The Dresden Dolls

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Doggonahogg Vote for tweedle-dum or tweedle-dee / And a framework of debate narrowed for you courtesy.
Doggonahogg But I will remain until this self-awareness fades / Until I defeat the purpose of this soapbox that you made.
Doggonahogg I have coffee now. It's alright. I can stop shaking.
Doggonahogg At the show you can see the black lace on parade / I met a hundred dozen of ‘em but I ain’t got laid.

Unbreakable Finale REAL SOUNDTRACK

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Doggonahogg Just cause I was thinking about this great, great movie.
Doggonahogg Blackstar, a collaboration between Mos Def and Talib Kweli. Check it out.

Blackstar Re: DEFinition...

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Doggonahogg In an attempt to redeem myself.


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Doggonahogg But while my mind is on 90's hits.

Fiona AppleCriminal

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Doggonahogg @dirtylittlesecret Thanks for appreciating my deranged blips this morning ;)

Pearl JamJeremy

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Doggonahogg An obvious one, I know. But it's really fucking good.
Doggonahogg rb @lift_you_up - I can't not reblip "Freebird". Believe me, I've tried. (reblip)
Doggonahogg When it’s been my ghost on the empty road / I think the stars are just the neon lights.
Doggonahogg I'm tired of blood and over priced bubble gum / Nobody moves and nobody gets hurt for very long.
Doggonahogg Say hello / Remain / Close to me.