Doylex Great song written by Stephen Stills from 1967.
acanuckfan Bkack Betty says.. gr8 Sunday & many thnx 4 the props ~ @joechapman @Jeffie @Flying_Roundhouse @SpinninSara @dcychan @dharmaputra ........♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

Ram Jam "Black Betty"

| play
Doylex Superb Power Pop from Atlanta's Orange Hat featuring Christo Harris, David Henderson, Jason NeSmith and Kenny Howes. From their Pufferfish CD.

My Mood Ring

| play
Doylex The Bangles covering the 1974 Big Star song written by Alex Chilton (with video no less!)


| play
Doylex Great Power Pop (Jellyfish fans take note)

Drake Bell "I Know" NEW Video

| play
Doylex What a great song - from her 2004 Harmonium CD (I like the screams) - "Watching puddles gather rain"
Doylex 1994 music from their "Superunknown" CD
Doylex Another excellent song from Zeus Henderson from his "Decompositions" DVD available at Circle Sky Records.
Doylex Superb instrumental from 1969's Tommy

The WhoUnderture

| play
Doylex Super Power Pop from Ohio's The Pillbugs!
Doylex Fromthe 1968 Wheels of Fire album. Written by Clapton and Sharp. "The elephants are dancing on the graves of squelling mice"
Doylex Don't you know about the bird? Thanks for the prop @ShiaoMei
Doylex This is the original version of this tune, written by Gershon Kingsley. I like it better than the hit by Hot Butter.
Doylex Wow, cute! Thanks for the props @Punched and @lovemusic

Colby CaillatBubbly

| play
Doylex "Better get your coat dear, it looks like rain". I think this is my favorite Elton John song.
Doylex Classic - complete with vintage 1972 video and Jesus on drums

Marcy Playground- Sex and Candy

| play
Doylex You like Power Pop? - Check this out!!

Humpty Dumpty

| play
Doylex The Pillbugs do the Monkees....

Porpoise Song with The Pillbugs

| play
Doylex The Monkees do the Pillbugs .... just kidding
Doylex "I was having a sweet fix"...a little Apple
Doylex My favorite Santana song!

Hope You're Feeling Better ~ Santana

| play
Doylex Complete with groovy girls

CHICAGO- Questions 67 & 68 (Paris 1969)

| play
Doylex "I see rainbows in the evening"
Doylex "In a funky fine levis and her sweaters kind of tight"
Doylex From his debut album in 1968, "Searching For The Dolphins" produced by Johnny Rivers

Al WilsonThe Snake

| play
Doylex Let's get this show on the road - always thought this one was named "Saved my life, I'm going down for the last time" !
Doylex Keep the groovy comin'
Doylex Power Pop from Orange Hat - It doesn't get any better than this!

Liquid Me

| play
Doylex Pass the biscuits please...
Doylex Sock it to me!

Harper Valley P.T.A. movie clip / singer Jeannie C. Riley

| play
Doylex "...and face this man to man"
Doylex "Oh I have a live one here.." Thanks @sosaut


| play
Doylex And now for something a little different!
Doylex "Just as long as the waters slow" Thanks @mrrowe8

Wendy & Lisa Waterfall

| play
Doylex "The four kings of EMI are sitting stately on the floor..."
Doylex Kingdom Hospital - A great mini series - a must see

IvyWorry About You

| play
Doylex Why didn't she call? Thanks @ronsalas and @jennyleepenny

Norah Jones Live Dont Know Why

| play
TrainWreckRadio @SpinninSara Even named a hamster Ian once -lol -- I think I carved his likeness into a WOOD HASH PIPE back in the day (got pretty high that nite):-) (reblip)
Doylex From their 1970 "No Dice" LP. Thanks @eio
Doylex From their 1972 LP "#1 Record". "I don't need to think..." Thanks @Jcebula
Doylex Let's drive Flatout!

Lab "Beat The Boys"

| play
Doylex If you're really hip, the question, "Will it show?" You're into a hip trip. Maybe hipper than hip. What is hip?
organicsue Chris Isaac - Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing

Chris Isaac - Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing

| play

Pearl Jam-Black

| play
Doylex One of our own DJs - Atlanta's Paul Melancon

Paul MelanconGirl

| play
Doylex Let's learn now - Thanks to @LisaWorld @mamamiaellen @storylet @Fetoroza @Captblackeagle

Grammar Rock Pronoun

| play
Doylex La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La

Yael NaimA New Soul

| play
Doylex "Heads across the sky..."

Paul & Linda McCartney "Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey

| play
Doylex "He was a friend of the salty peanuts out of the can.."

War | Cisco Kid

| play
Doylex James Taylor/Carly Simon 1974 "Hotcakes" LP (Carly Simon)
TrainWreckRadio @DJRoy1 "Pink Floyd – Arnold Lane" THANKS MAN, truly epic! (reblip)

Pink FloydArnold Lane

| play
TrainWreckRadio @klynnDemar "I can not even think without a bit of pink!" (nice blippage!) (reblip)

ZZ Top & Pink Sharp Dressed Party

| play
Doylex Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp, Bill Bruford, Tony Levin

youtube king crimson elephant talk

| play
Doylex "I was born with a stiff..."

Stiff Upper LipAC/DC

| play
Doylex "That a Boy, LUTHER!" Groovy remake of the theme song!

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

| play
Doylex From the 1978 "Level Headed" LP
Doylex Bull! Thanks for the props @1001songs

Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass Spanish Flea Video 1965

| play
Doylex "And I won't feel bad at all.."

"Hero Takes a Fall" by The Bangles

| play
Doylex Great singer - see ya'll tomorrow
Doylex "We now had more important things to say..."

FastballThe Way

| play
Doylex 1972 "Demons and Wizards" LP
Doylex ....with the BASS voice..."
Doylex "Life had just begun..."

AsiaWithout You

| play
Doylex A little Rocky Horror

The Time Warp

| play
Doylex From 1974 "Warchild" LP

Jethro TullWarchild

| play
Doylex "...and like a fool I believed her from the start"


| play
Doylex "Shows up in Bubble Wrap"

"Ebay" by Weird Al Yankovic

| play
Doylex From the "Across The Universe" Movie
Doylex Also from the "Across The Universe" movie
Doylex Overdressed for the beach

Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass A Taste of Honey Video 1966

| play
Doylex Hey, it's that guy from KANSAS
Doylex "One down, one to go"

YesLeave It

| play
Doylex "That's all I ever heard..." 1973


| play
Doylex "I'd like to help you in your struggle to be free..."
Doylex "No I would not give you false hope..."
Doylex "How does it feel to be so wise?"

Elton John Grey Seal 1974

| play
Doylex From their "Vacation" LP 1982

My Futures So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

| play
chuckadams (The Tubes - She's is a Beauty)
Doylex "I will melt your heart again..."
Doylex "But the rainbow has a beard!"


| play
Doylex "Is in the pill you took today..."
Doylex "You're like a shining star..."
Doylex "Shining Bright to see"

Earth, Wind & Fire Shining Star LIVE Midnight Special 1975

| play
Jeffie Herman's Hermits - "I'm Henry VIII, I Am" (summer, 1965)
Doylex "Another day older and deeper in debt"
Doylex "All the crap I learned in high school"
PaulMelancon (Is it tacky to blip yourself? Should I care?) "What she kept somehow silhouettes all the things it belies"
Doylex "Now you're messin' with a...."
Doylex They had other songs besides "Wild Thing"
Doylex Hey @PaulMelancon you should get a flute player for your band!
Doylex From the "Barabajagal" LP 1969


| play
Doylex From their 1971 "So Long, Bannatyne" LP

Guess Who (Rain Dance)

| play
Doylex From the 2003 "Ringorama" LP

Eye To Eye- Ringo Starr

| play
Doylex Silver Sunshine are a quartet from San Diego influenced by Brit psych groups like the Move, the Who, the Kinks and Pink Floyd
Doylex From their self titled 1975 LP

Green Grass and High Tides

| play
Doylex "Sitting on a Unicorn..."

Pink FloydFlaming

| play
Doylex "My heart skips a beat...."

BAHA MEN Best years of our lives!

| play
Doylex "Who is gonna make the birds sing?.."
Doylex "Put a good Buzz on"

Jonathan Edwards: Shanty

| play

Danny Elfman "The Little Things" (Music Video)

| play
Doylex This was my first Beatles Album (The Chipmunks Sing he Beatles)
Doylex "most times you can't hear 'em talk..."

Bob Seger - Turn The Page

| play
Doylex "You can always see the sun, day or night..."
Doylex I was in love with Caroline Ellis when I was 12
Doylex "who will still care?..."


| play
Doylex Great song!

Good Old Electric Washing Machine

| play
Doylex BIll or George!

Johnny Cash "A Boy Named Sue" ORIGINAL

| play
Doylex From "Stand Up" Lp 1969

Jethro TullFat Man

| play
Doylex From the "Elephant Parts" video
MilwGonzo love the jangly guitar and Mathew Sweet's melodies
PaulMelancon You take the words I say and make them mean everything they don't
Doylex Great rocker from 1973 written by Joe Eagan (video features Jesus on the drums)
Doylex Great Power POP from Austin Powers

Ming TeaBBC

| play

Paul Revere & The Raiders Too Much Talk

| play

"Sometimes She's a Little Girl" by Boyce and Hart (1967)

| play
Doylex From "Their Satanic Majesties Request" LP 1967
Doylex From the 2002 "Neurotica" LP
Doylex POWER POP from one our own DJs - Paul Melancon
Doylex More POWER POP from Atlanta
Doylex POWER POP from Athens, Georgia
Doylex From their 1968 "Left Banke, Too" LP
Doylex That girl from the Tourists
Doylex From the 1996 "Music From the Unrealized Film Script, Dusk at Cubist Castle" LP
Doylex From their 2001 "Age Of the Sun" LP
Doylex From Their 1993 "Phaseshifter" LP (reblip)
Doylex Groovy

Old Batman TV Show Theme Song

| play
Doylex I never knew the name

Angela (Theme From Taxi)

| play
Doylex From their 1975 "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" LP
Doylex From his 1973 "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" LP
Doylex Good cover - cute video

Adrian BelewI'm Down

| play
Doylex "I believe it's ...."

Paul Revere It's Happening

| play
Doylex POWER POP from Atlanta
Doylex Cartoon theme song - excellent. From their 1967 "Here Come the Beagles" LP
Doylex From their 1969 self-titled LP
Doylex "with silk and satin on..."

Guess WhoStar Baby

| play
Doylex "There's a bathroom on the right.."

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising

| play
Doylex "You need all the friends you can get..."
Doylex "Swastika nightingales croon tongue in cheek, an elephant never forgets"
Doylex From that Toyota commercial

Petra Haden "Let Your Love Flow"

| play
Doylex "My head is SPINNING"

Tommy RoeDizzy

| play
Doylex ELP in 1997

Greg Lake : Lucky Man '97 (montreux)

| play
Doylex A little Yellow Sub from Alice
Doylex With video - Excellent

Across the Universe: 'Come Together' DVD quality

| play
Doylex Hey, a song about that girl in "Live and Let Die"!
PollysMusic VH1 Classic just showed a half hour on "Ten". Awesome, awesome album. If it's not in your collection why NOT?

Pearl JamAlive

| play
Doylex "Let me tell you about the way she looked..."
Doylex THE WHO

I Can See for Miles (Live Smothers Brothers 1967)

| play
zacek1970 "Funky Cold Medina" by Tone-Loc. THE VIDEO IS IN BLIP.
Doylex Made it to Number 2 on the Billboard Pop Charts
Doylex As heard on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"
zacek1970 "Eternal Flame" by The Bangels. THE VIDEO IS ON BLIP.
Doylex From "Pleasantville" Cool Video

Fiona Apple :: Across The Universe

| play
Doylex "you let your knickers down..."
Doylex "It hasn't been your day, month or even your year..."

The rembrandts -Ill be there for you (High Definition HD)

| play
Doylex "Pyramid of cans in the pale moonlight..."

Alan Jackson- Chattahoochie

| play
Doylex "Have you forgotten, how it felt that day? To see your homeland under fire, And her people blown away Have you forgotten, when those towers fell...?"
Jeffie Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen - "Hot Rod Lincoln" (spring, 1972)
Doylex "Everything you ever wanted is here..."
Doylex POWER POP from Ohio

Pretend You're Not Home with The Pillbugs.

| play
Doylex With the Cox Family (Suzanne Cox sings that little solo part - my favorite part)
Doylex LOUD rock from Atlanta

the CogburnsStrange

| play

"Run through the jungle", by Creedence Clearwater Revival

| play
Doylex "I know she'll only make you cry..."


| play
Doylex There are no effects on her voice - it just sounds that way now


| play
Doylex The only Rap song I like!


| play
flipchickmom @joechapman: ""Creedence Clearwater Revival – Good Golly Miss Molly"" Good Golly I thought Little Richard sang this?? TY! (reblip)
Doylex My Favorite Yes song (From "Fragile") Thnks to @dustedkitten @flipchickmom (both cool names)
Doylex X-FILES


| play
Doylex "I'm getting better, that's what some people think..."
Doylex "I know where you've been, and I know what you've been doing..."
Doylex "Devil pour me another shot..."
Doylex @angiece: ""Thirteen Men" - Ann-Margaret" (reblip)

Ann-Margaret Thirteen Men

| play
Doylex "Get Back" from last nights David Letterman show (Excellent!)

Paul McCartney on Letterman July 15 2009 Part 3 of 4

| play
Doylex "Who'd steal the candy from a laughing babys mouth..."
Doylex I saw this video once when it was new and haven't seen it since.
Doylex Wendy...Yes Lisa...Is the Water warm enough...Yes Lisa...Shall we begin....Yes Lisa
Doylex "I had too much Tequila last night..."

Shelly West- Jose Cuervo

| play
Doylex "We don't scare easy over here..."

(STEREO) A Fistful Of Dollars by Ennio Morricone

| play
Doylex @DonnieT: "does this make you want fruit loops?" (reblip)

Mathew Sweet- Scooby Doo Where are you?

| play
Doylex "But I helped him drink his wine...."
Doylex "You know not if it's dark outside or light..."
Doylex See Ya!

Sin city thème song

| play
Doylex 1967 From their "Baby, Now That I've Found You" debut LP
Doylex "Hope you're doing fine..."
Doylex "Once I jumped thru hoops of fire, As high and far as you required, I was blind but now I see, Salvation has discovered me"
Doylex From 1971 with Jesus on vocals

Deep PurpleFireball

| play
Doylex Look out Cartman she's right behind you!
Doylex OK I'll stop now - but this version is cool too.
Doylex "I think she's hung up on me..."

Dear Prudence (Across The Universe)

| play
Doylex More POWER POP from The Grays
DrSara Here is a live version of Blind Melon's "no rain" how great is this! This is a great reblip! (reblip)
Doylex From his "Innervisions" LP 1973
Doylex "Get on your bikes and ride!..."

Queen Fat Bottom Girls

| play
Doylex Melanie - excellent video - Thanks @DrSara @storylet @tigerrlily @michellelynn69

Brand New Key

| play
Doylex From their hardest rockin' album "Home" 1969
Doylex "Get some sleep and dream of rock'n'roll..." Check out this video!

Sammy JohnsChevy Van

| play
Doylex "Cavier and cigarettes..."

Queen'Killer Queen'

| play
Doylex "You don't sound different..."

I'm Looking Through You

| play
Doylex MAMA

Aerosmith- Mama Kin

| play
Doylex From his "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" LP 1974
Doylex "Great vocals by John Wetton"

AsiaWithout You

| play
Doylex "Maybe she's in need of a kiss..."

FreeAll Right Now

| play
Doylex "MIKE LOVE, NOT WAR" Power Pop from a great band - ORANGER (Check with out Power Pop fans)
Doylex Someone is buying that 45 right now in my record store!

Mary HopkinGoodbye.-.

| play
Lil_Wing Hi Sara ~hope your having a good weekend ;) TY ~xoxo ~rb@SpinninSara: ";-) (reblip)
Doylex You shook me all night long until I was all shook up!
Doylex "Spread your tiny wings and fly away..."

Anne MurraySnowbird

| play
Doylex What is this song title referring to?
Doylex "Everything about this house was born to grow and die..."
Doylex "It's all to beautiful!.."
Doylex I like this one from the "Pork Soda" LP in 1993

PrimusMr. Krinkle

| play
Doylex "...what dips inside of my brain?..."
Doylex Stan Kyle Kenny Cartman

primus south park

| play
Doylex Have to remember this for Christmas time!
Doylex "Just like the white winged dove " woops wrong song!
Doylex Nice Cymbals!

Smugglers Blues

| play
flipchickmom @ambit: "The Black Cat is in The House so crank it up.and let's roll! @BohemianChick@Awannabeangel @angelheart @ladypn @flipchickmom @grizzyb" MEOW (reblip)

Janet Jackson "Black Cat" (Official)

| play
Jeffie Dobie Gray - "Drift Away" (early 1973)

Led Zeppelin -- Dazed and Confused

| play

Josie & The Pussycats: You Don't See Me

| play
Doylex "Let me fly to distant lands..."
flipchickmom @kattak20:@flipchickmom@Megamuff @captaineel@izulien@iceboy1500 It's sort of like Paul channeling George.he says "slippy slope" - TY blip friend (reblip)
organicsue Good Night Everyone Thank you For listening & following. It's been a great time. Sleepwalk – The Ventures
Doylex "Oh the season's come for opium..."
Doylex "Come on without, come on within..."
Doylex "if they take us they will burn us...." (Great video!)
Doylex "Ballad for a Girl in Buchanon" (They weren't the same without Terry Kath)

Chicago- Make Me Smile

| play
Doylex "All alone, entrapped in time..."

StyxCrystal Ball

| play
Doylex The Anthem

Charlie Daniels Band- The South's Gonna Do it Again

| play
Doylex OK, here it is by Little Feat

Little Feat Rock and Roll Doctor

| play
Doylex "A woman in Georgia didn't feel just right..."
Doylex "Here at the end of the Rainbow..."
Doylex My favorite Olivia song - from the 1981 "Physical" LP
MilwGonzo Great first album! @Flying_Roundhouse: "Pretenders - Space Invader ~ Remember going to the 'fun spot' and playing Space Invaders...Yeah, me too...." (reblip)

Pretenders - Space Invader

| play
Doylex Don was my moms favorite artist
Doylex "Look Who's Blue"

Don Gibson Hank Garland & the Jordanaires

| play
sheryonstone lol ;) sis ? @BarbieRay Im tryin to find ya vi@8_track_2009_ca thanks@Gypsylyn: "~ Little Sister'll have to listen to this ha@StonyTunes"" (reblip)