DrDebs This song will not get out of my head. Love it.
DrDebs must be in a love song mood. Too bad David Berkeley's A Moon Song isn't on here...
DrDebs now addicted to this cover thanks to @domaine547, official DJ of the LA-Sonoma drive.
DrDebs to go from where you have been, to be where you are again.
d547 Better than the original...
d547 Holy moly, these youngsters are just in love with Kate Bush!
DrDebs Night everybody! See you tomorrow.
DrDebs maybe a few days early for this one, but it's a beautiful song!
DrDebs This is my new mid-day pick-me-up song. Works better than caffeine.
DrDebs A dark song for Halloween Eve--makes me think of vampires!


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DrDebs Good night everybody. Sweet dreams--Friday's almost here!
DrDebs I see a bad moon rising, I see trouble on the way.


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DrDebs I am stretched on your grave and will lie there forever.
DrDebs if there's no one beside when your soul embarks, I'll follow you into the dark.

i will follow you into the dark

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DrDebs Tell me that you could see it, a ghost with skin like porcelain.
DrDebs 18th century Halloween music from the original bad boy, Wolfie Mozart.
DrDebs Candles and lanterns are dancing, dancing/A waltz on All Souls Night.
DrDebs I see a line of cars and they're all painted black...

U2 & Bob Dylan Paint It Black (live Rolling Stones cover)

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DrDebs I'm gonna wait 'til the midnight hour, when there's no one else around...Night all! Have a safe one!
DrDebs Anyone else falling asleep? This will definitely wake you up. And make yourself some coffee while you're dancing.

Inside man soundtrack Chaiyya Chaiyya

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DrDebs What a day ahead. This will be the only thing that gets me through--putting it on repeat.
flavytcha what if the witch is the queen at the same time? :-)

Ben Harper & Pearl Jam Another Lonely Day (acoustic)

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DrDebs the most beautiful lullabye of all time--in the hope that tomorrow is the dawn of a new day. Night, all.
DrDebs What kind of world do you want? History starts now.
DrDebs Love their songs--if you haven't heard them, check out Margot & the Nuclear So and So's
DrDebs in our days we will live like our ghosts will live.
DrDebs @oenophilus and @cellardiva on their happy news!
DrDebs for all the people still snowed in.
DrDebs @julesjulesjules. my current fave, Iron & Wine, with Calexico. If you're not listening to I&W, you should be.
DrDebs When you need a great, dark, love song this one does the trick.
DrDebs can't decide if I'm glad every radio station is now playing this, or sad because it took everybody so long to find it!
DrDebs find the one you love and listen to this with them. Night everybody!
DrDebs "But still she paints her heart among the musings of a boy." A beautiful lullaby for the end of the day.
DrDebs I'm having a major nostalgia fit for China Beach, the great TV series. If this brings back memories, hit the link!
DrDebs Thursday night lovesong: Your are the light that's leading me to the place where I find peace again.
DrDebs 'Night all! A lullabye for you all.


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DrDebs Uninspired to create. Maybe this will help. (reblip)
DrDebs Wanted: Dead or Alive. More blips in honor of birthdays, in this case Mr. Bon Jovi.
DrDebs @remycharest. One of the best from Neko's new album, just for you.
DrDebs @domaine547. OK, now you've got me on a Badly Drawn Boy groove b/c of blip from earlier. Right back at you!
DrDebs That echo chorus lied to me with its hold on, hold on. I NEED THE WEEKEND. NOW.
DrDebs Amazing Grace from the Amazing Ani DiFranco.
DrDebs A brilliant song, that will haunt you for hours and wish someone was singing this to you. Truly a song to the siren.
Edenza I love this one. Need to get this album imported into iTunes. "She Was The Prize" (Gaelic Storm)
Edenza This is for my husband, Hawkeye. "I Will Find You" (Clannad)

Clannad / I Will Find You (The Last Mohicans)

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DrDebs St. Patty's Day Prep, #2. Really, the only song you need. Song for Ireland.
DrDebs The Hazards of Love. #tcl

The Decemberists - Hazards of Love 1

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DrDebs ...to this incredible kick-ass cover by Disturbed Land of Confusion. Appropriate for grading student papers, I fear. (reblip)
DrDebs Can't tell if this is brilliant or a travesty. Thoughts?? Cat Power, Satisfaction.
DrDebs @TrixieTreats. Were we separated at birth?? Bat For Lashes, A Forest (covering The Cure).
DrDebs Something to get me through the final 31 minutes of today and into tomorrow.
profundities I may like this better than REM's version - is that wrong? (reblip)
DrDebs @ashtabula, right back at you. thank you! @ladypn, hello to you, too. OK, ladies, one for you: Michelle Shocked, When I Grow Up.

When I Grow Up

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DrDebs Well, it's incongruous but it works. Tori Amos, Desperado.
ForeverEsme That is the best Pearl Jam song ever! (reblip)

Pearl JamBlack

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DrDebs saluting Iowa for being more progressive than California. Way to go, Hawkeyes. (reblip)
forcin гค๔เ๏ђєค๔ ฬเtђ tђє ยรς ๓คгςђเภﻮ ๒คภ๔ – 15 รtєק lเשє คt tђє ﻮгค๓๓אร
RockItRadio Give a Little Bit by Goo Goo Dolls
KublaConn Bonnie Raitt explores her Celtic roots with the help of the Chieftans...
KublaConn Every day you crawl into the night, a fallen angel with your wings set alight...
CarolannB Sonny & Cher were the original odd couple & could sure spin out some gr8 tunes. "The Beat Goes On"
forcin ∂υяαη ∂υяαη – α νιєω тσ α кιℓℓ
calamari @epizoic I love the Don McLean version! Rogue Wave also do a pretty good cover of Everyday.
kellyoyo Worshiping Lorenz Hart. Have you met Miss Jones?
tigertuft fine, if oft abused, Al Green tune.....
84mt Nice Joni Mitchell cover.

Cat PowerBlue

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crowjane Whoops forgot #1 Theme 10 Easy Sunday Songs 1. The Dramatics – Me and Mrs. Jones
DrDebs Chaiyya Chaiyya (aka "that song in that movie about that robbery with Clive Owen in it"). Put on your headphones and turn up the volume!
organicsue Know I can With a Little Help From My Friends @>---------------
philkirby he'll have a go at anything . . .
CBSpinner ☺♥ Carry On My Wayward Son ♥☺
philkirby my last for the night @DrDebs; no vocal fireworks, but what a voice.
LaKarune Oh wow @DrDebs I was going to blip you Keren Ann but then I found this fabulously weird Ann Margaret track, so there you go. Thnx for the Webbs. :)
philkirby nice tune @tardisgrl! Found out the other day that my local bookshop doesn't put adolescent fiction in alphabetical order . . . flabbergasted!
philkirby "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."
philkirby I feel bad to spoil your tea @DrDebs so here's something really lovely to listen to.
smartard Bat For Lashes – The Wizard
DrDebs am totally out of props for @bygones7, @niceandslow, @folkmusicdude--a sign of how much I can't do without you! (reblip)
by_starla [Sonic Youth - Shadow of a Doubt] hello @nick_sorg
rogue_fm Moody cover of a pouty Joe Jackson tune.
bygones7 This is your 4 minute warning.
by_starla [Maria Taylor-Time Lapse Lifeline] thanks @nick_sorg-just really sad & conflicted about something. hoping i will feel better tomorrow. how are you?
by_starla [Orenda Fink - Bloodline] thank you @nick_sorg. you are sweet. i appreciate it-i really do. :)
NancyClaeys If you like bagpipes -- Steve Earle – Copperhead Road
DrDebs @frannyglass. It's a good life, yes? this song always brings me a chuckle living in LA.
DrDebs playlist break to reblip @TrainWreckRadio, who was reblipping @T_DeBarros. A spectacular track. Thanks! (reblip)
DrDebs another dynamic duo, Van Morrison and The Chieftains (My Lagan Love)
DrDebs @taxibob. You're killing me. Supposed to be grading papers, but I'm dancing instead. (reblip)
DrDebs must get off for a while. Am becoming mesmerized by your blips. See you after a solid hour of work (and some coffee...) I heart @taxibob!
by_starla [Espers - Meadow] more belated hellos @vaniakg@Vesna@ladypn@SCMurley. @DrDebs-- not sure if you listen to Espers-- thought you'd like them.


| play

Deathcab For Cutie- The Sound Of Settling

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RockItRadio It's these Little Wonders in our lives...that make it all worth it...
TrainWreckRadio Rosie Thomas – Songbird (FMcover) OK....I'M OUT! before you retire....view the real deal C'YA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-cxtm6JJv4 (reblip)
DrDebs for @save_the_wolves. Another great song from that album. Didn't know @JODYGIRL162 was still up, too--and @threebears.
DrDebs 2GN2RB, vi@cranberry: "all i got was this broken heart from you." (reblip)
DrDebs for @avivamagnolia. Another Rosie for you. (cover of Fleetwood Mac's Songbird.)
DrDebs Thanks for the good company this evening.
RaphaelCOTN absolutely love this song. next to impossible to find. isn't even on itunes, last time i checked.
DrDebs thanks to @animallover, @Radiobread (hoping you like bands named Radiohead). A good Saturday tune.
avivajazz Bill Whelan with Eleanor McEvoy | The Seabird
DJManekiNeko goodnight and blip out with the Tanyas
sedederede Hey @DrDebs this song is specially for you. By the way, you have to try portuguese wines "DOC Vinho Verde" in the summer! You'll have a surprise!
DrDebs Thanks to @paulasilva and @DHS for this. One of my favorite movies. And thanks to everybody for the props this weekend while I was on hiatus. (reblip)
GR8FL there's something about you too @Jalapeno - thanks for this blip :) (reblip)
by_starla [Trespassers William - No One]
Louis19 Folk Friday, pt. 2 (John Martyn – Spencer the Rover)
DrDebs Wine Blogging Wednesday songs coming up! Bear with me blippers. Even if you don't have wine. :) (Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, Nowhere to Run)
DrDebs WBW #2: Andy Lemaster & Maria Taylor, Breathe <imeem>, inspired by the 2008 Scholium Naucratis Verdelho.
DrDebs WBW #4, The Hazards of Love 2 (Wager All) by the Decemberists.
DrDebs read the wine review, and figure out what this is all about, here: http://tinyurl.com/lyv4kl while you listen to Iron & Wine's Trapeze Swinger (WBW 5)
DrDebs Over the Rhine's Drunkard's Prayer, inspired by the wine's massive alcohol levels (16.3% for a white wine??). (WBW #6)
DrDebs "You always say your name as though I wouldn't know it's you..." (WBW #7, REM's At My Most Beautiful)
DrDebs "we're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy." The perfect song for this wine. :) (and yes, @frannyglass, your wine is on its way!) (WBW 8)
rogue_fm Snitching this from @vidabatine coz it's such a good one. Thx. (reblip)
evablue cover of paul simon ][ @finestsuit you buddy, are totally a "tool" but then you go blip/write something intelligent & nice #tinmanhasaheart :P (reblip)
katiekissedvinyl Great find by @Necroscape: "explosively beautiful... Death takes a boy by mistake, asks a girl to be the boy's companion in death to make up for it." (reblip)
by_starla [Wild Nothing - Cloudbusting] hi @DrDebs :)
by_starla [We Are Wolves - Namai-Taila-Cambodge (Go-Tabla-Go)]
Flying_Roundhouse Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Helplessly Hoping
CassieLou this is sooooo sick and weird LOVE IT ty @smartard: "The Pierces – Secret" (reblip)

The PiercesSecret

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Figgywithit 22 blips till 10,000. This is one of the nominees for my favorite blip of all time. The winner will be #10,000. (reblip)
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