Dturg Sometimes I can't get enough of this, it's a hypnotic synthesis
Dturg Getting suggestive and euphemistic to chase away the Depression.
Diordan Você já tá pra lá de marrakesh
Diordan @medina @gabarocha @circe @ric @larajanuario A pérola do Gog que eu mencionei ontem, tá tudo assim, artista desconhecido, mas.... é GOG
Diordan Estrada foi boa mestra me deu lição verdadeira coragem não tá no grito e nem riqueza na gibeira e os pecados de domingo quem paga é segunda-feira
djwashingtonson People Get Ready – Ladysmith Black Mambazo (be back in a couple of weeks -from North Dakota! keep blippin!
djwashingtonson Amro Diab - habibi ya nour al ain

08 Arabian Amro Diab habibi ya nour al ain

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djwashingtonson Libre – Mambana (turn it up and dance!


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Dturg A dense, complicated, intense wall of sound. Makes me feel saturated with M.U.S.I.C.


| play
Dturg Bustin' across the waters
MARIEisRukia to celebrate the slumdog millionaire win... i will be dancing to this song all week... :) (reblip)
MARIEisRukia another slumdog millionaire song.. stolen from Dred... thanx 4 getting me into this!!! if this doesn't make us groove.. then i dunno what will! :) (reblip)
Dturg Perfection

Luciano Pavarotti - La Donna e Mobile

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Dturg This defies you to sit still...and now it's official!
sadalit File in the "Interesting Covers" department...
sadalit Sultry! Maybe better for Saturday night - but why not get it started now!
sadalit Enjoying a fast-induced lightheadedness & transcendental state.
Dturg This group held me enchanted for nearly four straight hours once, gigging live in Chicago.
Dturg hot, and gets the toes tapping and feet a-moving.
sadalit Starting the morning off sweet and minor.
leticiac vem cá, Mastroianni ;) italians do it better, né mesmo?
leticiac pra mim ainda é Cat Stevens.. haha acordei com essa música na cabeça. será que o dia vai ser bom?
leticiac tem como não pagar pau pra esse hómi? gota d'água
shibari kickin it up a notch Superstition--Stevie Wonder
shibari Sam Cooke – Another Saturday Night
shibari Come Together--Joe Cocker cuz that's what they do on submarines @tygerbaby
enver Massimo is better than Claudio

Massimo Ranieri - Rose rosse

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Dturg Don Quixote would be proud
Dturg The voice, the passion, the brutal beauty
Dturg Some days this feels like rejoicing, and some days it wails the blues.
Dturg Room with a View. Ahhh.

O Mio Babbino Caro

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lissame73 Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance (reblip)
Dturg Bump. Grind. Twist. Shout. Let it all hang out!

Il Bersagliere (Italian Riflemen) (March)

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Dturg Simple and pure.

Scottish National Anthem - Scotland The Brave

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Dturg from my fingertips down to the tips of my toes this gets everything moving and spreads the joy
shibari Missing you -- John Waite
Dturg A take on original glory that holds its own
Dturg Makes me smile for reasons all my own. You'll have to come up with some yourself.
Dturg Sing it loud, sing it proud, and long may it ring true and strong.
redsoxgirl28 I'm sure someone will want to marry me. When the time comes, this song will be played
Dturg Unity, freedom, and justice--with a groovy beat to let it swing
kKobold Thats life.. The end of the summer.
kKobold things gets a lil more weird on 50's commies, you know!?
kKobold Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) || i will try to sleep... :*
GR8FL for you @patita - the Quentin Tarantino queen
Dturg Her voice alone makes me believe in at least *some* other world. Sin and redemption.
Dturg Sing it sister


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Dturg Never imagined it--cheerful! But here it is.
Dturg Spelling made sexy 8*P
Dturg sometimes i can't believe he was actually just a human being.
carolmr mina do olho marrom (reblip)

Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl

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carolmr Que es mas macho, pineapple o knife?
toysrevil tuesday dusk looms - a sweet sunset groove this'll make, i reckon ;p
ZachsMind Well okay. Sometimes I pick a song on the list of someone who propped me just cuz I know and love the song. Other times cuz I haven't heard it before. (reblip)
Dturg dear mighty lady, what a voice
Dturg These songs might have to get dragged back out if things keep falling apart...
Dturg bits that'll make the hair stand up on your arms (if you have hair on your arms i guess)
Dturg this song always gets me
sadalit Wondering if one day my daughter will be singing a similar song about her little brother. Not hoping for it, mind you.
erhys yes being born in the 70s gives me the right to listen to Fleetwood Mac on a regular basis, it is in my blood.
erhys another dedication, this time to someone I have not met yet!


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erhys only 2 to go so I better make it good
erhys I am gonna hit 100, but maybe not in style
sapam REM - Losing my religion
sapam Thin Lizzy - Whiskey In The Jar
Dturg Thin Lizzy - Whiskey In The Jar. reblip this for better karma since i'm outta props (reblip)
Radiobread @Millilla .. Bob Marley - Three Little Birds... mmmm cool! (reblip)
Radiobread @Millilla .."very nice !!! from @melodyofyourlife" .. Antony & The Johnsons - Knockin' On Heaven's Door mmm singing Dylan from I'm Not There..cool! (reblip)
Dturg this puppy had a little rebirth lately. change has come and bruce is its anthem i guess
Dturg did he really create this without any chemical assistance?!

17 Newcastle (Bryn Gwlad Music Guild)

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Dturg medieval is where it's at.

War Bransle (Bryn Gwlad Music Guild)

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Racheltfd .. that I'm going to be late !!!
Dturg love it, shake it and sway it, i can feel the sun
Dturg smooth as tomorrow's silk
Dturg This is such a fantastic version (reblip)
Dturg simply heavenly. she can caress a song like nobody else, and it's just all about YOU
Dturg harmonious, kind of zen, but dangerous when you're tired

le mépriskodo

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Dturg love me some kodo drumming. visceral delights.

Kodo Japanese Drummers - Taiko Drums Track 1-1

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Dturg it seems like yesterday this came out.
Dturg nobody does it funkier, nobody does it hotter, badder, better
Dturg old timey good and ripe

Goober Peas

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ogeid66 hacia mucho que no la escuchaba, Odio...


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Dturg a sad and beautiful piece of folk culture. a little fancy in this version but always good.
Dturg maybe a cliche, but a classic for all the right reasons
Dturg from the little sparrow to audrey hepburn and ingrid bergman, it casts its spell....

La Vie En Rose

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Dturg sweet as maple candy

Audrey Hepburn - Moonriver

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K8H @OcasoProtal: Yeah, lunch break it is.


| play
K8H Eryka Badu with On & On and im done w/ lunching.
Dturg the queen lays it on thick and heavy. mmm hmm
Dturg avanti o popolo...

Bandiera rossa

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Dturg viva il socialismo e la liberta--a cappella

Banderia Rossa

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Dturg i can almost see the leg warmers and sweats
Dturg bang your head and rock it out (reblip)
Dturg this just makes me smile inside and out


| play
Dturg goofy joy


| play
Dturg pippi gets a beat

12. Hej, to ja Pippi Langstrumpf

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Dturg happiness is...pippi longstocking on acoustic guitar
Dturg Peppy Pippi Electronica


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Dturg brotherhood, sisterhood, comradeship in raw form
Dturg what a national treasure ol' pete is. he's given his life and voice to one simple truth


| play
Dturg lush as lush can be


| play
Dturg can't sit still... @wrapped_in_saran see if you can handle it (reblip)
Dturg @patita guess i'd better seek some Shelter then...take it easy on down the road
Dturg insurance that doesn't cancel
Dturg Pure, wonderful camp infused with optimism, right past that cheek-planted tongue. Get infected and "Believe, Hon."
Dturg You know, tuning in to cheerful is pretty good advice. And it's pretty too.
Dturg Simple, direct, elegant, elegaic, and ravishing.
zornfett I would have failed my U.S. History senior final if it wasn't for this jam.
zornfett I know I'll get a beer bottle smashed over my head, but this is their only good song: The Pogues, "Summer In Siam" [SMASH!]


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ducho yes i feel it

james brown - i feel good

| play
Dturg Ultimate Patter. Makes my brain tingle and my lips buzz in sympathy.
Dturg put me on the carousel of life, baby.
Dturg Che buono

Mambo Italiano

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Dturg how many hundreds of times through this, back in the Eighties...?


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Dturg i can almost feel the sun on my face (reblip)
AbsinthEve And @Dturg ...How many hundreds of times have you heard this?Or seen the movie??
Dturg To quote @AbsinthEve, "makes me want a cocktail in a funky lounge." or a funky cocktail in a lounge, even better. (reblip)
Dturg Mighty joyful. Good for meeting a deadline.
Dturg it'll break you down. and lift you up.
Dturg Takes the pulse doooooown and lets my mind drift.
Dturg Just let it wash over you--who wouldn't listen to her reading the "pagine bianchi..."
AbsinthEve Pastures of plenty...this land is your land and my land... Lila Downs....
personaraujo take this broken wings and learn to fly...
Dturg YEA!!!


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Wishbone The first hit song by Bob Marley is still one of his best.
Dturg deliciously funky. i wanna go to the nefarious zone. (reblip)
Dturg I can see the blue-green sea; smell the salt water; taste the olive-saturated air. MMMM. (reblip)

greek - zorba sirtaki

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DeMattar sonny rollins playing god bless the child - i love both
Matou something completely different ;)
Dturg no wreckage here (props if you call the reference, anyone) (reblip)
Jadisnoir @Felicityx oh heck, now you've gone and put Carly Simon in my head.
Dturg Life is skittles and life is beer...
Dturg Sickeningly funny and mighty catchy too
Jadisnoir about to pour myself a glass of wine - oh, c'est si bon... mmmh mmmhh
Jadisnoir I promise I'll waltz back into the 1980s soon, really.

Audrey Hepburn - Moonriver

| play
Jadisnoir More Catherine Deneuve - because nobody can whisper 'Arletty' like her...

Noir Desir & Les Tetes Raides -L'Étoile Absinthe

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AbsinthEve I love this...this is the bomb...I think the best star spangled banner it is so twisted in an awsome way....Barak should have used it... (reblip)
Suzed I dunno about you, but this takes me back to the 80's...
Suzed Eva does it much better than the Talking Heads!
Suzed but I refuse to swim, it's too cold....
Suzed any woman could have written these lyrics....
Suzed great song for a Sunday afternoon (not a bad idea, either) (reblip)
Dturg who doesn't want to feel a little... (reblip)
Dturg put the beer down and put your hands together! (reblip)
Dturg @patricia_coelho can't prop you anymore, so here's a reblip. love the song, love the film, love the quote: "Play it once, Sam. For old times' sake." (reblip)
Dturg rock that rhythm, rock those blues (reblip)
Dturg the pleasures of good continuo
Dturg whatever the language, whatever the band, it always rings loud and true for me
Dturg Since some folks are celebrating Lent, here's a little something.
Dturg what would Kermit say?
AbsinthEve I love this one...."everyday she writes more and more words...."@Dturg
AbsinthEve Hello!! And some props @hanabi for this one... Serge Gainsbourg's -Je t'aime moi non plus!! Classic... (reblip)
Dturg ok, so you have to sort of get past the politics of it...


| play
Dturg @AbsinthEve ditto back atcha (digging your tunes tonight) and your backlist too. (reblip)
Dturg always find my way back to this puppy; like a modern anarchy anthem (reblip)
Dturg see if this gets your feet going; just wanna jump up and get down @AbsinthEve @patita @epf2001 @kaybee @xhantee @dante @PrisHayes @ksquare


| play
xhantee Tarkan @Dturg


| play
ksquare @Dturg click the person you want to become a listener to, in their profile, click the button where it says "add to favorite".
Dturg How beautiful indeed


| play
chazri J.S. Bach-Goldberg Variations-Aria-Glenn Gould
chazri Partita 3 for Violin-Preludio – J. S. Bach
Dturg creepy clockwork electronica joy but oddly delicious


| play
Dturg gotta have the original. a never-failing standby for feel triumphant.
Dturg Fires of hell, flames of oblivion, yea!
chazri Suite 1 I. Prelude – Johann Sebastian Bach

cornn02 Faixa 2 (7)

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Dturg @AbsinthEve props for the WIRE and the musical selection. from a b'more boy! (reblip)

Okinawa Song - Sakamoto

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Dturg Gonna learn how to fly. High. (reblip)

Irene CaraFame

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Dturg Good day Land of the Odd, the Hon, and More