warmarc The cowbell and the synthies are addictive
DaniPaixao Mas quem é que nunca se sentiu assim... procurando um caminho pra seguir...Por favor entenda, eu preciso ir embora porque... well... you know!
E_tothe_T If you haven't heard this version, you're in for a treat.
oyagev Always makes me happy (Hebrew)


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thepetshopboy in keeping with my current "neverending story" obsessions...wtf happened to "limahl" ?
E_tothe_T If some girl dumped you, just say...
aussiecynic hmmm a little aretha... just a little bit.lol
Lokii She has one of the most warm sounding voices, despite the very bleak lyrics. I really enjoy this song (reblip)
cazza0611 Golden brown, texture like sun......never a frown, with golden brown


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Hispania Que fue de este tío ? Jamiroquai – Cosmic Girl (reblip)
saharabloom @marieiris You really mean a lot to me....
witchescupboard Meredith Brooks Dedicated to all the women who wear many hats (reblip)
cleanskies Thinking about stars and cosmic doughnuts.
E_tothe_T It's Sunday but this song will work nonetheless.
idjunot Great Songs of the 90's - Kris Kross, Jump (Classic :P )
SammyLou looove this bit on waynes world... genius!
Redfish dance, dance, dance (reblip)

Faithless - God Is A DJ

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bitblue The right music for a Sunday drive with my convertible.
FedziRoughSpin who dosn't like this shit?
AnitaBreakSoon I always get a kick hearing the intro of this
MARIEisRukia allergies..lost the nasal spray...found the nasal spray... woohoo i'm a happy camper again!!...here's an unconventional lullaby...the ultimate cure :)
pseudogeist 1983. OK I'm not proud of that one, but the hype got me. Hopefully, it didn't influenced me to go to the dark pop side.
whitemount a song special to travel.. in the trip to the work, at the work... istantly I am out walking-living for the city...
Sparkle1980 Mary J. Blige - Family Affair.......not my usual genre of choice but I actually really like this song :P

Mary J Blige - Family affair

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misslazarou @Pinilla (já estou a dançar à Vanilla) Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby
Punched R|B @vittorio :: Evanesence – Bring To Me Life :: (reblip)
millievanilly Bryan Adams – When You`re Gone (Duet with Melanie C) @cjh
AnitaBreakSoon Rb @djvaan... I get lost in y'alls playlists... feel like a kid in a candy shop! Like this treat~~ (reblip)
thrak Ebony Rhythm Band – Soul Heart Transplant

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

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jennythegreat And, on this note, I'm going to bed. This song was stuck in my head all day, so this is a fitting end.
ScatteredSpirit @sparklymegz You-love lumberjacks and-that's-o-kay....
carakikay they don't make songs like they used to. i love this! :)
kiddo84 Thanks for the props :))) @MusicGuru @ladypn @EvilK


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fugies - fugees - ready or not

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E_tothe_T The second great song from "The Mask"
E_tothe_T I don't mind the responses, especially from @reshefm... I love this song!
sylfmc You better forget it, you'll never get it ... - If you say so...
superbad wot a song this is. just get Eminem new album Relapse

Eminem3 A.M.

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decadentdarling @mslithops vale por serie, es el tono de movil del dr. House


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TRAEDONYA_BABI But it wouldn't be... without a woman or a girl!!
DJSineWave Sorry if this is a repeat--got disconnected or somefing.
JMaury @emfitz: The more I hear the more I like. The more I like the more I bounce. Good listen, thnx. (reblip)

Boys Dont Cry : The Cure

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Suzaaa It's all about love baby
kimsgreeneyes Whitney Houston – Run To You
JuanitoAndarillo you're a sex bomb ... hahahaha
SabriESC @Atomik: "Musical Influences from Dad: Queen. And they say Im the gay one, just look at his picture!" Awesome pic!! (reblip)
E_tothe_T dedicated to Natalie who's leaving us next week.....


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N.A.S.A. "Gifted" (feat. Kanye West, Santogold, & Lykke Li)

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BakingMan @patita can you dance like this? @BakingMan: "What ever you are drinking in your coffee I want some =D @0_0: "LAMBADA !"" (reblip)


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Take that-Could It Be Magic

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adbert [Beatles - Happy Birthday] {TITLE} TO THE TALENTED BLIPPER @gabasanch!!! Besos, querida! :-)


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E_tothe_T Feeling stressed-out? had a bad day? Everything's gonna be alright
YaelBeeri Waking up to the voice of Bryan Ferry.
YaelBeeri Good morning all. Enjoy some dramatic violin music :)

Vanessa-Mae plays Toccata & Fugue

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Elton John-Rocket man

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kaoruo thanks rb @TheSgrash: "Very romantic... 4LAU" (reblip)
DJfreebass If you take 3 glasses of water and put food coloring in them, you have many different colors, but it's still the same old water. Make the connection?

George Thorogood I Drink Alone

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E_tothe_T what a music! Top Gun anthem


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Kenny Loggins / Danger Zone / Top Gun

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TheDon13 Fool's Garden – Lemon Tree
E_tothe_T Finally! a vicious bug was fixed. Doing my victory dance to the sounds of "new sensation" of INXS.

INXS New Sensation

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E_tothe_T I've got the coffee! And now - I've got the power!

SnapThe power

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ililush good morning superman lovers, let's spread some starlight

Starlight- Supermen Lovers

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Efratk Take a chance you stupid ho..
Efratk I just want some one to say to me I'll always be there when you wake..
Efratk some Tango to start the week- something completley different.. Good Morning all!
Efratk "can't you see this is a land of confusion?" (this video never gets old..)
Efratk Good Morning- Good Stuff!


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Efratk ★✩Groove is in the Heart!! ★✩
Efratk ועכשיו למשהו אחר לגמרי..

Destination Unknown

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Efratk @HillaO this one's for you... :)

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (from Monty Python)

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Efratk U know your culture from your trash/ You know your plastic from your cash...

Peter GabrielSteam

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Efratk @sageeb @shimonta This is a much better version with style..
Efratk The perfect song for this hour, the music feels all fuzzy even though the sad lyrics...

Sasha Cohen Avishai Cohen New Love אבישי כהן אהבה חדשה

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Efratk Starting with one Awesome song.. Good Morning everyone!
Efratk Song to end this week... dedicated to all us multitasking girls... Yes we can.

Reamon supergirl

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Efratk "באנגלית זה עובד, לא יצא לנו שום דבר מתאוות המערב..." בוקר טוב!
Efratk Starting the day with Good Vibrations! (but not the version you think...)
Efratk Good Morning everyone! "So wake up boo, there's so many thing's for us to do"...
Efratk Good Morning! starting the day with Gorillaz.. hope we all get the cool shoe shine :)

gorillaz he get the cool shoe shine

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Efratk "The way you changed my life... they can't take that away from me..." Ella & Louis ftw!
Efratk Good Morning! "When we want something, We don't want to pay for it".. coolest 90's song.
Efratk Good Morning everyone! some Nina Simone to start the day :)
Efratk "סדר יום.. כמו שעון.." יום טוב לכולם !
Efratk Good Morning everyone! wishing all a great week.. (going to the Pet Shop Boys concert- who's coming?)
Efratk Good Morning all! had fun 2 ystrday at #garagegeeks... some Rolling Stones to start the morning :)
Efratk Back to studying, but this is really how I feel now:

אני רוצה לזוז-תומר יוסף

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Efratk Good night! had a great time at #nivgeek :)

David Bowie- Starman

| play
Efratk Such a great song for the end of the day.. is there life on mars?? (reblip)

David Bowie-Life On Mars

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Efratk I just heard this song on the radio.. sounds so familiar ;)
Efratk Depeche Mode in Israel - only one week to go... Yay :)

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

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Efratk Reaching 100 followers... reminded me of this 80's song :)
Efratk Good morning all! some music to start the morning.. Kt Tunstall – Suddenly I See
ililush I'm going blind, And I'm braindead virtually
ililush Good morning happy mondays

Sweet Child O' Mine Music Video

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ililush i love the smell of 536 unread emails in the morning
Efratk Oh spare me if you can..
Efratk ובהקשר לדיוויד בואי (ובכלל שיר שאני אוהבת)
Efratk Jazz is Paris, and Paris is jazz.. perfect soundtrack to a wintery night
Efratk Ain't got a care in world, but got plenty of beer.. (oh wait, it's too early for this song)
threebears rb @Dreamviber: "Red hot Chili Peppers - Snow ( Hey oh )" thanks :) (reblip)
Efratk Dedicating this song to @ililush & @daphss , the blonde princesses :)
E_tothe_T This song and clip reminds me why I love dancing so much. Footloose

Bombs Over Baghdad

| play
E_tothe_T what a wonderful song. "Say Say Say" with Sir PAul Mccartney and King of Pop Michael Jackson.
E_tothe_T "I love it when you call me big pappa". Notorious B.I.G

The Simpsons Sing the Blues: Deep, Deep Trouble by Bart Simpson

| play
E_tothe_T Janis Joplin – Cry Baby. this always reminds me of "look who's talking" :) (reblip)
YaelBeeri A tune for @chrisbrogan, how was the movie?

AirportThe Motors

| play
YaelBeeri My morning tune. Only yesterday I found out this one's a cover.
E_tothe_T Oh, I love to see you smile. The Simpsons Singing The Blues
naor Good Morning :)

The Beatles- Here Comes The Sun

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E_tothe_T Yeh! go @Efratk ! Heaven 17 - Temptation (reblip)
Orli If you know this song well, you're probably old as me..

Its a hard knock life w/ lyrics on side

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ahoova You Can't Hurry Love Phil Collins (lyrics)

You Can't Hurry Love Phil Collins (lyrics)

| play
Efratk Some coffee to start the day.. good morning girls! @Minzly @daphss @ililush
Orli I don't feel like dancin'.. (but maybe later, who knows..)
Diordan With Huge thanks to @DaveLee73 - I'm about to find out what`s life 'bout

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

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Efratk Listening to La Roux – In For The Kil
sarah__o my love for you would break my heart in two.
Efratk "Keep On With The Force Don't, Don't Stop Til' You Get enough" #MichaelJackson to start the day..
Efratk Starting the day with "Can't touch this" ... Good Morning!
ililush good morning winners


| play
E_tothe_T two guys slapping each other. 80's video clip are funny. (reblip)
Diordan #GENIUS Tim Maia O que me importa seu carinho agora? Ouch!

07 O que me importa

| play
Efratk Starting the day with something realy classic :)
E_tothe_T From Breaking Bad: The Ballad of Heisenberg - Los Cuates de Sinaloa

breaking bad heisenberg song

| play
ranilavie *** The Beatles - A Day In The Life *** |
Efratk נראה שבחום הזה כולם צריכים צל..
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