Unaturalsoul ....Reaching Out To A Sweet DJ To Say Hi...@EchoesJai....#MyDailyPink...#Jenny...

Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and The Bleeding Heart Band: Outside The Wall, Live O2 Arena

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EchoesJai You Sure Are And Its A Ple♥sure Your Hear@Unaturalsoul: "..... No Bull ..... I'm Back ..... In Black ..... #Jenny ....." (reblip)


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Unaturalsoul ..Happy Monday Friend..Good To See Ya..!!..!!.....@barrypartington: "Thanks and Howdy, @Unaturalsoul" (reblip)
EchoesJai #Zepp#Classic★When The Levee Breaks★#Jai

Led Zeppelin- When the Levee Breaks with lyrics

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AmyIsImaginary Ty friend. I am just cooking listening to your station....Nice tunes!@EchoesJai
EchoesJai (◣_◢) Dancing with New Order outta Hear TiL Next Time....

New Order live in Berlin (2012)

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EchoesJai (◣_◢) Last 1 Till Next Time Comfortably Numb
JacoLovesMusic Husker Du – Eight Miles High :) great ♫ @EchoesJai
EchoesJai (◣_◢) Baba O'Riley

The Who Baba O'Riley

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EchoesJai Special Hugzzz...4~~>@silver_lake2 Put Your Arms Around Me
silver_lake2 we're caught in a trap, i can't walk out, because i love u too much bébé... @EchoesJai: Special THX4~~>ME (reblip)
EchoesJai (◣_◢) "G'nїtê I hope U NJoyed THX 4 Rock 'n & Roll'n with me

David Bowie "When You Rock 'n Roll with me" with Lyrics on Screen

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EchoesJai (◣_◢) Ladies & Gentlemen Mr Jimmy Page Since I've Been Loving You"
EchoesJai (◣_◢) xoxox@GroovinandJammin: "ZZzzzzzzzzzzz Top <<<>> Gimme All Your Lovin' (ˆ◡ˆ)∮♫♥♪☮" (reblip)
EchoesJai (◣_◢) Pretend We're Dead

L7Pretend We're Dead

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AmyIsImaginary THANK YOU...absolute fave tune of the Cult. Nice day to you!@EchoesJai
EchoesJai (◣_◢) 'G'Night #PinkFloyd Time + The Great Gig In The Sky
EchoesJai (◣_◢)AC/DC \m/><\m/Angus Young For Those About To Rock
EchoesJai (◣_◢) Da Gig NJoy The Amazing Rammstein Live Völkerball Full \m/><\m/

Rammstein Live Völkerball Full

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EchoesJai A Pleasure TY Bro@DaveyT: "fav of mine TY bro . Have a great weekend @me(◣_◢) Ladies & Gentlemen Mr Jimmy Page Since I've Been Loving You (reblip)
EchoesJai (◣_◢) FOXEY LADY


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EchoesJai (◣_◢) #Bowie Happy 4th'' YOUNG AMERICANS


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EchoesJai (◣_◢) #PinkFloyd Young Lust

Pink Floyd: Young Lust

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EchoesJai ("G'nїtê) TYVM Ladies & Gentlemen Mr Jimmy Page Since I've Been Loving You
EchoesJai THX♥to♥@Unaturalsoul: "..Happy Saturday Oh God Of Love...@me△☮△4~~>@Unaturalsoul #Jenny♥Have a Nice Summer Sunshine Of Your Love△☮△ (reblip)
EchoesJai "G'nїtê ✯L♥vê & Pê☮cê & HẴrm☮ny♪♫♪✯△☮△
EchoesJai ...xXx...@Unaturalsoul: "...Thank You...@me"Very Special@Unaturalsoul: "..I Am A Special Edition...@me△☮△♥@Unaturalsoul Pussy♥△☮△"" (reblip)
EchoesJai @Unaturalsoul: "........***** SEX *****..........#Jenny........" їnṧtαblїp*★#JẴї❣ (reblip)
EchoesJai △☮△RIP Rick★ The Great Gig in the Sky△☮△#JẴї❣

Pink Floyd ★ The Great Gig in the Sky @ Live HD ©

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EchoesJai You Already Own Me@Unaturalsoul: "Yes I'm Awesome....!!!...I Can See Why You Love...!!....@me..#Jenny.....That's Right.....!!!...I'm Gonna Own You.. (reblip)
EchoesJai △☮△@Unaturalsoul I Have This Rock & Roll L♥ve Affair With The Ultimate 'D' Jay on BlipLand #Jenny△☮△#JẴї❣
EchoesJai Hello De@GroovinandJammin: "Hi Jai ∮♫♥♪@me"Easy rider їnṧtαblїp*★#JẴї❣ (reblip)

Iggy Pop-Easy rider

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EchoesJai ...xXx...@GroovinandJammin: "special greetz over the pond ♪♥♬ @me△☮△Special THX4~~>@GroovinandJammin Angel△☮△ (reblip)

Jimi HendrixAngel HQ

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marcdennis John Martyn – Sweet Little Mystery
JodyGirl162 ON THIS DATE (38 YEARS AGO) September 15, 1975 – Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here is released.

Pink Floyd 'Wish You Were Here' 'Experience Edition' Album Review (1975)(2011 Remaster)

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EchoesJai △☮△♥@Unaturalsoul Happy Birthday #Jenny Wish You Were Here♥△☮△
EchoesJai △☮△It's Bad You Know△☮△#JẴї❣
EchoesJai △☮△Special THX4~~>@silver_lake2△Something To Remind You△☮△
barbsurvives tysm J..all time fav luv..rb @EchoesJai: "△☮△Inspired~~>@barbsurvives Read My Mind△☮△" (reblip)
EchoesJai (◣_◢)'G'night TYVM #PinkFloyd The Great Gig in the Sky
EchoesJai (◣_◢) #PinkFloyd Merry Xmas Have a Great 2015 @keefee #PinkFloyd Live in Venice

Pink Floyd Live in Venice Italy 1989

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EchoesJai (◣_◢) #PinkFloyd Louder Than Words

Pink Floyd-Louder Than Words [The Endless River-New Album:2014]

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EchoesJai (◣_◢) Nice 2 see @PinkPrism Shine On You Crazy Diamond
EchoesJai (◣_◢) I need you tonight

I need you tonight ZZ TOP

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EchoesJai (◣_◢) The Sun Goes Down
marcdennis Blue Nile - Stay close

Blue Nile Stay close

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Unaturalsoul ... Like This ... #Jenny ...~ Have A Drink On Me ~... #Jenny ... I Love BadAss Rock Women ...
EchoesJai (◣_◢) You Shook Me All Night Long
EchoesJai (◣_◢)Special Thnx 4~~>@Starrshiner Gimme All Your Lovin
EchoesJai (◣_◢) Last 4 Till Next Time NJoy #blip.fm

Temple of Love (extended) [HQ] Sisters of Mercy

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EchoesJai (◣_◢) "G'nїtê #PinkFloyd ✯L♥vê & Pê☮cê & HẴrm☮ny♪♫♪✯Comfortably Numb
EchoesJai "G'nїtê ✯L♥vê & Pê☮cê & HẴrm☮ny♪♫♪✯ Over The Hills And Far Away
EchoesJai (◣_◢)@davetherave1947: "Eric Clapton – BB King -Crossroads 2010 - Live" (reblip)
EchoesJai (◣_◢) Need a Little Cure Just Like Heaven
EchoesJai (◣_◢) Special THX4~~> ‏@steppinheavy Shine On You Crazy Diamond
25jd1 @Rocketron: "@ellendiane: "shining bright hear dear ej;)x rb@EchoesJai: "(◣_◢) The Sun Goes Down"""" (reblip)
EchoesJai (◣_◢) "G'nїtê ✯L♥vê & Pê☮cê ♪♫♪✯ Something To Remind You
EchoesJai (◣_◢) #PinkFloyd Richard Wright " Happy Birthday "28 July 1943 Comfortably Numb
EchoesJai (◣_◢) #PinkFloyd Richard Wright " Happy Birthday "28 July 1943 Echoes
EchoesJai (◣_◢) 4 all U Beautiful Woman "DJays" NJoy Make You Feel My Love♥♥
EchoesJai (◣_◢) Sir David Gilmour Rattle That Lock
Radiobread Buffy Sainte-Marie - Song to a Seagull

Song To A Seagull

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EchoesJai (◣_◢) #Classic My Way

Sid Vicious My Way (fiimed in france 1978) [HD] 5.1 Dolby Surround Uncut Version

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EchoesJai (◣_◢) Special 4 NYC Aimee Turn
EchoesJai (◣_◢) He's Still Missed Redemption Song Joe Strummer
MusicLoverForever ▌❐ ▌●●● ✤ ƑѺƦ ƳѺƱ MƳ ƜѺƝÐЄƦƑƱԼ ƁԼIƤ.fm ƑƦIЄƝÐ @EchoesJai ✤ ●●● ▌❐ ▌
EchoesJai (◣_◢) Landslide

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham Sing "Landslide" Live | American Express

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EchoesJai (◣_◢)No problem xx @ellendiane: "2 about.me site @ne xx" (reblip)
EchoesJai (◣_◢)@ncvibes: "IGGY POP/ STEVE JONES - purple haze" (reblip)


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EchoesJai (◣_◢) 4 Aimee NYC :) Dirty Blvd.
EchoesJai (◣_◢) "Ɠ'nїtê ✯L♥vê & Pê☮cê ♪♫♪✯ Something To Remind You
EchoesJai (◣_◢) 4 Dee @DeeAnn Simply Beautiful The Rain Song
EchoesJai (◣_◢) "Ɠ'nїtê ✯L♥vê & Pê☮cê ♪♫♪✯ Shine On You Crazy Diamond

David Gilmour 06-08-26 Live Gdansk Shine on you crazy diamond

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Starrshiner If U know or not Your name be among the #Best DJ's @EchoesJai: "(◣_◢) London calling" (reblip)
EchoesJai (◣_◢) #Bowie When You Rock 'n Roll with me

David Bowie "When You Rock 'n Roll with me" with Lyrics on Screen

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EchoesJai (◣_◢) #PinkFloyd Special THX4~~> ‏@Jillee & Keef Happy Xmas & happy 2016 On the Turning Away
EchoesJai (◣_◢) Evil Woman / Mr. Blue Sky #JẴї❣

Jeff Lynne ELO Evil Woman/Mr. Blue Sky w/Ed Sheeran 2015 Grammys

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EchoesJai (◣_◢) All the Best for 2016 #Blipfm New Years Day

U2 New Years Day

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EchoesJai (◣_◢) ICON #Bowie * 01/08/1947 to 11/01/2016 * 69 * #Legend Thanks David Rєṧt їn Pê☮cê Greates Hits Full Album 2016
EchoesJai (◣_◢) #PinkFloyd Shine On You Crazy Diamond

David Gilmour 06-08-26 Live Gdansk Shine on you crazy diamond

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EchoesJai (◣_◢) Special THX4~~> ‏@Lunaladee THE LEMON SONG


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the Glove, Like an animal

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semmy nice weekend .. rb@zoja01: "Massive Attack – Teardrop with Liz Fraser" (reblip)
EchoesJai (◣_◢) 1Year On #ICON (RIP) David Bowie 5 Years

David Bowie five years .mp4 the man who fell to the earth tribute

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rickrog Del Amitri – Roll To Me

Del AmitriRoll To Me

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EchoesJai (◣_◢) The Amazing Comfortably Numb
EchoesJai (◣_◢) Special 4~~> All ''DJays''Have an Xcellent 4th of July @blipfm #PinkFloyd Comfortably Numb
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