paulzy @EgoAnt IRL friend on blip! Welcome buddy!
ShortiezRevenge I've had Flat Beat in my head for days :-p

mr oizoflat beat

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Heatherrankin May see a bunch of this with the new congress - Taxes? I forgot to pay my taxes??


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gridlockd "Play That Funky Music" a 1976 Hit by the Ohio funk-rock band WILD CHERRY. Let's go, white-boy!
sheryonstone vi@Emperormau Oh yeah, Dubya and Dick, one more thing ...:D (reblip)

Electric SixBite Me

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EgoAnt Fire in the disco? Fire in the taco bell? Where the hell is the fire department? If the fire was in the Dunkin Donuts at least the Police would know.
EgoAnt I think I'm obsessed with music about / from, prairies tonight! (reblip)
EgoAnt Whenever someone tells me how virus-proof their Mac is, I think of this song.

Bob RicciUnhackable

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EgoAnt MMmmm.... Wash this song down with a little warm blood, everything will go your way. =) (reblip)
adbert [Things Can Only Get Better – Howard Jones] Hello, @Lady_Frostbite and @clarkowitz!!!
EgoAnt The video for this gives me a bit of motion sickness... But it's a good sickness.
iddybud Wow! Blast from the past! hi @santamistura @TerriAD @SevenTenths - thx @DownLow (reblip)

Sugar Hill Gang - Apache

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MissJones Play LOUD! Amazing song.

The WhoBaba O'riley

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bendrix Bro why did U play this now i'm Home Sick! I wanna go back to my native Chinese roots :( reblip=> @MassimoFarina @olumide_e (reblip)
EgoAnt If you have five minutes to spare, you need Five Minutes of Funk.

87 - Dj Qbert-Whoodini_vs_Dj_Icey-Five_Minutes_of_Funk

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EgoAnt Tune in and drop out to this soothing and creepy track.

Trigger Hippie (range)

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EgoAnt I also go to work, now if only I could get home.
Lady_SOULdja Pump up the Jam ~ Technotronic Class of '90 REPRESENT!!!
EgoAnt Thump, thump, thump, bleep. These sounds help me code my game. =)
mtlb Sure you did. Okay then... (Wait, what was that sound. Oh yeah, Austin Powers just getting his ass run over.)
EgoAnt This song is best consumed with a shot of JD, but isn't EVERY song? (reblip)
EgoAnt It's corrupt where I'm from, Edmonton. (It doesn't seem that corrupt to me, but this makes it sound so hardcore.)
sendchocolate my son just finished dinner but now wants toast. YEAH TOAST!!

Bob and TomToast

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sheryonstone I've restrained myself not blippin this for a few days. I can't hold back any longer

Electric SixGay Bar

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djcrackwhore off their new cd- i likes it. a return to old-skool noize
EgoAnt What a great remix of a classic Weird Al tune.
charp for some reason i never liked the original, only the covers
EgoAnt I will second the declaration that this is the "Best. Cover. Song. EVER." (reblip)
ariherzog At least Tori Amos sings it more down-to-earth. Any relation, @marcamos?
PituRomero banda sonora d Slumdog Millionaire.. muy recomendada!
EgoAnt My backpack's got jets - I'm Boba, the Fette! I knew he had a reason to be so mean, blame rising oil prices. A Vette would be expensive to gas up.
fazuzzu My love for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs persists.
heartxsugar Kid Cudi - Day N Nite (Crookers Remix) last song of the day...
Flower WOOOOW sueltenme que bailo sola!!!!
EgoAnt A smooth cover of a song that was pretty f'n smooth to begin with. =)
EgoAnt When I have a lot to do and not much time to do it, Deko-Ze helps ease the stress =)
EgoAnt Congrats to Cadence Weapon for being voted 2nd most creative Edmontonian! #yeg

Cadence Weapon "Sharks"

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tailgrab Bodi Bill – Needles

Bodi BillNeedles

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EgoAnt This goes out to my sister... Here's hoping your lost dog returns home soon!

Mos DefQuiet Dog

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EgoAnt AllIWannaDoIsZoomaZoomZoomZoomAndABoomBoom.
EgoAnt I hate everything about the last 10 songs that were blipped... And I hate everything about you.
EgoAnt Moxy Fruvous are still the kings of fun, extremely listenable folky / political music... Wow, that is NOT a good endorsement for a band, is it?
EgoAnt In 2 hours I DROP off the side of a 28 story building!!! MMMmmmm...DROP!

The PharcydeDrop

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EgoAnt How does this kid have more toys than me?!?! Seriously, I'm ready to slap chop him upside the head.

Rap Chop Techno Remix (A Slap Chop House Remix)

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EgoAnt Deadline pending... Feel the pressure?

QUEEN & DAVID BOWIE: Under Pressure

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ZOEBOE No one else plays her! I love Miss Debelle! rb-->@DJLOPZ: "Speech Debelle – The Key" (reblip)
LikeAnAngel @Shukitty Gotcha. I hate nuts on ice cream too except for these dang candied ones. I also don't like cool whip on my jello. FYI.

technotronic Get Up

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santamistura An' why is it that always on the weekend, no-one ever about to shout Are people working too hard, or drinking too hard?

Jamie TAlicia Quays

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clarasaurusrex I prefer the "remix" that was used in the video @LikeAnAngel
EgoAnt How do I maintain... a decent pace when under a deadline? This song.
nanolevy out for lunch! on my way out, let me go wild..

VIOLENT FEMMES-Blister in the Sun

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EgoAnt Feeling run down? Could be worse, you could be in the basement of a moving train. =)
DJFrankie @StinkslaRue: "another pro-reading track for the kidz." Did not have time to listen to this Friday. Now I have to reblip. (reblip)

Read a Book

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DJFrankie @ladyhoho, I loved it when rappers used to bust into a whole new song 30 seconds before the end. That Camp Lo track did it, too...

Mos DefBrooklyn

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smartard Soulico feat. Lyrics Born & Axum – Put Em Up
digitpt @Earthflakes: "Gibson Brothers - Cuba 1978" (reblip)

Gibson Brothers-Cuba 1978

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LikeAnAngel um, did i mention i'm one of those sort of freekie guys?

Flight Of The Conchords Season 2- I Told You I Was Freekie (With Lyrics)

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dailystendhal dang - this whole time i thought it was testicle tuesday! gotta put those away... @mkvkelly: "#tittietuesdays? I'm down" (reblip)
squidbrain well before we can tackle the case of the 73 missing Angies we need to figure out where all these Jennifers got to and if anyone has it on video.
EgoAnt Awesome beat box. I could watch this video a hundred times... Oh, wait, I have.
Gen22 rb@inconvenienced: "No, I haven't! Thx:D Heard this mix @ Gen22 ? There will always be a dark little chamber in my heart pumping with speed garage." (reblip)
TroyHolder Die Antwoord – Wat Pomp

Die AntwoordWat Pomp

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EgoAnt This is how my day is going.
amphore Manu Chao – Bongo Bong (Jungle Hardfloor Remix)
EgoAnt Closer to your roots than ever before...
EgoAnt I'm adding this to my playlist again because the other version was removed.
sarinninja Really looking forward to seeing these guys at @voodooexp2010 -The Crystal Method – Trip Like I Do- (reblip)
rossruns Love the Kleptones album "A Night at the Hip Hopera" - after all, how often do you get such awesome mashups of Queen w/ so many other artists?

The KleptonesBreak

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JacoLovesMusic Suzanne Vega - Toms Diner

Tom's Diner (original a cappella version)

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EgoAnt Not as good as the original, but still pretty good.
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