JacoLovesMusic Chopin - Funeral March

Chopin Funeral March

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EinerVonAllen so weit ist das meer... rb @Flussschlinge (reblip)

so weit ist das meer...

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EinerVonAllen Egyptian Reggae

Egyptian Reggae

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straywebsurfer ♫ Paul Bernard - "Indian Full Moon Spirit"...then, Indian full moon will welcome us delightfully...@aki_lvmsc xxx
EinerVonAllen Folk music from Bretagne by Arany Zoltán rb @Flussschlinge (reblip)

Folk music from Bretagne by Arany Zoltán

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EinerVonAllen Celtic folk music from Bretagne – Ar Soudarded Zo Gwisket E Ruz by Arany Zoltán rb @Flussschlinge (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Good Bye Lenin - Yann Tiersen – Dishes
KitDakota Inception: Soundtrack - Time - Hans Zimmer
leichenwagen Raumpatrouille Orion Soundtrack #nowplaying

Raumpatrouille Orion Soundtrack

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leichenwagen Miss Marple's Theme #nowplaying

Miss Marple's Theme

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EinerVonAllen rb @DJVinnje: "rb@lemontree10: ":D! @Nicekitty: "Encore Welcome @lelordgs @HMetal_L @BattLady: "There's somethin' wrong with the world today...." (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Amon Düül II - Da Guadeloop


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EinerVonAllen Amon Duul II Archangel Thunderbird @angel_boy: "god this is from another world... most awesome" (reblip)

Amon Duul II Archangel Thunderbird

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EinerVonAllen Amon Duul II – Dreams.1975
EinerVonAllen Aphrodite's Child – Such A Funny Night
EinerVonAllen Audience – Stand By The Door
EinerVonAllen Caribbean Moon – Kevin Ayers (1973)
EinerVonAllen Kevin Ayers – "Songs from the bottom of a well" from Whatevershebringswesing (1972) (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Joan Baez – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
EinerVonAllen Eternal Flame (Acoustic) – The Bangles
EinerVonAllen @DarkLady The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

The Beatles-While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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EinerVonAllen Bel Canto~Blank Sheets

Bel Canto~Blank Sheets

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DJJuxtaposedJunkie ^^ The 'Uh, Michelle, Are You Totally Oblivious To The Fact That Your Husband IS GAY?!?' Bachmann Playlist ^^ : Bon Jovi -> "Livin On A Prayer"
EinerVonAllen David Bowie ragazzo solo

David Bowie ragazzo solo ragazza sola

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EinerVonAllen David Bowie – Velvet Goldmine
EinerVonAllen David Bowie – Moon of Alabama 1978
EinerVonAllen David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes rb @LikeAnAngel: "Because it's two fer tuesday all. day. long." (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Kate Bush - There Goes a Tenner

Kate Bush There Goes a Tenner

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EinerVonAllen Suspended In Gaffa – Kate Bush
EinerVonAllen Sonny & Cher ~ Little Man (1966)

Sonny & Cher ~ Little Man (1966)

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EinerVonAllen Leonard Cohen The Partisan

Leonard Cohen The Partisan

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onestepbeyond Instrumental :) Goodnight! :)
EinerVonAllen @WithOutMakeUp: "Leonard Cohen: The Stranger Song" (reblip)

Leonard Cohen: The Stranger Song

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EinerVonAllen Leonard Cohen – Chelsea Hotel No. 2
EinerVonAllen Coldplay-When I ruled the world(lyrics)or Viva la Vida

Coldplay-When I ruled the world(lyrics)or Viva la Vida

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EinerVonAllen La Dolarosa – Communards
EinerVonAllen Crosby, Still, Nash & Young – Teach Your Children
tiefklang I wish I'd stayed asleep today. I never thought that this day would end. I never thought that tonight could ever be this close to me.
EinerVonAllen Close To Me (acoustic) :The Cure

Close To Me (acoustic) :The Cure

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EinerVonAllen Tim Curry – I Do The Rock
leichenwagen Daan - Icon (Live) #nowplaying for @muschelschloss

DaanIcon (Live)

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EinerVonAllen Dalbello – Guilty By Association (1984)
EinerVonAllen Lisa Dalbello – Target (My Eyes Are Aimed At You)
EinerVonAllen DALBELLO Cardinal Sin

DALBELLO Cardinal Sin (Animated Fan Video)

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EinerVonAllen Franz Josed Degenhardt – Wölfe mitten im Mai
EinerVonAllen Franz Josef Degenahrdt – Ein Schoenes Lied
EinerVonAllen @Peak_Sound: Franz-Josef Degenhardt – Spiel nicht mit den Schmuddelkindern (reblip)
EinerVonAllen She's like a Swallow / Cara Dillon rb @Flussschlinge (reblip)

She's like a Swallow / Cara Dillon

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CrowleysGhost Overrated? Meh! Morrison, maybe, as a poet. But as a band? In a few short years they produced music that will sound good in another 100 years, or more
EinerVonAllen The End – The Doors Jim Morrison #Club27

The EndThe Doors

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EinerVonAllen The Last Resort – The Eagles
EinerVonAllen The Eagles – Hotel California ♫.★.♫ (Acoustic Live) (reblip)
DarkLady Enigma – Return To Innocence
EinerVonAllen Enya - Orinoco Flow rb @DJRosaNava: "Hi! Nice to hear you! Thanks for listening! ❤#ListenmyFavorites: @Greenfields47 & @qvigear" (reblip)

Enya Sail Away Orinoco Flow

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EinerVonAllen Here comes the rain again-Eurythmics

Here comes the rain again-Eurythmics

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EinerVonAllen Evanescense – Bring me to life
EinerVonAllen "Bring Me To Life" – Fallen - Evanescence (reblip)
EinerVonAllen @einsilbig Brian Ferry – Slave to love
EinerVonAllen A Fine Frenzy – Almost Lover
EinerVonAllen Fischer Z – The Worker
EinerVonAllen Fischer Z – Remember Russia
EinerVonAllen Fleetwood Mac - Dreams rb @DJRosaNava: "My pleasure! TY! Have a nice day! @lemontree10" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Brooke Fraser – Something In The Water (unplugged)
EinerVonAllen Brooke Fraser – Something In The Water
EinerVonAllen "Duty" by Frumpy (Germany, 1973)

"Duty" by Frumpy (Germany, 1973)

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EinerVonAllen Frumpy – How The Gypsy Was Born 1971
JacoLovesMusic Peter Gabriel – Here Comes The Flood
EinerVonAllen Peter Gabriel – Here comes the Flood
EinerVonAllen Firth of Fifth – Genesis (Vinyl) 1973
EinerVonAllen Genesis – Dancing with the Moonlit Knight
EinerVonAllen Genesis – Supper's Ready
EinerVonAllen Golden Earring The Grand Piano

Golden Earring The Grand Piano

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EinerVonAllen GOLDEN EARRING Remember My Friend

GOLDEN EARRING Remember My Friend

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EinerVonAllen Golden Earring – Remember My Friend
EinerVonAllen Golden Earring – Ce Soir
EinerVonAllen Golden Earring Switch Tons of Time

Golden Earring Switch Tons of Time

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EinerVonAllen Golden Earring – Mad Love's Comin'
EinerVonAllen Golden Earring – Another 45 miles ( 1969 Rare promo video !! HD )
EinerVonAllen Bobby Goldsboro – Honey
EinerVonAllen The Ying Tong Song – The Goons
EinerVonAllen The Greatest Show on Earth – "Magic Woman Touch" (1970)
EinerVonAllen rb @DarkLady: "thx 2:)) rb @kiddo84: "thx a million :) rb@DarkLady: "Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams""" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Guns N' Roses – November Rain (subtitulado)
EinerVonAllen Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel Mr Soft Live At The BBC

Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel Mr Soft Live At The BBC

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EinerVonAllen Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel – Mr Raffles - The Best Years (Vinyl LP 1975)
EinerVonAllen Steve Harley – Hot Youth
EinerVonAllen The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Next
EinerVonAllen Heath Hunter&The Pleasure Company – Master And Servant
EinerVonAllen Mario Hené - Lieber allein, als gemeinsam einsam

Mario Hene "Lieber allein als gemeinsam einsam"

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EinerVonAllen HELP YOURSELF Deanna Call & Scotty 1972

HELP YOURSELF Deanna Call & Scotty 1972

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EinerVonAllen Herman's Hermits – No milk today
EinerVonAllen rb @new_clear_MUSIC: "[thank you for listening..] rb@HappyCamper: "Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face"" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen "Are we human?" The Killers - Human @J___Spot (reblip)
EinerVonAllen In The Court Of The Crimson King – King Crimson
EinerVonAllen Epitaph - King Crimson § Gorgo's Lament rb @DJRosaNava: "Hi! Nice to hear you! Wonderful weekend! #ListenmyFavorites: @The101HiWay" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen King Crimson -- In the Court of the Crimson King

King Crimson -- In the Court of the Crimson King

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EinerVonAllen rb @WithOutMakeUp: "Laid Back-Sunshine Reggae (with lyrics)" (reblip)

Laid Back-Sunshine Reggae (with lyrics)

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EinerVonAllen Latin Quarter - America for Beginners

latin quarter america for beginners

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EinerVonAllen @tiniaden @Wortcollagen Led Zeppelin – The Battle Of Evermore
EinerVonAllen Udo Lindenberg – Grande Finale
Tropicsz4 ""I watch you sleep your restless dream I can hear you breath so close to me" @yellowstar2000: "oooo LOA!! reblip!!✘♥✘ @TropicsZ4: The Wet Dream""" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen The Love Exchange - Ballad Of A Sad Man

The Love Exchange -08 Ballad Of A Sad Man-

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EinerVonAllen Love Sculpture: Seagull

Love Sculpture: Seagull

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EinerVonAllen Farandole – Love Sculpture
JacoLovesMusic It's „Pata Pata"-time ty BB @DJBadBilly: "@JacoLovesMusic" (reblip)

Pata Pata by Miriam Makeba

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EinerVonAllen Malicorne – Dans la rivière
EinerVonAllen Mandrake Paddle Steamer – Strange Walking Man(1969)
EinerVonAllen Reflections of My Life – The Marmalade rb @scotlandlover: "rb @Alaiza: "Life's been good...learn from mistakes..."" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Ghosts of American Astronauts – Mekons
JacoLovesMusic Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance
EinerVonAllen The Unforgiven – Metallica @Wortcollagen
EinerVonAllen Nothing else Matters – Metallica
EinerVonAllen @Wortcollagen Steve Miller Band – The Joker
Unaturalsoul ....Very Kind........ Love Is Here.......Thxs~~>@Greenfields47: "......TY alanis...@Unaturalsoul..." (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Mr.President – Coco Jamboo
EinerVonAllen NADIAMAR | Temptation (Tom Waits, Astor Piazolla,Tango – DUO Bass, Guitar/Vocals)
EinerVonAllen Sinead O' Connor – Jackie
EinerVonAllen Sinead O'Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U - 1990 MTV Video Music Awards
EinerVonAllen Sinead O'Connor – Just like u said it would b
BattLady Pink – Sober ~ @Angie74 I swear! LOL ~ Well, do what you gotta do girl. I love ya muches! MUAH MUAH MUAH
EinerVonAllen *Stayin' Alive In The Wall* (Pink Floyd vs Bee Gees Mashup) - Pink Floyd y Bee Gees juntos... @Unaturalsoul (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Pink Floyd – Let There Be More Light
EinerVonAllen Pink Floyd – Crumbling Land
EinerVonAllen Pink Floyd – Obscured by Clouds
EinerVonAllen Pink Floyd – Free Four
EinerVonAllen Plain White T`S – Hey There Delilah [W/Lyrics]
leichenwagen Porcupine Tree "Fear Of A Blank Planet" HD #nowplaying

Porcupine Tree "Fear Of A Blank Planet" HD

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leichenwagen Porcupine Tree Anesthetize #nowplaying

Porcupine Tree Anesthetize

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EinerVonAllen i go to sleep – Pretenders
EinerVonAllen Procol Harum- Rambling on

Procol Harum- Rambling on

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EinerVonAllen Procol Harum- The final thrust

Procol Harum- The final thrust

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DarkLady The Psychedelic Furs – Ghost In You
EinerVonAllen rb @romanus: "Fastidious and Precise ~ Queen // Killer Queen" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
EinerVonAllen Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Lyrics) rb @backtoback: "prop thx RB @djsurfer: "" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street
EinerVonAllen Rare Bird - As Your Mind Flies By

As Your Mind Flies By

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EinerVonAllen Red Hot Chili Peppers rb @scotlandlover: "hey Oh! :) rb @patita" (reblip)

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Snow (Hey Oh)

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ellendiane Rem- End of the World time for something NEW!!!
EinerVonAllen REM – The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
EinerVonAllen REM Everybody Hurts rb @elocio: "rb @Shiner: "★@AngeloFinucane"" (reblip)

REM Everybody Hurts

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Lulutull This is good!@Surreality: "Renaissance – "Ocean Gypsy"" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen rb @chow322: "@mountainhero: "Revolverheld feat. Marta Jandová – Halt Dich an mir fest"" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen rb @junisidro: "you gotta know when to hold, know when to fold :) @yellowstar2000: "Kenny Rogers – The Gambler ... :) @DJIceFish"" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Paul Roland – Walter the occultist
EinerVonAllen In Another Land – Rolling Stones
EinerVonAllen The Rolling Stones – Beast Of Burden (SpinningDiscs)
EinerVonAllen RUSS GARCIA AND HIS ORCHESTRA-INTO SPACE rb @oopipip (reblip)


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EinerVonAllen Peter Sarstedt – Where Do You Go To My Lovely
EinerVonAllen Leader of the Pack – The Shangri-las
EinerVonAllen rb @pablodrey: "@WithOutMakeUp: "rb@kapri: "love her voice!@W: "@Ajakseat: @Rocketron, @Art4Art, @Neruda65, @tapirekittenp, @carla_ferrarezi."" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Spooky Tooth – Waitin' For The Wind
CrowleysGhost My last Steeleye Span tune for the night...
EinerVonAllen @BattLady Rod Stewart & Amy Belle- I Dont Want To Talk About It

Rod Stewart & Amy Belle- I Dont Want To Talk About It

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EinerVonAllen Fields of Gold – Sting
EinerVonAllen Dreadlock holiday – 10cc
EinerVonAllen 10,000 Maniacs - Poor de Chirico

Poor de Chirico 10,000 Maniacs

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EinerVonAllen Thin Lizzy - Whiskey in the Jar rb @patita: "better audio" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Dante Thomas – Get It On
Flurps RT @anaomelete - nice evening tune (reblip)

Tanita Tikaram -Twisted My Sobriety

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EinerVonAllen Timbuk3 – Standard White Jesus
EinerVonAllen Tremeloes ~ Me & My Life ~ 1970

Tremeloes ~ Me & My Life ~ 1970

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EinerVonAllen The Tumbling Dice – Dirty Lisa (1979)
EinerVonAllen UB40 : signing off

UB40 : signing off

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JacoLovesMusic First drink for free? :) @alexparr: "Could you pls "like" my FB page, it's a new one, thanks. http://ht.ly/603KF I just need 5 more “likes” ◕‿◕" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Uriah Heep – Gypsy, Gary Thain #Club27
EinerVonAllen The Velvet Underground – Venus In Furs
EinerVonAllen The Velvet Underground – After Hours
EinerVonAllen VNV Nation – Illusion - Lyrics
EinerVonAllen @ Wortcollagen... es gibt für alles eine Zeit. -> Es ist an der Zeit – Hannes Wader
Flurps Tom Waits – The Piano Has Been Drinking
EinerVonAllen Tom Waits – Telephone Call from Istanbul
JacoLovesMusic Tom Waits - Hold On

tom waits hold on

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Wolfseule Kommienezunspadt. Tom Waits singt deutsch. <3 #TomWaitsDay

Kommienezunspadt by Tom Waits

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EinerVonAllen Bettina Wegner – Kinder
EinerVonAllen Bettina Wegner – No Woman no cry
EinerVonAllen Wishbone ash – Throw down the Sword. (wer's nicht kennt, nicht wundern, fängt ganz leise an ;-))
EinerVonAllen White Noise – Here Comes The Fleas
EinerVonAllen Mike Wilhelm – Me and my uncle
Kaffeesaeufer Für @Alerta4 : "Diese Welt" #wizo

WizoDiese Welt

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EinerVonAllen Kein Zurück – Wolfsheim
EinerVonAllen Neil Young-Love Is A Rose (1992)

Neil Young-Love Is A Rose (1992)

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EinerVonAllen Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Cowgirl In The Sand
EinerVonAllen Nochmal in voller Länge: Neil Young – The Needle And The Damage Done ( Harvest )

Warren Zevon- werewolves of london

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EinerVonAllen Zabriskie Point – Explosion
Kunstvolle "mad world..." Für alle. Jetzt.
EinerVonAllen Unforgiven – Stefanie Heinzmann vs. Metallica ;)))
EinerVonAllen Tom Waits – Back in the good old word / Night On Earth
EinerVonAllen Meredith Brooks – Bitch / Lyrics
EinerVonAllen Evanescence – Thoughtless (Korn cover) with lyric.(Fallen Angel Video)
EinerVonAllen Fleetwood Mac – Never Going Back Again (dmb)
scorpiogrrl78 @eraser: "I'm Waiting For The Man --->The Velvet Underground - >>> .. y seguiremos esperando" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen rb @lemontree10: "Hiya Mark nice blip! :D @mark_till: "Evanescence - Haunted"" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen @patita The Easybeats - friday on my mind -HQ

The Easybeats-friday on my mind -HQ

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CMFlinn The Police – Walking On The Moon
EinerVonAllen Tanita Tikaram – Twist In My Sobriety (Alvaroxx)
EinerVonAllen REM-Losing My Religion(With Lyrics)

REM-Losing My Religion(With Lyrics)

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EinerVonAllen Everything But The Girl – Missing
EinerVonAllen REM - Man On the Moon

REM Man On the Moon

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EinerVonAllen U2 – Where The Streets Have No Name
EinerVonAllen Shania Twain - Ka-Ching !

Shanaia Twain - Ka-Ching !

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EinerVonAllen Don't Look Back in Anger – Oasis
EinerVonAllen The Bee Gees- 'New York Mining Disaster 1941'

The Bee Gees- 'New York Mining Disaster 1941'

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EinerVonAllen The Bee Gees- 'To Love Somebody'

The Bee Gees- 'To Love Somebody'

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EinerVonAllen Jimmy Somerville: 'To Love Somebody' OFFICIAL VIDEO

Jimmy Somerville: 'To Love Somebody' OFFICIAL VIDEO

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EinerVonAllen rb @musecrossing: "rb@Elske63: "Because The Night ... G'nite ... Have sweet dreams ..."" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Humpe & Humpe – No Longer Friends
EinerVonAllen rb @peacefrog2100: "i see a red door and i want it painted black..." (reblip)
EinerVonAllen The Beatles - Across The Universe

The Beatles-Across The Universe

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EinerVonAllen The Beatles - Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)- The Beatles (Rubber Soul)

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EinerVonAllen Time of the season – The Zombies
EinerVonAllen Susie Q – The Rolling Stones
EinerVonAllen Gun – 1968 - Race with the devil
EinerVonAllen Nights In White Satin – The Moody Blues
EinerVonAllen Lady Jane -- The Rolling Stones (in HD)

Lady Jane -- The Rolling Stones (in HD)

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EinerVonAllen Cat Stevens – Lady D'Arbanville
EinerVonAllen The Beatles - For No One

The Beatles For No One

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EinerVonAllen The Beatles-The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill

The Beatles-The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill

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EinerVonAllen zen lemonade ;) rb @The_Swin: "@Translucent thx to both & live up! ~ RB@2Tall via@djilo: T# @wejazz @Chekkov @heb3 @FrauFeile @Hachimon @gnubbel_" (reblip)

zen lemonade-fall back in time(zen reggae)

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EinerVonAllen The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour

The Beatles-Magical Mystery Tour

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EinerVonAllen rb @CrowleysGhost: "One more example of Robert Smith's unique take on guitar playing...what a killer riff to open an album with..." (reblip)
CrowleysGhost 'twas Dylan who said everyone must get stoned. If so, they could do worse than listen to this as the blunt gets passed around...
CrowleysGhost Love everything about this tune...

Slo BurnJuly

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EinerVonAllen ;) rb @chow322: "@DJIceFish: "did you just blip The Sweet Escape? that's my favorite song!! (evil grin)@chow322"" (reblip)

Shit Escape

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CrowleysGhost Enough of the industrial hardcore for the moment, time to take a stroll through some melodic dub. Blind Idiot God made some very, very fine dub.
EinerVonAllen Scorpions - Wind Of Change (From "Moment Of Glory")

Scorpions: Wind of Change

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CrowleysGhost Killing Joke, thanks to the genius of Youth, have produced some excellent dub remixes over the years. This was their last one...
EinerVonAllen Renaissance – Ocean Gypsy
EinerVonAllen Donovan – I Like You (1973)
quilt42 GUNS N' ROSES – DON'T CRY *HD* (reblip)
EinerVonAllen The Rolling Stones – Out Of Time
eraser una dedicá a @xiscolir Tom Waits – The Piano Has Been Drinking (1977) LIve Audio. Roslyn, New York." (reblip)
eraser guauuuuuuuuu.. tom waits – ice cream man ┊┊┊╱▔▔▔▔▔╲┊He┊He ┊ ┊╱┈┈╱▔╲╲╲▏┊HEHE ┊╱┈╭━━╱▔▔▔▔╲━━╮  ┊▏┈┃▔▔▏╭▅╭▅▕▔▔┃  (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Booker T. & MG's - Time is tight

Booker T. & MG's Time is tight

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EinerVonAllen rotfl @DarkLady: ":))))))))))) rb @dharmabon: "Um… okay… sometimes the craziest unrelated shite turns up on a search… lol"" (reblip)

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

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EinerVonAllen Supertramp - Dreamer

Supertramp - Dreamer

| play
EinerVonAllen Beggars Opera – Time Machine (1971)
EinerVonAllen rb @LoveForX: "L♥VE~*~ NICE RB! The Eagles – Tequila Sunrise!!! Thank you very much! ;) RB @Greenfields47 thanks @LoveForX & @teresa_8888 ~*~L♥VE" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen ty u2 ;) @LoveForX: "Have a great Day! ;) RB @EinerVonAllen Rod Stewart – I don't wanna talk about it" (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Rod Stewart – Every Picture Tells A Story
LoveForX Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton @SimpleJim EC <> Tears In Heaven >> (reblip)
EinerVonAllen Andromeda – 03 - And Now the Sun Shines
EinerVonAllen In A Manner Of Speaking – Tuxedomoon