Dayvay Opening night

Fugazi "cassavetes"

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PaulWoodhead A proper beau day@ElNito

My fucking name is Trueno

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ElNito noise lesson n°2 - no wave, with mr "wall of guitars">@< (reblip)
ElNito loves that stuff too :) rb+++ @hermetic: "cluster&eno @vandaleyes @ElNito (reblip)

tzima n'arki

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ElNito 21th century music !!! thx andRB +++@vandaleyes: "@hermetic Hi! " (reblip)


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ElNito rb ++@vandaleyes: "RB @pulsar: "Doing krautrock, eh? Easy to slip into that! @vandaleyes (reblip)


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GroovyMonster Swingin' music scene from a 1971 Greek film. Man, i really need me a time machine...

Marina early 70s hip shake

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Castaways- Liar Liar

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vandaleyes Oh goodness.. gotta RB this one too. :) Have a nice weekend! @QuicksandRangero: "Hi @AlexAgore @RahaSanedas @vandaleyes - wish you lovely weekend :)" (reblip)
TroyHolder @ElNito Country: UK / Year: 1959 "The Mummy" by Bob McFadden & Dor

Graham Lewis+ Bruce Gilbert 'Ends With The Sea' + 'Hung Up To Dry Whilst Building An Arch'

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FifiDingDang @ElNito couldnt find anything from my fave colin newman lp 'commercial suicide'
DarkMuse Been so freakin hard to find this online too... enjoy!!! Girly punkjunk electrowavepop experinoize flip out ~X~ ~X~ ~X~
ElNito (1967) the bliper at the gates of dawn !!! ;D @GroovyMonster@Junit1@FifiDingDang@das_Vakuum

pink floyd astronomy domine

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pulsar And then there this classic! @ElNito

Lothar and the hand people-space hymn

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mammara @Inv i'm old, i lived the eighties(and i was more radical in these years)and i know what needs to be remembered(but is all a matter of taste, at last)

This Heat: Health and Efficiency

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ElNito they did a bunch of great singles in the early eighties, fuckin'love'em!!!@FifiDingDang@QuicksandRangero@annapurna@Barbarellalala@FOGGIELOANER
anothercraze @FunkShoi. Myth #214 about NYC: Crocodile/alligators in the sewers. BUSTED.
ElNito surfin' a glitter wave to enter blipworld!!!

pink floyd paint box

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threebears Getting totally pumped about @threebears almost hitting the 25K mark. SO CLOSE! Go go go!" ..quote'n'rb@CalebBooker ^(^ hey thanks! (reblip)
TryphOrGekko I'm a girl in your head but a boy in your bed.
FifiDingDang recorders at dawn, well evening

01 - pneumatic consort - evening

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ElNito return with this great stuff rb tx@pollinatewildly: "Ooh, these guys are pretty terrific! Tx @OcasoProtal!" (reblip)

The Robocop Kraus- In Fact You're Just Fiction

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GroovyMonster Awesomeness vi@Sook. Thanks for this! So too much. :) (reblip)
TroyHolder Country: US / Year: 1977 "King Kong" by The Residents


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ElNito more pre electro stuff !!!

The NormalT.V.O.D.

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ElNito (1977)recognisable Eno production! love this one!

Ultravox! My Sex

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Swampratje notice the space-time curvature! @pulsar: "A trip through the space/time continuum." (reblip)
GroovyMonster Macabre Unit - Dubstep Atom Bomb

Macabre Unit Dubstep Atom Bomb

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surfincookie shake the dust of your boots

ENNIO MORRICONE -"Sixty Seconds To What?" (1965)

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karatte 初めて聴く。"この曲がなければNo WaveもSonic Youthも存在しなかったと言われる歴史的大傑作"とのこと。
karatte だけどファウストはあるのかっ!! な、納得いかねー!!!
karatte @ioxxx もちろんこれも最高です。 (reblip)

CANFuture Days

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karatte ベーシストとベーシスト。
vandaleyes Okay, really have to head out! Catch ya later. I leave you with some warped 60's garage weirdness.
vandaleyes I'm really liking this. It's new to me - thanks! @GroovyMonster (reblip)

The Advisory Circle: Sundial

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ElNito hi dee hoo bliplanders! found a connection fora few blips;)

Night Of The Living Dead Theme 1968

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FifiDingDang this is why we like bagpipes

Cromagnon-"Caledonia" (1969)

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ElNito defenitly worth the reblip vi@osmutante you might like it too@pulsar@GroovyMonster @vandaleyes@FifiDingDang@dronnoisseur

JEAN- CLAUDE VANNIER -L`enfant au Royaume des Mouches

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Queen of the Underground

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CreepyGirl @the_night_manager. Very well spotted, by the way. You're either a massive fan or a great researcher. I was sitting this one out. (reblip)
DarkMuse ATOMIC BONGOS.... GO GO GO>>> !!!! ~X~
vandaleyes @sandyriverside Good eve/morning/whatever the hell it is. :)

Where's captain Kirk?

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DChain @ElNito: "old new angels still walking down your street! @spacespencer Schade, das wär was für ne 60er-Jahre Blumenparty :D (reblip)

Dinosaur Jr-"Freak Scene"

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ElNito the best movie song ever !!! thx & rb vi@apomorfina :) (reblip)

the creepers-baby´s on fire

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ElNito need to reblip this fuckin' great tune!!! vi@FifiDingDang

Spacemen 3 "Revolution"

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DarkMuse Don't take that Whats'erface away from me. The Kitchen Accessories FreakOUt song HAHAHA ~X~
pulsar This album blew my mind in '68!

Hard Coming Love The United States Of America

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ElNito 1973 - realised by René Laloux & Roland Topor, i love this movie ;) @Arth: "Look how nasty it is:( it's based on a book by Stefan Wul (reblip)

La Planete Sauvage (Fantastic Planet) Refaire la Musique

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TMA7 Never heard that acapella prelude before. "I don't think this is the one I meant, but I like it. "My fave vrsn of this great song. @MusicWithMsB"" (reblip)
karatte Herman? No! No! No! Sun Rahhhhh!!
karatte おお、Canあったよ。 検索の仕方がまずかったのか!

CanOh Yeah

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ElNito the floating celebration of my 1900th prop by riding some flying teapot vi@mammara ;) (reblip)

Gong: Flying Teapot

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FifiDingDang this is great! RB@kaaeyl: "@FifiDingDang, would you help me stroke my carpet pls. um hello @ezmeralda" (reblip)


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ElNito another must vi@yohanp via @avivamagnolia :) (reblip)

moondog - lament1

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Koei I'll found a bit forgotten LP, thanks to ElNito

The FallGarden

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GroovyMonster Edgar Allan Poe & music by Midnight Syndicate.
ElNito i can't resist reblipping this ! rb+++ vi@ishibutsu (reblip)
Alec_Empire this song united us, redskins, mods and punks back then in Berlin in the fight against the Neo-Nazis. thanks to Terry Hall & Dammers!
ElNito rides the motorbike of your props !!!! \o/ (reblip)

The FallGarden

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JeremySole Black Merda - "Reality"

Black Merda-Reality

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ElNito j'adore!!! need to reblip vi@JeremySole "a young Van Morrison, straight from the gate! " :) (reblip)
ElNito always great when Lee's singing rb... vi@dronnoisseur: "toni? after the operation, she only answers to joni" (reblip)
ElNito woaw - love this, can't help but reblip it !!! (casual blip) @TryphOrGekko@FifiDingDang@GroovyMonster@Junit1 @Corts@URKiddinMee@Koei ... vi@gelk :)

THE RED CRAYOLA-Hurricane fighter plane

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threebears long time since I blipped Sibot ...
vandaleyes Hello & thanks @Modster @GrassyKnoll @jennyleepenny Hope you're doing well this lovely day!
Lambchop @ElNito: hahaha trippy ;P

Golden Dawn-My Time

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vandaleyes Thanks for the endless string of awesome music! RB @koekoeboeroe: "a milkshake at midnight" (reblip)
ElNito this guy did lots of crazy tunes for commercials... love it @vgan: "I can't believe this is from 1959, crazy stuff." (reblip)
CreepyGirl Ok dudes,you're hip but I gotta jam.Servo treats his laptop like he treats his woman; rents them out by the hour, and my hour is up.See y'all soon xxx
FunkShoi @sandyriverside: "Nada @squidbrain just indulging in the very rich music that is 90's gangsta rap.." Fressssshhhhh. (reblip)

Wu Tang Clan Killarmy

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ElNito a special bunny one for you ;) @paintedword

Roots Manuva- Evil Rabbit

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QuicksandRangero Hi, welcome and thx @CargoCulte - "She looked to me like a dinosaur 'bout to jump outta that seat..." - great madness (reblip)
FifiDingDang drama and dragons on sunday

Vangelis -- The Dragon (1971 session)

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Pesest rb@catalog: "Great vox effect and amazing guitar, check it out!" (reblip)
DarkMuse thought you might like this @ElNito enjoy! ~X~
ElNito the blipper at the gates of dawn , rb vi@GroovyMonster :) (reblip)
FunkShoi @DjEntronic, that was a villain in an episode of Venture Bros! For like 2 seconds.
CreepyGirl @nastysurprise72 Ooh, another freebie! Only available on blip to the best of my efforts.

Michel Polnareff - La Mouche

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Portishead Nylon Smile, With lyrics.

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GroovyMonster More vintage psych from japan! Thanks for the props 'n RBs @ElNito (tonight & always)! Hope yer feeling groovy this morning. =)
vgan "...after a couple drinks ill think straight."

Tones On TailLions

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GroovyMonster I'll tell you what, Messer Chups videos are true works of art!! (If you're weird like me & appreciate this sort of vibe that is, lol.)

Messer Chups "Night of Open Coffins"

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GroovyMonster I hope I dream like this video tonight.

LOS BRAVOS "Sympathy"

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Barbarellalala Last one for today... oooo you're strange... night!
nocheinuser @Mssrschmtt This one by Roxy Music is also creepy ... The Bogus Man

Les Thugs As Happy As Possible

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The Residents- Its a Man's Man's Man's World

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Ne Dis Rien (Serge Gainsbourg, Anna Karina)

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DrCocker francoise hardy stole my cardy

Francoise Hardy - 13 - Comment Te Dire Adieu

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Jazzhole King Crimson - Red


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PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @ElNito Go on, subvert already!

Zounds: Subvert

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koekoeboeroe @ElNito : nancy and the man from uncle is a nice combo
paintedword perfetto per scendere in spiaggia

CANDIES キャンディーズ やさしい悪魔

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Haaz please welcome incomprehensible curmudgeon from the north

Can: Chain Reaction (1974 Soon Over Babaluma Krautrock proto-techno)

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GroovyMonster RB @VelvetGarage: "@GroovyMonster @Haaz @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice" Bravo blip!!! Thx! And welcome back, hadn't seen ya 4 a while. :) (reblip)
CreepyGirl @anothercraze ...and I went back for seconds.

Cool as Kim Deal

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CreepyGirl Inspired @NotAsPunkAsYou. I cant dance. Or sing.

TV On The Radio "Dancing Choose"

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CreepyGirl @NotAsPunkAsYou So servo says. I was much keener on the rocket propelled grenade launcher it took me 18 hours to find in Resident Evil.
ElNito love when you blip illogical Spoke :) rb+++@rollovellocet (reblip)
Jazzhole A touching little ditty from Thurston Moore
OKnightmare I adore this song

Broadway The Clash

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The Trashmen : Surfin' Bird ( 1963 )

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TryphOrGekko Attention! The creators wanted to create the most annoying song ever. They imagined an online poll to ask people what annoys them and made a collage
OKnightmare Mick Collins!

The Gories- Makin' Love

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GroovyMonster @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice: "@GroovyMonster @VelvetGarage @Haaz @ElNito Found this because of a typo, wasn't that lucky?" Blip'd recently & dig it! (reblip)

Ilitch- N.A (no answer)

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GrassyKnoll Stains on my shirts always ask me the same thing...

The Cravats-Rub Me Out

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GrassyKnoll This dude used to chill with The Residents back in the day
GrassyKnoll @dronnoisseur Thx, now I'm completely all over punk + Caffeine! // Howdy @CargoCulte // @MissDiggity@FunkShoi@sandyriverside want to do Lit at 6:30?
GrassyKnoll @dronnoisseur Yes today has been splendid. Same for you hopefully. // One for creeps in the office, one listens to Rush, the other to MSNBC all day!
Lambchop Don't get strung out by the way I look... lol
ElNito Blipbox baaaaby ... Blipbox baaaby... hanhanhna... haa.. Ha !!! :D
devobrain Really dig this Metronomy remix of Gorillaz!
devobrain now were really starting to get to the psychadelic aspect of the 60s...these guys backed up John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
ElNito (1968) pardon... quand j'embrasse le ciel !!! ;D @devobrain @shanti45@GroovyMonster@pulsar@VelvetGarage (reblip)


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CreepyGirl @Perotin At the risk of sounding a total douche, who's Alan McGee?

THE FALL Deadbeat Descendents

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Zeni Geva "Ground Zero"

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BurstPistil New album '10 glorious animals' out on Alternative Tentacles now - Alice Donut – Untidy Suicides
pulsar 1967 sounds! @ElNito

Sharon Tandy ~with Les Fleur De Lys~ / Hold On

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THE MAGIC MUSHROOMS-It's a happening

| play

Jeffrey Lewis The Legend of The Fall

| play

Deerhunter -- Nothing Ever Happened

| play
ElNito When Charles Hayward & Phil Manzanera decided to play together! A must for THIS HEAT & ROXY-MUSIC lovers!!! ;) (reblip)
ElNito riding a deadbeat in Blipland ! hi dee hoo blipmates! (reblip)

THE FALL Deadbeat Descendents

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DJUnknown I'm so old I actually saw Sun Ra play at the original Danceteria...and it was a jaw dropper. Punk rocks were pogoing to abstract expressionist jazz.
ElNito a superblip charged with cosmic energy !!! :) reblip+++vi@theincredibleamoeba (reblip)

HAWKWIND Master of the Universe

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ElNito amazing cover, Nick Cave must have been really proud to hear this ;) Thx vi@nocheinuser (reblip)
ElNito yeah i agree i'm deep into their soundscapes nowadays! Just love them! ;) @dronnoisseur@BleakMouse@FifiDingDang@vandaleyes @nocheinuser@Arth@mammara (reblip)

CHEER-ACCIDENT •(the) mens wide open

| play

Indoor Life "Archeology"

| play
TryphOrGekko @bmewsed great video don't you think? @ElNito a little reminder of me singing with Blackboard Jungle like a quarter of century ago. shit.

A Burning Coal (Artist Unknown)

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GroovyMonster Song's cool but the video is what really sells it for me.

Los Peyotes - No Tengo Nada (My Nothing)

| play
GroovyMonster Sounds and images of Michelangelo Antonioni's brilliant 1962 film L'ECLISSE (THE ECLIPSE) used to haunting effect...

52 Spaces (Antonioni)

| play
GroovyMonster Chick Habit VS Faster Pussycat Kill Kill

Chick Habit v. Faster Pussycat Kill Kill

| play
GroovyMonster My favorite Ventures tune (and another good one for Halloween)...
GroovyMonster THE WARRIORS (1979)

Barry Devorzon - "The Fight" from The Warriors Soundtrack (1979)

| play
GroovyMonster Great '60s Japanese garage...

The Spirits - One More Kiss! (1968)

| play
ElNito Hi de hoo blipmates, would you want you would you want you would you like to dance? : )@FifiDingDang@BurstPistil@mme @CreepyGirl@sandyriverside
Koei My favorite russian girls
BurstPistil @ElNito diddleeiddledidlleiddleddiledlleeeeeeee

FocusHocus Pocus

| play

shadow of a doubt

| play

The head works as an inhibitor *CHEER-ACCIDENT

| play
BurstPistil Probably the best song ever...
pulsar Thought I was the only one in the world who knew this song! :) Kudos! RB @Jazzhole (reblip)
pulsar Excellent fuzz/pysch from '69. Those who like early Pink Floyd will especially enjoy. @ElNito


| play
ElNito worth a reblip !!! ;D vi@pulsar: "1966 psych. Strobe light vid (reblip)
mammara my favorite album of the Canterbury scene (except Bob Wyatt)
ElNito ultimate crooner ;) rb vi@koekoeboeroe: "aaah Sweet Little Pussy Cat a song by old dirty Andre Williams" (reblip)

Animals and Men Adam Ant

| play

The Golden Dawn-Starvation

| play
Koei Great band with a unique sound

NoMeansNoDark Ages

| play

The Chymes-He's Not There Anymore 1966

| play
VelvetGarage Thanks! Give this a listen whoever likes Girl Garage. RB @wetrust: "@VelvetGarage try some cambodian flavour" (reblip)

Ros Sereysothea (I'm Sixteen) Cambodian Rocks

| play
vandaleyes RB@the_night_manager: "@Tsauro: "#47 yeah, 2nd appearance of pop punk band with hot lead singer (& in this case drummer also leaves me speechless)."" (reblip)
vandaleyes It's great! Thank you both. Reblippin' @Corts: "~reblip~ @sonicmichel: thx! "#Corts" adding vandaleyes who may like 2?" (reblip)
DarkMuse Possible... Possible... Just for you @ElNito *wink* haha ~X~
ElNito ... even if you don't please ! ;D (reblip)
DarkMuse cling clang bing bang right up the middle... @Netsui & @ElNito ~X~
BurstPistil @ElNito @FifiDingDang - morning - a brief psychedelic blip before heading into the streets of Soho...maaaaan.

Stupid Summer / kramer

| play

Wall of Voodoo—"Two Minutes Till Lunch"

| play

The Clash Rebel Waltz

| play
FifiDingDang quick one from me! lots to do, back later...maybe

Suicide FeverAA

| play
FunkShoi @RevDrLuv: "So @FunkShoi if I play !!! can we call it Friday already?" - this track is pretty damn fresh, but now I needs a drink by 5pmmmmm (reblip)
Koei How to sit still while listening to this song? @rne @ElNito @FifiDingDang
GroovyMonster @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @ElNito @VelvetGarage Amazingly cool, undiscovered & super-rare 1969 "soundtrack" to a film that never existed.

Charles Baudelaire "Harmonie du soir" Poem Animation Movie

| play
ElNito Hi Dee Hoo Blipmates !! back in Blipland for a few blips !!! (reblip)
GroovyMonster Komeda soundtrack brilliance from the Roman Polanski film, CUL-DE-SAC (1966).
GroovyMonster Ultra-Lounge Mondo Exotica... for those rare cats cool enough to dig it with me. :-/
GroovyMonster THIS is the sound of grooviness! The very definition of it. Morricone is God.
GroovyMonster The world will never be this cool again.

JUNE OF 44 Equaters To The Bipolar

| play
Koei Yes, finaly, I found more!

Black Merda-Thats the way it goes

| play
Sabatinos_House_Of_Rock @NicoleVSanchez: "@RocketmanUSA: "The Monkees – I'm a Believer [official music video] ~ "When I needed sunshine I got rain...then I saw her face".... (reblip)

Silver Apples- "You and I" (1969)

| play
anothercraze I'll check them out, @Perotin. Keep sending me yr wicked ear magic. I like it lots :) P.S. Let me know what you think of ManMan, they're my favorite!
ElNito Here is my first special delivery !!! Fresh Upload for @DarkMuse @FifiDingDang@mammara@dronnoisseur@BurstPistil@vandaleyes :)

DOME : Rolling upon my day (1980)

| play
ElNito it's quite a night !!! ;) @Koei: "What is a day without Foetus?" (reblip)
BurstPistil oh takers.......and your punishment is....
Koei Carefull! there is kerosine around.

big blackkerosene

| play
DarkMuse A new find... light Ethereal/ambient/folkspace... enjoy for Painterly landscapes... ~X~
fallentoad awesome rocking super group

Keiji Haino, Makoto Kawabata & Tatsuya Yoshida 1

| play
fallentoad this was the first song i learned how to play (reblip)
Oldprog night

Pink Floyd-Fearless

| play
Junit1 Just dug up this old favorite: Enjoy! [Fans of Messer Chups may dig] @ElNito, @Gamera, @GroovyMonster, @Zer0_II

EndFit to Die

| play
BurstPistil This is Song of the will follow me where 'ere I go...

The ShaggsWheels

| play
surfincookie @ElNito is that Barbarella klinging on to your leg?
threebears (btw I'm dancing in my chair ... not good for the chair it?) (better get out of my chair ....) your final kiss was on the lips ..
ElNito Blipland addicts ! Here I am again ! :)
ElNito some casual but sensual blip to say hey to all the blipgirls i know ! ;)

Lou ReedA gift

| play
ElNito you mean not exotic anymore !?! ;) vi@GroovyMonster: "The world will never be this cool again." (reblip)
ElNito the psychedelicious reblip @paintedword@anderkaliber @riverguide@pulsar@Jazzhole thx to @BurstPistil for blipping this! (reblip)

Stupid Summer / kramer

| play

ザ・テンプターズ / 忘れ得ぬ君

| play

ザ・ゴールデン・カップス ~愛する君に~

| play

SPACE-AGE Fashion Futurism THE PERSUADERS 1969 1974 MOOG

| play

Quiet Village-Circus Of Horror

| play
BurstPistil @ElNito - and this is me! Burst Pistil - Losing Les Levine

Losing Les Levine

| play
QuicksandRangero @dronnoisseur - this one & "Black Monk Theme pt.1" were my Fall faves of the summer - bye @anothercraze@sandyriverside @Wavidus@RahaSanedas@chocomenta

The Fall Big New Prinz

| play
FifiDingDang like to see some footwork to this please rb vi@JuniperBEET: "@Nematic@FifiDingDang@i_o@ffluxx: "Squarepusher – The Exploding Psychology"" (reblip)
FifiDingDang right im outta here! keep banging those keyboards!
GarrettTheK ¡Gracias @ElNito for flipping the switch, illuminating the Swamp Rats so's I could see 'em.

Swamp Rats, It's Not Easy

| play
FunkShoi @sandyriverside sounds like a youtube viral.

Fantomas Der Golem

| play
4zap rettet das SO36!!!!!

Malaria!Trash Me

| play
TroyHolder Country: UK / Year: 1978 "Puppet Life" by Punishment Of Luxury
sandyriverside Hello @dancingrae I am trying to remember which Blipper had the Tori Amos pics in her Flickr. Anyone? I look forward to your set tmrw.

Messer fur Frau Muller - You You and You

| play
GroovyMonster Groovy music selection from THE OMEGA MAN (1971), starring Chuck Heston.
GroovyMonster Music by Boards of Canada, footage from the 1967 George Lucas short film, ELECTRONIC LABYRINTH - THX1138 4EB.
BurstPistil @ElNito - and some more of mine - we should collaborate on something hmmmmmm?
BurstPistil @ElNito - bonjor la grenouile!

PIERRE CARDIN 1969 Space-Age Futurism MIKE MELVOIN Lay Lady Lay

| play
BurstPistil I'm going to shuffle off out and top up my beer levels.....bye bye blippers bye bye.


| play
nocheinuser @EINito @FifiDingDang Thanks for all the music! Did we do the Tarwater thing yet? It's not easy to be a god ...


| play
TroyHolder Country: UK / Year: 1967 "I Can Hear the Grass Grow" by The Move
nocheinuser A RB of @mtmtm Those were the days ... is it good to grow up to a time like that? (reblip)
mammara Husain Bolt is from another planet. 9:58!!!

Sun Ra Pink Elephants

| play

Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier: Jericho Jerk (1967 Messe Pour Le Temps Présent)

| play
FifiDingDang love it! reminds me of the madonna song hanky panky rb vi@Corts: "for @ElNito @sudaca70 @FifiDingDang thought you might like this twisted skank" (reblip)
DirtyUrine another great Floyd tune! ~ @flinndc: "On the Run" (reblip)
FifiDingDang fantastic! rb vi@Koei: "Finaly, uploaded with lots off blood sweat and tears. @ElNito @CreepyGirl @FifiDingDang @rne" (reblip)

the United States of America-the garden of earthly delights

| play
anothercraze Awesome video, vi@FunkShoi (reblip)

Melody Day

| play
amphore Golden earing - Radar love ............. bekommt alles mit .........

Frank Zappa-Cosmik Debris

| play
cloudchair Interstellar Overdrive / Pink Floyd - Live at UFO Club


| play
DirtyUrine 2 funny!! the kitty is back!! ~~ @flinndc: "and again @TPJK: "One More Time!!!!LOL!!!@Rella I'm a kitty cat & I dance dance dance!!""" (reblip)

I'm a Kitty Cat

| play


| play

Amon Düül II: Green Bubble Raincoat Man (1972 Wolf City Krautrock progressive)

| play
DrCocker @ElNito David Thomas Dan Dan

David Thomas: Dan Dan

| play
DirtyUrine great cover!! ~ @vix_rock: "Children of Bodom- Somebody Put Something in My Drink Another Great Cover @marijaanadj @DirtyUrine #metal @LexiePixie" (reblip)

Children of Bodom- Somebody Put Something in My Drink

| play
GroovyMonster Robert Lee, brother of Bruce Lee, wrote and performed this song in 1975 in dedication to his older brother, who died in 1973.

Ballad of Bruce Lee by Robert Lee

| play
GroovyMonster RB @StreamingMimi: "Hey, @GroovyMonster: Where ya been?" Oh, you know, rockin' and rollin' and whatnot. ;) (reblip)

Bruce lee vs. OAU!

| play
StreamingMimi At least for a few hours. Thank-you for everything! Goodnight and sleep well. @BklynDooWopper: "@StreamingMimi: Your eyes are getting heavy..." (reblip)
StreamingMimi This will be my last spin tonight. Thanks to my listeners & everyone who gave me props, RBs & replies. Sweet dreams to all! Roy Orbison - Dream Baby (reblip)


| play
FunkShoi Lord forgive @anothercraze. She knows not what the fuck she's just done.

Rosemary's baby by Fantômas

| play
Koei Found accidentally another Suicide-Ghostrider cover @ElNito @FifiDingDang

Suicide Live

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anothercraze Gold nuggets at the bottom of a black river, vi@Perotin. (reblip)
FifiDingDang wow! one of my fave songs ever ultra minimal and diy with one of the best lazy vocals listen to him sing'sha la la la lay' oof! @Koei@sudaca70@ElNito
BurstPistil Le blip qualité!

Isabelle "Jusqu'à la tombée du jour" (Véronique Sanson, 1969)

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Matericia #FoxNation Luntz is a word doctor who coaches conservatives on how to manipulate American opinion @yellowcheese @tubilino @satyr9us
TroyHolder Country: Germany / Year: 1966 "Shut Up" by The Monks
TroyHolder Country: UK / Year: 1979 "Brainbomb" by Punishment of Luxury


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TroyHolder Country: US / year: 1998 "Stay Monkey" by Julie Ruin
TroyHolder Country: US / Year: 1969 "Willie the Pimp" Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart
TroyHolder Country: US / Year: 1976 "Hot Wire My Heart" by Crime

01 - hot wire my heart

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anothercraze O thanks @GrassyKnoll! You know me too well! // As long as you got enough time to work the dance floor @dronnoisseur // Hi thur @Mollykills@doubledrat

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings "100 Days, 100 Nights"

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poptopsy more great Can footage

CanMother Sky

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TroyHolder Country: Jamaica / Year: 1969 "Pop A Top" by Andy Capp
TroyHolder Country: US / Year: 1965 "No Friend Of Mine" by Swamp Rats
TroyHolder Country: UK / Year: 1977 "Bingo-Master's Break-Out!" by The Fall
TroyHolder Country: UK / Year: 1977 "Repetition" by The Fall
TroyHolder Country: UK / Year: 1977 "Psycho Mafia" by The Fall
ElNito I feel like a green plastic dino ! rb vi@BurstPistil: "the views represented in this song are not necessarily that of the blipper or" (reblip)
ElNito memories... memories !!! rb vi@BurstPistil: "that's where I'm coming from ...." (reblip)
ElNito worthy two chords reblip, spread it through the whole wide Blipland ;) rbvi@TenaciousF: "Hey! - @vkstro" (reblip)
ElNito good guess :) @pulsar: "Think you will like this one. @ElNito" (reblip)
BurstPistil playing this out again because it's great..
ElNito Everybody knows we, froggylanders, use to eat camembert & snails at breakfast ;) @nocheinuser
chris_is_cool I think I had a nightmare like this once. gotta love les georges leningrad

Les Georges Leningrad "Ennio Morricone"

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Snakefinger "The Man In The Dark Sedan"

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CreepyGirl @sandyriverside I hope you slap you're little nephew about on account of his gay name? I don't hate you because you're beautiful (SO beautiful!)
ElNito just what i needed ;) ... rb vi@Barbarellalala: "Take your protein pills and put your helmet on... " (reblip)

David Bowie- Space Oddity Original Video (1969)

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TroyHolder @ElNito "Country: US / Year: 1993 "Baby's On Fire" by Peter Laughner


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TroyHolder Country: UK / Year: 1977 "I Feel Alright" by The Damned

Rolling Stones Sympathy with Brian Jones

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Can: Return (1977 Krautrock Ethnofunk sampling)

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DarkMuse for @ElNito Get Into It!!! ArtyFartyFresh&Fruity.. Get At It!!! ~X~
GroovyMonster Annabelle Dances...

Annabelle Dances

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BurstPistil @ElNito - Did you hear about Tim Smiths heart attack? It was very bad and I'm not sure they'll play live again.
QuicksandRangero @Lambchop: "ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba baaaa.." - great that you're back, my sweetie, hope that soon some whole lotta blippin with you will goin on :) (reblip)
sandyriverside I feel like this would make Lynch jealous he didn't come up with it. Wait. Does Lynch get jealous? Is he capable of that?
CreepyGirl @anothercraze Are you buttering my muffin with your sweet siren songs? I think I just pee'd a little. (reblip)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @ElNito I can't stop listening to this song! The video does it justice, I think.

Fever Ray 'When I Grow Up'

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GroovyMonster Wonder Woman wants to be free!

Evelyn Harlene - I Wanna Be Free (1957)

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Perotin @anothercraze the SY mentor/theoretical girls/guitar symphony composer in Songs '77-'79
GrassyKnoll @CargoCulte must be one hell of a camping trip!

hell preachers inc shalom

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threebears I live between concrete walls (do you?)

Fever Ray- Concrete Walls

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TrainWreckRadio @@TheShyOne here you go...this one is better! The INVENTORS of dual-lead guitars!

The Locust "Twenty-Three Lubed-Up Schizophrenics..."

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lasarina forgive me denise!!!!!:P @valledoro buongiorno!!!
VelvetGarage Ooo I like this. Thanks for sharing! RB @pulsar: "@VelvetGarage" (reblip)