Elitropia baybe you know I need nothin' .. Ontario garage

The Ugly Ducklings Nothin

| play
Elitropia I can beat your drum baybe.. I should get going, ta for the props y'all!

Fever Tree-I Can Beat Your Drum

| play
Elitropia lose your mind ~The Third Bardo

The Third Bardo-Lose Your Mind

| play
Elitropia I'll go on ~The Intruders ... I'll find a way to go on ...

The Intruders-I'll Go On

| play
Elitropia I want love ~The Sunsets .. Australian garage
Elitropia bottle end up and go ~The Mile Ends .. cool cover
Elitropia I can't stand this love, goodbye ~The Others .. goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye.. ♫♪
Elitropia I can mash potato ♫♪ coolest cover of this tune .. Sonics!
Elitropia I said don't don't don't no no don't leave me ♫♪ don't don't don't
Elitropia watch out, watch out, timbeeer! .. pass the hatchet ~Roger and the Gypsies (Eddie Bo)
Elitropia gonna git that man ~The Sanshers .. each time when I try to sing this tune, I hurt my throat badly ; )

The Sanshers-Gonna Git The Man

| play
Elitropia psychedelic town ~Reiko Mari .. a bit Japanese groove

Psychedelic town/Reiko Mariサイケな街/万里れい子

| play
Elitropia ye ye .. ye ye .. ye ye .. see the video, it's a great footage, guess it's 60s advertisement .. ye ye ~Syuri Eiko

Syuri Eiko / ye ye 1967

| play
Elitropia reacher teacher ~These Vizitors, 1967 from USA
Elitropia doctor ~The Outsiders (Dutch) .. volume up!
Elitropia starvation ~Golden Dawn .. when you expand your conscious, you will be amazed at the lasting beauty of your days ♫♪

The Golden Dawn-Starvation

| play
Elitropia never existed ~The Basement Wall ♫♪

The Basement Wall-Never Existed

| play
Elitropia go go go... go go gorilla go ...

The Shandells Go Go Gorilla

| play
Elitropia a million grains of sand ~Marcus (Rusty Evans)
Elitropia I feel good ~The Artwoods .. I feel good, I feel good, good good..

The Artwoods I Feel Good

| play
Elitropia la la lalla lallaaa lallalalalalalala lalla lalalal lalalala

The Ways & Means; Breaking up a dream

| play
Elitropia if the day was any longer ~Rory Gallagher, Taste ♥
Elitropia don't run and hide ~The String Tones, from Sweden, '66
Elitropia this one was used in Kenneth Anger's short film, gem
Elitropia whoop whoop whoop whoop .. whoop whoop ..

Tropics As Time's Gone

| play
Elitropia one of the rare nowadays band I enjoy listening to .. The Liminanas

The Liminanas,The Darkside

| play
Elitropia the wind blows your hair ♫♪
Elitropia Wendy and Bonnie, sisters at the age of 15 and 16 singin' let yourself go another time..
Elitropia people in me ~The Music Machine .. the train is here, you better run, don't call me, I'll never come ..

The Music Machine-People in me

| play
Elitropia Los Chijuas recorded it also in English as "changing the colors of life" ... bye bye for now
Elitropia I said I wanna wanna wanna I said I wanna wanna wanna ...
Elitropia another cool cover, I love this song, loadsa covers there are..

Five Americans " Slippin' and slidin' "

| play
Elitropia lover please ~Clyde Mcphatter .. this tune moves me ♫♪
Elitropia I hate you.. oh non only kiddin'.. I hate you ~The Monks
Elitropia I'm gonna love you too ~13th Floor Elevators ♫♪
Elitropia amazing Yardbirds performance in movie Blow Up
Elitropia I've got the blues, what shall I do?
Elitropia dance until you drop ~The Defects

Defects: Dance Until You Drop :AUDIO Punk Vinyl

| play
Elitropia pre 13th Floor Elevators .. the Spades

The Spades We Sell Soul

| play
Elitropia Texas psych band .. the Golden Dawn

The Golden Dawn-Starvation

| play
Elitropia yeah I wanna wanna wanna yeah wanna I said wanna wanna..
Elitropia Lada Edmund Jr dancin, the Sonics are playin
Elitropia you got me ♫♪

The Prodigal-You Got Me

| play
Elitropia the Kinks cover, but a very good one
Elitropia you never had it better ~The Electric Prunes


| play
Elitropia ain't that lovin' you baby ♫♪
Elitropia slippin' and slidin' ~Wanda Jackson 1961

Wanda jackson slippin and slidin

| play
Elitropia walkin' through a cemetery ~Claudine Clark
Elitropia a very underrated band, I have a thing for this tune
Elitropia Les Fleur de lys also recorded this under the name Ruppert's people.. but I like Sharon singin, South African

Sharon Tandy ~with Les Fleur De Lys~ / Hold On

| play
Elitropia always see your face ~Arthur Lee and Love
Elitropia he's so fine ~The Chiffons doo lang doo lang do lang..
Elitropia mornin dance now, volume up .. liar, liar ~The Castways
Elitropia la do dada la do dadaa, la do dada la do dadaa ..
Elitropia hey sha lo ney na nin nee noo ley loo .. The Action also did a cool cover

Mickey Lee Lane. Hey Sha Lo Ney

| play
Elitropia and I'm sittin on my sofa, playin records anyway.. crazy time ~Lamberts
Elitropia I'll have to dance then (on my own) ~The Mekons
Elitropia a bit mellow now .. hurtin' kind ~The Bittersweet
Elitropia another cool cover .. train kept a rollin' ~Scotty McKay Quintet obsessed with this tune lately
Elitropia from my window ~The Shaynes

The Shaynes-From My Window

| play
Elitropia loving you sometimes ~The Outcasts
Elitropia I'm alive ~Tommy James and the Shondells


| play
Elitropia Hully Gully ~Conjunto Academico Joao Paulo (Portuguese)
Elitropia Aphrodite ~The Cougars .. Japanese garage psych

あさこ ゴーゴーダンス

| play
Elitropia think for yourself ~Kennelmus

KENNELMUS-Think for yourself

| play
Elitropia beat your heart out ~The Zeros
Elitropia ooh chills and fever ooh chills and fever.. chills and fever~Ronnie Love
Elitropia I dig you baby and I think yer really cool .. I dig you ~Tommy Blake
Elitropia yeah baybe .. gotta get some ~the Bold

Bold Gotta Get Some

| play
Elitropia not for me ~The Nomads, Mount Airy, NC

The Nomads Not For Me STARK 009

| play
Elitropia situations ~The Nomads, Houston, TX


| play
Elitropia 'cause she's da witch ♫♪

SonicsThe Witch

| play
Elitropia girl don't change your mind ~Eddie Cunningham & The Lone Rangers, Pasadena, Texas
Elitropia gotta make my heart turn away ~Michael, Corpus Christi, Texas
Elitropia do me right now ~Clockwork Orange
Elitropia do that thing ~The Reactors

The Reactors-Do That Thing

| play
Elitropia going out of my mind ~The Easybeats
Elitropia the little black egg ~The Nightcrawlers
Elitropia one track mind ~The Knickerbockers
Elitropia you've got what I want ~The Paramounts
Elitropia gonul dagi ~Baris Manco ♥
Elitropia you rub me the wrong way ~The Road
Elitropia do what you must ~Tintern Abbey
Elitropia how could you say one thing ~The Wards of Court

The Wards of Court "How could you say one thing" (1967)

| play
Elitropia my my my (tu m'as prise au piege) ~Karo
Elitropia alligator boogaloo ~The Knockouts

THE KNOCKOUTS / Alligator Boogaloo

| play
Elitropia turn another page.... . .. .......... ..... .. . ......
Elitropia ten cats down ~The Miller Sisters

The Miller Sisters Ten Cats Down

| play
Elitropia you can live in our tree ~The Blue Things
Elitropia I lost you in my mind ~Painted Faces


| play
Elitropia always see your face ~Love
Elitropia crazy ♫♪ crazy ♫♪ crazy ♫♪ crazy ♫♪


| play
Elitropia all I see is you ~The Jokers Wild

Jokers Wild- All I See Is You

| play
Elitropia une autre autoroute ~Karine
Elitropia le coeur au bout des doigts ~Jacqueline Taieb

JACQUELINE TAIEB 'Le coeur au bout des doigts'

| play
Elitropia shimmy shimmy ko ko bop ~Chicago Line
Elitropia my life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, that's how this refrain goes, so come on, join in everybody!
Elitropia peach fuzz forest ~Crystal Garden .. I totally forgot bout this tune.. good un

Crystal Garden-Peach Fuzz Forest

| play
Elitropia there was a time .... there was a time ....

Lazy Smoke-There Was A Time

| play
Elitropia have you for my own ~The Go-Betweens ... yeah I wanna wanna wanna ..
Elitropia I found a new love ~Ognir and the Nite People
Elitropia too hot to handle ~Michael Cox ... dancin time now
Elitropia she's bad ~The Shoremen, Baltimore band, '65

shore menshe's bad

| play
Elitropia all female band, and they were good!

The Feminine Complex , I've Been Workin' On You (Demo Version)

| play
Elitropia gotta dance more ... cool jerk ~The Creation
Elitropia tell me why your light shines ~The Lykes of Us ♫♪
Elitropia turtle have a short regs not for the walking ♫♪

Can-Turtles Have Short Legs (1971 Single Track)

| play
Elitropia spring ~Kim Jung Mi, from the album Now, 1973
Elitropia diddy wah diddy ~Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band .. ♥ Captain
Elitropia you must be a witch ~The Lollipop Shoppe

The Lollipop Shoppe-You must be a Witch

| play
Elitropia it happens everyday ~The Lemon Drops .. underrated band

The Lemon Drops-It Happens Everyday

| play
Elitropia for my own ~Rockatones .. Canadian garage
Elitropia red light ~The Sands of Light, Philadelphia garage

The Sands Of Time-Red Light

| play
Elitropia bend me, shape me ~The Models .. the best cover of this tune methinks.. aye
Elitropia I cannot stop you ~Cherry Slush
Elitropia hung up ~Salt .. funky!

Salt-Hung Up

| play
Elitropia underrated band methinks ... thing in 'e' ~The Savage Resurrection
Elitropia live and let live ~Arthur Lee and Love
Elitropia way down below ~The Gruesomes, Canadian band of the 90s
Elitropia no use knockin, no use knockin on my door .. 'cause it's all over now, I don't love you no more ♫♪
Elitropia one of the first girl vocal group in Australia.. this song is special somehow
Elitropia where is my mind? ......... . ........ ....
Elitropia you give me nothing but the blues ~Guitar Slim
Elitropia more Texas garage .. she's the girl for me ~The Visions
Elitropia keep your hands off of it ~Sounds Unlimited (Texas band)

"Keep Your Hands Off Of It" by Sounds Unlimited F60S

| play
Elitropia son (we've kept the room just the way you left it) ~Michaelangelo
Elitropia shadows ~Juan Trip' .. needs high volume, it's better that way

ShadowsJuan Trip'

| play
Elitropia time can't wait ~Public Nuisance
Elitropia I'll keep on holding ~The Action
Elitropia I told you so ~The Avengers
Elitropia why ~The Byrds been awhile we haven't listened to any Byrds tune...

THE BYRDS Why 1966 ( original mono 45)

| play
Elitropia messing up my mind ~The Way-Outs

The Way-Outs "messing up my mind"

| play
Elitropia last night I had a dream ~Randy Newman
Elitropia get it while you can ~The Checkmates
Elitropia I take what I want!

The Artwoods , I Take What I Want

| play
Elitropia turtle hav a short regs, not for da walking ♫♪

Can-Turtles Have Short Legs (1971 Single Track)

| play
Elitropia strange walking man ~Mandrake Paddle Steamer
Elitropia out of sight ~Them .. you're out a sight, out a sight ♫♪

ThemOut of Sight

| play
Elitropia potato chip ~The Shadows of Knight
Elitropia if you don't love my love ~Jack London & The Sparrows
Elitropia feeling zero ~Neighb'rhood Childr'n ... fuzz shower
Elitropia just in case you wonder ~The Ugly Ducklings .. fuzz soup

The Ugly Ducklings-Just in case you wonder

| play
Elitropia action ~Knots .. requires high volume ... for those who needs to wake up


| play
Elitropia incense and peppermints ~Strawberry Alarm Clock

Strawberry Alarm Clock "Incense And Peppermints" 45rpm

| play
Elitropia vegetable man ~Syd Barrett.. unreleased PF tune

SYD BARRETT-Vegetable man

| play
Elitropia sitting here on a tongue ~The Grodeck Whipperjenny
Elitropia (everybody's goin' to) rollerland ~Wild Bill Kennedy and the Twiliters

Wild Bill Kennedy & The Twiliters: (Everybody's Goin' To) Rollerland

| play
Elitropia I can't help thinking of you ~The Bucket
Elitropia you remind me ~The Outsiders (Dutch)


| play
Elitropia writing on the wall ~The Five Canadians

The Five Canadians-Writing On The Wall

| play
Elitropia take her anytime ~The Longboatmen
Elitropia sun..... doesn't hurt my eyes..... ♫♪

Margo GuryanSun

| play
Elitropia color your mind ~Tyrnaround

TYRNAROUND- Colour Your Mind

| play
Elitropia stay out of my world ~The Preachers

The Preachers-Stay Out of My World

| play
Elitropia illegal bodies ~Simply Saucer

Simply Saucer-Illegal Bodies

| play
Elitropia watch out, watch out, timbeeeeer !
Elitropia I'll never forget you ~Husker Du
Elitropia devil by my side ~The Weakends
Elitropia koi no fuga ~The Peanuts

ザ・ピーナッツ_恋のフーガ_The Peanuts

| play
Elitropia psychedelic siren ~The Daybreakers
Elitropia lover please ~CLyde McPhatter
Elitropia love crazy baby ~Kenny Parchman
Elitropia eagle never hunts the fly ~Music Machine
Elitropia you can't be trusted ~The Seeds
Elitropia I've got that feeling ~Jamie Coe
Elitropia I'll come running ~Mad Hatters
Elitropia listen to the silence ~Blossom Toes
Elitropia I like the way you freak out, come on and work it on out...
Elitropia catatonic lover ~The Sacred Mushroom
Elitropia what do you want me to do ~Pointed Sticks

POINTED STICKS "What Do You Want Me To Do"

| play
Elitropia I do what I wanna do ~The Brats
Elitropia you're gonna need my lovin' ~The Creeps
Elitropia banana splits ~The Dickies

Dickies : Banana Splits : AUDIO Punk Vinyl COLLECTABLES.

| play
Elitropia think of as one ~Roky Erickson
Elitropia adventure playground ~Television Personalities
Elitropia reminds me of 'baby come back' of the Equals but this is cool one too

The PlagueIn Love

| play
Elitropia you can't buy me ~999
Elitropia squarehead ~The Spaceshits
Elitropia love song ~The Damned
Elitropia I'm a record junkie ~The Monsters
Elitropia living memories ~The Trespassers
Elitropia I'd have to be outta my mind ~Words Of Luv
Elitropia silly girl ~Television Personalities
Elitropia sun is so bright ~Blue Effect
Elitropia you really got me ~13th Floor Elevators .. awesome cover
Elitropia I'm a record junkie ~The Monsters
Elitropia coming to your world ~The Disturbers
Elitropia I'm gonna slide ~The Dagenites
Elitropia out of sight, out of mind ~The Bit' A Sweet

The Bit' A Sweet -- Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

| play
Elitropia where was my mind ~The Minority
Elitropia don't chop down my tree ~The Raves
Elitropia she loves me, she loves me not ~Wolf Men
Elitropia summertime blues ~Blue Cheer

Blue Cheer-Summertime Blues(1968)

| play
Elitropia burn in flames ~The Monsters

The Monsters ~ Burn In Flames

| play
Elitropia totally forgot about this band, enjoy!

The FugsNothing

| play
Elitropia makin' love ~Dirty Shames

'60s Garage Punk DIRTY SHAMES "Makin' Love" 1966

| play
Elitropia always and ever ~Lenne and the Lee Kings

Lenne & The Lee Kings-Always And Ever

| play
Elitropia don't you remember ~The Sound Magics
Elitropia out of our tree ~The Wailers
Elitropia time to dream ~The Lost Agency
Elitropia what shall I do ~The Artwoods
Elitropia eagle never hunts the fly ~The Music Machine
Elitropia sitting here on a tongue ~The Grodeck Whipperjenny
Elitropia I do what I wanna do ~The Brats
Elitropia can't cheat karma ~Zounds
Elitropia they're back again, here they come ~The Cigarettes
Elitropia what do you want me to do ~Pointed Sticks

POINTED STICKS "What Do You Want Me To Do"

| play
Elitropia neat neat neat ~The Damned

Damned neat neat neat supersonic 1977

| play
Elitropia you really got me ~13th Floor Elevators
Elitropia backseat boogie ~The Spaceshits
Elitropia let me stand next to your fire woah lemme stand.. woah lemme stand.. awrite ohh


| play
Elitropia I love you, you big dummy ~Quincy McLean and the Smooth Bastards
Elitropia I'm grounded ~The Minimum Daily Requirements

The Minimum Daily Requirements-I'm Grounded

| play
Elitropia blow um mau mau ~The Monsters
Elitropia es tu cosa ~Joe Bataan .. 'it's your thing'

Joe Bataan "Es Tu Cosa"

| play
Elitropia round and around ~Celia and the Mutations
Elitropia no feelings ~Sex Pistols
Elitropia trouble comin' everyday ~Mothers of Invention
Elitropia ah, so ~The Hightlights
Elitropia universal vagrant ~The Smoke
Elitropia cool cover.. . .. ...... fire ~The Vampires

The Vampires Fire

| play
Elitropia let the rain be me ~The Magic Mushrooms

The Magic Mushrooms-Let the Rain Be Me 1966

| play
Elitropia your gona break my heart ~The Abstrack Sound
Elitropia blue moon baby ~The Cramps
Elitropia I've seen you around ~The Messengers
Elitropia sunshine everywhere ~The Smoking Trees

THE SMOKING TREES-Sunshine everywhere

| play
Elitropia thru the rhythm ~13th Floor Elevators
Elitropia in and out ~Larry & the Blue Notes
Elitropia suzy creamcheese ~Teddy and His Patches

Teddy and His Patches-Suzy Creamcheese (W/Lyrics 1967 Demented Punk)

| play
Elitropia I love you, you big dummy ~Quincy McLean and the Smooth Bastards
Elitropia I can understand your problem ~The Third Bardo

The Third Bardo- I Can Understand Your Problem

| play
Elitropia toki niwa haha no nai ko no youni ~Carmen Maki
Elitropia infected with you ~The Miracle Workers
Elitropia you're where love is ~Juan Trip'
Elitropia when I see you ~Billy and the Kids
Elitropia strange walking man ~Mandrake Paddle Steamer
Elitropia I can only give you everything ~Them
Elitropia love has no time ~Miracle Workers
Elitropia where you gonna go ~The Unrelated Segments

The Unrelated Segments-Where You Gonna Go?

| play
Elitropia the girl who faded away ~The Reekers
Elitropia there's no place for lonely people ~Adam's Recital
Elitropia hold on to your dream ~Andwella
Elitropia a scene in between ~The Stained Glass
Elitropia you ain't tuff ~Lindy Blaskey & The Lavells
Elitropia from zero down ~The Nomads (Mount Airy, NC)
Elitropia blow them and they're gone.. flying to the sun..
Elitropia I'm gonna love you anyway ~The Birdwatchers

The Birdwatchers, "I'm Gonna Love You Anyway"

| play
Elitropia we're gonna love forever ~Sir Winston and the Commons
Elitropia I see the light ~One Way Street
Elitropia baby please don't go ~The Modes
Elitropia love, that's where it is ~The Sunshine Company
Elitropia nobody but me ~Naz Nomad and the Nightmares


| play
Elitropia black winds ~Little John and The Monks

Little John and The Monks-Black Winds

| play
Elitropia when the lights are low ~Joya Landis
Elitropia she loves me she loves me not ~Wolf Men
Elitropia don't call my name ~The Weads

The Weads-Don't Call My Name

| play
Elitropia hanging on a string ~Question Mark & The Mysterians
Elitropia piangi con me ~The Rokes

Piangi con me the Rokes

| play
Elitropia I'm movin' on ~Lisa Bett ... volume up!!
Elitropia walking shoes ~The Trolls

Walkin shoesTrolls

| play
Elitropia my brother, the man ~We the People

We The People: My brother, the man

| play
Elitropia meet me at the clubhouse ~Quintron
Elitropia in awhile ~The Pictorian Skiffuls
Elitropia I'm not there ~Lil' Boys Blue

Lil' Boys Blue- I'm Not There

| play
Elitropia ball and chain ~Great Scots


| play
Elitropia you ain't so such a much ~Blanche Thomas ... volume up!
Elitropia shimmy shimmy sha ya something something ♫♪
Elitropia baby ~The Tasmanians

The Tasmanians-Baby

| play
Elitropia do I do right ~Lou & Ginny

LOU & GINNY -"Do I Do Right?" (1958)

| play
Elitropia you ain't so such a much ~Blanche Thomas
Elitropia this one ends with sweets for my sweet, love this cover
Elitropia baby baby ~The Wild Cherries

The Wild Cherries-Baby Baby

| play
Elitropia ooh yeah baby ~Kip Tyler
Elitropia baby, baby, oh baby ~Jimmy Ed Trio
Elitropia shake, shout and go ~Brian Diamond & The Cutters
Elitropia believe what I say ~Jimmy Gilbert
Elitropia put your lovin' on me ~The Kinetics
Elitropia I wanna be the only one ~Kip Anderson
Elitropia don't put me down ~The King's Court

The King's Court-Don't Put Me On

| play
Elitropia no one wants me ~The Actioneers
Elitropia you're gonna be mine ~The Four Of Us

The Four Of Us-You're Gonna Be Mine

| play
Elitropia flash and crash ~Rocky and The Riddlers

Rocky and The Riddlers-Flash and Crash

| play
Elitropia all my love ~The Soul Survivors
Elitropia let me take you down ~The Uprisers
Elitropia what I want you to say ~The Barracudas

The Barracudas-What I Want You To Say

| play
Elitropia I can make it without you ~Barry Ebling & The Invaders

Barry Ebling & The Invaders-I Can Make It Without You

| play
Elitropia state of your mind ~The Rock Shop

The Rock Shop-State Of Your Mind

| play
Elitropia come on come on ~The Esquires

The Esquires " Come on come on "

| play
Elitropia all my love ~The Soul Survivors
Elitropia I couldn't care less run ~The Run-A-Rounds
Elitropia come back bird ~Chevelle V
Elitropia I feel like crying ~The Sound Extraction
Elitropia she don't know ~The Changing Times

she don't know ~The Changing Times

| play
Elitropia only as long as you want it ~The Treez

The Treez-Only As Long As You Want

| play
Elitropia I couldn't care less ~The Couriers
Elitropia that's all I want ~The KanDells

that's all I want ~The KanDells

| play
Elitropia you're gonna make me ~The Penthouse 5

The Penthouse 5 You're gonna make me (long version)

| play
Elitropia don't you dare ~The Impacts
Elitropia try to understand ~The Sheiks
Elitropia just just just just just just just a-follow me.. . .
Elitropia it's gonna take a while ~The Morticians
Elitropia come on in to my world ~The Endd
Elitropia you're gonna be mine ~The Four of Us

The Four Of Us-You're Gonna Be Mine

| play
Elitropia she's gone away ~The Bristols
Elitropia inside your heart ~The Monochrome Set
Elitropia I'm gone slide ~The Dagenites
Elitropia what can I say ~The Mo-Shuns
Elitropia I'd have to be outta my mind ~Words of Luv
Elitropia temporary insanity ~The Intruders , Texas garage
Elitropia yes, it's too bad ~The Gang of Saints

yes, it's too bad ~The Gang of Saints

| play
Elitropia little black egg ~The Tone Benders .. liking this cover

The Tone Benders-Little Black Egg

| play
Elitropia I'm leaving you ~Luv'd Ones .. excellent number by the fabulous all female band
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