BalticElephant How did I not notice them before? MGMT have enormous talent. Songs are amazingly original.


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auxend 11:11 is the only time all four numbers are the same on a digital clock (12hour)
minnis i've always loved this album. (reblip)
purplesime @dubstarr Weird, I answered your Blip before it appeared on my feed!
Boondoggle Here's a catchy tune with an intriguing beat from The Bird & The Bee...
Smoozik This isn't in any of Bloc party's albums. Released as a single. Lovely song.
purplesime Pay attention now! Ok, then don't *_* <----- vi@threebears (reblip)
karie @djwttw@gerontoSepp. that was perfect timing! i was just wanting to play THIS version of "Lucky Man"! thank you, for the other one from EL&P. : ) (reblip)
ThatGuyWho A really good song from SSPU's new album
HangTheDJ_411 great show at Warehouse Live 8/9/06. and after party at what's it called.......what was it called! A38 was it?
ThatGuyWho This song has been on loop in my head for 4 days straight.
ree_lo Iceland's best little secret.
koduckgirl 16.The Submarines – You Me and the Bourgeoisie
koduckgirl cool cool version of this song!!! T.V. Carpio – I Want to Hold Your Hand (reblip)
koduckgirl in the mood fer this one anyone remember the video on Mtv it was sick<3-Whale – Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe (reblip)
koduckgirl this is the Weezery sound def'n'tly<3Weezer – Island In The Sun
koduckgirl go ahead make my day:Driver Surprise Me/The National
Will_the_bloke The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Stay Alive ...Saw these guys live recently, been listening to CD since. Think this track is becoming my fave.
IAmTimBaker More 90's nostalgia: Belly – "Feed the Tree"
elfgirl say all the words you want to and tell all your friends <3
elfgirl why is Fall Inn not on here anymore? i wanna hear it right now. ugh. its my fave ponys song, wah wah haha
elfgirl soon...wish you all could come blipsters :)
elfgirl @redeft they have at least an EP i've heard. New Hampshire is my favorite, good call! (reblip)
anebulosa @redeft rsrs, yeah, i was snooping around doing the redeft?page= thing rsrsrs ;* ill b right back, get ur cam goen rsrs or the turtle will have it XD
anebulosa k, im stealing stuff from people...rsrs...took this from @redeft cool, had, im really really gone after this one ;* (reblip)
firehawkJP Shhhh! Gwen Stefani's husband is singing!
Alex_Rawls Since my efforts to see them last night were thwarted, I'll make do w/ their recordings.
QuicksandRangero Hi @ all of you, my fellow blippers & friends
Will_the_bloke I don't like setting these off any more than the next bloke ..sometimes you just can't help it .. .Nice choice @secretsquirrel! (reblip)
BlairDC loved this track from twilight...
NyQuilDriver I'm dying for your sins on the dance floor.
Will_the_bloke crispy bleached out sound to this one ... love it!!! less shoegazey ... Ride – Chelsea Girl .. tks @penfabulous, glad you like it :)
Will_the_bloke And he's great when covered too, @vlc, @whistlin_indie, @philkirby, @jtabz .. hello Church record out, supposed to be up to old form
Will_the_bloke God this is such an infectious song ... tks @bunq ...another shot of aussie goodness ... Van She – Kelly

Van SheKelly

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Star Fucking Hipsters - Until We're Dead

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salleegal Waves @photogurrl: "vi@jrzychub: "How can you not love a song with a lyric like "...I going to bite you hard and taste your tinny blood" (reblip)
Stolen Okay kids, I'll see you later.
ElizaHerp This afternoon i have to leave it. Bye all!
NyQuilDriver I'm gunna loop duplicate my heart into a million songs.
NyQuilDriver @daretoeatapeach last twee cover reminded me of this, which I have uploaded and am now hosting myself for your pleasure. The things I do for you ;)
DareToEatAPeach Cloud Cult: It's what you need. Get it here.
DareToEatAPeach Think I should begin a campain to play this everytime the Kanye song comes on. I'm all for sampling but all the greatness of Kanye's song is this song
Will_the_bloke Haven't heard this in ages!!! Someone finally uploaded it ... cheers .... Flesh for Lulu – I Go Crazy
melodyofurlife This tune has been in my head for a few days now. Its great to listen to while driving.
bungholio This needed blippin. "Lou you look bad, are ya dyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiin?"
FunkShoi @sandyriverside -- I live right around McCarren Park. I might go after work. I suck pretty badly tho.


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sandyriverside Thanks @Mr_Eyes, I would be lying if I said I didn't do the same with your playlist. Good tunes man. (reblip)
sandra__ (Ghost Under Rocks) Bye for now.
ElizaHerp Haha Thx @CaptTobasco: "Had this in my head all day, so had to play it 4 real" (reblip)
Stolen Sneaking into the subway, bringing down major financial institutions, you know, kid stuff.
Stolen A nostalgic tune about using nostalgia for questionable romantic purposes. Also, "fireside".


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flanflan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
evlover0327 Listening to "Living Dead Girl" Rob Zombie
GCesquire @Jennesis That sounds like a plan to me... I am off... I hope you have a kick ass Sunday... Cheers!!!
GCesquire @Jennesis That's definitely an understandable goal. I would like this to be the year I finally learn to swim. Stupid City boy w/o survival skills.
GCesquire @Jennesis What would life be without distractions... Who needs to be productive? lol
devinoftheshift hope you got some fineheadphones and a good sound card or speakers to bump this
ElizaHerp Here, then gone, now here again. Whatever, i'm glad.
DrDebs some more Jon Foreman for those of you who aren't cool with imeem. There's not much good stuff of his, but this is marvelous.
DrDebs if you're in love, listen to this song. even if you're not, you should listen to this song. So beautiful. <imeem>
DaHilster New Fast Automatic Daffodils, soon to disappear


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jtabz hello, @katost @ElizaHerp! @stena--it is sad, indeed. Oh, well...

Swan Lake - All Fires

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ElizaHerp Thanks much @DaHilster. will learn! back to work now... (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach THANKS! @GR8FL: "[will all non-imeem be gouged away?] that's what is on blog, but there are fixes for that... see" (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach @iceblink: In Firefox there's a grey bar at bottom left that shows where a track is loading from. Preview track to see... (reblip)
ElizaHerp LUNCH BREAK!!! damn i'm lame ~ "i'll keerl her" thx @CaptTobasco
ElizaHerp won't even come out for dinner

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, "Toby Take A Bow"

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Cloud Cult-Chemicals Collide

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FunkShoi RB - @anothercraze: ""You are the sailor and i am the port" Great editing job to whoever did this video!" (reblip)
jtabz till later, @minmae! agreed, @doubledrat--It's got a slanted-and-enchanted-land feeling to it.
zincink psychedelic syd barrett horrorscape
ElizaHerp i'd really rather be called "personal assistant"

Dear Employee

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ElizaHerp crazy how much things can change overnite! enjoy the vid
DareToEatAPeach Let down your hair Let down your hair Rapunzel Rapunzel Let down your hair
DareToEatAPeach Once you hear this song you'll know why these kids will be getting a record deal very soon.
DareToEatAPeach Editors do a lot of good covers. Here: REM.
ElizaHerp Nice vid for Wrong Time Capsule


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ElizaHerp Ha! luv this, go elvis go vi@PeoplesChamp: "a little more action please..." (reblip)
ElizaHerp vi@snugglebunny: "oooo nice - ummm - er hula hooping in the video - meow! hurrah for fat cherry lips" (reblip)
THX3 YES!! rb>>>@haizee: "disco Pocahontas !! this is great, video is hilarious.. (reblip)

Apache Vs Sneaky Sound System: Pictures (Tonite Only Remix)

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ElizaHerp Like this vi@DaHilster, and if he just said "The duvet's on fire and so is you hair" then i REALLY like it. (reblip)

The Soft Pack 'Extinction'

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ElizaHerp Hey hey @dionroy @rosenbloom @auxend. Friday five p.m. slowly winding its way to the west coast.
ElizaHerp Dead as a dodo and flat on my ass. Could be worse tho.
ElizaHerp Crazy psychic @sandyriverside; great weekend @ you too :)
ElizaHerp Hiya @Shukitty: managed 2 blip yest IN a conference w/ (tiny) headphones on. Not sure if that makes me super clever or just damn unprofessional.
ElizaHerp 'Bye 4 now. If i don't get some work done i won't be able to tolerate myself later.

Clinic: Jigsaw Man

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ElizaHerp OK you punks, time to work. laters to all
ElizaHerp rb@whistlin_indie" expect to hear a lot more from Pet Ghost Project in coming months. just set up facebook group for them here:" (reblip)
ElizaHerp inspired by @CargoCulte's pvmnt. blip. Saw them eons ago @ Tipitina's, both Stinsons still alive.
ElizaHerp outta props for @DaHilster so have to hit ya with one of these
ElizaHerp Inspired by @CargoCulte. We can never have too many gorgeous, overwrought versions of Bonnie & Clyde.

Soledad Brothers "Handle Song" Music Video

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ElizaHerp I just had to drop by for a little minute.

summer cats lonely planet

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ElizaHerp Hey there @duskviolet. Inspired by yer earlier Dean/Britta : )


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ElizaHerp AMEN to full immersion

The Cave Singers--Dancing On Our Graves

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ElizaHerp Bye YA'LL. Headed to The Peach State to consume 20 lbs. of boiled peanuts + chicken fried steak and wrangle my dad into rehab. Wish me luck.
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