Ellies58 This sure brings back some memories! :)
Ellies58 Now....next to Floyd; these guys play an Excellent Concert! #FOSHO

Baba O'Riley (Teenage Wasteland) by The Who Live

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Ellies58 Marc Bolan of T-Rex fame..Mmmmm

Marc Bolan * Life Is Strange

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Ellies58 Thank You Eva!!! {{HUGS}} xx @belfastangel: "@Ellies58 Saying a little prayer for you - so sorry to hear of your injury XO" (reblip)
Ellies58 TY! {{HUGS}} @girlzoo: ""The Prayer" for your healing @Ellies58@ShebaJo @belfastangel @maryellen1961 @girlzoo We Love You. Speedy Recovery *MWAH*" (reblip)
Ellies58 This one's for you Mary Ellen!! ♥ @Maryellen1961
Ellies58 Mmmm....and this one's for me...
Ellies58 My most used nick name and an all time Great!
Ellies58 For all Aerosmith Fans...
Ellies58 Watch for this girl...LOVE her! #MusicMonday .... @Arianagillis
Ellies58 Rockin' it out a little more with the Wilson Gals...
Ellies58 Good Song! :) RB @PamsLove: "Eric Clapton I Shot The Sherrif" (reblip)

Eric Clapton I Shot The Sherrif

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Ellies58 An all time fav! RB @PamsLove: "The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again" (reblip)
Ellies58 Rockin' another great song...RB @PamsLove: "Queen - Keep Yourself Alive (Queen Rocks)" (reblip)
Ellies58 HA...great song! :) RB @fxp123: "Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me" (reblip)
Ellies58 Oh...#EXCELLENT!! RB @fxp123: "free ride - edgar winter" (reblip)

free rideedgar winter

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Ellies58 Another Great one Al!! ;) RB @fxp123: "Gary Wright - Dream Weaver" (reblip)
Ellies58 Ahhh...At 17....

At 17Janis Ian

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Ellies58 ...and the Vinyl it was on! :) RB @PamsLove: "Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" (reblip)
Ellies58 Hahaha...yes I am!! Dizzy...Tommy Roe
Ellies58 The "ZEP"....Kashmir Led Zepplin :)

Led Zepplinkashmir

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Ellies58 Cranked this on the way out of Hamilton...going to B.C. to live! Haha Genesis - Ripples
Ellies58 Hahaha....From the Inside Out...Millie and Billie :)
Ellies58 Mmm-hmm...old U2 - Where the streets have no Name
Ellies58 An Excellent choice Al!! :) RB @fxp123: "Sting - Roxanne (Live)" (reblip)

StingRoxanne (Live)

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Ellies58 Another funn Moldy Oldie! :) RB @fxp123: "The Cars - You're All I've Got Tonight (with lyrics)" (reblip)
Ellies58 Love this one too...great song! Dust In the Wind - Kansas
Ellies58 Ahhh..You got the "Touch"!! ;) RB @fxp123: "James Blunt - You're Beautiful (Live)" (reblip)
Ellies58 Love her! Keep your ears open for this up and comer! @arianagillis ~ Blueberry Ocean
Ellies58 Another one... @arianagillis Simon Brook ( original song )
Ellies58 My Fav @DamienCripps song! Damien Cripps Band ~ Pictures

'Pictures' (Damien Cripps Band) Australia

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Ellies58 Rockin' it @adamlevine Maroon 5 ~ This Love ( Live )
Ellies58 HA...great song!! :) RB @PamsLove: "Aerosmith - Come Together" (reblip)
Ellies58 A great song! So right for the time! RB @PamsLove Billy Joel - Honesty (reblip)

Billy JoelHonesty

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Ellies58 RB @Ellies58: "This is for my Good friend @lillij; in honor of her Daughter!! Heart ~Dreamboat Annie" (reblip)

"Dreamboat Annie" Heart

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Ellies58 Excellent Jay! RB @JayLink_: "The Rocky Horror Show The Time Warp" (reblip)

The Rocky Horror Show The Time Warp

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Ellies58 For you @girlzoo...Aint no Sunshine ~Bill Withers
Ellies58 Man he was a Showman!! Missya Freddie! Radio GaGa ~Queen
Ellies58 Another great oldie...Knights In White Satin ~Moody Blues
Ellies58 Yes...I have met some! Not on Twitter tho.... ;) People are Strange ~The Doors
Ellies58 I Love this....Wish You Were Here ~Pink Floyd
Ellies58 One of my Fav's >Phils debut....Trick of the Tail ~Genesis

Genesis : A Trick Of The Tail (Phil Collins debut as full time lead vocalist )

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Ellies58 Man she could wail! :) Take Another Little Piece of My Heart ~Janis Joplin
Ellies58 He's sooo smooth! For you @fxp123 Sloe Gin ~Joe Bonamassa
Ellies58 Hoooot! Always ~Bon Jovi

Bon JoviAlways

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Ellies58 Love it!!! RB @terrinakamura: "Happy Together | "THE TURTLES" lol! | @cindyvriend @ShebaJo @tiulpan (#turtlebreath!)" (reblip)
Ellies58 For you Sweet Eva, @belfastangel ...Bridge Over Troubled Waters ~Simon and Garfunkel
Ellies58 Far from Zepplin; but nice....RB @patita: "only for you :D @hankpoints :D" (reblip)
Ellies58 HA...EXCELLENT!! :) RB @TheWildabout: "@cindyvriend #sillydance :o))) rb @sir_edward_ross: "RB @roberlan: "David Bowie – Let's Dance""" (reblip)
Ellies58 Sweet! RB @BlipStarr: "rb @Koshka: Thanks for spinning "Bob Dylan – Knockin' On Heaven's Door" :-)" (reblip)
Ellies58 I love this song! Good to sing with Acoustic...RB @eraser: "Suzanne <<Leonard Cohen >>" (reblip)
Ellies58 I love Carol! It's Too Late Baby...~Carol King
Ellies58 To All of my #TwitterFriends...Love ya! Don't Stop Believin' ~Journey...Live
Ellies58 My Fav too! The Grand Illusion ~Styx
Ellies58 This is my all time Fav tho...really! Come Sail Away ~Styx

StyxCome Sail Away

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Ellies58 Excellent! Somebody To Love...~Jefferson Starship ~Grace Slick

Somebody To Love ~ Jefferson Starship ~ Grace Slick ~ Tampa, Florida 1985 ~ Song #2

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Ellies58 My Most Fav of all time! RB @futuredirected: "My first recollection of Bowie. Loved him then, as I do now, @Ellies58" (reblip)
Ellies58 This is Hometown Music!! Hammertown!! :) Let's Shake ~Teenage Head
Ellies58 More Hammertown Music...Some Kinda Fun ~Teenage Head
Ellies58 #MusicMonday....My good friend Damien Dakota ~Damien Cripps Band

Damien Cripps 'Dakota' Live acoustic

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Ellies58 Another of my Fav new artists...#MusicMonday...@kinagrannis ~Message From Your Heart
Ellies58 And another Fav new artist...#MusicMonday...@davidchoimusic ~Won't Even Start
Ellies58 My Fav Female Canadian Icon...#MusicMonday @jannarden ~Free

Jann ArdenFree

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Ellies58 #CLASSIC...RB @fxp123: "ACDC It's A Long Way To The Top" (reblip)

ACDC It's A Long Way To The Top

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Ellies58 Thank You...good song! RB @mark_till: "@Ellies58 Crowded House - Weather With You" (reblip)
Ellies58 A fav Oldie...The House of the Rising Sun ~The Animals
Ellies58 Ahhh...the 70's :) Let The Good Times Roll ~The Cars
Ellies58 Love this...RB @fxp123: "rb @katiemdesigns: "Nickelback – How You Remind Me"" (reblip)
Ellies58 Hahaha...rockin' the Smothers Brothers! RB @fxp123: "Somebody To Love/ White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane" (reblip)
Ellies58 Hmmm...Love Heart! Wilson girls rockin' it out! RB @fxp123: "Heart - Alone (Brigade Tour Live NY 1990)" (reblip)
Ellies58 Good Memories! Mmmm...RB @fxp123: "I Want to know what love is - Foreigner" (reblip)
Ellies58 Such a Moving song/video...Love jann...#MusicMonday @jannarden ~Hanging By A Thread
Ellies58 Keepin' it Real...the way Canadians do...#MusicMonday @RealNickelback ~Rockstar
Ellies58 I love Etta! Always a winner! RB @fxp123: "Etta James - Spoonful" (reblip)

Etta James - Spoonful

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Ellies58 #Excellent choice! RB @fxp123: "rb @lilbratsie: "Bad Company – If You Needed Somebody"" (reblip)
Ellies58 #Excellent pic Girl! RB @KristyRNinAZ: "Daughtry – Home (acoustic) - Sometimes it's best to just come home." (reblip)
Ellies58 HA...Great June song! RB @fxp123: "Alice Cooper - School's Out For Summer!!!" (reblip)
Ellies58 Man...you're rockin' it tonight! RB @fxp123: "rb @Blipdjj: ""PINK FLOYD - WISH YOU WERE HERE""" (reblip)
Ellies58 I really like this version! RB @RiWrites Goodnight Irene ~Josh Charles (reblip)
Ellies58 Great Song! RB @pAmsLoVe A Change Will Do You Good - Sheryl Crow LIve (reblip)
Ellies58 Loved this! RB @xSDOx: "#Americana" ♫ the gourds w\ levon helm – gin and juice (reblip)
Ellies58 Another good one! RB @terrinakamura: "If she plays him for a fool...He's the last one to know | When a Man Loves a Woman | Percy Sledge" (reblip)
Ellies58 I #LOVE this song! Plain White T's ~Let me Take You There
Ellies58 I Adore this Song! Chasing Cars ~SnowPatrol
Ellies58 Great Song....the young years! Elton John ~Daniel
Ellies58 Love Randy! BTO ~Takin' Care of Business
Ellies58 One of my all time favs! Procol Harem ~A Whiter Shade of Pale
Ellies58 The Rock era! Grand Funk (Railroad) We're an American Band
Ellies58 Mr Smoooooth...Carlos Santana ~Black Magic Woman
Ellies58 A Fun song with lots of Memories! Trooper ~Boys in the Bright White Sports Car
Ellies58 Great Song..love the chorus! Doobie Brothers ~Black Water
Ellies58 HA!! LOve it! Kansas ~Carry On Wayward Son
Ellies58 A #FUN Song! ZZ Top ~Cheap Sunglasses

ZZ Top Cheap Sunglasses April 1980

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Ellies58 Another Great Oldie...Blue Oyster Cult ~Don't Fear The Reaper
Ellies58 Haha...dug up a real oldie here....Rolling Stones '76 Live ~Fool To Cry
Ellies58 Another "Just for Fun" Song! Sweet ~Fox on the Run :)))
Ellies58 Haha...nice outfits! "Extreme" ~Get The Funk Out
Ellies58 We're all girls with a Problem! LOL "Northern Pikes" ~Girl with a Problem
Ellies58 Haha..."Rock it Out"!! "David Wilcox" ~That Hypnotizin' Boogie, ~Bad Apple....


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Ellies58 Hoooot! "Foreigner" ~Hot Blooded
Ellies58 Great Song.... "Black Crowes" ~Hard To Handle
Ellies58 #EXCELLENT!!!! "Rare Earth" I Just Want To Celebrate
Ellies58 Another Great! CCR..."John Fogerty" ~Bad Moon Rising
Ellies58 What a Great time for Music this was! "Iron Butterfly" ~In A Gadda Da Vida
Ellies58 In the Hey-Day...."Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers" ~I Won't Back Down
fxp123 Nickelback - Rockstar (with lyrics)
fxp123 rb ty @BonnieMoertl: "TY for sparking a nice memory for me. @fxp123: "Jim Croce - Time In A Bottle"" (reblip)
Ellies58 Remember Layers?... LOL "Triumph" ~Just One Night

TRIUMPHJust One Night

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Ellies58 HA....It's S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. "Pink" ~Let's Get This Party Started
Ellies58 It's a Jungle out There! ;) "Steve Miller Band" ~Jungle Love

Steve Miller Band Jungle Love Live From Chicago

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Ellies58 I still Love this Song! For all the Dylan haters....listen to this! "Bob Dylan" Knockin' On Heavens Door
Ellies58 Another Great Old One! "Chilliwack" Lonesome Mary


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Ellies58 Hmmm.... Peyote will do strange things! lol "The Doors" Love Me Two Times
Ellies58 Great Song...."Tragically Hip" Locked In The Trunk Of A Car
Ellies58 These all make me wanna grow my hair! Good Song tho! "Journey" Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'
Ellies58 Best version I could find that wasn't a Cover! "CCR" ~Lodi


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Ellies58 Me Too!!! "Joe Walsh" ~Life's Been Good To Me
Ellies58 Been in this place! "Dr.John" Right Place, Wrong Time

Right Place , Wrong Time

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Ellies58 Listenin' to.... "Boston" ~More Than A Feeling
Ellies58 Smooth sounds of "Eagles" ~One Of These Nights
Ellies58 Haha...a Two-fer! "April Wine" ~OOh What A Night ~Talk Of The Town


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Ellies58 Classic Thorogood! "George Thorogood" One bourbon, one scotch, one beer
Ellies58 Another Moldie Oldie that #Rocks! "Yes" Owner of A Lonely Heart
Ellies58 One of the best Stones songs...#EVER!! "The Rolling Stones" ~Painted Black
Ellies58 Gittin' er Done...LOL "BTO" ~Takin' care of business
Ellies58 Nice Song....Good memories.. "Blue Rodeo" ~Rain Down On Me
Ellies58 The 70's were a fashion disaster! Good Music tho!!! "Golden Earring ~Radar Love
Ellies58 Great Tune! "The Band" ~Rag Mamma Rag

The Band "Rag Mama Rag"

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Ellies58 Another Great Song! "Jackson Brown" ~Runnin' On Empty
Ellies58 A bit fast...this version "Allman Bro's" Born A Ramblin' Man
Ellies58 Hahaha....look at Bill Cosby! OMG! "Steely Dan" ~Reelin' In The Years
Ellies58 OMG...Beatniks!!! Great Song tho!! "Steppenwolf" ~Sookie Sookie Sue
Ellies58 Nice Guitar in this! "Dire Straits" ~Sultans Of Swing
Ellies58 They Dig it...lol "Foreigner" ~Say You Will
Ellies58 Best Version I could find...and I Love this song! "Foghat" ~Slow Ride
Ellies58 Excellent Version...older and Feat. Jeff Healey!! #EXCELLENT!!! Sass Jordan ~Make You A Believer
Ellies58 In the beginning...The Man; The Legend! Jeff Healey ~See The Light
Ellies58 We could all use a Walk Here! ;) Lou Reed ~Take A Walk On The Wild Side (Live)
Ellies58 Produced some really good music in the 70's! Humble Pie ~Thirty Days In The Hole
Ellies58 Another Oldie... Squeeze ~Tempted


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Ellies58 Only need one!! Eddie Money ~Two Tickets To Paradise
Ellies58 @VonSass...sorry about the bad link...Here ya go.... Genesis ~A Trick Of The Tail

Genesis--A Trick Of The Tail (WMG)

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Ellies58 Another for you Ladies! @pAmsLoVe @VonSass Genesis...Phil Collins....~Ripples My very most fav! :)))
Ellies58 Those Sweet 70's! Journey ~Who's Cryin' Now

Journey. Who's Cryin' Now.

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Ellies58 Another Great song.... Emerson, Lake and Palmer ~Lucky Man
Ellies58 Love this song Man! :) JJ Cale ~After Midnight

JJ CaleAfter Midnight

| play
Ellies58 HA...now this is a Greeeeat one! Jethro Tull ~Aqualung
Ellies58 A little more Mellow! Paul McCartney and Wings ~Band On The Run
Ellies58 HA...more Moldie Oldies! ;) Manfred Mann ~Blinded By The Light
Ellies58 Ellie Loves #Santana too!!! Mmmmmm.. Santana ~Oye Como Va
Ellies58 A great 80's tune! Owner of a Lonely Heart ~YES
Ellies58 Not the best version of this but....still Great! Whipping Post ~Allman Bros
Ellies58 The 70's was a Great Music Era! The Load Out/ Stay ~Jackson Brown
Ellies58 A #GREAT 70's tune! Uh-huh In A Gadda Da Vida ~Iron Butterfly
Ellies58 Ahhh those 70's...can't get away from them! Hold On ~Triumph
Ellies58 Join me in a Different Galaxy! Spaceship Superstar ~Prism
Ellies58 Another Great Old tune. Another Man's Gun ~Ray Lyell & The Storm
Ellies58 Hahaha....skeeezy! LOL Wrap It Up ~The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Ellies58 I do so #LOVE this song! Heartbroken Bopper ~Guess Who

guess who live heartbroken bopper

| play
Ellies58 Great Song! ;) RB @fxp123: "The Guess Who - Clap For The Wolfman" (reblip)
Ellies58 (((((ShAkE-shAKe-sHAkE))))) RB @cindyvriend: "@Ellies58 whoohoooo shake your head and bum, clap your hands and smile!!!!" (reblip)
Ellies58 Excellent song! RB @fxp123: "Call Me - Shinedown Lyrics" (reblip)
Ellies58 Enjoy a little tune I like....Not meant to be ~Theory of a Dead Man
Ellies58 Another Great Tune by Snow Patrol ~Isolation
Ellies58 An A.I. success story....Chris Daughtry ~HOME


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Ellies58 #Excellent! RB @dawnlambros: "@KeithBorgnet My sweet lord – George Harrison - A really cool tribute." (reblip)
Ellies58 Ahhh...I adore this....Let Me Take You There ~Plain White T's
Ellies58 Exeelent Song! Excellent band! RB @fxp123: "The Who - Behind Blue Eyes 1975" (reblip)
Ellies58 You're hot tonight Al! ;) RB @@fxp123: "The Pretenders - Brass In Pocket" (reblip)
Ellies58 Oh an Excellent choice! RB @rockingjude: "The Animals- The House Of The Rising Sun" (reblip)

The Animals- The House Of The Rising Sun

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Ellies58 Great Pick Pam! :))) RB @pAmsLoVe: "Riders on the Storm - The Doors" (reblip)
Ellies58 Another Great one! :) RB @pAmsLoVe: "♥ ♪♫ ☺ @decca27 ♥ ♪♫ ☺ @Ellies58 ♥ ♪♫ ☺The Doors ~Break On Through" (reblip)
Ellies58 Great song by my Fav #LadyRockers! RB @fxp123: "These Dreams - Heart" (reblip)

These DreamsHeart

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Ellies58 Another Fun Song.....#SillyDance cc @cindyvriend Semi-Chrmed Life ~Third Eye Blind
Ellies58 Ahhh...A great Tune! :)) Hey There Delilah ~Plain White T's
Ellies58 Maaannn...I #LOVE this song!! Black Hole Sun ~Chris Cornell
Ellies58 A great Song! Rock Bottom Blues ~Kid Rock

Rock Bottom Blues Kid Rock

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Ellies58 I do Adore Jacob! Cha-Ching ~Headley


| play
Ellies58 Another Great One! Enjoy!! :)) Bonfire ~Third Eye Blind
Ellies58 Another great Kid Song....All Summer Long ~Kid Rock
Ellies58 Another Great New song....Beautiful ~Hedley
Ellies58 I'll leave ya all with this one! Living In A Dream ~Finger eleven
Ellies58 Great Song! I love Jason! :)) I'm Yours ~Jason Mraz
Ellies58 A little more....Lucky ~Jason Mraz and Colby Caillat
Ellies58 @SuuperG This is just for you my #BonfireSistah Brick House ~The Commodores
Ellies58 Great Song...listening to, Hey Soul Sister.....Train
Ellies58 Listening to a Good Ol' Canadian Band.... Somewhere Out There ~Our Lady Peace
PAMsLOvE Savage Garden – Truly, Madly, Deeply
Ellies58 One of the Best Covers of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" ~Lisa Lavie
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