Elling_ "I'll see what I can do"

Pulp - Common People

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Elling_ No podía irme sin escuchar esto! :)
sophie_o sempre me lembra importance of being earnest do o. wilde. hahaah
hootmama listening to supermassive black hole by muse now... have it on repeat on my cd player and ipod
Elling_ ...

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

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adbert [Do You Want To – Franz Ferdinand]
Elling_ Ay, cómo no recordaba esto! (reblip)
threebears stuck on repeat (that's why I'm blipping it again) :P
handofsky Trilha do GT2, do play1 e essa é pra atochar o pé no acelerador (de preferência numa via sem pardais) (reblip)
Streek @davislove yeah they played this by Nirvana! It went mental!!!! ha!!!! loved Interstate by the way, nice one;)
midy a nice tropical song to start the day. RODRIGO!
Elling_ via @GustavoRendifo Ay Moir, cómo te extraño :)
threebears Killers, always top! ........re-blipping @caroltafuri ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
loliplop when she walks she swings her arms, instead of her hips...

CakeLet Me Go

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NyQuilDriver Chelsea, Chelsea I believe when you're dancing slowly and sucking your sleeve, the boys get lonely after you leave.
DJLavinator "Amber is the color of your Energy" @Elling


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DJLavinator @Elling ... Right back at ya' Ha Ha! We def. have very good taste in music!!
raeioul @Elling a mi tambien, como olvidar eso :D


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luiz_com_z @Elling, valeu. :) Conheci hoje, me lembrou essa, que adoro há mais de dez anos.
jethostel we always said we would... Oh! 0h! oh! @Elling

We Have Band - Oh

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Elling_ @Hache estaba unavailable, pero la encontré! GRaciaaaas, me gusta en serio!! XD @all PS:será que algún día me voy a dormir?
jethostel bueno! adios! mañana traeré más de: Thieves★Like★Us
damongarrett Thx @liligarcia @YoniBeat @Elling - Gonna teach you blips that'll blow your mongrel mind. Enjoy.
Elling_ @DJLavinator I can ride my bike with no handlebars...no handlebars
DJLavinator @Elling .... hilarious ringtone!! This is mine...


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raeioul @Elling esta podría ir varias veces al dia :D
raeioul @Elling no sería mala idea sonar muse toda la eternidad :D
raeioul @Elling... una hysteria .... uuuuuuuh!


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Elling_ @DJLavinator Love it! When the world comes crashing down, I will find you if you hide!! (reblip)
DJLavinator enjoyed these guys while it lasted....but welcome back Blink!
DJLavinator @Elling ... excelltn tune to rock out after lunch too!! I am in the afternoon lull myself...


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Elling_ d-_-b @YoniBeat jajajajajaja Give me that Daft, Give me that Punk, Give me those Chemicals??!! Podría ser entretenido el orden :P (reblip)
jethostel @Elling duerme...

Nacha pop - Lucha de gigantes

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Antenaweb Un regalo para mis amigos @Elling @YoniBeat @Chucha @fornalhaut un clasico del ItaloDisco
Antenaweb Está canción para ti @Elling //// Blip Off... See u Folks !! Have a a Great Weekend // !!
TheUnwelcomeGuest Am on a bit of a Zombie / Vampire horror kick recently...
star45 The High Violets – Love Is Blinding – @djwttw you'll like this! - @Elling creerias esto? - @ThePassenger thx - @gigia thx! - @abarbosa gracias!
adbert [Mando Diao – Dance With Somebody] Ciao @crispast! Thank you @taina!
DJLavinator tons of live versions of this tune on Blip....but i really like this one!
DownLow Ooh, i can just taste 'em! @GlaucexVx - have fun and let us know how it goes. youtube it, maybe? <hint, hint>
Elling_ Último blip de la semana, estaré en Medellín de paseo y visitando a mi adoradísimo @alejoserrano XD
raeioul anyone can see the road...
Elling_ No sé, me toca mañana ver la invitación porque no tengo ni idea! :P
crispast ehy there! happy to see all my friends:)


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Stay19 lets leave work early, flee from the city..<><> let's FLY to an island ....we'll bring our swimsuits...YOU KNOW!
tharpedo felix bought drugs from a pregnant stripper at a carl's jr. (where i ate a delicious burrito)
raigohead dime @Elling_ qué imágenes vienen a vos con esta sonata insectivora?

Ximena Sariñana "Mediocre" (Video Oficial)

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Fujazz Hace rato quería grabarla... he aquí el resultado
Elling_ @defilirs // @raeioul How to "Wake Up" if "Everyday Is Exactly The Same"? :P (reblip)

east hastings-godspeed you black emperor

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Blippo @chestyle I had my blip marathon today ;) Bummer, I really like our nightly sessions ;) (Sitting here with some friends & they're a bit p***;) (reblip)
Elling_ Muse - Starlight


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Fujazz El verdadero maestro de la música concreta, el padre de la electroacustica y el abuelo del noise
Elling_ Misery Is A Butterfly

Blonde Redhead- Misery Is A Butterfly

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Elling_ Soul meets body

Death Cab For Cutie "Soul Meets Body"

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Maedhros @patchit: "need some sunny music to go with this sunny weather :)" that's always nice! (reblip)
Elling_ Take me, take me, take me to the riot!
DJPrimitivo ♪Amor Porteño - Gotan Project
Elling_ Un reblip de este guapo :) @tubilino: "Exit Music (For A Film)" (reblip)
Maedhros Couldn't blip today, work called. But now I'm done, and less than four hours away from seeing Sunset Rubdown!!
Elling_ @djLop Lo intentaré!! :) Al menos hasta las 6 am
Elling_ RB@djdoubleX // Antes de seguir con Empire Records, una pausa para este #dailyblip (reblip)
Elling_ Sugarhigh - Coyote Shivers

Empire Records

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Elling_ Nobody Lost, Nobody Found - Cut Copy
Elling_ Fave*

Galacticock (music Video) Diva Gash

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Elling_ @djLop jajaja!! Dímelo a mi que estoy trabajando!! Pero bueno, ya falta poco! :P

Regina Spektor- Laughing With (Official Music Video)

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calamari Listening to -- Spleen United "66"
ximon ...one more time... (great video) Ciao! Blippers!!! See you tomorrow ... ;-)


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Elling_ Buenos días mundo! :)


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Broken Social Scene: Almost Crimes

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DownLow thanks for this one @chris_is_cool it's been awhile since i've listened to it. (reblip)
pambo117 @tubilino: "Buenos días @Elling_ ...me encanta este video! ;)" (reblip)
Elling_ I can ride my bike with no handlebars


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Elling_ @antenaweb Uffff, ganas no me faltan XD, pero Cali también los espera :P

Sublime- What I Got Lyrics

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Hillsong United 'One Way'

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threebears "New Infected Mushroom album? & only just now do I realise this?! I know how the rest of the night will be going. ^__^" quote'n'rb@MuzanE ^(^ thanx! (reblip)

Muse 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' 2002

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Elling_ Far far away, no voices sounding, no one around me and you're still there
Elling_ @Boncolbon Noooooo! Pero está muy chévere! :) (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse When You're In Love with a Beautiful Woman ~ RB @lilyvalley: "love this one!" "when you're in love with a beautiful woman - you watch your friends" (reblip)
Dj_Cthulhu "I might like you better, if we slept together..." | —Queens of the Stone Age, "Never Say Never"
Elling_ Me Succeeds se ha convertido en una adicción :)

Paint Me- The Posies

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Fujazz @_febe Angelika <3

Angelika- Devendra Banhart, What We Will Be

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Elling_ [Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright - Pale White]
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