EmceeEscher Narf! Orf to the trailer park!

GossipJealous Girls

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EmceeEscher The Belltower: Another obscure (to commercial radio) band I loved in the '90s.

Belltower_Outshine the Sun

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EmceeEscher I've always preferred the Yes cover to Simon & Garfunkle's original.

YesAmerica [*]

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EmceeEscher ...but Ugly Goes To The Bone. Or sumthin'.
EmceeEscher Just a little infectious fizzy stuff.
EmceeEscher A bit more fluffiness, this time with A.C.'s pals.
EmceeEscher His cigarette is burning but it never seems to ash.

CakeComfort Eagle

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EmceeEscher Takes me straight back to '91 at Picasso's... which, incidentally, had no shrubbery to begin with.
EmceeEscher Stay with this one, and you'll be rewarded.


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EmceeEscher What can I say? I just turned 48.
EmceeEscher Won't be too soon 'til I say goodnight, Moon.
EmceeEscher Coffee with eggs and bacon. That's the remedy.


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EmceeEscher ...and a rockin' cover BY a strange little girl.
EmceeEscher ...and another great Tori cover
EmceeEscher Surprisingly upbeat, by UV Scene standards
EmceeEscher realises he's bored with The Color Purple and switches to football. Typical.


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EmceeEscher A quick detour in the Way Back Machine for one of the all-time greats.

Mountain - Mississippi Queen

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allen má bateu uma vontade de ouvir yeah yeah yeahs
EmceeEscher ...which reminds me of another fine minimalist band.
EmceeEscher He was rather fat and spherical with the biggest grin I've ever seen.
EmceeEscher How does it feel to be the only one who knows that you're right?
EmceeEscher "Mystery #1". I heard it in your voice / Saw it in your eyes.
EmceeEscher Work hard, rock hard, eat hard, sleep hard, grow big. Wear glasses if you need 'em.
EmceeEscher is dreaming of six months from now.
EmceeEscher Call the neurologist, Mother. I banged my head and cricked my neck.
EmceeEscher Okay, the new Jaguar ads have got this oldie right up under my skin again.

Deep PurpleHush

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EmceeEscher She shot the stars right out of the sky.
EmceeEscher Music to bounce by, on the way to the coffee pot.

Yeah Yeah YeahsBang

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EmceeEscher Been trying to queue up some Zero 7 for days. Finally figured out that I had to search for "Zero7".
EmceeEscher Blip is much better than waiting for "Gone In 60 Seconds" to re-run on TV so I can hear this in the opening creds.


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EmceeEscher One last spin under the mirror ball before moving on.
EmceeEscher But seriously, kids... just say no.
EmceeEscher These people ain't seen a brown-skinned man since they grandparents bought one.
EmceeEscher Fog, dense as pea soup, made the morning commute a treat.
elfgirl @mattt my pleasure and likewise! @NyQuilDriver you're invited too, yer a loved one :)
EmceeEscher Speaking of... my kitty cat's always showing me her tushy. I don't think it's a fluke; I think she's saying 'hello'.

FlukeKitten Moon

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EmceeEscher How my mind works: Face the nation -> Carolyn Kennedy -> American Horse -> The Cult -> "Wildflower"

The CultWild Flower

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EmceeEscher Still splashing in my stream of consciousness.
EmceeEscher My morning's turning mellower than I'd anticipated.
DownLow "One of the best tunes of 2008"==i agree with @by_starla & @melodyofyourlife. Thanks (reblip)
EmceeEscher Every time I watch "Cars", I find new stuff to love.

VASheryl Crow

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EmceeEscher For example, "What ever happened to Nik Kershaw?"
EmceeEscher Children from the best homes, they all have guns and butter. (Haven't heard this one in nearly 20 years)
EmceeEscher We'll build a wall that no one else can see. (Another quick trip in the Way Back Machine)
EmceeEscher Was looking for "Little Birds", but this'll do.
EmceeEscher Caught XXX on TV last night and felt the need for a brief teutonic thrash.
EmceeEscher Ah... I hear the rumble of the garbage truck, come to remove bins full of discarded wrapping paper from my street.

The TrashmenRumble

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EmceeEscher ...and this always makes me think of-- Well, never mind.

3 Dog Night, Eli's Coming

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EmceeEscher A pivotal track that helped me through a tough time and gave me hope to keep looking until I found my lovely bride.

TeslaLove Song

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EmceeEscher Okay. It's about that time, anyway. (Why do I find myself wanting to shout 'hopah!'?)
EmceeEscher Maybe on some higher plane, I'd have the sense to come in from the rain.
EmceeEscher This is how it sounded when I cleaned the house yesterday. I gots mad skillz.
EmceeEscher Quite a few, but I'll just stick to Old No. 7
TheRealClint If youre a rock fan, I guarantee you will recognize every single song in this one...
audiodrums because i love this song! //www.audiodrums.com

With Every Heartbeat (feat. Robyn)

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EmceeEscher Fat synths; another dead monkey.


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EmceeEscher They choose the path where no one goes.

ToolNo Quarter

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NyQuilDriver @paulzy you told me so? You knew every Zune was going to die at 12 am on December 31st? Could you help me with my stock portfolio? ;)
EmceeEscher Now I'm going to spend my entire evening digging through my CDs, trying to find this again.
Flipflopflying First song I heard in '08. Wonder what will be the first in '09...
EmceeEscher There are so many puns here, but I'll spare you.
marilovisky From 'High Fidelity' ***** I looooove the movie. And also John Cusack. ;)
EmceeEscher The Doors called. They want their keyboards back.
EmceeEscher This song almost makes me want to forgive Stevie for the rest of her career.
eSandberg Awesome cover for @by_starla. Been neglecting my blippers lately. apologies @Aluciel, @angrybob,@evablue, @CargoCulte, @SevenTenths, @Local_Shaman

SupersuckersHey Ya!

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EmceeEscher So many wrongs, all kinds o' goin's on.

Sixteen Horsepower #01 I Seen What I Saw

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Pete Yorn - Strange Condition

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EmceeEscher Nothing pithy to say. Just wanted to hear it.
EmceeEscher All together now - bob your head and wiggle your bum. Now pogo!
EmceeEscher Plunk that magic twanger, froggy.

Chris Whitleygasket

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EmceeEscher Black Rooster - The Kills (reblip)

Track 02

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EmceeEscher You know what the sun's all about when the lights go out.

The Black Keys - When The Lights Go Down

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EmceeEscher @Figgywithit, I'm feeling your pain. I got my come-down-ance several years ago. A code troll parked next to Marketing finds no peace.
EmceeEscher One of those songs I'd want with me if I were stranded on a desert island.
EmceeEscher Loved this track from the closing credits of "Wall-E".
EmceeEscher Watched "Prince Caspian" tonight... which reminded me how this one from the first Narnia gave me chills.


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Figgywithit The Shins still are the greatest band of the new millennium. So says I.

The ShinsSo Says I

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EmceeEscher Without warning, the crowds all leave to cross the street.
EmceeEscher Nothing to do with Neil Finn. Really.
EmceeEscher The mental image is like something from some '70s art film.
EmceeEscher I was doing so well. Can we still be friends?

Imogen HeapThe Walk

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EmceeEscher And someone may well have to, if I go back to the bottle for another round.
EmceeEscher Another Dandy Warhols tune. (Just joking.)
EmceeEscher I'm sure Freud would have something to say about it. « http://blipathon.com »
EmceeEscher If this don't make ya wanna bounce, you're prolly dead.

OrgoneCrabby Ali

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EmceeEscher What a drag it is getting old and sprouting hair everywhair.
EmceeEscher I don't want to. I don't think so.
EmceeEscher Attitude reboot. Shaking it off, Cobrastyle.
EmceeEscher Dunno what to make of it... but I like it
EmceeEscher 90% chance you'll like this as much as I do.
NyQuilDriver I'd give up all the bread in China.... oops (laugh) all the rice in China.
EmceeEscher Howling endlessly and shrilly at the dawn (via @Figgywithit) (reblip)

Blitzen TrapperFurr

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EmceeEscher No... this isn't the one so recently slaughtered on American Idol.
EmceeEscher Mr. Milligan tearing it up.
EmceeEscher Puke on Debra's desk - LIKE A BOSS!
p_ferd Laugh Cry Live Die (GRUM Remix) Tronik Youth – Rb@formalhaut (reblip)
EmceeEscher @Cerak: Ich will... eine lebende Forellen in meiner Unterhose. (And doesn't everyone?) (reblip)

RammsteinIch Will

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EmceeEscher When I don't get my bath, I take it out on the slaves.
EmceeEscher Why, oh why, did I cross the road?
FineNGood @EmceeEscher You have the coolest DJ name on blip.
EmceeEscher Was at lunch today and heard this for the first time in... a very long time.

(The System of) Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether

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EmceeEscher Maybe it was just the morning dew.
EmceeEscher Hate this weary, dreary holiday time.
EmceeEscher Not that kind of cat, silly.

U2An Cat Dubh

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EmceeEscher ...no wait. Cupid. Yeah, that's it.
EmceeEscher A favorite old Steve Hackett pop track with Steve Walsh vocals.
EmceeEscher Not going down that road tonight. Time to shake things up a bit.
EmceeEscher Welcome to life as I know it.

Code Monkey

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EmceeEscher The week, in a nutshell.


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EmceeEscher Gimme a smack and I'll smack ya back!
EmceeEscher Ah, now here's one I've been looking for.
EmceeEscher Never was a big Throwing Muses fan, but heard this cover tonight and... wow.

Blitzen Trapper: Jericho

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The Creepshow "Zombies Ate Her Brain"

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EmceeEscher Turn it up, close the blinds, and bound off the walls for three minutes twenty.
EmceeEscher The kids want to be so hard, but in my dreams we're still screaming and running through the yard.
EmceeEscher I'll die on my feet not pass away.
EmceeEscher Probably not what you expect.
EmceeEscher ...and now for something completely different.

William OrbitSpiral

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EmceeEscher Tasty track (and the vid's not shabby neither)
EmceeEscher Give me something to believe, 'cause I am living just to breathe.

The BraveryBelieve

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EmceeEscher Volume to 10; scaring the cats
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