mmj i asked Genius to make me a list based on Sidewalk Serfer Girl by SFA and I got an 80s dance party. Awesome.
truejerseygirl @CargoCulte Im digging your old school punk blips today :) (reblip)

Black FlagSix Pack

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ambertentacles and if the day came when I felt a natural ocean I'd get such a shock I'd probably jump in the ocean...
rayven Plain White T's – Hey There Delilah
Luzinha_Franzoi I just want to walk right out from this world, cause everybody has a poison heart...
aeontriad one of the best covers...ever.

NirvanaOh Me

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eti olha o billy, de novo, agora com o bowie!
Emilyrose2005 LeATHERMOUTH - Bodysnachers 4 Ever...Great Jersey Band #347,892,416
Emilyrose2005 Misfits cover by My Chem...Jersey dudes covering Jersey dudes = WIN!
Emilyrose2005 If you can't see Butch Walker LIVE, second best-his Videos on You Tube...

Butch WalkerMixtape

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Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark

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SAROCK David Bowie – Suffragette City
Emilyrose2005 30STM-Humanitarians, Artists, Musicians, the list goes on...
crowjane Rockabilly was popular with country fans in the 1950s, and 1956 could be called the year of rockabilly in country music. here's #2 on billboard in 56
Luvlagon Do you just want something you can never have?
Emilyrose2005 Connie Francis made my Mom, she's made me cry...

Connie FrancisMama

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Punched :: Depeche Mode – Everything Counts :: (reblip)
princess_saraht heard this in the car on the drive home today... felt theneed to broadcast it!
MikeGMY Ok so why do they call this the safety dance? rebipped from Dr Debs (reblip)
Emilyrose2005 Let's Dance! ... God, I miss "The Den"!!
sucker_punch This song always reminds me of my friend Val, and no he's not gay!

Electric SixGay Bar

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karie {The Cure – Just Like Heaven} The original version :) (reblip)
fifimateus Really awsome... Where are they?


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newageamazon Dirtbags -> Garbage. Shut up, the progression makes sense to me.

GarbageStupid Girl

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dannn Morrissey – that's how people grow up.
afectado Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night
Paisano Seems like I've been playing your game way too long Seems the game I've played has made you strong
Emilyrose2005 SEE THIS ON STAGE!!! Where it was born!
Emilyrose2005 one of the best touring bands out there...
karie yay! finally a nice version of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linkin ParkFaint

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Emilyrose2005 I miss London...


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Emilyrose2005 Vampires will never hurt you...I Promise...MCR~BULLETS~2002
bubblegumjo This reminds me of when I first got my subs in my car in high school...oh this song sounded so good! yes good even 1st time I hear @bubblegumjo (reblip)
nancygarden perhaps the twitter theme song??
lfamous "and some bloodshot forget-me-not whispers daddy's within earshot save the buckshot turn up the band." (Springsteen original)
Emilyrose2005 Loyal to The Jersey Scene - Bouncing Souls, The Pizza Song (Jersey has the best damned Pizza, for real!)
organicsue Watchin the robins preen their feathers. Love their song. @>-----------------

Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK

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sophie_o @alunorafael é, eu também dei uma sumida, mas agora acho que eu volto de vez. haha (reblip)

InterpolObstacle 1

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Emilyrose2005 @white_stripes3 Enjoy the party, Dude!!

anti-flag - 02 - captain anarchy

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sophie_o @ric não, os pixies são de boston, eua. hahah mas o menswear é de londres, se quiser te passo depois! (reblip)

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

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SweetKittyrina Good Morning Starshine

Good Morning Starshine

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karie A much needed blip. Acoustic style./thanks@Laney (reblip)
organicsue Antonio Vivaldi – Summer (G minor) Adagio - Presto
organicsue Harry Nilsson – Everybody's Talkin'
LaBelladiva_ "Spinning on that dizzy edge" RB via @PeaceMan <--thanks for listening--> @yangusdb @ElZorro (reblip)
marianagvs REM – First We Take Manhattan (da série Cohen sem Cohen)
ladypn OOP for you already @jerrycurl Love this DM track. (reblip)
tsarnick nine inch nails - 17 ghosts ii
Punched R|B @vittorio :: Evanesence – Bring To Me Life :: (reblip)
Evelyn Once I look at you for a moment, I can't speak any longer

J.S. BachPrelude

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Evelyn Hesper brings all desired and timely things. All whom morning sends to roam, Hesper loves to lead them home.
Evelyn @Fangbaby, @knitta Good morning. You're very welcome :) "She whom one loves best is the loveliest".
Evelyn underneath my skin the tenuous flame suffuses; nothing shows in front of my eyes, my ears are muted in thunder.
Evelyn @knitta "I am servant of Ares, Lord of Battle, yet I know the lovely gift of the Muses"
Evelyn @knitta thank you :) but it's no more my music than it is yours. Yes, I grew up playing it on the piano, but mostly I feel it. <3
Evelyn Eyes this cunning want to grace their art; they draw but what they see, know not the heart.
sinistercinnamon Green Day, before the fame. Take me to the tracks at Christie Road. (reblip)
sinistercinnamon A friend in need's a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better

PlaceboPure Morning

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sinistercinnamon One hell of a song. Brilliant lyrics too.
sinistercinnamon It 's T he Be at les. You know I hate to leave you ... but I'll be back again.
ladypn No I don't want revenge for these things, there's no joy or fulfillment in it. ;)
ladypn Don't sweat all the small things...
MaddyTheSongWhore Why do you come here? When you know it makes things hard for me...when you know..


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truejerseygirl That song was unavailable @DamienBasile :((( I wouldve liked to hear TBS cover the Cure!!!
organicsue John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads
organicsue Simply Red – Holding Back The Years
organicsue @marsmellowgurl LOL Great one!!! @>----------------- (reblip)

CoastersYakety Yak

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ToulouseLatrec big plans for Rosie.

bruce springsteen_rosalita

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Roseblue Eurythmics – Would I Lie To You?
paisley Depeche Mode – Behind The Wheel (Shep Pettibone Mix)
abritinthebay If anyone in modern rock matches T-Rex and Marc Bolan for sheer glam and modern androgyny it would be Placebo and their front-man Brian Molko. Killer.
DrDebs Everybody clap along--annoy your office mates. waves @mushka, @nightsurfer.
karie Song of the Day, May Green Day: "Know Your Enemy" (reblip)
truejerseygirl @dionroy There are lots of awesome jerseyguys! The MCR boys are from Jersey (minus the drummer).
truejerseygirl @dionroy I would let Frank's dog bite my arm if I could hang out with him :)
T_Bone_Rex @metalbeat Thanks for the reblip. Dammit I missed the free show. :-[
DJBELLADONNA This is great!! I'll have to put this one in my back pocket. LIAR LIAR (BURN IN HELL) @ricktrevino save it for the crawls (reblip)
AnnieLicious Leaving ya with this.. See you all later. Have a sweet day!

John Lennon - Instant Karma (We All Shine On)

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April100176 I am saying a little prayer that someone dear to me is able to find a job back in WV...
rodrigo guide me into my heart and home.
Emilyrose2005 The title to my new Autobiography...

Patsy ClineCrazy

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Emilyrose2005 ...this goes out to all my pretty boys...

Dolly PartonJolene

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zulemaann song of the day: just a girl by no doubt!!!

No DoubtJust a Girl

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mandahoofs *waves @Fantasyisnotreality * Love that cover version TY! Catch you later in blipville...
bluebrummie The Doors – Riders On The Storm (Infected Mushroom Rmx) (reblip)
goofydelinquent Yo sexy! Yeah, I'm looking at YOU! ;)
Eitanwest I'm sorry I HAV 2 DO THIS SUCKISH SONG!

GS BoyzStanky Legg

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bluebrummie Smack That (Feat. Eminem) – Akon (reblip)
jroforsho BADASS. Just shut your eyes and listen. "Spiraling up through the crack in the skye, leaving material world behind..."
MichaeLoveridge get me to the church on time...
Sally29 Yay - a Weezer track not on Imeem. It's all about perseverence!
Sally29 4th time no Imeem! Where was I?...She = my boss! Seems to think I should work for my pay! Hrumpf!
SteveMiami Champion Jack Dupree – Dupree Shake Dance
BubblesToGo @Larry_Joe: "America~Daisy Jane. @BubblesToGo, Enjoy!" Reply: Thank you so much! I have a big meeting. No time to blip, bummer. Have a great day! (reblip)

AmericaDaisy Jane

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downloaderx wow I thought when I see title of this song thaat it is song which I listened somewhere and I liked it! 6th sense

Blink 182Miss You

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Evelyn and this love will grow, vaster than empires, and more slow
MCFlurry People sing this as I walk down the street.... everyone wants the ror-love
Gypsylyn @bobscopper: " ya doin' @Gypsylyn"@bobscopper..just working & dancing ha (reblip)

Revolver - Dancin With Myself

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GR8FL she does this so sweetly @DownLow... thanks for the blip (reblip)

00 - Cyndi Lauper-La Vie En Rose

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Emilyrose2005 ...this goes out to @bigwormy ~ Greetings from Asbury Park, New Jersey!!!
Emilyrose2005 "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" sending good vibes to Patrick Swaze...

Greenday - When I Come Around

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Emilyrose2005 The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald ~ for GrandmaStormy (=^..^=)


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Emilyrose2005 ...memories of Sunday drives to the Jersey Shore with the Parents...miss them all...
Emilyrose2005 ...actually, we're blessed with many anipals and furriends...
Emilyrose2005 @white_stripes3 A Taste of Green Day just for you, Grasshopper!
Emilyrose2005 ...breathe still...Calling Wisdom
Emilyrose2005 @WeAreTheUsed Namaste! ~ A Journey of the Heart ~
Emilyrose2005 a Virgin Records store at Piccadilly, 1985, a Sales Clerk asked me: "Have you heard of 'New Order'" question ever!
Nematic @NikkiPixel: "Placebo-Every Me Every You "Sucker love is heaven sent.U pucker up, our passion's spent.My hearts a tart, U body's rent.body' (reblip)
igorrs Música pras pessoas me xingarem depois.
DJJuxtaposedJunkie CLASSIC GEN X ALBUM : Soundgarden 'Superunknown' - "My Wave"

SoundgardenMy Wave

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Emilyrose2005 @igorrs: "Música pras pessoas me xingarem depois." (reblip)

The CureClose to Me

| play
troythewatson A song they play at work, how appropriate haha!

The EggNothing

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DareToEatAPeach @GR8FL came to Cali on a dime & a prayer, didn't have a job for a year. No regrets. I'd expect nothing better from Heaven itself.
Emilyrose2005 If you live in a free country ~ thank a Vet this Memorial day weekend~~~
Oldies The Cure – A Forest

The CureA Forest

| play
organicsue Lindsey Buckingham – Go Insane
Audnumber Green Day- "Know Your Enemy New Green Day....never disappointed w/them.
Llltex1969 Mamas and Papas – Dedicated to the One I Love
Emilyrose2005 Happy Memorial Day Weekend, @franklero

Blink 182-I miss you

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Emilyrose2005 For a Certain Way Brother and his new toy...
mazzarati I get goosebumps listening to this

Morrissey and Siouxie "interlude" video

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JimmyHook Thanks@DJPJH The Sonics - Money

the SonicsMoney

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The Loves Cats Asbury Park NJ Close To Me

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Spirit In The Sky By Norman Greenbaum

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lindazinmi Is this were the kids on the block got their dance moves from? #80s tweets

The Cure "Why Can't I Be You?"

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DJPositive common existence is still my most listened to album of 2009
MariMonne really?

Boys Dont Cry : The Cure

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Otis Redding-Sitting on the dock of the bay

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LisaWorld We will, we will BLIP U! ;) @DjFlavinha: "TGI >> "We will, we will rock you." <Vai time!" Hey@kbuech@KiddRock@LadyFantastick@joechapman@zenbitch@dnya (reblip)

Queen-We Will Rock You

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Emilyrose2005 For my fist Bay Gelding, "Tony" who comes with me in spirit from The Rainbow Bridge on another #weekendroadtrip
elland666 "the clash {TOMMY GUN}" lets go a little punk (reblip)

The ClashTommy Gun

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I Shall Be Released (The Band)

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zaqrack @DJGoethe from Andi - WE are truly sorry! :)

Queen | The Show Must Go On | Music Video

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Emilyrose2005 @KimofPain: "We could run all night and dance upon the architecture...." (reblip)
crispast i love it! tnx@MetalRocks:) i'll not include your comment..ahahah! lol :D :D (reblip)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie * RANDOM HIPPITY HOPPITY HOOP HOOP * : Big L - "Ebonics"

Big LEbonics

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g_rex I've had Cyndi Lauper on the brain since 30 Rock last week. "I'm the drunk one."
thatyellowbird Nuh-nuh-nuh-New York Girls - Come on, you know you're hot.


| play
Metal_Rocks Iron Maiden – Aces High. Blipping the awesome ‘Powerslave’ album in it’s entirety. Track #1
Emilyrose2005 The Boss joins all the Anipals on The Jersey Turnpike for #weekendroadtrip
Emilyrose2005 Chrissie Hynde - The role model for ALL little girls who wanna ROCK! Accept NO imitations!
Emilyrose2005 Was this what Gee and Lyn were thinking, naming Baby Way "Bandit"? Whatever, MUSE OWNS ME!!

Mindless Self Indulgence "Shut Me Up" music video

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Emilyrose2005 @30STM...and all my 30Secondstomars friends!

30seconds to mars-Fantasy (Jared Leto)

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Emilyrose2005 The Best Time you will have ~ LeATHERMOUTH!!


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Butch Walker / Mixtape

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Emilyrose2005 @patita: "so, i'll send you a beachy tune :D:D:D..... for tomorrow!!! and don't worry babe, i'll be around!!! have fun at the bbcue :D....@GR8FL" (reblip)
Emilyrose2005 Remembrances of my mom, my dad and the Jersey Shore

I Don't Love You-My Chemical Romance[HQ]

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DJMonaLisa RB a la @verawooten (because I'm out of props for her) - three cheers for all us blip chicks with high octane engines under our hoods. (reblip)
naturalsoul4u Now that your rose is in bloom...

SealKiss From A Rose

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Emilyrose2005 @LoucheTabby's just too obvious, We know...

Three Days Grace--Gone Forever (One-X)

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Apocalyptica I Dont Care Ft Adam Gontier VIDEO [OLD VERSION]

| play
Pacisi If you should fall into my arms and tremble like a flower!
Mr_Oneliner @market007: "agreed @Rella: "classic.."" (reblip)

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising

| play
Dave_id SLADE – Cum On Feel The Noize - girls grab the boys...
trendkiller7x OMG FUCK yeah!

Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13-Kill Miss America-1997 Raleigh

| play

Green Day- East Jesus Nowhere

| play
Suzed @J2ad: "Hi there @Suzed! :)" <<I actually loved this drink until I took a booze cruise in the Caribbean. Don't remember much except I now hate rum.. (reblip)
PastorTony This song has been a very special meditation for me and serveral of my friends.

Give me Jesus

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podpirate Perhaps the best song ever recorded. She's giving me the excitations....
An80sNut I saw @Loraloo mention New Order so I figured that it was time to post my favorite song by them. Dark and twisted... just the type of song I'd like.

New Order-1963

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Phillostrate not the best Ramones song, but a good start none-the-less.
BrewskieButt This song is all about my mom @BZTAT.
Emilyrose2005 Here's to @blueautopsy and her new pretty bit of ink...Beautiful, bb! (and so is the tatt... ;)

My Chemical Romance-Welcome To The Black Parade (studio)

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rockinsam remember those cool drive-ins?
Jazzhole All roads lead to Chuck Berry.

Chuck Berry-Let it Rock

| play
UmpNews Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven
bluebrummie 3 of the best from......Roy Orbison - #3 - In Dreams - Giving my eyes a rest, bbs! :-)

Roy OrbisonIn Dreams

| play
ladypn I think I'm pretty smart... ;) Kiss me where your eye won't meet me, meet me where your mind won't kiss me...
karie thanks! i love it!@alexshaw: "illuminate the NOs on their vacancy signs" (reblip)
ladypn Don't nobody know my trouble with God....
ladypn There's a piece of me you can't have & I KNOW that its driving you mad. Little part inside you can't read, I'm afraid its the way it will be... ;)

GomezLittle Pieces

| play
crowjane Bernadette must have been a Badd Mama Jama~~