EmpyreanM Lauren Flax gives Sia something to shake her tailfeather to!
EmpyreanM It's okay to hope for something better for yourself, it's not selfish.

FredrikBlack Fur

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EmpyreanM This Pipettes song rocks! Let's spin Nate Archibald on the dancefloor, all dance with him individually for a moment, and make him pick somebody!

Because It's Not Love (But It's Still A Feeling)

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EmpyreanM Let's go run between Roman pines at dusk! Life is beautiful! I'm taking off my sandals now! The grass is full of clover! Nothing can harm us!
EmpyreanM Reminds me of a "found song" in the world. It's really pretty and kind of unassuming. Pulls at the heart strings in a very gentle way.

Animal Collective- Winters Love

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EmpyreanM Is it weird that I wanna C-walk to this? I think the walking tempo is right for it, I can see me spelling out my name on the dancefloor right now...
EmpyreanM Boating around Ibiza? Found the perfect little song for you to show your cocktail legs and tilt to and fro to under your big straw hats!

YelleAmour du Sol

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EmpyreanM This has a slightly boy band early 2000's beat, so do your best bouncing masculine routine dance moves!
EmpyreanM "Breathe life intothis feeble heart. Lift this mortal veil of fear. Take these crumbled hopes etchedwith tears, we'll rise above these earthly cares."
EmpyreanM "I'm being punished for all my offenses! I want to touch you but I'm afraid of the consequences!"
EmpyreanM Can unrealized hope in the heart of the dying itself turn into a ghost, a loving arm that reaches for you, begging not to be feared? Old love can.

FanFarlo Ghosts

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EmpyreanM Spin spin spin! Leg out, knee up, touch toes down and squat a little. Straighten up, arms up, chin up, spin spin spin!
EmpyreanM "I don't know how to speak to you. I don't know how to trust you. I don't know how to live for you. I don't know how to love you."
EmpyreanM Slip your rose-colored glasses down over your bloodshot eyes, bring your hand up and smell your nail polish, and do your best on the dance floor.

La Roux Fascination

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EmpyreanM Trumpet this! "I was a foreigner when you appeared from the shadows at the Mono Club. I was a hater in the depths of an emotional hibernation."
EmpyreanM The "punk" version of "King Of Wishful Thinking." Only in Cali can you blast this and feel like a bad ass! Woooohoooo!
EmpyreanM "And the ornaments are... they're going around... and we're handin it over, they're handin it over, handin it overrr..."

Bjork -Who Is It

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EmpyreanM The tribal percussion evokes timeless power, the kind women draw in from nature. This could be The First Slayer's soliloquy.
EmpyreanM Devour he for whom strings start as he turns the corner onto your street, Adam Lambert's '70's-esque rock ballad captures this glittering infatuation.
EmpyreanM A lonely, longing song set over an even beat whose love promise slowly rises from it in a fan of opium smoke.
EmpyreanM A sleepy, '60's-esque surfer ballad. Melancholy, melodious, & sweet, like scent of ocean moving through bonfire, palm leaves & the California poppies.

GirlsGhost Mouth

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EmpyreanM A steady flowing percussive jam that suddenly cascades over your shoulders and down to your dancing loafers. Perfect for posing for the paps.

TV On The RadioCrying

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EmpyreanM A haunting, pulsing ghost song about withering wisdom and regret. The voices rise from Ophelia's flowers strewn in the water.
EmpyreanM A duet between Lil Wayne's spaztic grumbling and a sweet, thin-voiced female over a solid rock rhythm. Really arousing!
EmpyreanM A sexy new wave song with vampiric references and a sultry male vocalist.
EmpyreanM A nice hard beat with Keyshia Cole's vocals meandering all over it.
EmpyreanM A warbling soprano's confessions edged by a killer rock ballad and sublime harmonies that reveal the fighting aura unique to a girl's love.
EmpyreanM Lush, English folk dipped in stoic, epic rock, with a transportive narrative about lifelong regret in love & an impossibility of happiness.

Patrick WolfDamaris

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EmpyreanM Elegant blues track that gains momentum with each soulful refrain. Its subtle questioning of love heralds the maturity bound to arrive.
EmpyreanM A rhythmic head bobber perfect for shimmying your ass while walking like a dandy around the dance floor!

Ghostland Observatory- The Band Marches On

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EmpyreanM "Oh YEAH! You're the BEST DAMN FRIEND that I ever could have! You always smile upon me when the season's bad!" Yay Passion Pit!
EmpyreanM A very gorgeous, lonely song... :*)
EmpyreanM "Whats your poison, sweet little cockroach? U got me thinking, what u got me drinking." A sexy, dark song about the pitfalls of the modeling industry.

Anna Tsuchiya: Cockroach

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EmpyreanM "He walks away, the sun goes down. He takes the day." Using a sick sample from "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," Amy Winehouse highlight from B2B.
EmpyreanM An ill beat that doubles back in on itself, Daniel Merriweather sexing up an R&B vocal performance. My fave Mark Ronson. P.S. Check out "Love & War"

Mark RonsonStop Me

| play
EmpyreanM "Why do I always need to need you when you're fleeing? Where do you go when I'm around?"
EmpyreanM A feverish, humid nocturne whose drumbeats march around an empathic synth line elevating this r&b track to artistic & futuristic greener pastures.
EmpyreanM Get aboard the party shuttle to Beta Crucis! Light speed! Mimosa/Becrux in the constellation Crux and 1 of the brightest stars in the night time sky.


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