DareToEatAPeach And naturally, this. (also awesome! Twelves rule!)
Erwin1974 This is my favorite Paramore song. Absolutely fab!


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Erwin1974 Any song with a name like that deserves attention :-)
Erwin1974 hmmm.. Apollo 440 meets Underworld meets Pink Floyd?


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DareToEatAPeach @GR8FL Martika doesn't belong to me. Just a slow dance & a reply to @katesnowbird, who sent me "Toy Soldiers" by Martika (T.S. is A better song IMO).
Erwin1974 Mellow Industrial. I didn't even know that existed.

FlukeMosh (tx)

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DJFrankie @RonnieBebop, @BohemianChick's playlist is like gold! I'm reblipping from yesterday here. So, so good. (reblip)
Erwin1974 2nd best song ever! (Pearl Jam related) :-)
Erwin1974 Aahh. nostalgia (is that a word?)
mrhayford Gil Scott-Heron--The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
claims_adjuster I cant find my fav esthero track Stars on here...aaargh!
Erwin1974 Great song! the man is a guitar god!
Erwin1974 You're always ahead of the game.. While I drag behind


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bendrix I've always dug this joint bro. Hoover's got so many flavors and elevation tactics ;) => rb@HermB (reblip)
heza My sister just shared this with me. It makes my morning good.
natalynha girl girl girl, you're gona set me on fire...
Ticketini You can never be too "Jaded" to see Crystal Method live... http://bit.ly/Clurc
Janel One of my favorites. Love those open fields of wild flowers...
liamvickery This one's pretty funky.. Scissor Sisters – Filthy / Gorgeous
Erwin1974 one of the greater NIN classics. Live!
Bikermom69 Strange way to tell me you love me
Erwin1974 Love the old Seal stuff!
Erwin1974 I'll bet you don't know this one...


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jtabz morning, @bsheepies ... hope it's scrapple-tastic (cough)
Erwin1974 Great video btw! Unfortunately that doesn't show..
S4Songcrush Taking care of some laundry & misc. errands and then late lunch. "YE-EH-EEE-EH-EEAAAH!" :/


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Erwin1974 Deep Dish - Flashdance (Radio Edit) Deep Dish rocks your socks off! (reblip)
Jinder This is the best combination of groove, looseness, innovation, concise lyricism and feeling I could name right now. Great song.
heavenlyhands I have to think about getting ready to go outside soon :-(


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AlinaCosta I found it hard...It's hard to find...Oohh well, whatever, nevermind...!!!
Danininha manic street preachers - little baby nothing
Erwin1974 Looooove the rythm and the simplicity (reblip)


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klitoria for dear @bendrix...lets dance to this sunny beat...btw...are you coming for DM? will tell you the exact date later???would be gr8..hughug...
worldpartyday swanky bliss "When the world is cold I will feel a glow just thinking of you..." Yes you're lovely... thnx @impossiblewmn!
faceonmars few things are more relaxing then waking up in the morn to a thunderstorm ..Riders of the Storm
Erwin1974 In one word WOOOOOOOOOOWWW! What an atmosphere! from the guy from Led Zeppelin. Can't believe it..
nicktionary @chuckdarwin in case you haven't already heard this, as a thanks for the (currently) 10 extra followers (: (reblip)

HockeyToo Fake

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Hed Kandi - Beach House 04.02 Cd 01 - 04 - Solu Music Feat.

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Erwin1974 Why oh why did you make me cry

Hed Kandi - The Mix 2006 - Cd2 - 08 - Shiny Grey-why (bob Si

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Erwin1974 Fan-freakin'-tastic. One of the best ever (and that's saying something)
struggleville RB @JohnnyJohn Turn this one up loud...From the very peak of the Replacements oeuvre the Replacements – Left of the Dial (reblip)
purplesime @Kya Yeah, it should work unless it's zipped, on sendit.com (or some similar ones) or no longer available. Have you pasted it into Music in Settings? (reblip)
michellla Keep your story straight if they question you, try to separate the feeling from the truth.
klitoria as soon as i wake up and have my first coffee...this feeling comes over me....
amidala_bg it's the most erotic song i know;)
RadioRemixFM Paramore – For a Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic
Erwin1974 Not exactly blues, but the lyrics are gloomy enough..
MrsASoprano Have a great day blippers. Y'all behave yourselves, you hear? :D
Erwin1974 Just two more days and it's:...... :-)
paisley Delerium – Innocente (DJ Tiesto Remix)
davidwatts1978 click to open an account in minutes, are you paying too much for your car insurance, does my bum look big in this? Oh Blip you were so good.....
DJSativa Machines Of Loving Grace – Suicide King
DareToEatAPeach Damn even when I've been sleep deprived I still manage to stay up too late. Sleep. Soon.
klitoria @tranceatlantico....guten morgen...sie ist nicht im blip, hast nix übersehen...aber in meinen gedanken ist sie und in meinem herzen....
Erwin1974 I'm a sucker for weird electronic sounds sometimes...
klitoria guten morgen @anjuscha @steno...wir geben nicht auf...die sonne kommt schon bald wieder....
santamistura sorry blippers to to reply all messages but has a big sun out side, my son and son wait me ;)) so wish a supergreatperfect day for U...1+time thanks

Lindstrom - The Long Way Home (Prins Thomas Edit)

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Erwin1974 @jdblip your balkan music sounds kinda like this don't you think? :-)
Erwin1974 goood morning!! @santamistura @GR8FL @LexiePixie. Can't seem to wake up properly today...
Erwin1974 I know you can't stand the waiting..
crispast ..Why don't we make it in the rain like we used to.. we run.. we hide.. we wait.. and we want the good life..
Shycrazy .Ok. This just makes me laugh haha! (reblip)
Intriguingds Kickin' It Up A Notch? Twitter Positive Impressive? Shania Twain - Don't Impress Me Much

Shania Twain - Don't Impress me Much

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DayBowBow it was only a kiss (it was only a kiss)
Erwin1974 Guten morgen @klitoria! Good morning @mellomatic! Good to be finally blipping today
Erwin1974 Yess! Imeem integration has brought some good at least.. Bye @klitoria, @santamistura, @GR8FL. I'm off to an IT convention. Blip U later
Erwin1974 love this track! Love that it actually plays too ;-)
Erwin1974 Hell yeah! Sit back and turn the volume up! Seriously!! :-)
kevinfoca olha só, agora tem estrelinha de 5k e 10k?
purplesime Nicked the riff from Stevie Wonder! But still a great song.
paisley Digital Underground – Freaks Of The Industry


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05. Jack off Jill - Love Song

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Erwin1974 Dear Blippers! Play this LOUD!! Bye for now, time for some shut eye..
Erwin1974 Goodmorning @santamistura Just one blip from me this morning, gotta go do some shoppin'. Maybe I'll blip some more later today
klitoria vi@JamesJoyes23....can`t help reblipping your SUPERBE tunes.... (reblip)


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Erwin1974 Goodmorning @GR8FL, @klitoria. What a drag it is (sunday morning, cleaning my house :D)
Sandman5 It's a nice day to start again, It's a nice day for a white wedding, It's a nice day to start again.
santamistura @hirbehozo good morning !!! (i´m curious what language you´re writing??) (reblip)
Erwin1974 Time for some heavy duty thuesday afternoon stuff
Erwin1974 very interesting title. His voice reminds me of someone. It's on the tip of my tongue.. Anyone? (reblip)
lsewhere Lunarsea "And the Gardens of Jaded Remained Void"
Erwin1974 Hi @LexiePixie, @GR8FL, @santamistura, @djwttw I'm out for now, laptop's power is about to fail. Blip U later!
GR8FL someone has to watch it
Erwin1974 what a discovery! (for me, that is) never heard of these guys before, quite like them :-) (reblip)
Erwin1974 Dark is good... (reblip)

Plushgun - The Dark in You

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Erwin1974 thanks @Evelyn for these, I've just declared myself a fan :D (reblip)
Erwin1974 Nice! I've been looking for this one! thanks a bunch @paisley (reblip)
Erwin1974 can't help but blip this too. Props to @klitoria! I'm getting in the mood for Love Parade season.... (reblip)
Erwin1974 my god you are on a roll tonight!! @klitoria Keep 'em coming :D and sorry for reblipping you like an idiot btw :-) (reblip)
Erwin1974 @klitoria can't ever go wrong with Leftfield. Love this one too...


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DareToEatAPeach RB kbuech, even though I think I played a diff version of this song already today. So great! (reblip)
Erwin1974 Morning all, sun is shining, looking good
GR8FL so what's the lowdown blippers?
formalhaut @steno hab ich doch glatt vergessen dir eben credits für den TeleBimBam zu geben. damn! es ist halt noch früh am morgen. schönen tach noch!

Starsailor - Counterfeit Life

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Erwin1974 Struggling to find a suitable font for a logo I'm designing...
Erwin1974 Better than Steely Dan?? Blip your opinion...

Daft punk vs The Clipse-Da last funk time (Samsablend)

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Erwin1974 Hi @djwttw I'm fab! Wasn't paying too much attention to replies though, sorry for that :-)
Erwin1974 Nice one @purplesime! Annoying indeed, Blip's sudden urge to scroll when you're propping :-) Sorry for forgetting to credit you for U2 earlier! (reblip)
by_starla [Gravenhurst - Trust] hey there @J2ad--thanks for all the supportive messages! they really helped when i was buried in work. how are you tonight?
Erwin1974 [Maximo Park - Signal And Sign] Nice one.. Thanks @by_starla (reblip)
by_starla [Broken Social Scene - Our Faces Split The Coast In Half]
by_starla [Plants and Animals - Mercy]
Erwin1974 This is getting ridiculous :-) Great one @by_starla! thanks a bunch (reblip)

SHAFT - Kikki rirri boom

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by_starla [Bell X1 - Light Catches Your Face] last one by Bell X1 for now--but just couldn't resist it.
by_starla [Wild Sweet Orange - Be Careful (What You Want)]
Erwin1974 why oh why can you give only three props per day....@by_starla Nice.... (reblip)
Erwin1974 Completely baffled by your Dutch skills! :D @djwttw Het gaat goed met mij, dankjewel! Like the vid, too btw (reblip)


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Erwin1974 You might like this one too @djwttw

INXS - The Strangest Party

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formalhaut ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇█ E.O.G. █▇▆▅▄▃▂▁ LIVE IN BERLIN : May 30th 2009 : at MONSTER RONSON´S, Warschauerstrasse 4 : join the party (reblip)
Erwin1974 Love this one! It's one of my favorites from the Cure! Thanks @raiopositronico ! (reblip)

Kool and the Gang - Ladies Night

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Erwin1974 Wow. This is a whole other version than the one I know. Cool!
Erwin1974 Compare them side by side....
Erwin1974 Love it! you're a star @by_starla! My eyes are telling me to call it a day :( I'd better listen... Bye Blipsters!! (reblip)
Erwin1974 You talk real loud But you aint saying nothing cool I could fit your whole house in my swimming pool

PinkCuz I Can

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klitoria do not indulge....rather let go....
Erwin1974 It's on Imeem, but i'm pretty sure it plays in full. If not, let me know!
tranceatlantico ☯ yeah, 3rd gear.....wrooaaaarrr : groovy tuesday @ll ;))
Erwin1974 Bye lovely blip friends! Am expected to be elsewhere for a few hours. Keep on Blippin'


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