Eclecticist this may be the greatest single cover of all time (with the exception of course, of Janis Joplin's cover of Chris Christopherson's "Me & Bobby McGee") (reblip)
Eclecticist rb @DjblueClariz: "rb@Oculuris: "RB @pclovinU: "Eagles – Take It to the Limit "Put me on a highway - show me a sign""" (reblip)
DressThatMan Right ON, man! :) RB @WelshShanti: "@DressThatMan out there making sure the thrill remains..." (reblip)
k00tje @EvangelinaElliott : Dominique Strauss Kahn - What Would We Do
EvangelinaElliott Grazie mille ;-))) @djilo: "One for you :) @EvangelinaElliott ..... Amillionsons - Misti Blu (Schmoov vocal mix)" (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Ja, helaas te jong gestorve. Anyway, heb goede herinneringen aan het nr ;-)) @DJliesdesmit: "Mooooi! rb@EvangelinaElliott Minnie Ripperton Lovin' You (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Grazie Mille!! @arti360: "@EvangelinaElliott really nice blips!! Thx & Props for you! ^^" (reblip)
22Crystal22 @IRadio3: "Rod Stewart ~ Have I Told You Lately (Unplugged Version) ~ The Definitive Rod Stewart♩ #rock" (reblip)

Charlie Byrd Samba Triste

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EvangelinaElliott Bom Dia Brasil, ;-))) Enjoy ur Day! xxx @danniaranda @cecci

Wave by João Gilberto

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Eclecticist rb @WithOutMakeUp: ""on the first part of the journey.." Rb~@Greenfields47: "TY america ... horse with no name about muttley.??.@alexparr"" (reblip)
tometty [Elkie Brooks - The Rising Cost Of Love (The Deadstock 33s Edit)] Couldn't find the 1979 original.
tometty [Millie Jackson - We Got To Hit It Off (1979)]
EvangelinaElliott Een andere versie van L'abeille. Een van de beste percussienummers!
EvangelinaElliott Moet die lijst, 6 months and 2 weeks wegwerken, ha ha ha ha

Ian PooleyBalmes

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ElementsOfJazz ♫ June 15th is pianist Erroll Garner's birthday (1921-1977)!

Erroll Garner "I get a kick out of you"

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Cameosis62 Tracy Chapman - Sorry (reblip)

tracy chapman ( SORRY )

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BringBackThatSoul @EvangelinaElliott Ja ja, en dit van Nederlandse bodem! Heerlijke jazzy track!

Samba Tranquille, by Thievery Corporation

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EvangelinaElliott OMG, I was too long out, ha ha. Forget to check REPS. Sorry. & TNX for P @djilo @FrauFeile @Disc_Oh @Stefanoa99 @mojoworking @Dalli & @NewageBlipper

Lil Louis "Club Lonely (Lonely People)" (Album Version)

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EvangelinaElliott So, time for lunch (nice and healthy brown bread with avocado and goatcheese and rocketsalad, yummi) Bye @k00tje @djilo @tometty @WILM
EvangelinaElliott WOW!! @djilo: "Pierre Santino – Like Free Jazz" (reblip)

buddha bar vol. 6 cafe del mar chill house music

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EvangelinaElliott ;) RB@mojoworking: "Thx again! @EvangelinaElliott now I'm really going, Lol :) Deepfunk Records – Andru Pozzatron - Funk That (Corduroy Maverick's So (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Yeah, they sure make very good musice! Love it when others feel the same @arti360: "Nice one! RB@EvangelinaElliott (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Hi here as well! Have a great day sister! @mandymusic: "@EvangelinaElliott a.m.o. fellow(sister)s: kind regards fr♥m Mandy from Holland ♫" (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Prelude To Heaven - So, I'm off for a quick dinner and then we all go to the movies. NICE evening to y'all ;-)))
EvangelinaElliott Thanks! @pgrell: "De-Phazz: Time Slips >>... especially on a Sunday" (reblip)

De-PhazzTime Slips

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EvangelinaElliott Nou eerder otherwayround. Nee, xie nu pas tags etc etc @k00tje Hoezo ? Kan ik nog wat van je leren :-)" (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott rb@letitride2: "(UK Garage) Keith Sweat – I Want Her (Dubaholics Vocal Dub Mix) @Chieki @EvangelinaElliott @djilo #oldskool keith sweat trending (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott WOW.... really great track, thanks so much!! @djilo: "Hi :) @EvangelinaElliott .... Minus 8 - Runaway (Tweak's Dark Soul version)" (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Isabelle Antena - The French Riviera @Alfea @seb098 THANK YOU VM!
EvangelinaElliott S W I N G O U T S I S T E R @cecci @danniaranda ;-))

Swing Out Sister-Love Won't Let You Down (Studio)

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EvangelinaElliott Isabelle Antena - Just For You and Me @cecci & @danniaranda (I LOVE her music, hope you too)
EvangelinaElliott THANK YOU, ha ha ha @mojoworking: "u r not a blipper, u r a radio station!!! Lol ;) ty rb (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Afro Medusa - Latin Soul Mix @k00tje @LionaB @mojoworking @Chow322 @antoforever... Yeah, summer is finally coming. In the mood for Beach & Margarita's


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EvangelinaElliott Ik heb maar 1 CD van hem en toevallig 1tje die een beetje tegenvalt, maar ja can happen, maar zeker goede DJ @k00tje: "@EvangelinaElliott Top DJ ook (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Your welcome and thanks for the Props - Fred Everything's Lazy Days Original
EvangelinaElliott CHICAGO HOUSE

chicago house wbmx 80's house music

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EvangelinaElliott Grazie grazie.. Geniet je er ook van eindelijk Lekker weer @k00tje: "@EvangelinaElliott: Lekker weer hoor. Out of props for today honey .... :-)" (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Ja, tof nr, heb het toegevoegd aan mijn lijst. Jij ook bedankt!! @BringBackThatSoul: Lekker nummer hoor, thanx! Deze is ook erg lekker." (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Downtempo Garden - Mark Farina @Lingerer @NewageBlipper

Downtempo Garden ˘˘ Mark Farina

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EvangelinaElliott Ha Ha,I'm glad I consider mine to be part of the 10% ;-))@HeartofQueen:Believe In Me There are only 10% good Men. Let us share them;) (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott One more for mother. She LOVES this music. Ella Mae Morse


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EvangelinaElliott A favourite of my mother, Ella Mae Morse - 40cups of coffee @JazzjunkNL @DJBegona @backtoback @Jazzventure @ElementsOfJazz @HeartofQueen

40 cups of coffee Ella Mae Morse 1953

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EvangelinaElliott Thanks for the props @EFR56 - Guru - Feel the music

GuruFeel The Music

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djilo Coco Steel & Lovebomb - Yachts (A Man Called Adam mix)
EvangelinaElliott Saw a very nice foodmagazine. Recipe for Pommes Gratin, with wine and Gruyere. New for me. Yum! @HeartofQueen:Soul Food To Go #lunchsong (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Ya, I find Julie awesome. Learning this all thru my parents @HeartofQueen: Julie London- Fly me to the Moon (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott JT Donaldson - Skyway to Love @MaxK tnx for the props and enjoy saturday ;)
EvangelinaElliott Same for you! (nice track) ;-D @MaxK: "that is what is all about <3 have a nice saturday... with love and peace, joy and understanding..." (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Mark Farina - Deep House or Acid Jazz @Naestopaz -> Thanks for the props! @k00tje @bringUjoy
EvangelinaElliott Hi!! Een vriend introduceerde me met veel goede nrs, GEWELDIG! Leer van jou ook! @k00tje: @EvangelinaElliott Ben je een beetje bekend met de house (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott An awesome weekend for ya all and S h a k e I t L o o s e
EvangelinaElliott Hi Lisa! I added you to my favourites! @Lisa_Michele_


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EvangelinaElliott Hi all! Happy Sunday! (no complaining about the weather, lots of sun) Thanks for props &reps -Brersoul - Almond - Game of Love!

Boozoo Bajou- Under My Sensi (Thievery Corporation remix)

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EvangelinaElliott Cool!!! Ben je ook DJ? En waar doe je dat online? @k00tje: "@EvangelinaElliott Oude mix die ik tijdje terug online heb gezet ..." (reblip)
k00tje @EvangelinaElliott Oude mix die ik tijdje terug online heb gezet ...
EvangelinaElliott Top, gaaf dat we van dezelfde muziek houden ;-)) @k00tje: "@EvangelinaElliott Deze moet het doen. Is een klein beetje anders. (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Morel inc Why Not Believe in Him @k00tje Weetje, was ns in een Bar in RTD waar ze een classic house avond hadden. Zo gaaf, zonde als het verloren gaat
EvangelinaElliott Akema - So in Love @k00tje Blip dit nog 1x, zo'n gaaf nummer ;-))
EvangelinaElliott Nog zo'n cool nr, keep them coming! Love it @BringBackThatSoul @EvangelinaElliott Thanks doe mij best whaha! (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott I care very much for people appreciating the same music, that's the real kick. Not numbers ;-)) @HeartofQueen Anane - Amazing Love (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott GE-WEL-DIG! En ik vind het gaaf als iemand zoveel kennis heeft. Ik blip een beetje op gevoel vaak via andere nrs! ;-))@BringBackThatSoul (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Rotterdam, bij Bar P (bestaat geloof ik niet meer. Ik vind het zo jammer dat huidige DJ's er niets mee doen, behalve Mark Farina denk ik @k00tje (reblip)

Neal HowardIndulge

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EvangelinaElliott Mr Scruff Music Takes Me up - Nice and Jazzy Tune!

Mr Scruff 'Music Takes Me Up' (Official Video)

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Sheribaby_SPH Hello & TY for adding me to your fav's list. I've happily returned the favor. Looking forward to sharing music & more with you. @EvangelinaElliott
EvangelinaElliott Tom & Joyce - Vai Minha Tristeza (Bob Sinclar Remix) Last for today, thanks and good evening. Look out for slippery roads!
EvangelinaElliott Chez Damier - Teach Me, Keep Me @k00tje Nog zo'n topper!
EvangelinaElliott Ja wou dat dat kon. In 1x meteen 10 of meer props geven. Veel makkelijker @k00tje Ohw, zo vet dit. Heel lang niet meer gehoord. Als het kon 20 props." (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott So true.Ook heel goed van S. Kleinenberg dat hij niet op die top100list wilde staan. Leuk als je 30 plaatsen zakt!Terwijl het goede djs zijn @k00tje (reblip)

Aftershock- Slave To The Vibe (12" Club Mix) GARAGE CLASSIC

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EvangelinaElliott Welke regio zit jij? Ik was eigenlijk net te jong om die classic periode mee te maken, wel jammer. Welke DJ van nu vindt je goed? @k00tje (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Ha Ha Tnx, ach die props. Ik vind herkenning in muziek veel belangrijker en ik word altijd zenuwachtig als die credits oplopen. @k00tje (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott This song is forever connected to December 1, World Aids Day. Bette Midler - The Rose
EvangelinaElliott Hi, I RB this for my mother, she loves this track! (me also btw)Thanks! @2pogi4u: Elvis Presley -Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott He was too young. An awesome artist! Tnx too @outta_style: "RIP Guru. thanks rbvi@EvangelinaElliott cheers!" (reblip)

GuruFeel The Music

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EvangelinaElliott Ha Ha, juz gonna blip this tune again. Love it. Funkyloco - Slow & Sexy (original mix)
EvangelinaElliott Funkyloco - Slow and Sexy @HeartofQueen For me slow today, too much clothing on. Fleece and thermo, not sexy at all, LOL
EvangelinaElliott Wow Supertrack! tnx.. For my English breakfast this morning! Beans included @HeartofQueen: Funky Chocolate (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott House of Gypsies - Samba @Antonio_official Thanks for props ;)
BringBackThatSoul @EvangelinaElliott Thanks, sorry dat is mijn tick (als soulliefhebber) whaha. Dit nummer zal je dan ook ongetwijfeld top vinden ;-)
EvangelinaElliott Hi, lekker nr zeg, dank! En N,sync, weet het niet, ben geen kenner, geloof je direkt ;-)))@BringBackThatSoul: @EvangelinaElliott (reblip)
BringBackThatSoul @EvangelinaElliott Great tune, volgens mij is ie alleen van Teddy Pendergrass i.p.v. N'Sync?
EvangelinaElliott @fridayschild Have you seen this one as well? ;-)) Ella Mae Morse


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EvangelinaElliott Hi dear, yr welcome. Glad you like it! @fridayschild: Welcome & thanks for the add! Found this gem on your PL which I really enjoyed so! (reblip)

40 cups of coffee Ella Mae Morse 1953

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djilo You honor me sir :) I'm in good company @letitride2: "You're definitely in the upper crust of DJs RB @djilo: "# @EvangelinaElliott @Chieki" (reblip)
pgrell Swinging Mood: Good Morning!, buongiorno!, ¡buenos días!, bonjour!, Moin! to all >> rb @fbrahimi: "ça swingue "Charlie Parker – Tico Tico""" (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Thanks....@letitride2n@EvangelinaElliott Dualton -- The Love Song (Original Mix) > what is GM? (reblip)

Dualton -- The Love Song (Original Mix)

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pgrell Danke @marienie du hast ebenfalls eine sehr feine blip-list, macht Spaß sich da durchzuhören :-) (reblip)
pgrell Nicola Conte:The In Between >> And a Good Evening to you @cagey2519 ;-)
EvangelinaElliott "Samba de duas notas" | Stan Getz @JazzjunkNL

"Samba de duas notas" | Stan Getz

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EvangelinaElliott You got it@2Tall: "Black Rain [Deep Blue & Omni Trio] – Lifecycle >this tune has that sample : just feel the rhythm of house > @EvangelinaElliott" (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott grazie mille ;)@BluJulius: "u have my attention regardless@EvangelinaElliott: "I actually wanted to blip I've got rythm. Couldnt me>jazzyjules (reblip)
avivajazz Miles Davis ~ Lonely Fire

Miles Davis- Lonely Fire (Full Version)

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Corinne Bailey Rae Breathless-with lyrics

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2Tall Arvo Pärt – Te Deum - part 1 >My favorite piece of classical music
tometty [Incognito - Freedom To Love (Reel People Rework)] Hoop dat je een fijne week hebt @EvangelinaElliott :)
qvigear Carmina Burana .. Carl Orff/Mad Mix ... a little musical adventure .. hang on ..

Carl Orff "Carmina Burana" ☮Mad Mix☮

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2Tall @EvangelinaElliott > Prana – The Dream (Sharam's Deep Dish Dreamscape) >this has such a positive vibe with some of that old-skool flava :)

Monodeluxe Feat. Paola -- Follow (Nu Jazz Mix)

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EvangelinaElliott For mellow sundays! tysm @djilo: "Another one for your mellow mood :) @EvangelinaElliott" (reblip)
DaveL I wouldn't presume that you would listen to a dj who would intro this song as a 'hot, heavy song of the season,' thinking he was clever. So I won't!
DaveL 1966/67 No. 2/UK 7/USA The 1st BQ=10! (BQ= Blastability Quotient, Scale 1-10) So, blast away as long as there are no neighbor, family threats :-)
CHaDmAn "You know that love's the only goal, that could bring a peace to any soul!" (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott When the night has come..... sleep well all!
smaclaren Thank you @jet333: "Procol Harum – 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' - 1967" (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Can I also ask: looking for "Running Mercy" from Ricky Lee Jones @djilo
EvangelinaElliott I actually wanted to blip I've got rythm. Couldnt @BluJulius: "#jazzyjules loves anything by CP!@EvangelinaElliott: "@JazzjunkNL"" (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott ALWAYS for good music I appreciate. Have a nice day!! @Lafnalot: "Thank you much for the generous props! rb @EvangelinaElliott: "rb"" (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott awww.... thanks a lot. So sweet. @alexparr: "Nice to meet you @EvangelinaElliott Hope you have a #wonderful #week! ❤" (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Wooooow, thanks for the props! ;) @neilvalla

Eddie Money- Maybe i'm a fool

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EvangelinaElliott Thanks! Net een jazzweekend in Den Haag achter de rug. Lekker relaxed aan de gracht. @JazzjunkNL @EvangelinaElliott (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott I feel like a million dollars! LOL, thanks! @letitride2 (reblip)

Shlomi Aber -- Who Said That (Original Mix)

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cecci mee too ;)@maryness: "love this! tyRB@cecci: "i lovit! rb@danniaranda: "rb @EvangelinaElliott: "Markus Enochson - Tonight The Night [quasimode remix]" (reblip)
djxtheowl DJ Sneak - Show Me The Way .... smoooooooth.
EvangelinaElliott heerlijk nr zeg! thx @CupOfLife: "D Train - Walk On By especially for @EvangelinaElliott my "new`' listener. (reblip)

D TrainWalk On By

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EvangelinaElliott And for YOU dear! @djxtheowl: "@EvangelinaElliott Thanks, and merry christmas! | Karol XVII & MB Valence - Maruda GRAZIE!! (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott It's Beautiful Day

It's Beautiful Day-Club Des Belugas

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EvangelinaElliott man oh man, I LIKE THIS thank you VM @djilo: ";) @EvangelinaElliott ... Jem Stone - Be-Bop 2 Hip-Hop" (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Blaze - So Thankful [Soulful House]
keefee @scotlandlover: Probly Becos they'd already had success with the stolen kids Eng & aboriginal stolen generation. Mor sordid details if you want re vis (reblip)

the kinks all day and all of the night

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Joe Jackson, Is She Really Going Out With Him & Got the Time (de Doelen, Rotterdam)

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EvangelinaElliott Jasper Clash & Alano tekashi ft. MC Jessie K - Shadow Dancer (Rico D Remix)
EvangelinaElliott Crazibiza - Lovedance (Original Mix)

rise richard earnshaw feat ursula rucker and roy ayers

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EvangelinaElliott RB@BringBackThatSoul: "@k00tje deze is echt zo lekker! Ken jij nog wat meer nummers zoals deze en bv Night Writers - Let The Music Use you? (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott RB adriana evans – remember the love (samba soul mix) (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Superb... Love Parov Stelar - TYVM @skreama: "One track of happy #swing mix D/L (reblip)
EvangelinaElliott Ibiza Summer Sound (Mixed by Blesal DJ) @letitride2 @cecci @k00tje @djilo @2Tall @skreama

Ibiza Summer Sound (Mixed by Blesal DJ)

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EvangelinaElliott David Penn, DJ Chus, Abel Ramos - Keep On Jumpin (The New Iberican League Original Mix) @letitride2 @k00tje @djilo @2Tall

Moves feat Tortured Soul See you more Halo & Martino vocal

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Lingerer Try a Little Tenderness, they never forget it.

Jungle Bizznizz-African Journey

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EvangelinaElliott Woot woot@2Tall: "AmazingVibe presents Club Jazz mix @EvangelinaElliott >nice scratchy vinyl" (reblip)

AmazingVibe presents Club Jazz mix

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Part 4 Classic Mellow House 1990 1992 mixed by DJ Wiebe

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pgrell Duke Ellington - It don't mean a thing (1943)
Lingerer The Summer Wind came blowing in from across the sea. It Lingerered there, to stroke your hair and then walk with me.

Frank Sinatra -Summer Wind (1966)

| play
EvangelinaElliott I do - very much. Another great one for my playlist @cecci: "this is an old one, hope u enjoy @EvangelinaElliott" (reblip)

Lou Reed and Luciano Pavarotti Perfect Day 2001

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The Beatles- Eleanor Rigby Music Video

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EvangelinaElliott Thanks for the prps for this great track, I can never get enough of it @faros (reblip)
fxp123 the same to you yw @organicsue: "Boz Scaggs - Dirty Low Down" (reblip)
pgrell Nicola Conte: Take Off

Nicola Conte- Take Off

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2Tall @JazzmYn >here is another beautiful tune for you for your listening pleasure Asma :)
2Tall Michael McLardy - Spring (Jackin Wez & The Groovedoctor Remix) @beastie_girl @JazzmYn > some wonderful deep house
EvangelinaElliott Oldskool, recent.... maakt me allemaal niets uit, ALLES wat lekker klinkt! GRAZIE @k00tje @EvangelinaElliott Iets recenter :-) (reblip)
pgrell Parov Stelar: Hurt

Parov StelarHurt

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