Vampirtraene Epinephrin – Energie Brauch man wohl kaum was zu sagen...


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Die Ärzte-Cover Der Graf (Elke, wie alles begann)

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Alice D. Vampir -Ärzte Cover

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The bates Fuck The World

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snowpanther you simply have to love this berlin band ;)

Die Ärzte: Deine Schuld (English subs)

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die_Kalte @Carmilla "read some of your blog"-cool, sanks :) that stuff is usually things that pop into my head because of music/picture combinations. icrazy! :p (reblip)
micoy The origin of some nightmares : ) @Carmilla: "That was a scary ass game. I used to play it with all the lights off. Hehehe // rb@micoy" (reblip)
Urbster Heute zählts, alles oder nix. Die Toten Hosen – Du lebst nur einmal
Carmilla clears the brain @obz: "just what the morning needs. :)" (reblip)
Draven Du musst lernen, wie man "Danke" sagt und sich dabei ganz tief bückt, und wie man Essensreste von fremden Tellern leckt....
remcobakker @Michonnet moet je dit eens life horen, kan ik niet zo snel vinden. Auch fuer die liebe @schreibfieber
atank yessssssss.......rb@die_Kalte: "rb@atank - gearing up for your concert?" (reblip)
micoy :D gracias @die_Kalte: "*special 1 by 1 TY's for top proppers* @micoy - to my number 4 , you smell like chilli.....TY :D .......O_o" (reblip)
faithlesshaze Beats boys B.O., *shudders* @die_Kalte - designer imposter Drakkar Noir thank you! :p........i just sneezed....." (reblip)
NannyLatorre "Disappear, follow your steps towards the end, disappear, behind all your fantasies will hide beneath the storm"
themell **Die Toten Hosen – Pushed Again** #mukke #fuckyeah
themell **Die Toten Hosen – Unsterblich** #mukke
obz @Carmilla:// :> i'll have to add a few more then. got xtrip! (of course...) (reblip)
djpotty75 fuck yeah i cant get enough of these at the moment
skunk63 Hocico - Twist the Thorn
silverjam @nrayala: "love this one! rb!! ty! :) @funkyBP: "Nonpoint – In The Air Tonight"" (reblip)
CleoBe Die Toten Hosen – Nur zu Besuch (reblip)
smarty_pants don't worry 'bout it ~>just googled myself and there are 1624 women with my name! *lol*
xTRiPPx VNV Nation – Project Pitchfork Existence Remix
arik181 via@sabragirl This bit of industrial gave me a smile. (reblip)

HocicoFace to Face

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Rafa_go Rb @followmethisfar: "Every time that I hate you, I love you. rb @lostndanet" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @rikatheguru: "I still think Pain of Salvation's "Road Salt" should have been Sweden's entry in Eurovision 2010." (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @creativeness: "OH CRAP! here we go again... *starts jumping* @Sandra_R_: "@creativeness :)"" (reblip)

Van HalenJump

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EvilBlackAngel @rockchalk75: "@harmony60: "Dreams <~~~ In about 30mins.. sleepy in Ohio.. :-) <3" Van Halen – Dreams" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @teresa_8888: "haha@DjblueClariz: "tyrb@Dawnrazor: "That could be fun hehehe @teresa_8888: "Van Halen -Van Halen-Feel Your Love Tonight"""" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @Naestopaz: "LOVE IT! ty! @MsMercurial: "Van Halen : Unchained --->@big_diel @Naestopaz Some more Diamond Dave l♥ve!"" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @ChadThomas: "how bout van hagar? @DamnTheMan: "I still don't understand how my sis doesn't like VH.... @blipstarz: "vi @big_diel #DamnTheMan" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @SEM: "Actually - this is tied for first." (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @FlinnDc: "Perfect Selection MFP RB @MrsASoprano: "Good morning and thank you!@MFP4073: "@MrsASoprano cc @smilecin might also like this""" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @Igotafeeln: "Judas Priest – Some Heads Are Gonna Roll [Priest... Live! 1986]" (reblip)
zoja01 rb@faithlesshaze: The Crown encourages you to punch someone in the face before you spit on them. (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @Asrialis: "i like this with the tesla coils :) well.. yeah bc jay jay is awesome as a great nerd" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @Lady8i8: "@romanus anytime! hadn't heard that one in YEARS!!" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @croque_m: "n @manu_m :))))) Daughtry - September Los recuerdos esta canción traerlo de vuelta." (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @SandraLin: "How can the grass greener in winter? :)@Angie74: "@blipstarz: vi@funkyBP "But the other side still had the greener grass" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @RocknHollywood: """Who Likes Girls? ;) Motley Crue – Girls,Girls,Girls Live" #MotleyMonday"" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @Sandra_R_: "Ready as I'll ever be! ;) @MrsRobinsome: "So feelin lil better now, blip has soothed the MondayWound??? R U ready 2 go? R U ready now?" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @SpinningDiscs: "Motley Crue – Merry-Go-Round ....My #MotleyMonday Contribution.....Enjoy!!!" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @22Crystal22: "@jlightbody: "Shit, I remember when I was hot and young and running free...what the fu#k happened?????"" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @La_Vera_Mahshid: "TY Chad ! @ChadThomas: "rb La_Vera_Mahshid: "Motley Crue – Same Ole Situation (Cruefest 1 Toronto) #MotleyMonday !!!""" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @ChadThomas: "loosely sort of remind you! lmao! @La_Vera_Mahshid: "#MotleyMonday !!!! (Thanks to @ChadThomas somehow for reminding me!! :-P )"" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @RocknHollywood: ""Megadeth-Blessed Are the Dead #MegadethMonday"" (reblip)

Megadeth-Blessed Are the Dead

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EvilBlackAngel I wish Merry Christmas !!! *evil smirks* (reblip)
Elecktra @obz: "@faithlesshaze ...just beat on that girl's face instead. // unreal. (?_?) what a good message to send..." (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @lostndanet: "Sure but I need a lullabye! =) @DamnTheMan: "Tis a great wake up tune, yes? @lost RB ;) #DamnTheMan: "Morbid Angel - Angel Of Disease"" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @wreckchords: "MORBID ANGEL - summoning redemption......from gateway to annihilation" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @truk77: "@MrsASoprano: "Thank you!@b_s_lynn:"The Cross Movement-Wisemen // Hah, loving this." (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel tztztz Mr. T --- I steal --- l have fun. @troubleward_ (reblip)
dj_lmb Adelitas Way – Dirty Little Thing
EvilBlackAngel @mrsalbrecht: "Haven't heard for soooo long. Great album. TY! (via @adversary1)" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @macroshift: "amen ... rb@slicedgeek: "got you where i want you - The Flys"" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @ReverendMojo: "10,000 tweets! Wasn't there a Tool song by that name?" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @obz: "@faithlesshaze: "Hey Monday, Faaaackkk Yoooooou!!!!!" // morning hazy." (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @BlessedHellrider: "I love it when a dumb ass plan falls apart. You're conered and screwed. Smile. :=" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @blipstarz: "This definitely qualifies as a #Breakdown TY RB @Gav70: "Korn - Trapped under the stairs \m/"" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @waxpoeticg: "Afternoon sessions...Korn memories...:) Go Monkey! :D" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @nrayala: "Hey Will!!! happy monday!!!! :) ty! @TropicsZ4: "Hi Nicole, Happy Monday !!!! rb @nrayala: "Godsmack – I Stand Alone""" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @RocknHollywood: ""Black Label Society "Parade Of The Dead""" (reblip)

Black Label Society "Parade Of The Dead"

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EvilBlackAngel @BlessedHellrider: "You can either fall in line and ride, or ride against. Your choice. :=" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @BlessedHellrider: "Step inside...WE'VE been waiting here for you. ;=" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @supernaut: "this storm that’s broken me, my only friend" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @Vix_Rock: "I Just Love This Cover!!! Even Better Than The Original One! |m| @krystalmystic: "U 2 BABES TY.rb@RocknHollywood: "@krystalmystic" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @RocknHollywood: ":) RB @Lothlorien: "#stuckinmyhead song of the day :)" Black Label Society – Phoney Smiles And Fake Hellos" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @La_Vera_Mahshid: "Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society – Order of the Black - 3. Parade of the Dead HQ AUDIO" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @Lisa_Michele_: "INDEED! \nn/ @DamnTheMan: "DIME!!!! rb@LM_: ":) "~~ Damageplan - Cold Blooded ~~ ♪♫•*¨*•¸¸♥ .•*¨*•♫♪ #BrrrCold""" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @supernaut: "caught somewhere between my fears and dreams, and all I have are demons here for company" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @Dark_Heart: "♫|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|♫" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @GueroSinFe04: "Swinging the Dead by DevilDriver (DevilDriver) #nowplaying" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @Totengrber: the title of the song is somewhat incongruous to me, but good. I am a woman. (reblip)
Carmilla @xTRiPPx: "Grendel – End of Ages (Genocide Remix by God Module)" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @Wes_H: "Mooooooooornin:):) @nrayala: "Mooooooornin sweeeeet Wes! :) @Wes_H: "Sweeeeeeet Nicole!!!:):) rb @nrayala: "Blue October – Into The Ocean" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @stedo85: "The Presidents of the United States of America – Lump" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @Ttddman: "OOPS4U HUGS!@Lisa_Michele_: "Hello and Most welcome!@Ttddman: "HI LISA TY!" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @Lisa_Michele_: "TYRB! :)@SandroC: "vi@LM_: "~~ Chimaira - Comatose ~~""" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel @BleedChamber: "Im feeling the oldschool sheeeeet" (reblip)