FSS34 "One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star." - #Nietzsche @NietzscheQuotes
FSS34 another one of gwyns favs ^_^
FSS34 life is great ^_^ without it, you'd be dead.
FSS34 ...but Blue Bayou will always be home
FSS34 @ABRAXII "how much is poetry?" - @FSS34 "Dont Sweat the Technique" (thanx @knowtheledge) END .:. OFF #nomorewordsforya (reblip)

Eric B. and Rakim - Don't Sweat the Technique

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FSS34 "...word for the day is PENETRATE!"


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FSS34 @gearball mmmm, sluuugbait. :D hehehe
FSS34 "Issues," the original version.
FSS34 for stacey rossi (enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee myself at the moment) ^_^
FSS34 another stacey rossi request, enjoy!
FSS34 #oldschool, I.S.C (iLL Status Click) - the first rap group i was apart of. RIPISC
FSS34 a really fun song to Lindy to:
FSS34 /stretch -.O /yawn O.- /RAAAWR!


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FSS34 @claire27911 ^0^ / :D *chipper up*
FSS34 @claire27911 im an alice n chains fan myself :D
FSS34 "a Cold {Proof}" - tracklisting in progress for ABRX34 Lp.

a Cold Proof

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FSS34 @gearball WE LUZ BUBBLES! (this is still one of my fav bubblechamber tunes)
FSS34 ayo nick! this is for u - SHOW MY FRIEND SUM <3 - http://tinyurl.com/grover541
FSS34 shouts out to my homie Dirty B. wishing u well big baby! lol
FSS34 me and Dirty B get down on sum madness
FSS34 /agree w/ #WuTangWednesday "Shame on a #playahata spoutin all that #fagshit when they get caught in #lamegame ."
FSS34 "A king sat on the rocky brow Which looks on sea-born Salamis; And ships, by thousands, lay below, And men in nations;---all were his!" -LByron (reblip)
FSS34 do do do... mmmama.. huh?

(Muppets) - manamana

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FSS34 "...images of broken light which dance before me like a million eyes" #LVX
FSS34 this song for my woman this afternoon, her feets is tired.
FSS34 who remembers this?


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FSS34 "1. In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy." - W.Blake, Proverbs of Hell
FSS34 "39. The eagle never lost so much time as when he submitted to learn of the crow." -W.Blake, Proverbs of Hell (reblip)
FSS34 "1. Purse First, Ass Last." - 48 Laws of Pimping
FSS34 "Oh Love! young Love! bound in thy rosy band, Let sage or cynic prattle as he will, These hours, and only these, redeemed Life’s years of ill." #LVX (reblip)
FSS34 "7. Dip him in the river who loves water." - W.Blake, Proverbs of Hell
FSS34 "8. A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees." - W.Blake, Proverbs of Hell
FSS34 "9. He whose face gives no light, shall never become a star." - W.Blake, Proverbs of Hell (reblip)
FSS34 "66. Improvement makes strait roads; but the crooked roads without improvement are roads of genius." - W.Blake, Proverbs of Hell
FSS34 "...these punks, these cowards, these champions, these mad dogs of glory moving this little bit of light toward us impossibly." -C.Bukowski
FSS34 "When I speak of the emptiness of being, I am not trying to persuade anyone, least of all you." - hontonoshijin
FSS34 "To be an outlaw you must first have a base in law to reject and get out of, I never had such a base." -W.S.Burroughs
FSS34 "34. Show Respect to Get Respect." - 48 Laws of Pimping (reblip)


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FSS34 Track 10 from my "IAM5" e-album u can $ it here: http://tinyurl.com/299j7f6
FSS34 "5. Prey on the Weak." - 48 Laws of Pimping
FSS34 "16. Give Motivation and Inspiration." - 48 Laws of Pimping (reblip)


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FSS34 "17. Get You A Bottom Bitch." - 48 Laws of Pimping
FSS34 "25. Grind for Your Shine." - 48 Laws of Pimping
FSS34 Track 03 from my "Delirium Radio" e-album u can $ it here: http://tinyurl.com/288bxu8
FSS34 "22. Keep Hoes on Their Toes." - 48 Laws of Pimping (reblip)
FSS34 "2. Get a Name in a Game." - 48 Laws of Pimping
FSS34 "7. Pimp the Game." - 48 Laws of Pimping (reblip)
FSS34 "33. Bring Your People With You to the Top." - 48 Laws of Pimping (reblip)
FSS34 @MissLynne1 (this is the song that came on after i found out Mishel died, my first love)


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FSS34 "43. If You Can See It, You Can Be It." - 48 Laws of Pimping
FSS34 "40. Don’t Down ‘Em, Crown ‘Em." - 48 Laws of Pimping
FSS34 "6. When Pimpin’ Begins, Friendship Ends." - 48 Laws of Pimping (reblip)

WeenBaby Bitch

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FSS34 "15. Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say." - 48 Laws of Pimping (reblip)
FSS34 "28. Be a Leader." - 48 Laws of Pimping (reblip)
FSS34 "11. Avoid Gorillas and Godzillas." - 48 Laws of Pimping (reblip)
FSS34 "Ron Paul was our last best hope and they did everything short of assassination to keep him out." - Dr. Tedley
FSS34 "Youth is easily deceived because it is quick to hope." -Aristotle | [enter] http://CHAT.FSS34.COM
FSS34 « #Justice is the set and constant purpose which gives every man his due. » #Cicero
FSS34 « We do not say: Being is, time is, but rather: there is Being and there is time. » #Heidegger
FSS34 http://tinyurl.com/t-libya34 | « If you care enough for a result, you will most certainly attain it. » W.James | #Libya17
FSS34 "Never Full" - tracklisting in progress for ABRX34 Lp.
FSS34 "Anessa's Anthem" - tracklisting in progress for ABRX34 Lp.
FSS34 "Rimbaud's Abyss" - tracklisting in progress for ABRX34 Lp.
FSS34 "Thick As Thebes" - tracklisting in progress for ABRX34 Lp.
FSS34 "Supplica a Mia Madre" - tracklisting in progress for ABRX34 Lp.
FSS34 "Song For Cactus Owl" - tracklisting in progress for ABRX34 Lp.


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FSS34 "Mad Science" / track 02: ANICH.FSS34.COM | #OpPlasticEarth |
FSS34 "Anich" / track 01: ANICH.FSS34.COM | #OpPlasticEarth |


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FSS34 "A #SkeethPit reroutes all requests from a particular computer that is requesting information from your server to an inactive IP address." @Gearball


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FSS34 #Mar28 | "All your base are belong to us... Expect us..." | #OpESR

All Your Base Are belong To Us

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FSS34 our "Once Upon-a-Slagging" of @myspace ^_^ getting banned used to be a monthly thing for us >.< #DERP!


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FSS34 In the face of all to come: "#HAIL FRACKING #ERIS! IT'S OVER 9000!" | 23 | #OpESR #OpMetalGear


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FSS34 #OpESR The Anthem via @Gearball (GL1TCHG0R3) | Expect Us ^_^ 23.5

Anthem for the Discordian Age

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FSS34 #OpESR | GL1TCHG0R3 aka @Gearball | "Death & Taxes" | # #BoA @OperationLeakS

Death & Taxes

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FSS34 #OpESR | GL1TCHG0R3 aka @Gearball | "Petty Tyrants" | #FederalReserve

Petty Tyrants

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FSS34 @nemesisurchin: "Supermoon tomorrow night– maybe twice in a lifetime." | /howl (reblip)
FSS34 via @Anony_Ops: "Get up Stand up, Stand up for your right, Get up Stand up, don't give up the fight!" #Freedom #BobMarley
FSS34 "Let's Get Out Of Here!" / track 05: ANICH.FSS34.COM | #OpPlasticEarth |
smartard A-Styles – Deniro Farrar- Fresha (prod. by A-Styles)
FSS34 I decided since I just blipped "AEP" that I might as well continue and blip my entire #BIGSPIRIT Lp. ^_^ enjoy!
FSS34 @iLLiteracy sent me this track via email just now. i dig it. #new #music
FSS34 my #new #single ^_^ Rev.Spook(@FSS34) ~ "Slide & Stop" #RT!


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FSS34 found this blog surfing: http://tinyurl.com/4e89z4f /cheers to @anasfkhan. (if you follow the little [here] link you will find a #FREE treat. ^_^)
FSS34 THE #ORIGINAL (never before released) VERSION OF "#Keef On #Indo" - Rev.Spook & Lashun 2002 ^_^
FSS34 *in Anessa musing-mode* | #year7 /writingandsingingalong
FSS34 Scotty Looseleaf #LIVE @PowaRadiodotcom - FEB 15th 2010 via @FSS34(.com) #RT!
FSS34 #NEW ruffcutt raw freestyle track by "Volatile" - http://volatile.fss34.com | #RT!
FSS34 <3 Happy #Vday ppls! enjoy a Vday kinda tune on me(& by me), #FREE! http://www.fss34.com/vday.html <3


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FSS34 @Gearball's "Mental Police" as ft. on the SBZ double album: http://tinyurl.com/4fbpd4g | Get it(& 4 others) #FREE here: http://tinyurl.com/5FreeSongs

Track 10

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FSS34 Track 01 from my upcoming ABRX34 Lp. ( promoting: http://abrx.fss34.com )
FSS34 HaroonRiaz ~ "If they got banned, they are successful."
FSS34 @markgelo ~ "The people of #Egypt have shown the world that youth activism can change ANYTHING. 18 days has ended 30 years of oppression."
FSS34 [×] [o] the conabian: yay mubarak's gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Masta420Chiefa Now playing! @RAtheRuggedMan‎ ft Timbo King - Black and White -__- #RT
Masta420Chiefa The only thing one has to hold on to is memories CunninLynguists – Mic Like A Memory
Masta420Chiefa Turn this up ! The truth hurts doesn't it Mr. President?!?! @ImmortalTech - Payback
FSS34 OUR CHAT : http://www.fss34.com/a-chat.html : DTKO( @DrTedley of GL1TCHG0R3 ) : "The Real Action."
FSS34 OUR FORUM : http://www.fss34.com/a-forum.html : GL1TCHG0R3 : "Ataraxia."

Track 3

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FSS34 HOW TO USE OUR BLOG : http://www.fss34.com/a-blog.html : GL1TCHG0R3 : "Better Days."

Track 13

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Aaron Barr talking to anonymous

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FSS34 if you were a #fag and missed tonights @redlistradio show, here it is via #ch34

Happiness Penis By NoEmotion Produced By GoodnesSake

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Masta420Chiefa #JediMind4eva Heavenly Devine by Jedi Mind Tricks #classik

Heavenly Devine by Jedi Mind Tricks

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Masta420Chiefa Vinnie Paz – Nosebleed Feat. RA the Rugged Man #JediMind4Evar!
Masta420Chiefa Gza ft Method Man - Shadow Boxing! #WuTang! All them from Shaolin!!

GZA Shadow boxing

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Twelve Midget Samurai By NoEmotion HD Music Video

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FSS34 @BABYDIABOLICAL: Q: "you dont ♥ spooks?" A: →

I Don't Love Anyone Belle & Sebastian

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FSS34 Hi. my name is H4x012. You, sir... r the 0ne I <3
FSS34 @bankaiAP: "@Danzig_Zag" YOU GUYS DESERVE MAJ. /SALUTES FOR THIS! ^_- (reblip)
FSS34 #follow(ing) @SyRevoSlogans yet? يا بشار يا فهمان ضب غراضك على طهران #Syria #Mar15
FSS34 Step 1: #follow @AnonymousSyria | Step 2: #listen -
FSS34 "Be comfortable with and embrace paradox, contradiction and ambiguity. It is the womb of creativity." ~ DC
FSS34 DTKO – Black Lemonade | DTKO.FSS34.COM
FSS34 "GEAR-BALLED" / track 17: ANICH.FSS34.COM | #OpPlasticEarth |
FSS34 "Spooky Dookie" / track 16: ANICH.FSS34.COM | #OpPlasticEarth |
FSS34 "Bloodgasm" / track 15: ANICH.FSS34.COM | #OpPlasticEarth |
FSS34 "Hungry Crawly Things" / track 13: ANICH.FSS34.COM | #OpPlasticEarth |
FSS34 "Micro-Organisms" / track 12: ANICH.FSS34.COM | #OpPlasticEarth |
FSS34 "Rizkoton Gas" / track 11: ANICH.FSS34.COM | #OpPlasticEarth |
FSS34 "Modern Problems" / track 10: ANICH.FSS34.COM | #OpPlasticEarth |
FSS34 "Scary Monkey" / track 09: ANICH.FSS34.COM | #OpPlasticEarth |
FSS34 "Plastic Apocalypse" / track 08: ANICH.FSS34.COM | #OpPlasticEarth |
FSS34 ANESSA | #year7

Sword & Scales : #ABRX34

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Power To The People [ Arab Revolution ]

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FSS34 @Anony_Ops : Enter #OpChina : "4AIWW" ~ GL1TCHG0R3 | #aiweiwei #aiww w/ <3 @AIWW

Don't Make Me Get My Main

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FSS34 uiwhI!!!!!khjuxar23hr!!!!!!! - http://t.co/VGslKZ3 | #FAIL BETAFMLWTFRAAAWR!


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FSS34 @kerligirl13 /cough /cough | >D

Track 12

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FSS34 REVIVE THE DEAD | @Gearball, original song & video is still here: http://t.co/E9gdwOX ^_^

Track 1

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FSS34 BRAND SPANKIN' #NEW TUNE FROM @Gearball's "Bubble Chamber." | #RT! | #Chaos is 'a cookin in the Lab...
FSS34 "Mysterious Plastic Scum" / track 06: ANICH.FSS34.COM | #OpPlasticEarth |
FSS34 Track 03 of "Delirium Radio" | http://tinyurl.com/rsd-radio | #new #music by Me ^_^
FSS34 @FSS34: "#NEW TUNE for the album im currently working on "ABRX34" .:. 16/7" (reblip)
FSS34 Track 18 | Ode to Eris | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 18

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FSS34 Track 17 | Mister Twinkles | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 17

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FSS34 Track 01 of "Delirium Radio" | http://tinyurl.com/rsd-radio | #new #music by Me ^_^
FSS34 and now for a comerical break... (reblip)

Mr Chinese Food Delivery Guy

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FSS34 Track 16 | Yarg | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 16

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FSS34 Track 15 | Atomic Lolipop | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 15

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FSS34 Track 14 | Buy U A Donkey | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 14

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FSS34 "I am a law only for my kind, I am no law for all." ~ Nietzsche" (reblip)
FSS34 @knowtheledge: "Christmas gift suggestions: To every child, a good example" /amen (reblip)

NasI Can

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FSS34 one of my fav tunes by Dr.T | more of his stuff here: http://fss34.com/dtko.html .:.
FSS34 one of our very first collaborations with another group. GL1TCHG0R3 vs. TAMPOPO
FSS34 Track 13 | Better Days | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 13

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FSS34 Track 12 | Psychodrama | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 12

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FSS34 Track 11 | Ghost Mice | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 11

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FSS34 Track 10 | Mental Police | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 10

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FSS34 Track 09 | Rubber Woman | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 9

| play
FSS34 Track 08 | Pink N Stink | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 8

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FSS34 Track 07 | Kamikaze Leprechauns | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 7

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FSS34 Track 06 | Grampa Xaos | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 6

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FSS34 Track 05 | Kannibal Grrrlz | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 5

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FSS34 Track 04 | Gearball | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 4

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FSS34 Track 03 | Ataraxia | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 3

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FSS34 Track 02 | Horse Juice | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 2

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FSS34 Track 01 | Revive The Dead | GL1TCH0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD

Track 1

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FSS34 GL1TCHG0R3 L I V E !!!
FSS34 YAY!!!! @protman hooked up the HQ Chicken Killinz!!!!!! TY!
FSS34 @nemesisurchin: “Only the educated are free.”  –Epictetus, Discourses ... | ^_^ (reblip)
FSS34 yay!!!!! #protman ! I've been listening to this dude for years. secret inspiration of mine. :)
FSS34 I was looking forward to seeing an old homie, until I saw him, and then I remembered why I stopped chillin with his ass in the first place.-Nick James
FSS34 CannaCola Brings #Marijuana To The Soda Industry http://goo.gl/fb/nhyjN | well, @Gearball HAD THE IDEA FIRST! http://tinyurl.com/CannaCola (reblip)
FSS34 ...and then i grew up. ^_^ but ya know. i'm insane. so... O.o | o.O
FSS34 @knowtheledge: "Ego Trippin" | i swear i try not to. ^_^ (reblip)
FSS34 "Life is warfare." ~ Seneca | AAMIN #LVX 93
FSS34 "We in nothing more, ressemble angels, than when we sing the high praises."-Pastor Stuart | AAMIN #LVX 93
FSS34 Track 19 of "Delirium Radio" | http://tinyurl.com/rsd-radio | #new #music by Me ^_^
FSS34 Track 12 of "Delirium Radio" | http://tinyurl.com/rsd-radio | #new #music by Me ^_^
FSS34 http://twitter.com/FSS34/status/27150533311594497 | @anasfkhan, @wiredscience, @BBCScotlandNews, @HuffingtonPost

a Cold Proof

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FSS34 @ you-know-who | "she who's name we do not speak..." ^_^
FSS34 @Franimal "They are great..." | /agree
FSS34 Track 07 of "IAM5" | http://tinyurl.com/rs-iam5 | @crowleysite, @Aleisterion, @WilliamBlakeOTO, 93


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FSS34 ^meow^ http://goo.gl/mdJ3a #yourewelcome: Track 08 | Pink N Stink | GL1TCHG0R3: GEARBALL | SBZ110CD (reblip)

Track 8

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FSS34 GL1TCHG0R3's Resident BakaMeka #Loli drops some vox for #UXA.

Earn a Ph.D. in Bohemian Grove studies (1 of 2)

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Earn a Ph.D. in Bohemian Grove studies (2 of 2)

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Masta420Chiefa murdok-dubstep – Plummet: Damaged (Murdok Dubstep Remix) #ch34

Occupy PDX Protest

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Eminem -Criminal

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