GabeSen Tem uma coisa com essa música...
tucori pode dizer quantas vezes for, mas pra mim ele diz "ajudar o peixe" no refrão!
sergiovds Armagedon - its the end of the world – rem
lovemaltine A pedidos, animando!


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NotUrMumsMusic Don't Dream It's Over - SJ may pull it out ...


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lovemaltine Dos tempos em que eu era a /_dramatic, poplogger-emo que lotava o gb do fotolog em 15 minutos. UHU, saí dessa vida. I'VE GOT A LIFE!
kalel I love this duet! :) (actually I really like duets! hahaha)
J_Gusto this is on Vh1 right now...who ya gonna call??
tucori a música é péssima, mas a carla é ótima!

Ls Jack05, Carla

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Felixito why won't you release me??


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paulina buen tema!


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damnexplosion no other box i choose to use!!
Felixito for all our nights on guitar hero and rockband... jess this is for you!

heart barracuda

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Felixito Cruel Intentions Intro... Scandalous!
danseigo Uma das musicas da minha vida


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gridlockd The NYC singer CARLY SIMON with "You're So Vain" (1972). As cool is ever!
Felixito neyo... yes neyo is quite talented
maritramontina Eles também são de Glasgow, mas não sei quem conhecem. Duvido que não tenham amigos em outras bandas.
davidwatts1978 my dear friend immi.. name dropped, bed time now.. weller time in "dreamtime" geddit? innit; )
LaniAR NOT safe for work... i got 99 problems and youknowwho ain't one! lol

Jay-Z99 Problems

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lovemaltine Não diga me que você está arrependido Porque não está Baby, sei que você se arrepende Somente porque foi pego

RihannaTake A Bow

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randymatheson like they say... it's NEVER too late to bust Barry, yo!
LaniAR @jeradhill blipped this, omg, who writes this stuff? AWESOME!!!

mc chrispizza butt

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andrerafanhin um bom dia para vocês. um pouco triste hj, mas nada preocupante.


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stephandelgado Aproveitando o fim do mundo :(

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

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lorisgirl tão apropriada pra hoje :) LHC forever! Uhu! Let's all get sucked into the nothingness!
kalel more Garbage / version 2.0 album / track 05


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kalel now travelling to Japan!
kalel 1,2,3,4 !!!! EEEE eeee eeeeee

Chris BrownForever

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Crimsonmuse After last night...yeah, can we do this please?
Crimsonmuse Loose ends, things we left to drift along behind us against the floor...hoping that they'd find a way to wind, entwine...not sure yet how to let go.
kalel Another great cover from the guys of Boyce Avenue (
kalel It wasn't that version, now is right! :)
fetichista Mas agora já posso desacelerar, manobrar, estacionar.
GabeSen Um momentinho relaxante com Birds and Bees
Sgtpepperslass *sings to @MexyRexy* I certainly do! You love it! lol

Alanis Morissette - You Learn

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analuisa casal @Ketelhuth agradece a @danierp e dedica um clássico, para ouvir bem alto!
Adventsparky Used to think this was overplayed but I haven't heard it in forever.
Hnomad - it's where i'm headed. (Weird Tapes)


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threebears thanks for your time :) and thanks for your company :) and thanks for the props :)
LaniAR in honor of making Mexican food for dinner, it thought the music should contradict. yay!
sustantiva por qué no hay tema de mirwais.
Sgtpepperslass @MexyRexy Well I guess I am huh? Yes I'm picking you up. :P


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Cerak New Order is overrated ;-)

OrgyBlue Monday

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Cerak Bar-none. The Best New Pornographers song. Ever.
hackelz how i wish that you were mine...
Cerak This song is by Ben Folds, it makes me cry.

The Luckiest

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kimfresh everybody's gonna love today

MikaLove Today

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kimfresh 'til i can get my satisfaction...
lorenzomendoza Chegando em casa agora. "it was (could be) only a kiss"
funksoulbrotha Time to dance! .... I am a wild & crazy guy!

Pure Disco - Shake Your Groove Thing

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AugustaGALiving Sweet dreams are on the horizon


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eduardoduccigne Sacanagem, o outro blip tá cortando a música. Esse tá legal. Ainda brincando de coveiro.
DJVee Little angelic cover of a song I adore.
DJVee A spoonful of Spoon makes the medicine go down. I may be tired, but can't you just hear the Muppet crew singing along with this song?

SpoonDon't You Evah

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funksoulbrotha Had to get back to this decade .....
musicmakinginagin brings back the memories....

Stereo MCsConnected

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vicequeenmaria this is what I'm talking about my brothers & sisters ...


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nigro Eu perdia qualquer partida de futebol na rua pra ver esse desenho, cara... sensacional.
LaniAR reminds me of senior year.
WindyVieira I don't care who you are, this will make you sway.
WindyVieira HA, I am not sure if I have words for this...
skimbaco Just one of those good old jamming tunes..


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Miss_Bella wow I miss this song so much
LaniAR one of the sweetest songs ever.
lunarboy good night everybody, thanks for the music - i'm ill today, going to dream a little bit :( :)
fesalviano Feeling short of stable...


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pritobal suppose i never ever met you, suppose we never fell in love, suppose i never ever let you
NatPalmi Science should be more respected
TheSun think i'm goin' to get me a drink, i'll call ya tamorra
Felixito New York I Love You, but you're bringing me down...
onceinalifetime stronger, better, faster, longer

Kanye WestStronger

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mbottan Closing time, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end
mizzle I want my own Harajuku Girls ... Because THAT would be cool.
Felixito Thought i couldn't live without you It's going to hurt when it heals too It'll all get better in time Even though I really love you...
Felixito 'Cause every time I go to try to leave Someone keeps pullin' on my sleeve I don't wanna, but I gotta stay These drugs really got a hold of me

EminemDrug Ballad

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Felixito Twister.. oh does anyone through you, you're a twister oh... animal! You're gonna have to hold on... hold on... hold on.. we're gonna have to move on.
Felixito When this song first came out Nick Hexum inspired my platinum phases... Down Down!


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Felixito I need your arms around me, I need to feel your touch. I need your understanding, I need your love soooo much. You tell me that you love me so...

CakeNever there

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Felixito 'Cause nothing compares ... Nothing compares to you ...
Felixito I've never had to knock on wood But I know someone who has Which makes me wonder if I could It makes me wonder if I've never had to knock on wood...
Felixito In the day, in the night Say it right, say it all... Oh, you don't mean no-nothing at all to me (hey, hey)
MitchellHislop Relaxing with my GF after a long day. Keynote was great, life is great. Ill do my homework tomorrow...or this weekend...
Jormanks Never did no harm...


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Yooo como eu não blipei isso antes?
thahy album inteiramente delicioso
Felixito Safe to say it's bedtime... G'night everyone.
lunarboy i believe in you and i believe in me
Felixito Wake up everybody no more sleeping in bed...

Harold Melvin and the Blue notes-Wake up everybody

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kaichanvong .justgiving { padding:15px 10px 10px -15px; }
lunarboy don't let people fool you - this is a great song indeed! ;)

RoxetteThe Look

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Felixito You don't know me, you don't even care... You don't know me, you don't wear my chains..


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Felixito She says "Man I gotta get outta this town! Man I gotta get out of this pain. Out of this town and out of LA."


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andreahiranaka Lembrei do show hj. Foi cansativo, foi estressante, mas foi lindo <3
sandraew @adrianebr Me too. Came a long way from being homeless.


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Linsey 2 Legit 2 Quit real estate :)
Felixito Oooh don't you wanna’ take her? Wanna' make her all your own? Maria You've gotta see her Go insane and out of your mind Latina Ave Maria


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Felixito Following your heart... your intuition! (Not the razor, ladies) :-P


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HelenOfVegas fly like paper, get high like planes

M.I.A.Paper Planes

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Felixito Spartan Pride! Class of....
lunarboy unforgettable

k.D. Lang - Constant Craving

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Felixito You got a fast car I want a ticket to anywhere Maybe we make a deal Maybe together we can get somewhere
openarms versãosinha acústica, uma delicia.
lunarboy HAHA

Liza Minelli - Losing my mind

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DrewFristoe if you could only see, your heart belongs to me!
sailorblur Stars + Riff de This Charming Man = felicidad
dolce Notorious BIG - Juicy

Notorious BIGJuicy

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DrSmutglove heard this for 2nd time tonight - blipping it cos I'm 2 pissed and won't remember it otherwise...

The SonicsWitch

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kevin7211 spoon later this month at Fillmore - can't wait.

SpoonDon't You Evah

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Kelal2004 Fierce song!!!!! Fierce video!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free Your Mind-Envogue

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Kelal2004 I am ready for love..would u please lend me your ear. I promise I won't complain..I just need you to acknowledge I am here.

India Arie - Ready For Love

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PriscilaFreitas Eu sempre boto essa... vale a pena.

Bryam Adams Summer of 69

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paisley Fade (The Bimbo Jones Strings Remix) – Solu Music Feat. Kimblee - pretty song for the end of the day.. g/bye tweeples have a good night.
hellorenats Poxa, depois dessa vou ter que apelar @sete
mmemaledicta Damn, my dear friend Nat (1190) turned me on to this, and is breathtakingly awesome. But if they are from Mongolia, why sing in French?
melhess21 Gotta do a little bit of new school
ratbreath Thanks to @TheElephant. Tailor-made for my mood

Wye OakObituary

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denkschema hmmm... now a cool strawberry milkshake...
pablolobo outra bandinha nova e fina demais! (reblip)

The KnifeHeartbeats

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pablolobo bandinha do mesmo cara do "kings of convenience".. (reblip)
rivotrilearte Adoro Moby... Acho que vou voltar a ficar careca em homenagem a ele... Hehehe (reblip)

MobyExtreme Ways

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evablue @Sandman5 and of course Montreal (the burbs of) spawned Celine but i'd rather admit that this dude is from montreal. ;)
LoCoHeather ~~let the world spin outside our door, you're the only one I want to see~~

JewelMorning Song

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dean and folks dressed up like eskimos. never understood that line.. :)
felipemorales Sing for You @abarbosa

TracyChapman - Sing for You

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watusi best of class 08


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