cammy Relaxing. I need 'relaxing'.
lennyism Thanks to Apple for introducing this song!
gigia hi @evablue! next blipnbeer will be at December 3rd. maybe Quebec-Montreal could joit us... it would be great!
RealtorLefebvre I overplayed this record for awhile when it came out. I should overplay it again...
jrvenuti she was take me over

AshOh Yeah

| play
vdarkbloom @you999 five-star set today- you have excellent taste in '60's psych!
CargoCulte This is one hell of a Misfits cover...
CargoCulte Another fine song from another fine band.
djhelcat @fernandamm check out this cover of justify my love. :)

Frontline Assembly Justify My Love

| play
takethesongsandrun Brian Borcherdt's new E.P. is amazingly beautiful

02 Scout Leader

| play
by_starla excellent @elfgirl! i'm not surprised, but i'm really happy for you--you must both celebrate! wish i could buy you a round or two. :)
deadcowaroma I've tried kicking the computer, but that doesn't work. Now I'm all out of ideas.
gigia @chestyle This one also had been blipped a zillion times... but if you enjoy "naive" - lily allen, you might like this one to. Cheers. be my guest (reblip)
by_starla @mmemaledicta i am so glad you are feeling better. we are all thinking of you--you have a lot of friends here. :)
melodyofurlife Johnny Cash doing Glenn Campbell
melodyofurlife Must sleep now blip'ers a few more then off to the bed
NyQuilDriver @elfgirl @Anomaly @by_starla There's few things I could think of that I'd enjoy more that hitting the bars with you :)
ecocity We've all got to watch out for the Ketchy Ketchy Shuby polytricktions. The community needs local herbal medicines, tangible art, hope, and ecosystem,
ecocity "Signing Off" was some vinyl that kept me going round 'round thinking about the racist immersion and pressures that posed as legitimate brotherhood.
be2 stoop to my level, why don't you
nicodiz another lily to discover

Breeders Cannonball

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CargoCulte @EscapePlans Eugene! That seems like the perfect place for a celebration like that. Eugene is a cool city. Do you attend UO?
briangreene @threebears tonights strategy is to steal gr8 tunes off mix tapes. crap UI on that site, class music.
CargoCulte reblippin for sheer greatness! @threebears in grizzly bear & band of horses we trust. come down to south america! @regis ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
CargoCulte How about another Guthrie great!

Woody Guthrie - Roll On Columbia

| play
gigia its time to pretend thats allllllll FU#$@% right. (reblip)
by_starla @nicavieira i live in Philadelphia- a lovely 30 minute walk from my apartment to my office. always good to get some exercise, & enjoy the skyline.
CargoCulte @Diordan @Lecuos @polie These guys are pretty amazing as well. They have some great clips on youtube!
Figgywithit Had the good fortune of being at Shoreline when Warren Haynes came out to jam with Phish in 99. Page McConnell does a pretty decent Plant. Turn it up!
Figgywithit On the eve of a four day weekend, it's more than okay.
OutdoorLori Very few Iron Horse songs on here but this is a good one. Banjo & Mandolin alert!
by_starla @warhorus i agree with you re. Darker... This is one of my fav songs from BC-its bridge is 1 of the most beautiful/sad i have ever heard.
CargoCulte @polie Thank you, I love this song. I own the CD. Seu Jorge is phenomenal! (reblip)
CargoCulte @by_starla Happy Bird-day to you! Are you gonna gorge yourself on turkey?
BeamonMusic I found out where the driver CD for the scanner was: underneath my keyboard... duh! :S
BeamonMusic There's finally an end to my SciFi-Story! Yay!
evablue goobersphere is emptying out. (reblip) @joabsilva (reblip)
evablue i think i need to eat cuz the world inside head is getting woozy
you999 Ever Fallen In Love? - Buzzcocks
vdarkbloom it may be bad form but i don't care (reblip)
by_starla @craigz goodnight! hope to see you soon--it was fun. :)
by_starla @Figgywithit and we can alternate it with Aimee Mann's cover.
briangreene Do What They Want ~ Jules Shear
clarkowitz Vocoders are great. Turns anyone's voice into a perfectly-tuned chorus. I'm not hating. I like it.
sigepcory i was working at paper in cody, wy. u.l. did Music in High Places at rodeo grounds. played this song with horses running behind them while i shot pics
420thoughts Green grass and high tides (times) forever...
SpaceCase .....from the island of jamrock...
dentrodoaquario Players only love you when they're playing.
NikNak Such a good song! :) I agree...@dolfem (reblip)
Figgywithit Interesting mix on this live version. Doesn't sound like levon helm singing...
ShyTrbleMaker Yeah I like these guys. Can definitely hear the island flavor in their songs.
timorousme Would be a reblip for @wellpaintedpassion, but this version is better. ("Some girly out there must be needy for a weedy shy guy...")
bartleycalder I hope you are listening...
CargoCulte @by_starla I'm good, halfway through another workweek with no complaints. BTW... Did you hear this blip, quite awesome, early Peter Case. (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon i admit it, i searched the internets to watch this episode of sesame street. feist makes people do crazy things....
onceacurmudgeon delcious. not much more one can say about this pop gem.

Fabienne Delsol - Mr Mystery

| play
Figgywithit non poseur southern rock/country
CargoCulte @sudaca70 @agentorange @by_starla @Diordan I'm off to stick my nose in a book. I hope to catch you all later!
claudix @rbrocanelli qual, baby? deixa eu tentar achar.
Margaret Hey! Been tryin to meet you.


| play
Figgywithit @by_starla Yah. Just feels like lately there are a lot more ghosts in the machine...
bendrix This is the best use of a Harp that I've ever heard. This downtempo chill autoharp deal thingy - Very cool . @kewllewk @tufman
bendrix @DJ_MarilynRoxie - not that I am counting - but it appears that you are my 500th listener. So I have a very very special track for you. Njoy
bendrix "Show me your castle in the sky, and we can climb there together" ... echo air echo dream air more echo :)
Figgywithit @claudix You're my favorite dj so far. Impeccable, eclectic taste.
by_starla @warhorus thanks so much for the packing music--extra bonus points for plane reference! :)
LilCav68 Giving you props for this one (blip won't let me give you more today). Beast is listening to it on his account now. *claps* (reblip)
by_starla @NyQuilDriver at this rate, i won't be leaving, b/c i am not getting far on packing! but i need to check with you to see whether you feel ok re. paper
NyQuilDriver And he made up worlds in his mind But he didn’t need them now so he left them behind
by_starla @warhorus sometimes the least obvious thing to do is the obvious thing.... (it's been a long week.... :) )
KillerQueen show me, show me, show, me!!! (=
Figgywithit So many good songs. Not enough time.
KillerQueen This one just made my night!!!! Thank you @tripbreaker!!!! (reblip)
craigz Bob's got a spot on the 2008 list.
Figgywithit Saw him the night before I found out my wife was pregnant
KillerQueen From Mexico to the world #5: Marc Monster and The Olives - All My Love. Pass the bourbon!!! XD. Let's see if @Figgywithit likes it
melodyofurlife Can You Tell I like this tune
claudix @Figgywithit I have a pocket full of them ;)
naturalghost so loving parts and labor right now
CargoCulte I'm sold! @AleBourg post Tropicalia Brazilian group Jumbo Elektro (from São Paulo, SP): (reblip)
CargoCulte Thank you so much @sudaca70! This song requires a little dance! OK @CargoCulte, you've been asking for this... (reblip)
KillerQueen I've died and gone to heaven.... Beirut is coming to México on February!!!! I think I'm gonna have a heart-attack!!!!!!!!!
Figgywithit @nick_sorg Been a wharf rat since 2000 myself. Loved the was the coming down I couldn't stand.

Wharf Rat (The Grateful Dead) > Beautiful Sorta

| play
frankenspock @elfgirl I can't believe you made me listen to Journey.
nichiyoubi @paeix this is my funeral song. got it all ready, is that creepy?
paeix via@boyd... you rule! Thank you for making me seem less freakish... Or ..we can be freakish together...! XX (reblip)
warhorus Something to bob your head to.
loriiseclectic 'get back to your real life'
loriiseclectic @yoyomama...but now "i'm on to the next one" again, toodles.

GusterSo Long

| play
loriiseclectic all on the stage at the same time singin' a Woody Guthrie
Laurits "A Sculpture is a sculpture, and marmelade is marmelade. But a sculpture of marmelade isn't marmelade...." This i heavily rotated on my ipod.
KillerQueen Perfect just now... at night, candle light and you on my mind...
matcherbach @figgywithit....i hate that 3 strikes youre out bullshit....thanks...Save The Children
CynDyn thanks @photogurrl for putting them on my mind
sisyphus It's the Miniature Pumpkins.
Figgywithit Not in his top 100 and it's still a great song. (reblip)
RustyBrown Here are some cool drums for @secretsquirrel, check out his blips!
claudix tarde :) @briangreene I didnt get the new list of top listeners - @clarkowitz has 7,265 listeners and its not on the list - ???? (reblip)
Figgywithit Extra points for thinking of putting these two together.
leinergroove I became a fan of this song just recently
Foucault More Stranglers - No More Heroes
Foucault I've known a few of these - Ice Queen - The Stranglers
DareToEatAPeach "You got it easy: you don't know when you've got it good."
Figgywithit "You got it easy: you don't know when you've got it good." blast from the past! (reblip)
Laurits I have missed Elliott Smith for the past days. Especially this track from the New Moon album that opened my eyes to this great artist. thx @colstondk
onceacurmudgeon today: blipping some of my favorite songs i discovered this year
rafaeldg At first it wasn`t easy Changed in Rock`n`Roll at mind The things won`t get `n shaking I thought I have to leave it behind

KC and the Sunshine Band Play That Funky Music White Boy

| play
onceacurmudgeon i know it sounds strange, but i swear this would be most fantastic for a ballet routine.
wanderingalex oh the cheese. worth a blip? why not?
Margaret Millions of sunsets but the one I'll remember is the one where you told me you'd love me forever
Figgywithit Thanks to all the blipstars that made my week one of the musically expansive ever!
DJBedlam I'm just going to fuckin' reblip from @sudaca70 's reblip because this is such a brilliant song that I've been listening to it on repeat. (reblip)


| play
DJBedlam It's been a long time since I heard this.
ZachsMind "You know what we talked about. Cause you prayed they would not find out." It's got a nice beat and I can't dance. (reblip)
clarkowitz Great band made up of four now-defunct Seattle bands. Recycling at its finest.
felibry Her voice is almost shocking with it's clarity and resonance. You will hum this song long before you know the words.
SofiaPopia I waited for days, I can't believe you didn't call!
craigz i've been really enjoying sean lennon's music.
onceacurmudgeon while their album was a glistening pop surprise this is by far the best track they did this year. long live altered images....
Streek best song Dave Grohl ever sang;)
420thoughts must hear this at least once a day. "don't step on the grass, Sam...don't be such an ass,'re so full of bull, Sam" :P (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach "Helping you escape from patterns our parents designed..."
melodyofurlife has anyone done a Blip all-nighter?
Figgywithit @adbert just added you to my favorites. Glad I did. You've got impeccable taste.
mtlb A nice hate song = awesome! Who knew.
Figgywithit I wonder if they ever got out of the place they hate.
briangreene Fuck the PUSA (Peaches vs. The Presidents of the United States of America) ~ Immuzikation
vdarkbloom kinda happy/sad: happy it's the weekend, but sad this is all there is here from these guys
andhow Wrapping presents for friends, making mixtapes, drinking a strawberry shake.
Madigan this song may be the only thing to get me through this hangover
CargoCulte @Figgywithit @rapsodie This is very cool, Esau Mwamwaya does his magic over Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
huntleypaton Can't stop listening to this live version. "That's the sign of her love behavior -- YEAH!" (reblip)
by_starla while i'm on an acoustic kick--this is not the first song that comes to mind as a candidate for an acoustic version. i find it interesting.

Richard Ashcroft Bittersweet Symphony (Acoustic)

| play
felibry Reblipped from @moneybaggz123 - "This is such the Hawaiian, chill-out song. Makes me feel like propping up my feet and sipping from a coconut. Ahhhh!" (reblip)
CynDyn know this is on my list somewhere. Oh well. Thanks @trepanado (reblip)

Slabo Day

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NyQuilDriver Hi @sky126 how are you tonight? My bed is always unmade. @Figgywithit that's too bad! you should've gone!
musoSF Imma open up a jar of sunlight on your ass.
Figgywithit @CooperHarris Killer pick! The Quiet One – The Who (reblip)
Margaret This was used in some movie but I can't remember what. I know middle management was in Nick and Norah's.
SofiaPopia The Black Keys - The Lengths ♥ See the moonlight shining across your window pane, see it leave you as faithful as it came ♥

The Lengths

| play
Figgywithit The Joe Strummer documentary The Future is Unwritten is amazing...god I miss him. (reblip)
OneLuvGurl @gabasanch Her entire album is great! I see her having a great future.


| play
angrybob And vote for @evablue in the photography category. (Oh, and this is a different version of the Watt Three Girl Rhumba).
Figgywithit you know where you are in a k-hole
DareToEatAPeach via @darlin 8-bit Radiohead sounds like it actually was made by Androids. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Lily Allen covering Britney Spears.
musoSF There's something R.E.M.-ish about this.
Figgywithit Hey glad girls, I only wanna get you high.
JimmyHook Wow, almost forgot about this one. Thanks, Mike!@musoSF (reblip)

Greg Khin Band - The Break Up Song.MP3

| play
thephillyman gym class heroes. so much better than the Jermaine Stewart original.
CargoCulte @by_starla I started to think about who'd be a good choice to cover, and then my brain blue screened. M. Ward might be a good choice.
Stolen Fell in love with this song just recently.
ladybug acender a vela, já é profissão: quando não tem samba, tem desilusão.
rolhem the sound of water and wind...
Nata im in love with his voice, sorry Pierre :P

Television Personalities Where's Bill Grundy Now

| play
missmittin not really, forecast is heavy rain but i can dream..
ABoyNamedSue Jeg jule-blipper på Dunkel i aften med @GrizzlySpears, hvor der vil være æbleskiver, Gløgg og god musik ad libitum. Fra 22-05.
kogamon @by_starla: live version. the wah-wah on the guitars reminds me of the Stone Roses. ;) Ooops, not live. Good nonetheless! (reblip)
kogamon @mellowmello excellent choice, my dear! good to see ya. :) (reblip)
kogamon @somewhatvoluble @figgywithit @sunnysunnysunny it's time for me to turn in. g'night all! d~.~b
NyQuilDriver Oh no! I'm lying if I'm talking. It's what I don't tell you. You wouldn't like the truth, you wouldn't like it.
CHKLTK Better than the studio version raaawr.
OutdoorLori Don't ride that horse.Don't ride that horse, honey. Don't ride that horse back home.Just let him roam...Let him roam...
OutdoorLori I was a dreamer before you went and let me down. Now it's to late for you and your white horse to come around. (wow to these awesome lyrics)
threebears ... and there you @SevenTenths ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
threebears milkfish i agree entirely--it always sounds to me like the purest musical expression of aching next to The Willow Song from Verdi's Otello.@by_starla (reblip)
mmemaledicta seriously @musicrex, where did you find this? I have been looking 4 this song on blip for some time - it is the best CTC song ever! (reblip)
deadcowaroma It's not my track of the year though.
ladypn The opening bars sound EXACTLY like another song by a popular group.

CaroWarm me up

| play
HaciendaSquish Note to self: The Horrors rock your socks. Get more.
HaciendaSquish @frankenspock Darker, My Love opened for The Dandy Warhols. I was convinced they would suck, because of their name, but MAN was I wrong. (reblip)
OneLuvGurl What a nice find! Great cover of Manic Monday. Perfect for today.
mpagah Just to spit out the thoughts that keep floating inside
Psuke Very nearly my favorite Xmas song...interesting cover
polie Wow, @Heike, I LOVED this song! Beautiful! (reblip)

Mugison2 birds

| play
stelladaniella perfect for the cold weather
CynDyn thanks @Nettys for this. Seeing her Re-blip with one of my own. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Really terrible advice with a fantastic beat.
musoSF Perfect for riding a horse on a beach in the moonlight. Not that I know what that feels like.
SlipperyDistortion Perhaps so, but I'll take my chances over winter.
musoSF Amazing what a little pitch-bend will do to make a bassline more hooky.
musoSF One rolling "ooohhhhhooohhooohhhh" in gorgeous melody and harmony and I'm a goner.
DownLow Let's continue with the morning party...
NyQuilDriver I'm sorry.... I don't speak french.
bevedog I was thinking of this song the other day but didn't manage to Blip it. Then Greg mentioned it this morning on FF, so here it is.
clarkowitz @calamari Dude, you have 6969 listeners... Tha's a fact. I love your blips, yo. Here's some insomniatic medicine. Peace... ;)
clarkowitz The best offense is a good defense...?
GR8FL @sheryonstone Thank you for this blip. I also really love this one (reblip)
Dillin_Chillin Don't talk about Firefox login...It's a go...WTF??
by_starla for @cornhobble-i agree with you re. MT's voice-perfection. this is my favorite CJ cover, perhaps my favorite CJ song as well. quiet, so turn it up.:)
by_starla @ladypn i figure this is safe to blip--even if you already know it, it's such a great song.
by_starla @ladypn another of my favorite groups! Greg Dulli heads the band--he also headed The Afghan Whigs. you may know them, but i'll blip a song in case.
melsie73 @bronco_bob heres one for you, thanks for listening j'adore carla!
elfgirl today is the day to act like its your day and you will be surprised that it is.....yes yes!
ladypn Thanks to @santamistura for this blip find! There is so much wonderful music to discover, sometimes I think my head and heart will burst! (reblip)
OutdoorLori You said it would, and it did. Our body and spirit are entertwined. It's destiny.
CrowleysGhost Best of 2008: Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion was a cracking album from a savage live band...
CrowleysGhost Best of 2008: the catchiest tune of the year....
morningtide don't you know, you only lose yourself / being somebody else?
megmagdah 2008 concert wrap up. sound + vision category. also, titles at low temperatures. This was my second favorite concert of the year.
you999 John The Baptist - John & Beverly Martyn
JRex via @sheryonstone ... I need this in my blip list & thanks sweetie ... it blends well with the marches & ballet music ... :D :) (reblip)
AntoineServais Coool! Can't wait to the 13th of January
thecx good morning blippers. saw this on the public timeline, missed the blipper's name. my bad. awesome song.
Starfighter1479 Happy new year dears! I love you, and I love!
ladypn I feel another blip-a-thon coming on. Do you Feel it too? :)
VoodooDahl Yummy sounds from M83
VoodooDahl The album "Little by Little" is AWESOME, it's never gets old.
ladypn I can feel how Manchester Orchestra feels. ;)
Samsonite Good night BlipNation...and in @nightie82 's case, Good Morning!
dcrebekah Of Montreal covering the shins. "The trick is just making yourself."
briangreene Get What You Want ~ Operator Please
ZachsMind I've seen this like two dozen times in the past couple few years and it never gets old! Awesome! (reblip)
ladypn I have NEVER heard this cover of THIS song... somehow it just doesn't SEEM right! ;)
ladypn @CooperHarris LOL! I know, part of the lyrics, just struck me as 1 of the best blip scripts ever! "I'm singing this song because you have all my CD's" (reblip)
craigz this has to be the best last song on an album.
threebears I just love this! Rattlesnakes – Lloyd Cole & the Commotions @SylvioMicelli ^_^ love this too - thanks! (reblip)
melodyofurlife one of my favorite 08 tunes
SlipperyDistortion Sweet rhythm, soft and understated. Reminds me of The Concretes.
AndreBT Track 8 - Voce nao ouviu


| play
Psuke This remains my current blip favorite, though...
kafkatime My favorite song from the Crowes

black crowes - thorn in my pride

| play
kafkatime A little fun from Moe....
evablue @NyQuilDriver eye nulls nose knot two truss snub according plazas. :P

Black Keys Act Nice and Gentle

| play
girltulala "I just decided I was gonna find a new way of life so I took off on my bicycle."


| play
NyQuilDriver I think it's strange you never knew.
morningtide One song, more versions: Chris Isaak, "Wicked Game" #2
briangreene @musecrossing that failed to play :( i guess its unlike this. ?
ShyTrbleMaker @briangreene okay another good artist - Not super fast but great beat.
angrybob And I said, @CargoCulte, to my kid. I said, "Without them, you wouldn't have this. Or that, or anything else you like to listen to nowadays."
evablue the pang of hunger in my stomach is making me erratic
FineNGood Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there... (reblip)
NyQuilDriver And it's so much better on my mind not to count my days.
madnessisay god. i love this song. forgot until now.
by_starla @SlipperyDistortion@Figgywithit@CargoCulte@EvDJ@PlasticRobot@MusicRex- are u fans of Ed Kuepper/The Saints (Aussie)? EK's Honey Steel's Gold brilliant
HobbeLink Same Old Drag – Apples In Stereo
tvham This song depresses me and leaves me hopeful at the same time. I need a drink.
tvham My favorite song off of one of my favorite albums ever.
thephillyman this smooth-as-ice track did wonders to pull me out of my post-stomach virus malaise today. Great friggin' tune.
elfgirl you know it! @Anomaly nice new picture beautiful girl.... (reblip)
jencvs @jcbmac with that name, you just know I had to do it! (reblip)
CallMeBlake @Figgywith you can read that? and that site says I don't have enough funds...
ladypn You've gotta love this blip thing! At least I do, for introducing me to talent new to my ear. I love this guy! ;)
angrybob I am now following @eSandberg on twitter. I am prepared to be unimpressed.
OneLifeTakeTwo She don't care what you say. So just say it, say it anyway.
TimMothE Best song on this cd. <3<3<3<3 it.
Figgywithit RIP Warren Zevon. Went to the hospice today to see my dying friend. Made me realize we should really focus on what's real. Like impermanence.
Figgywithit My favorite DMB song. There's not even a close second. (reblip)
patch615 this band is actually from around here. They hail from Roseville if I'm not mistaken. Not a place I would expect good music from, but here it is.
carolfour @joabsilva death to everyone is gonna come... and it makes hosing much more fun :~~
TheUnwelcomeGuest Just watched Darjeeling Ltd., it's really pretty darn good even if Owen Wilson ain't the most believable brother...
TheUnwelcomeGuest Still on an Alternative Nation nostalgia trip but this time I'm on tour with the Smashing Pumpkins (& Pavement :P)....
priscilasv Uhhh oferecimento para minha amiga feques q tá blipandooooo @SilviaFeques
k_dean This has lite aspects of Johnny Cash era appeal. I find it relaxing.
leinergroove From the picture "Wanted". Such a cool song!
JRex @sheryonstone ... good song & thx ... I need this in my blip list :) (reblip)


| play
nutrishn OMG I love what they did with this song! Made it very dark and groovy. (reblip)
FineNGood @djwttw There is something about this song that chills me out. If I Only Had A Car.
Psuke The other song they did based on "Must Be the Moon" wasn't so good...but this one is excellent.
Sally29 Was listening to this in the background whilst trying to settle #3 daughter to sleep. Music from the Gods: peaceful, emotional, sublime, divine....
clarkowitz (..woops.. this thing's confusin)
vdarkbloom walking on water isn't everything
vdarkbloom i like my water cold please

The Thurston Lava Tube - I am the Walrus

| play