thrak Roundabout – Yes


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Leni_ great song.great singer.great music.
joelrunner Surprisingly, I haven't tired of this song yet. (reblip)
Burgers Hi! Good Tune for today! Thanks @arfsum via @Gaz50 BOOKER T. & THE MG'S – GREEN ONIONS (reblip)
zippyblue The Proclaimers – I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
cheesy80s Heard it from @Rafael80s who heard it from @mrsnice who heard it from @RunningRealtor @Lena_Distractia has been messin' around...
KyeLani Deep Blue Something – Breakfast At Tiffany's
sapam The Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the sky
The_Grim_Weeder BeeGees - Night Fever - Going out to all Swine Flu Victims in Recovery!!!
Firecracker16 I think I'll go fo a drive!!

Gary NumanCars

| play

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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MasterWolf Lets drive that Hot Rod Lincoln with Commander Cody at the wheel
MasterWolf @NikkiPixel having wine now ;-) how about you? 80's (Ub40) – Red Red Wine.......Were is the bottle ? you gonna share ? (reblip)
sapam Pink Floyd – Hey You

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

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cheesy80s If @Simchabe believea in the power magic, @alebur can change her mind And if @RubyBlu needs to believe in @GeorgiaPeach, Turn and look behind
Firecracker16 I like this shorter version, an ELO cover/Mannfred Mann's Earth Band – Blinded by the Light
ala_Missy Wet Willie - Keep On Smiling
Firecracker16 Feelin' a little crazy! Got to get away from this computer. Ted Nugent – Wango Tango
weething Ok, so it's not that late in the evening. But I'm exhausted nonetheless. thanx @J2ad @deadcowaroma (i'll pulling for Barlow! buck up little fishy) ...
Firecracker16 Okay...Why not?! Let's rock out!!! Depeche Mode is okay...this is better!! Marilyn Manson – Personal Jesus
ala_Missy Seals and Crofts - Diamond Girl

Seals and Crofts - Diamond Girl

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Firecracker16 @remy77 ...ich sag nur "Elefant" :D (reblip)

Baby Elephant Walk

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sheryonstone that really is "the way" isn't it ? @Annimallover ~ I know exactly what you are talking about w/ the self employed thing ^_^ (reblip)

Culture Club - Time (Clock Of The Heart)

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cheesy80s @radiofreerapture has a picture pinned to her wall it's an image of @gbabyzoo and of @HTD93 and @sg346 is laughin and @firehawkJP is lovin it all...
MonicaOnline You're playing great tunes @shortygal. This will be me tonight, driving all night. :( ♫ Cyndi Lauper – I Drove All Night (reblip)
Redrobinrockn Hi TwitterBugs! Back 4only a few 2play tunes-lots biz appts-bizzy day!-will answer messages 2nite-LUV U ALL!


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EclecticVagabond "Hello, Hello, Hello is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me" Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
joelrunner @acummings Give him a break. Afterall, he's just excited because he realized:
Firecracker16 [When OFFSPRING meets PSEUDO ECHO...interesting combo!] Mattman - Offspring V Pseudo Echo - Hit That Funky Town
Annimallover THANKS @lovemusic you are carrying out my theme of future wonders from this morning! I send love to you &hope ! Annimallover (reblip)
sapam Romantic Collection - Scorpions - White Dove
djsurfer The Smashing Pumpkins – 1979
cheesy80s Life is so strange when @DeadCabbage don't know how can @alinanh tell where @ShiaoMei is going to @jackscripter can't be sure of any situation ...
joelrunner @christymcd Putting the kids to bed now. I hear some new music playing now...
joshuadenney Don't you look at my @RoseHwang, she's the only one I got!
sharonhayes Box Tops - The letter @annieveillette @anthonymcmurray @antje565 @Axleuk @balmeras @barbdreger @bayouqueen
sharonhayes Animals - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood @bderickson @belindaang @bhanks @bigdavegrizzly @Bighit15 @bizwhig
Gerts last try. 674

Dire Straits - So Far Away

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Firecracker16 From @Gerts #FollowFriday ...He's got some good tunes! Tears For Fears – Head Over Heels (reblip)
Firecracker16 And the ROCK just keeps on coming!! =) Finger Eleven - Paralyzer
Firecracker16 Love this song! WOW, the meaning is so sad! Linkin Park – In The End
Firecracker16 Okay...THIS is cool!! "Do you expect me to talk?" / "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to DIE!!" Moby – James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-Version)
Firecracker16 Okay...Starting to MELLOW OUT just a little... Collective Soul – Run
Firecracker16 ROTFLOL!! Listen to this GUYS impression of a song by MACY GRAY!! LOLTMSH!! Hilarious!!(But "R" rated)BLACKOUTdotCOM_Macy Gray Parody

BLACKOUTdotCOM_Macy Gray Parody

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Firecracker16 Okay...this is what I was looking for... Macy Gray – "I Try"

Macy GrayI Try

| play
Firecracker16 "If you need a friend, don't look to a stranger, You know in the end, I'll always be there." When In Rome – "The Promise"
Firecracker16 "When the night falls on you,and you don't know what to do Nothing you confess, could make me love you less" Carrie Underwood's cover of Pretenders
Firecracker16 "How do I get through one night without you?" "How Do I Live" - Trisha Yearwood
Snaked It took a whiiiiiile to find the full song.. Stupid previews.. Enjoy!
TheLittleDoll83 ♫ listening Depeche Mode - " Personal Jesus "

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

| play
mrrodd Yes, clowns right & left and me Stuck In the Middle all the time @kbuech Hey @pumpkinshellz @by_starla@Goofy (reblip)
Firecracker16 Ohhhh,Yeah! Sugar Ray - Abracadabra
Firecracker16 "Call you up in the middle of the night" Soul Asylum – Runaway Train
Firecracker16 "Spending all my nights,... Doing anything just to get you off of my mind" Player – Baby Come Back
Firecracker16 (Still more Flashbacks...)Stylistics – Betcha by Golly Wow
Firecracker16 RT: @okavonlady: "Always loved this duet" ~ Me, too! Thanks! Meet Me in Montana (reblip)
Firecracker16 "I know that there's a reason why I need to be alone" Supertramp – Lord Is It Mine
Firecracker16 "Trouble is my calling card, that's my middle name..." Supertramp – Over You
DJJuxtaposedJunkie The Hits Of 1977 (My Birth Year!) : Helen Reddy - "You're My World"
Firecracker16 "And the same black line that was drawn on you Was drawn on me And now it's drawn me in" 6th Avenue Heartache – Wallflowers
Firecracker16 "There's got to be more to life than this..." P.O.D. – Youth Of the Nation
Annimallover the first time this came on, it seemed like a guy excuse! (reblip)
Firecracker16 "Hey you, don't tell me there's no hope at all Together we stand, divided we fall." "Pink Floyd – Hey You" (reblip)
Firecracker16 "Like two dopes in the boat, without a paddle Just a wonderin' why it don't go" Supertramp – You Win, I Lose
Firecracker16 Time for a little 'Midnight Mix' Kajagoogoo – Too Shy (Midnight Mix)
Firecracker16 Good evening @tubilino You made me want to hear the version by EC Eric Clapton – Knockin' On Heaven's Door (rare)
Firecracker16 Here is my 'ALL-TIME' #1 favorite song ever!!! ... Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight
Leobarba The Shangri-Las – Remember (Walkin' In The Sand)
Redrobinrockn #followfriday 4 GR8 Troops&Families @aCitizenSoldier @cjgrisham @bouhammer @AfghanOldBlue @militarypundits @SGT DANGER @DocWoody :) (reblip)
Firecracker16 Here we gooo!! Waaaay back! Sly & The Family Stone – Everyday People
Firecracker16 One more...before we move on! Sly & The Family Stone – Thank You Falettin Me Be Mice Elf
Firecracker16 I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush ~ REM – Orange Crush
Firecracker16 "You give it all but I want more And I'm waiting for you" ~ U2 – With or Without You
Firecracker16 RB @MonicaOnline: "You're playing great tunes!" ♫ Cyndi Lauper – I Drove All Night" (reblip)
Firecracker16 "You're never going to keep me down" ~ Chumbawumba – I Get Knocked Down (reblip)
Firecracker16 RB @weething "'s late in the evening And the music's seeping through" Paul Simon – Late in the Evening (reblip)
Firecracker16 Yea!...This is what I should be doing!!! ~ Don Henley - Dirty Laundry ;)


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Firecracker16 "I love the way that you use me" Night Ranger – Don't Tell Me You Love Me
Firecracker16 "Remember the time, Baby..." ~ Timbaland – Way I Are
Firecracker16 "Are you sure you want a piece of me?" ~ Britney Spears – Piece of Me
Firecracker16 RB @Snaked: "It took a whiiiiiile to find the full song.. Stupid previews.. Enjoy!" "Don't-cha wish..." (reblip)
Firecracker16 @Gerts "Sounds like a 3 Dog Night...It's okay...No 1 believed you would play only ONE"
Firecracker16 "You gave a promise to me, yeah An' you broke it, an' you broke it, oh no" ;) The Guess Who – These Eyes
Firecracker16 "Everybody wants a box of chocolates And a long stemmed rose" ~ Don Henley – Everybody Knows
crispast buongiorno@GR8FL:) ..e buongiorno a tutti! ..."That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could... Lest we forget how fragile we are" (reblip)


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Firecracker16 RB: @crispast "That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could... Lest we forget how fragile we are" ~ Sting – Fragile (reblip)


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Firecracker16 RB @razorxmuse: "Tommy James and The Shondells, Crystal Blue Persuasion" Love that song!Props to you! (reblip)

Tommy James and The Shondells, Crystal Blue Persuasion

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Firecracker16 RT @raya I am in the mood for "moonbeams" tonight... (reblip)
Firecracker16 "You know you make me wanna shout"!! The Isley Brothers – Shout- Part 1
Firecracker16 "Shake it up baby"!!! The Isley Brothers – Twist and Shout
mrrodd Hey @Firecracker16 turn it up!: ""Shake it up baby"!!! The Isley Brothers – Twist and Shout" (reblip)
Firecracker16 "Kicks just keep gettin' harder to find..."!!! Paul Revere and The Raiders – Kicks
Firecracker16 "And if a fella looks at you, it's for sure your little eye will be a-winkin'...." The Classics IV – Spooky
Firecracker16 "...Well they're out there a'havin' fun In that warm California sun." The Rivieras – California Sun
Firecracker16 "When it all was over We had to find another place..." Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water
Firecracker16 @mrrodd "Hold on tight, you know she's a little bit dangerous..."!!! Roxette – Dangerous
Firecracker16 @mrrodd "The Pussycat Dolls"??????...Yeah , well..."Let's keep it friendly,...You have to play fair" "Don't Cha"
Firecracker16 Oh, yeah..."Can't remember the ending..." Michael Franks – Nightmoves
Firecracker16 "Safely out of reach from faxes and the telephone..."Michael Franks – Barefoot on The Beach
Firecracker16 @ricktrevino: "I've just closed my eyes again..." Gary Wright – Dream Weaver (reblip)
mrrodd Give me one reason to stay here and I'll turn my back around.
Firecracker16 @mrrodd "If I close my eyes forever Would it ease the pain?" LOL!! Enrique Iglesias – Addicted
Firecracker16 @Berrypunny: "On blip, I never can say goodbye....hahaha! OK, for realz this time. Good night all!" (reblip)
sapam Patty Smyth – Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
cheesy80s OOoh @vixxeninpink I don't know why somehow @Momix74 always seem to get tangled up in @Bogarmester 's pride...
Firecracker16 Well?...It's not "late September", but it IS May! =) Rod Stewart – Maggie May ...
Firecracker16 @rod_stewart ..."and the stars in the skies don't mean nothin', to you they're a mirror" (my favorite line) =)
Firecracker16 RB @bl828: "fun hangin w/ everyone....have a good night!" Prince and the Revolution – Let's Go Crazy (reblip)
Firecracker16 "When the deep purple falls, over sleepy garden walls..." Deep Purple by Donny and Marie

Deep Purple by Donny and Marie

| play
Firecracker16 And one recording with no words... Mantovani & his Orch – Deep Purple
Firecracker16 OMG...This version is cool! Instrumental Hammer – Deep Purple
Firecracker16 Oh, sweet sax... Boots Randolph – Boots Randolph - Deep Purple - Winmx - Oldies [Pop]
Firecracker16 Piano version... Steve Hall – Deep Purple
Firecracker16 Good Duet/Harmony Nino Temple & April Stevens – Deep Purple
Firecracker16 Interesting...Saxaphone w/ a B-3 Hammond in the background
Firecracker16 Hey, a quartet...geeze I love this song... Can you tell??? Benny Carter's Swing Quartet – Deep Purple
Firecracker16 Not sure why this says unavailable...It plays for me when I serch it...Gotta love a Hammond B-3!!!!
joshuadenney 'No' is the saddest experience you'll ever know. (Aimee Mann – One)

Aimee MannOne

| play
Firecracker16 Jazzy version - Instru. Art Pepper – Deep Purple
sharonhayes The Velvet Underground – Take A Walk On The Wild Side @cindyscott54 @connectionary @ConradGrills @cosmicrami (reblip)
Firecracker16 Another Swing Band ~ Woody Herman – Deep Purple
Firecracker16 Wayne King And His Orchestra – Deep Purple
Firecracker16 Piano version ~ Bobbie Nelson – Deep Purple
MasterWolf The Tremeloes with Silence is Golden
Annimallover Believe it or not this song has been going thru my head this week- the other singer , not David gates- great song
Firecracker16 "Welcome to the Jungle" @Latika ....sounds as though we need to find a better blip of the Waterfalls song...I should have played it before I RB'ed
Firecracker16 @Litika Okay I'm going to DELETE that other reblip...YOU WOULD DO WELL TO DO THE SAME..Try this blip instead!! =) TLC – Waterfalls


| play
RockItRadio and the suuuun will set 4 UUUUUUU....

Carly Simon "Thats The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be"

| play

Johnny mathis & Deniece williams-Too Much Too Little To Late

| play
ElZorro "" "Donna Summer - Love to Love You Baby" "" (reblip)
Firecracker16 "You made me a ya' gonna stick to it..." Joe Tex – I Gotcha
Firecracker16 "I like to see you/But then again/That doesn't mean you mean that much to me" 10 cc - I'm not in love

10 cc I'm not in love

| play
Firecracker16 @sheryonstone You reminded me of a song I'd almost forgotten...Loved this one!! =) Gloria Estefan – Wrapped
Firecracker16 RB @ElZorro: "Louis Armstrong-"Dream a Little Dream of Me" =) (reblip)

Dream a Little Dream by Louis Armstrong

| play
mrrodd Hey @Firecracker16 @patita ~ "I'm on my knees I'm looking for, a medicine to change my ways..." (reblip)
Firecracker16 @mrrodd @patita Haha! I was looking for "Looking for the Right One" by Art Garfunkle...but couldn't find it!
Firecracker16 @mrrodd "Hope they never end this song...This could take us all night long..."
Firecracker16 "'Taint no big thing.." Roxy Music – Love Is The Drug
Firecracker16 RB @mrrodd: "I Need To Know" LOL! "I must admit, that's what I want to hear!" =) (reblip)
Firecracker16 Saw this live...gave me chills... I've always LOVED THIS SONG!!!!!!! Alice Cooper – Only Women Bleed
Firecracker16 @sheryonstone Someone you're "...Sleeping With..." Have a Dream (Sleeping with the enemy)
mrrodd lol You'll have to wait @Firecracker16 my head is spinning right round
Firecracker16 "The whole club was lookin' at her...' Low-Flo rida

Low-Flo rida

| play
Firecracker16 @mrrodd Isn't this one better??!!! LOL! =) Radiohead – Creep


| play
mrrodd lol I hadn't heard that one @Firecracker16 I have heard this one though...whatcha trying to do, leave me high and dry. :)
Firecracker16 RB @sheryonstone: "rb@DJFazeOn with thanks :)" Kenny Loggins is so great! (reblip)
Firecracker16 "To my dear sweet Amanda" Kenny Loggins The Real Thing Live

Kenny Loggins The Real Thing Live

| play
mrrodd Yeah @ShiaoMei like that...nice and smooth!: "@verawooten @ladypn ~ think u'll like this..:)" (reblip)
Firecracker16 Amy Winehouse – Round Midnight
Firecracker16 It's the hour.....Eva Cassidy – Walkin' After Midnight
Firecracker16 Mars in Furs – Midnight Waltz
Firecracker16 "The time has come..." Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning
Firecracker16 @mrrodd Sweet dreams to you, too! Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams =)lol
Firecracker16 "Need one more wish, before good-bye..." Your Favorite Enemies – Midnight's Crashing (Acoustic)
mrrodd Thanks @XINALYNN always liked this track (reblip)


| play
Firecracker16 @mrrodd: "@verawooten @ShiaoMei @ladypn here's a fav from Moby" Haven't heard this one till now!! (reblip)
Firecracker16 Tokio "Fous de la mer-Clairs de lune"

Tokio "Fous de la mer-Clairs de lune"

| play
Firecracker16 RB @sapam: "Wet Wet Wet – Love Is All Around " Oh, yeah..."Come on and let it show" (reblip)
Annimallover i honestly used to always say,'everything's gonna be alright during this decade"
Firecracker16 Fous de la Mer – Esse Sonho
Firecracker16 RB @Annimallover: "i honestly used to always say,'everything's gonna be alright during this decade"" Saw this LIVE!! (reblip)
Firecracker16 @Annimallover Thanks for the "brain shake" Love this song...Lionel Richie ft Akon– Just Go"Just chill and clear your head/let me do everything 4u..."
Firecracker16 "Life is just a lonely highway...I don't want to lose you baby..." Lenny Kravitz – Can't Get you off my Mind
Firecracker16 I love the VIDEO of this song...brings tears to my eyes everytime..."I'll never get over you, walking away." Keith Urban – Tonight I Want to Cry
Firecracker16 "Don't stray, don't ever go away..." Bic Runga – Sway

Bic RungaSway

| play
Firecracker16 Jesse McCartney – How Do You Sleep - Featuring Ludacris "I been missing you crazy"
Annimallover @star45 I knew i liked another tear for fears song! I am calling it a nite soon!
Firecracker16 "I don't want another pretty face..." Jesse_Mccartney-Beautiful_Soul
sapam OOPs rb @PS1968: "Eagles – Love will keep us alive (live) .....Good morning and thank you @abarbosa :) ----enjoy, ALL!" (reblip)
Firecracker16 "She saw a sucker for love and turned my world around" Jesse McCartney – Can't Let You Go
Firecracker16 Love that song...RB @sapam: "OOPs rb @PS1968: "Eagles – Love will keep us alive (live)...Good morning and thank you @abarbosa :) ----enjoy, ALL!"" (reblip)
Firecracker16 "Spend all your time waitin' for that second chance..." Sarah McLachlan – Angel
Firecracker16 @sheryonstone How about this...Alan Parsons Project – Don't Answer Me
Firecracker16 @sheryonstone Or just a regular recording...Alan Parsons Project – Don't Answer Me
Firecracker16 "As far as my eyes can see...there are shadows approaching me...When they asked me if I knew you I'd smile and say you were a friend of mine." G-Nite
millievanilly ROXETTE – IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE I've been so busy lately @cjh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice to see you here! (reblip)
Firecracker16 RB @Naughtycowgir1 Great song and video! Bon Jovi – 'Blaze Of Glory' (reblip)
Firecracker16 @mosessmith16 Smithy got a job to do/he will survive in this world of competition, 'Cause no matter what they do, Moses keep on comin' through!
Firecracker16 Thanks to everyone for the props and reblips!! Much appreciated..."They don't write them like that anymore" The Greg Khin Band "The Break up Song"

The Greg Khin Band "The Break up Song" (Subt/English)

| play
Firecracker16 @Annimallover 10Q 4 reminding me of this song!!! =)


| play
Firecracker16 Anyone..."Can You Hear What I'm Saying?" - Toto


| play
Firecracker16 @talkingtoair Go back one more 1984...Roger Hodgson - "In Jepardy"


| play
Firecracker16 @sheryonstone and one of my favorites...Sailing by Christopher Cross in 1980

Sailing by Christopher Cross in 1980

| play
Firecracker16 RB @joechapman: Baby I think tonight we can take what was wrong And make it right!! Mr. Mister – Broken Wings (reblip)
Firecracker16 RB @ricktrevino: "@CHANTALMENARD @Firecracker16 Bananarama = Cruel Summer....Tbone Fire follow me...." I'm with ya... (reblip)
Firecracker16 RB @ricktrevino: It's been a cruel summer 'cause it's "HOT 'N COLD"– Katy Perry (reblip)
Firecracker16 @ricktrevino "You got me spinin' round and round" SMB is okay...but check this version out!! =) Sugar Ray - Abracadabra
Firecracker16 What do you get from a pampered cow??? [Spoiled Milk] No Milk Today – Herman's Hermits (1967)
Naughtycowgir1 @Firecracker16 this is the one I wore out..literally..on 45 rpm. Aging myself..
Robcuzican "I'm easy like Sunday mooorrniinggg yeah" ....Lionel Richie

The Grass Roots-Midnight confessions

| play
Firecracker16 RB @Your_ipod1: ""I'm easy like Sunday mooorrniinggg yeah" ....Lionel Richie" (reblip)
Firecracker16 RB @millievanilly: "ROXETTE – IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE I've been so busy lately @cjh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice to see you here!" (reblip)
Firecracker16 RB @JewelDMC: ""Crazy" he he my favorite word! ;)" (reblip)


| play
Firecracker16 @JewelDMC You got to be "Crazy" baby! Icehouse – Crazy


| play
Firecracker16 RB @sookmo: "I can't go for being twice as nice I can't go for just repeating the some old lines Use the body now you want my soul" (reblip)
Firecracker16 I love how they used the older Hall and Oates song, "I Can't Go For That" and remade it into "Sunrise"

Simply RedSunrise

| play
Firecracker16 @FreakinFrog Just for you!! =) Crazy Frog – Axel F

Crazy FrogAxel F

| play
Firecracker16 RB @ElZorro: " "♪♫♪♫♪♫ ♥ Nice To Be With You ♥ ♫♪♫♪♫"" I Love your notes and hearts!! =) (reblip)
Firecracker16 RB @star45: "The Plimsouls – A Million Miles Away – g'morning/eve everyone!" (reblip)
Firecracker16 RB @mrrodd: "Punky Reggae Party" Okay... now we're having a party!! (reblip)
mrrodd @Firecracker16 Got stacks on deck, Patrón on ice and we can pop bottles all night ~ You Can Have Whatever You Like :)
cjh The Beach Boys - Kokomo
Firecracker16 @Redrobinrockn Goodevening!! How are you tonight? Nelly Furtado – I'm Like a Bird
mrrodd @Versatile just keep the music flowing. I ran out of props for a lot of ppl already. :) (reblip)


| play
Firecracker16 @joechapman Hi! Great song!! "Where are you when the sun go down...You're so far away from me." Dire Straits – So Far Away (reblip)
Firecracker16 @joechapman I'm "a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis Loves horses and (my) boyfriend too! (My husband likes to make his own words)..."Tree Fallin'" ) (reblip)
Firecracker16 He calls this one "I Want to Know What Grub Is" Foreigner-I Want to Know What Love Is

Foreigner-I Want to Know What Love Is

| play
Annimallover @TrainWreckRadio, @dustypony- there was a song about the same time as this, about an umbrella- they got marrried under my umbrella? let me know!
Firecracker16 @Annimallover OMG...You reminded me of something I hadn't thought of for years!!!! Bobby Vee – Rubber Ball
Firecracker16 "Grant my last request and just let me hold you..." Paulo Nutini – Last Request
Firecracker16 RB @ricktrevino: "Shinedown = Second Chance" "Even the man-in-the-moon disappears...Sometimes good-bye is a second chance..." (reblip)
Firecracker16 "Baby you send me!..." Set Adrift On Memory Bliss – PM Dawn
Firecracker16 RB @norkaman: "@Rella: Everytime I think of you It always turns out good, Everytime Ive held you I thought you understood NITE!" (reblip)
Firecracker16 "I can't wait forever..even though you want me to." The Outsiders – Time Won't Let Me
Firecracker16 "Where is my happy ending..." Paula Cole - Where Have All The Cowboys Gone

Paula Cole - Where Have All The Cowboys Gone

| play
sheryonstone I do worry when I don't see certain people I miss here for any length of time :)
tubilino jaja @bendrix ...woww! which description! I stay almost apnea! thank you very much Sir! ;) (reblip)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ Some Godfathers Of British Psychedelic Music ~ : Cream - "Sunshine Of Your Love"
ElZorro Peter Frampton – Baby, I Love Your Way
ElZorro Ronald Isley – This Guy's in Love With You
ElZorro To @NoMountain2Hi Roy Orbison – Pretty Woman
Annimallover Everytime I've held U I think you understood~ Keeps going thru my head- baby I was wrong not knowing how our love should go~
sheryonstone believe in miracles!! I thought my move would never end. Rest and take care. Nite @GinaDunc: "Jefferson Starship - Miracles" (reblip)
Firecracker16 RB: @JewelDMC: "For sure!@mapex_drummer: "Matchbox Twenty – Back 2 Good @JewelDMC here is my fav MB song. Have a listen and enjoy:)"" (reblip)
PeacefulKingdom You're welcome :) @Firecracker16 You might like this one: Celine Dion – Here, There & Everywhere
ElZorro Bob Marley & The Wailers – And I Love Her
Firecracker16 Give a little bit of "Heart and Soul"

T'pau ♫ Heart And Soul ♫ ►HD16:9◄

| play
Firecracker16 Mouth is alive with juices like wine And I'm hungry like the wolf
Firecracker16 "Oh! Wanna dance with somebody I wanna feel the heat with somebody...With somebody who loves me...When the night falls, my lonely heart calls..."

Whitney Houston I Wanna Dance With Somebody 1987SkidVid XviD

| play
Firecracker16 Caught up in the action I've been looking out for you ..."The Heat Is On"

Glenn Frey- The Heat Is On

| play
ElZorro Marvin Gaye – You're All I Need to Get By
Firecracker16 "...I still need you there beside me No matter what I do..."
Firecracker16 We Five- You Were On My Mind 1965

We Five- You Were On My Mind 1965

| play
Firecracker16 Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers
Firecracker16 Moody Blues – Go Now

Moody BluesGo Now

| play
Firecracker16 Freddie & The Dreamers – I'm Telling You Now
Firecracker16 Now we're rockin' the 60's!!The Yardbirds – For Your Love
Firecracker16 Gary Lewis & The Playboys – Save Your Heart For Me
Firecracker16 Sonny and Cher-Baby Don't Go

Sonny and Cher-Baby Don't Go

| play
Firecracker16 Always one of my favorite songs! =( B J Thomas – I'm So Lonesome I could Cry
lovemusic @Annimallover She can touch your face and take away all fright Like a tree in a meadow wind she will bend to take you in

☼Sunlight, Jesse Colin Young

| play
Firecracker16 @lovemusic: "@Annimallover She can touch your face and take away all fright Like a tree in a meadow wind she will bend to take you in" (reblip)

☼Sunlight, Jesse Colin Young

| play
Firecracker16 @dlawson60 "Live version of my favorite song! Thank you!" Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton (reblip)
djsurfer THANK YOU !!! RB @ShiaoMei: "'s a beautiful song 4 **@djsurfer** by S E A L <><> enjoyyy! :D:D" (reblip)

SealDon't Cry

| play
Firecracker16 RB: @djsurfer: "THANK YOU !!! RB @ShiaoMei: "'s a beautiful song 4 **@djsurfer** by S E A L <><> enjoyyy! :D:D"" (reblip)

SealDon't Cry

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Firecracker16 Crazy - Seal Live Video Good quality


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Firecracker16 @1skyway One just 4 you. Let me know if you like it! Watch the video, too! (reblip)
Firecracker16 Oh, yes, one more!!! Thank you @deejayG for the props...and welcome to deejayG!!! (reblip)
Firecracker16 "Although you're never near Your voice I often hear" The Four Tops – Baby I Need Your Loving
Firecracker16 "When you feel lost and about to give up, Cause your life just ain't good enough"...Reach out I´ll be there
Firecracker16 "Wild Thing I think I luv U...But I want to know for sure. Come on and hold me tight...I luv U!" The Troggs- Wild Thing

The Troggs- Wild Thing

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Firecracker16 "I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes" The Troggs – Love Is All Around
Eclecticist rb @PinkPrism: "thnx & rb @Crashlndin: "thx @shoresidechic: "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress – The Hollies"" This is a really cool video." (reblip)
norkaman Dont u know things can change, Things'll go ur way, If u hold on for one more day, Cant u change it this time? Make up ur mind (reblip)
Firecracker16 @lukesharp "You can touch, you can play, if you say I'm always yours" =)

Barbie GirlAqua

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Eclecticist rb @lukesharp: "IM Going Down~@Firecracker16~YUMMY!~" (reblip)

Jeff Beck/Going Down/1983

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Firecracker16 @lukesharp I'm killing U, really? Well you know what they say... "I Love You... I'll Kill You" Whew!! Sexy music!! =)
Firecracker16 @lukesharp Tonight??? Who knows..."Maybe She Will" tonight! ;)
Firecracker16 RB: @lukesharp: "@Firecracker16" "Just a phone call away" =) ;) (reblip)

Mr. Capone-E- Let Me Luv You Girl (With Lyrics!!!)

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Firecracker16 @mrrodd: "Hey @Firecracker16 it's been a while. Whatcha say? :)"~~"I only meant well...But it was for the best!" =) (reblip)
Firecracker16 RB: @Tequila_Kitty "When I'm a FIRECRAKER! comin' undone...BABY you save me!" Where RU @lukesharp !? (reblip)

You save me.

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Firecracker16 RB: @DougPreston: "Glad you like it... "Like waves of sweet fire" rb @Firecracker16: "Cool song" (reblip)
Firecracker16 @lukesharp: "Another Chicago group~@Firecracker16~" OMG!!! You did it again!!!!You're so cool! I LOVE that song!..CoolKeyboard! I won't say good-bye! (reblip)
Firecracker16 More Chill music...El Momento by Gens Gad...FYI...this guy was also , earlier, part of Enigma...


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ElZorro Hues Corporation - Rock The Boat

Rock The Boat 1974 Hues Corporation

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Firecracker16 @tygerbaby: "Am I falling in love with you? ~ Do we dance to the same drum?" I love Michael Franks! Good song! (reblip)
Firecracker16 rb @ElZorro: "Hues Corporation - Rock The Boat"~~~So where did 'YOU' get the notion...???~~~ =) (reblip)

Rock The Boat 1974 Hues Corporation

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Firecracker16 @TH_HUMANOID_: "♫ listening Muse <3 – "Undisclosed Desires" Please me, Show me how it's done" ~~~How did U know I had UNDISCLOSED DESIRES???~~~ (reblip)
Firecracker16 How can you BEAT this song...??? It's "THE WINNER" !!! "I know you all know...what we gonna do now.."
Firecracker16 From Heavy Metal - "...Please believe me Am I conforming to your views Promise you anything..."

HEAVY METAL-Nazareth-Crazy (A Suitable Case for Treatment)

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my New Moon Soundtrack #13-Hold You In My Arms-Ray LaMontagne w subtitle lyrics

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Firecracker16 One of the GREAT bands! TY!! rb @StarGLazyLady: "I had to grow up to appreciate this group. Definitely NOT bubblegum." (reblip)
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