dukestl @truejerseygirl @secretsquirrel not too many people know Great lake Swimmers, nice picks!
briangreene @wallyton I was listening to this version as you blipped. cheers


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toysrevil hell of a "cover"! such a lovely place such a lovely place (reblip)
gigia bom dia @santamistura... preciso mesmo de um cafe tb


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Bob marley - Hotel California (Reggae Remix)

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mastermark This is close to being my favourite track, evah.
Charlie_O OK my daughter Blipped this. She's 2. And wont give the ear buds back. So I hope it's a good one.
RealtorLefebvre @melodyofyourlife Wow. Holy crap. This is the best thing I've heard all night. Thank you for dropping it on me. Um, not literally of course... (reblip)
chris_is_cool Probably should be listen to with your headphones on, alone, in the dark, w/ a whiskey.
chris_is_cool @QHip this man does amazing things ... love his work (reblip)
sarahlane Loving the new Killers cover of this track, but let's give proper credit where credit is due. Credit is due.

04 Shadow Play

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Radiobread @Freestyler ... Sade - By Your Side ...mmm cool! thankx (reblip)
DrEdge Fratellis in the cd player - Chelsea Dagger
sasaloves love damien rice's cover of creep.
Foxymoron Cool cover from a spectacularly cheesy hair band, nice voice.

Trixter-----50 Ways to Leave your Lover (Unplugged)

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Critia I always wanted De La Clothes to go with my fresh De La Soul... (reblip)
RealtorLefebvre Thank you @purplesime. Appreciate the blind support. It's a silly popularity contest with 2 years of website hosting at stake ($2,000 USD)
RealtorLefebvre My battery is fading, folks. Literally and figuratively. Good night to all and to all a good night. Or something like that...
RealtorLefebvre This is a test. This is only a test. Want to see if a certain someone will automatically give props for this track in a Pavlov sort of way...
davidherrold Late for a meeting across town? This song will help you get there with time to spare.
davidherrold A Perfect Circle covering Ozzy's "Diary of a Madman" live. Pretty cool.
colleencoplick Not normally an acoustic version fan, but this makes me wanna dance.
Foxymoron @jaknight Re: relaxing songs...this one always does it for me. Pretty pretty.
ericb Poignant. Guess why?
hasty These guys do Red Rubber Ball. I need to bring my MacBook Pro to the bars.
hasty Need to finish this ~30 page term paper. Cure for ADD? Unplug teh intarweb?
DrEdge email and presentation editing while listening to Brazos
DrEdge lunch, email and Girl In a Coma
righteousbabe I've got nothing to lose & nothing to prove... (reblip)
swilbert The future of Blue eyed Soul if she doesn't kill herself first.
swilbert Elvis' version can't touch this.
chris_is_cool not a lullaby song, but it fills my heart with happy thoughts. G'night all
timbenzinger Very much into this new song by The Features. Give "The Drawing Board" a listen.
esszeeye For D, an amazing drummer and flamenco gyuitarist
rusticlad Work day all done. Woo-hoo! Time 4 a bit of chill time before tomorrow's early start. Few tunes I think.
MissKimSF Super fun CD with lots of layers...
jwoon888 And finsihing off my wake u up set with JET again..this time "STAND UP!!!" everyone :-P

JETStand Up

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c3o This track pretty much introduced me to the "indietronica" genre back in 2002. Still love that messy beat.
falcarragh I never understood why The Jam wasn't more popular in the US. They were outstanding.
amfan_jenny Jeff Buckley, Hallelujah.. amazing song! "But all I've ever learned from love. Is how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya."
DirtyUrine great! @AC_DC_ASIC: "Look at Axl Rose's T-shirt. Guns N' Roses – Paradise City" (reblip)
bomboloni One of the many very good releases this week.

The Courteeners---Cross my Heart and hope to Fly

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Foxymoron Neat unplugged version of the song. Eddie looks so young!
mrico #nowplaying The Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Perpetuum Mobile

Perpetuum Mobile

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cheesy80s @Surferess @Jalapeno @r0g1 They should've reused this White Lion theme from the 80's Transformers movie for the one that came in 06
Foxymoron RB c/o @Eri_Z: Wow, I love it. I could get lost in this song. (reblip)
DirtyUrine Nice tuneage girls!! @ankita_gaur: "hey girl :D@EllenaG: "~Papa Roach [Scars] ACOUSTIC!~"" (reblip)

Papa Roach [Scars] ACOUSTIC!

| play
Model_Daughters Amy Cook- Hotel Lights @amycookmusic // she sounds damn good live via camcorder (or phone - ???). nice <3

Amy Cook- Hotel Lights

| play
Foxymoron Re: Amy Cook song. :-0 I want her on my iPod.

Jesse CookAir

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2liveis2fly @detroitfan: "@Angie74: "Awesome! @dcbizzy: "The Killers - Somebody Told Me -- Live Acoustic" What did they tell you?!?! unplugged. (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio @KristyRNinAZ [Hi Steve...Aug in MN...mosquitoes & humidity!] thought the same thing when I moved here from the Valley Of The Sun..only WAY up nort! (reblip)

Johnny Winter-Mississippi Blues

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TrainWreckRadio you ever get a chance to play a McPherson guitar.......do it! (Matt on our right)

Matt McPherson and Bruce Gaitsch

| play
anjui_san rb @spacespencer: "@DChain Blutbad abgewendet, ich muss arbeiten. Djieux." (reblip)
EllioMendes Um pouco mais de paciência!


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quorum +20K songs :: 17011 songs left :: Oreo.
Foxymoron Indeed *air drums* @deadcowaroma: "Oh yes, dig this!" (reblip)
2liveis2fly @Coffeenuts: "Red Molly – Oh My Sweet Carolina" #coversthatdontsuck - steal all my records! (reblip)
nastysurprise @SabriESC If I find out Jonsi likes poutine I'm organizing an album burning & since none of my friends listen it will just be me. So I'll just keep it
Joleesa i LUV Dwight ... #coversthatdontsuck #coolcovers rb > @kmmlaw: "RB @LilPank: best. concert. memory. ever. of an ole friend I know" (reblip)
dekimus added to permanent playlist@docstimulas: "#coversthatdontsuck : Jimi Hendrix Experience – Like A Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan)" (reblip)
Foxymoron "From a brand new band"...Counting Crows
chris_is_cool @rakula your lightspeed champion blip reminded me a little (just a little) of the faint
Foxymoron RB C/O @CookStar: What an angelic voice. (reblip)

AishaPart of me

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TrainWreckRadio add to your morning cereal ! @klynnDemar this one stopped me in my tracks (that doesn't happen very often)
TrainWreckRadio @nbztunes what a pair!

Neil Young & Emmylou Harris this old guitar

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farfanet My weakness is that I care too much...And my scars remind me that the past is real... Papa Roach - Scars #acoustic
ilikebunnies I N F L A M E S nice... @DJCZ: "Alias had too. You keep playing them." (reblip)

InFlames Alias

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Foxymoron Ugh, Gonna be a zombie if I don't get shut-eye Thanks be to my new listeners @LittleWarbler, @darksidelucky & @bytera. Thanks for the adds & A.D.D.
Foxymoron RB C/O @bytera: "cant get enough of this brilliant song!..." No joke, it's always been a favorite of mine (reblip)
Foxymoron @awilbanks Ha You oughta know..I consumed unnamed quantities of Hagen Dazs to get over breakups while listening to this *cheers* good memories :-D
ShebaJo how pretty! @abarbosa: "Times are hard for dreamers..." (reblip)
Foxymoron Thanks for sharing, I didn't realize he wrote another book. "Night" made a real impact on me as a teen, might look that up @CookStar (reblip)
DensOnAir KD Lang – Constant Craving, 15 Minutes left of Music Marathon Madness puts eyes back in their sockets (◕‿◕) (reblip)
BluJulius 2 ur vocab 2 sweets...x@StrawberryToast: "@droolius: ":)" ~ nice..think i need 2 add that 2 my itunes..." (reblip)
Foxymoron This cough'll have me shaking all night long, wish it were otherwise. #atthegym (PS. is this video not the coolest shit you've seen?)
Foxymoron Cameo - Word up, time for some more #atthegym blips before I hit the hay.
bytera Patricia Barber – Invitation /// ...her voice sounds like a horn singing this taunting song.
Foxymoron Ok, think that's enough for me, fever's catching up. Thanks for props, RBs and generally indulging me *blows kisses* #atthegym
Foxymoron C/O @100yearoldman: "great funky horn chorus ...(It's on the Happy Gilmore soundtrack)" Sounds like a great addition to the #atthegym tag (reblip)
Foxymoron C/O @DirtyUrine: "Alice In Chains – Man In The Box !! \m/" Cardio or strength, or whatever ails ya. #atthegym (reblip)
Foxymoron Missy Elliot - We Run This Required listening for any hip-hop workout playlist #atthegym
Eri_Z ooh that makes me happy!@spete904: "@Eri_Z TY! You're follower #50 for me!" (reblip)
Foxymoron Cherry Poppin Daddies - Zoot Suit Riot : Just 'cause I'm feeling eclectic, & because I got my first tube of bright red lipstick yesterday. #atthegym
Foxymoron INXS - Born to be Wild #atthegym By the by, this hashtag could turn into a funny punchline
Foxymoron For example Dancing with Myself #atthegym....Might be hot (until security gets called at least)
Annaleise Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Always Gonna Get Ya

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Always Gonna Get Ya

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Foxymoron RB C/O@gulfcoastgal Yumm! Not sure if it's my Louisiana. roots peeking through, but there is nothing quite so sexy as blues in the right hands. (reblip)

b.b. king & eric clapton - rock me baby

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Foxymoron C/O @gritsnyc: "OMG, this is the most appropriate, well-timed song to ever hit my iTunes shuffle. Thank you, Universe!" Nice pick, cute! (reblip)

The Wiz Original Soundtrack Mabel King Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News

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Foxymoron Will Smith - Switch Cheezy, but catchy #atthegym

Will SmithSwitch

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Foxymoron Janis Joplin - Piece of My heart Song is a bit awkward bpm-wise for cardio, but I always play it. Bonus: delicious pics (NSFW) #atthegym
truk77 Won't get tired of these guys anytime soon.
nastysurprise @winggirl It's hard to tell when you're joking. I think you've been caught.
Carmilla @Foxymoron: "RB C/O @Carmilla & @Totengrber: A French film called City of the Lost Children, well worth watching. (reblip)


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briangreene last xmas Irish Prez MaryMc forgot to mention one group of Irish abroad in her seasonal msg. Irish Overseas Prisoners got a mention in the Easter msg
truk77 Friday is for Flobots? Sure, that works! ;)
Foxymoron Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4 When your workout needs more horns. #atthegym
Foxymoron Nice live set, one of my all time favorite #atthegym songs,
Foxymoron Can't workout without a little Jovi. Nice energy #atthegym
Foxymoron No wai, that's totally \m/ my "Don't Need Religion" blip was my 666th blip. #atthegym
Foxymoron What more do you need, subversive lyrics and a nice steady beat. \m/ #atthegym
Foxymoron Pitbull - Miami Shit Just because I'm feeling eclectic. Fwiw, this song sounds great with a thumpy pair of phones #atthegym

PitbullMiami Shit

| play
Foxymoron Not exactly a classic, but one of my favorite tunes of his. Ozzman makes a brief appearance. #atthegym
Foxymoron Sick today, more fun to blip workout music than actually participate. #atthegym
Eri_Z they got the crazy little women, and friends, I think I AM one!
clairetheloon rb @DogsinSpaceSam. TY. I hope you get loads more listeners. You've got a nice list. RHP is a fav of mine. "Summer Dress" makes me verklempt. (reblip)
RunnerDJC Runnin' fine... heading north for a 5k in Maine so I should find some cooler conditions @Awannabeangel
ReverendSal RB / BMA = Bedside Manner Award~~>@Saltydog: "Heal..Mutherfucker!!@ ReverendSal:
bytera Randy Crawford – Purple Rain /// #live
DJMicShelly @divadonna5TY@rachidkasTY!@vantowers@TrainWreckRadio@MicShelly @sooze @wetburrito@ShannonGrissomRE-blipeRONI(that's like pepperoni...only different!" (reblip)
quorum I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. -- Mark Twain
gulfcoastgal His husky sincere voice made it seem he was singing just to you and no one else @DJMcMe: @MamaEsme: "@Me: (reblip)

Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison

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bytera For those of you who like #jazz here is Herbie Hancock playing #live 'Watermelon Man'.

Watermelon Man: Herbie Hancock

| play
clairetheloon Don't want to cause a kerfuffle, but I think they mean a Harvard comma, @Foxymoron.;)
bytera Jeff Buckley – Grace

Jeff BuckleyGrace

| play
bytera for dear@ShiaoMei ~Xue-fei Yang was the first person ever 2 study #classical guitar at the Beijing Conservatoire in China, wiki → http://bit.ly/aWvXZc

Cavatina performed by Xue-fei Yang

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bytera Must ЯB! @Tubabo: wonderful blip, fine music..and, shall we say, more than a little erotic? rb@amphore: "Malene Mortensen - "Another day" (reblip)


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ReverendSal LOVE Dark Star - Surfer ending TY!!! RB@the_night_manager: "From John Carpenter's first movie, DARK STAR, insp'd x @ReverendSal" (reblip)
muffinlab too bad..weirdy. i jest :) @anothercraze: "Is it bizarre I find this song/video comforting before bedtime? If so, I'd rather not know." (reblip)
deeprez Lone Catalysts & All natural – Renaissance
CraftyChris I love this song. It gets into your blood and toes.

Scalliwag Music Video

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austincityslacker Someone should be blipping this every ten minutes. Maybe kids will catch on and learn how to write and record an epic song again.
TozaBoma 'Celebration For Having Finished Writing A Book' song no. 4: The Darkness - Growing On Me! #amwriting
briangreene congrats. rt@lindacooganB: Delighted to announce Good Seed pr shall be working Kate Walsh's new covers album rel. In Sept. Its mega.
DirtyUrine I agree! RB @GeeOh: "I have to RB again, just cos this is freaking awesome! TY <3 @CPCDINIZ: "rb@GeeOh: "Guns N' Roses – Don't Cry - Music Video <3""" (reblip)
razorfire Down in a hole and I don't know if I can be saved ..look at me now, a man who won't let himself be..I'd like 2 fly, but my wings have been so denied
graynoise it was an incomplete sentence. pumped full of cold and flu tablets. sarcasm lost in 140 chars @Ineluctable "can't quite manage pumped on a weeknight"
QueenzQT I really, really DIG this! Thnx, V! :) @airelav: "*queenzgoddess this has started my #workout lately, thanks to @machine1560" (reblip)
RipTrick The other half of my person loves this!! @kristenboyd: "[Stornoway - The Colharbour Road] Thx for adding these @Dolittle ! So far, excellent :)" (reblip)

The Coldharbour Road

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RipTrick Haha! I was thinking about this song when I paid my trainer yesterday. Ante up!! @queenzgoddess: "This song always gets me fiiiiired up! #workout" (reblip)
mojoatelier Hey say from mojo >^..^< ☮&♥xxox;) ✿♫❤ border reiver ❤✿♫♪♥♫ #musicmonday #mm #love #gratitude ♫♪♫~✽.¸♥¸.✽~♫♪♫
tokno @RipTrick: "Please take note: This is a MUST have on your #workout #workouttunes #playlists! U get a bonified #jerseyfistpump!! (reblip)

300 Violin Orchestra

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airelav Most any Los Campesinos! song work well in a #workout mix.
lsoderman Great workout music - Reel Big Fish: Sell Out #workout #reelbigfish Awesome for running
LaLaLaLauren im holdin on @RipTrick: "Ohh! I found a new music blog that I'm diggin' Add to: #workout" (reblip)
Bsimi If this song doesn't just put you in a great mood then nothing will ;-)
RipTrick Hype me to sleep.@DareToEatAPeach: ";) Believes the hype.☛ @anna_twee: "← has gotta major band crush on lookbook. prompted by @emilymphocyte (reblip)
Foxymoron Eddie Izzard-Cake or Death RB C/O @Carmilla: "LMFAO <3 Eddie Izzard." Thats hysterical! (reblip)

Eddie Izzard-Cake or Death

| play
BobTheMediaGuy all I need...as long as it chilled to 76 :=) Thx & Inspired by @MicshellyGood one tho!:o)RB@donnadontplay: "~ Pearl Jam - Just Breathe ~"
Shallmillens RB @sourcemonitor @dspringfels 'White Light/White Heat is close to my favorite album.' / The Velvet Underground – Here She Comes Now / (thumbsup) (reblip)
Greythorn @lilbratsie: "rb@MottKorn: "xaco – Livvi Franc feat. Pitbull - Now I'm that bitch @Italia: "Love the beat!""" yeh (reblip)
gulfcoastgal a little zydeco -let the good times roll...
quorum Never accept an invitation from a stranger unless he gives you candy. -- Linda Festa
quorum Writing is easy; all you do is sit staring at the blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead. -- Gene Fowler


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bytera Eric Clapton and J.J. Cale —- After Midnight || ...freakin' grrrreat!

Eric Clapton/JJ Cale-After Midnight

| play
RipTrick @blairzotron: Yes sir! Thanks for the blip! Nice one to add to the #workout hash. Now I just need to acquire that audio. ;)
RipTrick Hearing the fans screaming in these live cuts always gets me pumped on my #workout for some reason. Great song besides!!
RipTrick Yes! yes! yes! @jccunningham: "[Eric B. and Rakim - Don't Sweat the Technique] #wakeup #workout ... trying to ward off the afternoon sleepies" (reblip)

Eric B. and Rakim - Don't Sweat the Technique

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quorum A witty saying proves nothing, but saying something pointless gets people's attention.
BakingMan Ay que Rrrrico!!@BarbieRay: "let's take the chill down a notch.....two of the finest" (reblip)
quorum Never make anything simple and efficient when a way can be found to make it complex and wonderful.
Foxymoron A witty saying proves nothing, but saying something pointless gets people's attention - Unknown #funny (my potshot @ Poison part "duh")
Foxymoron Ok, sign out time, cya Bleeps. Don't forget to poop! #live #freakingawesomevid
RatatatPat Listen carefully- The fact that this song did not physically tear up the 1980s indicates we are in a very Dangerous backwater of the Timestream.
ReverendSal "Epiphany in Brooklyn" was possibly the best LP's of 90's - Find it!
RatatatPat @solid -Have you ever SEEN this? Green Day pretending to be a New Wave band. Jokes a joke, this is kinda GOOD.
Foxymoron @ankita_gaur Great #live tune. Went to a funeral today, told my husband if he doesn't have them play Metallica at my funeral, I won't be there. ;-) (reblip)
ABoyNamedSue Weird, sad and beautiful all in one.
Foxymoron @gulfcoastgal When I was 4-ish, Mom & I stopped @ truckstop. I ordered grits, what came from kitchen? Quivering mass of grits with a capital "G" Ewww
Eri_Z and thank you as well!@Gr8tune: "TY 4 adding me! :) (reblip)
Foxymoron Looked for original version, but found this one, I like it. #coversthatdontsuck
ReverendSal @ReverendSal: (whoops) can't leave this one lying out on the concrete @RadioFreeIllinois: "Evan Dando – Streets Of Baltimore"" (reblip)
Foxymoron Only available orig. version sounded like shite, this one is nice enough. Plus they're LSU boys, how can that be fail? #coversthatdontsuck
Fortharrison #effinnice RB @DavidLayfield: "This Hagar album is faultless...@ me and lead the way for the VH invasion ironic given the Van Hagar that was to come!" (reblip)

Montrose- Rock Candy

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nawlinswoman Dance, dance, dance like no one is watching! Gene Kelly born today..

Gene Kelly-Dancing With Myself

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Foxymoron Beautiful vocal harmony, this song has stuck with me for ages.
Foxymoron A little non-vocal diversion.

Tommy Emmanuel / J.Shimabukuro: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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ellendiane 1 more- gotta run:) have a good day sir 'r'@rachidkas: "Bonnie Raitt & Norah Jones~Tennessee Waltz" (reblip)

Bonnie Raitt & Norah Jones~Tennessee Waltz

| play
Foxymoron Nice Kotke cover <3

Greg plays Leo Kottke's 'Crow River Waltz'

| play
DJKatalina ..takes me away to that special place

Sweet Child O Mine / Taken by Trees

| play
Lemon A good morning from Amsterdam. Let me start this #FunkFriday with one of the Funkiest songs in the galaxy
Greenfields47 a really different music zone is KOSOVO@rickrog: "I think I hear an influence from the time of the Ottoman empire " (reblip)

BELO PLATNO 'Gusta mi magla padnala'

| play
Sharuana_ Falling snow...✽.¸¸.•*☀ •✽.¸¸.•*☀•✽.¸¸.•*☀•.¸
DJBadBilly 5 Satins..In The Still of The Night

In The Still of the Night- 5 Satins

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