FramerMason Sweet jesus christ on a bicycle.
FramerMason Just a harmless evening smoking pot.
FramerMason The hardest of hardcore niggas eatin blueberry skittles chillin w quincy c. jenkins sometimes i like to fuckin curse triple fat for three pennies.


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FramerMason Yeah straight from blockbuster videos parking lot 1994?

Lucas With The Lid Off (FLIGHT808.COM)

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FramerMason If this don't get yo 1987 on then you need to see a doctor cuz you died.
FramerMason A cautionary tale for those who would poison my brothers.
FramerMason kosmo koslowski is a must have in any collection....Let the show begin!
FramerMason FramerMason Official Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Community April20th DJ!!! Our time is now! Find us we aint hidin!

Gin & Juice by THE GOURDS (Country Version) (HQ)

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FramerMason Oh no! Here they come again! Everybody hide!
FramerMason That's how sooperheroes do.

That Time is Now (Superfriends): Michael Kohler

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FramerMason Uh one of the best in my bins...shhhh.....this one is SICK!!!! Sick? The shiznabbitz has the bird flu!!!
FramerMason Follow that car! Wakkawakkawakkitty and some jazz flute!!!
FramerMason Chun Li vs Wah wah man! Yes that Chun Li....the one from street fighter. Now listen up! ya fancy you know some kung fu?!?! Well try this!
FramerMason So much sexier at this point. Grrrrowahl Cindy. Call Framer & Juhlz when you come to Vegas.

"She Bop (Body Acoustic)" by Cyndi Lauper

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FramerMason MasterMindMasterMindMasterMindMasterMind
FramerMason Featuring samples/video from orig DeathRace
FramerMason Oh Trixie....

Speed Racer Remix Alpha Team (Dirty version)

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FramerMason World's smallest antelope_-_-dik dik
FramerMason Legendary PartyFunkBoston'sOwn CHUCKLEHEAD!!! Someone make a Brady StockClips Video for this PLEASE.


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FramerMason Mashups are not a new thing. Presenting the Uncomparable Torte Elvis and Dread Zeppelin.
FramerMason Puff & Double Puff Free my People Legalize the Peoples Remedy!
FramerMason Its Gene Gene Tha Dancin Machiiiiiiiiiiiine!!!

Jumpin at the Woodside

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Tikiyaki Orchestra opening

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FramerMason This was once covered by JimHenson a Journey
FramerMason This takes some tolerance to be exposed to but is well worth your patience.
FramerMason This literally made me cry just now

Jim Henson Tribute

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FramerMason A shameful favorite from years past. Like eating a gallon of icecream.
FramerMason I wear this on my troubled brow......let me tell you of days of HIGH ADVENTURE>
FramerMason Faith No More-The Real Thing Best Album of the 80's? Listen again for the first time.

Woodpecker from Mars

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FramerMason I love this girl. She will be singing in my throneroom.

Play the Game -- Queen cover by Nataly Dawn

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FramerMason Bliss. Thank you. How can I get this on my music player without video?!

Streetbeater 0001

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FramerMason BoomBoom ting the Robots are coming!
FramerMason Start your day off with this.
FramerMason Forgot the lyrics. Um I have them written down here somewhere.
FramerMason Sampledelic tribute to Early Nasa as analogy for the human experience Uplifting! Great to make doughnuts by.

lemon jellyspacewalk

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FramerMason Intentionally get lost while quickly as possible.
FramerMason Ennui that you can appreciate.
FramerMason One of my favorite albums Don Tiki Adulterated
FramerMason I listen to this song daily. It is good for the mind.

godhand-Please Mr. Sensei!

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FramerMason My main man on the flute. Astonishing.

Beatboxing flute inspector gadget remix

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Son of Dave covers Daft Punk "Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger"

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FramerMason Space golf is just what you need right now.

TipsySpace Golf

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FramerMason Your kungfu is no match for mine.

TipsyChop Socky

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