FreakFlagFlyer This is one of my fav Radiohead songs. Like the acoustic guitar feel.
FreakFlagFlyer One of my favorite songs by Muse.


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FreakFlagFlyer Violent Femmes=poetry: "I look at your pants and I need a kiss."
GwhisP Robert Pattinson – Let Me Sign (reblip)
FreakFlagFlyer This song brings back memories from my happily demented childhood/youth. Shout-out to Pa Eats Quiche!
FreakFlagFlyer An excellent song pondering tricks, running away, screaming, strangers angels, and things just like a dream.
FreakFlagFlyer Adele has such a beautiful voice. Pleasing chord progression.
MrsHempstres @GuardKitteh the question is are we dancers?

The KillersHuman

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rulerofdazzle For my kingdom and followers! Lets get down and forget the insanity.
rulerofdazzle We don't want no scrubs in this kingdom vayvayvay

TLCNo Scrubs

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FreakFlagFlyer OMD - If You Leave...awe for the love of Pretty in Pink

OMD - If You Leave

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FreakFlagFlyer The Raconteurs - Steady As She of my favorite songs it!
FreakFlagFlyer win the prize of this blip... Jimi Hendrix - If 6 Was 9
tynie626 so not subtle huh benneh? LMAO... laugh, its funneh!
Shana34 Wilco - I Must Be High

WilcoI Must Be High

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MrsHempstres @FreakFlagFlyer I couldn't blip this yesterday and this goes out to you
crispast a strawberry swing to my friend@mteric! my best wishes for you!:)
FreakFlagFlyer @sa_neasy...Yes it is fantastic. rb: The Dead Weather- Hang you from the Heavens. Jack White's new group with him on drums. (reblip)
indiegirl175 00h crystal ball crystal ball... tell me love is beautifull

KeaneCrystal Ball

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FreakFlagFlyer ABC - Be Near Me...don't every stray too far, no don't disappear

ABCBe Near Me

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dal @GR8FL @toosweet4rnr @tubilino~Crowded_House_-_Don_t_Dream_It_s_Over (reblip)


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FreakFlagFlyer Beastie Boys - Finger Lickin more spice than the frugal gourmet!
FreakFlagFlyer Stereophonics - You're My Star (reblip)

Stereophonics - Youre My Star

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FreakFlagFlyer R.E.M. - Superman....I am Superman, and I know what's happening!
FreakFlagFlyer Duran Duran - Save a this song!
ZachsWorld If Ohio is for lovers, then what's NC for?
BoomBoomBetty apologies. i know it's a bit early. but i just love this.
FPonTheDL This song is for my 500 blip listeners :) Thanks all here is my favorite song :) (reblip)
mingusmonk Thanks to @FreakFlagFlyer for the power pop inspiration. Tough one ... had to upload.

toad the wet sprocket - 1992 - all i want

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FreakFlagFlyer Naked Eyes - Always Something There to Remind Me
FreakFlagFlyer Special - Free Nelson Mandela...because I have a thing for Africa
bobthompkin i count the blue stars when everyone else counts the shooting ones. (reblip)
FreakFlagFlyer Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1
FreakFlagFlyer Wreckx-n-effect - Rump Shaker @nursedoublek Here's a good song for shaking your rump. (reblip)
FreakFlagFlyer Beyonce - Single Ladies (Silk Remix)...if you like it then you should put a ring on it!
FreakFlagFlyer Beyonce - Diva @nursedoublek This song it Hott! A Diva is a female version of a hustler. Yeah that's right I am rockin it!


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FreakFlagFlyer Earth Wind and Fire - Lets Groove Tonight rb:@JustChristy...nice one. (reblip)

Earth Wind and Fire - Lets Groove Tonight

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FreakFlagFlyer [British Sea Power - Green Grass of Tunnel] (reblip)
Stay19 The Libertines – Can't Stand Me Now<><> Nice blips going on ! Cheers. vi@sarah_janis Love Dear and the Headlights ! (reblip)
FreakFlagFlyer listening to Say Anything - Alive With the Glory of Love
FreakFlagFlyer Here's one my favorite new bands...MGMT-Electric Feel. This song ROCKS IT OUT!
FreakFlagFlyer Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You
tynie626 Pete Yorn – Lose You

Pete YornLose You

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FreakFlagFlyer RB@MaybeMyBaby: Bob Dylan-Forever Young...sang an arrangement of this classic at a wedding some years back. (reblip)
FreakFlagFlyer The Fray - Vienna...I REALLY, really, LOVE this song!

The FrayVienna

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FreakFlagFlyer @MoxieMT: THANKS FOR THIS!!!! Rob Pattinson-I Was Broken (reblip)
FreakFlagFlyer @DOCSTIMULAS: The Fixx - Saved By Zero (reblip)


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BoomBoomBetty die alone (recognize a particular line in there...???)

Die Alone By Ingrid Michaelson (+ Lyrics)

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FreakFlagFlyer @DOCSTIMULAS: "Lemmy [Featuring Jake E Lee] – It's A Long Way To The Top" (reblip)
FreakFlagFlyer @RNRSteve: "U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday" (reblip)

U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday

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FreakFlagFlyer Marcus Foster and Bobby Long

Marcus Foster and Bobby Long

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FreakFlagFlyer MGMT-electric feel

MGMT "electric feel" video

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FreakFlagFlyer The Sundays-Here's Where the Story her voice.
FreakFlagFlyer listening to White Stripes-Seven Nation Army...even before my coffee
FreakFlagFlyer RB@djwttw...listening to Radiohead-Planet Telex (reblip)

RadioheadPlanet Telex

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FreakFlagFlyer Michael Jackson-I wanna Rock Wit U
FreakFlagFlyer Erasure-Sometimes...a nice little retro groove


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FreakFlagFlyer listening to The Fray-Little House
FreakFlagFlyer The Psychedelic Furs-Love My Way...I haven't heard this song in a minute, but I love it.
FreakFlagFlyer Veruca Salt-Seether...great rockin song from the 90's

Veruca SaltSeether

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AmbrgurlPR I found it!!! YAY!!!! The Pretenders – Brass In Pocket
FreakFlagFlyer Mellowdrone-Bone Marrow Music

Mellowdrone Bone Marrow Music Video

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FreakFlagFlyer The Kills-Sour Cherry...shout when you want to get off the ride

The KillsSour Cherry

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FreakFlagFlyer Raconteurs-Salute Your say you don't get Jack...Jack rocks it...that's all there is to get!
FreakFlagFlyer Chainsaw Kittens-Feel Like a Drug Store
FreakFlagFlyer Manic Street Preachers-Indian Summer

manic street preachers indian summer

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FreakFlagFlyer Manic Street Preachers-Indian Summer (reblip)

manic street preachers indian summer

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FreakFlagFlyer Manic Street Preachers-Autumn Song
FreakFlagFlyer Coldplay-Trouble


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FreakFlagFlyer Benji Hughes-I Went With Some Friends To See The Flaming Lips

Eastern Conference Champions- To The Wind

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FreakFlagFlyer This song reminds me of wintertime when I was in high school. (reblip)
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