The Distillers Seneca Falls

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FuckedReality Speakin' of under-rated can you not like Heavy Petting Zoo? I can't even type the title without smirking!
FuckedReality I need something before the show...just a lil something to make me gooOoOooOoOo!
FuckedReality Social Distortion - Bad Luck (Live)

Bad Luck

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FuckedReality Glory Days don't mean shit to me...I'll drink a six pack of apathy...

Green DayThe Grouch

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FuckedReality Inspired by @JiggityJamJ...Green Day - Panic Song

Green DayPanic Song

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FuckedReality ...playin' with a grin...singin' gibberish!


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FuckedReality Propagandhi - War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom, May All Your Interventions Be Humanitarian
FuckedReality Propagandhi - With Friends Like These Who the Fuck Needs Cointelpro
FuckedReality They say livin' is a lot like dyin'...

The Falcon La-Z-Boy 500

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FuckedReality The Vandals - Let the Bad Times Roll
FuckedReality Stranger Than Fiction...SUCH an under-rated album...
FuckedReality ...they can throw my ass in jail, 'cause we're not goin' up for sale!

INDKRent for Sale

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FuckedReality "Why do girls have to suck at everything?"

TAT"Road To Paradise"

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FuckedReality much more bullshit you got left?
FuckedReality The Clash - I Fought the Law

The Clash I Fought The Law

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FuckedReality Dead Kennedys - I Fought the Law (And I Won)
FuckedReality Choking Victim - Living the Laws
FuckedReality ...go to sleep, go to sleep, the corporate dream cuts like a knife imprisoned in this Wal-Mart life!
FuckedReality There's no such thing as Leftover Crack...
FuckedReality There are only Leftover Crack covers...
FuckedReality ...and now...a long distance dedication to Chicago's finest...

BroadwaysPolice Song

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FuckedReality Marriage, mortgage, can't afford it...
FuckedReality rb vi@JiggityJamJ...Jemina Pearl feat Iggy Pop - I Hate People (reblip)

Jemina Pearl ft Iggy Pop I Hate People

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FuckedReality Glenn Danzig, Mother, fucker...

SelfTrunk Fulla Amps

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FuckedReality If I can't hibernate, I'm gonna throw some gas on the fire!
FuckedReality AFI - Hearts Frozen Solid Once More by the Spring of Rage, Despair, and Hopelessness
FuckedReality ...50 stars to blind your eyes, 13 stripes to hypnotize...
FuckedReality ...I laughed, I cried (well I tried, but I laughed again)...

The Mountain Goats "No Children"

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FuckedReality ...this is my song to a friend that never needed anyone until now...
FuckedReality Choking Victim - In Hell

Choking Victim- In Hell

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FuckedReality ...her brothers scare me, but their sister looks so good!
FuckedReality ...hard to be soft, tough to be tender... Metric - Help, I'm Alive (Acoustic)
FuckedReality 4:20 was 2:03 ago...oh well, better late than never...
FuckedReality Wake up in the morning and it's hard to live...
FuckedReality Long Beach Dub All-Stars - My Own Life
FuckedReality Bad Religion - Do What You Want
FuckedReality Leftover Crack - Crack City Rockers

crack city rockers

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FuckedReality ...why be sad when happiness can be bought for a little more than free...

NOFX Herojuana

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FuckedReality ...he said "did you ever notice that the more you own, the more worries you have?"
FuckedReality G'morning! How is everyone? I'm eatin' some tamales & eggs for breakfast while I blip for a few...

LESS THAN JAKE: Mixology of Tom Collins

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FuckedReality ...I drank my frustrations down the drain, out of the way...
FuckedReality Things would be much easier to say....

SublimeBoss D.J.

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FuckedReality First the money, then the smile, everything is for a while...
FuckedReality But no prints can come from fingers, if machines become our hands...
FuckedReality The people are cells, and the streets are veins

Operation IvyBig City

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FuckedReality I build 'em up, and then I tear 'em down...
FuckedReality I DARE you to sit/stand still thru this song!

Strung OutAway

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FuckedReality The bass, the rock, the mic, the treble, I like my coffee black, just like my metal!
FuckedReality I used to think I could hold my own...
FuckedReality Is it just me, or is this the biggest rip-off band since The Suicide Machines? At least Jesus H Chris admits when he steals riffs...

Tat- Peace Sex and Tea

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FuckedReality Right now this town really fuckin' tears me down, someday it will drown me in the river...
FuckedReality I've got gas...

Farts Are Jazz To Assholes

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FuckedReality "If a Kevin Kostner Kavalry is your means to their end, the struggle is dead...why do we pretend approval is upon what they depend?"
FuckedReality You were here before you, you'll be here when you're gone, another lemming humming protest songs.
FuckedReality You were wrong, all wrong, I was right you lied, U to the N to the I-T-Y!

RancidAs One

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FuckedReality If there was a god, I'm sure he would be hated...
FuckedReality I don't know what you've been drinkin' but pour another one for me!

titty twister by dieselboy (with lyrics in video)

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FuckedReality Gorillaz - Slow Country

Slow Country

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FuckedReality ...and if you have to ask, then you don't have a clue...
FuckedReality Rancid - Solidarity...Love & Unity...set me free with a bullet and a gun...


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FuckedReality But don't expect to find me with a note left to be read...
FuckedReality If I thought I'd make a difference, I'd kill myself today...but so many are like me...lost in the fray...
FuckedReality See ya'll in the morning...I promise! =)

Choking VictimSuicide

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FuckedReality Brendan Kelly's Cuisinart Commercial...The Broadways - I Hear Things Are Just As Bad Down in Lake Erie
FuckedReality ...'cause genocide is nothing to celebrate, extinction don't deserve a parade...
FuckedReality I want you to be crazy 'cause you're stupid baby when you're sane!

The Kills 'Cheap and Cheerful'

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FuckedReality VERY rarely do the Redwings get shutout...

Yeah Yeah YeahsZero

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FuckedReality that way of never saying what you really feel...
FuckedReality Pennywise - Don't Care & Live Fast, Die Young
FuckedReality There's no glimmer in the gutter? Pssshhhh!!!
FuckedReality A small dose of Green Day. =)

Green Day- Ballad Of Wilhelm Fink

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FuckedReality a word that I can't understand.

Operation IvyCaution

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FuckedReality I remember you & I, listening to the bands that we liked, only the songs that we knew...

LagwagonKnow It All

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FuckedReality Morning Glory - The Whole World is Watching
FuckedReality I've fallen and I can't get up...
FuckedReality Your mind constantly a place...that's not so fuckin' cold!
FuckedReality Did someone say muffins?

Millencolin - Bullion

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FuckedReality The good ole hockey game!

propagandhi "Dear Coach's Corner"

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FuckedReality ...we're so close, to something better left unknown...
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