anothercraze This one goes out to anyone who loves John Cusak movies + Radiohead. Sooooo like, you.
Perotin and after that also...

Until the end of the world

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CLARITY My goodness! I love me some MJ. and I love me some Ghostland. Sweet sweet eargasms...
anothercraze Thanks again for the Mad Scene @Perotin! The one you just blipped by these guys din't work -- blip has too little Mad Scene by far!
okmusic Can't stop listening to this, rb vi@dochugo: "<3" Thx! (reblip)
JMaury On with the routine....excuse me while I run an errand
MissDiggity rb@squidbrain: "You ever listen to Aesop Rock before?" Hell to the yea! love this guy and Atmosphere both (reblip)
sandyriverside Black Moth fans prepare to eat shit! What's up @GrassyKnoll @FunkShoi @DJFrankie @anothercraze? @DependableSkeleton you already saw ZombieLand?
OKnightmare Oh wow! Incredible! Thanks rb@gorester: "This is/was mindblowing. I have no idea how they pulled that off live." (reblip)
anothercraze Listeners, crank this puppy up to 11. Loop this song until you understand all the laws of physics. Then write me an essay or sumthin.

Clinic Winged Wheel

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OKnightmare @okmusic I saw them open for Menomena and they were outstanding, oh wait did i just send another one of their songs... crap :D
anothercraze You're gonna wanna sink your teeth into this one and never let go.
FunkShoi AHAHHhh!! @MissDiggity @DJFrankie I was looking for this song and totally forgot their name. His singing makes me laugh and sing along uncontrollably
HermanBlume These guys were pretty good last night @JusticeSmithers @blackittyblack, I thought the Avetts were great as usual, what'd you think?
FunkShoi @minmae, I pass by that restaurant in the picture every single day! Weeeeeeird.

The Brian Jacket Letdown- "Eat Your Friends"

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anothercraze Yeah, I'm blipping a song by a band named Digital Leather. And you know what else? It's real good.
GrassyKnoll OK, night time. Just a quick stop off... see everyone tomorrow!
NyQuilDriver @squidbrain I'm coming over. :P I'll bring Chu Chu Rocket.


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GorgoMcGuirk GorgoMcGuirk @FunkShoi posting Phantogram reminded me they opened for Yeasayer.thanks. @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @Matericia @A_Quiet_End @matriax


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GrassyKnoll @SnailKid: "I'm sorry if I offend anyone with this. This is the last in my 3-part "This Was Middle School For Me" Miami Bass documentary." NICE! (reblip)

Penguin Cafe Orchestra: Walk Don't Run (1981 PCO excerpt)

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marjaidi by special request... talk about old skool
bduubz rb @seekmagic / not my bday, it's a friend's / love this track btw, it's on repeat on my iphone :) later! (reblip)
der @das_Vakuum yeah...blippe wieder n bisschen, aber nur mit usb inet ist die hölle....aber wie immer sehr nette musik bei dir...i love!

DESERT SESSIONS cold sore superstar 2001

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FlashHarry Every day i like an egg and some tea,,,check it out: the drummer's got drumsticks coming out of his ass-- now that's virtuosity!!!
anothercraze Distracted blipping? L.a.m.e. Catch you guys lates.
CreepyGirl @thetruckert What's your excuse? Do you have a hall pass?
anothercraze C'mon @FunkShoi. That's crazytalk. We'd have to seal the kittenite INSIDE a balloon inside another "safe" balloon to tape their paws to. 2 much werk
FunkShoi Uh ohhhh, wuh we got here? Funkshoi has not heard before. Why is my pants wet all asudden?

Raekwon & Ghostface Killah — Cutting It Up (RATATAT REMIX)

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der @FunkShoi new botox that cheap slomo stuff

Bot'OxBlue Steel-

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FunkShoi Reblip@der: "@FunkShoi new botox that cheap slomo stuff" -- thanks. This video is buggin. (reblip)

Bot'OxBlue Steel-

| play
anothercraze (p.s. I'm glad you like 'em @lolcatpower. Here is some wicked drumming to countdown yr cups of coffee!)
CargoCulte @DesertLily I'm good, enjoying a cup of coffee!

Quantic & His Combo Barbaro- Wandering Star (Portishead cover)

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anothercraze I can totally see why this video wasn't released to the public until now. It's like 1984 meets a sexy migrant labor camp.

Real McCoy • Run Away (US Version)

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CLARITY @DigitalJEdwin thanks for the intro to this jaydiohead.
FunkShoi Should I be getting aroused by this song? Cause I am. These are a few of my favorite things.
FunkShoi rb@anothercraze: "...Drinking a cup of coffee in the shower = better than you'd think."- I'd need a cigarette with my showercoffee. I can make it werk (reblip)
FunkShoi @dronnoisseur: "@DependableSkeleton, a single RM fave is difficult to pick, but I've always had a soft spot for this one" -- loving this. Thanks! (reblip)
sandyriverside @ladyhoho I get out in an hour, 7 is looking strong. I wish I had a nooner buzz to wear off at work. @Shukitty if i were you I'd invest in some PvsZ
sandyriverside Throw your hands up if you wanna get rich @Mike_Mongoose @dochugo @axefield @CLARITY/ @axefield dochugo and I are planning a trip to Miami.
anothercraze @jtabz, maybe if we can land a man on the moon, we can also hunt down future in-laws with a butterfly net and some a Skittles-gun. Godspeed! (reblip)
FunkShoi @santamistura: "great music for to start to work in these cold day at rio ;o))" -- love this. Thanks! // @minmae just woke up really early I guess (reblip)


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sandyriverside I think some people need to hear this...

Fever Ray 'If I Had A Heart'

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FunkShoi I'm lovin on this song pretty hard right now. I gotta make this saturday mah bitch. Later blip!
sandyriverside haha @Shukitty sounds like you are having a blast then. Drinks and locating an obscure glyph can be a toxic amalgam.

The Clash Overpowered By Funk

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sandyriverside Listener Profile: SandyRiverside Tagline: That's my jam!
CoSlive You are listening to the CoS Friday Mixtape (LXVIII). Downoad it here: - the latest singles, remixes, and up and comers.
FunkShoi Hungry, but it's too hot to cook. Gonna go out and hunt down a sammich, the way my ancestors used to. This was our old family hunting chant.
doubledrat Simian Mobile Disco – Audacity of Huge (feat. Chris Keating)
anothercraze Black Keys do Beefheart, a million miles of Beefheart.
FunkShoi rb@Fated: "I akin fly paper to carpet tape. That shit will stick to anything (thee more shallows-fly paper)" -- This is great! Never saw before. (reblip)
CargoCulte @CherryGhost Thnx! I can't bring myself to change it.
sandyriverside Wow beat me to the punch, was just going to do the same @sarahlovesyou " i just have to play the original. its only like my favorite. song. EVER : )" (reblip)

If I Ever Feel Better

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Apple_chic woke up whistling this. And it's Monday... and I'm still whistling. Must've been a good weekend! ;)


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juiceboxjones Except for that dark period of time when shows like The OC & clothing shops like American Eagle tried to co-opt legitimately good music. Never again!


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jamesgrayking goddamit! loves it

Knights Of Cydonia

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Mendeley agreed. @haizee: "loving new Mr. Oizo, fantastic r/b @kooi" (reblip)

Mr OizoJO

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anothercraze Designing a sign for an estuary. Textwriter was mosdef blazed. Summer is described as: "Long blazing days turn green grasses to rattling skeletons."
anothercraze STEALTH BLIP: This band is amazing, been spinnin' em all day! Helps to block the shrieks of the dying butterflies in da conference room. Sadface.
anothercraze This is probably my favorite song of all time, which might have something to do with how crackedout-foxy Eric Burdon looks in this video.
Perotin @anothercraze: have always loved the call AND jim kerr. his back vocals on this = gold.
anothercraze You gotta be kiddin' me @Perotin. Take a big gulp of this song, swallow and repeat.
FunkShoi Gadzooks! I've been found out. Went to go move my car and I saw another message glued to the parking ticket. A dead mouse --
CLARITY @barnburner @dochugo @67stanng @paulzy @NickMain recently found a keeper for mash-up fridays. houston, tx's very own dave wrangler.
anothercraze Blonde Redhead + Third Eye Foundation = an aural mojito, consumed in a bright white desert. // I take my citrusfruits crushed not bruised @elliott425.
Stolen "He gets the crazy idea you're laughing at him." (reblip)

Gorillaz vs. The Avalanches "Eastwood Psychiatrist" Mashup & Video

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doubledrat @FunkShoi ...that is one slow road out of china. marco polo never would have made it home with the crucial noodle technology at that rate. pasta fail.
staygold second favorite song to sing while drunk
FunkShoi @MissDiggity I hadn't noticed until now my blips today have been a little... odd? Absinthe as a nightcap on a sunday means it just hasn't stopped yet.
FunkShoi @julierthanyou: "...your cover is blown, i reckon that you on the end?"// I feel like Harrison ford in that one movie where he almost dies? Allofthem. (reblip)
FunkShoi Space disco your worries away! I know I have.
FunkShoi RB!!@DJFrankie: "Oooooh. I know what I haven't played in a long time! - No joke, I've been looking for this for months to mess with people. THANKS!! (reblip)
anothercraze It takes very few elements to make me like a music video @FunkShoi: 'splosions, lil kids smoking cigarettes, footage from outerspace and hula skirts.

TC MaticOh la la

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anothercraze Start 'em smokin young so by the time their country requires their services on the battlefield they can shoot and puffpuff at the same time @FunkShoi.
oMAY RB@kristenboyd: "I have officially awoken from my afternoon fog. Thx :)@nastysurprise72: "NEW Holy Fuck. Need a song to wake you up?This will do it."" (reblip)
p0rter Chocolate donuts! (this reminds me of Simian Mobile Disco's creepy "Huster" video) vi@ArthrReeeeD: "@eightbitkoala @PORTERla @flybuzz @FunkShoi" (reblip)

Grum "Can't Shake This Feeling"

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FunkShoi @PunkBroc! // @DareToEatAPeach I'll just take magic lessons and look for a time machine on ebay. You know... so I don't waste any more time.

Goldfrapp: Slide in (Dfa Remix)

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Battles HI/LO @ O-EAST Japan 2005

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FunkShoi @Holland_Oats, broadway in nyc. Yr the jerk that makes everything in there sparkle to make me spend the extra $100 that I DONT HAVE!?
FunkShoi Hahhh... what on erf is this? Kinda cool actually. Clap yo hands say HALLZYEAHh.
FunkShoi There will be blood. Silver blood. Which is kinda like mercury. Servos can obviously dream. Can they bleed I wonder???
Jazzhole This tune comes with the Jazzhole money back guarantee.
anothercraze Rent? I think it's probably rent. // Farewell dedication goes out to @CreepyGirl, since the name of this band is somewhat of an emoticon (/_;)

BEAK> - I Know

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FunkShoi seriously @anothercraze!? Maybe I should check out the real news instead of The Onion. But you know those teabaggin' reporter nazis. Can't trust 'em.


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anothercraze This song just made me shoot coffee out my nose. WHUTUP @FunkShoi
DareToEatAPeach * The week in review * Highlights of the week * Fave reblips * (reblip)
Stolen Can he bleach that dream?
anothercraze I'm working w/ the parks + rec dept for one of my remaining two jobs @muffinlab. I'm buttering them up so they'll put booby traps on the playground.
DareToEatAPeach rb @PORTERla: "This song is so damn good. rb. @erroneous: "another band with identical twins Alejandra and Claudia Deheza"" (reblip)
Stolen @FunkShoi naw, just lettin' my freak flag wave proud. A frosty Kettel One sounds tops right now tho'.
anothercraze I'd love for someone to write an extended pseudo-political analysis of this video for my personal amusement...ummm @FunkShoi? @radolo? Cawcaw!

Big Boi-General Patton{{New Song 2010}}

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FunkShoi RB@dirtycash: "this is what i'm talking about! @Oregonize @FunkShoi" - YUSS! Yr on a roll I thinks. (reblip)


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nastysurprise @jtabz @sandyriverside I've been loving on this song for a couple of months now. (reblip)
DJFrankie @whistlin_indie: "this... is a sensory slaughter." Holy Crap! Love Love Love this. I'm going to watch it again RIGHT NOW. @FunkShoi @cadmium √ it (reblip)
FunkShoi Nobody wanted this video or anything remotely like it. But I give it because I care. I'm not sure about what tho @Tracemace2000

Violent Kiss ( Freaks )

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FunkShoi I think this will make me happy for the rest of my days. @sandyriverside, been incorriging// hey @Tracemace2000. Whas goin on over by the meridian?
FunkShoi I know that bar @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice. It's where a blind guy walks into a bar. He was way off.
radolo too good! thanks! @by_starla: "[Ghost - Ganagmanag]" (reblip)


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anothercraze [stealth lunchtime blip // Hot damn! Try this all-lady outfit on for size @CreepyGirl. Know how you like yr fuzzy-apocalyptic-rhythm]
chieftinyteeth @FunkShoi: Consider this a secret envelope. It has become my mission to get folks to see this movie. It has midgets AND lizard-rape.
midnightbeadery @sandyriverside: "Nevermind it's got Philip Seymour Hoffman @FunkShoi so it's solid gold @jennyleepenny just like the straw / @Modster..." (reblip)
sandyriverside @CLARITY I think a Blip-nup would be the most peaceful exit strategy. And bring on the foooood. It sound delish and all I had was this bagel.
PunkBroc I'd be down, @FunkShoi, but that's a damn long walk from here.
anothercraze Gather round, longhairs. Your lord and savior have spoken forth and given you a cover by The Animals.

Pink floyd house of the rising sun (rare)

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vandaleyes thanks, RB @ElNito: "awesome piece of electricity !!! " // hi & thanks @Mysterymix @Corts @martorelli @dronnoisseur @JimmyStagger @TomServo @FunkShoi (reblip)

TORTOISE + THE EX the lawn of the limp 1999

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FunkShoi Some sweet sweet minimal house remix of Hot Chip. Hearing for the first time and lovin this pretty good. - Seen these guys @der?
MeLikeGoodMusic Couldn't get enough of this one. Play it loud! @sumomoworld @dirtylittlesecret (thanks!) @FunkShoi @Anna_N @harmony60 @BoogieDown @Cosmix

iz and diz, mouth (pepe bradock remix)

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thesearejams @FunkShoi have you seen this version?

I Can't Go For That- Daryl Hall, Chromeo

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Dayman remix (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia)

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NickFRESH wow, this song is that old?! i'm including it in mixtapes and everything as if it were new. hahah. hey @CLARITY!


| play
FunkShoi RB@Mysterymix: "Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face? ( @GenuineFraud Bootleg Remix) ( kool:p)" - My last blip made me all depressed. Thanks! (reblip)
robotnik good day/morning/evening east/west/north/south
anothercraze Have you heard the new Clinic @nastysurprise72? Surprisingly, nastily wicked-good!

Clinic Winged Wheel

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FunkShoi @GrassyKnoll: "@smilecin Last one I swear ;)" - and this reblip is the perfect accompaniment. (reblip)
FunkShoi Netflix has Food, Inc up on their instant viewing. Based almost entirely on Michael Pollan's Omnivore Dilemma(great book). Ammonia burgers hooray!

Subtle 'F.K.O' music video

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FunkShoi I will not give up a ridiculous theme until I've milked it for all it's worth. This song is excellent, but I dun think I'm through just yet.
anothercraze Yes, this song never stops being the best! // I hear Tuesday is the new Monday @Fangbaby + @FunkShoi. Duck and cover.


| play

Magic Heart Genies "Heartifact" (Myka 9, JtheSarge, Dj Drez)

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FunkShoi Yesterday was quite a trip seeing old high school people I havn't seen in years. Also not sure how I ended up home... RB-thanks @dilatedjunkie (reblip)
FunkShoi Just tried to buy AC tix on Ticketmaster and the blurry security words were "be hassle". My order was rejected due to routine maintenance...haet HaiT
minmae I miss have time to write about other subjects besides work
FunkShoi @julierthanyou, I don't even... That got 5starred, faved, and facebooked in under 3 seconds. I could die in the next 10 minutes and it'd be just fine.
FunkShoi "apocalypticly awesome" -- @Greenie apocalypse NOW please! Thanks. (reblip)
FunkShoi Sorry everyone, I barely have time to read some of these blips or reply properly, but this is just nuts. Thanks @HellenKellersIpod (reblip)
ZOEBOE -->>>>To my new listeners (and the old ones too ;) )Ya'll are solid gold! <<<<---
julierthanyou i love how hypnotic this one is. it makes me want to be on a train, to anywhere.

WHITE STRIPES Icky thump (DJ Zebra whole lotta funk remix)

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totoro @FunkShoi - Hey! @DrDebs - Oh, that sucks. I know your pain. Off to try to get some sleep myself. G'night all!
DareToEatAPeach Another sweet band I have tickets to see this month.
FunkShoi Hmmm never heard this before. Sounds like a corporate financial holding institution set in lord of the rings... crazy mix tho.
FunkShoi Good call. I should go grab some coffee. Where you skate at?
FunkShoi RB@ruthfish, this is pretty crazy. Did someone just tell me to rub my tummy and show my navel? (reblip)
julierthanyou yesssssssss it's harry belafonte time. it's futile to resist!
DJFrankie Reblip @jamreilly. This song makes more sense than anything that has happened to me all day. (reblip)
sarahlovesyou !! <<:+OOOO @FunkShoi ok i'l let you get back to work. but you have to dance to this first.
DareToEatAPeach "Ya'll talk about guns like I ain't got none, what you think I sold 'em all?" I take my gangsta w/a dose of Punk, Daft.
ExJon Agree. Utterly lovely. RB @leighcedar I don't really want to start a contest again. But this is the prettiest song of 2009. Agree/Disagree? (reblip)
Thnikkaman Drink a lot of soda so they call me Dr. Pepper.
Greenie this was on scrubs last night... reminded me how much i like this cover...
DareToEatAPeach This is the only recorded track by Hudred in the Hands. Let's give them a lot of play so they'll get a record deal!
lub come on... come on... one, two, one two... check this out!
DareToEatAPeach @NyQuilDriver Thanks, I appreciate that RB especially because you generally don't play or prop remixes
SlipperyDistortion @peterpanohno - Blurred and distorted indeed. Things look pretty clear for a Monday morning so far... Thanks! (reblip)
leighcedar Just realize its 4/20 today. This should be appropriate.
DareToEatAPeach @NyQuilDriver Bitch you better Blip your MGMT/Black Kids covers my way or I'll send one of my Oakland thugs to break your kneecaps. Just sayin'. (reblip)
FunkShoi Heard this stoned when they came to coney island and loved this song since.
FunkShoi Don't nobody pops like this. Not even Orville Redenbocher.
santamistura back......... i saw the ghost of lena zavaroni.......... vanilla strawberry knickbocker glory
FunkShoi I hope to see bread pudding in my near future.


| play
DareToEatAPeach "We come in doing cartwheels. We all crawl out by ourselves And your shape on the dance floor. Will have me thinking such filth and gouge my eyes."
FunkShoi I could, and I will. Thanks VH1 classic. (reblip)
Apple_chic Oh yesssssssssss! There's loads more Basquiat Strings too! :) :)
DareToEatAPeach Probably more pop cultures allusions here than any other song in the universe.
Apple_chic they're great, huh? @askyourfather. Just heard them today through a friend. Yummmmmmmmage :)
FunkShoi @dilatedjunkie, Umm... I just gave you 2 props for this. I'm waiting until midnight so it resets and I can give you 3 more props for this. (reblip)
FunkShoi Fantastic Plastic Machine is like watermelon jollyranchers for your ears.
radolo Bowie cover. i think it works well.
Apple_chic Love this Hot Chip remix. They bring bouncing and happiness to everything! :) Morning @DJFrankie who inspired this by playing the Junior Boys.
der @das_Vakuum komische affinität (of course) zu hot chip und atari teenange riot ;) aber zu kurz sicherlich nicht ;)
leighcedar Are you still a gentleman if you sing the word "tits" ? @lem72 @daretoeatapeach @FunkShoi @ladypn
minmae @happymooncake haha we drink to celebrate. in this particularly case, celebrate how much we like cheeeese ^_^ but to breakups is a good remedy too
askyourfather see what happens, when hardcore tries to dance
CLARITY never get sick of this groove. talk about perfect song for fast highways and windows down.
FunkShoi At least I have all of you and your musics to keep me company.
3AG3R Apache Vs Sneaky Sound System: Pictures (Tonite Only Remix)

Apache Vs Sneaky Sound System: Pictures (Tonite Only Remix)

| play
Thnikkaman This is quite possibly one of the best DnB albums of all time.
anothercraze and on the seventh day there was Man Man. (reblip)
dancingrae @HellenKellersIpod @bunq wow - between all the love, dancing and deliciousness I don't know how this day could get any better. Showertime for me :)
Thnikkaman @FunkShoi Don't have Rodeohead video, but I've got Pi.

Hard 'N Phirm "Pi" HQ Dir: Keith Schofield

| play
doublek RB @DigitalJEdwin via @boxcar: Cool. Although I'm English / German / Native American blood, 1950's heart (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach @magik My site. ( But then I go into settings and give Blip a link so they know where to find it, cuz the links aren't public (reblip)
FunkShoi @sarahlovesyou, I watched Jurassic Park on telemundo last Sun. Those sassy Latino raptors had trouble with doors. I'm hidin in the fridge!
FunkShoi If theres any way I'm getting out of bed, it's because Calvin Harris and Jamriqiquruqiqaui danced me out of it.
minmae rb@charleyhorse cool! never heard it before [@blackkites at least the chosen city is great lol. if u come, Ill be glad give u tips ^_^] (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach This is the shit! Thanks @GR8FL. =) (reblip)

Propellerheads - History Repeating

| play
Shukitty @HellenKellersIpod my ipod is kinda a toxic waste dumping ground for just about anything. it scares most people.
Fated this video is just a tad trippy, refrain from dropping acid. (film school-dear me) @jtabz i see you propping but where r u?? I missed you!

Film SchoolDear Me

| play
Inesobjetsmart thought after a few days of actually playing the 1s and 2s, that it was nice to be back behind the decks at her digital dancefloor.
CreepyGirl @FunkShoi Im terrible I know, but whenever anyone blips Octopus Project I am compelled to push a little collaberation their way.
DareToEatAPeach Oh! This is good. Was going to give props but then remembered I was previewing. =P
CreepyGirl @nastysurprise72 Ooh, another freebie! Only available on blip to the best of my efforts.
juiceboxjones Sometimes this guy sounds like Antony, Patrick Wolf, or either the lead singers of Muse or the Darkness. I don't know what to think really.
NickFRESH real time tracking of dj set (on a slow night, for now). haha
anothercraze La tabula rosa.

pj harvey & thom yorke 'this mess we're in' белить

| play
anothercraze Back to designing instructional signage which will ultimately corrupt the Oregon youth.@QuailAndQuasar @DjEntronic @FunkShoi @PunkBroc @NotAsPunkAsYou

Gunfight by The Mighty Underdogs ft. MF DOOM. The Mighty Underdogs are Lateef, Gift of Gab, and Headnodic!

| play
anothercraze I can't stop listening to this album. Really. It's actually kind of sick.
anothercraze Just got back from the old woolen mill museum. Makin' sum interpretive signs about...sheep? Nope, some dead white dude.
FunkShoi suppp @super_8! Havn't seen you around for a bit. (reblip)
FunkShoi Ooof. I'd give your arm and a leg to see these guys in a small venue again. Yes it's worth it.
anothercraze Jesus wants you to burn this one down @FunkShoi
anothercraze (Ok, I'm gone. But someone else should know how good this song is)
sandyriverside @FunkShoi, me too. It's the wild west over there. If you go tonight avoid sitting down on anything with a canvas or wool feel. Bedbugs love fabric.

Miike Snow ::: Song For No One (Famous Eurasians/Hapas)

| play
Marv "...Uptown, BOO-DOOP, now we back on your ass Incognito, fatal aikido blow, pop a needle..."
anothercraze Busy busy busy at the office today! Working on a rush job for a client coincidentally called Rush Ranch.
FunkShoi @dilatedjunkie: "pluggednotthugged! @mjay @FunkShoi" SO FUCKIN FLY! I loves this jam. // @ArthrReeeeD hollaa (reblip)
sandyriverside @freshjuice real nice gold Panda track reminds me of Cornelius meets Squarepusher...also I would like the Titanium hip, lemme guess- supes expensive?
FunkShoi @Deesound, this is going into my 'Spy Missions' playlist. It has an 'escape from a mad rockabilly scientist hideout' feel to it. (reblip)
FunkShoi AAAAaAaAHHHHhhHhhhhhh..hh okay. I don't really like screaming too much. People are trying to sleep. This is a funkified beat tho.
Apple_chic ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ and this is pretty damn fine too...
FunkShoi @whistlin_indie - small NY experimental prog rock-ish band. Hard to find the 'Eyes In the Wall' track which is great too.
FunkShoi @whistlin_indie, ohhhh havn't heard this before. This is a good'n. (reblip)
julierthanyou sorry, i have to jump around my room recklessly to this... ciao :)
FunkShoi animal music con't -- pleasant surprise indeed! Never heard this one before.