PAWeissenstein Weird - I was just thinking of these two songs and something inspired me to search for them!
bytera ✦ Sting — 'Message in a bottle' // Acoustic, played with a renaissance Lute. Recorded at St. Luke's Cathedral in London. (rare) //

message in a bottle, Sting

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bytera =)) *tyvm* Rb@amphore: ":) rb@pavolo Sibelius: Granen, Op.75 No.5" (reblip)

Sibelius: Granen, Op.75 No.5

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Sarah Connolly and Rosemary Joshua sing the duet: "O, lovely peace" from Handel's "Judas Maccabeus"

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GeorgeSand Excellent. TY so much! rb @Word_Bandit: "Seems that @GeorgeSand requires a Chopin mazurka .... Welcome to" (reblip)
GeorgeSand rb @ElementsOfJazz: "Video of Stanley Clarke, Al DiMeola & Jean Luc-Ponty performing "Chilean Pipe Song" for @HOOVILLE47" (reblip)
GeorgeSand rb @EFR56: "Stephen Hough - Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2, 1st Movement (1) - in F Minor with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and conductor Edo de Waart." (reblip)

Stephen Hough-Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2, 1st Movement (1)

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GeorgeSand rb @EFR56: "Stephen Hough - Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2, 1st Movement (2) in F Minor with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and conductor Edo de Waart." (reblip)

Stephen Hough-Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2, 1st Movement (2)

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GeorgeSand rb @EFR56: "Stephen Hough - Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2, 3rd Movement in F Minor w/ the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and conductor Edo de Waart.-Live Ut" (reblip)

Stephen Hough-Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2, 3rd Movement

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GeorgeSand @prescottscott: "my dreamland selection, time to rest...cannot thank you all enough for the kind companionship and wonderful music. Enjoy your day!" (reblip)
GeorgeSand "Hats off, gentlemen — a genius!" ~Robert Schumann, 1831 (About Chopin)

Pollini plays Chopin Nocturne op.32 no.2

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FREDERIC CHOPIN: LEONARD PENNARIO / Waltz No.3 in A minor (Valse Triste) Op.34. No.2

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Waltz for piano No. 5 in A flat major ('Grand Valse') Op. 42, B. 131 von Fryderyk Chopin

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GeorgeSand rb @zulbid: "Someone Who Believes In You from Air Supply. And I'll tell you something else.. you got to believe in yourself." (reblip)
GeorgeSand The "Father of Music" and the "KING of Instruments"
GeorgeSand rb @bytera: "=) rb@eleniap: ...would give everything 2 have 1/1000 of Martha Argerich's musical aptitude. Thanks, dear@bytera!" (reblip)
GeorgeSand François Couperin (1668-1733) a.k.a."le grande" was the most famous of the musicians in his family that contributed to Baroque French music.

Mozart Symph no 38 Prague Allegro SAINT MARTIN IN THE FIELDS

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GeorgeSand Gorgeous!

Gabriel Fauré Sicilienne. David Louwerse, violoncelle ; François Daudet, piano

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GeorgeSand 2010 marked the 200th anniversary of Fryderyk Chopin's birth and people all over the world celebrate the greatest composer of music for the piano.
GeorgeSand OK, so I'm going through a little dry spell. But I'm not giving up ; ) @WDavidStephenson: || George: know u haven't published any novels since 1845 (reblip)
GeorgeSand Some things just take more time than a minute, but that's all I have for now. BBL : )

Chopin's Minute Waltz in one minute!

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GeorgeSand Contemporary artist - Hungarian pianist Levente Egry is one of my favorite pianists and a genuinely nice person.
GeorgeSand "To everything, there is a season, a time for all things under heaven"...a time to write maybe? ; ) @WDavidStephenson (reblip)

ELP Tiger in a spotlight

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GeorgeSand Agreed. May it be so! tyrb @milkfish: "It would be out of sight if everyone had an ecstatically wonderful day filled with bliss today..." (reblip)
GeorgeSand There is more to playing a pipe organ than just knowing the music. You must also know the instrument, for each one is unique- a masterpiece in itself.

Harasiewicz plays Chopin Nocturne No.2

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The History of Music in 5 minutes

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GeorgeSand Music - the universal language transcends time and space. It is a connecting force of humanity all over the world and throughout time.
GeorgeSand History of Music - Part II (Baroque). If it ain't Baroque, don't fix it ;-)
GeorgeSand The Baroque period of music spanned from about 1600 - 1750, in Europe. Baroque music is ordered, definable, ornate, polyphonic, lively & melodic.
GeorgeSand If it ain't Baroque, it might be Classical. :- )
GeorgeSand W A Mozart (1756-1791) An entire section is devoted to this musical genius. He composed prolifically from age 5 until his untimely death at age 35.
GeorgeSand L. van Beethoven (1770-1827) "The Immortal", one of the most influential composers in history & "bridge" from the Classical to the Romantic Period.
GeorgeSand The Early Romantic period began around 1820. Individualism and expression were becoming the dominant aspects of music, & composers, the first "Progs."
GeorgeSand Romantic-era was a time of inspiration, expression & beauty. Composers:Glinka, Mendelssohn, Schumann & CHOPIN - greatest composer of music for piano!
GeorgeSand The Romantic era extended to 1890 & "Prog" morphed into "Mainstream." Composers: F. Liszt, R. Wagner, G. Verdi, C. Gounod, J. Offenbach, C. Franck
GeorgeSand More Romantic-era composers: Smetana(1824-1884), Bruckner(1824-1896), Brahms(1833-1897), Borodin(1833-1887), Saint-Saëns(1835-1921), Bruch(1838-1920)
GeorgeSand Romanticism Composers: Georges Bizet(1838-1875), Modest Mussorgsky(1839 -1881), Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)
GeorgeSand Romanticism Composers: A Dvorak(1841-1904), J Massenet(1842-1912), E Grieg(1843-1907) N A Rimsky-Korsakov(1844-1908), G Fauré(1845-1924)
GeorgeSand Late Romanticism Composers: L Janacek(1854-1928), E Elgar (1857-1934) R Leoncavallo (1857-1919) G Puccini(1858-1924) G Mahler (1860-1911)
GeorgeSand 20th Century(1915-Present) Once called "Contemporary" or "Modern" Period. Composers:Debussy, Mascagni, R.Strauss, Sibelius, Satie, Roussel, Scriabin.
GeorgeSand 20th Century(1915-Present) Diversity of sounds! Composers: Rachmaninoff, Josef Suk, Schönberg, Ives, Ravel, de Falla, Respighi, Bartok,
GeorgeSand 20th Century(1915-Present) "Think outside the box!" Dissonance came into play. It's now ok to be dissonant. Stravinsky, Webern, Varese, Berg, Martinů.
GeorgeSand 20th Century Music(1915-Present) Angst. Hard times, esp in Europe was expressed via music. Prokofiev, Honegger, Milhaud, Hába, Orff, Hindemith
GeorgeSand 20th Century Music(1915-Present) The integration of popular culture into "serious music" began. Gershwin,Poulenc,Copland,Khachaturian, Shostakovich,
GeorgeSand 20th Century Music(1915-Present)brought atonality, polytonality&distinctive musical personalities: Messiaen,Barber,Cage,Lutoslawski,Britten,Bernstein
GeorgeSand 20th Century Music(1915-Present) "Avante-Guard", "Groundbreaking", "Minimalist": Ligeti,Nono,Boulez,Stockhausen,Penderecki,Schnittke, Part,Reich,Glass
GeorgeSand Hope you had a chance to enjoy my 20-Part Series on the History of Music(Ancient Greece-20th Century). Missed it? No prob. Here it is in 5 minutes : )

The History of Music in 5 minutes

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diskgrinder cold harbour reached via roads over glaciers
GeorgeSand My first 3 listeners @ginhollow @Word_Bandit @SnailKid I still look forward to listening to your music. Thank you. (reblip)
GeorgeSand Keeping my promise 2 myself that I shall listen 2 at least 1 new piece of music each day: for your listening pleasure & mine via @djsaba60 This is it! (reblip)
GeorgeSand @WDavidStephenson OK, Admittedly, I'm not 226 yrs old. But fiction is certainly not fraud as you accuse :P
GeorgeSand The world will know& understand me someday But if that day does not arrive it doesn't greatly matter.I shall have opened the way 4 other women ~GSand
GeorgeSand rb @WannaBeAngel: "@Awannabeangel: "The Friendship Song – "Friends are Quiet Angels""" (reblip)
GeorgeSand TY for the Dvorak. Music therapy. Bill me later s'il vous plait. rb @WDavidStephenson (reblip)
GeorgeSand Music, when soft voices die Vibrates in the memory - ~Percy Bysshe Shelley
GeorgeSand tyrb @prescottscott: "Maurice Duruflé: Quatre motets sur des thèmes grégoriens op. 10 for choir a capella (1960): Ubi caritas et amor (reblip)

Ubi Caritas by the Cambridge Singers

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GeorgeSand Ne marche pas devant moi,je ne suivrai peut-être pas.Ne marche pas derrière moi,je ne te guiderai peut-être pas.Marche juste àcôté de moi&sois mon ami

"Whenever I Call You Friend " Stevie Nicks & Kenny Loggins

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GeorgeSand You got it. Grief is a difficult journey. Hope they find comfort & support. Music helps me.@jomarsh: "could we all say a little prayer for her family" (reblip)
GeorgeSand Bonne chance et être sain, mon ami! @WDavidStephenson: "RB @GeorgeSand OK, folks, I gotta go write 4 a while. May this one inspire me..." (reblip)
GeorgeSand Nothing but Blue Skies....If you blip it, it must be true, right? ; ) Good Morning blip friends. Hope you have a great day - busy one for me.

Blue Skies Eva Cassidy

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ClassicalAct @eleniap: "New research finds music training (not just simple guitar scales) primes nervous system and boosts learning:" (reblip)
GeorgeSand Baroque music -good stuff! @scotlandlover: "TY rb @keefee:Can't say I've heard it B4 but it's Handel-like yet different. Almost Bridehead Revisited""" (reblip)
WDavidStephenson #Boston Ah, this brings back memories of Morning Pro Musica and Robert J.

Ottorino Respighi, Ancient Airs and Dances: Gagliarda

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WDavidStephenson @GeorgeSand Good morning! Great music 2 pack by, do renovations (as I must do right now) or, soon, 2 write my opus!

Mozart Symph no 38 Prague Allegro SAINT MARTIN IN THE FIELDS

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GeorgeSand This is wonderful! TYrb @dANGELofLOVE: "~//~ {[Video W/Lyrics]} ~//~ [[ Inspirational Quotes]] For My Wonderful Friends @Dancer12 And @doctortrustme" (reblip)

Inspirational Quotes

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GeorgeSand A stirring rendition of Jeremiah Clarke's "Trumpet Voluntary" with Brass AND Bagpipes! Magnifique!!!
GeorgeSand Amen! TY rb@prescottscott: "(rb) classical and kindness, always a good sign, welcome! @tiofyra (reblip)
GeorgeSand rb @Heartfelt_Strings: "♥@Djruca: "Sometimes someone says something really small & it fits right into this empty place in your heart.♥@scotlandlover"" (reblip)

...for my friend...

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GeorgeSand rb @DukesMusic: "be patient through the long intro, it's worth the wait to hear the original." (reblip)


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GeorgeSand TY Flo : ) @Dancer12: "Tysm,and I'm Flo, (reblip)

Dubois 'Toccata'. Marie-Claire Alain plays the organ at St. Sulpice.

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GeorgeSand tyrb @redwingjohnny: "Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky Are like shooting stars I could really use a wish right now (wish right now...)" (reblip)
GeorgeSand "I haven't understood a bar of music in my life, but I have felt it." ~Igor Stravinsky
GeorgeSand "Music is the effort we make 2 explain 2 ourselves how our brains work. We listen to Bach transfixed...this is listening to a human mind.~Lewis Thomas

JS Bach: "Dona Nobis Pacem" from MASS in b minor, BWV 232 (Robert Shaw conducts)

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Mozart Sonata for Two Pianos in D, K. 448; 1st movement; Perahia & Lupu

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GeorgeSand This composer sounds a lot like Mozart.
GeorgeSand If I could I would give u 20 props for this one! Ecstacy! @bytera: "❝Roundabout❞ by Yes | An amazing #live #acoustic performance.Yes' 35th anniversary (reblip)

Yes Roundabout Acoustic

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GeorgeSand So many of us can relate to this song. Cherish family and friends today. Tomorrow is promised to no one.
GeorgeSand rb @BethManaus: "Must Rb this one @Piratha ! It really touches my heart, Thanks! "Perhaps Love"" (reblip)
elviraafterall @bytera: "Do you read Farsi? =) @DeAnn: "can I read it? ;)@bytera: "Sting – The book of my life""" (reblip)
elviraafterall @bytera You should probably listen to thisevery day!" (reblip)
GeorgeSand Wow, this is so cool! G.F.H. look what they've done to your song! rb @BleakMouse: "..." (reblip)
GeorgeSand Thanks, I needed this! rb @Believer: "Raining again ..." (reblip)
GeorgeSand b @dANGELofLOVE: "♥♥♠♥♥ [[Until I Find You Again]] ♥♥♠♥♥" (reblip)
GeorgeSand "Sudden Inspiration" composed by Jim Brickman


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GeorgeSand I am a fan of songs about rainbows : ) Thank you for this rendition which is new to me. rb@robandleanna: "Colours are joining together with purpose" (reblip)
GeorgeSand "Sometimes miracles can happen in the most everyday tasks... You never know how what you do or say may impact the life of someone..." ~Loren DiGiorgi
GeorgeSand If you don't know what an extrovert is thinking you haven't listened; if you don't know what an introvert is thinking you haven't asked : )
ElementsOfJazz Happy Birthday to drummer Buddy Miles (1947-2008)! Buddy Miles with Carlos Santana "Them Changes" live (1972 audio)

Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles Live Them Changes

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JosieMK In every heart there is a room....a sanctuary, safe and strong ....I spoke to you, in cautious tones, and yet I fear I said too much....
GeorgeSand rb@vanbytheriver: "Jackson Browne – The Load Out / Stay "...g'nite roadies...and everyone else. later...yes?"" (reblip)
bytera Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation – Shine It All Around
uless I love Chrissy Hynde's voice.
uless Oh Sinatra.... (p.s. I am in a weird ass mood tonight!)
JosieMK is luuuvs Melody Gardot.... ; )
elocio rb @murph1114: Neil Diamond – September Morn (reblip)
Neruda65 Wednesday Afternoon for me... Simon & Garfunkel – "Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M."
Word_Bandit Oh, I really like this one. Interesting fusions. Thanks. RB @avivao: Niraj Chag || It's Life || Lost Souls (reblip)

Niraj Chag It's Life

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Lovada @dANGELofLOVE: "Another Must RB @TropicsZ4: "Lifehouse – Somewhere Only We Know"" (reblip)
geekette43 @Flying_Roundhouse: "Fleetwood Mac – Stevie Nicks Sisters of the moon piano demo ~ Digging deep, and finding some great stuff! @PaddyH" (reblip)
SabineWe Herbie Hancock & Lang Lang – Rhapsody in Blue. Glad you like it. TYRb@Ajakseat: "Still playing great music! Hope you are fine good weekend SabineWe" (reblip)
Cooper_Designs Modern English - Carry Me Down... - From one of my all-time favorite Albums "After the Snow"
avivajazz Robert Glasper (piano) ~ Chant
avivajazz Bobo Stenson Trio – Polska of Despair | Serenity

I am, You are

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avivajazz Choir of the Monks of Chevetogne | Polyeleos (Psalms 135 + 136) | Thank you for introducing me to this choir! rb@prescottscott
GeorgeSand ty rb@calibbanus: "Seicento anni fra noi e questa meraviglia ..." (reblip)
GeorgeSand I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge/hope always triumphs over experience/laughter is the cure for grief/love is stronger than death.

THE THE.Love Is Stronger Than Death.

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qvigear Who Can I Turn To When Nobody Needs Me ...
natapritula Kroke Krakow, one of the few European groups that perform Jewish music. formed in 1992, its members are all graduates of the Krakow Music Academy.


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Näckens Polska

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inlighted TY@lorenzaino: "dedicata a Calibbanus u' bachiano, sta cantatella ;-)" (reblip)
SpinninSara Last one- nite blipstarzzz ♥♥♥ When I look to the sky something tells me you're here with me and you make everything alright... ♥♥♥
IlBarone Pari Intervallo for organ (1976/1981)
GeorgeSand rb@bytera: "great choice! Hugs, my friend. ЯB! @avivao: "Bill Frisell |Sittin' on Top of the World |The Willies Inspired by @fredr1c @bytera@sooze27"" (reblip)

martha and the vandellas ... heat wave

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GeorgeSand rb@IamWhoIamMe: "@ForeverInYourSmile: #KomenForTheCure Oct16 @beth0505 walks 4 cure,we love u & we're by your side all the way..." (reblip)
GeorgeSand (Michael)Medicine Crow "Circles Round the Sun" (reblip)

Circles 'Round The Sun

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GeorgeSand Hi : ) Thanks for the great tune!@High_Heel: "TY sweetie! @GeorgeSand: "rb @High_Heel"" (reblip)
GeorgeSand Wow, a rare ELP song! They're hard to find on blip. Thanks!!! rb@codemetrio (reblip)
GeorgeSand rb@epogdous: ""I will see you in the next life"...a tear-sheading song..." (reblip)
GeorgeSand I'm appreciating k.d. more than ever today tyrb@prescottscott: "k.d lang is well suited for this cover" (reblip)
GeorgeSand rb@Perotin: "who knew so many peeps on blip dig ockeghem? cool. thanks @tiofyra @opus111 @GeorgeSand @koiheart @ElNito dufay is sublime also." (reblip)
GeorgeSand This song keeps popping up during times of change in my life. Sad, but comforting. tyrb@Oldies: "The Byrds – Turn! Turn! Turn!" (reblip)
GeorgeSand rb@sooze27: "hello & ty@beingartha: "Van Morrison - Philosopher`s Stone"" (reblip)

Philosopher's Stone ~ Van Morrison

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GeorgeSand rb@kobiswim: "The Moody Blues – Blue World" (reblip)
GeorgeSand I love discovering great new music on Thanks @pennamite (reblip)
GeorgeSand Ah yes! tyrb@bytera: "✔ If you only listen to one song today, may I strongly suggest this one?" (reblip)

Prokofiev plays Rachmaninoff Prelude op. 23 No 5 (C. 1920)

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Sergei Rachmaninoff "Sonata in G Minor for Cello and Piano Op 19 No.3 Andante" (1901)

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J.S. Bach~Italian Concerto for keyboard solo in F major, BWV 971: Allegro (John Williams)

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eraser Rick Wakeman – Help & Eleanor Rigby
GeorgeSand I just LOVE this! ty y'all : )rb@doctorfetal: "Ditto!~rb@fridayschild: "Miss y'all. Something dreamy to say g'night..."" (reblip)
GeorgeSand Yes : ) This is also one of my favorites.@iMickeyD: "do you play piano? @GeorgeSand this is one of my very early favorites." (reblip)
GeorgeSand Yes, somethings missing in my life too- it's called sleep ;)Thx & G'Nite Flo!: ) ♥@Dancer12 (reblip)
GeorgeSand "Nothing happens unless first we dream." - Carl Sandburg Sweet dreams music comrades. ♥Goodnight♥
djs1235 There is optimism in that rainbow! @fun4lilli

HARRY NILSSON-Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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GeorgeSand "The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams no reasons are necessary." ~Ashleigh Brilliant Good night music comrades. Sweet dreams!

Franz Liszt, Liebestraum 3 in a live performance by Lena Jacobson, September 2009

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pedalbypedal Yusuf(Cat Stevens) – Heaven/Where True Love Goes" (reblip)
GeorgeSand rb@Radiobread: "Cat Stevens - If I Laugh (from Teaser and The Firecat) (reblip)
GeorgeSand tyrb@AtheDJ: "A fav!TYrb@awriterchick/...Don't U know the day is coming & it won't be 2 soon.when the people of the world-can all live in one room" (reblip)

Cat Stevens, Changes IV

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GeorgeSand Sad but lovely rb@kobiswim: "Rick Wakeman – The Sad Dream" (reblip)
GeorgeSand YVW but I should thank YOU!@iMickeyD: "what a catchy tune! Thanks! rb@GeorgeSand: "rb@iMickeyD: "I'm with you big time!"" (reblip)


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GeorgeSand I need to & now I can 'cause it's going on my playlist :) TY!rb@DJNickPapag: "And I really do listen to this a couple times a week!! Enjoy your day!!" (reblip)
qvigear Celebrate Me Home ... Happy Day All. Love, Health, Peace, Happiness. Thx for inspiration, caring, sharing. Music not guns is THE answer.
ClassicalAct Chicago - Make Me Smile
GeorgeSand rb@djaces29: "Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Pictures At An Exhibition" (reblip)
EFR56 TY both RB@vwv: "Youngbloods ~ Darkness, Darkness | One of the best "songs of the 60s," with intense dynamics, color, harmony, and lyrics. @Longround (reblip)
timberlinedj Genesis - Taking It All Too Hard
GeorgeSand @bytera: "Just stopping by to wish u@Snoooze many happy returns.May your next trip around the Sun be even better than the last. Happy Birthday,Susi!!" (reblip)

Scarborough Fair, Ewa Malas-Godlewska

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DChain work is on the programm----->Brahms: Symphony No. 3 in F, Op. 90. Bye bye
GeorgeSand I'm often drawn to this type of music, perhaps from 8 yrs of Catholic school & Mass each a.m. So beautiful! @petronax: "Giovanni Croce (1557 - 1609)" (reblip)

POSITIVE THINKING Guided Meditation Music Vid Twin Den Falls

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DChain Rimksky-Korsakov, N. Sheherazade, op. 35 IV. Festival at Baghdad - The Sea
tenderlee 'and now the purple dust of twilight time steals across the meadows of my heart..." ah...leaving me a song that will not die... "
DJNickPapag TY Lilli! Kisses! @fun4lilli: I AM going to have a super terrific day...I KNOW, I KNOW!!! @DJNickPapag Thank you Nicky *muah* (reblip)
JoHammonia Perotinus, Veni creator spiritus (Hilliard Ensemble) @petronax: Thank you. (reblip)
GeorgeSand Dedicated to @scotlandlover with hugs and best wishes. Tomorrow will be better. If I blip it, it will be so : )


| play
GeorgeSand Kansas is like potato chips...I just can't blip one!


| play
GeorgeSand This is WAY better than potato chips! LOL Awesome! Thank you!!! @Jaxtraw12: "@GeorgeSand ~ Bet you can't eat just one! ~ A little JJ Cale/Kansas 4U" (reblip)
Nani1982 Great! Thanks, she´s so great, love her songs! RB @kaaeyl @ladycatlady (reblip)

Joni Mitchell Song For Sharon

| play
theburb Antonín Dvořák – American Suite
NewOrleansKat JACKSON BROWNE________ Rock Me On The Water ~~~Good Week to everyone!~~~


| play
markharger NICE 1 again! ~> @thedigitalbee54: "" The Good=Elevate Young " Thanks Cindy... great job """" (reblip)
ishibutsu RB@takirako: "sonntäglich: Piano Song ~ ´07" (reblip)

Chicago Wake Up Sunshine

| play
ChristienGB Billy Joel ~Weekend Song~
DjHansi Never Tear Us Apart – A Band Called Wanda #great

Valentina Lisitsa ( Chopin 24 Etudes DVD track) Op. 10 No. 4

| play
huangmarong « ... and many thanks to my listeners for the "reblip", "props", "reply" and the encouragement words »
Matericia I made this Instant Google Collage for you @GimmeSomeJohn: "The Who – Circles squares & triangles 4 Matericia thx" (reblip)
dj_bluesdaddy Welcome aboard the blues train!!! rb@JazzyChazzy: "Led Zepplin -----I'm Gonna Crawl" (reblip)
dj_bluesdaddy Glad you're following!! rb@Versh: "+‡ You & Me ‡+ [1 of 4]" (reblip)
AtheDJ YW&TYSM!Love it! rb@THEWHITELION:Thank You Hun for being one of my top props this week_Here is a TY for you_Hope you like him_one of my favs @AtheDJ (reblip)

Van Morrison Keep It Simple.avi

| play
huangmarong : a performance by the China Central Conservatory's associate professor Zhang Qiang
petronax Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897)
gadamer M. Glinka - V. Gryaznov. Valse-fantasie
GeorgeSand Two of the greatest! TYSM!@nadastressed: "Enjoy @SAMSLICK @GeorgeSand - two great artists singing a great Stylistics song!" (reblip)
ClemenTeatro Todo un clásico: Gone with the Wind
ClemenTeatro Musicales de Lloyd Webber: Sunset Boulevard....del musical Sunset Boulevard

Horowitz plays Sonata No.9 Op.68 "Black Mass"

| play
jeffreyy ""She took her crayons from a box / .. / And said, "By mixing all of these / Comes my favourite colour: / Love" wow@Wes_H: "rb:) @ginhollow (reblip)

Joni Mitchell-Favorite Color

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killerswp Good Afternoon from Philadelphia!!
inlighted Welcome&tyvm@Giadinlunaire: "one of my favourite thanksss rb@Ssoesji" (reblip)

Chopin Nocturne Op.27 No.1 in C sharp Minor played by Arthur Rubinstein.

| play
avivajazz Keith Jarrett (piano) | J.S. Bach: Prelude VIII, es-moll, BWV 853
GeorgeSand Kobi, this is wondeful! TY!!!@kobiswim: "Andrea Gabrieli (c.1533-1585) – Toccata del nono tono #organ for @GeorgeSand" (reblip)
Voxetta A Little Christmas Music feat. King's Singers, Julie Andrew & Mozart

A Little Christmas Music

| play
Eri_Z Finjan – Dancing On Water
petronax Ernő Dohnányi (1877–1960) - his "Serenade for Strings" (op. 10) is the "Download of the week" of the SWR Radio:
Eri_Z thanks & wishing for some blue skies today...@ginhollow (reblip)

♫...Musica Gregoriana Magnificat...♫

| play
SUSAKON Thanks @JoHammonia: Ehre sei dir,Gott,gesungen(Weihnachtsoratorium BWV 248,5.Teil,Nr. 1)Amsterdam Baroque Orch.,T. Koopman (reblip)

JS Bach, Christmas Oratorio, bwv 248.

| play
jcase59 Michael W. Smith ~Friends R Friends Forever~ R we going 2 B friends forever? Asked Piglet. Even longer, Pooh answered.~A. A. Milne Winnie the Pooh
koiheart Thanks to @RickyBee: Jack White: 'Wayfaring Stranger'". He is so well suited to this song. Few can do it well. Thank you! (reblip)
Keysman Not sure you know this gem@progman
RickyBee Underneath the stars you met me, and underneath the stars you left me; I wonder if the stars regret me . . . Kate Rusby: 'Underneath the Stars'
1ScottishHymnal Not necessarily Christmas, but inspirational, sweet, simple ...

FJ Haydn: Organ concerto in F major Hob XVIII:7 (1)

| play
GeorgeSand An addition to my "rainbow song" collection. TY!!!@DougOntrack: "Because it's a "late morning" and I said I'd remember in the morning.@moderntimes" (reblip)
Snoooze ".. Once in a blue moon something good comes along..." night all! See you tomorrow...
Pixeldot @avivajazz: "Leszek Możdżer – Melodia Na Dobranoc" - Lulaby (reblip)
Pixeldot @avivajazz: "Leszek Możdżer – Berlin ~ Pasodoble" - this entire recording is magical (reblip)
gadamer Whew--I guess you don't need to go to the gym if you play the organ! Perhaps too often heard, but still fun to watch. Ton Koopman performs:

nils lofgren believe

| play
GeorgeSand "I wish for each of you 365 glorious sunrises, rainbows of hope after every storm, and sweet music always to cheer you on your way." ~Douglas E Wagner

Rainbow Connection-Kenny Loggins

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GeorgeSand Inspired by my friend and Birthday Girl @Dancer12. Happy Birthday, Happy New Year and Happy Everything! Hugs!!!
GeorgeSand TY Both & HNY! @dcychan: "HAPPY NEW YEAR Stella ! Have a wonderful start for 2011 :))@StellaBears:" (reblip)
GeorgeSand Must leave; I'll carry this tune with me :)Thank you for this! @newswryter: "@GeorgeSand" (reblip)
gadamer Mal Waldron - "Left Alone," Piano Solo.----Devastating.

Mal Waldron "Left Alone" Piano Solo

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avivajazz Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921): La Muse et le Poète, Opus 132, Part II of III (Orchestral Version) ~ Joshua Bell (violin) + Steven Isserlis (cello)

Saint Saens. La muse et le poète. Parte2

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GeorgeSand Thank you & best wishes to you too, kind friend!@philsalt: "Hey wishing you well for this new decade. Be well & thank you. @GeorgeSand via@DuHa..." (reblip)
GeorgeSand rb@pennamite: "Charles Wesley, hymn writer, was born 18 December 1707 (d. 1788). (reblip)

Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown

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GeorgeSand rb@avivajazz: "Gustav Holst ~ The Cloud Messenger (1909-10), Opus 30, Part V" (reblip)
GeorgeSand @prescottscott When I was a kid I would play this for my grandmother on her Wurlitzer organ. It was her favorite.

Marilyn Horne " Beautiful Dreamer" by Stephen Foster

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TheJohnC these Battaglia tracks are great, thanks alot Scott @prescottscott: "Stefano Battaglia – Toto' E Ninetto ..from album Re: Pasolini" (reblip)
GeorgeSand Good morning beautiful piano friend! I hope you're having a great first week of 2011. Hugs (((Kat)))! (rb)@DJKatalina (reblip)
ayogafriend Camille Saint-Saens: Maria Callas, from the opera "Samson et Dalila" - Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix ..ok, that's all folks, goodnight
GeorgeSand There are certain things that are fundamental to human fulfillment: 'to live,to love,to learn,to leave a legacy'~S.R. Covey~ ty4 this Kobi :)@kobiswim (reblip)
GeorgeSand rb@Mauve with thanks! (reblip)

Beethoven's Tempest Sonata mvt. 3 -- Wilhelm Kempff

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GeorgeSand Exquisite! TY rb@gadamer: "Bach - Art of Fugue Contrapunctus XIV (last, unfinished fugue). Charles Rosen, piano. Thoughtful interpretation." (reblip)

Bach Art of Fugue Contrapunctus XIV

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GeorgeSand Inspired by and host, Dr. David Wagner, organist extraordinaire
GeorgeSand Never too often! : )@asoio: "@gadamer: "guess you don't need to go to the gym if you play the organ! Perhaps too often heard...Ton Koopman performs"" (reblip)
GeorgeSand rb@CrookedStamper: "Billy Joel – This Night (Chorus by LV Beethoven)" (reblip)

Beethoven: Piano Sonata no 8 'Pathetique' 2nd movt.

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GeorgeSand @JoHammonia: "@ all JSB&organ music freaks: Kibbie’s recordings of all 270 Bach organ works as free internet downloads on" (reblip)
westham999 TY! rb@AlienThomas: "Really incredible music/video, more from same concert on youtube- "Traffic Santa Monica 72" (Winwood/Capaldi)@Bustinha@Heretohear (reblip)

Baroque And Blue

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GeorgeSand "The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway." ~Mother Theresa~ (Inspired by @prescottscott : )
GeorgeSand Some interesting facts about Bach and the pipe organ, narrated by the phenomenal organist, Felix Hell...

The Cure Plainsong

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GeorgeSand very beautiful, although I don't understand the lyrics...

Dacw 'Nghariad [Welsh folk song]

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GeorgeSand rb@SF_RealEstate: "Wonderful! RB @lillianwong: "Sarah Chang – Chopin Nocturne Violin @SF_RealEstate :))"" (reblip)
GeorgeSand Thank you all! rb@killahtunz: "Thanks! @Salsamontes: "TY @philsalt: "Perfect to bring the night to a close. Night""" (reblip)
GeorgeSand Dziekuje! : ) rb@avivajazz: "Kurylewicz Andrzej | Ballada dla Anny | Polish Big Band | #jazz #jazzaviva" (reblip)

Kurylewicz Andrzej-polish big band, Ballada dla Anny, (The Ballads for Ann) -polish jazz

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Flying_Roundhouse Cat Stevens ~ On The Road To Find Out (Live full version) ~ I'm kind of on a Cat Stevens kick. He's just so good!!!

Cat Stevens On The Road To Find Out (Live full version).wmv

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GeorgeSand Love your song list! rb@donnybrook: "all of our souls are deeper than your fancy" (reblip)
Dragonface rb @TWO_Dutchguy22: "✠ #classical Johannes Brahms - Concerto For Violin, Cello & Orchestra In A Minor, Op. 102 ~~ cello: Frida Fredrikke," (reblip)
GeorgeSand Good night, sleep tight and pleasant dreams to you BlipFriends!♥ Goodnight Fryderyk.♥xo


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avivajazz Giovanni Mirabassi | La canzone di marinella | Cantopiano | #jazz #piano #jazzaviva
avivajazz Giovanni Mirabassi | j'aimerais tant savoir comment tu te réveilles | Cantopiano | #jazz #piano #jazzaviva
avivajazz Marc Copland | Michael from the Mountains | #jazz #piano #jazzaviva
milkfish Album version from A Trick of the Tail. There are many more live versions out there as this was a concert mainstay of theirs.

Genesis Dance On A Volcano

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GeorgeSand Baba Issa Abramaleem: This Is Musicophilia

This Is Musicophilia (part 4 of the "We Are A Musical People" series)

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iMickeyD <3 the singer from Mr. Mister in his later group
Kfornow There Can Be Miracles.... SO Just Believe!!! :)))

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston When You Believe

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WDavidStephenson @GeorgeSand: "rb@smaclaren: "Will ye go, lassie, go?- Great Scottish singer w/ whole bunch of Americans u might know.""||must have been great concert! (reblip)
JoHammonia Beethoven: Symphony No. 10 (fragment, completion and realization by Barry Cooper) - I. Andante. Allegro. Andante. City of Birmingham SO, Walter Weller

Beethoven Symphony No. 10, 1st mov (Part 1)

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JoHammonia Beethoven: Symphony No. 10 (completion and realization by Barry Cooper) - I. Andante. Allegro. Andante. (Pt. 2) City of Birmingham SO, W. Weller

Beethoven Symphony No. 10, 1st mov (Part 2)

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To a Wild Rose, Op. 51

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aquamarines thx à @eleniap: "By Orchestre de la Suisse Romande under Marek Janowski" (reblip)
MrsASoprano Hi :) Good band, eh? @romanus: "xo@Me: She's the one makes me feel good when everything is against me - Picks me up when I'm feeling down..." (reblip)

08-Traffic-Empty Pages.mp3

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eleniap Jozef Podhoransky and the Slovak Chamber Orchestra conducted by Bohdan Warchal
GeorgeSand rb@SparkyStTimexx: "Joshua Bell - Dvorak ~ Song to the Moon From Rusalka" (reblip)
GeorgeSand rb@JosieMK: "Last one.... Peace, Love and Hugs. See ya'll tomorrow! ; )" (reblip)

"Animée" from Claude Bolling's "Suite for Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Piano Trio"

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OneAndOnlyZel A lovely goodnight, very kind friends, with this one ~
RoughMac My Hawaiian muse @AriaaJaeger – Over the Rainbow #musicmonday
JoHammonia Johann Sebastian Bach: Toccata, Adagio and Fugue in C Major, BWV 564 - 2. Adagio. Jacqueline du Pré, cello (1962) [RB @avivajazz, thanks] (reblip)
GeorgeSand I like this one more but like the interaction with the audience on the other one. So it depends on my mood I guess. :)@musicalcure (reblip)
girlsflyingsolo +++++!! ;D @fridayschild I got rhythm, I got music, I got my man >> @DoctorOfJazz << who could ask for anything m♥re" (reblip)
rescuegal Welcome and thank you so much for listening. @Cityboy_Floyd: "Sweet Dreams! (reblip)
musicalcure @Garrett_The_K "how's the new reality creation going" <>me: Looking for ants or rams or pie ~ High Hopes – Frank Sinatra
TrainWreckRadio @JunkYardGypsy "LowSpark of High-Healed Boy Actually did that! :) (Children playing with toys) <<< do you do comedy on the side? :-D (reblip)
avivajazz Daniel Barenboim + English Chamber Orchestra | Mozart: Piano Concerto No.3 in D (K.40), III. Presto
avivajazz Daniel Barenboim + English Chamber Orchestra | Mozart: Piano Concerto No.3 in D (K.40), II. Andante | #jazzaviva #classical
avivajazz Daniel Barenboim + English Chamber Orchestra | Mozart: Piano Concerto No.3 in D (K.40), I. Allegro Maestoso | #jazzaviva #classical
JosieMK This Winter Song seems to be raging in my brain like a blizzard, lately...." (reblip)
GeorgeSand OOP's and this is an excellent choice so RB!@prescottscott: "Wagner: Orchestral Music - Abbado: BPO – Tannhäuser: Ouverture" (reblip)
GeorgeSand Oooh! Did someone say "Chopin"? :) Thank you! RB@jeflev (reblip)

Emanuel Ax performs Chopin

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GeorgeSand rb with thanks to all@TheJohnC:"ty all @sonwilliam:"@morenablue:"RB@tokool4u @nataliatune@kobiswim: Aziza Mustafa Zadeh - Last Day of Chopin #piano""" (reblip)
GeorgeSand Synchronicity! (Don't ask me to explain :) rb@jeflev (reblip)
xatstilonair The best version of this song.Since i listend it ,some time ago, I luv it - rb tyvm 4 blppng ths ! > @SurrealBlue: "♥ Love this acoustic version." (reblip)
GeorgeSand Must return to rainbow chasing...ttfn :) (reblip)
GeorgeSand RB & prop gratitude and thank you for the compliment! :) rb@JosieMK (reblip)
GeorgeSand It's been over 4 months now, but 4 mo. is a short time in the lifespan of grief. I'm still working on it...Ups & downs! TY for your kind words @bch4me (reblip)
GeorgeSand I like this interpretation very much. Different artistry than Horowitz yet both passionate and beautiful. TY! rb@SunnyIrishman (reblip)

Andre Watts, "Revolutionary" Etude

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GeorgeSand Excuse me, I have to go hug my dogs. SO SAD!!!rb@Cris_tina:"...definitely a "must see" movie..make sure you'll have around 2 packs of pocket-tissues" (reblip)

Hachiko: A Dog's story

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GeorgeSand Thanks everyone rb@joaniemaroney: "Thankyou from American gal@JoHammonia: "Quirino Gasparini (1721–1778): Adoramus te, Christe. [RB @TWO_Dutchguy22]"" (reblip)
GeorgeSand LOLOL! :D @DJKatalina: "Irish music is always listening pleasure to me...thank you HUGS!!@GeorgeSand (I almost wrote KathSand) LOL!!;D" (reblip)


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DJKatalina Hello to you!!;))TYRB@Eri_Z: "good morning/afternoon/evening Blip World ;=)" (reblip)
johnpurlia Every music library should be filled to the rafters with songs by Fela Kuti.
eubieland Jason Falkner - Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell Coverluv) more cloud photos by eubieland

Jason Falkner Both Sides Now.mpg

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GeorgeSand Kenny Loggins Medley Lyrics – Pure Imagination, Somewhere out there, Neverland (from the album "Return to Pooh Corner")
GeorgeSand Kenny Loggins: "Horses" from the Album "Return to Pooh Corner"

rainbow conection

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GeorgeSand Kenny Loggins: "Love" from the Album "Return to Pooh Corner"

LoveKenny Loggins

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GeorgeSand Kenny Loggins: "To-Rah-Loo-Rah" from the Album "Return to Pooh Corner"


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GeorgeSand BEAUTIFUL! Thanks to you dear friend it is no longer absent! TYSM! rb@newswryter: "Certain this is a rainbow song absent from your collection @GS" (reblip)
amphore good night :) thank you as always ....... :)
GeorgeSand rb@hexram: "Thanks! RB @PoeticHeart34 Poets of the Fall con "Where Do We Draw The Line"" (reblip)

Poets of the Fall -Where Do We Draw The Line

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eleniap Orchestre de Paris conducted by Christoph Eschenbach
joaniemaroney ya@TheJohnC: "thank you kindly @onesanz: "rb@me ... listen your pages with great pleasure > awe quality, HIGH props/blips you're really a HQ DJ Thx"" (reblip)
newswryter more rainbows 4U @GeorgeSand

Jazzy Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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newswryter more rainbows 4U @GeorgeSand

Over the Rainbow- A Jazz Piano Multitrack in HD

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GeorgeSand Thank you for this. It's absolutely wonderful!rb@newswryter: "4 U @GeorgeSand" (reblip)

Remembering Frederic

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FernandaW Nick Cave singing in polish

Nick Cave, Anna Maria Jopek & Maciej Malenczuk Tam Gdzie Rosna Dzikie Roze

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GeorgeSand :)rb@iMickeyD: "TYSM! @Kat1212: "rb iMickeyD" don't mind hearing it again;)" (reblip)
GeorgeSand I really love this. ty rb@jeflev (reblip)

Norman Blake / Tony Rice / Doc Watson / Lost Indian

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GeorgeSand rb@eleniap:"Andrzej Bauer, Bartosz Koziak & Rafał Kwiatkowski(cellos)w/the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra directed by the composer himself" (reblip)
GeorgeSand 2/22/1810 was the date on Chopin's birth certificate. Research indicates his actual d.o.b. as March 1st. But just in case, Happy Birthday Fryderyk!♥ (reblip)
GeorgeSand Music stimulates the mind, captivates the heart and nurtures the soul. ~Anthony Storr~ ...Thanks for listening & sharing. Sweet dreams BlipFriends! ☮
Smilinsteve @ladycatlady: You are way enough just the way you are, plenty enough and more.....Never forget it (reblip)
GeorgeSand One of my favorite bands ever...Thank you again! :) rb@jazcan (reblip)
GeorgeSand :) RB@girleddy: "hey Butch! what did I get wrong this time? ;) @Jaxtraw12 ~ Gerry Rafferty - Get It Right Next Time" (reblip)
WDavidStephenson Yesterday's #Boston rally 4 #WI union workers was smaller in number, but equally determined 2 defend workers' rights.

Solidarity Forever (Pete Seeger)

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Greg Lake & Gary Moore

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Yann Tiersen "Comptine d'un autre ete" /rain's tiers

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Songbird_ #YOU "I'll See You In My Dreams" Harry James and Doris Day
avivajazz I love the mood of the music you're playing. Thank you! RB @prescottscott: "(rb) ty, DesertLily" | Chants au Monastère de Keur Moussa ~ Flûte + Kora (reblip)

Chants Au Monastère de Keur Moussa - Improvisation Pour Flûte et Kora (DesertLily)

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GeorgeSand Ralph Vaughan Williams "Rhosymedre" (Organ Solo)


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GeorgeSand Beautiful. Thank you! rb@FernandaW: "I can not stop listening this 's a gem" (reblip)

Arrau plays Chopin "Krakowiak" (II)

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jazcan Need a good pick-me-up this morning...this will do the trick :)

Life Is A Song by Patrick Park with lyrics

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GeorgeSand Thanks to you both! rb@Naestopaz: "I don't know how u do it!? @andsometimeswhy :))))))" (reblip)
GeorgeSand Miss you my friend. Hope all is well. @newswryter: "Add this to your rainbow collection (reblip)
jcase59 Playing For Change ~One Love~ (~_~) Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence. ~Eric Fromm :-) :-)) :-)))
calibbanus L'Op33 n.3 di Scriabin ... 48 secondi di puro godimento con Zio Glenn! #Scriabin #Gould #Numerics
GeorgeSand Potato chips. You can't have just one. Inspired by @scotlandlover
GeorgeSand TYSM! rb@Cris_tina: "beauty!..thank you :)<rb>@ruthiara ****and sharing this with@GeorgeSand :)" (reblip)

We Are A Rainbow YP

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GeorgeSand "Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that." ~Michael Leunig ♥♫♥Sweet dreams BlipFriends!♥♫♥ (reblip)

Tributo a Chopin 2010

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joaniemaroney this one goes waaayyyyyy back but it's worth it, I think. Thanks! (reblip)
GeorgeSand I leave you with Bach, Fugue in G Minor, BWV 578 - James Kibbie, organist. Happy Sunday BlipFriends!

Bach, Fugue in G Minor, BWV 578, Kibbie

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juanjogrande @Etenim: "Hildegard von Bingen - ' Veni Creator Spiritus '" (reblip)
HealthLifeNow i like it!!! ty! :))) rb @PrincessSake: "nice from "the wizard of oz' @luka2810: "So beautiful.. @carmen1943: @cjh"" (reblip)
GeorgeSand TY :) rb@PoeticHeart34: "Rob Thomas – Cradlesong (Lyrics in Discription)" (reblip)

JS Bach: "Dona Nobis Pacem" from MASS in b minor, BWV 232 (Robert Shaw conducts)

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GeorgeSand Dobranoc ♥♫♥ Thanks for sharing and listening. Sweet Dreams. ♥♫♥
GeorgeSand Thank you @huangmarong for being one of my top ten proppers last week and for all of the wonderful music and knowledge you share every week! (reblip)

~Lakota flute song~

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GeorgeSand Thank you @jeflev for being one of my top proppers last week and for sharing a rainbow of beautiful music! ♫ (reblip)
GeorgeSand "... there are some revolutions which humanity accomplishes without quite knowing how, because it is everybody who takes them in hand." ~George Sand ☮

Noam Chomsky and Dr. .Dre Present: "The Watcher/Propaganda"

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gadamer rb@classique: "@ClassicalAct: "rb@LuxAeterna: Attilio Ariosti... Sonata #8 in d L. Harris, baroque guitar; M.Y. Brinkmann, cello; Th. Georgi, viola"" (reblip)

Ariosti Sonata No. 8 in D minor for viola d'amore

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MusicalizingClassically a great ending to a great symphony -- Sibelius – Symphony No. 5 - III. Finale
ragtimerebecca #fave rb @graymold Brahms – waltz in a-flat major op. 39 no. 15 (reblip)
MusicalizingClassically pletnev – rachmaninov, rhapsody on a theme of paganini: i
MusicalizingClassically pletnev – rachmaninov, rhapsody on a theme of paganini: ii
MusicalizingClassically pletnev – rachmaninov, rhapsody on a theme of paganini: iii
Faddic Welcome back! @estrogen ..u’ve been missed around with all ur happy music & bright hellos.. skiing again?
WDavidStephenson @GeorgeSand: ""Count the garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall. Count your life with smiles and not the tears that roll." ~Unknown" (reblip)

Chopin & The Fabulous Flowers of Scotland

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AutumnPerception Oh, impossible for me not to rb ;) TY @orlybraun: "Tori Amos – Angels" (reblip)


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ExtremoOriente : the piece is called [ the Autumn moon over the Calm Lake ]

Chinese Guangdong music 廣東音樂:平湖秋月(高胡:宋飛)

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WDavidStephenson @GeorgeSand: "Scherzo time.Scherzo:[Ital.,=joke], in music, lively composition that presents surprises.May 2day present us w/only pleasant surprises!" (reblip)
GeorgeSand Nice cover. TY rb@janetsplanet: "Savoy Brown – I Can't Get Next to You" (reblip)
GeorgeSand One of my fav bands ever. Great find! Hi Don :) rb@Hizzapuf1: "A Time and a Place – Emerson, Lake & Palmer" (reblip)
KtotheDtotheC @GeorgeSand: "It's Chopinderful! :) tyrb@Cris_tina: " the fusion between classical music and jazz...and Ch♥pin :)"" (reblip)

Chopin Prelude no.15 op.28-15

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DJKatalina @GeorgeSand ..Your electric piano comment was spot on! Re: @WDavidStephenson ..Oh yah, I'm sure the Kath & Kat duet show would *entertain* All! :D
jazcan Talking to the Moon, trying to get to you.
jimmytheP welcome new listener , thank you , I added you too @ManaJunkie
KitDakota The Three Fates – Emerson, Lake & Palmer
DJKatalina Human Nature.........Vijay Iyer
GeorgeSand "Friends are flowers in the garden of life." Goodnight BlipFriends! ♥♫♪♬

Flowers for Chopin

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GeorgeSand Echoing the sentiment. TY all!rb@inlighted:"Tyvm@smaclaren:"Thank you,& I bid you all farewell @gadamer:"John Dowland – Farewell-Paul O'Dette, Lute""" (reblip)
GeorgeSand James Galway ~Flute~ Chopin Nocturne op. 9 no. 2 in E Flat Major Thanks, BlipFriends, for listening and sharing. Goodnight. ♥♫♪♬

James Galway ~Flute~ 5/7

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DensOnAir Mike and The Mechanics • ♫♪♪♫ • All the Light I Need (reblip)
GeorgeSand Thanks, BlipFriends, for listening and sharing. Dobranoc!☮♥♫♪♬
Smilinsteve The #1 Rock Band Of All Time Kickin Some Freekin Ass...The best rock singer ever...check out the drumming! Jimi Page and John Paul Jones on bass