BunnyJeanCook Thanks to all my new listeners - I will catch up with you shortly! xoxo
flicka47 Hey what would a party be without THIS song? To all the anipals~ the best friends in the world!
flicka47 Frank Sinatra ~ My Way ~ for @PuzTheCat #hamfest

Frank Sinatra, My Way, With Lyrics

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flicka47 Always Remember When ~ it is special memories that make life worth living!#hamfest
flicka47 I hope everyone,but especially @PuzTheCat has had the time of their life these past 24! #hamfest
CosmoHavanese Pawty Till the HAM Comes Home!!! Elvin Bishop oh yeah!!!! #hamfest

Elvin Bishop-Party Till the Cows Come Home

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frugaldougal My favourite feelgood friday song Everybody's free (To Wear Sunscreen) listen to the words #followfriday
GeorgeTheDuck @HotMBC, will this do for @BunnyJeanCook??? hehe

Friends in low places

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GeorgeTheDuck @perrythebirman have one on me to celebrate Tequila day

Tequila (The Ventures)

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The Cure Friday Im In Love

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kitt_pupp jam, oh jam, jam, teddy jam for me

GuyTeddy's Jam

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AngelEyes rb @shibari: "I touch myself--Divinyls is anyone peeking?" (reblip)
BunnyJeanCook They Might Be Giants - Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
kitt_pupp it's been remastered! neat! i heat up...i cool down//the way that i found it//#musicmonday oldies
kitt_pupp you don't need money, don't need fame, don't need no cc to play this game
kitt_pupp @tuliomartinez: @santamistura: "@liviones é a mais pura verdade rsrsrs @liviones obrigadaaa"" reblipn'4fun\\don't let go, u got the music in you!:) (reblip)

ENNIO MORRICONE conducts The Mission (2007 UN Headquarters)

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GeorgeTheDuck Working on soothing that savage human. Wish me luck.

Prelude from the Unaccompanied Cello Suite No in Major 1007 J.S. Bach(Master and Commander)

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GeorgeTheDuck Pepi says he thinks the v-e-t is like this QOL!
wrightrs @wrightrs: "@pussreboots: "@wrightrs: Oh yes! I haz this one in my CD collection. Fantastic!"" (reblip)
GeorgeTheDuck A little bitta Daisy... *shakes tail feathers*

Mambo Nr 5

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flicka47 BaHa Men ~ Put the Lime in the Coconut

BaHa Men- Put the Lime in the Coconut

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Dog_Crazy How about "Nazar Es SAhara" sounds very exotic like!!!
kitt_pupp hey, they were near a volcano!great vid

Chris Isaak-Wicked Game

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Dog_Crazy To get ready for pawty "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" by the Hollies
Dog_Crazy How about "Midnight at the Oasis" by Maris Muldaur
GeorgeTheDuck RT @PersianCatAli: @teddyface_tia Ok, lets dance to some Eddie Money. #blackkittypawty

Eddie Money-take me home tonight

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Welcome Back Kotter

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surfcitykitty @cokiethecat - This song's for you. (reblip)

I'm a Kitty Cat

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Rock the Casbah: The Misheard Lyrics

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surfcitykitty This has been Girl Power for #musicmonday, brought to you by @surfcitykitty. Thank you and good night. Dido - Thank you.
surfcitykitty Hee hee I sneaked out of the house to join the #birdaypawty. Lesley Gore - It's My Party (not)
sydneymeow hiding since mom's looking for me to give me my meds. guess i'll have to "suck up and take my medicine" eventually.
GeorgeTheDuck dance around in the #puzpram with our friends
AwayneOne "I'm holding on for dear life...She's like rolling a seven...Every Time I Roll The Dice" Boogie Oogie, Delbert
windowsot @SignWerks Bobby McFerrin – Don't Worry Be Happy
GeorgeTheDuck it's not the twilight zone, it's #puzpram all through the night (reblip)
BeccaBlack My MP3 player is on a 90's kick... *raises eyebrow* But I do love this song!
kitt_pupp wishin everybodies sweet dreams tonite...includin me
GeorgeTheDuck I'm being chased to bed by a moonshadow. Nite my anipals! *ducky hugs*
flicka47 Good-Bye dear @PuzTheCat ~We did not meet in this life,but there will be no Tears in Heaven when we do. #pawcircle #purr4puz *nosetaps* 2 your mom
flicka47 For @PuzTheCat ~ Remember when you get to the Rainbow Bridge you will be Forever Young ! *nosetaps*
kittehboi @Puzthecat The Rainbow Bridge and a song when it time to cross.
kittehboi This was the lady's favorite song when she was 6. I think it explains a few things.

Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport -- Rolf Harris

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purplebear @Wildboutbirds: here's 1 4u hee, hee love this one too cos can't help but giggl ;) (reblip)
Jazzydacat @Puzthecat - this not to make you sad but it is so beautiful. XXXX

Time To Say Goodbye Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.flv

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kittehboi @PuztheCat You'll be like a rainbow!
BunnyJeanCook Here's a little Monty Python to put a smile on your face :-) (reblip)
kittehboi d SharonHayes Sorry for your loss. That's the problem with pets, their lifespan. Is Tony going to keep up the Siamese persona? (reblip)

We Are Siamese-Lady and The Tramp(with lyrics)

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perrythebirman dis iz MY offishul #woodstock song. boom lackalackalacka, boom lackalackalacka!! hehehe (reblip)

Sly and the Family Stone I Want To Take You Higher Woodstock

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Hunkerbell The Gap Band – You Dropped a Bomb on Me that my dj'ing tonight! MOL
GeorgeTheDuck Paw prayers for all our anipals who are sick or suffering or in danger #pawcircle
purplebear Wrkn&listng 4 @henryandfriends @wilsonbear & famly @KremePuffi @bear Growls @i_am_fuzzy @jedbramwell @TheRealStinky @MrStuffedBear & uthr tbear frends (reblip)

return tO pOOh cOrner-kenny lOggins

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BunnyJeanCook fur @Georgethe duck: Miracles - Love Machine ;-) (reblip)
GeorgeTheDuck *practices his moves*

Ini Kamoze Here Comes The Hotstepper

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GeorgeTheDuck *singin* Another Caturday and I ain't got nobody
GeorgeTheDuck still trying to calm the frenetic energy QOL (she's gonna hate me saying all this)
GeorgeTheDuck lyrically soothing the Typist QOL

italian music: "la musica notturna delle strade di madrid" (luigi boccherini)

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CosmoHavanese How looooow can you go! Hey, let's do the limbo rock!
GeorgeTheDuck beautiful patterns :)

A beautiful mind theme

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lexingtonthepup DJ Lexicon is: The Joker -Steve Miller Band
BunnyJeanCook Fur @PepiSmartDog - Thank You for Being a Friend
perrythebirman @PepiSmartDog to a great pal - we love you pepi and will miss u terribly *tears* *hugs* 2 ur mum #pawcircle
Chanttilly_Lace @PepiSmartDog ~ To Where You Are ~ Pepi and Family, we love this song. It brings us comfort, hope it does the same for you. Luv @Chantilly_Lace
GeorgeTheDuck @PepiSmartDog we love you, if u could hear us this is what we would sound like (plus a few sobs) #pawcircle
Hunkerbell Eric Clapton – Somewhere over the rainbow #Pepitruck *tears can't stay but loves to Pepi and Michelle~xo (reblip)
lexingtonthepup @PepiSmartDog #pepitruck Garth Brooks – The Dance to our friend Pepi, always with us in our hearts.
NoCrybabyDoGs I Hope You Had The Time Of Your Life for PepiSmartDog
happpiii A little New Orelans style song for @PepiSmartDog #pepitruck. He is in the happpiii second part now.
marleyterrier Cos we did ave this at grandad's wake. It is for Pepi. #pepitruck

Everytime We Say Goodbye (Ella Fitzgerald) by Cey

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BunnyJeanCook dis iz da song i play when i iz sad - Song Sung Blue
GeorgeTheDuck @BunnyJeanCook that is a good sad song, but this one seems more like @PepiSmartDog's attitude 2 me 4 when ready to cheer up a little bit, save it :)
GeorgeTheDuck Thursdays are like this sometimes

ThursdayJim Croce

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katieboocat @sanjeethecat How about this one for George?
SanjeeTheCat OMC! i fink dis is it @katieboocat!!! MOL MOL

DJ Size ft. J.Lourenzo & Big Steve "Sunglasses"

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GeorgeTheDuck @Sanjee: "OMC! i fink dis is it @katieboocat!!! MOL MOL" OMD! I do believe that IS my theme song. Wow! (reblip)

DJ Size ft. J.Lourenzo & Big Steve "Sunglasses"

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BunnyJeanCook don't furget dat 2morrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Talk Like a Pirate Day: "I'm a Pirate" song

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Cephy Icehouse – Electric Blue (Version they took down)
nocheinuser A RB of @jspace3 - Mr. Cohen is turning 75 on Monday - still sounds like new :) (reblip)
GeorgeTheDuck Raise the cup of life for our friends!


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lexingtonthepup @GeorgeTheDuck @HotMBC @CathyKeisha @no_crybaby_doGs Tone Loc – Funky Cold Medina (reblip)
CHATTEMUSE RayBans will be required #pawpawty Compliments of @pepismartdog & his mirror decor uP*link xx ~*CM
mattiedog To da luv of my life and for #pawpawty Sunshine on My Shoulders
grewjamz hi cinci

Little Feat Dixie Chicken

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mattiedog Come on, "Everybody Dance Now"

C & C Music Factory Freedom Williams- Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)

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GeorgeTheDuck *sips meowgarita* nope, not goin to rehab #furinflorida QOL
WestgarthEnt @JayLink_ Welcome to Sunday morning.

The Velvet Underground-Sunday Morning

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22Crystal22 @Silveramberz: "@BangZoom: "Are you gonna be my 50 girl? : ) I dunno, was I? You're at 54" (reblip)
Hunkerbell The Black Crowes – She Talks To Angels (original video) hey blippers/anipals, have gr8 day
technogiant Nero – ‘Do You Wanna’

NeroDo You Wanna

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sweetlilmZmia Dope – You Spin Me Round
keks4816 Hello @RosieandCheeto here is some musical cheese for you
pandafur Okai anipals time to HOOOoooowwwl! Werewolves of London #Pawpawty
Yoda_the_Dog For @purplebear @Wildboutbirds @ThatStripeyCat The Chicken Dance #pawpawty

Jack Sparrow

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tjps Collective Soul – Shine
WestgarthEnt @kirstiealley @JayLink_ Kirstie, this song might describe me as one of your Knights

Bare Necessities -- LOUIS ARMSTRONG

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bthecat @Faddic will grab anything...hes greedy, no scruples@mnemosine: "greedy!!! for myself i let @Faddic @bthecat: "no. its MINE :)" (reblip)
TheNascarKitty @GeorgeTheDuck check out this cool version of Word Up. I think it's the Shibbering Cheetos MOL

KornWord up

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BaronVonOdem2 I stop the world and melt with you
BaronVonOdem2 @That1EBD @MaggieTDog @thebrindledog This is for mags hoomans bad friend!

Friend Is a Four Letter Word

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503-Hans Zimmer: Angels and Demons

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CathyKeisha 4 all my furrends in the UK! Billy Bragg – This Land Is ur Land UK #dudefest Pls tip ur barktender http://bit.ly/b8jHUt sing along if u no the words (reblip)

"Twitter Song" by Bill Zucker Facebook Twitter Myspace song about computer addiction

| play
kittehboi #nipclub Snoopy Dance! *dancedancedancedance*
Flacatlady @NickDevious Get your jets going on TGIF "DJs call this a mix... they "mashed" these two together" U2 vs. Linkin Park" (reblip)

U2 vs. Linkin Park

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GeorgeTheDuck Here you go @NikePurrfectCat - Forever Autumn #nipclub (reblip)
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