adbert [The Bangles – Eternal Flame] "Do you feel the same, am I only dreaming / Or is this burning an eternal flame?"
RandomActsOfArt In a James Taylor kind of mood today.
joshuadenney Don't you look at my @RoseHwang, she's the only one I got!
joshuadenney The tears are filling up their glasses @longnu (Gary Jules - Mad World)
Girltrader Back in the groove now and catching up on tweets...withdrawal symptoms subsiding slowly!
Girltrader For my hubbie - his laptop died this morning 6 days after my PC's hard drive failed!!
Girltrader Felipe Massa gone fastest in practice for Spanish Grand Prix - must have plenty of Grip then ...
Girltrader A song from the 'A' rack of my music collection. Gr8 version of a Gr8 song.
Girltrader I have a Dark Side of the Moon Poster still in perfect condition ...@alexparr: Pink Floyd - Money." (reblip)
Krimzen @Gypsylyn @b_s_lynn ...I need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me...
joshuadenney What a day for a daydreamin boy. (Lovin' Spoonful - Daydream) @RoseHwang
Vinha Lazyyyyyyyyyyy...


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Girltrader @alexparr ~ have a great time ~ Here Comes the Sun....

24 - Here Comes The Sun - Beatles

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grentone Cya. For u guys @stacykinney @Girltrader @ericanykol @tradingpoints
grentone Michael Buble - Sway.. We call it 'bad luck' in another dialect called Hokkien.. Cheers..
Girltrader Good morning to @bumbleward and @online4xtrading ~ California Girls ~ Beach Boys
Girltrader Dance will making dinner music... @hoptonhousebnb @violetbakes ~ Candy Man, Christina Aguilera. Rock & Roll Girls ;-)
Girltrader Just luv this remix @Goldenbird2009: "Good music..." Maroon 5 ~ This Love (reblip)
GR8FL And everybody hurts sometimes. So, hold on, hold on...
Goldenbird2009 Movie:Father of the Bride....My Girl....:-))


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Goldenbird2009 Movie: Beaches....nice movie and great song...
ttimechitchat This is a new one to me ... but I like it! Thanks for this @ClassicRockRadio {"@ttimechitchat talking about "remember this one?"} (reblip)
Girltrader Will Blip stay alive and survive the 30 second blips ~Bee Gees - Stayin Alive
Girltrader Thx for the #followfriday @violetbakes & back at you ~ Islands in the Stream (the original) Bee Gees. Am having a BGs day!
Goldenbird2009 Movie: Back To The Future.... I loved this movie!!!!
Goldenbird2009 Movie: Because of Winn Dixie...I really enjoyed this movie!!! :-) This song is soooo fun! lol
Girltrader Thx 4 the BG props @Goldenbird2009 @how_long_it_takes @babybeluga @swancommarachel ~ 'Tragedy' as couldn't find: I've gotta get a message to you :-)
Vinha º° Give a little bit °º° .give a little bit of your love to me I'll give a little bit of my life for you... By @nilix (reblip)
Girltrader @zaph0d Thnx for the prop :) In the Air Tomnight ~ Phil Collins
Girltrader Thx to @April100176 - lovely song ~ Never Had A dream Come True, S Club 7
Goldenbird2009 Movie: Must Love Dogs....OK ok I love this song...I mean I really love this one.....rock with me!!!! lol :-)
Amkii Blue October: my favorite band in the world, ever since 3.5 years ago. Sooo glad/lucky I got to see them live last Friday! I LOVE them!!! (reblip)
i_Dea Sooo nice... I wish i could be in that show last year... july ... :)
Goldenbird2009 Let's enjoy the rest of this day...and this song...
Llltex1969 My number 1 song of all time - 45 years of the Moody Blues - thank you @pinkpolkadots - The Moody Blues – Nights in White Satin (reblip)
palacios Michelle Malone – Feather In A Hurricane
DJKeenan story of my this song...TAKE IT EASY :)
Girltrader Sent with kisses ~ Seal - Kiss From A Rose
Audnumber Dixie Chicks- "White Trash Wedding" I shouldnt B wearin' white.....
Audnumber Alice Cooper-"School's Out For Summer" inspired by my little sisters who R in high school.


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Girltrader Thx all new listners, RB'ers and Propers. Signing off now in the name of love! Catch ya later - The Supremes ~ Stop in the name of love

Supremes - Stop In The Name Of Love

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Girltrader A final track for @AnnHawkins (via @GR8FL) Girls Aloud, I Can't Speak French, me that is, not you - welcome home hope you had a gr8 time. (reblip)
Girltrader The Look of Love ~ Dusty Springfield
GR8FL @jojofm [I'll always be imeem free but I do love the youtube integration] that's cool... we can both be happy on blip since I chose to block it
Girltrader Ready for your close up girls? Duran Duran - Girls on Film
Girltrader @alexparr Welcome back Alex, Blip's not been the same w/out u. Now we can all Sing again :) ~ Travis - Sing


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Girltrader A song for you all ~ Elton John - Your Song. That's all for now folks.. catch ya later :-))
Girltrader Hi tweeps, been busy trading all day today hope your day's been good. RB @organicsue & all others who RB'd Good Day Sunshine ~ the Beatles (reblip)

Good Day Sunshine

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Girltrader Hi tweeps, broadband failed y'day back up now.. yeah.. so catch'n up. This for @clocsen~Mr Blue Sky, Lily Allen
GR8FL Well I never pray, but tonight I'm on my knees yeah...
Girltrader RB @alexparr Follow her she's a Good Thing! "To my friends @earthfire @sazchik who always..." Good Thing - Fine Young Cannibals (reblip)
Girltrader ~@AnnHawkins @alexparr what wonderful idea a Burlleigh Tweet Up. We could tweet up a storm lol - The Doors Riders on the storm
Girltrader Off to watch the BBC's F1 programme and qauli for 2morrows GP now. Let's hope Jenson is a.. Rocket Man ~ Elton John

Elton John-Rocket man

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Girltrader Thx to new Blip-fm listeners-RB'rs,Tweeple for their RT's and FollowFridays & welcome to new Twitter followers-Abba~Thank You For The Music
lepiki Righteous Brothers-"You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin"

Righteous Brothers You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (45 RPM)

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Every Breath You Take-The Police w/lyrics

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Hang_theDJ I'm really not a Richard Marx fan, but this is a super song. Haunting lyrics you can listen to over and over. Enjoy.

Richard MarxHazard

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Girltrader @grentone thnx for the #ff very kind of you. I have a feeling you'll like this one - Frank Sinatra ~ The Lady is a Tramp
Girltrader @ninajanky Thanks for the prop here's another one from The Kinks ~ Lola

The KinksLola

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Girltrader Knock knock, who's there? Guns N' Roses # Knockin' on Heaven's Door
alexparr What a great song! @Girltrader David Bowie - China Girl - goes a bit with your shoes!!
Girltrader @violetbakes To go with your cuppa and the video's so cute lol ~ Doris Day - Tea for Two

Doris Day (Tea for Two)

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Girltrader @violetbakes Oohhh lucky you, retail therapy.. it makes me think of this song ~ Material Girl - Madonna~ Did you get anything nice?
Girltrader @joechapman @the_archivist @elocio @msalien @JODYGIRL162 @lepiki and all others who've given me props, RB's or are a new listner, I'll be back in 15
Girltrader @robholding Hi Rob you should get them out more often or you'll have ~ Hot Legs - Rod Stewart ~ :-D @AnnHawkins
Girltrader @earthfire Hi hope u r good 2day. Here's The 'dreamy' Annie Lennox for you ~ Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics :-))
Girltrader Ha ha ha. This my hubbies pet name for me... now where did I leave my broomstick?via @joechapman "Witchy Woman" - Eagles (reblip)

Witchy Woman-The Eagles

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organicsue George Michael – Never Gonna Dance Again
Girltrader @clocsen.... have been waiting with baited breath ~ Hanging on the Telephone - Blondie. Glad your internet connection is back up.
alexparr This is for my safari partner @clocsen. Looked for pigmy hippos but this was the closest I could find - A Horse with No name - America! (reblip)
Girltrader @earthfire~Hello, is it me your'e looking for - Lionel Richie.Thx 4 the FF vry kind of u wish ChicPics cld take pics like these video pics!!
alexparr This is for my friend @Girltrader who needs to regain her sanity! Doobie Brothers - Listen to the Music - hope that helps!!
Girltrader Catchin' up with Blips & Tweets & still reinstall'n & list'ng 2 RB @alexparr "This is just the most wonderful song"-Frank Sinatra-My Way (reblip)

Frank Sinatra, My Way, With Lyrics

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Girltrader RT @Atomik: "oh rupaul">>Don't be Jealous of My Boogie~ Atomik, I'm jealous<< @alexparr @earthfire - this is such a fab fun song (reblip)
alexparr This is a first ... but a great beat ... try and stop tapping your feet ... I dare you!! @Girltrader Lio - Rapture (reblip)


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ocliao sorry about the rb messup @AtheDJ so here's another for you
Girltrader A thank u to all new Twitter followers, Blip Propers, Reblipers etc u help me get by ~ With a Litle Help From My Friends - Beatles
organicsue Eric Clapton – I Shot the Sheriff
Girltrader An all time classic RB @organicsue: "Eric Clapton – I Shot the Sheriff" I'll shoot myself If I can't get off 113 props!! (reblip)
Girltrader Ok @alexparr @earthfire lets chill out a little for #girlpower it's Sunday after all - Astrid Gilberto ~ Girl From Ipanema

Astrud Gilberto ~ The Girl From Ipanema

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Don McLean- American Pie

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pennypoo It's all good today... You might skip this one @andyrine, it's pretty upbeat.
organicsue Everything But The Girl – I Don't Want To Talk About It (reblip)
alexparr @AtheDJ @earthfire @Girltrader @OliviaWilder Here's a goodie for #lovetrain Toni Braxton - You're makin' me high! (reblip)

Toni Braxton You're Makin' Me High (1996)

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Girltrader @GR8FL: "rb@alfonvaina yes, it is a sin..." Gr8 song though. (reblip)
Girltrader @alexparr @earthfire @OliviaWilder @Pentenscribes ... ♫ a #lovetrain song for the Young and Young at Heart. Young Hearts Run Free, Candi Station

Candi Staton Young Hearts Run Free

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Girltrader Another Shania for @alexparr whom I reckon 'rides without the reins' ~ Shania Twain Juanita

Shania Twain

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alexparr @Girltrader Here's a good one for #Lovetrain Roberta Flack singing Killing me softly with his song. Enjoy.
alexparr Another first and a song that all men should take heed of! Garth Brooks singing "She's Every Woman"@detroitfan @Pentenscribes @earthfire @Girltrader (reblip)

Garth Brooks-She's Every Woman

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Girltrader RT @GR8FL: "use BlipTools with Firefox to toggle on/off imeem and/or video in your blip search>>Thx GR8FL<< (reblip)
Girltrader Haven't listened to this one for ages... sigh, sigh, I remember the days of the perfect 10 (honest)~ Beautiful South - Perfect 10

Beautiful South Perfect10

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Arctic Monkeys "Dancing Shoes"

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alexparr Another new one for me Nouvelle Vague singing "Dance with me" @Girltrader @earthfire @AnniesBeadWorld (reblip)
Girltrader @earthfire @alexparr Not heard this b4 thought you might find it a litle Psychadelic for the #lovetrain~Natalie Williams Psychadelic Love (reblip)
Girltrader @grentone ~ Goodnight Sweetheart with ChaplinVideo - wonderful!!

RAY NOBLE ORCHESTRA (1931): Goodnight Sweetheart

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alexparr @Girltrader @earthfire @alexparr @pentencribes "Maneater" by Hall & Oats. A great one for #girlpower (reblip)

Voodoo Child-- Jimi Hendrix @ Woodstock, 1969

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palacios Diana Krall – Fly me to the moon
Girltrader Yea! gr8 track @alexparr "running down a dream(by Tom Petty)"> >Where's Sharpie when you wanna share some music with Him??? << (reblip)

Tom Petty - Running Down a Dream

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Girltrader @alexparr Pixie doesn't 'push it' quite so much as Jos Stone but what another gr8 young British talent ~ @earthfire @pentenscribes - enjoy!

Pixie Lot Mamma Do

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ocliao perfect blip! vi@khaering: "What a song! Francis A. Sinatra and Edward K. Ellington ;-) " (reblip)

Frank SINATRASunny

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Girltrader @alexparr @earthfire @pentenscribes Found this fantastic Beatles traak via @Wadds1982(Reblip wouldn't work so blippin with credit)
alexparr Another first ... Martina McBride singing Valentine - What a beautiful voice! @Girltrader @earthfire @Pentenscribes (reblip)
Girltrader Morning twitterland lis'ng to a great tranquil track 2 conserve energy b4 the F1 action later on BBC1 @shoes_in_herts enjoy the video~David Grey

Doctor Who music video (sail away)

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alexparr Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora - When the rain begins to fall. What a great song! @Girltrader @earthfire @Pentenscribes @BohlianSunshine @carelea (reblip)
alexparr Flight of the Conchords - Business Time - great song for the #lovetrain @Girltrader @earthfire @Pentenscribes @OliviaWilder @lilly3084 (reblip)
Girltrader @alexparr Am celebrating my New Shoes with ~ Paolo Nutini -New Shoes ... thx for the Blue Suede ones you sent earlier :))
Girltrader @earthfire A little bird told me you are not best pleased today. Cheer up chook, here's some Annie for you ~ Little Bird - Annie Lennox :-))
Girltrader @placepot @crimeficreader Ha ha, appropriate maybe? ~ Christina Aguilera - What a Girl Wants. Enjoy.
djsurfer And I love the thought of coming home to you
organicsue The 5th Dimension – Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In
christinefarmer ...a pocketful of mumbles, such are promises - all lies and jest...
alexparr "Maria Mena - I'm in love again" Another first and great one for the #lovetrain @Pentenscribes @earthfire @Girltrader @OliviaWilder RB@GAY_AMSTERDAM (reblip)
organicsue Crowded House – Weather with You @LexiePixie Hi GF!! Good vibes floating around today. Sending Hugs & love your way.
Girltrader Heathcliffe.. it's me.. I've come home! (reblip)

Kate Bush Wuthering Heights.

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