Diordan @evablue Great answer!!! so true!! You gave one more step today didn't you?
KathysArt @bluebrummie Evanescence – Bring Me to Life - Thanks for the re-blips, catch you all later! :-) (reblip)
thahy Im so happy. Cause today I found my friends. They're in my head. [sempre escuto essa. tenho em várias versões. é uma das que fazem mais sentido p m


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Gnuboss Wow, this brings back memories

dave matthews band the space between

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bradheintz Well I'm an alley cat, some say a dirty rat...
paisley System of a Down – Lonely Day
radiogaga my lovely The Cure's song i guess The Cure - Push

The CurePush

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RockItRadio Let's rock ...cuz we're gonna rise above this! (reblip)
Gnuboss this brings back memories, lol
GrizzlyGroundswell Join the GrizzlyGroundswell.com and take your blog nationwide, then you can sing this song! Start Growing your ZZ beard! Get Grizzly! JOIN US! (reblip)
DaHuge Cool dat dit zo werkt!!! Jammer dat de muziek nog niet bijzonder uitgebreid is...
DrEdge today is listen to the drumming day (and how was Green Day last night??)
glueandglitter @patita Not sure if this is the one you were looking for, but it's a great one!
Gnuboss This has to be one of my all time trance favs from I.M.
Gnuboss Just met Betsie on Twitter, what a great track & great voice.... very very nice indeed. Ferry, Betsie - keep rocking.
Gnuboss Linkin Park back in the playlist - it's been a while. Have to remember to make a favs list.
skyroots [The Doors - LA Woman] Morrison... No comments...

The Doors - LA Woman

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Gnuboss Say hi to my little bad mood buster. :)
Gnuboss Check out this amazing cd cover art - Stereo Sushi Vol.14 http://twitpic.com/7bk9b
proudmaria Killing in the name of... And now you do what they told ya Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me
Stay19 Moby – God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters<><> vi@harukb (reblip)
Gnuboss How is this lil guitar hero jamming to System Of A Down's Chop Suey #rofl
shannon_nj I used to think these guys were super hot.
Gnuboss hmmm, here's an oldie but a goodie from Infected Mushroom one of my fav trance outfits of all time for #musicmonday

Infected mushroom- Deeply disturbed

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Gnuboss And a swift change of pace - let the vacation commence.
Gnuboss hmm, bandwidth is super sucky, last one for tonight.
Gnuboss One of my all time fav Infected Mushroom tracks - Nice vid.
FranciscoIV Repeat! Humpday Wednesday Underworld – Underneath the Radar 12" mix (reblip)
Gnuboss very appropriate for #musicmonday - I'm in the holiday mood and struggling to build up enough momentum to kick today's ass.
georgedearing this could be my fave off the albun
Gen22 Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent (Acoustic)
LeandroAzevedo Red Hot Chilli Peppers--Tell Me Baby (Live Music Session)

Red Hot Chilli Peppers--Tell Me Baby (Live Music Session)

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Gnuboss Just discovered this via Blip.fm - great track!

Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake

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Hoobastank Listen to song #2 in Doug’s Blip.fm Top Ten List: "Outta Love Again" by Van Halen. more songs to come

Van Halen - Van Halen II - 05 - Outta Love Again

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Gnuboss just added this to my ipod for gym. Nice & heavy, a pleasant alternative to all the Insomnium, Godsmack & Linkin Park I've been playing to death.
cpcdiniz RB@RoxP: "RB @TropicsZ4: "Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"" (reblip)
Dysn0m1a Nothing can stop me now.. there's nothing to fear.. and everything I'd ever want.. is inside of here..
Gnuboss Outside has to be one of my top 5 tracks of all time. Fo Shizzle!


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Gnuboss Caught this on my playlist at gym this morning. Fantastic.
Gnuboss Another killer artist from my gym playlist. I'm stoked to have discovered these guys.
Gnuboss Gotta dig a bit deeper into their music, but I'm liking this so far.


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Gnuboss The acoustic version of this track is fantastic.
ankita_gaur Du Hast – Rammstein

Du HastRammstein

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Gnuboss I'm off, but I leave you with this spicy little number! Enjoy!
Gnuboss Another cool alt-metal outfit I found thanks to Rhapsody.
Gnuboss Buenos Dias Twitterverse. Have a Happy #FF :)
DJrythaman Soundgarden べò My Wave [Music Video]

My WaveSoundgarden

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Gnuboss Really enjoying the Acoustic Rock vibes of acts like Staind & Pearl Jam of late.

Yellow Ledbetter(Acoustic)-Pearl jam

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bobscopper vi@vampyrekittie: "Good tya got@atibbs2292: "@zoja01: @JunoIt: @PuNkFunK @debrah6 My e-mail is slow sorry rb@zoja01: Tool – Eulogy" (reblip)


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Gnuboss Interviewing Audioslave as a new addition to my music - so far, so good!
Gnuboss Hey ho, let's go!

Ramones - Pet Cemetary

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niquiero New Divide - Linking Park
Gnuboss Loving the riffs on this one.....
Gnuboss Great track, cool vid.


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Gnuboss Nice track: RT @DChetty: EPIC #CheeseOfTheDay on @5fm! Cyprus Hill's Insane ...
Gnuboss @DChetty: One of my other all time favorite Cyprus Hill tracks.
Gnuboss Another Infected Mushroom masterpiece for a Friday morning - WooHoo. Bring it on!
Gnuboss Oh my word, forgot about this one by Juno Reactor.... hmm, where are my JR albums...
Gnuboss Nice guitar riffs on this one as well.
Gnuboss Great, Friday is officially off to a rocking start!
Gnuboss Some nice electric guitar hidden in here too.
Gnuboss Last blip for this morning - then I'm ready to kick Friday's ass. Have a good day.
Gnuboss These guys have a nice sound, look forward to listening to more of their tunes...
Gnuboss Think that these guys and Shinedown may be getting some major ear time next week.
Gnuboss Great sound, nice album cover :)
Gnuboss Another one of my acoustic fav's -- \m/ [0_o] \m/ --
SecretAngel "Fuck it. Last Resort - Papa Roach" (reblip)
Gnuboss ShineDown Recommendation via @DinapixStudio - nice one!

Shinedown- What a Shame (w/ lyrics)

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Franimal My favorite Everclear song @hpseaton. :) Have a good one! (reblip)
Gnuboss Nice version of this track - the unplugged version is good
creativeness somethin' funny on your last blip. didn't play this song. @melimel3

Drowning Pool- Bodies( Let the Bodies hit the floor)

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DJLOPZ I see you cuz ;) whats goin on? @djilo
fxp123 Traffic – Light Up Or Leave Me Alone now this song takes me back to college just saying
Tropicsz4 Five Finger Death Pucnh – Bad Company
Gnuboss Just caught this one on my iPod, wow I'd forgotten how cool some of Creed's tracks are.

Creed Six Feet From The Edge/ One Last Breath Human Clay

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Gnuboss Listening to some classic electronica this morning. Remember this one from Deep Dish / GU?
Gnuboss Just found this one on my mp3 player, it's rough one, but a cool tune nonetheless.
Gnuboss Kicking off Friday with a few oldies: bring on the weekend.
Gnuboss This has to be one of my fav. tracks on the Live at Benaroya Hall album - Pearl Jam acoustic tracks are awesome!
Gnuboss It's a Pearl jam acoustic triple-play folks. Enjoy the rest of your Friday.
Gnuboss The heavy guitar riffs on this album are absolutely bloody mental!
Gnuboss I tear my heart open; I sew myself shut; my weakness is that I care 2 much; our scars remind us that the past is real: I tear my hear open just 2 feel
Gnuboss Happy #FF everyone, here's something to get the day started!
Gnuboss These guys have a cool sound... someone give them some studio time

Casino Avenue...Original..."Love Is Just A Word"

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Gnuboss I need you like the sun needs the rain.... can't think of any better way to say... I Need You!

I Need You- Saving Abel

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Gnuboss Insane, another absolutely wicked alt-metal acoustic masterpiece

Five finger death punch the bleeding Acoustic

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mark_till The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So
Gnuboss Friday afternoon, time to throw the last few items on the to-do list a beating.

Five Finger Death Punch Far from Home

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Gnuboss Great track - rediscovering this cool band.
Gnuboss Still one of my fav BB tracks of all time, it just keeps getting better everytime I listen to it.
Gnuboss This is quickly becoming one of my favourite ambient / funk & fusion artists - amazeballs!
Gnuboss Hey hey it's Friday! Have an awesome weekend everyone.
Gnuboss Just discovered Mickey Avalon's albums and I'm hooked - loving his style and the sound is fly.
Gnuboss Awesome!

Mickey Avalon "GIRLFRIEND" ft. Scott Russo of Unwritten Law

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Gnuboss New favorite track for sure - Ben Harper rocks it out.
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